Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liberty in my lifetime

If I live to die of natural causes at an average age, I will live to see Rightful Liberty exercised in my lifetime.  I have no intention of letting the next generation be responsible for doing the work we must do now, the work our fathers should have done then, and our grandfathers when they had their chance.  I see many blogs in our community advocating that we should educate our children for the fight that will come in their lifetimes, after we are gone.

I say: Bunk.

If we hand to the next generation an America void of Rightful Liberty, I will consider my life to have been wasted.  I will die with shame.  My nieces and nephews are in the two generations on the planet behind mine.  Not only is it not fair to leave this mess for them, it is also cowardly.  While you and I may face tools of tyranny today such as biometrics and drones, imagine what my nieces and nephews will face if this status quo is permitted to continue.  Their chains will be much heavier than are yours and mine.

I am relatively certain that an economic collapse will occur within the next few years.  There are millions of highly motivated people who will work in their own interests to delay Implosion as long as possible, and they are clever.  But current course and speed cannot be overcome.  I will not be surprised if Implosion happens in 5 years, at the outside.  Nor will I be surprised if it happens tomorrow.  I could make the argument that the detonations are already happening, infrastructure is being destroyed and dismantled as we speak, as we watch tv and vote, every swing of NYSE, each day another nail in the coffin.  The pace will quicken as the pillars grow more and more stressed.

Then, boom.

The Citadel is not a place to run away and hide.  It is a refuge.  It is a safehouse.  It is a muster point.

The Citadel is a place we will build together where Rightful Liberty can be exercised among our neighbors and Free Enterprise can be unleashed, all to the extent that Fed and State laws permit.  It will not be Utopia.  It will not be without glitches.  But it will be better than any other community in America that I know about, because all of our neighbors will share our ideals of Rightful Liberty and Free Enterprise.

The Citadel can serve as a showcase for other Americans. It will surely become a target of those who would be Masters.  But challenges like these exist in every Time of Man.  We are not exempt from the nature of our fellow Man who will seek to bury us in chains.

When the country implodes, be it with a bang or with a long series of small detonations, the Citizens of the Citadel will have advantages over most other Americans.  When the world gets ugly, we will have a place to remain as safe as possible, warm and healthy.

But most Patriots will not be satisfied to simply have Liberty within our own walls.

Many Patriots will pick a time and gear-up and leave the safety of the Citadel and move to secure Liberty on a larger scale amid the Remnants.  For our posterity.  We do have that Obligation.

My personal opinion remains the same: CONUS, from sea to sea and border to border, is meant to be a unified land where Rightful Liberty is the dominant ideology.

I know all of the arguments against such an outcome.  The naysayers may be correct.

But if we fail to try, our lives will have been wasted.

There will be Rightful Liberty within the Citadel in my lifetime.  But that isn't enough for me. 

Sea to sea and border to border is my intent.

Today the country is filled with hundreds of millions of people who will actively work to deny that outcome.  Lucky for advocates of Rightful Liberty that most of those contrary bastards will die of violence, hunger and disease as a result of their life choices.

When Patriots gear-up in the Citadel with the intent of securing Liberty across the land, we will be a much less populated country. 

Death to tyrants.


Yellow Belt Karate Gal kicks the snot out of Intruder

Jannine Ramirez in California returned home to the apartment she shares with her mother, and found a guy in the bathroom.  He had no business in her bathroom.

So, she kicked him out of the bathroom and kept kicking him until he was out of the apartment.

Now, I can promise this to you: A yellow belt in any martial art does not have the martial skills to kick an intruder out of an apartment, even if he is 10 years old.  But Jannine Ramirez had it in her heart to kick an intruder from her apartment.

The lesson is simple: Tools and skills are useless if you refuse to use them.  And if you have the desire and intent to accomplish a goal, skills and tools are not as important as the determination to succeed.

This is an important trait for anyone who is considering a place in the Citadel.

Good on her.  Here's the story.


Deer Hunters as Defenders of Liberty

There is talk about how many riflemen live in America, and whether that group of people can be an effective force against the State.


Not an organized militia like OVM, filled with men and women who train and study and walk the walk. 

But an unorganized militia, much like the Founders and Framers had in mind.

Is not the very definition of the unorganized militia essentially: Guys and gals with their own firearms and gear showing up to defend home & hearth?  Will not the unorganized militia consist of former military members who bring much to the table?  Will there not be doctors and plumbers and linemen who know how things work and how to break said things?  Will not unorganized militia be contacted by organized militia such as OVM when the world gets ugly?  Will not the unorganized militia be as motivated to protect their home as the organized and the military man?

One of the prudent concerns is how do we get from step one (guys and gals with guns) to step three (victory).  Step two is often a soupy grey of undefined maybes and what ifs.

Much depends on the acts and actions of the enemy.  Much will be seat-of-the-pants and make-it-up-as-you-go when it comes to the unorganized militia in America.  It is simple reality.

Here's a test to help you decide if a few million guys and gals with deer rifles can be a potent weapon in the field against statist intentions:  Think back to your youth when hunting was new to you.  Think about your father, or uncle, and the guys at camp around the fire.

In an ugly world, if you were tasked with getting from Point A to Point B, but you knew there were 20-50 guys and gals from deer hunting camps between A & B, would you be worried about your odds of success?  Even if you had light armor and trained troops with full auto weapons?

I suspect most guys and gals at those camps of my youth would put the fear of God in any Statist tasked with challenging them.  Average Americans have proved time and again the ability to adapt, improvise and overcome.  You think that is dead in most Americans today?  Maybe.  But if only 10% of deer hunters decided to defend home & hearth, capable of putting .30-.06 fire on targets at 300 yards, capable of picking the time and place of engagements, capable of dialing into their local community to find out where the Bad Guys are and when they will be there.

In Calvert County Maryland where I spent most of my youth and teen years, among watermen and good ol' boys, you'd better believe there were "Intel Networks" in place that were very accurate and effective.  And all those good ol' boys could drop a deer at 300 yards with a spotlight and didi before LEO showed up.  If I had to drive down Maryland Route 4 with a convoy, and I knew my uncle and his buddies were there, somewhere, and determined to deny the route, I'd place my money on them.

And the old guys who don't have what it takes to hump a ruck any more?  A man in a rocking chair on a porch overlooking a road, with a deer rifle and an FU attitude, is a problem for anyone he doesn't want passing that road.

Don't worry about the unorganized militia.  Real Americans will step up and crush the learning curve.  Lazy Americans will die.  It is win-win for Liberty.

Stop worrying so much about what others are doing, and put yourself in a position to take point when those good ol' boys decide to leave the porch.  Make sure you have a few extras of essentials to fill in the gaps of their gear.

And you should find comfort in the knowledge that most Statist activity will be limited to major metro areas and their immediate suburbs.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Intellectual Honesty

Are you Intellectually Honest?

If you spent 20 years in the congregation of Rev. Wright, would you disavow the man and his ideals when politically convenient?  If you stood with a man who claims to be an honest and Godly man, yet you discover he is a liar, would you still stand with him?  More: You discover that he is a liar for self-aggrandizement and egotistical reasons.

