Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Sunday, March 31, 2013

What would America be without Her Major Metropolitan Cities...

I have repeatedly noted that we have been here before, and that our Founding Generation provided us with the blueprints for victory.  All we need to do is repeat our own History.  You and I know what their values were, even if we are in the minority.  You and I know what values are necessary to restore the republic.  You and I know how to be Sons of Liberty.  You and I also know that our Founders warned us of every single peril we face today.

When we look to the headlines from Chicago today about the mobs of teens, who is not reminded of Jefferson: The mobs of great cities add just so much to the support of pure government, as sores do to the strength of the human body and When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.

If you live in or within 1 tank of gasoline from a major metro area in America, you are in the X Ring.

You already know this, or should.  As Jefferson warned, the cities are now utterly dependent upon Government to survive.  Cities are also utterly dependent upon the broader Just-in-Time economy, and just as closing a single important airport will ripple waves of disruption across the country, even one or two cities imploding will disrupt deliveries to many cities, beginning the imminent cascade failure of our major cities.

Do not be that guy in the X Ring, trying to defend your preps and your family against the weight of a city of hungry Souls who demand their remnants of Government take your preps, by any means necessary, for equal and fair distribution.

You know that will happen, or should.

The remedy - get off the main lines of attack.  Get out of the cities and at least 1/2 tank of gas from those cities.  Once Implosion begins it will happen fast.  Violence will race like wildfire outward from the failing cities, and devour everything it can reach.  There is an upside.  Such violent explosions consume the oxygen in a room quickly, and snuff themselves out.  Our cities will be violent, dangerous and quickly become uninhabitable because without the trucks rolling in every single day, they are incapable of sustaining themselves and the people will starve - those who have survived the violence.

The greatest danger facing Liberty today is that the armies of our cities and FedGov seek to reach out and impose protections to production and supply lines.  As most of us know, this simply will not happen for any length of time.  The army of Chicago PD can't even hold the city in check, much less influence the farmers and other producers in other parts of Illinois who will, at some point, refuse to farm, or refuse to drive the delivery trucks, or refuse to work the assembly line.  And when you add the ne'er-do-wells who will make it their business to ensure farm goods don't get trucked to cities, and those Government Enforcers are handed their asses, the ability of Government to project force will fail.

The state of chaos simply can not obtain for a long period of time, given all of the factors in play. 

Short of foreign boots on the ground, America will sort this coming ugliness out with relative swiftness.  What we now know as Chicago and Baltimore and other major cities may remain smoldering wastelands for years, monuments to the folly of ignoring Mister Jefferson.  But Life in America will proceed, with many, many fewer Marxists and their Useful Idiots and associated parasitic garbage among us.

Smaller cities and towns will become the new power-centers, yet the dependency cycle will begin all over again. 

Unless we heed our Founders and rid ourselves of the parasites, and continue to weed that garden...


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kenny & Lisa: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Lisa & Kenny, and may you have many more!

Wish them luck, here.

Sam & Holly

Thursday, March 28, 2013

America is not dead, yet. A few Americans still draw breath. But the odds are against us...

"Not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

So wrote Alexis de Tocqueville.


Indeed, for millions of Americans, this society — which has eradicated Christianity from its pubic institutions and enshrined secularism in its place, which considers abortion a woman's right, which is blase about 53 million unborn children destroyed since Roe, which puts homosexual liaisons on the same moral plane as matrimony — is a society that has lost its moral bearings and is rapidly losing its mind.

I have said it before and will say so again - America missed her last chance at peaceful Restoration when she failed to put Patrick Buchanan in the Oval Office as President.

Here's the column.


Let's work together to cut out the middlemen...

Beginning preps for the season of activity for the Citadel Beachhead today involved dealing with Banks.

To my mind Bankers and Lawyers are equals, dual parasitic entities that often work together and would immediately improve the quality of life for most Human Beings if they simply ceased to exist.  There was a report I read about how doctors are against patients having too much access to their own medical files.  The reason isn't nefarious, it is one of pure self defense: The Lawyer Class would become vampiric at Stephanie Meyer levels upon the Medical Class and put physicians in court for every subjective decision they take.

Did you know that there is a specialty of the Lawyer Class that makes a habit of hanging out in hospitals, under cover, listening for doctors and interns (especially interns because they are great financial targets because of insurance) who may simply let a bit of information loose so the lawyer can bring suit for Disclosure violations?  Here's the way it plays out: Physician updates a nurse at the nurses station regarding Patient X.  The Lawyer strains and manages to overhear a snippet about Patient X - then runs to Patient X and convinces him/her to sue.  That's a special level of Suck, and just one of the reasons medical costs are out of line as a result of the Lawyer Class.  Don't even get me started on the Insurance Class of snake oil sales and how they have ruined the medical system in America.

Make no mistake, WROL is in full effect in America, especially in the world of Banksters and Lawyers and Insurers.  In the world of Lawyers they actually do argue over things like what the meaning of the word *is* is.  So when it comes to being responsible for the finances of some III projects, special measures are in order...and taken.

The other day we had a discussion about metals and an Exchange was suggested, a place where Patriots could trade at Spot to avoid the fees of trading in and out of FRN's.  I suggest Kenny's Swap Shop, here.

I have also been considering accepting silver for IIIGear and the 527, and decided to run a test using AR Mags for those who want to avoid PayPal.  If you'd like a 10-pack of the AR Mags (top right column of the blog) and want to use silver, just put together the $220 in bullion (no junk silver) based on Spot for the day and send it in.  If it works out, I'll expand the silver option to more IIIGear.  Make sure you send with a tracking number - tracking numbers are proving very useful these days.

