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Friday, November 30, 2012

III Congress: Sign Up Now

Folks, the III Congress site is open.  Right now the only issue on the table is signing your name to the oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic.

Many people are using their real names - you don't have to do so.  Stay anonymous if you wish.

All it takes right now is to sign your name to the oath, and mean it.  Soon we will ask those who wish to serve as Delegates to step forward and serve in the Congress.  Everyone else will serve as Members.  The goal of the Congress is merely to help tie the locals together - there are far more locals than you may think, and the time is here to connect the dots.

Additionally, we will establish legal and financial aid funds for families of Patriots who run afoul of Big Uncle.  III to III.  We will take care of our own.  If the need arises, we will call a muster and show up where we are needed.

It is time for more than talk.

If you are still in the talking stage, this Congress may not be for you.

If you are ready to do what our Founders knew you'd have to do, then step up.

Here's the link.


BoR Inviolate - Changing a single syllable is Treason

Here is a brief comment left to me by Hans in comments on another thread.  It deserves a full post:

Sir, you make the claim: "The first ten Amendments are not open to the Amendment process of the Constitution."

I believe that statement is incorrect. The body of the Constitution and all subsequent amendments are subject to modification by the amendment process.

I did, in fact, claim that the first ten amendments are inviolate, excluded from the Amendment process.

Let's consider it for a moment.  We all consider the BoR to be a list of Natural Rights - Rights that may never be restricted or infringed by Government, correct?  Indeed, during ratification of the Constitution, some Framers demanded that the BoR be added so that absolutely no clever games could be played with the topics at hand.  Other Framers took the position that the Natural Rights enumerated in the proposed BoR were so obvious and innately within the Constitution, to add the BoR would be redundant.  Many States made it clear - add the BoR or we do not ratify the Constitution.

With me so far?

One of the most closely held open secrets regarding the US Constitution, more guarded than nullification, more guarded than the right to secede, and even more obvious because it exists in black and white, is the Preamble to the Bill of Rights.

You won't find the Preamble to the BoR in most history books, even in many law schools.  I am friends with an 82 year old attorney who practiced for 60 years, and he lost an embarassing bet.  He claimed I was an idiot, that there was no Preamble to the Bill of Rights.  Indeed, in the government issued image at the head of this post of the BoR, the Preamble is omitted.

Here's the text:

Congress of the United States
begun and held at the City of New-York, on
Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine.

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz.

ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.


Study the highlighted and bolded text.  ...further declaratory and restrictive clauses...

That means you may not screw with the BoR in the Amendment process.  That means every single infringement of 2A is a blatant act of Treason.  That means Hans' cited 14th Amendment that changed the 10th Amendment is void and without the force of law, for it is unlawful.

Please note my language: These things MAY NOT be done.  I did not say they CAN NOT be done - obviously, Bad People did the Bad Things.  But that doesn't make it lawful.

One may no more amend 2A than one may strike 9A and 10A and change the republic to a Monarchy.

Before you get hung up on the last sentence of the Preamble ...ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution... keep it in perspective.  The Framers needed to use the lawful mechanism of Amendment to add the BoR, but declatory and restrictive prevent Fifth Article reversal.

Some of you may disagree with me, especially some of you lawyers, because you went to law school, afterall, and they never told you about it.  They also probably told you nullification was unlawful and they definitely told you they derived the power (the Judiciary) of Judicial Review of all cases as part of Article Three, when the fact is the Judiciary usurped the power of Judicial Review in Marbury.

So, my friends, BoR may NOT be touched.  They CAN do it, but they are wrong, and deserve a Traitors death for doing it.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

III Congress Live

The site is live, and at this moment very simple.

There is a link at the top of the page that needs your signature, or not.

Bloggers, your support by adding the graphic above or a link on your blogroll would be greatly appreciated.

More to follow.

I caution you, Patriots: We mean to Restore the Constitution in our lifetimes.

Interpret that as you will.

Here's the link.


III Congress Philosophy

The Declaration of Independence (DoI) is the singular document that best embodies the ideals and values of the American people alive at the time it was drafted.

The Constitution and accompanying Bill of Rights (BoR) is the document that puts the ideals of the DoI into action in the real world.  As you know the BoR is inseparable from the Constitution.  They are inseparable.  The first ten Amendments are not open to the Amendment process of the Constitution.

The Constitution, essentially, explains what Federal Government may do on behalf of the governed.

The Bill of Rights explains what the Federal Government may never do to the people.

I personally hold that because of the Supremacy Clause, the BoR is untouchable by State law as well.

These documents are not the source of our Liberty, they merely acknowledge our Liberty.

Here is the meat of this brief history lesson: The Constitution with the attending BoR are nothing but the embodiment of the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

The generation of men who wrote the Declaration fought and won our independence.  Then they sat down and tried as best as they could, to put the rubber (Declaration) to the road (Constitution.)

The paper means nothing.

The ideals embodied in those papers mean everything.

If you can't bring yourself to swear an oath to support and defend, against all enemies foreign and domestic, the ideals represented in the Constitution and BoR, regardless of how you may parse your explanation in your mind, stay off my flanks.

Yes, I hear you: But Kerodin, you do not have that same requirement for the Redoubt!  Hypocrite!

Correct, I do not have the same requirement for the Redoubt.  My requirement for the redoubt is even bigger.  Every resident in the Redoubt will swear to observe Rightful Liberty.  Let's face facts, if you are living a life of Rightful Liberty, you are not going to step on any Constitutional toes.

By the way: I will invest some time and energy and my cash to get this started.  If I do not get people picking up the rope and helping to pull at least as much as the Patriots who are working on the Redoubt projects, I'll walk away and never look back.  I have no use for wasting any time.

The reason I will not be part of the III Congress without an oath to the Constitution is several-fold.

First: The III Congress is a public venture designed to facilitate the ability for the awakened to work together, and to bring new new Patriots into the fold.  The language of the overwhelming majority of Patriots is the Constitution, period.  AoC and any other drivel is Greek to them (and bad Greek, at that.)  I don't care if you don't believe me, go to a gunshow, stand on a table with a megaphone and announce "Fuck the Constitution, I have a better plan!"  Then see what happens.  Opening dialogue ain't gonna happen.  Do the same thing at a NASCAR event.  VFW.  Tupperware party.

Anyone who thinks the American people will ever be governed by any document other than the Constitution, short of a Marxist victory, is batshit crazy.  Even our closet-Marxists must maintain the illusion of the legitimacy of the Constitution.

Two: The Constitution is meant to be a real-world vehicle for putting the ideals of the DoI into play in the real world.  It isn't perfect.  It requires a moral population to work.  And more importantly, it requires a moral people to do maintenance and dig a ditch for the Bad People who will ALWAYS try to pervert it.  We can get rid enough immoral/amoral dead weight to make it function again.