Honesty is one of those core values that is not negotiable in my world.  Of course there are a few caveats.  Lying to protect an operation or an ally is justifiable.  Fibbing to your wife about the skirt with the horizontal stripes and her butt is not only justifiable, but probably prudent.  I'll lie in a hot second if it advances the survivability goals of my Tribe, especially if no injury is caused by the lie.   But lying for selfish purposes is not acceptable.

I could stand with a man who is genuinely patriotic and a selfish liar, but I will not.

Lying for selfish reasons reveals a very ugly fact about the liar.  Standing with such a man reveals much about you.

Intellectual Honesty demands that when you learn of a failing in a person that you find offensive, you live up to your own standards, even if it hurts.  Step away.  Or, at the very least, challenge the lie in the same venue it was offered.  If the lie was public, challenge it publicly.  If you denounce liars, and choose to stand with a liar, you are not being Intellectually Honest, and you assume the same taint as the liar and you are lying to every man who chooses to stand with you.  When you fail to call out a lie, you are as guilty as the liar and equally responsible for the damages and injury inflicted.

Too many people are willing to "overlook" the failures of others when it suits their goals.

When you advocate 1A rights, when you pound upon the altar of patriotism that 1A is not only a Constitutional Right, but a Right of Natural Law, and then you call for a website that is critical of you to be shut down for obscenity (or any other reason), you demonstrate that you are a hypocrite of the highest order.  Every 1A advocate who remains at your shoulder who knows the truth about you is being intellectually dishonest, and is equally guilty.

There are core values that should be used to measure the people with whom you will stand, and when deciding who you will permit to cover your back.  When you trust a man to cover your back, you are also trusting that man with the fate of your family.  If you get knifed in the back, is not your entire family placed in dire straits?

Could I be accused of living in a glass house and throwing stones?  I have been accused of many things, but not lying for self-gain.

Choose your allies carefully, Patriots.

What is coming our way will be merciless and unforgiving.  If you choose your allies imprudently, you will die.


Elections to be postponed? Not so much...

Politico floated a balloon today about postponing the elections.

I suspect the balloon was designed to see who would balk.  An ink pack squirted into the water to see where the dye ends up.

Here in my neighborhood, we escaped with no damage, a few limbs down.  In the greater DC area it is mostly power failures.  New Jersey and New York were hit hardest.  Pennsylvania is the only state with any electoral significance, and a delay only helps the Rs.

So, ask yourself who would benefit from a delay at the national level if voting were suspended.  Most of the country understands that barring a major event (beyond Sandy) Mitt Romney is likely to be the next President.  The states most affected are reliably Blue states, no advantage for either side by delay.

The Left would face a backlash from the Right of epic proportions if they try to delay.  "I told you he was an enemy, now he's trying to steal the elections!"  There would be many versions of that statement not only from the fringe Right, but mainstream as well.  The Left would sacrifice Legitimacy for decades, even for trying.

If elections are delayed with the intent of a D victory, they could only take office and hold office with troops in the streets.  Not going to happen.

Delay elections to set a precedent for some benefit in the future?  Maybe, but certainly not likely.

The elections will take place as scheduled, with perhaps a state or two making some sort of accommodation for the storm.  Mitt will win (barring some major event beyond Sandy) and President Obama will be seen by future generations as the most ruinous presidency in our history, save Lincoln.


Monday, October 29, 2012

When a Man reveals who he is, believe him...

If you run a blog or comment frequently, your true nature will be revealed at some point.

A lesson more Patriots need to learn and apply is that not everyone who calls himself a "Patriot" or "Liberty" advocate is to be counted as an ally and entrusted with your life.

I'm not going to write a long essay on the topic.  I already know the lesson.  I know who I am.  I know what I am and of what I am capable.  I know what is beyond my reach.  I know where I am going.  When a man reveals his true self and I find it contrary to my ideals or goals I move on, and that man is no longer allowed on my flanks.  Ever.

Trust and loyalty are invaluable.  I believe these two characteristics are hard-wired in one's DNA, alongside the capacity (or lack thereof) to understand and live by Rightful Liberty.

Some people simply can't do it.

I will not smile and play nice with a Liberal at a party or PTA meeting for the sake of political correctness.  The same applies to any man who has proven by his deeds or words that he is unworthy of trust, even if he calls himself a "Patriot".

The republic is headed for a fight.  I will choose very carefully who is permitted on my flanks, and the list is short.  Because we are not talking about a football game or dance contest.  My personal vulnerability regarding life and fortune and sacred honor is pretty high at the moment, my butt is hanging in the wind in several ways.  My wife is right there with me.  Many Patriots are standing with me, risking very, very much.  Yet for Liberty, we're risking it.

Every American will soon face Life & Death confrontations regarding the topic of Liberty.  Those who mean to be Masters, and their Useful Idiots, will move sooner than later.  Many good people will die.  I will do all I can to ensure as many real Patriots as possible will not die, at least not in vain.

This ain't no damned game.

Thanks to Miss Violet for the title of this post, and to Kenny for the image above, and Zoomie for the graphic below.   


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Sandy...

Well, electrical power repair trucks are staging here a few miles northeast of DC at my local fairgrounds.  I watched a convoy roll in from Alabama Power.  Reports from our local power company (Pepco) claim they are coming from as far as Louisiana.  I don't doubt it.  Pepco has a very bad record of leaving one of the most affluent customer-bases in America without power for a week or more.  Recently it seems as if at least once or twice a year we have serious outages locally that last far longer than they should.

I'm not terribly worried here.  Unless one of these massive Oaks that surround my house tumble and crush us, we'll be fine.  (Not totally discounting the risk from the trees, many of the branches are large enough to turn my little house into a cloud of dust).  We may lose power and internet for a while, but the Kerodin household usually fares rather well regarding power, because we are on the same feeder as two significant FedGov & StateGov facilities.  If we lose power for any significant period, it means a major piece of equipment has failed very close to home.  As for internet, I'll have net access as long as Verizon stays up, even if only from my phone.

But I must admit, this would be a very bad week to lose net access from my desktop.  There is much to be accomplished this week prior to Buy a Gun Day on the 6th.  The Citadel has several deadlines this week, and IIIGear as well.  But, it is what it is.  If we go dark here, you'll know why.

Stay safe.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Are you taking this seriously?

Bill Nye recently considered in a post how many people in this community are actively preparing.

Prepping is much more than having bags of rice and beans. 

How many of you heeded my advice and began taking Krav Maga when I first recommended it to you more than 18 months ago?  Remember that I promised you that 6 months of serious Krav study would put you in a position of being able to defeat easily 95% of the men in America in a one-on-one fight.  Imagine where you would be today if you had begun when I first mentioned it, you'd have more than 3 times the skills and mental conditioning I recommended as a minimum.

I hope you are not a Patriot who simply plays at this online.  We need every right-thinking, Liberty-minded American we can get when SHTF.  I know Patriots who are walking the walk.  Some are buying land off the most likely lines of attack and moving their families, their lives, because they are serious about what lies ahead.  Some of you have taken your place in local militias.  If you are reading this blog, you are a person who probably understands that the camel's back may break at any time, on any given day.  It could be tomorrow.  It could be in months, or even a few years out.