Maybe if enough of us get into the habit of using metals in commerce, we can get more people and businesses aboard, like 2A shops and outfitters, etc.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Store Physical Gold Abroad to Protect Against Meltdown: Faber

In a February article, Faber contends the world may become so ugly that having gold in your home or safe deposit box may be a losing strategy.  When Governments get greedy, they outlaw everything - and mere possession of an Eagle in some future America may become a serious crime.

We have seen this before.

Faber suggests we could see it again.

Very few have the ability - or would surrender America for gold - to keep physical assets offshore and the means to get them when needed. 

So we come full circle: Lead is the new gold.

Here's the link to the Faber piece.

I hope you are being nuanced in your planning and contingencies.


Russia to ban cash transactions over $10,000

When everything is digital, everything can be watched.






Why wouldn't Russia want to get rid of cash?

Why do you think every facet of American life is trying to force buyers and sellers through electronic gateways?

But you already know this fact.  Use that fact to your advantage.  This time, it is you who has insider information.  You know that the masses are rushing, pushing and shoving to get in line - to be sheared.

Don't be that guy.

Be the guy ready to capitalized on newly shorn sheep.

Here's the article.


What will follow the Storm...

Most people who read this blog have already resigned to the notion that a clash between Enemies of Liberty and men who mean to be Masters is imminent with Patriots who mean to live at Liberty, and our individual fights will mostly be Local, Local, Local, rather than large formations fighting across large geographic areas in concert.

It is springtime.  The Citadel project and the III Arms project are both advancing better than we would have dared to hope just 8-9 months ago when we first began talking about protecting ourselves and building Tribe.  Improvements to the beachhead begin soon, and people following Miller and III Arms know how smoothly that part of the overall project is moving.  Very soon we will begin to look beyond the beachhead and to our final bastion of safety for the coming storm.

What about after the storm?  I'm not talking about Secessionists versus Constitutionalists versus Anarchists - I'm talking about that base Human desire for payback.  Revenge for having been financially abused.  Payback upon those who caused your pain, with either malice in their hearts, or simple disregard for your circumstances.  Vengeance.

Mischa Wolf was probably one of the most brutal and effective SpyMasters in history, and he died in the comfort of his own bed in Berlin 17 years after the wall fell, without ever paying for the injuries he had inflicted upon his Countrymen during his life at STASI.  In the chaos after the wall fell, East German citizens (in that peculiar German fashion of order and control) raided the STASI offices and determined who the Bad People were.  Yet, there were no public hangings, no mob justice. 

Compare the fall of East Germany and the fate of Mischa Wolf with most such occasions in history, and we see a different trend.  The Reign of Terror is the more common example.  People tend to get even on a personal level, with the people who actually did them harm (neighbors, local bureaucrats, local LEO, etc) before the "Rule of Law" eventually kicks back into play.  By the time the "courts" get to the process of prosecutions, most of the Bad People are already decomposing, as a result of personal payback.

What of America once the halls of Government are laid open to the hackers and the people who get into the file rooms, and it becomes known just how debauched many of our Countrymen had become, just how severe the injustices had been.  Americans have a split personality in our past as to how we conduct ourselves in conflicts with our own Countrymen.

As you make preparations for the storm, I would recommend that you also be ready for the aftermath, which I suspect will be more Reign of Terror than Turn the Cheek.  In many ways the aftermath is likely to be more dangerous than the storm itself.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

...and there are no bank runs...

The post below this one speaks about the EU Official who has publicly told Spanish and Italian Citizens their deposits will be confiscated, if needed, to save the EU.

I've been watching, and what I do not see is a single bank run in either country.

They are much closer to Cyprus, they are directly in the line of fire, and yet no headlines from either country about people getting out of the banks in their countries.

I can understand the "...it can't happen here..." cognitive dissonance of Americans watching Cypriots being raped in realtime by Banksters, but Italians and Spaniards are on the immediate hit list, and I'm not seeing a defensive move by the citizenry.

I can only conclude that a great majority of those who will perish in the first Big Die-Off will have very silly and shocked expressions on their faces as they die, because they simply refuse to connect the dots, right up to the moment of impact.

Good for the gene pool, bad for the psyche.

I hope all of you have taken your defensive positions already, because there will be little warning when it happens here.


Monday, March 25, 2013

If it is not under your control, it isn't yours...

Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe's single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior eurozone official has announced.

At the risk of abusing the dead horse - your digital dollars are even more vulnerable than your paper dollars.

Anything you do not have in your possession, you do not have and may not keep.

Put your paper into metals - lead, silver and gold.

Put your metals in your safe.

Put yourself and your 2A between your safe and everyone else.

If you keep your money in a bank, you are a flippin' idiot.

Here's the piece.


Blue's Blog

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.

The unreasonable man demands that the world adapt to him.

Progress depends upon the unreasonable man.

Here's another version from Blue's Place.


So you're a millionaire in Cyprus? Not. Any. More.

Deposits above 100,000 euros in both banks, which are not guaranteed under EU law, will be frozen and used to resolve Laiki's debts and recapitalize Bank of Cyprus, the island's biggest, through a deposit/equity conversion.

The raid on uninsured Laiki depositors is expected to raise 4.2 billion euros, Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijssebloem said.

