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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If you're on the fence about the Mosby East Coast Classes...

...here is a comment left on a post below:

Anonymous April 30, 2013 at 12:19 PM

I've done several of Mosby's classes. They rock! Best money you'll spend anywhere getting trained. We had a former SEAL in a recent class.
The chats around the campfires at night are priceless.
Hope to meet even more Patriots in upcoming classes.

-- a friend of da GHOST.
I've never met Mosby.  I get nothing for promoting his classes - except the knowledge that at least some III Patriots in my part of the world will have the skills he teaches.

III SitRep

III Citadel: After Brock's gig I will head west and begin site development. I am told by allies on the ground that the site and weather is ready to begin. We have an extraordinary Team running the Citadel on the Steering Committee.

III Citadel Special Note: As many of you know (the Steering Committee knows more details) the Citadel was bombarded with media interest after our Drudge mention, including more than 2 dozen production companies that want the Rights to film a documentary television series of our progress.  We will decide by the end of this week to whom we grant documentary Rights - if anyone.  It may be better for our community to keep the media out and control our message ourselves.

III Arms: Miller is working when his day job permits and you've seen some results and will see more in the near future.

AR Mags: I am going to leave the link up for 10-Packs of the Thermolds until I leave for Brock's place. The remainder will be shifted to Miller for use when he ships rifles. If you want/need mags, get 'em now.  If you plan to order a III Arms rifle or 1911, I suggest you get your order in soon.  Ruger is 2 years back-ordered - do NOT get caught in that kind of situation when you need a firearm. 

III Congress: We met and I am in the process of putting together a proper mailing list and rough draft of a founding resolution for delegates to get where they want.  We will update the III Political Platform and get it re-published as well.  We want Delegates from every state, and we prefer several delegates from each.  The Congress is going to play a significant role in coming III efforts.

III PSA:  We discussed a III PSA that we can produce and use online to help launch some of our efforts, draw some media attention, and make Marxist heads explode.  I am the first to tell you that I can sometimes go too far, so I ran my idea for a :30 second PSA by Alan Mullenax, and for those of you who have met him or talked to him, you will understand what it means when he told me to tone it down a bit.  ;)  This is another effort we in the Congress will work on together, so give me a bit of time.

III 2A:  I asked the other day if we should start a serious, no compromise III 2A organization based on the simple premise "...shall not be infringed..." and the overwhelming response was yes.  The proper place to construct this organization is through the Delegates of the Congress, which itself falls under the 527 (official IRS designation as a political advocacy group - good for us).  We'll get to it.

III Congress Delegates: I have ordered III Congress tabs for your uniforms/gear bags.  When they arrive, I'll be sending them to you.  Of course there is no charge.

III Politics: There are some people who believe that the III should not be a political entity.  Polls on my blog have repeatedly affirmed that the majority of my III readers think differently.  You folks always, overwhelmingly, vote for an active III presence.  To that end, some of us in the Citadel have been in touch with the Secretary of State of Idaho, and we will make Idaho the first state in which we become an official political party, on the ballot.  No, I do not think we will change "ANYTHING" by voting before implosion.  But after implosion is another matter - politics will ALWAYS be part of human society, and we need to be in a place to take point.

III 300:  Many of you have written privately, and some publicly, and this is a Go.  Please give me some time to work out the edges, then I'll ask you all to help define how it will work.  Think Leonidas - he marched with 300 Warriors and Patriots who knew they were never going home - but they marched to do a piece of work that had to be done.  Think John Parker.  He had no idea how things would go on Lexington Green - but he was ready to make whatever sacrifice he needed to make to protect his family behind him.  This will be a special III Unit - more detail when and where appropriate.

IIIGear: Most orders are up to date.  A few recent orders (the last week or so) are waiting for processing and Condor to deliver.  We have a few knives that still need to go out, and I have a backlog on ALC shirts and hoodies, but everything ordered has essentially been processed.  I will be shutting down several offerings from IIIGear very soon - knives probably, I haven't really decided yet.  The purpose of III Gear is morale, cohesion, and the ability to recognize III Patriots in the field.  Every event I attend, I am proud of how many III patches and stickers I see.  I'll update this topic when I decide where we are headed.  The simple truth is that IIIGear runs on zero profit margin (it is not a business) and it takes a LOT of time.

Personal/Professional: As you know all III Projects are currently volunteer efforts.  Not one person takes a salary from ANY III project.  Each and every III Project has a bank account and operating capital in it - III Arms, IIIGear, III Congress, III Citadel, etc.  But III Projects have taken over all of my time.  I spend at least 12 hours each day on III projects, before I devote any time to paying my family bills.

With the Citadel Beachhead coming online, my travel is going to increase exponentially.

As a few of you know, one of my businesses is offering exclusive RapeSafety training to private classes - primarily marketed to well-to-do women and their daughters, daughters who are a year or two from heading off to college. 

Holly and I have decided that given the realities of my life and the importance of III projects, I should shift my professional focus and return to teaching full time to pay our family bills.  I will dedicate a post to this either today or tomorrow, but we have agreed that I will create a core training program for CQB for the III Patriot who expects to meet the Enemies of Liberty in the field.  I will cull all of the extraneous and teach students how to prevail in sudden CQB when you can't immediately get your rifle, pistol or blade into play.  I'll teach you how to defeat his efforts, and to get your killing move in first.

