Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thought for the evening...

Have you ever noticed that the most broken, failed, sad and diseased Souls are usually the loudest and first to gratuitously attack?  The psychology involved is easy to understand - rather than to improve their own lives, the Sad Souls will do anything to ensure that you share their misery.

Lucky for the productive among us that it is easy to spot failed human beings by the way they carry themselves - they are usually the ones complaining, berating, finding fault with every plan and detail, never offering constructive solutions, and never producing anything more than misery.

...and, they tend to be really, really stupid people.  They are so stupid watching the Ford, when you intend to hit them with the Chevy.

Of course, their stupidity helps us all, until they breed.

The sunset above is from the Black Hills area of South Dakota, which is beautiful country, in an unforgiving manner.  It is a stock image I found on Google, as H and I are well beyond that area - we had the good fortune to travel through there this afternoon with lovely sunshine.

We also chose to use Rt 90 and cut through the North East corner of Wyoming when leaving Billings, where many of the FreeStaters settled.  There is absolutely nothing there in terms of work except ranching and farming, and service jobs, tending to ranchers and farmers.  If any of you know any FreeStaters, please invite them to consider our projects.  Their experiences would be very helpful.

This drive reminds me once again, as I rediscover with every cross-country drive, how lucky you and I are to live in this beautiful Country.  And that beauty comes in many flavors.

Enjoy Life, Patriots.  It is too short to let Earthly matters cloud your hearts.

We are building Tribe.  We are getting it done.

If the goal of the general Liberty Movement is to survive the coming storm and prevail, to be safe and to keep Liberty alive by building Tribe, you are doing it, right now.  Stand and be counted.