Laiki will effectively be shuttered, with thousands of job losses. Officials said senior bondholders in Laiki would be wiped out and those in Bank of Cyprus would have to make a contribution.

Get it?

When push comes to shove, they will take what you can't defend.

Here's the piece.


"How many Divisions does the Pope have?" Bloomberg has several...

“I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” Mr. Bloomberg said, during an appearance on NBC. He made the statement during discussion of his soda ban — just shot down by the courts — and insistence that his fight to control sugary drink portion sizes in the city would go forth.

"We" means "Masters in Government" to people like the Mayor of NYC.

And he'll take all of your 2A so you can't do a damned thing about whatever infringements he thinks may be appropriate.

There was a time in this nation when such men were smeared with hot tar and covered in feathers by his neighbors to show their disapproval.

Americans today seem unable and unwilling to show disapproval to any infringement or indignity.

Here's the link.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

There will be a Reset...

LT over at NCRenegade has a piece about Russia pulling money from EU Banksters.

Some people might call this a clue.

Some might call it a trigger.

I think it is still laying the ground for what must come, but we are all very near the edge.

One serious bank run in any serious First World country, and the facade fails.

Here's the link.


Texas to the Fed: Give us our gold...

Texas has one billion dollars worth of gold sitting in the New York Fed vaults.


Now Texas wants their gold in their own vaults.

That is prudent.

That may also start a war when it is not delivered.

Or not.  We shall see if any real Texans have made it into Texan political offices, or if Texan politicians are just like all politicians...

Here's the link.



I love our flag.  I love what it is supposed to represent, not what evil men have perverted it to mean.

America is an ideal.

It is a place that exists in the heart and in the Soul.

It is an ideology that most people in the world simply can't comprehend.

It is a place in which any person who is willing to work can thrive.

It is a place where free men and women are left alone to live at Liberty, without infringement by Bad People in Government.

In all ages there will be men who mean to be Masters.

Americans have a long history of killing such men.

We have been too tolerant for too long.

Rich T found a story that represents one aspect of America in which a man who is willing to work can thrive.

It is time for Restoration, so that such men may be left free to indulge and secure Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Here's the link.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

III Congress

April 19th is now fewer than 30 days away.

It is time to declare if you intend to be at King's Mountain.  TL will NOT be able to make it as planned in April, but any other month will probably work for him.

It is time for Patriots to make our declaration demanding Restoration, even if it is another Necessary Fail, and sign our names to it.  We can do that by using snail mail if people are unable to make it to King's Mountain.  We can write our declaration and mail it from one Patriot to the next, until we have all added our names in ink.

Please go to the website and leave a comment on the new thread if you are going to be there.  Shall we meet and do this in person, or should we save the travel money and use the Post Office?

III Congress is here.


What you can see, and what remains hidden...

If Patriots are the physical manifestation of Rightful Liberty, it becomes our Obligation to protect what we are (self defense) and to understand that we are under attack from all directions, at all times.
Once you accept that you are under attack from all sides, that your enemies are trying to weaken and ultimately to kill you or subjugate you, then you must prioritize the attacks and engage.  Not fighting is not an option, but laying the ground and making circumstances favorable to you are mandatory.  Pick your fights as much as you are able.  Choose the ground, as much as you are able, to engage your enemies.  But if you ever forget that men mean to be your Masters and that they are coming at you relentlessly, from every angle, by every means at their disposal, you will fall.
In the end we all fall to Death.
How we die, matters.
This blog has become an iceberg in recent weeks and months.  What can be seen on your computer screen is a very small bit of the whole.  And believe me, the ideals represented on this blog are under ruthless, relentless attack from every angle across the globe.  You watch the news, you read other blogs in the community that do an excellent job of documenting this long train of abuses, so I do not need to recount the details.  Those of you who are Founders of III Arms and applicants for the Citadel, and supporters of the Citadel, know there is a lot of activity beneath the waves.

In your own lives I hope the profile you present online is minimal compared to the preparations you are taking for your family, because we are no longer living in a paradigm where any outcome other than economic collapse is viable.  Whether you believe the coming economic crash is by design or a simple byproduct of greed is no longer relevant.  Whether you believe there is a conspiracy in play to make major political changes in America during the crisis is no longer relevant.  Events in motion must lead to chaos, and in chaos the Law of Unintended Consequences will obtain.  Vacuums will be created, and they will be filled. 

Challenges to the very survival of your family are imminent, regardless of why those challenges are coming.  You must have food, water, shelter, meds and the means to defend it all.

When is the prime variable.  Once it begins, any man or group of men who think the chaos unleashed can be controlled to a pre-determined outcome on CONUS is engaging in folly of the highest order.

The average American looks at Cyprus and thumps his chest about how there would be blood in the streets if the Banksters ever tried such blatant theft here.  Yet that same American endures the same theft from every paycheck.  How many men and women in America today share the revulsion of such infringements as did our Founding Generation - those who picked up rifles and spilled blood over every tax attempted by the King?

We've pondered such questions ad nauseum across Liberty Blogs in recent years. 

We've all seen the posturing, the drawing of lines in the sand that are ignored and never defended.

But because there are men who mean to be your Master, the time for talk is nearly at an end.  No Hearts or Minds will be won in the remaining time of calm.  No election will change what is imminent.  You will either be ready, or not.  Even if you are ready, you may fall.  All you can do is the best you can do.

Some of us have decided that the best course for us is to get off the most likely lines of attack, place our backs against the backs of other Patriots, and brace for the storm that now must come. 

