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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The fallacy of the "Legitimacy of Government" resistance

If my analysis in the below post is accurate, we will begin to see a new level of brazen use of Government force as a weapon by the Political Class.  We'll see things like the President re-starting the UN Small Arms Treaty process within hours of re-election.  We'll see things like a continued ramping up of Police State assets (hardware in public operation) and continued expansion of DHS presence on buses, on the streets, and checkpoints everywhere.  We'll see political enemies investigated by Government without the usual "CYA" excuses - the investigators will begin to drop the pretense and stop worrying about the "optics" of their actions.

If you, as a Patriot blogger or general Patriot, have chosen a course of resistance centered on "challenging the legitimacy of Government", you are wasting your time, your energy, and distracting your audience from preps and actions that will have value when the hammer falls.  Please understand that no matter what you say or think, this Federal Government has the Legitimacy of the vast majority of the Governed.  Period.  The 60 million who voted for President Obama are rabidly supportive of the current agenda, and the vast majority of those who voted for Romney are supportive of his approach to governance, which we all know is simply a "more gentle" version of the President's agenda.  (I do not lump in you folks who voted for Romney to slow the collapse)

I say this particularly to the bloggers in our community: If your strategy of resistance is to "reveal the illegitimacy of this Government", I implore you to examine your course and consider a more active agenda for the sake of your audience.  While most Patriots would argue, correctly in my opinion, this Government has no legitimacy because it wields power without Constitutional restraint, the reality on the ground cannot be ignored.  The vast majority of Americans dismiss your (and my) view of Government, and will cheer when you and your audience are prosecuted for anti-American activities.  In hardcore reality, this Government has legitimacy because they have the consent of the (vast majority) of the Governed.

Please start hammering on your sites the importance of your audience to take real-world, tangible steps to protect themselves against the coming genocide that will be fully targeted upon them.  Stop trying to win hearts and minds.  Stop wasting time trying to win debates.  The Enemies of Liberty do not care about your reasoned discourse, and they have no interest or capacity to let you live and let live.

Please advise your audience to pay Mosby to teach them real tactics.

Please tell your audience to get into a Krav Maga class, ASAP.

Please beg your audience to find like-minded Patriots and make real-world networks, even if they have to move out of their current suburb in order to have real Patriots at their shoulders.

Please counsel your audience that we can pick up the debates about how many forms of tyranny can fit upon the head of a pin after the real enemy, the enemy that is currently on the ground and in their faces, has been defeated.

Every single blogger I read advocates building Tribe.  Most Patriots are so few in number that they are isolated, with no real Patriots even within easy driving range.  Tell your audience it is OK to move, to find a town that has favorable geography and demography, where a dozen Patriot families, or a hundred families, can move into town and build the Tribe they so desperately need.  An isolated Patriot in a suburb with 6 months of food in the pantry, at some point, will be ordered to put groceries on the curb so they can be picked up by city workers and delivered to .gov redistribution centers "to help feed hungry people".  Failure to comply will be a death sentence.  Some will choose that death.  So be it.  But please tell your audience that there is no shame in re-locating to build Tribe and give themselves a fighting chance.

For those of you who have taken the decision to remain in place, so be it.  I respect your decision, because I know many of you have weighed every option and decided, for your own reasons, to stay.  But there is a large percentage of our readers who have not yet moved from the theory of resistance to the real-world application of resistance, and this must change, right now.

Bloggers: Please drop the "Legitimacy of Government" meme and push hard for your audience to get into the meat of how to resist

Patriots: If you look into your heart and know that you are not ready, get ready.  Or, you will die.  Your family will die.  Your women will be raped and used as mattresses by the genetic filth that will soon be unleashed.  Look into your own heart, when you are alone, and be honest with yourself.  Are you ready?  If not, fix it.

A quick test for Patriots who think they are ready to handle a hand-to-hand deathfight: Throw a heavy-bag on the ground and straddle it, and then for 60 seconds punch the hell out of that bag at full speed, no stopping.  Drop fists, drop elbows, shift and throw knees into the bag, at full speed for 60 seconds.  I am willing to bet most of you will be ready to puke at the end of it.

Now consider doing it in kit.  Now consider having to do it in the midst of a Stack.

Now consider how effective your "Legitimacy of Government" argument would be in that Stack.

If you are not ready, fix it.

If you have no real Patriots in your AO, consider a new AO, right now.



  1. Excellent post and one I pray many will take to heart. Tried to network with others, to no avail. We are in the high Eastern Sierras. Lots of room up here, and we have some like-minded folks. One of the few counties in California where you have the right to self-defense and will not be prosecuted! A place to consider for relocation.

    1. Interesting...what counties in California meet your description? i.e 'One of the few....".

  2. Methinks ye are dead on, Sam.

    I've already seen on the web how Feinstein has been pushing for the new Assault Weapons Ban, and we all know that the Fuhrer will be pushing the UN Small Arms Treaty provisions.

