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Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's time to have a conversation...not!

Do you understand what makes a person a Marxist?

Do you understand that Marxism is merely a vehicle, essentially, for transforming a society into a Communist or similar tyrannical society?  Do you understand that Marxists work on a generational timeline - they play the long game? 

Do you understand Marxists now control every level of Government in America, the media, entertainment industry, academia, public education, and nearly every other important aspect of American life?

Most Americans younger than 40, especially if educated in public schools, can't define Marxism or a Marxist for you, and if you mention the word Communism, you'll probably get an eye-roll and immediately be stereotyped as a loon who is talking about a threat that died in the last Century, you know, when that wall fell or somethin'.  Communism has been relegated to that realm of American psyche where live goblins and boogeymen.

You and I - those few of us who do understand - recognize that the enemies among us are pure Marxists.  Yet most Marxists do not understand that the label "Marxist" applies to them.  Most, in fact, would argue angrily that you are wrong to label them as Marxists.

Here's a real-world, working-man's definition of a Marxist: If you believe that the State has the moral authority under any circumstances to take the fruits of labor from one Citizen and give to another, to violate the Natural Law or Constitutional Rights of any Citizen, you are a Marxist.

You may call yourself a Liberal, or a Democrat, an advocate for "Social Justice", even a Republican or Conservative, but if you believe the State, through the force of Law and enforced by the muzzle of a weapon, is entitled to take from one Citizen on behalf of another, you are a Marxist.  Yes, you "Republican Conservatives" who argue the benefits of a Flat Tax versus a Fair Tax, or support "responsible" Gun Control measures, or support "Stop & Frisk" as "reasonable", or quibble about the rate of taxation to support Entitlement Programs, are Marxists.

You, Marxist, support the violation of the Natural and Constitutional Rights of the Individual.

Own it.

Patriots: When you hear our politicians or "countrymen" call for a "conversation" regarding the Rights embodied in Natural or Constitutional Laws, you know you are dealing with a Marxist.

These "conversations" were all had, and decided, long ago by our Founders and Framers.

There is nothing to discuss regarding "...what type of Society we want to be..." or any of the other innocuous phrases these people use, as if by simple Town Council votes they may violate Constitutional or Natural Laws.  That question, Counselor, was asked and answered by men with names like Jefferson and Parker and Franklin and Madison.

Changing the base nature of American society by majority rule simply isn't how it works, no matter how many times Marxists say so.

But the Marxists among us, those domestic enemies about whom we were warned long ago, intend to make a move soon and be rid of the final remnants of individualism in America.  They are already dropping the "Optics".  In many actions they move even before they pass a supporting law.  They are, almost universally, responsible for violence in our politics, and have been for more than 100 years.

They are coming hard, soon.  You are in their way.  They see you as an insignificant pestilence that needs to simply be eradicated in the near future.

I was mistaken.  There is one conversation we need to have - we Patriots.  And we are having this conversation right now, all over our country in small groups.  We are having the conversation at gun shops and gun shows in every single nook and cranny of our country.  In fact, we are having this conversation in the open, and you are reading part of it right now.

Real Americans will not bend knee to Marxists or any other tyrants.  Ever.  That conversation has been over for hundreds of years.

And whatever that means to you as a Marxist...that's going to be your problem.