If you are wasting your time worrying about whether or not your Sheriff intends to enforce Ban X or Y, you are beyond my ability to help.  If you give a whit one way or another about DiFi's loss in the Senate, or you are wringing your hands and worrying about a Drone policy, or which manufacturer will make the first 7 round magazine for your Mini-14, you have failed to comprehend the simple, fundamental reality: Impact is imminent.

In the very near future Man's Law will hold no sway in your zip code, be it NYC or DFW.

The Laws of Nature are about to reassert themselves.

What emerges on the other side of that period of days is simply not knowable to the minds of men.

Live or Die will be the only results of every engagement.  Rules?  Laws?  Taxes?  Permits?

Only Malum in se will guide the world of Men, at least for a while.

Man is about to be reminded of his true place in the Universe.

I hope that every move you take in these days advances your odds of survival, for if the majority of survivors are amoral or immoral, Liberty will die in the chaos.


Friday, March 22, 2013

New World Order, Comrade...


Now do you understand why a Marxist America is imperative?

Either you get it...or you will die on their timeline.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some mistakes...

...you only get to make once.

Are you making any now?


It is now Spring.

Across America families are getting ready, or have already started, to prepare for their subsistence gardens.  Do you have seed?  We purchased a Patriot Package and are looking forward to learning just what we can do this season on the Citadel beachhead.

If you need more seed - and you know that you do, because one of the most effective weapons of the Enemies of Liberty will be your food supply - load up while you can from Bill at Jebadiah Fisher Seed.

Don't be that guy standing in line at the gun show praying he han buy decent .308 rounds for less than $1.50/round.  You can get seed today, but no man can promise what tomorrow may bring.

Here's the link.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Concept to Concrete: Months

In the very near future the first III Pioneers will be going to Idaho to advance the Citadel Project.

From concepts to concrete in months.

How many more months might we have before some American bank takes 10% of all deposits? 


Third grade arithmetic is all one needs to understand that the economy must fail.

History has shown us several times what happens when economies fail.

Where will you be when it happens?  Will you still be in suburbia, thinking you have more time?

If you have been waiting to buy a hundred bricks of 22lr for your preps - you waited too long.

What have you been putting off?  Rice?  Seed?  Water?  Fuel for a generator?

What if you don't have as much time as you think?

You will be alive during a historic paradigm shift for we silly bipeds...

...but for how long?


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Modern Sword

The rifle is our modern sword.

It is the primary means of offense and defense, when given the choice.

You already know this, and many of you choose the AR as your modern Katana.

What's the purpose of this post, just to write what you already know?

Nope - it is simply to give you a new link to Miller's site, because the man is in the modern sword business, and I enjoy reminding the world that the hundreds and hundreds of Patriots who put their faith and confidence, their money and their hopes, into this aspect of the III, did so wisely.

We are doing exactly what we promised you we would do.


We've got this.

Here's Miller's link.  Watch the CAM video.


How's your Phalanx Skillset?

That question is rhetorical, of course.

But the premise is sound.

Banksters have dropped the optics and told politicians to simply take money from depositors.

A large subsection of Americans woke up recently - why do you think they cleared the shelves, from coast to coast, of all the fighting firearms, ammo and mags across the country?  Why do you think a .223 round is now averaging $1 per. 

Because there is a section of Americans who intend to kill Banksters and many others if they try that silliness here.

And they will try it here.  That is why .gov bought a billion + rounds of .40 JHPs and why DHS is putting MRAPs in suburbs.

That is why militias and others are quietly forming mutual defense alliances.  That is why many people are pulling their money out of banks and putting it into metal (lead, if they are smart).  That is why Patriots are stocking up on supplies to weather the coming storm that will disrupt the flow of goods and services.

Americans are preparing for war.

Some of us intend to get off the lines of attack and let the primary fighters wear each other down.

Idaho looks good.

The Citadel looks better.


Monday, March 18, 2013

My apologies

Folks, I never imagined that I would be so busy that I would be simply unable to keep up with all of the communications associated with this blog, Citadel stuff, and so forth.  I have conversations with so many of you that remain open, and every day that passes I get another 300+ emails through the box that pushes everything else even deeper.

I read EVERY email that comes through.  I *intend* to answer every one - and these days I end up not getting that part done.  I ask for your patience and forgiveness.  So many of you have helped in so many ways, offered help, and support, I am in awe.  For instance, several of you offered to translate those drawings into "proper" blueprints/mechanical drawings and even digital files, and I haven't even had a chance to walk the 4 feet to my book case and forward the information.

I thank you all, and I hope you understand that I am never dropping a communication because I am tired of talking or for any other reason - I'm just swamped.  Holly is swamped.  I know Miller is swamped if you've been watching the III Arms advancements.  VJ and the Steering Committee has a LOT on the plate.  So if you and I have been talking and I drop off the radar, or if it seems like I am simply ignoring your email, I'm not.  The simple truth is I am, even for me, on that edge of overwhelm. 

The Cold Steel Tomahawk above is from a Patriot who volunteered to donate for the one I offered last week.  It had already been claimed, so he went and got one anyway, and added the paracord which is way f'n cool.  Mark, your 'hawk and your 10 pack are en route, all in the same package.  Patches are in the mail, especially to the folks who rec'd the wrong ones.  IIIGear stuff is rolling out the door, and very serious, tangible steps involving Citadel are claiming much of my time.

One of the Patriots on the Steering Committee is a professional construction cost estimator, and he took the time to work us up some preliminary numbers, and I am just now beginning to dig in there.

