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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am one of the first who will continue to bray that it can happen here.

We already see it.  Bad People are attempting to impose the machinery of a Police State, and they are making headway because most of the American population is fat, lazy, morally corrupt, uneducated, and stupid on top of it all.

But what is the "it" that is most likely to happen here?  Red Dawn?  Balkanization leading to a Panarin-esque North America with 5-8 new countries?  An economic collapse that leads to riots and many unanticipated and uncontrollable unintended consequences?  We each look at the landscape of our future and we place our bets.  Some will be right.  Some will be wrong.  In any event, many will die.

I am firmly committed to the paradigm that economic implosion will lead to a designed national upheaval that will rapidly get beyond the hubris of our Masters to control.  Fire is a dangerous servant, and this fire will grow almost immediately beyond the ability of FedGov and most StateGov entities to control, secure and project force.  Rule of Law will break down at widely variable rates.  For a while it will look like absolute and catastrophic disintegration of the republic will be at hand.

Bosnia?  In some places.  '68 race riots?  In some places.  Race wars?  In some places.  Hunger, disease, warlords and Hordes?  In many places.

But folks, America simply is not Bosnia, or any other example from History.  Our wealth is incalculable.  Our resourcefulness is immeasurable.  The moral compass of most Americans is pretty damned sound among those who are best suited to surviving conflict.  We simply can't be broken economically.  We can face interruptions.  We can face shortages.  But lack of resources and the American ability to do work-arounds - that ain't going anywhere.

Make no mistake: We are in for a rough period.  There will be fighting along racial, ethnic, tribal, economic, social lines.  There will be talk of secession, especially from Texas and elements in the South and the redoubt.  But it isn't going to happen, and if it happens, it isn't going to last.  Too many people benefit too much by a unified America.  Too many people will work too hard to ensure it doesn't happen.  Genocide isn't out of the question from any quarter.

Is it morally right?  No, it violates Rightful Liberty.  But the number of people who will vote for Rightful Liberty versus the number of people who will vote for their self interests is overwhelming.

People will default to the common and familiar thread that is the American Constitution and BoR.  The most powerful factions will impose their collective will to ensure there is a roll-back of the most injurious and offensive perversions of the Constitution.  The BoR will be interpreted properly.  The Constitution will be abided and FedGov restrained as intended.  States Rights will be empowered to their proper place.  There will be a rollback to pre-RevWarII standards, at the least,  Many of us will seek a rollback to pre-Marbury.  Most lawyers will die.  Most banksters and media and bureaucrats will die.  People have a LOT of grudges, and people are going to make sure Bad People will take generations to again be a threat to future Americans.  The Judiciary will return to its Constitutionally limited sphere of influence and lose it's power-grab of judicial review.

But make no mistake.  The DoI, the Constitution, and the BoR will remain the honored sources of Government legitimacy.   Washington DC will remain the seat of power.  Amendments beyond the BoR will be re-visited and re-voted based on merit and through the lens of original intent.  Perverters of the Constitution - our current Political Class, including the Judiciary, will face Committees of Safety at trials in courtrooms and front yards.

Many loyalists will be allowed to leave.  All of their assets will be confiscated.  Some will hang.  Prisons will be opened and political prisoners will be free, and violent criminals will die in closed cells.  The state's will essentially remain as they are now,  Some may separate into multiple states - such as Pennsylvania.  Some will re-assimilate, perhaps West Virginia.  The Southwest will be purged of Latinos, and no one will be checking papers.  Enclaves of Muslim's such as in Detroit will be culled, one way or another.  March north or die.  There will be massive migrations as people flee judgment by fed-up Americans looking for some payback.

Plants will be taken over by new management.  Imports will be turned away. The value of FRNs will hit rocky patches, then recover and stabilize because smart men will find a way to peg it to gold or metal.

Common Sense will be the end of the day.

Slicky boys will shut up or die.  Tyrants will shut up or die.  There will be mass migration from the United States.  The Union will prevail, and even mot Southerners will be of with it because the reset will predate RevWarII.

There will also be many old scores settled the way men settle such tings.

The 21st Century will be dominated by 1770-1890 men with 21st century savvy, technology and history.  And they will recognize the root of our evil is Marxists among us, and there will be executions.

Fully 1/3 of Americans will die or leave.

Of course, I could be wrong.  That happened once.  ;)

But I'm betting my life that America cannot be broken.  It can happen here.  It won't.  I may win powerball, but I won't.

I'm ready to do my part to make America the strongest nation on Earth, and the bastion of Rightful Liberty that is our birthright.

So help me God.