Three: Those documents, DoI, BoR and Constitution, were written by very special men in a very special time in history.  It was a "Perfect Storm". It can't be improved upon today.  I promise you this: Any group of men or women who enter a building with the intent and the "Authority" to re-write our Constitution will earn my attention and I'll burn it to the fucking ground.

No group of men alive today has the intellectual power, the world experience and the emotional prudence to match the men in Philadelphia.

Four: The III Congress is a public endeavor that will, eventually, earn the cameras.  I am NOT the right guy to be the face of this, but once again it seems I'm the only guy stupid enough to take point.  So, when the cameras light up, you'll just have to live with the fallout.  But one thing I will NOT do is stand and talk, or be part of any group, that mocks or denigrates the document that 98% of Americans consider the moral governing legitimacy for the country - even if those people don't have a clue what it says or what it means.

Finally: I believe in the Constitution, as written and intended.  I believe that if Americans abided the ideals embodied in the original, we'd have ZERO problems in this country today.  I believe anyone actively working to replace the Constitution is actively working against Liberty - not necessarily in the philosophical sense, but in the real world, because people simply will not listen to an anti-Constitution message.

I believe when the time is right, we'll be able to rid ourselves of the Marxists.  We'll be able to rid ourselves of sufficient FSA.  And I know in my heart this country will never Balkanize the way so many of the "...anything but the Constitution..." crowd pray for every night.  There will be no secessions in my lifetime.

And you fucking brain-dead Souls who claim women become chattel and slavery is re-instituted if we Restore the Constitution, please go eat a fucking bullet.  You are far too stupid to breed.

Pete (CA), Grenadier, and a few others in that crowd mean nothing but the best.  They are good men.  They mean to help Liberty.  Their methodology is something I can't swallow.  Some in their midst are simply idiots, no need to name them, you already know the names.  Yes, I know I'm going to get blamed for "fracturing the Movement" again.  But let's face facts, folks - we are NOT all on the same team.  We DO NOT all want the same outcome.  Get your heads out of your kumbaya arses and be realistic. 

"But we should all work together, we all want the same thing!"  If you believe that, the Special Ed bus is waiting for you.

When it comes to Constitutionalists and anti-Constitutionalists, working together is counterproductive to Restoration.  They will not subscribe to the documents written by our Founders and Framers that embody the very ideals the Anti-Constitutionalists claim to support.  You do the arithmetic.

We stand apart.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

III Congress: It is a GO

My thanks to Mike, David, Bill, and others who have weighed in.

TL, I apologize it took such gymnastics to get here.

CA, I am sorry that we will not be able to work together, or with your followers.

This will be short, as I am far more emotionally drained than I thought I'd be over getting this running.  Working without CA is a disappointment for me, and I won't hide the fact.

All Members and all Delegates to the III Congress will publicly sign the basic American oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I will not be a President or occupy any office higher than anyone else.  I will be a simple member of Congress, and no more.  But I will take point and do the work that needs to be done.  I will take the financial risk to get it set up.  There will be a $10 per month fee per Member.  We will establish a defense fund for lawyers and families who need us.  We will form mutual defense pacts, and we WILL live up to them.

I'll need a bit of time to get things organized, don't hesitate with adding your goals and ideas for this Congress on this thread.  Plan on a physical, face to face meeting among Congress in 2013.  Think of a place with historic value.

More later, folks.

Marxists - if you show up, you will never be seen again. Anti-Constitutionalists, don't waste our time, please.

That is all for now.


III Congress: Is it worth it?

I believe men have failed to remain within the parameters of the Constitution and BoR, and that is the root of the evil.

Anti-Constitutionalists tend to believe it is the documents fault. I consider that line of reasoning to be a psychotic break with reality. No piece of paper can defend itself.  That is self-evident for any rational Soul.

The other day I ran a post off the cuff as a result of several posts offered by TL calling for a national organization that helped connect the dots between disparate units.  To this day he refuses to take point or set parameters for such an organization.

I shrugged, and said "why not."  I posted that I had a minimum requirement for CA and TL to participate, and all members sign an oath to Restoration of the Constitution.  Knowing some people want to secede, I mentioned that once Restoration had been achieved, they could carry on with their personal goals for secession, or catching the tail of a comet, whatever.

About 2 years ago, CA was one of several community writers who joined in a book project arguing for Restoration.  I figured such an oath would be a no-brainer. 


Here is my current thinking: The Liberty movement would benefit from a national presence.  The Liberty Movement is diminished by anti-Constitutionalists, for we are working at crossed-purposes.  The argument made by Anti-Constitutionalists that "...we are all on the same team..." just because we all want some nebulously defined version of "Liberty" is, in my world, a fallacy.

Anti-constitutionalists injure the cause of Liberty in today's America for many ideological reasons and realpolitik reasons

I have come to understand that the Liberty outlined by the DoI and implemented for the real world in the Constitution and BoR, is a specific recitation of Liberty, as close as one can come to Rightful Liberty unless stoned on acid and living in dream land.

I am prepared to go forward with a national organization for a III Congress as recently detailed without CA and any other Anti-Constitutionalist.  It is nothing personl against CA - it is that I now consider anti-Constitutionalists counter-produtive to Liberty in America.

Is a III Congress worthwhile investment of our energy and resources?

If you say yes, I will be moving forward with no further use for anti-Constitutionalists regarding the III Congress.  (The Citadel operates under a different paradigm, anti-constitutionalists allowed)

Answer now or forever hold your piece.



I am one of the first who will continue to bray that it can happen here.

We already see it.  Bad People are attempting to impose the machinery of a Police State, and they are making headway because most of the American population is fat, lazy, morally corrupt, uneducated, and stupid on top of it all.

But what is the "it" that is most likely to happen here?  Red Dawn?  Balkanization leading to a Panarin-esque North America with 5-8 new countries?  An economic collapse that leads to riots and many unanticipated and uncontrollable unintended consequences?  We each look at the landscape of our future and we place our bets.  Some will be right.  Some will be wrong.  In any event, many will die.

I am firmly committed to the paradigm that economic implosion will lead to a designed national upheaval that will rapidly get beyond the hubris of our Masters to control.  Fire is a dangerous servant, and this fire will grow almost immediately beyond the ability of FedGov and most StateGov entities to control, secure and project force.  Rule of Law will break down at widely variable rates.  For a while it will look like absolute and catastrophic disintegration of the republic will be at hand.

Bosnia?  In some places.  '68 race riots?  In some places.  Race wars?  In some places.  Hunger, disease, warlords and Hordes?  In many places.

But folks, America simply is not Bosnia, or any other example from History.  Our wealth is incalculable.  Our resourcefulness is immeasurable.  The moral compass of most Americans is pretty damned sound among those who are best suited to surviving conflict.  We simply can't be broken economically.  We can face interruptions.  We can face shortages.  But lack of resources and the American ability to do work-arounds - that ain't going anywhere.