There are plenty of very well-suited trainers for teaching you and your Team SUT, the art of the combat rifle, tracking, intel gathering, etc.  My skills and life experience include getting wet, at belt buckle range, and staying alive.  I'll make it affordable for individuals and Teams while earning enough to keep my modest bills paid, I'll work with certain militia Teams, certain private organizations, but I will not teach anyone who I consider ideologically unfit.

This will not be a "Martial Arts" course.  This will be a series of 5-9 core techniques designed to end a fight, right now.  We've decided to produce a DVD that will be given to each student/Team so you can continue to train and refine after I am gone.

I am not going to waste your time with stretches, with fancy moves that have no real world value, and I'll teach a set of finishing techniques that most "schools" will not teach, or will make you train for years to learn.  If your militia team scout suddenly and unexpectedly encounters an enemy, your man or woman needs to know how to kill the enemy, right now.  That will be my focus.

I have worked for many years to avoid returning to this profession, but it is time.


Not safe for commies, bitches, whiners, crybabies, pathetic couch Patriots and taint-sucklers of any variety.

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet

1. Senior government officials
2. Armed government personnel (whether .gov, .mil, foreign, or contractor)
3. Government employees
4. Government auxiliaries (contractors and their employees)
5. Government sources (informants and other intel assets)
6. Materiel and infrastructure associated with 1-5 above
7. Personnel associated with 1-5 above

Understand that in the Coming Excitement, both sides will be applying kinetic and other energies to 1-7 above. To grok the Regime perspective, just substitute “insurgent” for “government” in the list above.

You must wrap your brains around the counterforce/countervalue distinction made here:

If you and/or your stuff and/or your people are included in any of these categories, you will be a combatant – whether you want to be or not.

Pretending otherwise and thus failing to plan for that reality is childish and naive.

And likely fatal.

Tempus fugit.


I stole that and I ain't ashamed, neither.  The picture of General Mattis is for atmosphere - the words in the caption are the General's, the rest is not - but could've been.

Take all your field manuals, all your 4GW/5GW/6GW blah blah and plant it next to Bill's seeds.  The seeds will do more good for you, faster.

I can accomplish 1-7 all day long, and a car only makes my day less tiring.  The same infrastructure exists where you live, too.

The above is the way my Uncle used to break down a challenge - simple, without $2 words, and effective.  In the modern vernacular - Go to work 'n get 'er done.  Clean your AO and I'll clean mine and the world will improve.

And either you'll do it, or you won't.

1-7 = Liberty.

Can't do that math?  Go study more hype, listen to hollow heroes standing on stages paid for by the MEN WHO INTEND TO MURDER YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES, commie fucks who take silver from the enemy, lick the taints of men who have never delivered one single tangible to the cause of Liberty, and stay the fuck out of the way of adults.  You will not be collateral damage - you'll be in the crosshairs as a genuine combatant against Liberty.

Don't like what I said or how I said it - fuck you twice.  Sideways. 

Citadel broundbreaking within 45 days.  I'll see you at Brock's place this weekend.

Here's where I stole it.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Fighting Rifles

There is a reason I bought FightingRifles.com - and it will be revealed one day when appropriate.

Until then, start here with Mosby.

Then if you are east of the Mississippi, sign up for his upcoming east coast classes.  There should be enough of you to make the man teach for a month out here.

'nuff said.

And here's the link to his class details.


Stand and be Counted

The Fox News poll was unique in that it further broke the responses down by political affiliation:
  • Bucking the trend, 51 percent of Democrats responded they would give up personal freedom to reduce the threat of terror, compared to 36 percent opposed.
  • Forty-seven percent of Republicans, on the other hand, opposed giving up freedoms, compared to only 43 percent in favor.
  • Yet independents were the most resistant, with only 29 percent willing to sacrifice freedom, while 58 percent stood opposed.

And where stand you, Patriot?

I am of the disposition we have surrendered too much already, for hundreds of years.

And nearly every single person who answered that poll, stands to my left.

We III are few.  We true III are even fewer.

Here's the story.


Dallas Fed Implodes

David has a link to a piece about the Dallas Fed - it was not merely a miss, it was like me trying to kill a man at a mile distance with a spitball.  That's not a miss, that is a FAIL.

And copper is up - despite mine closings.

You cannot trust any financial indicator today, folks.

Every single facet of the financials is rigged and manipulated.

Here's the link.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mosby East Coast Classes

If you are an Eastern Patriot looking for time and training with Mosby, check out his post, here.

If you can, if you need, find a way.


Smuggling Nerf Gear is now Patriotism - woe is me...

Smuggling Nerf SMGs and ARs, the new Sons of Liberty!

This time of year always saddens me, for as an American Patriot, a Constitutionalist, and a genuine III Patriot, it is incumbent upon me to comment on particular aspects of the state of the Movement.

This post will be brief.  Those who do not like to read posts critical of others in the movement - leave now.

In recent hours I have had the fun of pressing buttons on three dimwits (Mark Firestone and Carol King and Razor) knowing their Pavlovian response would be to trumpet and howl.  Their coming days will surely be filled with rants against me and Kenny - as I said, Pavlovian.  I do enjoy so easily manipulating the stupid.  But poodles through hoops is a garden variety parlor trick.

