Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patriots sleeping & deluded

I declared months ago that FedGov would not get a new AWB and probably not even a Hi Cap ban.

I was right.  Whoopee.

I predicted that President Obama would go for Mental Health in a back-door move to exponentially expand the Prohibited Persons list. 

I was right.  Whoopee.

And then President Obama proved that he is a very clever, very sophisticated politician, and he went to select States and got them to move in anti-2A strides that would be impossible to achieve at the national level, but in a few weeks he has managed to add millions and millions more people to a less-armed state of readiness, he has forced major 2A companies to go into defensive mode that will cost tens-of-millions to re-tool in other states.  He has used his political power to place orders that force manufacturers to produce for .Gov while starving the Citizen.  Just wait until he places an order for 1.4 billion .223/5.56 NATO rounds to go with the .40 order.  He has laid the ground for every Doctor in America to take your 2A from you with the stroke of a pen.

California, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut, DC, Hawaii, Massachusetts, have roughly 103 million residents, and the Marxists are working hard in those states to kill 2A, and they are succeeding stunningly.  That's one-third of the republic, folks.

Yet people in other states are already going back to sleep, for the lack of a Federal ban means they are "safe".

Connect the dots, Patriots.

2A has taken a major hit in the last 3 months.  You still can't buy what any US Army Fire Team has at their disposal.  You were permitted to keep your black rifles and 30 rounders... in some states.

Anyone claiming a 2A victory simply isn't living in the real world.

Anyone going back to sleep and standing down from rallies at State Capitals has been out-thought by the President and his Marxists.

Buying a full auto M-16 will begin at $15,000 today - for essentially the same firearm that can be built for about $500 in normal times.  And you think you still have 2A "freedom"?  You can't buy frags.  You can't buy flash-bangs.  You can't buy (or probably afford) a Ma Deuce.  Well, you can, but good luck...

And you're willing to claim victory just because you were "permitted" to keep wearing your sidearm and didn't have to bury your Bushmaster.  What if you want a Beretta 93 instead of the 92?

Freedom?  Liberty?

Not so much.

300.  Just 300 serious American Patriots and we change America back to a place of Freedom and Liberty.

Right now, we're just a bunch of comfortable slaves.

Do you plan on dying with these rules in place?

Just 300...


III Congress

A few months ago I was speaking with TL and the idea of a III Congress was born.  The concept was to bring together a group of III Patriots who would conduct themselves much as our Founders did leading up to hostilities with the King and his men.  The role of the III Congress was to be politicial, a portal through which Patriots and Militia and others could communicate, network and set course and policy.

We all decided that to be a Delegate one would commit to $10 per month to help underwrite the cost of events and to begin putting together a Legal Defense Fund for Patriots who may be targeted by Enemies of Liberty.  Many of you stepped up, and some were willing to commit to the monthly dues yet did not want the role of Delegate.  Fair enough.

A few of our Patriots decided the best way to proceed would be a physical meeting, and we settled on King's Mountain in South Carolina on 19 April, 2013.  I will be there.  I know several others have committed to be there.  We need each State to be represented, and we need at least one person from each State to show up at King's Mountain so we can evolve the III from what we are today to an effective political and direct action entity.  What does that mean?  We'll decide that together, on April 19th.  Together.

Each Delegate will be entitled to the podium for five minutes, if you choose to speak.  Non-Delegates may have up to three minutes.  Then we can break off into working groups, or otherwise work through the tasks we need to accomplish.

In a post a few days ago I called for III Patriots to step up.  I called for our modern John Parkers and our modern 300 Spartans.

America needs her Patriots right now.

That is you, is it not?

If not you, then who?

I rarely ask you folks for anything.  Today I am asking each of you to consider joining those who have already joined the Congress.  I am asking you to commit to the monthly $10 and to declare yourself as a Delegate for your State.  Of course there can be more than one Delegate per state.  The more, the better.  But we must come together, we must organize.  We must flesh out a plan and go to work.

We are relatively certain media will be there.  If 300 of us simply stand silently as one, shoulder-to-shoulder, in that place that saw violence against tyranny long ago, we need not say a single word.

300 serious American Patriots who mean it when we say that we will die before we yield.

Are you III?  Would you have gone to the Green with John Parker?

Would you have marched with Leonidas, knowing that your death was imminent, and in your death Liberty still had only a slight chance to survive?

If you are that American Patriot, your Country needs you.

Right now.

Here's the link.  Answer the poll.  Declare yourself.

Stand and be counted.


III National Gazette debuts at Tulsa

Our lovely promotional model Amber was a great asset during the show.  She was the one chosen by Holly of the dozens who wanted the opportunity to work the booth with Jim.  She is a true professional, and by the end of Day One she was even able to help the dashing President Miller with customers and questions!  This young woman is not afraid of hard work, and because of the work she did, several new potential members of the Citadel were found, and our support base and public awareness has risen in the Tulsa area.

If you are worried about our next generation, Amber is a good reason for true hope.

I have uploaded the front and back of our first edition of the III National Gazette.

Here is Page One (The front page)

Here is Page Two (The back page)

Simply click on the image when you get to the page and it will open into a large format for easy reading.  2 stories begin on Page One and finish on Page Two.  You'll also recognize a few of the ads we included.  Even Zoomie made it in there!

The size is a full broadsheet (same size as a "real" newspaper off the rack) respectful of Jefferson's National Gazette.

If anyone is interested in having a few hard copies I can put up a PayPal for a few bucks to cover envelopes and postage and ship them out.  Let me know. 

**IMPORTANT**  Jim has some firearms parts for sale at the III Arms blog.  Since he's decided to build all rifles from milled billet, there is no need to keep the forgings and a few other items.  So drop by the IIIArms blog here and see if you need anything that is there.  Hell, the painted forgings will make great paperweights for your office even if you never mill them out!

Here's the link.


Prepping Preacher: Resignation

I spent but 4 years serving in the U.S.M.C. That was 40 years ago. I have never deserted my Oath nor will I. I'm not as young as then, not as capable nor as strong. This one thing I am: more determined today to defend and protect whatever of mine that would be placed at risk by those of you who would
subvert my peaceful existance.

