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Monday, March 18, 2013

My apologies

Folks, I never imagined that I would be so busy that I would be simply unable to keep up with all of the communications associated with this blog, Citadel stuff, and so forth.  I have conversations with so many of you that remain open, and every day that passes I get another 300+ emails through the box that pushes everything else even deeper.

I read EVERY email that comes through.  I *intend* to answer every one - and these days I end up not getting that part done.  I ask for your patience and forgiveness.  So many of you have helped in so many ways, offered help, and support, I am in awe.  For instance, several of you offered to translate those drawings into "proper" blueprints/mechanical drawings and even digital files, and I haven't even had a chance to walk the 4 feet to my book case and forward the information.

I thank you all, and I hope you understand that I am never dropping a communication because I am tired of talking or for any other reason - I'm just swamped.  Holly is swamped.  I know Miller is swamped if you've been watching the III Arms advancements.  VJ and the Steering Committee has a LOT on the plate.  So if you and I have been talking and I drop off the radar, or if it seems like I am simply ignoring your email, I'm not.  The simple truth is I am, even for me, on that edge of overwhelm. 

The Cold Steel Tomahawk above is from a Patriot who volunteered to donate for the one I offered last week.  It had already been claimed, so he went and got one anyway, and added the paracord which is way f'n cool.  Mark, your 'hawk and your 10 pack are en route, all in the same package.  Patches are in the mail, especially to the folks who rec'd the wrong ones.  IIIGear stuff is rolling out the door, and very serious, tangible steps involving Citadel are claiming much of my time.

One of the Patriots on the Steering Committee is a professional construction cost estimator, and he took the time to work us up some preliminary numbers, and I am just now beginning to dig in there.

So, please accept my mea culpa, and NEVER hesitate to send me an email if too much time has gone by and I owe you something.

In a nutshell: III Arms is in Miller's very capable hands.  Citadel is exploding behind the scenes.  IIIGear is also exploding, because of all the new III Patriots who are fining us.  And we all feel the pressure of the ever-ticking countdown clock in our ears.  We are racing against Implosion.

We'll make it.  But I beg you all, cover your six.  Bad People are preparing to do very Bad Things on a historic level against you and yours.  They have telegraphed so much over the last 90 days I dare not waste energy even watching those who would be Masters - because I know they are coming, and they are coming now.

Founders and Citadel folks: Please participate at the forum, VJ is taking care of important information via those channels that we do not want out in the world.

So, one more time, in all sincerity, mea culpa.