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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

III Congress

A few months ago I was speaking with TL and the idea of a III Congress was born.  The concept was to bring together a group of III Patriots who would conduct themselves much as our Founders did leading up to hostilities with the King and his men.  The role of the III Congress was to be politicial, a portal through which Patriots and Militia and others could communicate, network and set course and policy.

We all decided that to be a Delegate one would commit to $10 per month to help underwrite the cost of events and to begin putting together a Legal Defense Fund for Patriots who may be targeted by Enemies of Liberty.  Many of you stepped up, and some were willing to commit to the monthly dues yet did not want the role of Delegate.  Fair enough.

A few of our Patriots decided the best way to proceed would be a physical meeting, and we settled on King's Mountain in South Carolina on 19 April, 2013.  I will be there.  I know several others have committed to be there.  We need each State to be represented, and we need at least one person from each State to show up at King's Mountain so we can evolve the III from what we are today to an effective political and direct action entity.  What does that mean?  We'll decide that together, on April 19th.  Together.

Each Delegate will be entitled to the podium for five minutes, if you choose to speak.  Non-Delegates may have up to three minutes.  Then we can break off into working groups, or otherwise work through the tasks we need to accomplish.

In a post a few days ago I called for III Patriots to step up.  I called for our modern John Parkers and our modern 300 Spartans.

America needs her Patriots right now.

That is you, is it not?

If not you, then who?

I rarely ask you folks for anything.  Today I am asking each of you to consider joining those who have already joined the Congress.  I am asking you to commit to the monthly $10 and to declare yourself as a Delegate for your State.  Of course there can be more than one Delegate per state.  The more, the better.  But we must come together, we must organize.  We must flesh out a plan and go to work.

We are relatively certain media will be there.  If 300 of us simply stand silently as one, shoulder-to-shoulder, in that place that saw violence against tyranny long ago, we need not say a single word.

300 serious American Patriots who mean it when we say that we will die before we yield.

Are you III?  Would you have gone to the Green with John Parker?

Would you have marched with Leonidas, knowing that your death was imminent, and in your death Liberty still had only a slight chance to survive?

If you are that American Patriot, your Country needs you.

Right now.

Here's the link.  Answer the poll.  Declare yourself.

Stand and be counted.