Read the rest, here.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Carol Jane King (Esquire) - "Get your Divorce Kits Here! Going Fast!!!"

OK - this is just f'kn hysterical.

Need a lawyer?  May I recommend Carol Jane King (Esquire) out of Key West, selling do-it-yourself kits to folks in Oklahoma.

Interesting business model...Go to Law School and then tell clients to do it themselves. 

Those who can, do

Those who can't, teach.  (I don't agree with this one, but hey, it's a saying for a reason...)

I have no idea what category this fits into!

Have a look.  Wish her luck.  You remember Carol - she's a big fan of the Citadel.  She's been helping to spread the word about the Citadel and III Arms all over the web - you know, about how it is a scam and such.  She and her pal Mark D. Firestone, who likes to call himself "Torch Ramrod" these days, could probably use the support of Patriots.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Carol uses "Folly" and "The Wench" to hide her true nature online, I bet her clients would love links to that material so they can get a really good idea of the character of their attorney.

OK, that satisfies my need for irony and humor for at least a month.

Here's her site.  You'll notice there is no phone number.  No address. 

Good luck, Carol!  I'm sure folks will be gentle with you.

I swear I'd rather have a sister on the pole before letting her become the used car salesman of the legal profession...


Home & Update

Be it ever so humble - I'm home.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I had no idea Facebook would give away my secret. ;)

Mags shipped from Tulsa were simply dropped in USPS Priority Tyveks - give me some feedback about how they arrive, please.  Any chips, cracks, torn bags that USPS had to repair with tape?  Let me know and we'll take care of you if there were any issues.  They shouldn't have any issues.  For those of you who ordered 12 or more, they shipped in boxes.  Another batch shipped this morning from Virginia.  They are going fast, as expected.  I'm going to leave the 3-per-order minimum for now, but I may bump it to 5/per shortly.  I want to get these out the door and into your gear lockers so I can move on to other issues.  btw - all shirts and sweats will ship this week, and I am putting a link on the right column for the brand new III Arms shirts - they are in my shop right now.  Order and they ship this week (no waiting for printing).  I ordered only XL and 2XL.  Actually - I'll put a PayPal button on the bottom of this post, too.  The guys at RevCon did a brilliant job for us - they worked on a deadline that was nearly impossible and got it done.  They are now the Official IIIGear shirt printer, and they deserve it because they did good work with great customer service.  KA-BARs (the 1245 Tanto replacements for the discontinued 1265s) are shipping to CADD tomorrow for engraving, then out to you. (They came into the shop while I was on the road)  Our latest re-order of patches still hasn't arrived, but it should be here any day. (They should have been here in time for the show)

The show in Tulsa was a success.  We met a Citadel couple, also firearms manufacturers.  How cool is that!?  Consider the odds in a country of 315 millions that we meet a Citadel couple at a show we did not advertise in advance.  And they are awesome people - if we can fill our community with people like these folks, we'll all live out our lives without ever complaining about any of our neighbors.  More than a few people knew who we were (Miller, anyway) and the Citadel earned the interest of at least a few new people.

The best part about the show for me was that I was able to spend considerable time with Miller, picking his brain, watching him work, and knowing he's got this.  We were able to talk in-depth about the Citadel and all aspects thereof.  There is a LOT happening behind the scenes on several levels at the moment.  There is media activity.  There is Idaho activity.  And there is BIG III Arms activity.  And there is more.  I'm not trying to tease, much of it is simply not matured sufficiently for public disclosure - but I give you my word that very, very BIG details are evolving.  Holly is working on a Founders email for later this week.

I'm proud of the little newspaper we produced - a simple 2 page (front and back) broadsheet that Holly and I threw together with an eye toward Jefferson's National Gazette.  I'll pdf it and turn it into a little flip format in the next day or so everyone can see it.  We had a very smart, very pretty lass helping pass them out and they were well-received. 

The post below this one - no, it was not merely a mood.  I'll evolve it in a separate post.  Playtime and contemplation-time is over and it is time for everyone to either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  America needs her Patriots, right now.  More on this later.

Shirts: (As usual, all proceeds help us continue 527 activities and with branding III Arms)



Monday, February 25, 2013

Hold the Line, for they mean to have a war...

The videos are NSFW without headphones.

You will notice a gentle shift from my typical charm, tolerance and sweet disposition in the coming weeks and months.  I use a bad word here and there in this post, so stop reading if you have tender sensibilities.  There are tasks that need to be accomplished by serious III Patriots.  There is also a vacuum that needs to be filled.  There are Hard Things that are required of America's Patriots.  There are enemies trying to destroy what you and I hold dear, what you and I want to accomplish, and there are Hard Things required of me.  I will do those Hard Things.  You'll learn more about these things in the coming weeks and months.

And remember this: True leaders are always on the front line, in Harm's Way.

We are the children of Sparta, Greece, Rome.  We are the beneficiaries of thousands of years of civilized notions of Freedom, Liberty, Honor and Benevolence.  Yet in all ages there will be men who mean to be Masters, and they are among us now.  They mean to have us bend knee, now.  They mean to deprive us of the Rights of Englishmen and the Rights bestowed upon us by our Creator.  They mean to see you die, by any means necessary, if you resist.

They mean to have a war.  They are killing your supply lines for that war right now (rifles, fighting pistols, mags, ammo, spare parts, food chain, currency, et cetera)

I am seeking our modern 300.  We only need 300 serious, hardcore American Patriots to turn this battleship.  I am seeking our modern III Patriots who would have stood at Lexington, Concord, and helped chase the Regulars all the way back to Boston.  I am looking to meet such Patriots at King's Mountain on April 19th.  I am asking that you look into yourself and decide if you are III, if you would have gone to the Green or to Thermopylae.  Even if you can't make it to King's Mountain, I am asking that you stand and be counted so the Enemies of Liberty understand that enslaving Americans will require a democide, and that they'd better pack a lunch.