Are you really using this time wisely?  On the day "it" happens, the day will likely begin just like any other day.  You'll be on your way to work, or at work, or at school.  Do you know that you can get home?  Do you know your spouse can get home, and the kids will get home?  Do you have protocols in place for the variables, and have you actually done dry-runs?  Do your kids know what to do, I mean really know.  What if LEO stands between you and your children when a school goes into lockdown?  Can you take him, or outwit him?  Can you take them?  Do your kids know where to be so they can make it to your vehicle if your protocol calls for a bugout, and they are in lockdown?  Have you given them permission to ignore the adults who will be trying to keep them inside?

If you seriously believe an Implosion is imminent, or the heavy boots of Tyrants will attempt to stomp on your Liberty until you are dead or submissive, you should be doing.  Right now.

You know my plan.  People like CA and Bill Nye and TL have been advocating the building of Tribe.  Some of you have tried to build Tribe with fellow Patriots at the local level, with varying levels of success.  Some of us have decided to meet up and become a Tribe.  Will we get there before Implosion?  That is impossible to know.  But we have set our course and more than a few of us are doing the work that needs to be done to get there.  Doing

Tribe means lives, fortunes, and Sacred Honor.  Tribe means you will cover his back, and he will cover yours.  Tribe means you will get into the muck to defend your fellow Patriots when the muck is where the fight is to be found.  Tribe means you understand that "Blue on Blue" really isn't.  Tribe means you are willing to step up to defend your fellow Patriots against attacks from any quarter, even those launched by people who claim the title of Patriot, yet fail to live up to the standard.  Tribe means you will take point, even when internet pond scum use third grader playground tactics, and you will relentlessly defend until they become so frightened that they crawl into their own arse and peek out from time to time, hoping you have gone away.

When "It" happens, whatever "It" proves to be, you will have no more time.  You will have what you have, and if you do not have enough beans or bullets or buddies, you will lose.

Will you and yours survive?  Prevail?  Your women and girls raped and your heads put on spikes?

It's on you.  Do it.


Kenny's Place

You'll find good stuff like this over there.

And you'll be in the company of a genuine III Patriot.

With Americans like Kenny in our corner, three percent can return Liberty to America again.

Here's his site.  Go every day.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Janos on Rightful Liberty

Janos explores Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.

I would add a single caveat, it is in my personal "Code", if you will.  Jefferson said, and I'll paraphrase, If it neither picks my pocket or breaks my leg, it is not my concern.

In my world, I add: But once I know that one's intent is to pick my pocket or break my leg, (or that of my Tribe) I am morally free to strike first.  And I don't do Proportionate Response.

Here's the link.  It is a good piece.


The Lady "Gets it..."

Lady Hawkweed is one of us.



Liberty is the only hope for Humanity

One need only scan the headlines of Drudge during any given week to see the means by which Enemies of Liberty mean to enslave the Human animal in every corner of planet Earth.

When one steps back far enough from a problem, you become able to see the big picture, rather than remaining mired in the details and minutia, the "Sparklies" that keep you distracted from the real issues.

On Earth today there is a struggle among Men for control of the planet.  There are four primary players.  Islam.  Marxism.  Self-Interest/Greed (We can call this one Human Nature).  Liberty.

Right now, Liberty is being handed its arse.  Liberty is very nearly about to be snuffed from the only place it even remotely remains on the entire planet: America.

Christianity is in full retreat across the globe.  Islam is rising hard and fast, aided by Marxists and the third player in the game for global control: Self-Interest/Greed.  Islam is a tool being used to suffocate Liberty.  And it is working.  Self-Interest/Greed is helping to hollow-out American power, transferring that power (economic) to Marxists, who use that power to further attack Liberty. (Jeep may soon become a Chinese product)

Once America is unable to protect herself properly, Liberty will be dead.

Then the Marxists will kill Islam, rather simply.  A series of tactical nukes in Cairo, Mecca, and population centers across the Muslim World will return Islam to the technological age of Mohammed.

The last bastion of Liberty in the world is America.  And I say that with full knowledge that only a tiny percentage of Americans want or understand true and Rightful Liberty.

So, the accurate statement is: The last bastions of Rightful Liberty on planet Earth reside in the Hearts and Souls of a few Americans.

I dare say that just a few hundred years ago, Rightful Liberty was first born in the same place, within the Hearts and Souls of a few Americans.

If we allow ourselves to end up in ditches, Liberty will be lost to Man, and true Darkness will cover Earth until Human Nature ultimately destroys the species.

Many people claim to be Patriots.  Many people claim to fight for Liberty.  But it only takes a few scratches of the surface of most "Patriots" to realize that their definition of Liberty is often as oppressive as Marx himself, but cloaked in words like "Morality".  Even in the age of the first Revolution, there were many who would have restrained their fellow man if able.

Proper morality is a genetic trait.  Either you have it, or you do not.  I believe the same of Rightful Liberty.  It is in the DNA of a very few Human Beings.

Sadly, it is not in the Nature of Man to restrain himself.  Few today have that inner moral compass properly tuned.  If we seek to grow our breed of American, Americans who restrain themselves from imposing their will upon their neighbors, the proper step is to come together under a single roof wherever possible, and separate ourselves from our fouled Countrymen.  Keep your children out of the hands of those who would corrupt them.  And when the time is right, we expand once again.

But first, we must not die.

We must not permit the Liberty in our Hearts and Souls to end up in ditches.

The Enemies of Liberty have that plan, and you know it.  You see the ground being prepared.

The perverted Christian will smugly put you in a ditch as quickly as will the Marxist and the Muslim.

That "Patriot" at your shoulder may be leading you toward the ditches.  You've seen the clues.  You've seen his or her words.  You've felt the doubt in your own heart.  You've seen those "Patriots" who declare love for 1A, then cry for shutting down websites and allegations of "Fetishism".  You've seen and heard "Patriots" try to lead you toward conspiracies and imprudent action with whispers.  You've all watched "III Patriots" who seethe and promise "Not one more inch..." and then surrender 2A without even a whimper, only excuses.

You are ultimately responsible for your own life.  You.

Ignore the truth at your peril.

No ditches.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SoCal Patriot Meet-up

Bonnie Gadsden and a few others in the Southern California area are making plans to get together.

Shaking hands and meeting fellow Patriots is a good move for all involved.

Here are the details.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Home and safe.  Be it ever so humble...

The only one of the Kerodin's who scored a Kill this trip was Hiro - there is one less mole at a rest stop somewhere in Indiana.

I have a full email box, I'll try to wade through ASAP.  No invitations to street corners, though - imagine that. 

IIIGear: If you have not rec'd your gear, it'll be shipping as soon as I can get to it.  I am expecting shipments from KA-BAR, Condor and Cold Steel, as well as our shirts/hoodies.  The knives, of course, still have to go to CADD for engraving, then to you.  I have no idea what may have been delivered while we were away.

