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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Advice & meanderings

**UPDATE**  Does anyone like to shoot 210 grain .308 as a combat load - if so what powder load do you like?


About a few topics I know what I am talking about, and I know that I know it.

On some topics I have a working knowledge.

On some I have enough knowledge to get myself in trouble.

On most, I'm clueless.  ;)

So I ask people who know - such as this:

In my past I have reloaded with my father.  Mostly .45 ACP.  I found the little progressive reloading system to be sufficient for what we were doing - which was building ammo so we could raise hell and burn the barrels out of a few pistols and .223 rifles, work on our double-taps and triple-taps at combat ranges.

But now I have a question about ammunition you'd take into combat.  Do you guys generally trust the average progressive set up from Lyman, RCBS, LEE, Dillon to turn out ammo you would trust with your life?  My biggest concern was always with automatic powder measures.  A little more or less in the average 230 grain .45 FMJ that you are planning to shoot into a steel plate is one thing - but do you trust the standard automatic powder measures with ammo when people may be shooting back at you?  Would you bypass that step in a progressive and weigh each charge on a digital scale for your sidearm?

How about your duty .223 or AK ammo?  Are you comfortable running straight from the machine?

Now, you guys who load .308 to hit an eyeball at 250 yards - do you trust the production progressive loaders, or do you build your rounds one at a time?

Do you prefer a simple single-stage press?

You guys who start warming up at 600 yards - that'll never be me.  ;)  You folks impress the hell out of me, but that isn't my skillset.

Weigh in if you feel like it.  It is just another Saturday...before the serious ugliness begins.