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Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 19th, 2013

I spent the day at King's Mountain with genuine Patriots, (and one in-training named Alex who was the best looking [and best behaved] of us all)

We shared a meal at a local BBQ place, and we enjoyed one another's company talking of things Liberty and of general topics. 

And while we chose to spend this day together in reverence to the men of 1775 Lexington and Concord, the entire 2013 citizen population of Boston permitted their city to go into "Lockdown" - all transportation was shut down, an army of LEO, .mil and PMC Contractors roamed the city, dismissed every facet of the Constitution, and the Citizens hid in their homes from a 19 year old kid.  Even the sacred Miranda was dismissed. 

The entire flippin' city.

More than 625,000 people live within the city proper.  More than 4.6 millions (the 10th largest metro in America) cowered in their homes, permitted warrantless searches, and in the aftermath, chanted "USA! USA!".

Not one single home that was illegally entered was defended by the occupant (We'd know if it happened, because the .Gov forces were in adrenaline-fueled Go mode and would have slaughtered any resistance "...for the safety of the officers...")

I wonder how many boots on the ground in Boston were "Oathkeepers".

I am forced to conclude that any further symbolic exercise put forth by Patriots is a waste of energy and resources.  There is no point.  Even documenting the long train of abuses is a waste of time, as far as I am concerned.  Noble, but will not change anything.  The Enemies of Liberty own the ground and they own the hearts of the masses.  They mean to have a war, they mean to have you bend knee, or suffer their penalty of imprisonment or death.  The concept of Liberty, especially Rightful Liberty, exists in very few hearts in America.

I will continue to host and participate in Patriot endeavors that have some genuine strategic or tactical value.  My efforts will all be with an eye toward the aftermath of the storm - securing the future.  The Now is unsalvagable.  Our course cannot be steered, even influenced.  There will be no significant winning of hearts or minds.  The best we can hope to do is be ready to secure Liberty among the Remnants.

Someone I respect once told me he felt like Cassandra.  He is correct.  The die is cast, and very, very few believe it, and even fewer grasp the scope of what Evil this way comes.

I believe the only hope for Liberty lies in the hearts and strength of the III Patriots who will manage to survive the storm.  It is they who will have the opportunity to secure Liberty and kill every scrap of tyranny that may remain.

Therefore, I will continue with the III Congress and help it grow as much as possible in whatever time we have left.  We need Delegates from every state, we need a leadership structure, and we will set to these tasks immediately.

I will begin to assemble a III 300.  This will be a special group of Patriots who intend to go in Harm's Way.  Some of this will be public (III Patriots must be willing to stand tall), and some will be beneath the waves for obvious reasons.

I will continue to support Jim Miller and III Arms and to help in any way I am able to ensure he and his team are able to produce tools of Liberty through the storm.  I will continue supporting the Citadel, a bastion and safe haven for Americans who believe in Rightful Liberty, who can emerge after the storm and secure Liberty for our posterity.

I have no expectation of personally surviving the storm.

III Arms is in capable hands with Miller & Company.  Likewise, the Citadel will soon be secured by serious Patriots who will be committed to keeping the project going regardless of my disposition.  All III projects must be larger than any one person, capable of continuing no matter who falls.  I will continue to help get the ball rolling on various III endeavors, but in all cases the task of "leading" (for lack of a better word) must be easily assumed by others.

It is time for serious III Patriots to dismiss all extraneous exertions.  It is time to stand tall and spit in the eye of Traitors, be they self-identified Marxists, Republican "Law & Order" tyrants, "Oathkeepers" whose very name is a lie, and every single collaborator and conspirator in our midst.

The recent events in Boston and the actions of all involved may be the most shameful in our History.  Boston revealed the true Heart of most Americans today.

Cowards on one side and Tyrants on the other.

The abuse will continue to the extent we permit.

Liberty or Death.



  1. Exactly right, K. The tyranny is HERE. Whether the sheeple recognize it, or not. And it must be fought.

    Lots and lots of coverage of the unconstitutional occupation of Boston over at Backwoods Engineer:

    From Lexington Green to Cowering in the Corner: Disarmed Boston 'Shelters in Place'

  2. What you have said is why I could not attend. I am past it. I am in the storm. Talking for me is done and I am expending capital and time elsewhere.

    Good luck to you all.

  3. Well put.

    I've always considered that organization the "OathTakers". The idea of "OathKeepers" suggests a certain amount of action, which is completely absent in their rhetoric.

    I'll stand my ground in place, but we'll be thinking of the folks at the Citadel.

    1. Perfect chance for the "oathkeepers" to have relieved the SWAT of their weapons as promised.
      Lots of talk but no walk.
      Papa Mike

  4. The assault is just not the use of loss of freedoms and physical force in lieu of "security". The assault is also financial through thieving Wall Street firms and reserve bankers all over the globe. The assault is in our deranged educational system hell bent on dumbing down kids. The assault is on property rights through Agenda 21.The evil forces behind this have waiting in the wings for 150 years and now this socialist/communist/progressive affront is on full speed ahead.I hope Kerodin posts the essay I emailed to him today on precious metals. All of you who have been accumulating the stuff need to know this, I appreciate what K has ignited and fully understand that when those who sheep realize what has been lost, it will be too late. BTW, I bet that all of those people at the ball game in Boston the other night singing the National Anthem are ok with the Government taking care of them.

    1. it is apparent that being taken care of, ordered around, placed under house arrest and having their property searched without warrant is what they all want or a stadium full of dissenters would have backed the forces down...

      Prepping Preacher

  5. I have told a few others (in our small community) that if they ever wondered how things would 'shake out' when the dieing time comes, this incident should answer the question. How many took a stand (on either side)? How many that believe in liberty will it take to make a difference? And how many LEO/Mil personal (while they may profess to support the Constitution) will in fact actually stand up with the time comes? Like I said, this event should answer the question of which side 'they' are on ............
    Just saying ...................

  6. I'm there too Sam. I have actually been there a while, but I have one reason I haven't done what I haven't done... and you met him on Friday.
    I was also having those thoughts about the lock-down in Boston/Watertown. Liberty in the former US is not dying, it is dead. We need to be prepared to revive it when the rest of the residents realize it.
    I will continue to do what I can for the III Congress, III Citadel and whatever else I can do to prepare for the coming storm. I have to double down on my efforts to build local tribe, even though my attempts so far have yielded only 3 friends.
    Oh, I also had some III Gear in the truck, but I very rarely wear hats, especially when it's not sunny. I would have worn it anyway if I didn't recognize anyone when I got there, but I saw Miller as I was pulling in so I didn't grab it. I think I'll start wearing it more, even though I don't like hats. I am proud to be III, and many of you know I'm not afraid of a little confrontation with the tyrants (and I grow less afraid of them daily).
    Mark Roote, III

    1. as for my new III cap - i wore it on the ride home and as we stopped for meals or to overnight, i naturally received looks from many but no comments... in particular in a Waffle House having breakfast the morning following our meeting, 2 guys were having theirs across from us... one of them kept looking and staring... when we walked by to pay & leave, he intentionally looked down at his table... not drawing any conclusions but maybe he has an idea what "III" actually stands for...

  7. What happened in Boston over the weekend pretty much put the final nail in the coffin of this country for me. We're done. I don't know what happens next, but I learned to stop worrying.


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