The return trip was filled with even more excitement for me and H than was the outbound journey, as we both feel we were able to advance all of our (III) goals while on the road in significant ways.  We've let some go public, like the Beachhead.  More will be unveiled in the coming week or so, and of course everyone who is supporting the III is getting ready to ramp up for the 6th.

There is a LOT going on in our community at the moment.  Real advances in Tribe and Strategic measures being put into motion.  My sincerest thanks to every single one of you who have been helping to pull the rope.  III to III.  We are Leaderless, but we do have people who choose to act, and where most of you are going in these projects, I will walk with you.

And from the Great and Powerful Zoomie, who gets it:


Janos: III to III


The Citadel is one facet of that Oath, in action.

Not everyone who is III will go to the Citadel.

But everyone who is invited, will be III...whether they use the tag or not.

Read this from Janos.

We've got this...


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thought for the evening...

Have you ever noticed that the most broken, failed, sad and diseased Souls are usually the loudest and first to gratuitously attack?  The psychology involved is easy to understand - rather than to improve their own lives, the Sad Souls will do anything to ensure that you share their misery.

Lucky for the productive among us that it is easy to spot failed human beings by the way they carry themselves - they are usually the ones complaining, berating, finding fault with every plan and detail, never offering constructive solutions, and never producing anything more than misery.

...and, they tend to be really, really stupid people.  They are so stupid watching the Ford, when you intend to hit them with the Chevy.

Of course, their stupidity helps us all, until they breed.

The sunset above is from the Black Hills area of South Dakota, which is beautiful country, in an unforgiving manner.  It is a stock image I found on Google, as H and I are well beyond that area - we had the good fortune to travel through there this afternoon with lovely sunshine.

We also chose to use Rt 90 and cut through the North East corner of Wyoming when leaving Billings, where many of the FreeStaters settled.  There is absolutely nothing there in terms of work except ranching and farming, and service jobs, tending to ranchers and farmers.  If any of you know any FreeStaters, please invite them to consider our projects.  Their experiences would be very helpful.

This drive reminds me once again, as I rediscover with every cross-country drive, how lucky you and I are to live in this beautiful Country.  And that beauty comes in many flavors.

Enjoy Life, Patriots.  It is too short to let Earthly matters cloud your hearts.

We are building Tribe.  We are getting it done.

If the goal of the general Liberty Movement is to survive the coming storm and prevail, to be safe and to keep Liberty alive by building Tribe, you are doing it, right now.  Stand and be counted.


Southwest Montana and moving Easterly...

Darn, this is a big country...

And a thought for the day: When one leans on the phrase "My spirituality is maturing..." don't you often hear the politician barking "...it's for the children!"

Same-same, too often.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Colt H - Email me please

Sorry, my primary email list is 2500 miles away.

Can you email me when you get a chance, it's forum time.  ;)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Liberty is not Free

How serious are you about Liberty?

There is more than one vote you may cast on November 6th. 

You may vote R.  You may vote D.

Or you may vote for Liberty.  Real Liberty.  III Liberty.

20 days and counting.

You, Patriot, are the Master of your world, and how you live in this life, how your family will live in this life, is your decision.

It's on you.  It always has been.

You will stand and defend the ground beneath your feet, or you will bend knee and lick the hand that feeds you.

There are III Patriots who will stand with you, if you choose.

But we will never bend knee.

20 days...


Monday, October 15, 2012

Are you watching the Sparklies?

President Obama is losing in the Electoral College if one is watching the swing states.

How much of that is fact and how much is spin is impossible to know from where you and I sit.  Even most of the insiders don't have the "Real Truth".  But you already know it doesn't really matter.  People are jockeying to see who will be sitting in the Number 1 Chair when the cockpit hits the mountain.  Teams of Red and Blue are lining up to yell at one another, mock and jeer in the name of their Party and Candidate.

May they all hit the mountain at the same moment, at full speed, for the sake of us all.

May cancer eat the guts of Communists and parasites.  May the stupid stop breeding.

No matter what happens, people seeking Liberty will never be rid of those who mean to be Masters.

Whether a Tyrant uses the majority (democracy) to impose his will, or the Koran, or any flavor of the Bible, or the fact that he has more gold than you, there will always be those who mean to be Masters.

How and where will you meet the future?

You and I are living in a time of change.  America is about to fundamentally change from what the History books tell us she has been, what she is supposed to be, and what our eyes tell us she is today.  She is about to change on an epic level.  Soon.

I have chosen my path.  Many of you have chosen how and where you will meet the future.

If your path includes the Citadel, you will not be able to remain on the fence much longer.  It has only been 10 weeks since the first Founder dated the first check for the Keystone of the Citadel.  If you have been following our blogs, you know how much has been accomplished in fewer than 70 days, you know that HK and Miller have things in high gear.

The Citadel is next.  Thus far the Citadel is known only to our small community online.  Beginning November 6th, the rest of the country will begin to learn about our intent, and they will begin to claim the finite number of households that will be available.  Patriots in our community will have first shot at securing space, prior to November 6th.  But on November 6th, all bets are off and only those Patriots with reservations in place will have the security of the Citadel.

Nearly every single headline in every single paper, on every blog, at Drudge, is a distraction from Reality right now.  Some news items may help you determine a timeline until implosion, but the Who, What, Where, When and Why are all Sparklie details.  Do not be distracted.

If the Citadel is in your future, I suggest you watch the Citadel blog every day, here.

If the Citadel is in your future, I have warned you all that a moment of commitment was imminent, and I can now confirm that your opportunity will come in these few days before November 6th.  At the moment, only 22 days until the 6th.

One of the biggest hurdles facing most people when they want to buy land, or a home, is the up-front cash requirement.  A few of us have put our heads together and we have devised a way to let every single Patriot who wants to be inside the walls of the Citadel, or outside the walls on Citadel property, in a home, to do so without the big down payment.  If you can afford a box or two of good .45 ACP ammo, you can afford to be among your fellow III Patriots in the Citadel.

Think of every American at the last Gun Show you attended.  How many of those thousands who attend even the smaller shows, would jump at the chance for a life of safety under the beautiful skies of Idaho for their families in the coming ugliness?  And at the larger gun shows, where 10,000 and more walk the aisles, how long do you think it will take to claim the 3,500 households that will be available?

You, Patriot, reading this blog right now, have been here since the beginning of this concept.  You will have the first opportunity to claim your place in the Citadel for your family.

Look for details in the coming 22 days, and be ready to stake your claim.

In the meantime, ignore the Sparklies.


Friday, October 12, 2012

III Arms: Remember the Premise

As HK and I were discussing, when you consider the location selected for the first III Arms site, high upon a mountain and remote (though only about 7 driving miles to St Maries) you must remember the premise: What happens if SHTF before the Citadel is built?  It is only prudent for Miller & Co. to have a safe place that is out of the way where they can conduct their business in relative safety.

The picture above was snapped out the truck window just a few miles from what I am now renaming III Mountain.  Just because the III Arms first location (with shared use for the first Citadel efforts) is high and out of the way, doesn't mean that low-landers can't find nice, gently-rolling fields and stands of deciduous trees within, literally, a few miles drive.

