Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stay on the grind...

We have accomplished a lot as a community, especially in the last year.

We have much more to do - and much more we can do - before the wheels come off the bus.

If you feel like we are all just banging our heads against the wall as our enemies gain more and more ground, take pause, take a deep breath, then get back to your training, prepping, intel gathering, and living. 

What our enemies are doing can only end one way - Implosion and Conflict.

But what comes our way will arrive only in its proper time, place and manner - and not before.

For now use this time as a gift.  Identify Friends and Foes by their actions and with whom they choose to stand.  Strengthen your bonds and grow your Tribe. 

The number of III Patriots is small, just as it was the first time Americans fought for Liberty.  The proper place for III Patriots is on point, leading by example.  When SHTF there will be a number of newly awakened people who will choose to be free, but have no idea how to get there.  That will be the place and time for III Patriots to stand tall on point and lead others in the pursuit of Liberty.  III Patriots have what it takes to serve our ideals as an Officer Corps, a brain trust of history, and as the necessary reservoir of courage that will be imperative for Restoration.

If you haven't been there in a while, drop by Jim Miller's place and see just one example of what we III Patriots are capable of achieving together.  Here.

Check in with Bill at Jebadiah Fisher Seed, here.

Drop by the guys at CADD, and Mason Dixon Tactical, Mosby, the Citadel, Kenny's Swap Shop.

III Patriots are producers.  We work.  We build. 

Soon, we will be called upon as Citizen Soldiers.  Until then, we have to prepare for that coming storm.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ricin - but why?

Why would someone send poison to Bloomberg? 

Well, some people don't like it when politicians try to run their lives.

But when a politician uses tax dollars to help young girls find abortion clinics without parental involvement, I think one should expect a little pushback.

This is my shocked face.

The arrogance of the American political class is mind-blowing.

A reckoning is headed our way.

Here's the link.


Land of the Parasite

One of the things that I appreciate most about our community is that so many people are able to articulate a point from a fresh angle.

Maj. Wolf points out that if we took all of the folks on Disability and put them in a state of their own, it would be the eighth largest in America.

That helps put the disability problem in perspective.  Consider a state of only those on food stamps - population 47 million.  They'd need Texas.  Better yet - Quebec.

But the answer to our problems is not finding a place in America for these people, or saving them in any way.  America simply will not survive when half the people in our borders are parasites, with another hundred million or more advocating for more parasitic behavior.

They all have to go.

Quebec.  Mexico.  Cuba.  Who cares? 

But they can't stay here.

Here's the link to Maj. Wolf's piece.

**UPDATE** 15.7% of Illinois residents are on food stamps.  Can you get your head around that, because it is challenging me.  15.7% of the population of a very capable state cannot or will not feed themselves.  Here's the link.


The Vulgar Curmudgeon

Holly pointed this story out to me a few days ago and I haven't had a chance to write about it.  Now I don't have to, because the Curmudgeon wrote an excellent piece.

I said immediately after Sandy Hook that the smart political play was expanding the mental health pool in order to make entire chunks of Americans "Prohibited Persons" for 2A.  And here it is, along with "Official" endorsement through the diagnostic tool used by physicians and mental health professionals. 

This is what "...working on gun control under the radar..." looks like.

So, you crave a piece of bacon?  Mentally unstable!  No 2A for you!

Stop worrying about magazine limits at the state level, folks.  This is a game changer.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Max Velocity Training

Sandman attended Max Velocity's training over the weekend and filed an AAR.

If you need such training, get it.  Find a way, folks.  Save your pennies to dimes, and dimes to dollars.

You can learn theory from the manuals, but you need a professional to show you the how of it all, and to guide you on what theory actually works and what theory you may/should ignore.

Here is Sandman's report.


A teachable moment?

Adam Kokesh has revealed himself to be an anti-Constitutionalist seeking the overthrow of the Federal Government, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  He has cancelled his DC March and is now calling for marches on all 50 state capitals in what he is calling a new 'revolution', demanding secession and abandonment of the Constitution and BoR.

I stand opposed to those goals and in a foxhole I'd have to stab such people in the neck.

That said: The DC March was a move to contact that would have forced America to immediately begin confronting the topic of unconstitutional enforcement of unconstitutional laws that is murdering the republic.

The 'Teachable Moment'?

If you called him an Obama tool and smeared the premise of the DC March as a false flag event he was putting together to give the "Fort Sumter" moment, you were wrong. 

If the DC March was really a false flag, it would not have been cancelled.  The entire purpose of a false flag operation is that it happen, giving the "authority" a premise upon which to act.

No event = no false flag.

Now the important part: Watch across the blogs that called Kokesh an Obama tool and the entire DC March nothing more than a false flag, and see if those people who blogged such and commented such will admit they were wrong.  Particularly watch the treasonous "Not one more inch..." and "OathKeeper" crowds.