I have 2 videos on this page.  Neither may be to your taste in music, but they both carry messages that must be delivered to our modern III, those who will not lie down, those who will not bend knee, those who will choose Liberty or Death.  Lyrics for the top video are hereLyrics for the second video are here.  The lyrics are not as important as the message, especially the second video, and the visuals should reach that visceral place in the hearts of all freemen.

We are Americans. Don't you fucking dare disgrace all of the Americans who have fought and/or died before us and permit Liberty to be murdered while we draw breath.  In the second video there is a particular set of visuals - don't you fucking dare ever let any fight in America be reduced to rocks and sticks and empty hands versus modern arms possessed by the State, like in some third-world-f'n-banana-republic.  Do Not Disgrace what it means to be an American.

You may choose to sit out this fight.  So be it.

...may we forget ye were our Countrymen.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I saw at a Gun Show today

**UPDATE**  The media is making a crisis about 85 billion dollars in spending cuts under sequestation.  Perspective: The US FedGov spends about $11 Billion per day (September 2011 numbers.)  So the $85 Billion represents 8.5 days of FedGov spending - a week off work.  Yet this is the new crisis of the decade...

...they will never stop coming, folks.  These are hardcore Marxist ideologues.  (I don't give them credit of being 'real' Marxists because they get to play at Marxism from the safety of their gated communities and security details and limos.  Any real Marxist from Russia, Cuba, China would eat the American version's lunch.)

There can be no coexistence.  They mean to have war - with you.


Tulsa - ARs were available at $1200 and up - most were $1600 - $2400.

Magazines: There were some used GI mags running $30, a few PMags starting at $40.  One vendor had .223 handloads at 80 cents per round, and he only had a few boxes. 

What was NOT there: Many people.  There were several factors - some of the buying panic is easing in this area.  As you can imagine, a place like Tulsa is filled with guys and gals who already had their safes and basements filled.  From talking to vendors, this show was unique - the last 2-3 shows here were wall-to-wall people buying anything and everything AR/Glock/1911/ammo/et cetera. 

This last politically-driven panic cleared the shelves across the republic of everything to be used in a fight.  Manufacturers are back-ordered for years in some cases.  A small trickle of some essentials are making their way back to retailers. 

But here is the hard truth: The Left will NEVER stop coming for your guns. 

This most recent panic has crippled the gun industry and their ability to get product to market.  MagPul is threatening to leave Colorado and Beretta is threatening to leave Maryland - do you have any idea what that will do to their ability to put product to market if they have to re-tool in other states?

The most recent panic cleared the national inventory - what do you think will happen when the next Sandy Hook or Aurora happens?  What do you think will happen when .Gov places an order for 1.4 billion rounds of .223 just so you can't get any?  I can tell you what will happen from a business perspective...

...whatever inventory is in circulation at that moment will be the last you will see from most manufacturers for years.  Every firearm, every bullet, every primer and grain of powder still on a retail shelf will be gone, and the demand will put manufacturers - every manufacturer - into several years of backorder.  If you are not on their order list, don't bother trying to get in line.  It'll be too late.  You will have to fight with whatever you have in your home at that moment - because no store, no website will be able to get product to you for years.

And you need to remember this: Bullets, magazines and barrels are consumables.  An AR barrel is shot out at how many rounds?  10,000?  Magazines wear out after how many uses before they get dinged or the spring weakens or they get washed down the river in a horrible boating accident (Zoomie knows all about this sort of thing ;) 

Everything that was easy in America is now in the rearview mirror.  You do NOT have enough mags or bullets or barrels and you'd better believe the very same day Drudge has to run another Sandy Hook headline or another "Congress serious about 2A" headline or an "ObamaCare Doctors now stripping 2A from everyone who has ever been prescribed Prozac - AND every HOUSEHOLD that has a Prozac user in the house (think Lanza)" - that will be the very last day you will see a new magazine, rifle, barrel, bullet, primer...

You will not have a chance to re-supply.


Buy what you need for a fight, right now.  Buy more than you think you will ever need. 

This fight is going to happen, folks.  They mean to have a war. 

...and there will be no QuarterMaster on Team FreeFor.

The IIIGear mag supply is dropping fast.  Every hour gets me closer to having to shut down the link.  If you intend to buy some of these mags, do it now - I can't promise I'll have more.

Noone can make that promise.

The button is below.  They will ship tomorrow.


Folks, IIIGear has a small quantity of brand new, made in USA 30 round AR .223 Thermold mags.

I am selling them 3 per order with $5.50 shipping. 

The mags are $20 each - so your order is $65.50 total.  I am ONLY selling in lots of 3.  If you want 6, you'll have to place 2 orders.  If you want nine mags, place 3 orders. 

They will ship MONDAY FEB 25 (2 days from now)

You know if you are not allowed to own them, I can't ship them - so, Cali, NY, MD, etc, don't order.

I've added a PayPal at right, I'll take it down when they are gone.

I've also added a PayPal button below.  I'll kill the link when they are gone.

If you think you have enough - you're wrong.  As usual, all orders benefit the 527.

If the war started right now...

...do you have everything you need to fight for one full year - without re-supply?

It is in vain, sir, to extentuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

See the post about Tulsa, above this one.

It's on, folks.

Right now.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Blog

Mrs. Wirecutter started a blog, here.  Yes, you need to be there.

Sidenote: Folks, I adjusted the settings to comment IIIPercent - too much Spam getting through.  I'm not sure how this may affect regular comments.  But no more Anonymous comments is the result, I think.


Counting Down...

I will be busy and probably offline most of the day, working on III Projects with others behind the scenes.

The bubble above is the stock market.  I wrote on this the other day.  The stock market is at highs that simply do not correlate with any reality in our known Universe.  This is a bubble of a magnitude that dwarfs even the housing bubble, and it simply can not obtain in a world governed by physics and mathematics.  Simple arithmetic will demonstrate to anyone who cares to check that this path leads directly, and quickly, to Implosion.

Here's the real problem: There is no more cushion in the system to absorb this implosion when it happens.  There is no other place to shift the debt.  When the banks were exposed as financial failures in 2008 the debt shifted to sovereigns - and now that the sovereigns are failing, there is no remaining marketplace that can absorb the hit.  None.

