Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flawed thinking...

Have we for so long been told that violence is not the answer to everything, that we have come to believe violence is not the answer for anything?

Here are two simple questions for you: Is the man or woman who votes for any modern D (or R for that matter) living a life of Rightful Liberty?

Next question: Does living a life of Rightful Liberty demand that you leave that D (or R) voter alone, since they are free to vote for whoever they wish?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then I must ask you a final question: Are you flippin' brain damaged?!

If you are not brain damaged, or batshit crazy, then your thinking is dangerous to Liberty.

For those of you already getting worked up and puffy-faced, pause for a moment and think.

There is not a modern D or R who runs against Entitlements, who runs for the elimination of direct taxation, who runs on a platform of repealing all anti-2A laws, or who runs to eliminate DHS, who runs for genuine Constitutional restraint.

That means, dear Patriot, that every single person who votes for any of those politicians, is casting a vote to empower those politicians to violate your Rightful Liberty with the force of arms.  How can you possibly not hold the voter responsible for the gun in your face when you choose to ignore their tyranny?

The differences between what is being done to Americans today is different from Mao and Stalin only in degrees of color, not substance.  I am being robbed every single day by my fellow Countrymen, to feed other Countrymen, at the expense of my own family.  And every single day those people strive and work to take more from me to realize their own agenda.

You support their "Right" to vote for politicians who promise to continue stealing from me?  Fuck you.

Once a man or woman has demonstrated an intent to deny my Rightful Liberty, he is an Enemy to the premise of Liberty and a personal enemy in my life.  The moment that person takes an active step toward imposing his will upon me, thus violating my Rightful Liberty, he or she is a valid target as a tyrant by proxy.

If one million people stand ready to strip me of my property, that means one million people are wrong, and one million people are worthy of my unrestrained self-defense.  In this country I have hundreds of millions who stand against my right to keep my own money - does that make them right?  Does their sheer number mean I must comply?  Or, am I morally entitled to put every honkin' one of them in a ditch?

In case you are wondering, the ditch wins, every time.

You don't like my position?  Fuck you again.