Make no mistake: We are in for a rough period.  There will be fighting along racial, ethnic, tribal, economic, social lines.  There will be talk of secession, especially from Texas and elements in the South and the redoubt.  But it isn't going to happen, and if it happens, it isn't going to last.  Too many people benefit too much by a unified America.  Too many people will work too hard to ensure it doesn't happen.  Genocide isn't out of the question from any quarter.

Is it morally right?  No, it violates Rightful Liberty.  But the number of people who will vote for Rightful Liberty versus the number of people who will vote for their self interests is overwhelming.

People will default to the common and familiar thread that is the American Constitution and BoR.  The most powerful factions will impose their collective will to ensure there is a roll-back of the most injurious and offensive perversions of the Constitution.  The BoR will be interpreted properly.  The Constitution will be abided and FedGov restrained as intended.  States Rights will be empowered to their proper place.  There will be a rollback to pre-RevWarII standards, at the least,  Many of us will seek a rollback to pre-Marbury.  Most lawyers will die.  Most banksters and media and bureaucrats will die.  People have a LOT of grudges, and people are going to make sure Bad People will take generations to again be a threat to future Americans.  The Judiciary will return to its Constitutionally limited sphere of influence and lose it's power-grab of judicial review.

But make no mistake.  The DoI, the Constitution, and the BoR will remain the honored sources of Government legitimacy.   Washington DC will remain the seat of power.  Amendments beyond the BoR will be re-visited and re-voted based on merit and through the lens of original intent.  Perverters of the Constitution - our current Political Class, including the Judiciary, will face Committees of Safety at trials in courtrooms and front yards.

Many loyalists will be allowed to leave.  All of their assets will be confiscated.  Some will hang.  Prisons will be opened and political prisoners will be free, and violent criminals will die in closed cells.  The state's will essentially remain as they are now,  Some may separate into multiple states - such as Pennsylvania.  Some will re-assimilate, perhaps West Virginia.  The Southwest will be purged of Latinos, and no one will be checking papers.  Enclaves of Muslim's such as in Detroit will be culled, one way or another.  March north or die.  There will be massive migrations as people flee judgment by fed-up Americans looking for some payback.

Plants will be taken over by new management.  Imports will be turned away. The value of FRNs will hit rocky patches, then recover and stabilize because smart men will find a way to peg it to gold or metal.

Common Sense will be the end of the day.

Slicky boys will shut up or die.  Tyrants will shut up or die.  There will be mass migration from the United States.  The Union will prevail, and even mot Southerners will be of with it because the reset will predate RevWarII.

There will also be many old scores settled the way men settle such tings.

The 21st Century will be dominated by 1770-1890 men with 21st century savvy, technology and history.  And they will recognize the root of our evil is Marxists among us, and there will be executions.

Fully 1/3 of Americans will die or leave.

Of course, I could be wrong.  That happened once.  ;)

But I'm betting my life that America cannot be broken.  It can happen here.  It won't.  I may win powerball, but I won't.

I'm ready to do my part to make America the strongest nation on Earth, and the bastion of Rightful Liberty that is our birthright.

So help me God.



From Mike C: Jewish Mother Fights Armed Terrorist, Prevents ‘Itamar 2’

Krav Maga, folks.

6 months of serious training, and you will be better prepared for real violence than 99% of your Countrymen.  That is not hyperbole.  (The average American knows squat about real personal violence).

This mother in the story used Krav after being stabbed in the face, and saved herself and her children.

In a real fight, everyone gets bloody.  That's reality.  The key is to make him leak faster than you.

Here's the story.


Monday, November 26, 2012

III Congress: SitRep

When I laid out my thumbnail for a model for building a national organization to connect local dots, I explained very early that I had 2 pre-requisites: TL, and CA must agree to participate, and the standard American Constitutional Oath is mandatory for all Members and Delegates.  I have the infrastructure in place to make it happen legally: I have the companies, the bank accounts, the PayPal accounts, the tax-free 527, and any Treasurer could be appointed to oversee the money.

After talking with TL and CA in email, we will not be able to satisfy my two requisites for participation.

The goal is noble and as Sandman says, it is overdue.  The method is sound: The original Continental Congress is a proven method for getting the job done.  The no ad hominem rule eliminates the factional problems.  It means K and AP and MBV and Baugh and Bill Nye and every other "faction" with static could sit at the same table.

But the three of us will not get there, today.

I would suggest anyone who wants this to continue should reach out to CA and TL and ask them to go forward without me.  If you think it is important, make it happen.  This is your Liberty, your Life.

There is no "blame".  Three men standing on Principle and none willing to move.  That is all.  I'd rather have such a nation than a nation of people who compromise deep Principles.  I am proud to know both men.


Training the Love of your life...

...ain't what you may think.

As Mrs. Kerodin advances in her CQB training with me, I've had to try and figure out why I wake up more sore than does she.  I think I figured it out.  It isn't simply because I am now 45 and have abused my body for nearly my entire adult life.

The blue trainer in the picture above is what she derisively calls her "Malibu Barbie" training knife.  She's not happy that she doesn't get to use live blades yet.  I swear folks, I think she is determined to prove that a blue trainer can, indeed, penetrate my belly and reach my backbone. 

What I have found is that as she improves and throws a good counter, forcing me to defend, whether empty-hand or with her Barbie knife, or closes the gap as she takes my knee and steps on it at painful angles, I end up taking the hit or wrapping her up in a way that I would never do in real life, even on a dojo mat.   I have trained wives before (not my own, of course) and if the lass throws a good counter I would never hesitate to turn her energy and bounce her off a wall or hit her with her own elbow.

But I can't do that with my own wife, I've found. 

So, I end up defending myself and then trying to catch her or break her fall before she hits the wall.  Or, I just let her connect.

As a training methodology, I have to say it's not the best for the trainer.  ;)

Guys, make sure your wife can defend herself.  That is your responsibility.  I know I can teach my wife better and faster than any dojo, but I can't say I'll necessarily live through it.  I think I may have to get her trained up to a certain level, then send her into a Krav class, for my own health. 

Tonight I think I'm going to turn her loose on a few breakfalls.  If I can't type tomorrow, it's because I threw my body under her to break her fall. 

Love hurts.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

III Congress

I have said before and will again: Every single problem facing Patriots today has been asked and answered already.  We have the blueprint for recovering Liberty.  I am not writing this post to debate any of my assertions, so please don't bother.  The only thing I want to hear at the end of this post is: Does the proposal improve our odds of success, or notDo we move forward on this path, or not?

I am proposing the below and I want everyone to know that I am still deciding if *I* will move forward.  I don't want to waste anyone's time, resources or energy.  I want to make sure we can actually accomplish something useful.  I want to make sure we do no harm.  Two of those minimums are as I stated below: TL and CA must sign on publicly and serve in the Congress.  So your comments are helping me decide as well.  If I am going to sign on, there are certain minimums upon which I will insist, or someone else can take point.   