    And you are also correct, in that most folks really don't care how illegitimate this bastard is... they've voted for it in spades. They're praising it. They WANT it. The FSA is delighted to have another four years of bread and circuses.

    On top of all that, we have a whole gaggle of folks who are busy prepping away, for all the wrong reasons. Granted, they ARE prepping, which is a good thing. But they also don't know their arse from a hole in the ground and tend to think of themselves as 'awake' and 'enlightened'. (Precisely BECAUSE they're prepping for the wrong reasons.) The RIGHT reasons for prepping come from a logical analysis of the facts and seeing that there is, with mathematical certainty, tough times ahead. But that's not what the vast majority of these 'Preppers' do. They prep from a point of fear. It's not action, it's reactionary.

    These same folks who are prepping like there's no tomorrow, would have been sitting around in a circle strumming out an acoustic rendition of 'Let the good times roll' had Romney been elected. They're only still feverishly preparing because the current puppet had his lease extended.

    I dunno, perhaps it's just me. I can't really respect people who prepare out of a sense of FEAR. Maybe it's because I don't share that fear that I don't understand people like that. I have zero in common with such people, and I have zero respect and pity for them.

    I don't resonate with those folks. They have no desire to live in Rightful Liberty. They'd never take a bullet to stand up for my or your rights or freedom of speech. They'd never even take one to protect their own neighbor. They are doing what they are doing for SELFISH reasons.

    They have no care for true freedom or the responsibility it entails. Just because someone is 'Prepping' or calls themselves a 'Patriot' doesn't mean they have ANYTHING at all in common with us. And it certainly doesn't mean their mindset or morals are in the right place.

    People who do things half-arsed and half-measured tend to really irritate the hell out of me. I should probably not let it or them bother me, but my patience and tolerance for poltroons and fair weather patriots has really crept to an all time low.

    But, ultimately, ye are right, brother.

    I'll work more towards the tangible in my future posts, and refocus away from the more philosophical and esoteric, and instead focus on the meat and potatoes and how-to's.

    Once I vent this current buildup of wrath, that is. ;)

  3. Not leaving my elderly relatives and other family that depend on me, but I'm not going to take the government's shit either. If I have to die for my beliefs and Rights, I'll die on my feet instead of my knees.

    1. I respect your dedication brother, and there is no easy way to say it, so I'll just lay it out there. They'll be dead with or without you. But YOU can make a difference helping to teach and train new generations of Patriots. Helping them actually build Tribe. Giving them a reason to push forward and do what needs to be done in the tough times ahead. What chance to we have if half of our best people stay behind?

      We all have loved ones that we want to protect. But we have to look to the future and not to the past. The elderly will die anyway, with or without you, as is the way of the world. Please don't let emotion over-rule logic.

      You can't make a difference to the dead, especially if you are amongst them. But you CAN make one HELL of a difference to the living.

      Just something to perhaps consider. The choice, ultimately, is yours of course.

    2. Mmmm, I was talking right now. They depend on me now and I can't desert them.
      Kinda sorta stuck, you know?

  4. I am not really following you to be honest. Explaining the illegitimacy of this government is not a useless approach as long as it is only part of the whole. I know you live near DC, or used to, so maybe you are not seeing a few things. Deep in Red State territory the resistance has begun. Prepping is still important but my feeling is we are prepping for more than just individual or small tribe survival at this point.

    The left has finally imported enough mercenary voters to turn the numbers tide to their advantage and has effectively turned the POTUS and more than a few Senate and House seats into a one party rotation. Yet the lefty conglomerate that started all this now has to pay those mercenaries and they are losing control of them as well. We will have to clean up this mess but until we openly start doing so we need to prepare our support area and that is everything RED on the electoral map.

    No one can fool themselves any longer. I had hopes that our fiscal issues and deteriorating living conditions would reverse the immigration tide and save us from the final solution. It looked as if it was going to for a while there but it didn't stop it.

    The next few years will show that the moves Obama is going to have to make will not impact the blue counties much. They will impact the Red ones with carbon taxes on traditional heating sources, livestock, legal firearms, feed etc. That is how they are planning to pay for their mercenary voters and the Red States will eventually rise against it because they have to.

    Prepare for that.

  5. Spot on Sam. Soon they will start to silence the opposition.

    Stand firm and if need be..Make them earn it.

    1. No, don't make them earn it. None of us should even be home to answer the door by the time no-knock raids start happening en masse.

      Upon further contemplation, I just can't abide this.

      Please read this. Then read it again.


    2. Damn, that was good WC. The only error I spotted was "creeping," as in "creeping tyranny." Wrong tense...it ain't creeping; it done crept. The ovens not being fired up yet, or the big camps not yet open, doesn't really change that.

      And Child if you're reading this...I'm in (central) Michigan but I got nothing extra to store.