So, please accept my mea culpa, and NEVER hesitate to send me an email if too much time has gone by and I owe you something.

In a nutshell: III Arms is in Miller's very capable hands.  Citadel is exploding behind the scenes.  IIIGear is also exploding, because of all the new III Patriots who are fining us.  And we all feel the pressure of the ever-ticking countdown clock in our ears.  We are racing against Implosion.

We'll make it.  But I beg you all, cover your six.  Bad People are preparing to do very Bad Things on a historic level against you and yours.  They have telegraphed so much over the last 90 days I dare not waste energy even watching those who would be Masters - because I know they are coming, and they are coming now.

Founders and Citadel folks: Please participate at the forum, VJ is taking care of important information via those channels that we do not want out in the world.

So, one more time, in all sincerity, mea culpa.


Discard your vanities, right now...

For any thinking Soul the mere headline about Cyprus should be sufficient for you to focus on the realities of the Human animal - food, water, shelter, defense of your Tribe.  If you are worried about Little Janie's dance recital next weekend, you are in trouble.

With the press of a few buttons "wealth" can be moved from your account, into someone else's account.

And how you eat tomorrow is your problem.

Do you understand?

The Bad People in the world just showed you, all Optics unfiltered, what they plan to do, in part, when they move against you.  Step One: Take your money.

Don't like it?  Fuck you.  They don't even need to come and take it from your wallet or under your bed anymore.  Think you are safe because you put stacks of American Greenbacks in your safe?  Sure, they'll hold a bit of value, for a little while.  But then they'll simply be made obsolete by a new currency, that you won't have.  Gold and Silver will help, but they will not solve your problems.  The Government will merely outlaw Gold and Silver and the moment you try to barter with it for an egg, the pettiness of the Human Ego (one of the Have-Nots in the crowd) will rat you out like Donald Sutherland at the end of Body Snatchers.

I have said this for years, and I do not change my position today: Lead is the new Gold.

The clock is ticking.

Can you hear it?

How long before the neighbors on either side of your home get hungry if the banks and EBT cards went dark tomorrow morning? 

How long can you fend them off with your current preps?

Folks, whether you hear the clock or not, it is ticking.  D-Day will begin in your neighborhood just like every other morning.

It will not end well.


Oh, did I mention...

...Mother Fuck You!?

You know who you are. 

Go Miller.

Sorry to disappoint my enemies, but this group of Patriots gets work done.  We do not stand around, wringing our hands, waiting for the enemy to move.

We change the paradigm.

We get inside their OODA Loop and fuck it up.

And "We" represent thousands of Patriots.

You mean to have a war?

Come get some.

The snow is melting across the country, and soon our parcel in Idaho will be ready for our first improvements.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Help needed from one of you who does Silver/Gold

When I buy gold or silver I buy and hold.

But that story coming out of Europe should be a cautionary tale for everyone.

For those of you who don't buy and hold, what is the best method you've found for converting your gold or silver to FRNs when you need to pay for something (assuming your creditor won't accept Silver/gold)  How do you get around the several percentage points of loss endured from the broker who takes a cut every time, whether you are buying into metal or selling out?


If I knew a way to do this I'd let you folks pay for everything at IIIGear via metal, if we can find a way to limit the losses during conversions.

Here's the story.

Take it seriously folks - one day in the near future you'll swipe that card and all of your digital "money" will simply be gone...


Saturday, March 16, 2013

DNS resolved in time to give all our "fans" something special...

...fuck you.

Go Miller.


A lull

I must admit there is an upside to having Kerodin.com down for a few days.

Though I know I have hundreds of emails each day stacking up waiting to dump in my lap when DNS gets their act together.  For the moment, I get to put my mind purely on the Citadel and what the next 45 days will bring.

Stay safe, folks.


Friday, March 15, 2013

A curious observation...

GunBot.net has plenty of access to .40 ammo.

Check it here.


A thought on War

Most wars are started and continued by two types of men:

...those who have everything to lose...

...and those who have nothing left to lose.


Kerodin Email Heads-up

The renewal date snuck up on me.  It's been handled, but the DNS and mail delivery may take up to 24 hours to get back to normal.

If you need me in a hurry: III@IIIPercent.com


Drone Countermeasures

There are those of you out there who know what Drones can see.

So, without giving away State Secrets and ending up in Leavenworth, share with your fellow Patriots what he can do to make a Safe Room where the prying eyes of a Drone Operator can't get eyes-on.

Here's just a "for instance" rhetorical scenario.

A guy you know may or may not be building a castle-looking house out of concrete and rebar in the near future up in some mountains - and that house will probably have a 24/7 Drone assignment.

Does lead lining defeat some of the electronics suite?  How thick?  Does 1/4" steel help?  Does going underground help, and how much soil is needed to defeat the signal?  I'm pretty certain these things have laser-audio - how to defeat?  Double-paned glass?  Is there a reflective surface at Home Depot that will scatter the laser?

How do we blind these things.

We have Patriots in this community right now who have answers, and your allies need those answers.

Rhetorical, of course.

I am a law-abiding Citizen, no matter what Zoomie says.  ;)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blades - Get wet

**BUMP**  Good comment section, worthy of a bump to the top. - K

I have always been most comfortable up close and personal when in CQB.  If I don't get wet with blood, there is too much distance between me and my enemy. Too much room for error.  (Note: It isn't always his blood alone...)

