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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Republic of Texas: A Question

For those of you in Texas who seriously want to kick FedGov out of your borders (I'd move there in a minute if you do it) do you intend to let the immigrants remain, or are they getting marched back across the border?



  1. Not necessarily being marched across the border, but here in the Texas Hill Country I regularly see multi-vehicle caravans of hispanics heading south. Most of the vehicles have Texas license plates, some are Colorado. I suspect it's economic, but then what do I know. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see them go.

  2. Not all but being on the same basic page as you. You know who would have to go.

  3. Kerodin


    This is something I know well being in South Texas. First I do not know if anyone will find the courage to reinstate the Republic of Texas. Maybe we may be forced to if the fedgov collapses and like smart rats we jump ship. Myself, I would like to see the Union remain intact, just completly overhualed back into the republic that our forefathers wanted.
    Second, If we stop the welfare for Non-Citizens and add a new Constitutional Amendment keeping babies from Non-Citizens from becoming instant Americans will help stem the tide and many would voluntary leave the country.

    also in the history of Texas during its revolution against General Santa Anna and Mexico, many people of Mexican decent fought for independence. Many also died at the Alamo, So I think those who serve in the military today can be elible for an instant American citizenship with an "Honorable Discharge"

    This is an complex issue that can not be solved easily. It can be changed a lot just be elimating welfare for non-citizens. I think thats something we all can agree on.

  4. I have no problems with folks immigrating legally. The fact is we need it.

    The problem I have are the ones who swim the river illegally.

    They must go. Whether on their own or at the prompting of a muzzle or in a body bag. I don't care, but they must go.

    If we became a Republic again, there would be major birthing pains, but like any mother, they would push through them.

    Texas has the same GDP as Canada.

    We have oil & gas, independent infastruture, agriculture, aero, defense, ports, etc.

    As the old saying "Texas-It's a other country"

    In the end Texas would shine in her restored glory as a Replublic. Will it happen, FedGov would move heaven & earth to squash it.

  5. Personally the first thing I would do is throw out the immigrants from California, and every other blue state. I would prefer to keep the hard working people from south of Texas and throw out the ones from north of Texas.

    From Texas.

  6. Captaincrunch has it. Shut down the freebies and they will deport themselves. Those who work hard and have established themselves will stay. I got no problem with those folks.

  7. I would give them an period of time to become legal if they apply and get approved. If they have been here and trying to fit in, why not. But they get 1 chance. If they are not honest and upfront initially, they will always be dishonest and we dont want them. They have to take the chance to considered at Texas residents and I would give them first priority, but again if they are non productive, criminal or wanting to only work here and then go back, No Way. You are either a Texas citizen or your a migrant, temporary worker. Cant have it both ways and temp workers get no benefits. They are on their on and any child born of a non resident will not be an automatic citizen. Just my toughts

  8. If you did not come here legally, you leave. It takes about 12 years now to do this legally and those who you bring, must not take any form of government assistance for 10 years or you pay. Why should anyone else get here easier?

    1. Texas should not give away all these freebe's to the illegals.
      The word 'illegal' good grief. Does it not mean a criminal act? If so why is the state giving these people freebe's. Medical care, free school with free meals, food stamps etc;?
      This state caters to the criminals (illegals).
      When they cross that border without legal papers they are now criminals. But that's ok, someone wants to give them amnisty.
      Papa Mike

  9. Now that I`d be seriously interested in . Sorry about that Idaho deal I`ve been out there in the winter time . This southern boy could`nt take that 5or6 month`s a year.


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