Remember the Premise: This is a Martial EndeavorIt is for Self-Defense.

Let's start it that way, and never lose sight of the fact that we intend to be safe.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Just an FYI: Carol Jane King, (Esquire) has chosen to go private with her blog, and the silly dog site is also private.  They are, essentially, closed.

Mark D. Firestone (Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC) still has not named a Time & Place, so we all know where he remains on the Manhood spectrum.

We are the III. When attacked, we will respond with everything we've got. Proportional Response is a weak Strategy.  Each of you did splendidly.

III Arms Founders and supporters of III Arms and the Citadel, and genuine Patriots, I hope you see that I have your backs.

My life, my treasure, my Sacred Honor are pledged to every single one of you.


NCRenegade & the folks at CADD Graphics

Outstanding Patriots, and I am going to use a word that has nearly been lost in America: Artisans.

Every bit of work CADD has done for III Gear has been perfect, and recently when Jim Miller to his III Arms prototype to Chris & David at CADD, brilliant firearm finisher met brilliant engraver, and you saw the finished results on the 1911 and AR that Miller unveiled for III Arms.

Artisans, both Miller and the guys at CADD.  (CADD is responsible not only for the engraving on the firearms, but also the grips, including the finish work to really make the John Parker engraving *POP*)

Well done by all.

And keep an eye at NCRenegade.  The blog is one of those leading the charge for Liberty.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tribe and excising the diseased such as Mark D. Firestone and Carol Jane King, (Esquire)

Tribe is the word many of us choose to use to describe the people in our immediate circle of allies who will be in range and probably at our shoulders on the day America meets her Reckoning.

There is a larger sense of Tribe, Patriots joined by ideology even if separated by distance.  But your immediate Tribe is that group of men and women who will stand with you on the Green when the time comes.

I am proud to say a very serious Tribe is coalescing within this online community, a Tribe that already numbers well more than one hundred families who intend to move to a place together, live amongst one another, and swear to one another their lives, their fortunes, and their Sacred Honor.

By the time we are done our Tribe will number at least 3,500 families, all in one place.  How many people will able to bring weapons to bear?  Perhaps an average of 3 people per household?  10,000 men and women able and willing to kill and die for one another, and for Liberty.   This Tribe is already being built, is already forming strong bonds based on the singular premise of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.  These bonds will grow stronger as the group increases in numbers, with a core as hard as diamonds.

I am a member of that Tribe, the one that will move to Idaho and build industries to support us, and build a town in which we will live together, allies in Life and Liberty.  I am already existentially committed to my Tribe.  The name of our Tribe?


Real III Patriots worthy of standing ground at the shoulder of John Parker.

Not all genuine III will go to Idaho.  But wherever you are, we are with you in spirit.  An attack upon any is an attack upon us all.  Proportional Response is folly.  These moments in History will be merciless to the weak, to the stupid, and to those who are not worthy of Life.  Bill Nye had a great post recently, and noted that "Prepping" by some "Patriots" consists of bragging about bench press numbers.  The day before he exposed the absolute hilarity of Vanderboegh first praising the Buy a Gun Day project - until he discovered who's idea it had been.  The moment Mike realized it was a Bill Nye idea and executed flawlessly by Mozart, he pulled the post.  I hope you are able to identify those who seek only to serve themselves in this thing we call the Patriot Movement.

This brings me to the title of this post, and recent events.  Mark D. Firestone (Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC) and his female Carol Jane King, (Esquire) have connections to both of the aforementioned self-serving "Patriots", a fact conveniently ignored by so many other "Patriots" who seem to equate debating the same tired Moral High Ground argument ad nauseum, and assuming superiority complexes (whether because they suddenly think they are superior human beings because of a new pact with Christ (despite the fact that they are willing to baldly lie in public, mockingly in the face of their Lord), or superior because they declare the Constitution to be a scam from Day One) as forward motion in the fight to save Liberty.

Enter Mark D. Firestone, the physical coward who still refuses to simply state a time and place to recite his written words to my face, and Carol Jane King, his thrice divorced lawyer female who began a relentless, unwarranted, vulgar campaign against every III Patriot who supported the concept of the III Tribe pioneer project.  These two shining examples of genetic waste, who dare call themselves "Patriots", launched a vile attack against real Patriots they do not know, seeking to destroy the efforts of the III Tribe from achieving their goal of simply building Tribe and preparing strategically to prevail in the fight for Liberty.

Carol Jane King, (Esquire) sent me an email this evening, using her official "Lawyer" email address.  Am I supposed to tremble?  Genuflect?  I'm not really certain of the social protocol she expected, so I hope my snicker of absolute derision and dismissal doesn't hurt any feelings.  Her email was filled with factual errors, but I have noted that people like her do not let facts get in the way of an attack.  For instance, she calls me a hateful, intolerant, judgmental, and dishonest religious Christian.  I've told her twice now that Christian is my name, but again, facts don't get in her way.

How does Carol Jane King tie into a conversation about my Tribe?

Carol Jane King, (Esquire) chose to interject herself into our personal business, chose to ignore facts that were presented to her, chose to be vulgar, mean, and to attempt to bring economic harm and injury to more than 40 families she never met in her life, had no business relationship with, and who never asked for her guidance.  As a lawyer, she finally began to understand how she messed up.   She chose to be the typical modern American who simply can't mind her own business.  Then she went further and tried to do her damage from anonymity.


I chose to be part of this III Tribe, and you attacked my Countrymen, savagely and without concern for how you may impact their lives.  You sought to hurt them financially.  You sought to interfere with their plans to live their lives freely, at Liberty.

I will defend my Tribe.

I did not make this rule, it existed when I was born: You reap what you sow. That is God's Law, it is Nature's Law, and in many ways, it is in Man's Rule of Law.

Logging and filing the cached pages of your website, for reasons that should be obvious to a lawyer, it was learned that you are attempting to launch a new tax service legal practice.  Perhaps a PSA will help you.  Every new firm needs to advertise, and 25,000 letters of introduction of your service, with selected excerpts from your blog and various comments and emails you've written featured prominently in the mailer, delivered to every business, law firm, government agency and a healthy selection of residences in your area should be a great way to help you showcase your philosophies and business prowess to the community.  Surely when your surrounding community is permitted a full understanding of your general disposition and outlook on various topics, it should help your practice.

No need to thank me.  One of my companies has a great relationship with a direct mail firm.

But defending my Tribe will require many avenues of redress, all offered by Society.  As an attorney, you know the range of Rule of Law options available, and you have obviously figured out at least a few of the ways you messed up and will be forced to answer for yourself.  I am certain a few will surprise even you.  But don't worry, we'll probably bring them online one or two at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.

It will take years.

This post has already grown too long, so I won't bother to list the myriad avenues of redress planned, some already in motion.  It won't take too long before you start receiving the proper notifications.  The wheels of the system grind slowly, but they grind mercilessly.

You attacked my Tribe.

I will protect my people with my life, my fortune, and my Sacred Honor.

