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Monday, September 3, 2012

Where the heck are my fangs and claws, I must have misplaced them today...

One of the things Holly and I do here in the DC Metro is run a small food charity. We accept clothing from well-heeled households and get it to shelters where young and abused and otherwise needful women need good clothing to wear to jobs and interviews. Usually once a year we run a modest food drive as well, and deliver that to the pantries and kitchens most in need.

Moving to Idaho will change this a bit.

Firstly, I think we are going to be a rather affluent community. I don't necessarily mean everyone is flush with cash, but I know everyone will be fed, warm, under roof, have productive work to do, people upon whom to lean if and when needed.

I'm not sure about the rest of Idaho, but I do not suspect there is a SouthEast DC anywhere in the state.

As a community, what can we become known for doing to help those who could use a bit of help without imposing on any one's dignity? Should we even try as a community, or simply let our individuals do as they wish?

Here in the DC area we can hit a 2 block area in Potomac and fill a moving truck with clothing that has never had the tags removed from Saks, and enough food to feed3 city blocks in another part of town - and we know this to be fact. But as there is probably no SouthEast DC in Idaho, I doubt there is a Potomac.

There is no shame in becoming a community of plenty.

How might we best remind our Countrymen that charity is not a function of Government, but of Community?