But since no one else is doing that - taking point - here I go again.

The Proposal:

The organization should be modeled after the Continental Congress, and called the III Congress. The political party should be known as III Patriots Party.

Patriots band together under the III Brand with a nationally recognized organization that will serve multiple purposes.  The goal of the organization is to grow our ranks, build morale and cohesion, establish a legitimate political presence, ratify our political platform, serve as a venue for Patriots from across the country to meet, coordinate, plan, network, establish mutual defense agreements, protocols, tripwires, et cetera, and otherwise further the goals of Liberty.  If the Platform is a broad-brush plan of action, then the national organization should be prepared to issue calls to action and to provide for legal defense funds and aid for families of Patriots who are incapable of providing while performing their duties.  "Calls to Action" should be designed to raise awareness and add to the noise being made by secessionists.  One example: III Liberty stickers on designated targets in response to a specific act of Government, etc.  Low risk, high PR reward.  Mock and ridicule TPTB and the system they advocate.  The Congress should have the power to vote on such calls to action and issue the order.  We need to make the notion of "Resist" a verb and a daily, tangible act.

The original Continental Congress offered legitimacy to the Sons of Liberty.

The organization should seek political legitimacy by seeking addition to the recognized political parties of the 50 states.  Idaho requires 14,000 signatures, and we will have genuine Constitutional legitimacy, whether you think that matters or not, most of the people who will (or will not) support the III DO care about Constitutional legitimacy.

The organization shall officially advocate the Restoration of the Constitution and government restraint based on the DoI, Constitution as ratified, including the BoR.  Every Amendment after ratification should be re-introduced.  I can make the argument that every Amendment ratified post RevWarII was done so by an illegal and invalid Government that illegally overthrew the Constitutional Government of America.  If you have goals other than Restoration - keep them to yourself until after we hit Restoration.

The organization should be Membership based with monthly dues of $10 per Patriot, funds to be used to further the reach of the organization, accomplish its goals, and service the aforementioned defense & PR funds.

The organization should be organized by state.  Patriots from each state will be responsible for electing delegates to the organization, growing their members, training, networking, getting petitions signed to get on the state ballot, et cetera.

In the early days, members of the Congress should be any III Patriot who chooses to be seated at the table.  As we grow, each group within a given state should send one delegate to represent the group.  Not all members, obviously, will be interested in serving in the Congress, but simply as Members.  Not all groups are willing to expose themselves, but perhaps they can participate by proxy.

All delegates are equal, and all votes of the congress require 2/3 to pass.  Some sort of quorum standard should be set.

All members shall sign a public post/thread affirming the oath to protect & defend the Constitution, and anything done by a member to injure the goal of restoration shall be grounds for impeachment by the Congress.

Ranks: I suggest all Members hold some sort of militia type rank, even delegates in Congress.  However, the rank means nothing in Congress itself, when in session they are delegates only.  When they go home to their group, the rank engages.

I think that is enough of a thumbnail minimum.

Since this effort is designed to bring unity to the III/Liberty movement, I would suggest that anyone willing to take the oath and abide the rules is welcome and should be invited, including MBV, Bill Nye, AP, Mullenax, Baugh, Wirecutter, et cetera.  I have secured IIICongress (blog) and the rule on that blog should be zero tolerance for ad hominem attacks.  Attacking ad hominem = immediate impeachment and public rebuke by ALL members/delegates.  Of course, anyone may say anything they like on their own site, but at the III Congress site, decorum matters.  The original Continental Congress had mortal enemies in their ranks, if we claim to be their heirs, then we'd better damned well act like it.

Local Local Local is happening, far more than many may realize.  I think a properly run national can help build the local so long as it is a genuine Congress, not a Command Center.

It has been said that real men do not need Leaders.  I won't argue that point.  But real men must work together to achieve Liberty, or it will die. If you are worried about a Fed behind every tree and in every meeting, it's time for you to grasp the notion that you have no secrets anyway - and Patriotism should not be practiced in the shadows and darkness of basements, in ciphers and codes.  Liberty demands that we stand tall, sign our names to our work, and fuck anyone who doesn't like it.  They won't like it.  So what?  Isn't that why we are doing any of this work - to send such Enemies of Liberty packing?  They are coming for you anyway, stand up and let 'em come.

As you consider this post, let's not try to work out minutia, let's paint with broad brushes and save the details for other threads.  Right now, what's your gut?

I intend to live my life in such a manner that John Parker would welcome me at his shoulder, and I don't care who knows it.


III: National Stage - Yea or Nay

**SUNDAY UPDATE**  I intend to post about this topic tonight.  I've heard from TL and he is a Go, still waiting to hear from CA.  It is still a holiday weekend, so he may be away.  A few insights: I have a very full plate.  In other projects that have begun here, we have had many outfreakin'standing Patriots pick up the rope and help pull.  I could never accomplish anything without help, and this concept of helping build a national infrastructure, a nexus where locals can get plugged-in, is no different.  I will not be able to do it alone.  I will not even try to do it without TL and CA aboard publicly and in active rolls.  Without their active support, this will simply be another circle-jerk and I'm not in the mood.  I will not let this effort cut into my time and energy on my other projects - if this is a Go I'll work harder and later every night, but I will not take time away from what I am already doing.  So, folks, if you think this national concept is worth the effort, let me know.  I know you can't go all-in without having details, but let me know you are at least considering it, or not.  Thanks.



**UPDATE** Since posting this I have received several emails, and when considered with the comments I have now decided my course on this topic.  I have an email out to TL and CA at the moment.  Short version: I agree that it is time to pull this community together with a simple and concise objective, to combine our voices to be a political voice as well as serve our purpose as III Patriots nationally while helping grow even more locally.  We should be there in the wake of a hurricane Sandy, and we should be on the field in the wake of the next NDAA or piece of legislation that insults the Constitution.  I think we should have a national level III Congress, made up of Patriots from sea to sea, reps from militias, bloggers, individuals and more.  It is time for each and every one of us to lead, follow or GTF out of the way.  I'll flesh this out more tomorrow, hopefully after hearing from TL & CA and anyone else who wants to drop me an email and weigh-in.  Mike M: Thank you.

Yours in Liberty.



Several voices in our community have been calling for a "Leader" and an "organization" or "Structure" with "Action" as the goal.  Let's set aside the Leaderless aspect of the III for now.  Let's set aside any stigma associated with the word "Militia" in the minds of the public.  Let's set aside whatever you need to set aside so we can have the conversation.

The III Brand has grown significantly and positively over the last 2 years or so.  Under the III Brand we have published books, built flags and patches and engraved our blades.  We have begun III Arms.  We have begun a stronghold in the III name.  More than a few of our local militia allies sport a III patch on their gear in addition to their local identifiers.  As a national level Brand, it works and can grow.  It has a political advocacy organization already in place that has served more than 1000 Patriots.

