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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why? Fuck you, that's why.

When you need to debate some Marxist regarding "why" you don't need X or Y in your gun locker, here are a few answers below, and the perfect example of the tone you should be taking with every Marxist piece of garbage, on every topic.  Why be hostile?  Because the Marxist claims a Right to infringe your Liberty.  Invasion of Rightful Liberty is not a topic for "Civilized debate and legitimate political differences..."

Invasion of Rightful Liberty justifies an immediate punch in the nose, at least.

The below is a snippet originally offered from Babylon.  I've seen it pop back up in a few places recently, because we have some very bright Patriots among us who know when to remind people that Patriots can have "Talking Points" too.

Q: "Why do you NEED high capacity magazines?"
A: "Because sometimes you have to kill a whole bunch of motherfuckers."

Q: "Why do you NEED armor piercing rounds?"
A: "Because sometimes you have to kill some motherfucker hiding on the other side of a wall."

Q: "Why do you NEED a fifty caliber sniper rifle?"
A: "Because sometimes you have to kill some motherfucker from a kilometer away."

Q: "Why do you NEED a night vision scope?"
A: "Because sometimes you have to kill some motherfuckers in the dark."

Well said.

Practice the responses and the tone.  Use them.  The time for tolerating Marxists is over.

They are killing people in America.


Here's the link to the original piece, and at BonnieGadsden's where I saw it a few minutes ago.