    3. Aye, it 'done crept', yet 'tis still creeping. And it will until we have the UN Small Arms Treaty and AWB in place. That 'creep time' is magic time. It's how long we have to get our stuff together before S really starts to HTF. Hence... still creeping. ;)

    4. Wild-I know that we all plan to not get pinched, but sometimes Mr. Murphy & Mrs. Fate decide to show up.

      I have every intention of not being there to be that target or answer the door with a stack waiting.

      But at the same time, I there is no other option and I stand there with no hope of evasion, I will make them earn me.

      I am free and with that freedom come a price to take it.

  6. PioneerPreppy "The left has finally imported enough mercenary voters to turn the numbers tide to their advantage ....."

    It was little Georgie Bushki who ordered the Border Patrol to stand down, and left the gates open for one and all.

    Pushing for amnesty for 20 million+ illegals and their families GW said ""This is what's going to pass, I'll see you at the signing ceremony."

    Romney is just another head on the two headed puppet. America slept for 30 years of UN, Patriot Act. etc.


    America hatred is a bi-partisan affair.

    1. Several different interests had a hand in the mass immigration. For all of them it looked good, at least on paper. At this point though none of that matters anymore because the Left has them in their back pocket and they were just as excited about getting them here (if not more so) as other interests and politicians.

      The ONLY thing that matters is they are here now and they now have a much more solid partnership with the Left as their mercenary voters. There was already a headline about them demanding immigration reform because "they gave Obama the election".

      We are going to have to deal with this partnership in the future and I assure you the Left is going to use it now the way any command would use mercenaries. USE them. The more casualties they take the less that need to get paid.

  7. You already have been identified and are tracked.
    When time comes all of you will be neutralized individually, in small or large groups and nobody will be aware of your disappearances.
    The plans for "processing" are in place and your best course of action is to simply go along and live out your years in peace.

    1. Or maybe it will happen the other way around ?
      "What I saw at the coup"

    2. I don't really have a choice in the matter. Knew that from the day my brain reacted to a cop putting his gun to my head at a traffic stop by opening the ole pie hole and shoveling out F bombs.

  8. Remember the basics:

    1. Identify the threat
    2. Track the threat
    3. Execute the threat


  9. "Go along to get along".... not in my DNA.

  10. http://www.pagunblog.com/category/guns/anti-gun-groups/
    Nov 8, 2012 Posted by Sebastian in Anti-Gun Folks | 5 comments

    And So It Begins:
    Didn’t take long for Obama to get started on retribution for our opposition. I also hear ATF is very interested, suddenly, in meeting with NSSF. And let’s not forget that Bloomberg handed the Administration a 40 point plan on how to screw us without needing a damned thing from Congress. Elections have consequences. We’re not going to have much choice other than to bend over and take it.

    Posted in response:

    "We’re not going to have much choice other than to bend over and take it."
    I sincerely hope that your craven defeatism is
    nothing but extreme sarcasm.


  11. Believe me, I meant it with a big F too.

  12. Sebastians' response to my comment:
    Nov 8, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    "I wish it was… but what is the response? You have to get Congress to correct the problem. Do we have a veto proof majority? You can try to fix it through budget riders. How in the mood do you think the GOP will be to cater to us after NRA just spent a metric ton of money on this election and didn’t deliver? The only saving grace we have in that regard is that every other rightly group spend just as much, and in a good many cases much more money, and came up equally empty."

    WTF! I've seen ping pong balls shot from genitals and
    still I'm shocked. WTF!

    1. The NRA spent "metric ton of money" trying to elect gun-grabber Romney instead of gun-grabber Obama? Yes, this is why I'm no longer a member of the NRA. Since I'm trapped in a Blue 'burb, tho, I like the grocery scenario. I definitely will put the grocs out on the curb. And when the apparatchiks arrive to pick them up, I will drill as many as I can.

  13. Wolve sometime you have to think outside the box. If conventional methods dont work find another.

  14. I think outside of the box just fine.
    My commentary is based on the growing
    discussion regarding "keyboard" Patriots,
    Patriots in sheeps clothing, Patriot's
    who mightily, falsely and arrogently stroll
    about in the garb of Patriots; taking
    daily walks with the Emperor as he shows off
    his new clothes.
    Moreover, the anonymity of your disconnected
    post stinks of thin skinned trolling; most likely
    by the author of the post about which I am
    commenting about.
    Most sincerely, respectfully and outside
    of the box, cavmedic68w.

  15. There is only one correct response
    to the current rumor of
    Senator Feinstein's renewed
    attempts to wholly shit on and
    destory the Second Amendment and
    our God given birthright; to defend
    ourselves against criminal and murderous

  16. Well, I'm pretty doubtful that most people think the government is legitimate. I asked the question on a gun forum some time ago, whether they think the federal government is legitimate. The vast majority said "no". One can read too much into the practice of voting. Sure, the government claims legitimacy from the votes, but that does not make it so.

    Actually, I think most people have a mixed, conflicting view of the legitimacy of government. But to me it looks like it is receding. It's a pretty thin reed for the government to base their operations on. Let a few really out-of-bounds government enforcement events get published on youtube, and it may evaporate entirely.


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