My recommendation: Let's all unify under the III Brand and form a national militia oriented/ action oriented organization, of sorts.  Perhaps we should replace the word militia for PR reasons, you decide.  The national level could be comprised of leaders from the local units, whether they are militia or not.  The national level could elect leaders in spheres of influence from message to training to building networks among local groups, to setting tripwires and contingencies that would bring members of the national to any local that finds itself in need.  Questions such as "What do we (as a group) do if..." can be answered and set as policy.

I would recommend we set it up along militia guidelines with ranks, as well as a "Leadership Council".  Perhaps the "ranks" stop at the regional unit level, and the national Council level has not ranks, but offices.  Some of our bloggers would serve well in such a capacity.  Hold elections to fill the leadership rolls, and local groups can handle recruiting their own units/organizations, and new members can be directed to appropriate local level groups to build a grass roots army.

But since the vacuum most people are seeking to fill is action-oriented, only those who mean to take action are permitted.  Message is essential for PR and for unifying the focus of the members, so Restoration should be the immediate goal with a healthy side dish of Rightful Liberty as defined by Jefferson.  If you have any goals after Restoration, keep them to yourself and work on your goals after Restoration has been achieved.  Any work done to thwart Restoration while in the ranks gets you booted.  A standard oath to protect and defend the Constitution should be mandatory.

Revenue: Nothing is free and people with no skin in the game are not the most motivated.  Charge all members $10 per month.  Use the money to cover basic expenses such as marketing reach.

I expect pushback from most people.  But TL calls for leaders and organizations, and many people agree with him, so then let's give it a whirl.  Here's TL's latest.

I'm ready.  You already know my focus is on the Citadel and related projects, but this idea would earn my support and energy.  It's important.


Friday, November 23, 2012

6.8mm & 300 Blackout

Where do you rank the 6.8 as a manstopper?

.300 Blackout?


Identify: Friend or Foe

When the balloon goes up how will you be able to tell friend from foe?

Nothing is foolproof, but a III patch will certainly get my attention to start a conversation.



Who owns you?

Please study the banner image above very carefully - the large image of Jews being herded to their deaths.

Zoomie created that brilliant piece and sentiment.

A year or more ago I saw a YouTube that had several such scenes of horror from WWII in black & white, then the author morphed them into color and modern depictions from our own headlines.  If anyone knows where I can find that piece again, I'd love a heads-up.  The point of the video was to remind Americans that it can happen here.  Nothing in the nature of the Universe magically exempts Americans from tyrannical death by starvation, maliciously released diseases, turning entire cities into concentration camps until everyone inside dies, or merely shooting us when and where the Bad People find us.

Our Founders knew the answer.  ...that every man be armed...  & ...If they mean to have a war, let it begin here... They had just lived through being hunted by Bad People.  You will remember that April 19, 1775 was not merely about taking the armory.  There were warrants in-hand for the arrest of two men we consider American Heroes, while the King considered them traitors and criminals who needed to hang at the end of a rope.

It can happen here.

It has happened here.

RevWarI happened right here.  Liberty won.

RevWarII happened right here.  Most people call it the Civil War.  Liberty lost.

RevWarII is not finished, yet.  The end of that 150 year war will not be over until one side or the other finally clears the field of their ideological enemies.  No, we cannot coexist.  No, the questions on the table are not legitimate political differences of opinion.

The question is simple: Will you live as a slave your entire life and deliver your children in chains to Master?  Or will you run the Sons of Bitches a thousand miles from you and your children?

A recent commenter here asserted that my methods include killing many millions of people.

I think it is important to clarify: I do not advocate killing anyone, even the most arrogant, most blatant Enemies of Liberty currently working to enslave us all.  The other guy always chooses just how rough I will have to get.  I prefer they live in the misery and filth that is their Soul as long as possible.

I advocate creating conditions in America such that these people will choose to leave, forever.  I want them to buy an airline ticket or cruise ship ticket and leave America, forever.  I want them to load their cars and moving vans and drive to Mexico or Canada, and never return.

And if they fail to leave us in peace, I have no problem if these people are encouraged more stridently to get in their cars and drive, or loaded onto buses and trains and trucks and escorted beyond our borders, never to set foot back on American soil again.

And for those who insist on remaining, insist on continuing to subvert the Constitutional and Natural Rights of Americans, facing a Jury of Patriots for Treason is a legitimate and morally sound remedy.

No man or woman has the right to enslave you, or to take from you the fruits of your own labors.  Such acts, even if the actual act is performed by a third party under color of law, is violence against you by the actual actor and the people who sent the actor into your midst, you may meet him with violence in the moment, or at any time before he comes for you

You are morally entitled to react in self defense against this violence being imposed upon you.

When you are tired of being abused and ready to defend yourself, stand and be counted by declaring yourself.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Where are you, Patriots?

This is one of those days in our year that makes most of us reflect on what we have in life.

Are you willing to give it up?

Are you willing to let foul human beings take this from you?

Are you going to permit Marxists and their Useful Idiots steal the happiness from the hearts of your loved ones?

Fuck them.

Stand and be counted.


Black Rifle Friday

III Arms is jumping aboard the Black Friday train with Black Rifle Friday!

Here's the link.


Happy Thanksgiving: Ditch-free edition ;)

I began writing in this community about 30 months ago, just after publishing my first book.

In that time I have banged heads with some, agreed to disagree with some, and with a few, bonds as strong as those as family have formed and continue to form.  With the evolution of the Citadel concept I can truly say that many of you have become family and Tribe in my life.  Recently, my wife has begun to wade publicly into these waters as well.  She and I are a team, and we have decided that we will devote what energy we have to the Citadel because we both believe we can save lives and do our part to save Liberty by walking this path with you.

For those of you who support the Citadel concept, but have no intention of joining us in Idaho, I have mentioned before that it is my intent that when the fight for Liberty goes hot, we will do all that we can to provide refuge for you if you need it, we will take in your children if you need to get them out of Harm's Way, and we will do all we can do to help keep you in bullets, bandaids, beans and buddies.  Several of you have responded in kind.  That is building networks and Tribe.  That is tangible action.  That is positive politics.  The Citadel may be listed as a tangible asset on the spreadsheet of Liberty.

We will continue building these networks.

My Kerodin.com email receives more than 100 emails each day, without counting spam.  Because of the Citadel Project our community is growing, as we are finding people in the Prepper and Survivalist and general Gun communities who find the concept appealing.  I am averaging 5 brand new people each week who email and ask how they can be part of the project.  Those 5 Souls are worth the derision, mockery and pushback we get from naysayers.  We already know it is a very small number of Americans who think as do we, and we have found a way to begin reaching them.  We are doing it with action, not schemes.  If we have to wade through 100,000 haters to find 1,000 III Patriots, we will be able to hold our heads high and know we have contributed to the fight for Liberty.