Lead is Gold.  Food and water will be weapons of mass destruction.  If you do not have silver or gold to buy what you need to survive, if you do not have lead to defend what you have or take what you need, if you do not have liquor, tobacco or other barter items, you are going to die.

It can't happen here?

Look around.  It is happening here.  Right now.

Americans have been many generations removed from direct threats.  Our nation has so long-prospered that the average American does not understand true peril, what it means to not have a stocked grocery store, what it means to not have easily obtainable anti-biotics, what it means to have rape, murder and pillage and plunder as a part of every single day.

We are about to be reminded.

Humans are a savage species.  Americans have been lulled into a state of delusion over generations of safety and easy food and easy life.

That is nearly over, and the learning curve is going to kick some ass.

I do not know if Implosion will be this week, this month, or my original 3-18 month prediction.  Millions of clever people work every single day to push Implosion one more day into the future, driven by their own self-interests.  But there are Men who mean to be Masters using great forces to crash the system, and they will win.  The clever people are simply trying to keep the current system alive in an effort to loot as much as they can before Implosion.  So the end is the same, the only variable is when.

In the coming economy (there will always be an economy, even if the rules become a bit more realistic and ruthless) the people who prevail and prosper are those who are producers.  Do what you can now to become a manufacturer of some vital good or service that you can implement post-implosion.  Can you manufacture (and defend) food?  You win.  Can you heal the sick (even if that means you know how to grow penicillin?)  Can you produce the means of defense, such as firearms or the bullets they eat?  Can you make knives?  Can you make liquor?

Find something you can make or build and use what resources you have right now to acquire the means to produce that widget.

The economy will recover and a new form of governance will emerge.  This is the way of Man.

Personally, I intend to work to provide a safe place for my Tribe, to include as many producers as possible in that Tribe, and then to assert our strength to ensure Liberty remains alive, even if only beneath our own feet.  I think some version of 1.5 is essential - Citadel folks get the reference.  We'll have to work on fleshing that out beginning next week.

I would suggest every single person who routinely reads the III blogs should hit a gun show this weekend.  No matter how much you have, it isn't enough.  You will need more ammo than you think.  Your firearms will break and need parts.  Magazines will wear out.  You will have some stuff looted or distributed to Tribe.  You don't have enough, and the 2A industry will never return to where it was prior to Aurora.  The Marxists will never stop coming for 2A.  The Marxists in .Gov will not stop placing ammo orders that keep ammo off the market or priced too high, powder and components in short supply.  What is out there and available now is, essentially, a finite, zero-sum Universe.  Pay the money today to get what you need, because the next Sandy Hook will crash the 2A industry - it will never be able to re-supply retail shelves.  Period.

You have been warned.


Friday, February 22, 2013

No Peace

Do you remember in the movie Independence Day when the alien was speaking through Brent Spiner, and told the President there would be no peace between the species?

I had the misfortune of having to be in Chicago yesterday for reasons I care not to disgust - er, discuss.  I scanned through radio stations and had  the greater misfortune of learning that a woman named Stephanie Miller has a radio show and she's something of a big deal in the world of Marxists.

Anyway, since I must have misogynistic tendencies, I listened.  It was like a horrible and bloody train wreck - I just couldn't stop listening.  The station also features shows from Alan Combs and Ed Shultz, so you get it.  Thank the Gods I was out of range as Stephanie's show ended and I didn't make my ears bleed with whatever show followed hers.

My take-away: No Peace.

I have said it many times in the course of three years of writing: Patriots and Marxists can not coexist.  It was confirmed for me once again, yesterday.

No Peace.  We can not coexist because the Marxists will not permit it.  They have an agenda predicated on interference and dominance.  They are physically, verbally and mentally incapable of simply leaving people alone and minding their own f'n business.

Every Patriot I know - and I know many thanks to this blog and you fine people - just want to be left the hell alone to enjoy our Natural Rights until we die peacefully, surrounded by our loved ones.  We'd let them do whatever-the-hell they want to do - but leave us out of it.  But that simply is not in their DNA.

And they mean to be your Masters.  Just listen to one of her shows.  I bet one will be enough for you to understand - they will never, ever stop seeking to impose their will upon you, using your dollars to finance the activity.

No Peace.

There can be no coexistence.

Own it.  Then we can resolve it.  Stop trying to avoid the issue, folks.  Stop trying to back up and avoid the confrontation.  They will chase you anywhere you go.  They will chase us to the Citadel, I know it.  If you stay where you are, they will come into your home.  They will disarm you by attrition if not by force (Bought any good, cheap fighting ammo or arms recently?)

In all ages there will be men who mean to be Masters.  Some of those *men* have vaginas.

Stop tolerating.  Stop backing up out of the goodness of your Souls.  Our fuses have been too long.

You'd better find your war footing, because they have theirs. 

They mean to have you bend knee, go to prison, or die.  Bought a pound of butter recently?  The cheapest is $4 per pound at my local grocery store.  Diesel fuel has jumped 35 cents per gallon in 3 weeks.  Any idea what that does to truckers who move goods from A to B?  That's part of the reason butter is $4 per pound.  They are deliberately murdering the dollar and they are going to make it impossible to eat.  Got seeds to grow your own?  Got 2A to defend it?

But the fight need not go that way.  We need not wait until we are starving and broke and our cities are in riotous and smoldering ruins.

I'm thinking of Rommel and CA's evolution of the Desert Fox's simple, efficient war principle.

When the time comes: In the absence of orders, go find something Evil and kill it.

CA: That may just become part of the new & improved Kerodin Doctrine.  ;)

If every single Patriot reading this blog simply hog-tied 5 Marxists and put them on a boat leaving US soil, this nonsense would end overnight.

Think about it.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Truckers: Hunting Permit

Professional big rig truckers: You hereby have my endorsement to hunt stupid drivers in their natural habitat - or wherever you find the bastards - and you have an unlimited bag limit.

No paperwork.

Run 'em in a ditch, or add a MadMax bumper, or simply drive them into a ditch at any point of interaction.

