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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Are you taking this seriously?

Bill Nye recently considered in a post how many people in this community are actively preparing.

Prepping is much more than having bags of rice and beans. 

How many of you heeded my advice and began taking Krav Maga when I first recommended it to you more than 18 months ago?  Remember that I promised you that 6 months of serious Krav study would put you in a position of being able to defeat easily 95% of the men in America in a one-on-one fight.  Imagine where you would be today if you had begun when I first mentioned it, you'd have more than 3 times the skills and mental conditioning I recommended as a minimum.

I hope you are not a Patriot who simply plays at this online.  We need every right-thinking, Liberty-minded American we can get when SHTF.  I know Patriots who are walking the walk.  Some are buying land off the most likely lines of attack and moving their families, their lives, because they are serious about what lies ahead.  Some of you have taken your place in local militias.  If you are reading this blog, you are a person who probably understands that the camel's back may break at any time, on any given day.  It could be tomorrow.  It could be in months, or even a few years out.

Are you really using this time wisely?  On the day "it" happens, the day will likely begin just like any other day.  You'll be on your way to work, or at work, or at school.  Do you know that you can get home?  Do you know your spouse can get home, and the kids will get home?  Do you have protocols in place for the variables, and have you actually done dry-runs?  Do your kids know what to do, I mean really know.  What if LEO stands between you and your children when a school goes into lockdown?  Can you take him, or outwit him?  Can you take them?  Do your kids know where to be so they can make it to your vehicle if your protocol calls for a bugout, and they are in lockdown?  Have you given them permission to ignore the adults who will be trying to keep them inside?

If you seriously believe an Implosion is imminent, or the heavy boots of Tyrants will attempt to stomp on your Liberty until you are dead or submissive, you should be doing.  Right now.

You know my plan.  People like CA and Bill Nye and TL have been advocating the building of Tribe.  Some of you have tried to build Tribe with fellow Patriots at the local level, with varying levels of success.  Some of us have decided to meet up and become a Tribe.  Will we get there before Implosion?  That is impossible to know.  But we have set our course and more than a few of us are doing the work that needs to be done to get there.  Doing

Tribe means lives, fortunes, and Sacred Honor.  Tribe means you will cover his back, and he will cover yours.  Tribe means you will get into the muck to defend your fellow Patriots when the muck is where the fight is to be found.  Tribe means you understand that "Blue on Blue" really isn't.  Tribe means you are willing to step up to defend your fellow Patriots against attacks from any quarter, even those launched by people who claim the title of Patriot, yet fail to live up to the standard.  Tribe means you will take point, even when internet pond scum use third grader playground tactics, and you will relentlessly defend until they become so frightened that they crawl into their own arse and peek out from time to time, hoping you have gone away.

When "It" happens, whatever "It" proves to be, you will have no more time.  You will have what you have, and if you do not have enough beans or bullets or buddies, you will lose.

Will you and yours survive?  Prevail?  Your women and girls raped and your heads put on spikes?

It's on you.  Do it.