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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NCRenegade & the folks at CADD Graphics

Outstanding Patriots, and I am going to use a word that has nearly been lost in America: Artisans.

Every bit of work CADD has done for III Gear has been perfect, and recently when Jim Miller to his III Arms prototype to Chris & David at CADD, brilliant firearm finisher met brilliant engraver, and you saw the finished results on the 1911 and AR that Miller unveiled for III Arms.

Artisans, both Miller and the guys at CADD.  (CADD is responsible not only for the engraving on the firearms, but also the grips, including the finish work to really make the John Parker engraving *POP*)

Well done by all.

And keep an eye at NCRenegade.  The blog is one of those leading the charge for Liberty.