You have my permission.  In fact, if you catch a case and land in a Low or Camp, I'll lead an extraction.  I can't promise I have the energy this week to pull you out of a SuperMax.

It is time to cull the herd of stupid people, and stupid drivers are as good as any place to start.

Drive right, Pass left.  What's so freakin' hard?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Texas proposes criminalizing Federal 2A Infringements

I mentioned there is significant interest from some folks in the great State of Texas to locate certain III assets along the Gulf Coast.  A significant number of you weighed-in.  You seem to like the idea, too.

Bob Owens is reporting that Texas is considering whether to join Wyoming in making it illegal for Feds to enforce anti-2A laws in the state.

I'm only one guy with an idea for another business in the 2A arena (not III Arms) and I also have a fondness for the idea of a small-scale Citadel in that part of Texas.  But I can say this: If Texas follows through and double-dawg-dares FedGov to stay out of Texas with anti-2A crap, I'll make it happen.  I'll make sure one of my businesses locates in the Gulf area and that we pursue a Citadel.

But none of that wishy-washy stuff as happened with airport scanners.

Do your Texan politicians have what it takes to do this and mean it?

Here's the link.


Bracken on Democide at WRSA

Think it can't happen here?

Then you're the one they have in mind.  And your little dog, too.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Stock Market Bomb - tick, tick, tick...

Folks, you know that I never really give investing advice, because I'm not qualified beyond my minimal existence as an adult of 45 years age.

My number one bit of advice remains the same: Lead is the new gold, preps and barter items such as liquor and tobacco are worth far more than current FRN costs.

Now to the Drudge headline: The Stock Market is breaking all records, and I think we all know it is a bubble of unconscionable proportions.  When it blows, it may well be the trigger many of us anticipate for full contact life.

Silver is under $30 an ounce at the moment.  Gold is at or near $1600 - a low spot for the last while.

If you have satisfied all your other prep commitments, I'd seriously consider silver right now.

And that's all I'm going to say about that...


Mo. House Bill Makes Proposing Gun Control Illegal

Item One: This is how you deal with people who would infringe your Natural Rights - in a polite manner.  A less polite manner would be an immediate beat-down and/or double-tap.  On the spot, at the moment of attempted infringement.  And no, waiting to file paperwork with LEO is not necessary when defending your Natural Rights.

Item Two: Anyone who doesn't see an imminent violent clash between Liberty and Enemies of Liberty is not paying attention, or not realistic.

Item Three: Win.

Here's the link.


Just repeal the Second Amendment...Not

I've seen some dangerous language from a few people on "our side" of the 2A debate that is essentially taunting the Marxists and Enemies of Liberty to simply muster the votes and repeal 2A by Article V requirements.

If you surrender the premise that 2A can be repealed under Article V you do 2 things: You reveal that your comprehension of the mechanics of the Constitution are shallow, and you surrender the premise that Natural Rights are inviolate, that Natural Rights may be morally revoked by a majority vote.

I will begin with a premise that many on our side argue with me.  I hold that the phrase "...declaratory and restrictive clauses..." in the preamble to the BoR takes the BoR off the table from Article V.  Most of the people who argue against my position are modern-trained lawyers who have been "taught" what the Constitution "means" by their professors.  The moment a lawyers tells me what is "legal" under the Constitution, I add a pound of sea salt to the answer.  (I offer as an example that a 78 year old lawyer lost a bet with me that there even existed a preamble to the BoR - and that SCOTUS says ObamaCare is Constitutional)

Here's a better argument: The Bill of Rights merely recognizes Natural Rights of Man.  They are not bestowed by Government or any group of men, therefore they may not be infringed by Government or any other group of men.  Who has the Right to take from you the freedom of speech?  Who has the Right to take from you anything that was bestowed upon you by your Creator?

Bad People may vote 2A out of the Constitution, but that does not remove your Right to to self defense or the tools thereof.  And any such Bad Person who tries has helped in your IFF matrix.

But look down the list of the first ten Amendments and tell me which is not a Natural Right bestowed upon you in the womb by your Creator, and I will yield the point that Article V may apply to that Amendment.

You can't do it.  I would even add that the 13th Amendment fits the litmus test of "irrevocable" under Article V: The 13th certainly can't be morally revoked by Man, because slavery is a direct violation of the Natural, Creator-bestowed Right of the enslaved.  You might think I would add the 15th, but you'd be mistaken.

2A allies - please stop challenging the Enemies of Liberty to simply repeal 2A.  Instead, take the hardline position that to even attempt to criminalize any Natural Right is Treason, punishable as such.

Remember folks: Some mistakes in life you only get to make one time.


There will be an American Reign of Terror...or absolute Slavery

The number of people new to this blog is significant.  I know many have surfed through my archives and the material at Kerodin.com, but given some of the questions in email that I receive, I know there are many who have not perused my old material, only cherry-picked.

So I will offer this one post to serve as a "State of the Kerodin Mindset" so new readers don't have to try to fit 3 years of writing into an analysis.  I will not go into depth on any single topic - the answers exist in my previous writings.

I am a Constitutionalist, and I believe the only true hope for Liberty is Restoration, a reset to an ...as ratified... state.  No, ...as ratified... does NOT mean black people return to slavery or that women revert to chattel status.  I can't be bothered to explain why that argument is dishonest, at best.

The Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) implemented in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence is the only realistic way for Liberty to survive in this world filled with Marxists.

For clarification: The Citadel is open to anyone who embraces Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.  One need not be a Constitutionalist to be accepted in the Citadel.

I am an ardent advocate of Jefferson's Rightful LibertyRightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

I have been accused by many of my enemies of advocating child murder and wholesale genocide of anyone who is "Blue" in our modern American vernacular.  This is, of course, hoakum put forth by people who want to taint my message.  Here is my position, and you will find it repeated in dozens of my columns dating back for years: Marxists, Socialists, Liberals, Dems and Establishment Rs, and anyone who votes for them or supports them or facilitates their actions are all guilty of violating the Rights of Americans, using the Constitution as their "Legitimacy".