I can't possibly list everyone by name who I wish a Happy Thanksgiving today.  I would leave someone out and that would break my heart.  I have, literally, dozens of ongoing conversations in email, so if it takes me a while to loop back around and answer your email, please don't think I am being rude.  To each and every one of you who consider yourself an ally, I wish you and yours a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

As your brain works in the background today, as you enjoy family or football or however you spend the day, just remember the original meaning of this day.  Remember why the first Americans left the known world and came to our shores to, literally, carve out a new land based on personal freedom and Liberty.  Liberty is an expensive commodity.  Several generations since the 1850s have failed to pay the dues, so you and I find ourselves the last people sitting at the table, and the check is due. 

We either dig deep and pay, or Liberty will die on Planet Earth.  It is that simple.

Enjoy today.  Think about tomorrow.  People like Grenadier over at WRSA are considering how to get traction and positive, forward motion among our small community.  He wants us to move from the rhetorical and academic to the tangible.  Let's all strive to be that guy - the guy and gal who does work for Liberty.  Here's the link to that particular thread.  If you have an idea to help Grenadier get rubber to the road, weigh in.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Enjoy today.  Remember tomorrow.

We all have to pay up.  Let's do enough that we can pay it forward so that the next few generations won't have to do this again for a while.


Unopposed Rule

Regarding President Obama's recent trip to Burma: But he also undermined his supposed democracy mission, first by telling the Burmese leaders that he too wished he could govern without opposition, calling into question whether he himself believed in the representative government he was advocating.  Link is here.

Miss Violet: When a man reveals who he is, believe him.

You have been warned.


Secession - Only 180 degrees off target

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country. ~ George Patton

Too many Patriots are thinking improperly, about letting Bad People run them from their birthright.

Liberty will not be won be ceding the field, leaving America to the Enemies of Liberty.

Liberty will be won by driving the other bastards out of our country.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that reminds me what America is supposed to be about.

As you enjoy tomorrow and whoever you share the day with, be sure to remember why the first brave Souls left the old world and dared the Atlantic and chose to carve a new life from scratch.

That is why I do what I do - because I want what they wanted.  I am entitled to it.  So are you.

Anyone who tries to deny you the innate Natural Rights that are your birthright, needs to end up in a ditch.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Call me what you will...

 "...a group of residents, led by SEIU Local 617 President Rahaman Muhammad..."

But when I see this snippet in a news story, I really don't need more to pronounce judgment: Guilty.

If you can't see the alliances standing against you and your Liberty, I can't help you.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flawed thinking...

Have we for so long been told that violence is not the answer to everything, that we have come to believe violence is not the answer for anything?

Here are two simple questions for you: Is the man or woman who votes for any modern D (or R for that matter) living a life of Rightful Liberty?

Next question: Does living a life of Rightful Liberty demand that you leave that D (or R) voter alone, since they are free to vote for whoever they wish?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then I must ask you a final question: Are you flippin' brain damaged?!

If you are not brain damaged, or batshit crazy, then your thinking is dangerous to Liberty.

For those of you already getting worked up and puffy-faced, pause for a moment and think.

There is not a modern D or R who runs against Entitlements, who runs for the elimination of direct taxation, who runs on a platform of repealing all anti-2A laws, or who runs to eliminate DHS, who runs for genuine Constitutional restraint.

That means, dear Patriot, that every single person who votes for any of those politicians, is casting a vote to empower those politicians to violate your Rightful Liberty with the force of arms.  How can you possibly not hold the voter responsible for the gun in your face when you choose to ignore their tyranny?

The differences between what is being done to Americans today is different from Mao and Stalin only in degrees of color, not substance.  I am being robbed every single day by my fellow Countrymen, to feed other Countrymen, at the expense of my own family.  And every single day those people strive and work to take more from me to realize their own agenda.

You support their "Right" to vote for politicians who promise to continue stealing from me?  Fuck you.

Once a man or woman has demonstrated an intent to deny my Rightful Liberty, he is an Enemy to the premise of Liberty and a personal enemy in my life.  The moment that person takes an active step toward imposing his will upon me, thus violating my Rightful Liberty, he or she is a valid target as a tyrant by proxy.

If one million people stand ready to strip me of my property, that means one million people are wrong, and one million people are worthy of my unrestrained self-defense.  In this country I have hundreds of millions who stand against my right to keep my own money - does that make them right?  Does their sheer number mean I must comply?  Or, am I morally entitled to put every honkin' one of them in a ditch?

In case you are wondering, the ditch wins, every time.

You don't like my position?  Fuck you again.


Monday, November 19, 2012

III Arms Flyer

Patriots: The first flyer for III Arms is now available for you to download and hand out to your local gun shops and shooting buddies!

III Arms is also offering an awesome opportunity for you to earn some extra money just by promoting the company!

Full details at III Arms, here.


Send a friend and ally a "Hello"!

Miss Violet is recovering from her surgery, and I think she may already be tired of being out of action.  Cabin fever will probably kick in soon, too.  ;)  Though I can tell you she isn't totally out of action, she's been working behind-the-scenes since she got home a day or two after her surgery!  The Lady is tough.

Drop in and give her some brain food.

Here's her place.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gloom & Doom? Not me...

Expansion and contraction is a cyclical constant in our Universe.

It is the natural way of things.

Consider the expansion and contraction of Liberty: Greece.  Rome.  The English Empire and the Rights of Englishmen.  1776.

In our history each period that experimented with notions of Liberty, each civilization that practiced the concept expanded and then contracted.  The argument can be made that each iteration of Liberty resulted in an evolution of the concept, bringing us ever closer to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.

Now please look at the artwork above from Zoomie.

He captured this cycle, in my mind.

Ours, the American iteration of Liberty, is presently contracting under the pressures of Marxism and stupidity coupled with greed.  How far will it contract this cycle?  The days of walking anywhere in America under the belief that we were safe from tyranny are over.  Some of us are looking to old-school tech to weather the storm - fortified walls and circled wagons, with only our most trusted allies allowed at our shoulders.

But I am convinced that from this contraction, Patriots can unleash Liberty that has not yet been seen on the planet.  It is in our power to come closer to Rightful Liberty than any people have ever come.  First, we must understand that this contraction is happening.  Go with that energy and do not fight it.  When the slack tide comes, stand tall and push Liberty outward, and release an explosion of brilliant light, huge portions of the people of the world may push back their local oppressors and escort into the experience of Man the most personal Liberty ever yet experienced.

It will not be easy.  Success is not ensured.  But the task falls to you and me.  There are Hard Things before us all.  We are living in these moments of potential and opportunity, riding the ebb tide of contraction, and we shall surge back to shore upon the tsunami of Liberty.

I do not think Liberty will die.  I think it is going through growing pains, growth that is being measured in centuries.  You and I are here on Earth at this time, in this place, for a reason.