It has been this way since my uncle first began my training as a teenager, and it evolved to many of the finest dojos and finest Warriors across America.  This applies to blades, pistols, SMGs, and empty hands.  I am most comfortable when I am close.  Rifle range contact never gets my blood pumping.

Above you see the current iteration of the GI Tanto from Cold Steel.  It is a simple, strong, razor sharp tanto blade with several cutting edges.  I have them spread all over my home, and can put my hands on one in moments, no matter where I may be.  At that point I become a handful.  It'll drive through 1" treated board with no worries, it'll slash to any bone in the human body with the flip of a wrist, and with just a bit of knife skills, through any bone you've got except your skull frontal plate and femur.  But make no mistake, it'll penetrate 6" into your forehead with little real effort.

The best thing about these blades is that they are relatively inexpensive.

Blades are silent.  I can move quietly around my home to engage targets without identifying my position with muzzle blast.  And to be very honest, as humbly as possible, I can take the handgun from most men who let me within 15 feet anyway.  30 feet if I have a katana.  But that is another story.

Do not place too much emphasis on your firearms, Patriots. Be versatile.  Have options.

IIIGear has a selection of Cold Steel and KA-BAR at IIIGear.com that you should consider.  I would bet my life, and have bet my life, on every Cold Steel I have ever put in my hands.  You can too.  I just had to raise the prices of the Cold Steel at IIIGear.  As soon as I am done here, I'm raising the prices of the KA-BARs, too.

I've also switched my folder selections - I always carried (2) 3" Voyagers until recently.  Now I carry a 3" Voyager for routine pocket knife chores, such as opening boxes.  I now carry the black Recon for serious work - that blade never touches anything but human flesh.

The 7 1/2 inch San Mai Tanto is the ultimate combat blade, but that's another discussion.  The O Katana is essential, but again, another discussion.

Get what you need now. 



Just throw the f'n cock-punch!

Are you ready to be the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the valley?  In the firefight?  In the melee?

You do not have to succeed at being the baddest - but you must try.

Or you will lose.

And make no mistake - even the baddest guy loses much of the time.

The time is coming.


Obama and Biden abroad at the same time?


Here's the piece.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

State of the III

IIIGear: Stuff has shipped, is shipping and will ship.  The speed of the USPS seems to be different at different pipelines.  Give it time, it'll be there.

Nine months ago, or close to it, none of us had any idea about the Citadel.

Then we started chatting about it on the blog, and it caught many of you from the blindside - pleasantly.

Nine months.

III Arms: I am not as qualified as you may think to speak on behalf of III Arms.  When we all decided to start this project as a cornerstone for the Citadel, we agreed that I'd find the right person to run III Arms.  I lived up to my promise, and Jim Miller is that guy.  Even if I were able to run III Arms, Jim would be a better fit.  You'll just have to believe me.  He's got a sweet, sweet CNC being delivered to his shop and should be turning lowers and other parts in short order.

We've solutioned our barrel issue with the help of a few great Patriots.

We've rec'd a commitment from one of our Founders and an absolutely superb Patriot who intends to move this summer and begin the process to acquire his 06FFL to build ammunition that will carry the III Brand.  Yeah, I know - good luck getting components.  Look around you and what is happening just on this post - we get the job done, and we'll do the same thing with Ammo.

III Citadel: We acquired this property and scooted out of the AO with the first real snowstorm of the season on our heels, in October.  In short order that snow will melt and we will begin getting the site developed for Miller.  Well.  Power.  Building.  And much, much more. 

We have several III Patriots in this community who are intent on settling on parcels near Miller, and this is a good thing.  If you are considering a move to Idaho this year and buying a mountaintop parcel near ours, let me know sometime over the next few months, and I'll hook you up with the seller - she is an absolutely magnificent person.

We've been pretty silent on the Citadel because there are BIG possibilities in the works that may accelerate both III Arms and the Citadel - but to say more at this point would be imprudent.  Please simply continue to trust that we will do what is best for the Citadel.  It may be this opportunity, and it may not.  Our Steering Committee is up to (I think) 8 people, each of whom is an outstanding Patriot who brings professional skills and common sense to the table.

The plan at this moment is to have Miller get his shop up, running and cutting lowers, uppers, 1911 frames, and when he has the extra capacity he'll be making small pieces like triggers, hammers, grip safeties, et cetera. 

H and I will have boots on the ground in Benewah, regardless of what happens.  We will oversee site development and look the residents in the eye so they know the lies they have read in the paper are exactly that - lies and hyperbole used by media to sell ad units.  Just remember, H and I have a publishing house as well, and it may well have to become the newspaper of record for Benewah.  ;)

On our parcel it will be required, as soon as the ground permits, to do some more clearing and pad development, road development, and similar responsibilities.  We intend to have good electrical service, but most heating in those parts is done by wood, so if you are one of those people who think you have little to contribute, yet want to be in the Citadel, let us know - we'll need someone who splits and stack wood for people.

We are looking to fill up to 2 dozen households this summer, and our goal is to scout properties and begin the arduous work of clearing permits.  Women and families with kids, consider it.  If you home school that is ideal.  If you are in a position to pay a small rent/lease while launching your dream business, consider it.

If you want real Liberty, if you have what it takes to get off the couch and do something this summer along the lines of Citadel, send me a note.

Nine months.

We have birthed a Movement.  We are building on both projects in weeks.

This is serious business.  If you are a III Pioneer to Idaho: Stand and be counted!

We'll roll out more details as appropriate.



Condor arrived today, so a few orders that had been waiting for fleeces will ship ASAP.