This is Treason.  These are attempts to overthrow the Constitution.

These people must be removed from the levers of power in America.  They may go home, shut up, and all is well.  They may leave the country, never to return.  If they persist in violating the Constitution, thus our Natural Rights, they will be given the option to be put on planes, ships, caravans or Nikes and sent across our borders - never to return.

If they fail to shut up, stand down, and leave, and they fail to stop attempting to violate the Natural Rights of Americans, the final option on the table is trial by their peers for Treason and for violating basic human rights.

Treason: Yes, voting for a politician who promises to violate the Constitution is most definitely waging war against the republic in an attempt to overthrow the Supreme Law of the Land.  If you can't see that, then I can't help you.

Traitors suck.  We give them the chance to cease and desist.  We give them the chance to walk away.  We give them the chance to get on the plane out of the country.  And if they refuse, trial by peers.

Trial by peers will not be an orderly and organized affair.  History tells us so.  It will more closely resemble mob justice.  That's just life.  I didn't make the rules, but I recognize them.  So any Enemy of Liberty who ends up in a shallow grave in their front yard, put there by a group of neighbors has only himself to blame.

The issues before us are black and white.  There is only gray if one chooses to obfuscate the reality.

Liberty or denial of Liberty.  That's it.  Nothing else is on the table.

Which side of the table is yours?

It is the Marxists and their allies who are pushing this conflict into reality, right now.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is a bitch.

P.S.: A Con-Con is an immediate act of war.  There will not be a single anti-Marxist in the room - it is a Coup.  It is war.


Where Armalite stands...

...here's the post.

My position: If you are a seller of weapons or ammunition to members of the State who deny their Citizens the same weapons, your firm deserves to fail.  Every person earning a paycheck at such a firm is doing so at the expense of the oppressed Countrymen being denied the tools for self defense against the State.

That's simply not cool.

I rec'd an email advising me that FedGov has just issued an RFP for "...7,000 short-barreled LMGs..."

Now, 7,000 could be nothing more than a routine rotation of inventory - or not.  Either way, the company that fills that order is complicit in arming those who would be Masters.

Use the information as you will.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

Raven's Wood Enterprises is offering a III Patch, pictured above.  (This is *NOT* a IIIGear product, just for clarification)

I don't care where you buy your III gear, folks - just fly 'em.

Morale.  Cohesion.  Brand Identity.

It all goes to the same place in history.

Here are the details from the vendor:


Raven's Wood Enterprises has received a significant number of requests for the "III" patch and so here's the updated and improved original "III" patch, Audentes Fortuna Iuvat (Fortune Favors the Bold) will be available on 1 March 13 for a limited run to gauge interest.

Patches are $6 each post paid, and orders are accepted for cash (sender's risk), USPS money order, certified or cashier's checks made out to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC.
PO Box 962
Birmingham, MI  48012

Orders should include a note with a shipping address, and the number of patches ordered equal to the total amount in the envelope.

Example:  Order for 3 patches


Send 3 patches to J. Public
1234 Main Street
Any Town, USA  00000

$18 enclosed

Cash, USPS Money Orders, certified and cashier's checks processed and shipped immediately; personal check orders held for 10 days until cleared by RWE's bank.

Lords of War

A few gun companies have capitalized on recent events and sentiments to help raise their brand awareness among the gunning world.  OlyArms is one of the more widely known.  In a former life when they acquired Safari Arms (a brilliant line of 1911 pistols in their day prior to Oly, by the way) Oly was held in high esteem in my mind.

Now ask yourself this: Does your gun company, favorite ammunition brand, or other gear supplier actively solicit LEO contracts?

Denying New Yorkers a 1911 is to deny them the means of defending themselves against the very tyranny they now face, no?  Are the companies presently not sending to New York and California doing so for ideological reasons, or crafty PR?  Taking the business decision not to submit your wares to expensive California hurdles is one thing - yet selling to California State forces is quite another.

Arming those oppressors is something altogether more cynical, indeed sinister.

OlyArms would fold tomorrow without their Government contracts.  I wonder what brands of rifles are in the hands of the LEO riding in your town, right now, who may one day crackle over the scanner "...burn that motherfucker..." at your residence.

Are you allowing yourself to be played by clever marketing slugs?  You'll have to decide.

Any arms company that is willing to arm both sides of a conflict is immoral.

So, what to do?  If you want ammunition that is made by a company that doesn't sell to any Government, you'll have to roll your own - and that includes making your own brass and primers, powder and bullets.

If you want a well-made firearm made by a company that will not sell to Government, you have a few more options, but not many.  Glock?  Beretta?  Ruger?  Colt?  Good luck finding a modern large manufacturer that doesn't sell to the State, indeed, that does not actively chase .Gov contracts.

What to do?

Good luck with that one.  I have a few ideas, but none are very realistic at this point in time.  Well, one or two are...



Large shipment ready to go, and another will go Wednesday.  Remember, Post Office is closed today for the holiday.  Patch SNAFUs all squared away and the only thing outstanding once these two shipments go will be an order of KA-BARs, the replacement 1245 Tantos they owe us, one Cold Steel Master Tantos.

I am still waiting for my new patch order with the Molon Labe tabs, will let you know when it comes in.

Shirts and sweats all shipping this week.

Tom K. - got you covered.

It will remain very busy here for the week and into early next week, but don't hesitate to write if you need to touch base.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

How would you conquer America...

Communism is a very efficient form of tyranny.

If you think Communism has been relegated to the history books, you are wrong.

There is a piece at Activist Post and the writer draws several conclusions with which I differ, though he also articulates many points that can't be challenged.  In the piece the author assigns our coming Civil War as a design by a small group of families that rule the world.  I can't go there.  He also states that multi-national forces from tyrannical countries are standing in the wings to put boots on American soil and aid a traitorous American FedGov (and some State Govs) is murdering Liberty and dividing America among the several players.

I can't really go there, either.  I just can't get my head wrapped around US .mil permitting ChiCom or Russian boots on the ground, even under UN blue helmets.

