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Friday, March 21, 2014

Bolt skills...

**NOTE**  I published this piece 14 months ago, during the hysteria following Sandy Hook.  Interesting how the predictions turned out, eh?  Anyway, I'm dusting it off because American Mercenary just published a piece on the bolt action, complete with a few videos showing various techniques.

I wonder how many people who read this last year actually have taken the time to turn their bolt skills into combat-ready bolt skills...

Here's the Am Merc piece.


There are six gun control stories currently running on the front page of Politico.  Stories focus on everyone from Gabby Giffords to Bloomberg to Stanley McChrystal.  I hope you can see the between-the-lines coordination of this push across MSM.   CNN has 4 stories (I stopped counting).  MSNBC has 6+ (I stopped counting there, too.) 

Buchanan warns of Revolution.

I'm reading a lot of not one more inch rhetoric across many blogs again, with the typical rahrahrah rabblerabblerabble hell yeah!  I'm with you! in the Comments sections.  OK.  Sure.  I'll believe it when I see it.  What I have seen (So have you), time and again, is that such chest-thumping episodes fold every single time.  This time is different?  We'll see. 

Here's what I recommend: Work on your bolt action skill set.  I know most of you just rolled your eyes, made a face, maybe even chuckled.  Bolt action?!  I don't need no stinkin' bolt skills, I got a Slicked & Tricked (TM) AR/AK, baby!  Cold dead hands!  Wolverines!!!

Humor me.

If you do happen to find yourself in a combat situation with nothing but a bolt gun, you can put enough well-aimed rounds on target to make the guys with semi-autos take notice, if you build your skills.  You can work that bolt during recoil and by the time your front sight (or reticle) comes back on-target, you can be ready to pull the trigger again.  I'd rather put 10-15 aimed, skilled rounds down field than dump a 30 round mag in spray & pray.  To paraphrase Colonel Cooper: May all of your enemies have full auto.

The first rifle I was taught to shoot, many moons ago, was a bolt action.

In combat one cycles the bolt with little more than wrist and fingers, with the bolt handle (smooth and round, please - leave the fancy shapes for the hunting trip or the safe queens) sliding in your palm.  Your elbows barely move.  Here's how you do it if you are a righty: Put a round down range.  As your rifle flows through recoil, use your left hand to rotate the rifle toward the right a few inches, pushing the bolt handle into your right palm.  Work the bolt with a smooth motion, allowing the bolt handle to slide in your palm - you do not grasp and hold the bolt handle.  If you do not roll your rifle offline a bit, you will open the bolt into your nose.  Not fun.  As your rifle comes out of recoil, you'll be closing the bolt and rotating with your left hand back into position.

The stock never leaves your shoulder.  Your eyes never leave the target, except for whatever flinch and blink you go through.  As your right hand rolls the bolt handle back into place and then slips back to the trigger, you are searching down range for the next target, or putting another round into the target you just engaged, if he happens to be tough, or your marksmanship could use a bit of work.  ;)

End of lesson.  (Lefties - read everything I just wrote in the mirror  ;)

I will not bother outlining all the possible ways you might lose that Slicked & Tricked (TM) semi. 

Have a back-up skill set.  If it has been many moons since you last worked a bolt action, or if you've only ever worked a bolt action against a Bambi that will not shoot back - work on it.