Tino I ran underground - but not far enough.

Razor continues to hide, but he too will face the penalty for lies and threats to one of our own.

Rawles - we have your email. 

Can you say per se defamation?  We can.  Many times.


This time every year the Patriot community must bear witness to the ever-evolving mea culpas offered by Mike Vanderboegh as he weeps in shame and begs forgiveness for having danced in the blood of the 50,000+ Americans who died in Vietnam, several of my family members among them, committed felonies to further those murders, and freely cries that today he is a Patriot, while also admitting "...I became a member of the PLP's "secret party," dropped from public view and on instructions began to organize a "worker's militia" in central Ohio..." while never having offered any proof that he left that secret party.  Indeed, as Mike himself says: "...the first thing you're taught when you get to be a killer tomato (red thru and thru) is that it is OK to lie to anybody about anything if it advances the party's goals..."  Taqiyya, anyone?  Are the goals of the Marxists advancing?

Why bring this up again?  Simply because after smuggling into Massachusetts a Glock made of sponge, a (implying he is of John Hancock stock) and accepting the stage with and silver of the "OathKeepers", this man continues to lie and seek to derail any Patriot effort not of his own creation.  He danced in the blood of dead soldiers in Vietnam, and this past weekend he stood on the stage and danced in the blood of Boston's victims, alongside Boston and other LEO that had days before locked down the city of Boston and violated 1A, 2A, 4A, and more.

It is there for any with eyes to see.

I have done my duty, to reveal the truth.  What you choose to do with that information is up to you.

I am a Warrior.  I fight.  That's what I do.  That is my profession.

Liberty or Death.

Traitors, collaborators and conspirators.  No mercy.

I'll see you all at Brock's place on Saturday.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

A few counter-intuitive tidbits

Most of the battles fought in the southern portion of the Revolutionary War had few, or no, British Army involved.  Most of those fights were Colonial Militia versus Tory Militia.

How many modern Tories live within 1 mile of your home?

You would think as you step onto a dojo mat the first time that you will have to work for months or longer to learn how to cripple or kill an enemy.  That is backwards.  Killing a man is the easy part.  Crippling him forever is easy.  Learning to handle his attack without hurting him requires a level of skill that takes years to evolve, and is the pinnacle of several arts.  Learning to handle the attack without breaking him up too badly is not a real concern of mine outside the dojo - when I am attacked I really don't care if he needs a cast or ends up with a permanent limp, bleeds out or forever loses the use of a limb.  Or dies.  If you attack, you get what you get.

One of the more evolved skills one learns as the years go by in a dojo is that you can "read" an enemy by his stance, his posture, the way he moves.  You can get a sense of how he'll feint, and how he'll drive his real attack, and what frightens him.  You can even deduce his primary art and if you pay attention, you can read several of the arts he has studied - all of that will help you be ready for what may be delivered, how and when.  The better you have learned, the easier and faster you can deduce how he will come at you.

Given the .gov response you witnessed with Dorner and Boston, if you think the Enemies of Liberty can be handled on their terms, you are already dead.  They want overwhelming force concentrated on a single point. (And who wouldn't?)

Sun Tzu has already popped into many of your heads: Attack where he is weak, avoid where he is strong.  The man who must defend everywhere can defend nowhere.

I started with Colonials and Tories, moved into dojo training, transitioned into how .gov is choosing to enforce his will, and finished with Sun Tzu, which is the key to tying up the entire essay in a neat little bow.

I hope you all were able to follow the stream of thought.  It is all connected.

You have a LOT of Tories that are your responsibility.

One final thought: How many of you have been knocked out by a trained fighter?  How about choked out?  I have on both counts.  When you get choked out you usually come back within 30 seconds, with a nice little headache.  When you get knocked out, everything in your body ceases to work at the same instant, and your fall is never graceful.  It is also more dangerous - your brain slammed into your braincase and turned off the lights.  If it was from a knee or a good roundhouse kick, concussion is likely.  The I am I awareness can take a while to kick in.

How does this tie in to the general essay?

If you get into this fight for Liberty, you will get your clock cleaned.  How you respond afterward will define you.


Friday, April 26, 2013

The Exigent Circumstances Paradigm

I just had a brief conversation with the artist of the above graphic.

We all just witnessed how.gov intends to exercise power - overwhelming force upon a single point.

If you were the guy or gal in the window with an AR pointed at you, and you defended yourself by pulling the trigger as LEO kicked in your door downstairs ",,,in the name of public safety..." you would be murdered by 2 dozen or more adrenaline rushing LEO opening fire into your home.  Then they'd burn it to the ground.

For you guys who plan to "shelter in place" - ask yourself how you survive that scenario while defending Liberty.

I don't see a legitimate plan.

Except one.

Be the hunter, preying on their turf, not the hunted locked down in yours.

Just think about it.

...and you can find more of that irreverent artwork here, it seems to be congregating at Zoomie's place.



It must be my charming personality, but I have never yet rec'd an answer from Stewart Rhodes regarding these two questions:

1) How are your members NOT breaking the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, every single shift, by arresting and charging Americans for "drug law" violations and/or "Firearms violations", all the while taking their pay from Americans who produce.