A big shipment went out yesterday, more tomorrow.

My thanks to those who have given me the heads up when stuff arrives.  We've shipped from locations as varied as Tulsa to McLean Virginia in recent weeks, with everything from UPS Ground to USPS, Priority, First Class and Standard.  So delivery times are unpredictable, and they only give me tracking information with a few of those options.

But, so far, everything seems to be arriving just fine, if a bit delayed.


What did you do today?

You see what is happening in the world around you.  I'm not talking about the sheep who move through each day knowing that today will be filled with grass to eat, tonight will be safe to sleep because the shepherd will be on watch, and tomorrow there will be more fresh, green grass to eat.  I'm talking about the people who have the power to, collectively, start wars.  You see what they are doing.  History tells us what they are doing.  They are not even trying to hide what they are doing.

So the question is: What are you doing differently given what you see?

If you have your own DefCon system, or your own Doomsday clock, have you changed the settings? 

If you plan to bug out in an emergency, is everyone at home ready to go in minutes when you call?

Are you, personally, a person who thinks you may be on "The First List" of rabble-rousers who will be targeted by Bad People - and if so, have you changed your routine, or taken any steps that make you more prepared?

Colonel Cooper had his color system.  Have you moved to Orange or are you hanging in Yellow?

When a rattlesnake feels threatened, it coils and rattles, and bares fangs.

When my Akita decides it is time to step up, his ears go back, his front end lowers, back end coils to burst muscles in any direction, and if he's silent, he intends to attack.  If he's still grumbling, you have a second or two to defuse the tension.

But given what you are watching every single day from men who mean to be Masters, by men who have the means to order war, have you moved your hand closer to the butt of that old Colt as they did in the Westerns?  Does your Go Bag that stays with you have anything more lethal in it these days to ensure you get home, regardless of the odds, the shut downs, the barriers put in place by LEO?  Are you ready to go Hot on any day, at any hour?

In the 3 years or so since I published my first book and have written online, I have never seen our world closer to Implosion.  And I don't see it as a meandering course with off-ramps, where peril may be avoided at the last moment.  We are on a rail, that leads straight to the scene of the crash.

Men who mean to be Masters are making their moves, right now.

Watch that Dow.  That is one of many indicators.  It is a bubble right now.  And there is no part of the global economic system that can absorb the effects of that bubble bursting.  The last bubble was bankster-created, and it was nations that assumed the debt and slowed the crash.  Today, there is nothing in the system capable of acting as an airbag.  When that bubble blows (They'll call it a "correction" in the early days when the world still has that facade of normalcy in place) it'll be full Implosion as the result.

The only goods that will make it to shelves after that 'correction' will be whatever is in the pipeline.

Are you still getting up every day, going to work, coming home, changing nothing, knowing what you know?


President Obama Brilliance

I know many of you don't want to hear it, and will probably try to find a way to dispute the premise.

So be it.  The truth is the truth, and it is what it is.

Someone in the White House had an "Ah-HA!" moment regarding Gun Control and when they realized they wouldn't get a FedGov ban through Congress, and an Executive end-run would provoke a war, someone, and I am betting the President, said: "Call our states and get them to crush 2A.  It'll take them years to work it out in the courts, by which time we will have our own SCOTUS (as if that still matters), and attrition will have eroded a third of the population of the country regarding 2A."

Tell me that isn't exactly what is happening in Blue states.

Tell me it isn't working.  Not one single revolt in California, New York, Maryland, Illinois or other Blue state where they came down hardcore.

How long before confiscations begin in those states?

California already has a task force doing it - though they claim it is only for criminals and others who have been placed on "Prohibited Persons" lists.

Now think ObamaCare.  A "Prohibited Person" will soon become anyone who has ever taken a Happy Pill, been busted with pot, et cetera, and per Doctor's orders is no longer responsible enough for 2A.  Then, it'll be the Lanza excuse: "You have a Prohibited Person in the home, all 2A suspended."

Say what you will.  Them's the facts.

And it worked.

When FedGov places an order for 1.4 or 1.6 billion .223, well...


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never, ever, quit...

We rec'd notice today that the Judge (Federal) in our case against ServiceMagic was dismissed for an inadequate complaint: "...failure to properly state a claim..."

What does that mean?

That means we tighten up the complaint and file again, and then we start all over again.

But we do not quit.

We do not tap out.

This isn't the venue for arguing our case.  The gist of it is that we owned XYZPDQ.com and we used it for business.  Our customers knew who we were, where we were, and how to reach us through XYZPDQ.com.  We had established "secondary meaning" in our "service mark", which makes it off-limits for others to infringe.

Then the Bad People bought XYZ-PDQ.com.  They added a hyphen and our business was badly affected as a result.  They did this across 9 different domains.  Nine.

Now, that's just not right, is it?  Nope, we don't think so, either. 

Now, fighting in Federal Court isn't as easy as throwing an elbow at a nose - but the premise is the same.  We have to do certain things at certain times, in a certain manner in order to ever get to the place where we get to tell our story to a jury.  The judge today said we have to start the process over.

So, we will do just that.  We have the rest of our lives to spend on this issue.  We have the long game.

What is the bigger message, and how does it tie into this blog?

Never, ever, quit.

You quit, you die.

You may die anyway, but do not die as a quitter.


.40 Answer #1

Remember my post below - why .40s?

The opening paragraph about the California Team tasked with door-to-door confiscations carry Glock .40s.

Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles. They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital.

And why were these guns being confiscated?  Why was this entire household being stripped of 2A?