Most such people will simply say 'See, I told you so'.

Because their goal was never an objective assessment of the event or intellectual honesty. 

Their true motive, in most cases, was personal gain.  Liberty will not, cannot, be won by such people. 

And if we cannot be honest, we do not deserve Liberty.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

You will be abused only to the extent you permit

Mencken: Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

What are the odds that fifty years from now there will be a single living Soul who takes time to think about you every day?

Live your life for you and yours.

Tolerate as much abuse as you wish.


Friday, May 24, 2013

You can't fix Stupid...

...but we should try to get it out of our gene pool.

Your fellow Countrymen have proved frighteningly easy to train into Pavlovian responses that are based on an absence of reason.


Flip the flip out!  Call .gov!  Run for your lives!  Shut down the train system!  Call in air support!

Even if it is just an umbrella.

Consider this for a moment: Someone thinks they saw a gun, and their response is to find Big Brother to handle it. 

Now consider how the same person raised in the 1870's or so would have reacted.  There would be no reaction - everyone had guns, and stories of murderous rampages at our schoolhouses of the 1800's are remarkably absent.  (Though historical records will start to pop up once some Lefty thinks about it and decides to revise history a bit more.  Afterall, hey, didja know that Abe Lincoln was a Vampire Hunter before he freed the slaves?!  Gollygoshwow, he was a hero and a President!)

Do not dismiss the sinister aspect of this story.  Smarter-than-average Bad People are conditioning your neighbors to be cowards by the generation.  It begins in school when they dumb your children down, pump a high percentage of them with bad pharma, and indoctrinate them as to what is good and bad by reflex, rather than Reason.

Humans are among the species on Earth known to be capable of stampede behavior - the panic-driven flight from an object or place that may or may not be warranted. 

While it is sad that we have allowed so many stupid people to live among us, and we have permitted our republic to be so harmed as a result, this is a sword that can cut both ways.

Can you think of a few ways to trigger the irrational stampede response in stupid people (throw in the cowards and Marxists at the same time) and get them moving toward our borders?

I bet you can...

Here's the story about the umbrella.


Afterthought: I remember a radio news story back in the 80's or 90's that said a study concluded that the physical size of testicles in American men had decreased by about 1/3 since WWII.  I'd bet today you would need to squeeze the pulp out of at least 5 "average" men to get enough testosterone juice to fuel a Ma Deuce.

Liberty or Death - It's not just a bumper sticker...

As he burned he never moved a muscle, never uttered a sound, his outward composure in sharp contrast to the wailing people around him.

How deep is your conviction to Liberty?


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to play the violin...

...is not a skill upon which I can convey any useful information.

I am just about as qualified to provide serious financial advice.


The stock market is in an undeniable and deliberate bubble that must burst, and when it does it will be big.  One does not inflate the Dow beyond all previous record high levels, and have it burst gently.

The market price of metals is being deliberately manipulated lower, and you know it.

When the stock market bursts, look for an epic run on metals - and because the physical availability of the metals is being restricted right now, gold and silver will rocket in value - high demand + low supply driven by fears and implosion of the dollar = a good time to be in metal.

But I don't play the violin.


IIIGear & III Congress

III Congress patches arrived today, so we'll be working on getting those shipped along with a batch of IIIGear tomorrow.

Rich D. - rec'd your new address & will ship there, sorry I haven't replied by email, still buried in an email pile.

Ian C. - same, as above, sorry I haven't responded.  Quotes from your friends rec'd and they were great. 

J. C. - will set aside time to get some training details from your crew ASAP.

I promise to work through some email as soon as possible for those who have written and not heard back from me.

More later.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't be Ensign Ricky

Many of you anticipate that Liberty will call you to battle, and that you will be forced to fight unconventionally.

So be it.

You train with your weapons and body.  You gather intel regarding your AO.  You try to build a Tribe, or at least a network.  You practice going grey, and maybe even going ghost.

The point of this post is simple: To get you to think of some basics you may have overlooked.

Consider that foot and leg poking through the drywall ceiling at right.  In your imagined potential battlespace, you may be called upon to take station in the attic of the home of a collaborator, waiting for him to come home (So you can discuss with him the option of moving out of the country...)

Most of you know this already, but you may be surprised at the number of people who have no idea: Most attic spaces in America have little or no flooring.  There are places you can step, and there are other places that if you step, you fall through.  And if you mess up just right in an attic, the first part of your body to break your fall will be your testicles. 

It goes without saying that if you are trying to ambush your Target and you fall through his ceiling, you have lost the element of surprise.  And if you land on your balls, the fight is probably over.  Just sayin'.

Most staircases and floors in American homes are made of wood.  Old wood creaks.  If you are forced to navigate a set of steps in stealth mode, move slowly and put your weight on the edges, preferably.  Same with floors, in general - stay to the edges for the least noise.

