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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

...and there are no bank runs...

The post below this one speaks about the EU Official who has publicly told Spanish and Italian Citizens their deposits will be confiscated, if needed, to save the EU.

I've been watching, and what I do not see is a single bank run in either country.

They are much closer to Cyprus, they are directly in the line of fire, and yet no headlines from either country about people getting out of the banks in their countries.

I can understand the "...it can't happen here..." cognitive dissonance of Americans watching Cypriots being raped in realtime by Banksters, but Italians and Spaniards are on the immediate hit list, and I'm not seeing a defensive move by the citizenry.

I can only conclude that a great majority of those who will perish in the first Big Die-Off will have very silly and shocked expressions on their faces as they die, because they simply refuse to connect the dots, right up to the moment of impact.

Good for the gene pool, bad for the psyche.

I hope all of you have taken your defensive positions already, because there will be little warning when it happens here.