2) How many OathKeepers had boots on the ground in Boston. yanking people out of their homes at muzzle point?

I'll never get an answer from Mr. Rhodes.  He already gave it by his actions.

Uniforms, and those who stand with them, are conspirators and collaborators.

People who are wearing LEO uniforms today have declared which side they are on - and it is NOT Liberty.

The hallowed and sacred ground of Lexington Green has been forever defiled.



**For the record, Zoomie did not create that provocative art.  Some other Patriotic ne'er do well must be trying to take Zoomie's crown as King of the Net. (It'll never happen  ;)


Check your volume before running the video.

I am NOT a small unit tactics guy. I am not a marksman. I am not many things - but this is the world whence I come.

I try very hard to provide my 2 cents backed up by facts and experience.  I try to avoid the superfluous and the Sparklies.

I do not make gratuitous assertions, and I don't blow smoke up arses so everyone gets all warm & fuzzy thinking the Evil coming this way can be handily defeated.

To that end I have included the above video, to help some of you, who may need it, a glimpse into real CQB - the kind of fight that happens when men get close and have to kill one another.  These guys stop just seconds before death.  Once a man has been choked out, killing him is easy.  Killing a man who has a snapped shoulder becomes easy.  The neck choke becomes a neck break with a simple torque.

I began my trip into groundfighting just as MMA (it wasn't called MMA at that time) was beginning, and I trained under the absolute best in America.  I moved across the country when I was accepted to the school.  I added groundfighting to my base knowledge of Aiki.  In those days there were no time limits.  There were no weight classes.  You fought who you fought.

The entire point of this post is for you to watch these men and understand, on a visceral level, that you DO NOT want to go buckle-to-buckle with any of them or anyone like them.  These are not mere athletes.  There was a time in the Martial world, especially at the belt factories in shopping malls, where chokes and locks and lethal blows were never taught.

Those days are over.

If you ever have to face a man who has even modest skills as shown above, shoot that motherfucker - preferably from rifle range.

I had a Sensei once who made it clear that when it is for real (not for points, not for a tap, but for life or death) you'd better deliver that killing blow in 3 seconds or less.  You will go to the ground 99% of the time.  And 99% of that time the guy you are fighting will have a buddy ready to stomp your skull to mush. And if he has a blade...

Six months of Krav Maga is the ONLY prudent advice I can give you.  I am proud that some of you took that advice.

When it is for real - kill him.  Right now.  Or he will kill you.


III Gun Org: Suggestions

**UPDATE** What would YOU like to see a pro-2A organization do if you were a member? 

Politicians are afraid of NRA because of the money they can bring to bear at election cycles. 

Petitions do not work.  Pleas to your politicians do not work.  Appeals to the Constitution and Natural Rights do not work.

What would YOU like your 2A group do?

For the record, I am not interested in investing energy into an organization that plays by the old rules - either this is in-their-face, or someone else can do it.


Below the general consensus agreed that the III should spearhead a genuine pro 2A organization.

The hard line:  "...shall not be infringed..."

No negotiating.  No compromises.

Full repeal of '34, '68, and every other infringement on the books, federally and in every state.

How do we get there without making the same mistakes made by NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO, et al?

I have a few ideas - but I tend to push the line hard.  So, I'd like to have you offer some suggestions that you'd like your 2A organization engage.

Give-away a few Hi Point pistols to low-income single mothers?

Set up shop in Wyoming or Montana and put their Firearms Freedom Acts to the test?

From Denninger: Here.

Weigh-in, please....


Thursday, April 25, 2013

For the record

No, you will not rescue Liberty and defeat Evil from your sofa.


And I am really disappointed that this post is even necessary.


Honest Self-Assessment

For anyone paying attention, a pattern is probably taking shape regarding the formation of our various III endeavors.  Trust me, it isn't money!  IIIGear helps build morale and cohesion, and helps make us identifiable to one another and to the public.  III Arms serves as the cornerstone for the Citadel.  The Citadel will be a safe haven when SHTF.  The III Congress is a deliberative, political body where our members can help shape and guide our efforts.  Last night we essentially agreed that a III 2A organization is needed, one that is drastically different from the failed models of NRA and other groups that play politics for personal profit.

Now I am turning my attention to what I have been referencing as the III 300.  It still needs to be fleshed out, but the general premise is that it will be filled with III volunteers who have reached a particular point in their thinking, and who are prepared to take particular actions in the face of the Evils we face today.  Patriots who are proactive.  Patriots who dismiss the grey-man philosophy.  Patriots who have decided that home and hearth are no longer safe enough to remain home.

We III are a small group.  We are separated by large distances in many cases.  But in other cases, there may be a fellow III Patriot closer than you may think.  We need to link up, and we need to all develop a shared skill-set and a shared goal for a political outcome.

When the world gets sporty you may be alone.  You may have 1 person you can trust to cover your back.  If you have been busy, you have already identified a few people.  If you have been very, very serious, you've put together a small militia team.  You have done some scouting, and you may have even identified a Friend or Foe list.