What I do see is a group of people who want an America that has been scaled back to a hemispheric power and transformed toward a Communist State, leaving Asia for the Chinese and Europe for the Russians.

I agree with the article in that a disarmed American populace is on the agenda, and those who remained armed will be branded enemies of the state.

I will go further, and state that I think the final phase has been engaged.  The Enemies of Liberty plan to have this rolled up before the question of a 2016 election cycle comes around.  I see the next 3-18 months as the time period in which things go hot, by hook, crook, or otherwise.  States are on the cusp of confiscations, right now.  They are laying that ground.  States are being isolated with cooperative governments in place.  In New York, California and Illinois - major populations, and critical to American economic infrastructure, the Leftists are putting in place laws to criminalize self defense.  It will be manageable for FedGov to combine forces with NYPD, LAPD and ChicagoPD assets to enforce capitulation on three fronts, leaving red states alone - for now.

Once these blue states are under control, the ability to concentrate forces on the second-tier states, a few at a time, becomes easier.

It is the same philosophy of Waco on a state-wide level.  Concentrate all forces to achieve the ends, then move on to unconquered territory.

Time will tell if my assessment is correct.

But consider three years from now the possibility of FedGov's ability to focus 80 percent of its resources, combined with assets from New York, California, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Florida, and a few other enclaves on Texas.  The ability to make Texans starve to death becomes easy (remember the mere threat to stop air travel into Texas?) combined with the military force at hand and the betrayal of Texans that already control political offices in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso...

Texans, set your pride aside, and look at the reality.  Now consider how fast Alabama or Louisiana would fold under the same pressure...

Think about it.  The divide and conquer one bit at a time works - so long as Patriots stay on the sidelines and do not flank the Bad People...like we are doing, now.

Here's the link to Activist Post.


A picture is worth thousands of words...

'nuff said.

III Arms, here.


The Left's new Spin on DiFi's Ban

"Silly Right-Wing Extremists gun-nut domestic terrorists!  DiFi leaves you more than 2,200 machines of death available to kill Bambi!  Can't you find one on the list to sate your bloodlust!  You just can't reason with these gun freaks!"

Here's the spin - er, article.

Artwork courtesy of Zoomie, even if it is wrong.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

How do you say Fuck You, let me count the ways...

Sometimes you don't need to say a word to your enemies.

Sometimes you can simply smile and let them simmer in their own suck.

Times like this, for instance...

Good job, Mister Miller.


Remember: The Universe doesn't care...

This last week has been busy for several people and projects in our little III world.

Last week one of our little helpers sent several IIIGear orders out with the wrong patches.  Not the end of the world, new packages with proper patches shipped.  A small pallet of other IIIGear orders shipped.  4 new IIIGear orders placed with vendors, thanks to all of the new Patriots who are finding the III.

Discussions on a very preliminary level with certain elected officials in Texas about locating a Citadel and related businesses along the Gulf Coast.  More Citadel discussions with 2 international documentary film makers who want the Citadel as a series - and yes, you'd recognize the names.  (In case you are wondering - there are more than 18 such film makers we have not answered.)  III Arms has an event coming up that has kept several people busy - from publishing a newspaper with a tip of the hat to Thomas Jefferson, to arranging trips to Chicago and other destinations, to having banners made, and more.

Contact with a local official in Idaho regarding Citadel details was made.

There is much more, but who cares?  They are all details.

What have you done in the last week to prepare for the Evil that this way comes?

You know it is coming.  You know it is not slowing down to give you more time to prepare.  Did you use the last week wisely?  If your preps are good, did you lay-in barter goods from the liquor store and tobacco house?  Did you hit the Krav mats?

In the last week the Enemies of Liberty have continued to lay the ground and advance on your positions.  Earth has traveled about 11.2 million miles in the last week.  A few meteors hit.  About 1.07 million people died in the last week.  About 2.5 times as many were born.

How many years do you have left, if you die of natural causes at an "average" age?

There is a big world out there.  There is a lot that happens every day that has nothing to do with whether or not Liberty in America expands or contracts.  Your life is on a countdown clock.  Make sure you get some Life in before you croak-out.

And here's another hint: If each and every Patriot in America would simply gear up and live for one single month at true Liberty, protecting the Liberty beneath your feet against advances by Tyrants of every ilk, Liberty would be secure for generations.

But that's another conversation.


Gun Show Reports - What did you see - or not see?

What's out there?

What's *not* out there?



Friday, February 15, 2013

A warm weather Citadel?

The Citadel concept has captured attention from all over America and across the world.

The media buzz is astounding - more on that in the near future.  The interest from individuals is mind-blowing.

A local Government in Texas is even interested in the concept of locating Citadel assets in their town.  We've had many inquiries from Citizens of Texas on the same topic.  What do you think?  A scaled version of the Citadel somewhere along the Texas Gulf Coast, complete with 2A manufacturing and all the other aspects discussed for the Idaho location - just not as big.

When we were contacted by representatives from this local Government we immediately saw the potential to broaden the Citadel concept, bring more Patriots into safety, add more jobs to a local economy, and sink another anchor-point for our broader goal of Continuity of Liberty.  And with local .Gov support, many hurdles immediately drop away.

Obviously there is a much more diverse set of employment opportunities already established along the Texas Gulf Coast, from fishing to oil.  The paradigm would be easier to implement than our efforts in Idaho (which will proceed at the same time.)

What say you?  Is there interest in this audience for a Texas version of the Citadel on the Gulf Coast?  It would be smaller than Idaho and designed to suit the local architecture, of course.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Dare You

From Israel, here.

He gets it.


When they drop the optics...

New York and California are competing to be the most restrictive 2A States in the union.

Missouri Tyrants intend to give you 90 days to bend knee or face the muzzles of State weapons.

Washington State legislators introduced a bill that makes all homeowners subject to annual inspection by LEO to ensure they are in compliance with State gun laws.

And people wonder why the Citadel concept is on fire.

Because people understand a storm is coming, and they want shelter.

There are men among us who mean to be Masters.  They mean to have a war.

They mean to have you bend knee or die.

This isn't mathematics, folks.  This is simple arithmetic.