Look at Zoomie's picture above.  We are going to rely on hard fortifications and old-school ass-kicking to get through this, but in the end Liberty comes out bigger, stronger, just as John Parker looms larger in the image, bigger than the fortifications that will mark the end of this contraction.

Remember that Benjamin Franklin had the wisdom to advocate that the Colonies unite to form a stronger entity.  That same logic and truth remains today.

Balkanization will injure Liberty and must be avoided - and we have the power to avoid it, if we have the courage.  Let us not settle for falling back into a comfort zone, with a false sense of security.  If we leave Enemies of Liberty on the field, they will come again.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Now is not the time for a fearful retreat, but time to acknowledge the opportunity and to drive tyrants into Balkanized lands.  Time to make the other guys retreat and cower for their philosophies of oppression.

Do not despair, Patriots.  Freedom isn't free, and paying the dues will fall to us.  So let's pay them.  Let's pay it forward sufficiently to buy Liberty for the next 500 years with our efforts.  You are up to this task.  You have to be up to this task.  I will stand with you.

What did you do today to improve the odds for Liberty?  Here's what Bonnie Gadsden did, here.


An entire nation of Patriots. A dream for us, reality for them.

My title for this post is a comment left by Kenny (Wirecutter).

He was speaking of Israel.  He nailed it.

I am convinced the people of Israel are unified because attempts to excise their people from the planet in WWII is still fresh enough to be real, and in the decades since further attempts have been constant.

When is the last time the American people, on American soil, faced an existential threat from a foreign enemy?  Not in any of our lifetimes.  We are far removed, as a people, from what a backfist tastes like.  This leads us to silly and suicidal tendencies because most of our voting public is a pampered and unrealistic lot of idiots.

Will the coming fight amongst ourselves be sufficient to remind those who survive that no people can remain powerful and free if they lose touch with the base realities of life?  If Liberty wins the fight, complacency will grow again in future generations.  That is the nature of the beast.  But can the Remnant in America pull together like the Israelis?  Can Patriots do it soon enough to defeat the Enemies of Liberty?

There are lessons for American Patriots to learn simply by watching Israel.

Some of the most stupid Americans I have ever encountered (regarding the Israelis) accuse Israel of turning Gaza and the West Bank into "Concentration Camps".  Such "logic" employed by Americans is absurdity, at best.  Anyone who looks at a map of Israel can see that Gaza has 4 sides.  Israel has fenced off the eastern side and the northern.  The western side is the Med.  And the southern?  That one is fenced in by the Egyptians.  And the West Bank is closed by the Jordanians.

Anyone who tells you that Israel has put Palestinians into a "Concentration Camp" or "Bottled them up in ghettos" or anything else is demonstrating to you that they are either stupid beyond redemption and should not breed, or liars to suit their own agendas...and still should not breed.  If Egypt and Jordan cared for the "Palestinians", they would open the gates they imposed.

I would suggest Israel fix bayonets and march every single Soul out of Gaza and the West Bank who wishes them harm.  Then settle those areas with Israeli families.  Once your Rightful Liberty has been infringed, or when an enemy informs you he intends to make you extinct, you have the moral Right to put them in a ditch.  Living next door to a man who wants to murder you and your family, and who takes steps or facilitates that murder, is not a requirement.  Your Rightful Liberty has been violated - end him.

The first post I offered at Kerodin.com suggested a similar solution for the illegal problem in America.  If we build a 3-sided fence on the border with Mexico, fenced on the east, west and north, yet wide open to the South, and into this corral we dumped our illegals, what would stop them from walking south?  Nothing...except probably Mexico.

Let's work together and help the dream of a nation of Patriots come true.  We can do it.  We will have to leave some people behind.  We will have to push some people across our borders and let them be Canadians or Mexicans for the rest of their lives.  Those who remain can be Americans once again unified by Patriotism, love of country and strong moral compass.

Getting America back to a place that is safe for Patriots and Liberty will be hard work and it will require Hard Things.

Kenny crystallized our entire problem in two sentences.

Let's fix it.


You are the Militia - and the reinforcements

Own it.


Aren't you afraid of...

You were born into this life without a warranty and without a money-back guarantee.

So when people ask about the Citadel, and am I worried about being treated like the Davidians or the Weaver's, here's my answer: No.  If Bad People decide to treat me as a Davidian or Weaver, a domestic terrorist or extremist, they will do so regardless of where I live.  What would concern me more is being treated like a Davidian or Weaver while living in my current home.  At least in the Citadel I, and my fellow residents, will have thousands of Patriots at our shoulders.

Remember also, the common bond amongst those in the Citadel is Liberty.  Not religion.  Not race.  Not sex.  The Citadel will be open to the public.  It will be a source of work and revenue to the region.  It will, by design, be a tourist destination to help promote the out-dated notions of Liberty and personal responsibility.

We all know that our front door was GPS'd by Census a few years ago.  The ability for Bad People to drop a Drone strike on you already exists, right where you are this minute.  They can also follow you via cell and put the same missile up the tailpipe of your car.  They can dial your desk at work and when you answer, green-light the missile that will soon come through the window of your office.

If we have reached a point in America where They intend to purge Patriots, your odds improve if you stand with fellow Patriots, rather than simply sitting in your suburban Cape Cod house, waiting for the Stack.

Remember also: The true strength of the Citadel will shine in a SHTF world, where there is a loss of RoL and a loss of the ability for Bad People to effectively project their force upon our physical location.

If you think a storm is about to blow your house from the foundation, wouldn't you like a storm cellar?  If you think a war is coming for you, wouldn't you rather put yourself in a position to meet what comes with a few thousand allies?

There are no guarantees in Life. There is no crying in baseball.

Bad People may come for you.  It can happen here.

Prepare for what is coming the best way you are able.  Personally, I'll feel better about my wife's odds of survival if we live in a town populated by folks like Janos, Bill Nye, Miller, Miss Violet, Wirecutter, BonnieGadsden, NCRenegade, RegT, Zoomie, Vernon, Sandman, and so many others who are in this community.  The Citadel will not be for all of them.  But I can promise this: Those who choose to live in the Citadel will have the largest, best-prepared, like-minded Tribe at their shoulders should the need arise.

And if S never HTF, we'll have a vibrant community with smart and educated children, and the only people unemployed will be those who don't need to work and choose not to work.  In my book, that's pretty much the American Dream.

Nope, I ain' skeered.  ;)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

A world without Israel

Does anyone out there really believe the current attacks against Israel represent a "Disastrous failing of Foreign Policy"?

Does anyone not see the timing, the involvement of the Egyptian PM, attacks from Sinai, as a logical continuation of the "Arab Spring" and as a move by the Muslim Horde to cleanse the region?

When you see an American politician or Spin Professional worrying about how the White House will "fix" this problem, please ask yourself the premise question: Does the White House see a world without Israel as a problem?