Now here is a question I'd like each of you to consider deep in your own heart and mind: If the SHTF tomorrow can you and your 1, 2 or 5 buddies meet up and perform as a true Fire Team?  If your goal is to simply go forth and hog-tie 5 Enemies of Liberty and leave them on the courthouse steps, do you and your buddies have the skills to get the job done when trained LEO, SWAT, Guard & Reserve, and perhaps even active .mil are active in your AO?  Can you avoid contact?  Can you minimize losses if contact is made?  Can you and your guys get home?

Think on this for a while.  Talking about it online isn't doing it.  If you are former .mil - how long has it been since you really did it?  If you are former .mil, have you properly trained the other members of your Team?

The small Fire Team of III Patriots will decide whether Liberty lives or dies.

The small commando-oriented teams of III Patriots will decide whether Liberty lives or dies.

You will be a member of one of those Teams.

May you never have to pull your trigger.

But if you do...can you achieve your objective and get your men home?

We have men in this community who have the skills.  It is time that we organize ourselves and let these men teach.

Think about it.

And think about this: Are you a III Patriot who is ready to go to work now?  Or are you a III Patriot who has concluded that your place remains at home and hearth for now?  There is no right or wrong answer - but your answer must be honest.

Litmus test: If you think it is bold defiance to "smuggle" a foam cutout of a Glock behind enemy lines, you are not III 300 material.

If you choose to answer online, using Anon may be prudent.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

III Gun Org

Well, Blogger's poll glitched again.  We had 98% affirmative with 3 dissenters when the poll crashed, so I'll take that as a "yes".

What does "Hardcore" mean?

It means the courts are NOT where 2A Rights will be recovered.

It means the Legislature is NOT where 2A Rights exist.

It means the Executive is NOT the arbiter of our Rights.

...shall not be infringed... means EXACTLY what it f'n says.

I'll get to work on it.


IIIGear Shipping

Just a heads-up for folks waiting on IIIGear.

I just spoke with the lady who runs my small, local post office and she warned me that delivery, to and from some areas, and through some hubs, is WAY slow right now because recently idiots used the mail for ricin and nonsense.

If you are waiting for IIIGear, it's coming.  Give it a bit of extra time.


III SitRep

III Congress: Up and running as a deliberative, political body

III Arms:  Up and running as a III Firearms venture

III Citadel:  Up and running as a bastion of Liberty

III Morale and Cohesion: Up and running, providing patches and gear to unify our Patriots

III Platform:  Articulated in a published book - needs to be updated

III Group: America 527 is up and running, facilitating many of our endeavors with political legitimacy

III Political Party: To begin in Idaho, an official III Political Party that will field candidates to serve until SHTF, and to be in a position of legitimate influence in the Aftermath

We have made a lot of tangible forward motion in the last 3 years.

Two additional III endeavors that I think must happen:

1) A III Gun Advocacy Group that puts the current 2A organizations to shame
2) A III Special Unit of Patriots who are ready to move and stand shoulder to shoulder at Liberty hotspots when needed.

More on these two in coming days.

1) I would appreciate first gut-reactions to the final 2 items: Would you participate in a III 2A organization that has zero tolerance for 2A infringements?

2) Would you be willing to take the step John Parker and his men took, kiss your loved ones on the cheek, and walk into the arena with the Beast, with no promise of returning home?  Would you walk with the 300 Spartans to our own Thermopylae for Liberty?  Let me know your gut reaction.

Please leave posturing and hyperbole at the door.  Serious answers only.

**UPDATE**  Many of you have written in email - that's fair.  If you'd prefer to write send to me at Kerodin@Kerodin.com


Prison USA

Bill wrote a piece likening present day America to one giant prison.  Since I have an unfortunate insight to the topic that most readers do not, I figured that I'd add my 2 cents.

Bill is correct.

Do you know that Federal "Low" prisons are nothing more than a High School campus with a fence on the perimeter?  Do you know that a Federal "Camp" (lower security than a "Low") is the same campus, without the fence?  There is no Dead Line with armed guards waiting to drop you if you wander out of bounds.

People stay in camps (and "Lows" for that matter) because they choose to remain.

The majority of my time was spent in a Camp.  No, it is NOT "Club Fed" as many would have you believe, nor is it any more restrictive than a High Scool.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet the average High School has much more physical and electronic security in place than did my Camp.  I know for a FACT that the average Wal-Mart has more security, and M street in Georgetown (DC) has more cameras than any Federal Prison Camp.

In a Camp (or a Low for that matter) there are no "Cells".  You do not get locked behind bars.  You sleep dorm-style, just like in college.  You have a job, and if you do your job, all is well.  The rest of the 24-hour cycle is yours.  There is no "bed time".  There are "counts" 5 times each day, and you must either be at your bunk or at your job during said count, but otherwise, you can make popcorn and watch TV all night, if you wish, or shoot pool, whatever.  There are vending machines with Pepsi and candy.  If you want liquor, drugs, or women, it is routine and the price is pretty darned close to what you'd pay on the street.  Anyone who wants a cell phone, DVD player, et cetera, has one.  And yes, they know how to defeat the Cell disrupters.  (Women, cell phones, dvds, etc are all "against the rules" of course - but that is another story)

The only real place you feel their "power" is during visiting hours.