By the way, I still have not received a Time & Place from your stunning bit of Beefcake. 

Why a man would be afraid to speak words he has already written eludes me, except of course for the obvious answer.

Time & Place, Mark.


NC PatCon Report

Miss Dixie, Brock's lovely daughter, was kind enough to model the III Arms Prototype 1911 for Jim & Company.  If you look at the slide serrations, you'll see our III is built into the pistol, and the grips represent the heart and soul of III Arms: John Parker.

Thank you, Dixie.  It was very nice of you to help out, and the pictures are outstanding.  I have heard that Dixie is the absolute definition of a Southern Lady, and it shows.  Brock, you've done good. 

Our first choice of holster was a Kirkpatrick Texas Cross Draw, but they were out of stock.  So we went with the IWB, something that would allow the serrations and grips to be visible without retaining straps and such.

Every report I have heard about the PatCon has been outstanding, and everyone who attended and/or supported is to be commended.  Especially Brock, who has taken on this burden twice, and is looking forward to another in the Spring.  Pulling off such a gig is not easy, not cheap, and is one of the most effective positive actions in our community.  When Patriots get to meet Patriots without the internet in the way, real gains are made.  Thank you Brock.

Here is a link to Brock's about this event.

More here.

Grand Prize Winner!

Pics from Hans, who also won Jim Miller's donated Mossberg for America 527 & the III!

Spring 2013 - Start planning to attend now!

Good job by all!


Where Are You - in haiku

Men of character
Fading like forgotten ghosts
Who will stand with us
~ Child of the Trillion dollar wasteland

Very well done.  This deserves a Jefferson portrait.

Isn't there a quote along the lines of: All that Evil needs is for good men to do nothing...

Look around, Patriots.  Who was at your shoulder?


III "Elders" - Bloggers and Commenters - this deserves its own post

You call yourselves III?

You claim to have the backs of your fellow Patriots when SHTF?

You claim you will protect your Tribe in bloody violence?

For a few of the "Elders" in the III community, you have watched a few people deliberately try to sabotage genuine, strategic and tangible work of your fellow III Patriots, and attack the III as a group. You have watched people like Justin (His New Holiness Arctic Patriot) and MBV post and comment obvious lies and unsupported vile assertions, and not a peep.

More than 40 III Patriots pooled together to build something in the III name - how many of you "Elders", whether bloggers or merely respected Commenters, whether III or merely "Patriots" have written a single word to defend your own, or at least demand evidence of assertions? How many of you have policed your own?  How many of you have publicly demanded that those making assertions show their math?  How many of you have publicly shunned the attackers, their facilitators and puppeteers?

Don't bother writing about any of it now. Every single person in this "Community" has revealed himself in these last weeks, and you can bet people have taken notes. This has nothing to do with Kerodin - this has to do with 40+ III Patriots who found themselves standing alone on the Green, under fire that had the potential of real-world harm, without a single "Elder" daring to speak out.

Bill Nye refuses the III tags, and he has posted more to defend your fellow III Patriots and reveal truth than many who wear the patches and fly the flags and banners.  And for the very few others who are not among the 40+ who did speak up, I thank you.  I saw how you were shouted down by strawman arguments and gratuitous assertions, and the "Elders" were there in silence.

"Elders": Think about that the next time you write about covering your fellow Patriots in a real SHTF world.


Monday, October 8, 2012

New post at Kerodin.com


Added: Mark D. Firestone is such a little bitch, and simply can't help displaying it every time he touches a keyboard (Mind you, he won't meet me anywhere in the world).  Over at his site he posted an email he wrote to me last night, tough gelding that he is - failed to post my response.  So, for anyone interested, here is a link to the entire email.  I've created a page for them above.

And for the love of all that is Holy, Carol, please stop breeding! 


Folks, I'm going to let this post drop through the page.  I know you don't come here for these silly sideshows, but this particular side show is different because Mark D. Firestone and Carol Jane King (Esquire) attempted to do real-world harm to many of you.  As has been mentioned, what you see online is merely the tip of the iceberg headed their way for the next several years.  The bulk of activity will continue offline through various means Society has provided for people who seek to do harm without cause. 

My position on Mark D. Firestone (of Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC) remains the same, and remains in the visible realm: He is a coward behind a keyboard who has a standing invitation to meet me at a time and place of his choosing so he can recite his own words about me, to me directly.  We've all seen he is a coward and will not do it.  So remember, every time you see the name Mark D. Firestone, Erinyes, GrigortRasputin, Abad Don, and whatever screen name he will choose to try and hide behind, you know the truth.

Update 10/9 @ 7:56 AM Mountain Time: Nope, sorry Carol.  You don't get to post either until that thing you bed down with names a Time & Place he'd like to meet so he can recite his own words to me without keyboards and miles between us.  But I did notice all of the scrubbing and edits the two of you made at your sites - so you might actually have a slight clue about what is headed your way from others.  By the way, Carol, just remember that lying to an Officer of the Court, especially by an Officer of the Court, is a very bad thing in this world of cached pages and screen shots.

Just in case Mark D. Firestone, your man, fails to share the email he sent me last night, to which I responded, I'll inform you publicly and personally: The two of you attempted to bring economic harm and ruin to people who never knew you existed, and you used lies, inaccuracies, and vulgar public displays to injure them.  You're a lawyer (Ha!), you already know that I am not your problem.

I do get the personal satisfaction to ensure that the next few years of your life are filled every single hour with the knowledge that the financial ruin, misery and public disgrace coming your way are all your own fault because you chose to fuck with the wrong people, without cause, and because your Souls are foul.

I am done with you, Carol Jane King (Esquire), in this venue.  But this matter is not done with you.  You've already figured that one out.

As for that filth who you permit near your offspring, he and I are not done.  He has much for which to answer.  He continues to mumble and bluster, even offers to buy me a drink to make this all go away, but refuses to find the courage to simply pick a Time & Place so he can express his revulsion of me in person. 

I do wonder what it must be like for you, as a female, to look at your mate every day and know he doesn't have the physical courage to back up his foul mouth, to know you must settle for the dregs of the gene pool.  Sad, I suspect.  Repugnant on some deep, buried level? 

Well, that's your problem.


Update 10/9 @ 4:45 AM Mountain Time: Nope, sorry Mark.  I told you no comment gets posted until you prove you are not a Coward of the First Order. 

Time and Place you insignificant fuck.  That's all you get to comment here.  Where and When will you meet me and recite your own words to my face?

You do not get to attack my friends and allies from this blog, and you will answer for your attacks elsewhere.  III to III.  Your mouth has written checks your ass is obviously unwilling and unable to cash.  Any idiot with an IQ above toast would have known you don't get to pull internet thug silliness with me, and your gal pal's access to my FBI File would have confirmed you should have kept my name out of your cock pocket.   But we both know she hasn't the sort of pull to get that file.

Just STFU until you name a Time and Place.  Punk. 

Here's some free Life Advice: Spend a bit less time online running your mouth about other people, get a real job and get your female out of that ghetto before you both become completely unemployable, which is now imminent.  You made a run at destroying the financial future of real Patriots, and by the Laws of Nature you will reap what you sow.  Penniless, homeless and unemployable are in your futures.