Use this information as you will.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Liberty takes work and demands responsible behavior

Imagine what it would be like to live in a town without a single neighbor or resident who wanted to stick their nose in your business.  No intrusive HOA slugs.  No town code enforcement bureaucrats telling you how to separate your recyclables or trim your hedges.  No property taxes.

Imagine knowing that every single resident in town is a Prepper, every able-bodied adult is a Rifleman, and every Soul has taken the decision to live with you in a state of Rightful Liberty.  Imagine your children being educated instead of indoctrinated.

And when SHTF, you will have these people standing at your shoulders.  Your town will have the ability to close a gate and sleep soundly at night when the rest of the nation is enduring economic collapse and the horrors that will accompany that implosion, including the Police State advances of the Marxists who infect the American landscape.  There will be no hunger in your town.  No diseases associated with collapse.  No family will shiver in the cold of winter.  No woman will fear what the Hordes want to do to her or her daughters, for the Hordes cannot breach the town.


Such a town can rise simply by like-minded Patriots choosing to move to a single location, and call one another neighbors.  Beginning with a strong industry to help support the first wave of Pioneers, with genuine Free Enterprise allowed to flourish, such a community could take shape quickly and would be very strong.

But the vast majority of people will be ill-suited to live in this community, even a majority of those who consider themselves to be Patriots.  In a town that sets Liberty and safety as facets of life that simply may not be compromised, responsibility will rest upon the shoulders of every resident. 

Liberty is not free.  One can't simply mouth the words of Liberty in such a town, he must live it.  He must be strong enough to let others live it equally.  He must be ready to defend that Liberty with his life the moment that Liberty is threatened.  He must genuinely be emotionally and intellectually prepared to live according to the Founding Ideals of the republic.

If you think such a town and such neighbors would be good for you and your family, reserve your place by clicking here and filling out the simple reservation form.

Liberty will not die if we refuse to surrender.


Mish mash

Item 1: Private Investigators can be a wonderful asset.  That's about all I have to say about that...  ;)

Drones: I have continued to think about Drones and how FreeFor can make use of them.  Small units can be utilized for surveillance, obviously.  They can extend one's eyes greatly in your AO.  But I still see fleets of kamikaze drones controlled by FreeFor as a wickedly effective stand-off weapon system.

Even cheap RC planes or helicopters with a modest payload, armed with a real-time camera, can change the paradigm.  Consider, as a for instance, a flash mob heading toward your neighborhood.  Perhaps you'd prefer to convince them to head another direction, rather than having to take a fight to them on your street.  Fire is a savagely efficient weapon, and a cocktail on a kamikaze FreeFor drone could handle that crowd without ever revealing your position.

As I mentioned a while back, a swarm of kamikaze FreeFor drones outfitted with hunting broadheads and real-time cameras could be used with devastating effectiveness.

Such a system could have serious anti-personnel and select anti-material potential.

Think about it.

Item 3: Does anyone own a .308 pistol platform?  How much recoil does it have?  Comparable to .50 AE?  More?

Item 4: The person who set up the Buy a Gun Day 2012 blog took it down almost immediately after the 6th.  It's a shame, as such a site has value for posterity.  Anyway, I have acquired "BuyaGunDay.Blogspot.com" so we won't suffer such petty behavior in the future.  We'll get it set up next week sometime, and annouce our next BAGD.  I've sent emails to those who won the America 527 BAGD gift certificates.  Once I hear back from all of the winners, I'll post their names.  If one or more fail to respond, HK will pull replacement names out of the hat.

More later.


The *I* word

There are Rs who want the Obama Legacy to go down in flames.

Benghazi will be their first attempt.

Anyone want to bet on how long it will take for a member of Congress or a major Establishment figure to use the word Impeach relating to Benghazi?  It won't go anywhere, but I'd bet very important body parts that the word will be thrown out there within 30 days.

We'll see...


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What do you do if...

Most *ahem* "fisticuffs" will begin with a push, shove or grab.  This holds especially if the initiation of force comes from LEO, who will almost always seek to restrain versus opening an attack with a strike.  Don't get complacent, if LEO thinks you are a handfull he won't hesitate to try and soften you up with an elbow or baton kiss.  (If they know you are a handfull, they'll come heavy with a dynamic entry team even if they know you are only armed with a ballpoint pen and a smile - but that's a story for another day.  ;)

Dummies who grab are fun.  A serious fighter can do so much more damage when a dummy grabs and holds. 

But answer this honestly and without anyone listening to the answer but yourself - how many ways do you know out of the simple front choke pictured above?  No bravado.  No "cold dead hands".  No ".45 ways".

I could ask a thousand more questions about his stance, what he'll do next, where his weight is now, and where it will be if he is driving forward or flat-footed, right hand or left.

I already know the answers. 

Please take the time to learn.  Time is short.  The life you save may not only be yours.

Krav Maga, folks.  I advocate it not because I get a commission.  I'm not in the Krav business.  My skill-set is based on arts other than Krav.

My experience is based on Life.

I advocate Krav because no other matrial art will make you as prepared for the real world in just 6 months of hard training.  None.

Here's one report.


Hamas: Your turn

Jabari, who is the most senior Hamas official to be killed since an Israeli invasion of Gaza four years ago, was killed in an air strike on a vehicle, in a dramatic resumption of Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinian militant leaders.

When the time comes to be done with your enemies, you just do it. 

If you have missile capability, swell.

If not, all you need is your enemy and a rock, or a spoon depending on your preferences.

It is never pretty.  It is never free.  There is never joy in the act.  You will get some on your shoes, or your Soul.

The key is simple: When it is time to stop talking and go to work, go to work.

My only critique regarding Israel's methods: They pay too much attention to American politicians and wait too long.

We Patriots have the same failing.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gilbert PD: Husband run over by wife for not voting

And that's how you do that when you face an existential threat.

Hit 'em with a Chevy. (Note: A Jeep or Honda will do in a pinch ;)

And yes, America is facing an existential threat from her own.

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Monday, November 12, 2012


Liberty & Lead: Krav night out.  Well f'n done.

Do something, Patriots.  Every day.

Your enemies are working tirelessly.  They have unlimited funds and outnumber you by at least 100:1.

Action.  Every single day.

Life.  Not Life.  Nothing else is on the table, except the level of pain to be endured on the trip.

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Men who have, and will, change the world...

A few men who have changed the world, and the final entry is a man who is currently earning his place among these men. Changed the world, changed the course of humanity.  Those are big statements and achievements.  While III Arms is beginning with the Browning and Stoner masterpieces, I happen to know that there are some very creative, and I'll dare say evolutionary, design concepts on the back burners for the company...
John Moses Browning
Richard Gatling

John Thompson
Gordon Ingram
(Mitch Werbell on the Suppressor)
Sam Colt
Eugene Stoner

Mikhail Kalashnikov
Harry Sanford
Colonel Cooper
  Jim Miller, III Arms Company