Because one member spent 2 days in a Mental House.

How long before your kid with ADD is sufficient reason to strip your home of 2A?

Oh, that'll never happen...

You are living in a moment of History that will be in the books for many, many generations to come.

How will the story end?

Beats me - you are helping to write it...

Here's the piece.


.40 Caliber Purchase by .Gov

These are .40 S&W rounds.

You and I know what they do and what they are designed to do.

You and I also know that .Gov ordered 1.4 or 1.6 Billion rounds.

We can all speculate why.

The .40 is a modest defensive round.  If you carry the .40 unwad your panties - I know it will kill and like everything from the .22LR to the .50 AE, shot placement is more important than caliber.  You are not getting hydrostatic shock value at pistol caliber numbers.

So, why the .40?  Why did .Gov buy .40s?  .mil doesn't use them, so far as I know.  They may have a few special applications, but for the most part our .mil uses 9mm, 5.56 NATO, 7.62 and .50 in small arms.

As of this moment, there have been no abnormal purchases of 5.56 NATO.

This is a DHS move.  Domestic.

If DHS planned to defend CONUS against a foreign invader, they'd be buying real weapons of war theaters.

Who in .Gov does use the .40?  LEO.  LEO departments across the land use .40 heavily, in service pistols and in SMGs - both are CQB weapons and the .40 is a round used in CQB situations.  These are not weapons for a war theatre, these are weapons for LEO Stacks and "Law Enforcement."

So, does DHS plan to cache all of this .40 for future use against citizens?  That's one possible answer, and I know many of you subscribe to that theory.

Is there something about the .40 that makes it a good candidate to buy if your goal is backdoor gun control?  .40 is NOT the number one defensive round in Civilian America.  It certainly isn't top 3, maybe top 5.  So, again, buying all the .40 doesn't stop Citizens who load .45 or 9mm or .357 or other loads - or does it?

What about the components it takes to make the .40?  By ordering about 1.5 billion rounds, has DHS starved the market for a popular powder or primers?  Does the order tie up manufacturers so they can't make other calibers? 

When I think it all through - and you folks know I am not a conspiracy guy - I must conclude it looks like someone plans to load out a large army with .40 caliber ammo.  Important questions: Has there been a quiet increase in .40 caliber weapons purchases across LEO, hidden among general Department orders rather than conspicuously in a single DHS purchase?

I believe Occam's Razor applies here, folks.

It is exactly what it appears to be: Elements of .Gov (not .mil) intend considerable action against Citizens.

If we conclude the premise upon which this column has been posited, we must conclude, and prepare, for LEO to begin moving against Citizens.

A rhetorical question: What do you intend to do about it?

Monday, March 11, 2013

We've got this...

Most readers - because I have told you so many times - and every one of you who have met me would agree that I do not fall into that category of men who inspire fear and trepidation based on my physical size and imposing demeanor.  I am shorter than most men, I am lighter than most men, and I have a reflexive smile.  All of these are reasons why I was very successful as an LP in those times of my life when I made a living from my CQB skills. 

When you see a Principal (the guy the Team is protecting) he is often flanked by very imposing men in dark suits, dark shades, and chests that remind one of an old-growth forest.  What you don't see are the LPs (Low Profiles) who are in the crowd looking for mischief.  We go unnoticed.  We don't raise the innate defenses of Fighting Men in normal circumstances. 

We can get close, where we can go to work.

Being under-estimated is a part of life.  Some people learn to use it to advantage.  Anything can be accomplished if you look for the work-around, if you have the guts to step where others may fear to tread, if you are willing to take that risk others may not.

At the moment several members in the Citadel Project are working hard on a work-around.  Our Plan A is already underway - Miller's CNC is en-route to his shop and we are just a few weeks from breaking ground in Idaho.  But then an opportunity presented that we have an obligation to explore - a way to get the Citadel built faster and even better than our own plan and pace would allow.  So we are doing that right now.  And I am proud to announce that whether we stick with our Plan A, we accept this new opportunity, or not, we'll have our work-around fleshed-out in a few days.

No matter what course we take, it will be done in steps.  One foot after the other.  Our first step is to get Miller in a position that he is delivering product and has a Team of craftsmen at his back.  Our second step is to make tangible, real-world advances on the beachhead.  No matter what happens, no matter which fork in the road we take, we will accomplish both goals in the coming weeks.


We will be a town of Riflemen who respect the Founding Ideals of this great republic, from Day One.

Every single man and woman in our presence will live by the voluntary Patriot Agreement on our website.

Liberty will not die.  Not on our watch.

Win-Win is a fundamental tenet of successful business.  We - the people who want the Citadel to be realized - are at the precipice of a serious Win-Win.  And not only that, the project may be documented by the best such professionals in the world for posterity.

This will not sound humble, but I mean no hubris: Those on the Steering Committee and most of the people involved in the Citadel Project "sense" a greater purpose in our efforts.  Getting this Citadel built is bigger than all of us.  Each and every one of us has buried our Ego and we are working for that next Generation of Americans who will live either under Liberty, or Tyranny.

Make no mistake, I feel the eyes and judgment of John Parker on the back of my neck.

I feel the eyes and judgment of my uncle on the back of my neck.

I refuse to let Liberty die so long as I draw breath.

And I know I am not alone.

To each and every single one of you who has supported this effort either financially, or morally, or by telling a friend, or by writing about it on your blog, or in any other way, you have my eternal thanks.

We have a job to get done.

We've got this.