You will learn some manners you slack-jawed filth.  You will end up suckling the Federal teat to eat your gruel.

You fancy yourself the Greek Erinyes, and the hard-to-kill Rasputin, and the destruction of the Hebrew Abad Don. So let me offer a quote, slightly modified, that you will soon come to understand at the molecular level: "I am the punishment of the III...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

What must it be like to waken every day to the knowledge that you are a failure and physical coward...

You should have taken your own counsel, here in your own post, though we all know your words are bullshit: [Some Blogs]...aren’t for me. If I’ve learned one thing all the years I’ve been blogging, it’s that I absolutely detest blogwars and drama. I refuse to go there anymore. Sometimes, an apology and move on is in order. We’re all opinionated assholes to one degree or another. Sometimes it’s best to keep one’s counsel to one’s self.



Update 10/8: I am bumping this to the top just so you can all see that what I wrote at Kerodin.com is, in fact, the case.  Read the final paragraph, final sentence, final word - forever to be associated with Mark D. Firestone of Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC.  (There's a joke on an entirely different level!!)

Mark D. Firestone runs his mouth online like Rambo, accuses others of being "Internet Posers" and such, yet when offered the opportunity to say his words to the face of a man, he will not simply name a time and place. Putrid is the stench of cowardice. 

Any street corner in America, Mark.  Any time you choose after I am finished with my current travels.  I will hand you the printed copies of your words toward me, and I will give you the opportunity to read them aloud while standing in my personal space.  If you are scared, I'll even keep my hands in my pockets.  Just you, me, and a guy with a video camera.  C'mon, Mark.  You can't really be this terrified, can you?  Rinse your panties and let's do this thing.

I will post the first response he finally managed to find the courage to send, simply so you can all see that he ducked the issue, twisted words, and refuses to be a man and simply pick a time and place where he can tell me what he thinks of me, man to man, face to face.  You will note he seems to have a reading comprehension problem on top of all his other failings: Zoomie did not threaten you, idiot.  I know who set you on this course, but I don't care.  You are but a tool.

You see Mark, you fucked up in several places.  Mocking me makes no difference.  You don't even make the top 1000 List of people who call me names and think little of me. I have been called much, much worse by better men than are you. 

No, you fucked up when you and your female began attacking innocent and genuine Patriots of whom I am fond with inaccuracies, deliberate lies, vulgar language, and attempted to ruin their attempts to build a company in the world.  You see, they are not failed carpenters with a curious fascination with homosexuality, they are not women thrice divorced and now willing to consider even you as a possible mate.

You fucked up when you attacked my allies, who are good, decent people who will never lower themselves to meet you in the muck you relish.  I have no problem taking point for these people.  I have no problem meeting you at your level, I have no problem calling you a twisted fuck and daring you to recite your sewage to me in person.  I have no problem traveling anywhere to prove to the world you are spineless filth.

You think I have threatened you or your female?  Idiot.  I have challenged you to meet me in person and recite your own words.  As to that thing you call a mate, perhaps you should once again read my words.  Others will handle her.  Are you really so daft as to think that means violence?  Idiot.

You have attempted to ridicule and mock, to hinder the financial success and ultimately the survivability of good people, and injure the reputations of decent Patriots. 

You reap what you sow.  That, I promise.

So you may continue to post your filth, but without naming a time and a place to meet me and read your own words aloud to my face, you do so forever revealed as a Coward.  Don't bother me with any more comments to my blog, none will be posted until you pick a time and place to prove you do not have to squat to pee.

Mark. D. Firestone, of Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC, genetic garbage.



Update: By the way, Mark: I do not read your putrid sites, so if you decide to be a man and accept my challenge, you'll have to email me or you can post on this thread.  I won't post anything but your acceptance or denial.  Personally, I think you are far too cowardly to accept the challenge and meet man to man.


Sorry to have to take time from our busy agenda to handle a pair of malignant Souls, but I refuse to stand aside while good men and women are attacked without cause by genetic waste who dare call themselves Patriots.

They claim they are "Patriots like you" yet they define the degeneracy of the American Soul.

Choose your allies carefully.  Yes, I do know who is behind these two attackers, but I don't need to expend any energy there.

Here's the link.  Don't bother reading if you have no use for silly drama.

In Idaho tomorrow.



Every time I drive across America I rediscover just how vast this country really is, how much open space, and in places inhospitable, rugged space, there is between cities.

This most recent trip west re-affirmed for me that when SHTF it will be the major metro areas that meltdown at the atomic level.  Hordes of hungry and sick and the predatorial opportunists will radiate from the metro areas, hunting for what they need, and what they want.

Folks within range of a tank of gas from any serious metro area are in the Kill Zone.  Folks who live more than a single tank of fuel from a major metro will be exponentially safer.  Face it, if the Bad Guys can't drive to where you are, they'll have to walk.  And to walk they must deal with the basics of survival, like food, water, warmth, shelter, and other predators.

As Holly and I rolled west from Missoula Montana, through the pass along route 90, we both knew that choosing Northern Idaho for the location of the Citadel was the best possible choice, if America ever must face a SHTF scenario.

Look at the map above, which color-codes the largest (most populous) metro areas across America.

Look at Northern Idaho.  Hordes from Boise?  Sorry, I'm just not worried.  Hordes from Seattle?  They are out of range without refueling, and they have serious mountains in the way.  Spokane and CDA?  More allies than enemies, and even if they all banded together there'd still be no real threat. 

Anyone who has ever traveled the Route 90 Pass into Idaho from Montana knows just how simple it would be for a very small number of men to literally shut down that route.  Most of the major routes across America can also be shut down, or restricted, with relative ease.

Isolation is not the only benefit to choosing one of the northern counties in Idaho.  Meat, fruit and vegetables are all available, and fish, too.  The ability to sustain production and harvesting of these essentials is certain.  The weather can be more ally than enemy to a Tribe waiting out a bad piece of history, and the weather is not even close to being as harsh as on the Plains.  And when you factor in the fact that the locals are generally of like mind, and that you have the means of production of firearms and ammunition, well...

We all can see the writing on the wall.  The economy simply must Implode at some near-future moment.  3rd Grade arithmetic demands a reset, at the least.  When that happens, and just-in-time supply lines break down, the metro areas will melt down and the suburbs will be the first hunting grounds.  Then the Bad People will radiate outward as far as they are able.

The best way to avoid a punch?  No be there.

We discussed the "Where" of a retreat for many months on this blog, and we settled on Northern Idaho.  The mountains of Montana and Wyoming were in the running, and realistically, they are same-same, the only differences being the lines drawn on maps.

We chose well.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanks to all

My thanks to everyone who continues to post and comment at the III Arms and Citadel blogs.

Have a great PatCon for those at Brock's place.