Once in a while someone wants to test you, but for the most part there is no Alpha-Omega tough guy BS.  There is no rape, or even bullying, for the most part.  Camps are filled with 3 types of prisoners, generally speaking: White Collar, short-timers (less than 10 year sentences, non-violent, which includes most drug dealers) and snitches.  Yes, the snitches are an infestation.  However, the organic intel system in a prison would rival the professional state-run services of many countries.  We knew who the snitches were before they got a bunk assignment.  And if a bunk gets set afire (with the prisoner sleeping in it) or a real beating is handed out, it's a snitch on the receiving end. 

There is a 4th type of prisoner in Camps - sometimes.  Guys who have been in the system for a LONG time, were convicted of violent crimes, and are nearing their out date.  Sometimes they rotate these guys into a Camp to acclimate them for the next step - home.  But many of those guys stay in a Low right up until their out-date.

When I rotated out (my wife picked me up, just as she dropped me off) and I started to see my hometown (Washington DC and the metro area surrounding) with different eyes - the eyes of a man who was sent for a time-out.  I saw cameras everywhere.  I saw more uniforms and armed guards (LEO) than I ever saw in prison.  I realized the level to which every single thing you do is observed by some element of Government - from the car you drive to the insurance you pay, to the part of your income you are required to surrender, to the registration on your boat, to the places you are legally allowed to cross the street.

Patriots: You may say whatever you need to say to protect your Ego, but I can tell you from experience, I was less-observed and more "free" in that camp in Pennsylvania, than I am at a local mall, or streetlight while driving. 

Boot camp and High School were more "oppressive".

So Bill's statement that you are already in prison is true.  And I can tell you this - you may choose to stay where you are, because the Warden allows you X treats (you get to sleep at home, go to the bar, even own firearms with permission) - or you can choose to walk away, and tell the Warden to fuck off.  But to do that, you will have to kill the Warden and his hunter-killer teams - because they will come for you.

You decide.

Here's Bill's piece.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Where do you stand?

I asked a similar question many months ago, and Alan brought it up at lunch when we met this week.

Just for the record, I consider the King's Mountain experience among the best of my time in this community.  I was a mess with allergies - puffy, swollen, teary eyes, but so very proud to stand with the men and woman who were present.

His question: Is any Patriot ready and willing to go to New York, Maryland, Colorado, California, or elsewhere in an effort to support Patriots who live in those states now under the oppression of unconstitutional aggression.

It is a good question.  I have been thinking about it.

At the moment, I think the burden rests upon the shoulders of the people currently encumbered.  But I may change my mind and determine  it is in our best interest to kit-up and travel into the teeth of the monster.

I am torn because if the people under direct attack will not defend themselves why should I risk for them?

We are back to Mister Franklin: Either we will hang together, or certainly individually.

What say you?



Just for the record - Mark D. Firestone (Firestone Fine Carpentry) proved his cowardice by failing to show at King's Mountain to recite his verbal filth to my face.

Tino is a coward - he promised to be at King's Mountain, eager to give me a free lesson in Krav Maga. 

Razor is a coward - no show, and refuses to share his real name.  I was really hoping to meet this misogynistic garbage for what he said about one of our female bloggers of whom I am fond.

All of you should do the gene pool a favor and eat a bullet.



III Arms: Miller Update

Oh, I'm sorry - does this make some of you upset?

You expected failure?

Fuck you very much.

And to everone who has shown us all support - thank you.

Good job to Miller & Company.

Here's the link.


Just a bit of perspective

For all of the 2A advocates today slapping one another on the backs and declaring how free they are, how badly they have beaten the antis, how 2A is alive and well because they can have 30 round mags and their semi-auto M4orgeries (so long as the barrel satisfies Master's length requirements)...

Just remember that my grandfather could buy a Thompson .45 SMG through the mail or from the local hardware store, no ID, no hassle, for $225.

Lying to yourself is the worst form of lying.

Winning 2A?

DiFi and her Crew hold the high ground.

There is not one company willing to ignore unconstitutional laws and produce NFA or GCA or '86, and sell them over the counter

There is not one single serious 2A organization out there.  Perhaps it is time for the III to start one.  But that will take III Patriots with balls - men and women who will ignore the unconstitutional laws, and defend themselves when the State attempts to defend them.

You'll never recover 2A, 1A, 4A, 9A, 10A in the courts.

Please, let's drop the hyperbole.


Your Papers or your life...

This is our future.

Or, is it?

Perhaps one day a conversation about a Targeting Matrix will be in order.

Or, not.

One great thing about America, even today, is that you get to choose how you will live.

Or, die.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 19th, 2013

I spent the day at King's Mountain with genuine Patriots, (and one in-training named Alex who was the best looking [and best behaved] of us all)

We shared a meal at a local BBQ place, and we enjoyed one another's company talking of things Liberty and of general topics. 

And while we chose to spend this day together in reverence to the men of 1775 Lexington and Concord, the entire 2013 citizen population of Boston permitted their city to go into "Lockdown" - all transportation was shut down, an army of LEO, .mil and PMC Contractors roamed the city, dismissed every facet of the Constitution, and the Citizens hid in their homes from a 19 year old kid.  Even the sacred Miranda was dismissed. 

