Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Monday, March 18, 2013

Discard your vanities, right now...

For any thinking Soul the mere headline about Cyprus should be sufficient for you to focus on the realities of the Human animal - food, water, shelter, defense of your Tribe.  If you are worried about Little Janie's dance recital next weekend, you are in trouble.

With the press of a few buttons "wealth" can be moved from your account, into someone else's account.

And how you eat tomorrow is your problem.

Do you understand?

The Bad People in the world just showed you, all Optics unfiltered, what they plan to do, in part, when they move against you.  Step One: Take your money.

Don't like it?  Fuck you.  They don't even need to come and take it from your wallet or under your bed anymore.  Think you are safe because you put stacks of American Greenbacks in your safe?  Sure, they'll hold a bit of value, for a little while.  But then they'll simply be made obsolete by a new currency, that you won't have.  Gold and Silver will help, but they will not solve your problems.  The Government will merely outlaw Gold and Silver and the moment you try to barter with it for an egg, the pettiness of the Human Ego (one of the Have-Nots in the crowd) will rat you out like Donald Sutherland at the end of Body Snatchers.

I have said this for years, and I do not change my position today: Lead is the new Gold.

The clock is ticking.

Can you hear it?

How long before the neighbors on either side of your home get hungry if the banks and EBT cards went dark tomorrow morning? 

How long can you fend them off with your current preps?

Folks, whether you hear the clock or not, it is ticking.  D-Day will begin in your neighborhood just like every other morning.

It will not end well.