And if you aren't at Brock's place this weekend, enjoy a bit of life and stay safe.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Why the 1911 & .45 ACP

It was brought to my attention today by my lovely wife that a bit of history may be in order regarding the .45 ACP and the pistol John Browning built around it for the purpose of killing men.  She was unaware of the origins of the round and how it and the 1911 came into existence, and correctly pointed out that others could use the information.  I realized I am now at an age where there are generations younger than am I who may not know how the .45 ACP came into existence, or why. Same for the 1911.

First, one must understand that when you must resort to a handgun you are in a full-on "Oh, F Me!" moment.  That handgun is designed for Fighting Men as a tool of nearly last resort, a tool that will allow him to fight his way to his rifle.  No sane Fighting Man knowingly walks into Harm's Way without his rifle.  Remember your Colonel Cooper: The rifle is the Queen of personal weapons.

Here's the short version: The Moros were an Islamic Tribe in the Phillipines seeking, what else, a Caliphate.  Our Army was there, using .38 caliber sidearms that were woefully ineffective.  Part of that ineffective result was because the Moros Warriors would take wet strands of leather and tie them tightly around their testicles.  As the leather dried, it tightened, and the resulting pain drove the Warriors to levels of madness and determination most people can only imagine.

Our troops did not have to imagine, for the stories of US Soldiers being hacked to pieces even after hitting enemy Moros with several rounds from their .38s (and their rifles of the day) became commonplace.  So, the Army demanded a Manstopper, and soon after John Browning (others were involved as well in various aspects of the development) and Colt delivered what would become the M1911 in the .45 ACP - the Manstopper.

I am not going to try to argue 9mm versus .45 ACP or plastic firearms versus steel.  Each person will have to answer those questions personally.

Here's my answer: If I am forced to pistol-range combat against a single or multiple enemies, which is almost always at closing to belt-buckle range, .45 ACP is my caliber of choice, and the forged steel of a 1911 is the only Platform.  The .45 ACP is a proven Manstopper.  And if you are so close to an enemy that you may need to crack his skull with the butt of your pistol during a backfist, do you want the forged steel of a 1911 in your hand, or plastic?

There is a reason the 1911 and the .45 ACP are still the choice of Professionals after more than 100 years.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

III Arms: For anyone keeping score...

...and I DO keep score...
Point: III Arms.
Well f'n done to all involved.
Have a blast at Brock's PatCon, and my thanks to the folks at CADD.
Not sure exactly when I'll get to post again, so to all who have been posting and commenting at the III Arms and Citadel blogs, keep 'em coming!  Even though Holly and I are in the middle of nowhere at the moment, and will spend the next few weeks on Citadel stuff, we do get to read the posts and comments, and they are great.


K & HK moving west through Wisconsin & Miller is heading to NC forCADD & Brock's PATCON. Sux posting on Android! K

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where to buy III Arms.

California, Mass, & Md. are not friendly for sales.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

III Arms: President Miller Unleashed

III Arms Pistol #4 Prototype.

Is there any remaining doubt that the people of III Arms mean to build Fighting Arms for III Patriots?

Hold on folks, we're just getting warmed up.

We've got this, from Miller to every single one of you who made it happen.

Here's the link.

Good f'n work.

Here's the latest update from Brock.  For everyone who is heading to Brock's this weekend, have a great time!


Techie question

Does anyone out there do most of their computer work on a tablet, and if so, is it sufficient?

Holly and I are going to be away from the convenience of desktops more and more over the next year, and I am considering moving to a tablet.  Any feedback would be great.

I need to run several blogs, several websites (using CPanel), basic art programs, and several email accounts.  To show how behind-the-tech-curve I am, I don't even know if tablets also serve as phones, but if so it would help.

I'll admit my eyes are getting older so I want a bigger screen size.  I've done the laptop thing and it becomes more aggravation than I prefer.


NC PatCon

Because I tend to set aggressive timelines, sometimes we miss them by a hair.  This is one of those times.

We have two World-Class 1911 builders putting together pistols to our specs that will represent the general configuration and quality III Arms intends to produce.  Once you Founders and Supporters get your hands on them, you'll give your feedback, and the design can be tweaked if necessary.

Just remember, the purpose of the arms produced by III Arms is to take them into battle with absolute confidence that they will bring you home.

Pistol #4 you see above in Jim's shop.  A few minor glitches resulted in that pistol arriving to Jim in the white (unfinished as contracted).  Good for us Jim is a First Class finisher himself, and as you can see it will be ready for North Carolina, along with the two ARs he put together.

Our primary builder ran into a SNAFU when he ordered the first frame, and was delivered the wrong part.  Caspian sent him a frame with a light rail.  To show you the quality of this shop, he was able to call the owner of another World-Class shop (every one of you would know the name) and get a proper frame overnighted to him.

But that few lost days may (or may not) have screwed us for NC.  We definitely will not have all three from Builder #1, but the Builder and Jim may be able to arrange to hook up for NC.  Much depends on exactly when the Builder is satisfied with his finished work and decides it can leave his shop.  If he gets it finished today or tomorrow, he'll be able to send it to Jim (who will already be on the road to NC, which is one of the coordination problems we are facing) on the road, or directly to one of our FFL friends in NC.  I know the guys at CADD would have no problem receiving it if it is able to arrive in time.

But if the Builder isn't happy and decide not to ship until Saturday or Monday, obviously we'll have missed the PatCom by a few days.

It is what it is.  You can blame me and my aggressive timeline.  Cross your fingers, and hopefully it'll work out and we'll have 2 1911s at NC (one from each builder, so you can compare & contrast).  If it doesn't work out, we'll still publish pics as soon as it comes in, and begin sending them out to gun shows with Jim, setting up Range Days, et cetera.

But either way, you'll have 1 1911 and 2 ARs, and the real attraction (which is Jim) at the PatCon.

Next Item: Bonnie Gadsden has set up a Citadel Facebook page, here.  Drop in routinely to all of our Facebook and blogs and websites to add your comments.  I'd prefer to migrate our conversations from this site to the dedicated sites, as this blog isn't the proper venue.

Holly and I have delayed our trip west for several days, trying to nudge that second 1911 to NC, but we can't delay any longer and are heading out.  So I'll post here a bit, but it'll be pretty quiet until I get back.  If we don't leave now we'll miss our first County Zoning meeting scheduled for next week.

And that simply can't happen.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported these efforts for these past months.

Bonnie Gadsden used a phrase that is now common in our house: Pulling the rope.  He said these projects have seen many Patriots pick up the rope and start pulling to help make them come to reality.  Keep that effort going, folks.

Several great Patriots will be contributing at the various Facebook pages and blogs, so new info will be out there daily.

Stay safe.


Patriots: One of our own can use your positive thoughts

One of our own is going through chemo right now, and I hope you will keep him in your thoughts. 

I think the prognosis is good, but he's got a few rough months ahead.

We'll call him K (It isn't me) and he has been a supporter of every project we have tried during the last two years.  He is also a Founder.

K, we wish you our best.  I know you are fighter, and you can afford to focus on fighting for yourself right now.  We'll cover your place here until you are ready to stand the wall once again.

Folks, I would consider it a personal favor to pray, or light a candle, or support this Patriot in his fight for health and recovery in the manner you feel is best.