The entire flippin' city.

More than 625,000 people live within the city proper.  More than 4.6 millions (the 10th largest metro in America) cowered in their homes, permitted warrantless searches, and in the aftermath, chanted "USA! USA!".

Not one single home that was illegally entered was defended by the occupant (We'd know if it happened, because the .Gov forces were in adrenaline-fueled Go mode and would have slaughtered any resistance "...for the safety of the officers...")

I wonder how many boots on the ground in Boston were "Oathkeepers".

I am forced to conclude that any further symbolic exercise put forth by Patriots is a waste of energy and resources.  There is no point.  Even documenting the long train of abuses is a waste of time, as far as I am concerned.  Noble, but will not change anything.  The Enemies of Liberty own the ground and they own the hearts of the masses.  They mean to have a war, they mean to have you bend knee, or suffer their penalty of imprisonment or death.  The concept of Liberty, especially Rightful Liberty, exists in very few hearts in America.

I will continue to host and participate in Patriot endeavors that have some genuine strategic or tactical value.  My efforts will all be with an eye toward the aftermath of the storm - securing the future.  The Now is unsalvagable.  Our course cannot be steered, even influenced.  There will be no significant winning of hearts or minds.  The best we can hope to do is be ready to secure Liberty among the Remnants.

Someone I respect once told me he felt like Cassandra.  He is correct.  The die is cast, and very, very few believe it, and even fewer grasp the scope of what Evil this way comes.

I believe the only hope for Liberty lies in the hearts and strength of the III Patriots who will manage to survive the storm.  It is they who will have the opportunity to secure Liberty and kill every scrap of tyranny that may remain.

Therefore, I will continue with the III Congress and help it grow as much as possible in whatever time we have left.  We need Delegates from every state, we need a leadership structure, and we will set to these tasks immediately.

I will begin to assemble a III 300.  This will be a special group of Patriots who intend to go in Harm's Way.  Some of this will be public (III Patriots must be willing to stand tall), and some will be beneath the waves for obvious reasons.

I will continue to support Jim Miller and III Arms and to help in any way I am able to ensure he and his team are able to produce tools of Liberty through the storm.  I will continue supporting the Citadel, a bastion and safe haven for Americans who believe in Rightful Liberty, who can emerge after the storm and secure Liberty for our posterity.

I have no expectation of personally surviving the storm.

III Arms is in capable hands with Miller & Company.  Likewise, the Citadel will soon be secured by serious Patriots who will be committed to keeping the project going regardless of my disposition.  All III projects must be larger than any one person, capable of continuing no matter who falls.  I will continue to help get the ball rolling on various III endeavors, but in all cases the task of "leading" (for lack of a better word) must be easily assumed by others.

It is time for serious III Patriots to dismiss all extraneous exertions.  It is time to stand tall and spit in the eye of Traitors, be they self-identified Marxists, Republican "Law & Order" tyrants, "Oathkeepers" whose very name is a lie, and every single collaborator and conspirator in our midst.

The recent events in Boston and the actions of all involved may be the most shameful in our History.  Boston revealed the true Heart of most Americans today.

Cowards on one side and Tyrants on the other.

The abuse will continue to the extent we permit.

Liberty or Death.


Friday, April 19, 2013

III Congress

Several of us met at King's Mountain National Battlefield this morning.  Alan led us through a very well-informed tour and the story of King's Mountain has tremendous relevance to our America today.

There were some outstanding Patriots in attendance, and I am now confident that the concept of our III Congress can not only be valuable, but can also, perhaps, help secure the outcome Patriots seek.  I was very proud to see so many people proudly wearing III identifiers  Morale and cohesion are critical to any forward motion we will recognize.

We went to lunch after King's Mountain and discussed several topics as relate to the Congress, our future role, and immediate take-aways.  Of course, I was a mess at lunch as Mother Nature decided to bomb my allergies and challenge my contact lenses, but I survived.  Though I did return to the hotel and crash until far beyond the dinner hour.  (I also bought some Claritin that helped tremendously.)

I will post a more complete SitRep at the III Congress site either Sunday or Monday, loop in our Delegates who were unable to attend, and together we will all work to refine our first Resolution.  Some we'll do publicly on the blog, and some we'll keep in email

Today convinced me that the Congress deserves real attention from the community. 

If III Patriots are to make any significant contribution to Restoration we must move on many fronts, including everything we already do, plus the Congress, plus the III 300 (which I will flesh out in coming weeks) plus working through legal means as we discussed today.  (There is a group of Carolinians working on legal challenges that may prove fruitful at some point - I'll link to their sites ASAP so everyone can ramp up on their efforts.)  All of that must move forward as those inclined continue to work on III Arms and the Citadel.  I will be reaching out to Sandman in the coming weeks to help network our Congress efforts with the militia units across the country.

I left convinced that we can keep Liberty alive through the coming ruckus, even if we emerge on the Other Side of the coming storm with little more than seeds of Liberty in our pockets.

Our numbers will always be small.  But what we have on our side that can defeat the superior numbers of the Enemies of Liberty - is morality, patriotism, common sense, and the willingness to do Hard Things.

I am proud to have met the people who came today.

More later.  Stay safe.


Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am not a financial expert, by any stretch of the imagination.  But I am a 46 year old man who has paid attention to such things for most of my adult life, and I'd certainly consider my knowledge as superior to any and every "Expert" currently working in Government and running our economy.

Given my caveat - don't make any financial moves based on my 2 cents alone - do your own research.

Here's a summary of a few items that has me coming to the conclusion that the jetliner is in a full dive, under power, and every day that passes makes it less likely we'll pull out of the dive for even a short respite.

You have all seen the counter-intuitive drop in gold and silver given the real world conditions that should have those numbers rising - gold should be over $2k per ounce and silver should be over $40, given the real state of the world economies.  You have read the links over at NCRenegade that David has been providing.  (Here is a related piece from David)

This morning Denninger posted his assessment of the Philly Fed report, which shows new orders and inventories dropping (meaning that companies are not bothering to replace current inventories of their widgets because they do not see an increase in future orders).

Metals represent tangible work.  When businesses are buying metals, it is to build widgets.  You can "trust" metals more than most other sectors (especially if you refuse to look at the speculative games) to be a true indicator of things to come.

Here's a significant marker to watch: Copper.  Copper is a fundamental metal that is a very good indicator of near and mid-term future industrial activity. 

The last few days it has been hanging in the 3.20/lb range.

In my personal matrix of "What is the economy going to do next" I have a $3.00 warning flag on copper - if it drops below $3 I expect it to immediately begin dropping through that floor and that, to me, spells real trouble.

Keep in mind - it is only one indicator.  But when combined with the larger picture and when one connects dots, the conclusion is No Joy.

If copper drops below $3, look for many other aspects of the economy to drop on fears.

And the fears are justified...


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Our community scoffs at political activism, as a rule. 

Any blogger who mentions voting and calling congress is sneered at...

...no voting our way out, no use engaging, only move left is violence...

...yet the community sure is abuzz when the politics goes our way.

I still say the politics matters - even when it doesn't go our way.

Just sayin'.


1984: Do they...

...still assign 1984 to students in public schools?

When a generation has no idea what Orwell warned about, it will be easier to impose Orwellian paradigms upon them.

Any of you parents with school aged children know the answer?


28.5" 870 Bullpup


Here's the link from Oleg.


Enemies of Liberty: 2A

Eat sh*t and die.


And before you label me a Right Wing Extremist, Bitter Clinger or any other demagogic label that is designed to touch the emotions of mobs in a negative manner, let me offer you this label instead: Patriot - One who seeks a return to Constitutional Governance.

Choke on it.


Bloomberg RAGES...

Feinstein Fumes...
Biden Wipes Away Tears...

Cuomo Complains...

Obama: 'Just Round One'...

Reid Mocks: 'Imagined Tyranny'...
GALLUP: Only 4% of Americans Think Gun Control Important Problem...

Oh - and have a nice day.  If any of you stroke out because of your failures, I hope ObamaCare is waiting to help you.

If Enemies of Liberty keep pushing, no crying when Patriots push back.  There is no crying in baseball...and we'll be swinging for the fences.


Are we in the opening days of final collapse?

Who knows.  I sure don't.

I do know that even in Mankinds bloodiest wars, there are more places that are serene and "as usual" than places where people are fighting. 

European markets are bleeding out, and many self-interested hands are attempting to apply tourniquets.

The metals market is being manipulated to extremes at the moment, and for anyone who reads between the lines to determine how close we are to implosion - this one is probably causing more than a few cold sweats.

With the Boston attack and follow-on actions in mail, combined with general jitters, America is looking shaky.  And of course during all of this, Congress made it legal again to loot the system via insider intel.  Interesting, is it not, that as a nation we don't simply revolt when such blatant thievery is done in our face?

Bad People may find a way to delay the inevitable again - just remember it remains inevitable at this point and every trendline is in decline.

Anyone who is skittish about traveling too far from home to make it to King's Mountain should not hesitate to change their plans.  You have to do what you think is best for your family and tribe.  If that means staying home - stay home.  Not one of us will think less of anyone who chooses to remain near home and hearth in these days.

I will be there.  I want to meet as many of you as possible before Life takes me west for a long period.  I'll be heading out early Saturday, not lingering. 

Stay safe.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We will reach the scene of the crash long before the medics...

David has a link up that I find interesting.

Is the fractional racket of gold & silver contracts about to detonate?

Remember - every single Collaborator & Conspirator must go.

Here's the link.



I mentioned in the post below that Americans will be abused to the limits we permit.

We're a pretty fuckin' tolerant bunch, as I look around at the long train of abuses we endure today.

The picture above is how Hamas deals with Collaborators.  I'm not sure if the guy being dragged started the journey alive or not.  If I had to guess, I'd bet he was nearly dead when they started.  They probably had a few wall-to-wall conversations with him before the ride started.

Personally, I'm not a fan of inflicting pain gratuitously - even on a traitor or some Blue/Marxist PoS who has voted his way into my wallet for his entire life.

But I also don't have to tolerate continued abuse.

Nor do you.

Many people believe America is headed for a war between Americans.

If they mean to have a war, so be it.

But once it begins, they don't get to decide when it is over.

And if you consider yourself a Patriot, you'd better not stop until every abusive fuck has decided to leave, forever.