If you are missing anything in your preps, get it now at whatever cost.

You have been warned - many times.

The day our world changes will begin just like every other day...


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Patriot Trading Post

A darned good idea from Kenny - a Trading Post for Patriots.

It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to connect sellers and buyers.

Here's the link.


New Blog, Great Patriot

Adding another great Patriot voice to our choir.

Let us sing, Patriots.  Let us warn the Enemies of Liberty about what is coming their way.

Let not one book of History ever record that we did not warn Them.

Here's the link.


AK 30 round mags at CADD

Need AK mags?

Available from NC Renegade, here.

Get what you can, while you can.

Everything easy is now in the rearview mirror...


Because it won't burn, Alex!

The question: Why Citadel homes will be built of concrete and stone.

Citadel for the win.


I am an American

Too few understand what that means.

Bill understands, and speaks for many of us.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


**UPDATE**  LAPD (as noted in comments) is denying a body has been found yet...

Good reporting as usual, AP, where the motto is: Never let facts get in the way of a story!


When I was on SWAT our view is that "We will always win....even if we have to burn down your entire house by bombing it....we will win". Period.

You know the quote.

You've watched it happen more than once by LEO.

Lesson over.


There. Are. No. Rules. But there is common sense...

From American Merc:  But winning the war isn't about destruction, it is about making the enemy irrelevant to the outcome. You can do that by destroying the Army, but that rarely happens in an insurgency. We never defeated the British Army in our Revolution, we simply defeated the small portion that was stationed on the Continent. The British eventually took their ball and went home until the War of 1812.

You win a war the same way you win a fight: You make the other side change their mind about fighting (best case) or you destroy their ability to fight.

You will not break the will of the enemy by targeting and killing their wives and children at home or school.  Kill my wife and what you have done is unleash me to be the most brutal bastard you've ever seen until I am dead, and you've removed any moral leash as well.  If I can't reach you, I'll find a way to bring you into the open, even if that means I eat your dog on the front steps of your home.

By the same token: The gal who is working as a clerk at City Hall who processes the arrest warrants for the Gestapo - she isn't a wife or daughter that day.  She is a tool of the enemy, doing the work of the enemy, keeping the machine of the enemy running.  When she no longer processes those papers, the ability of the enemy is diminished.

Yes, Virginia, Evil people can have a vagina, too.

Understand the differences and work the nuances into whatever matrix you have built for yourself.

Here's the link.


Ammo Bot

You need to feed those mags.
Very cool and useful program that helps you find ammo in stock, with enough data to save you hours of searching.

Check it here.


Starting a Civil War: Check!

So we have a Leftist Useful Idiot trying to blow a bomb because he anticipates an over-reaction from Bubba, and an ensuing war in which his Marxist allies will own America.

No, this is not the plot of a novel.

It is not a "What if..." at a Think Tank or a West Point White Paper.

This fuck was just busted in California.

There are men who mean to be your Masters, and they are playing their hands, right now.

You are under attack, right now.

Do you understand?

Here's the link at Kenny's place.


30 Round Mags in stock here & there...

From Scott, if you insist on MagPul 30 round mags.  I'll reserve my commentary about CheaperThanDirt and their post-Sandy Hook behavior and their current pricing, and simply breathe in the Free Enterprise.  ;) 

Thought you'd like to share with your readers.  Little pricey for my blood:





K writing again: Folks, I am not telling you to go and pay $100 for a magazine - but I am telling you that if there is anything in your preps that is weak, buy it now.  You may never get another chance to buy it - it's like investing in gold.  Maybe the price drops the day after you buy.  That sucks - but at least you have gold.  But if the price doubles and you needed gold - you're f'd.

I have heard this (paraphrased) from 3 different people who I consider to be "in-the-know" regarding prep assets such as mags and ammo in the last 3 days: "If NOTHING stupid happens, we can PROBABLY begin to get some product back to the shelves across the nation in 3-9 months.  But just ONE screw-up, just one wrong word from Washington, just one wrong word from NRA, just one more idiot in a school with a gun, and manufacturers will not begin to get product back in the general public for years."

Right this minute Miller has scored a shipment of 500 Thermold 30 rounders (USA made, not the Canadian crap) with help from an ally in our community.  The guys at NC Renegade (CADD Graphics) also have some they have for sale here.  You'll notice that various vendors are clearing their backorders enough to, once in a while, on a few products, offer small lots to the general public.

That is good.  Some things like mags are easy to produce and get out the door relatively quickly.  Ammo is also one of those commodities, but ammo is under more pressure than mags, it is also a consumable - meaning that guys shoot ammo every week and need to not only replace what they just shot, but also need to add to overall prep numbers.  That all equals more market pressure on ammo.

As for ARs and other fighting arms: These are the hardest to get to market in terms of timeline for manufacturers.  Look at the shelves in your AO.  A few brand new rifles, from various manufacturers, with fat prices hanging on the tags.  The smaller the manufacturer, the longer it will take you to see one of his firearms just sitting on a shelf, because most smaller manufacturers already have a list of named buyers out the door and around the block.  Companies like Ruger, Bushmaster, et cetera with "real" manufacturing capability still haven't been able to get product out the door fast enough to fill anyone's shelves.

I saw an ad online the other day for a Mosin for $800 - and it was bought within 4 hours.

You need to look at this market with a Militiaman's savvy:  If you truly think the Enemies of Liberty are moving toward contact, right now, then you'd better do what you need to do to fill those holes in your preps locker, right now.  The days of $600 ARs are over.  If they ever return, it won't be for a LONG time.  The days of .556 NATO at twenty cents a round are over.

Then again - we could wake up tomorrow and find a President in the White House who has been possessed by the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, and we won't need any of our preps.

Bet accordingly...


Monday, February 11, 2013


**UPDATE**  55six is back online.


-55six runs Liberty and Lead blog: http://libertyandlead.wordpress.com/

I just got an email from him that he's had issues getting into his blog last week while DoD was all over his SiteMeter, his email has been erratic, and now he is shut down.

At this moment he is good with no overt OpFor contact.

I'll post more when I know more.