Do you know how to turn off the water, power, comms, HVAC and/or security from outside the average home without affecting the entire neighborhood?  Do you know how to do the same, quietly, from inside the home?  Do you know how to flood the home with gas (assuming the house has natural or propane as a fuel source.)  Do you plan to use the fuel oil tank for an explosion?  (Hint: It won't work.)  Do you even know that home security systems that use central monitoring may use landline telephone wires - or they may use cell or internet?  Know how to make that go away without drawing attention to yourself?  Know how to defeat the neighbors motion-activated lamps without raising flags so you can do your deed?

Do you know the general layouts of the homes in your AO?  Do you know where you can expect closets in which subdivisions?  Do you know where to expect the mechanical room?  If you need to remain undiscovered, such basics are good to know.  You guys and gals in the Trades already know much of this - but not everyone is handy with a tool box or has had the opportunity to study many homes from the blue collar angle.

See our sooper-commando LEO at right, using that big air conditioning unit as cover?  I wonder if he knows that as cover that machine can only help block visually - it will not stop bullets.  It won't even deflect bullets 95% of the time.  That machine is designed to let air pass through it - it ain't gonna stop even a handgun round unless it pings off 2-3 small internal components.  Note: Air Conditioning units are useless cover when taking fire.  Note 2: If some dummy hides from you behind an air conditioner, shoot it.  The least that will happen is you dump high pressure, boiling refrigerant on him.  He'll have a bad time...

Take an evening and re-evaluate everything you know about operating in your AO - and everything you think you know.

It isn't enough to know where the sardine cans can be found.  You have to be able to get to the sardines - and home again.  As a rule Americans do not plan one-way missions.  We plan an exit strategy.  We plan to go home again - afterall, the most important things for which we will fight are at home.

Think about the details and get home.

Don't be an Ensign Ricky.


As a subspecies of Humans, we Americans deserve what is coming...

There is a story at Drudge that articulates why America is in rapid decline, why America must endure the imminent trials by fire, and why we deserve to be snuffed from existence if we do not prevail and reclaim our place as the Leaders of Mankind, those Humans rightfully entitled to claim that we are better than all other Tribes.

Yes, I do think Americans are better than other Tribes - at least we used to be. 

The culture of Man required to create the DoI, Constitution and BoR is a higher breeding of the Human animal.  "Average" men existed for countless generations and never reached such practical, moral utility in their Tribe.  No other Tribe was ever able to bring an "America" into existence and solidify those ideals at such a high level.  No other Tribe has since surpassed our Founding Generation, either (our own included - we have not produced a generation of men equal to that of our Founders.)  You and I live in a time when we may watch the pinnnacle of Human society be murdered and slipped into the waters of the abyss. 

Either we will exert ourselves and cull our herd, or we will be drawn down into the mediocrity of Humanity by the lowest among us.

Here's the story from right here in DC:  A kid riding his bicycle is taken down by 3 Pit Bulls and is being killed.

At least 3 grown men leap over fences, away from the child being killed.

1 man goes into his home, comes back, and begins shooting the dogs with an "unregistered" handgun.

A local LEO hears the shots and arrives on scene, and helps in killing the dogs.

Kid is mauled up a bit, but will live. (and surprisingly not hit by any bullets)

And what is Society's reward for the one man who took action to save the life of a child being killed by animals?  Washington DC graciously chooses not to press gun charges on the man, yet does fine him $1,000. (He faced up to seven "criminal" charges)

He faced more potential prison time than the man who owned the dogs and failed to keep the child and neighborhood safe.

The men who bailed over fences faced no charges, obviously.  Being a physical or moral coward is repugnant, but not illegal.

Grown men are witness to a child being killed by dogs - and 75% (or more) of those men flee.  That is not good for the American gene pool, and I dare say there was a time when that would not have happened.

Any society that permits cowardice to be in the majority and punishes the Hero does not deserve to exist, and is certainly incapable of existing at Liberty.  And to be fair, shooting dogs who are mauling a child should not rise to the level of heroism - it should be common sense, and treated as such by our society. 

If we do not rid our American Tribe of all the animals and clinically stupid people unsuited for Liberty - quadrapeds and bipeds - we deserve what is coming.

Here's the link.


Fighting Impaired

SF Medic has cobbled together a useful set of links about how to get out of wrist restraints.  Be sure to scroll down his main page and look at the links on other topics.

You do train in CQB once in a while in restraints, right?

You do train once in a while to get your hands from behind your back to your front, right?  (The best method: Don't let your hands get restrained in the first place, but let's face facts - anyone, and I mean  a n y o n e can get bum-rushed, over-whelmed and hog-tied.  So give up the macho and work on escape techniques.)

You do train in CQB once in a while with one arm impaired and out of action, right?  You do train in deploying your sidearm with your off-hand once in a while, right?  You do run a drill once in a while with your strong arm disabled and your only weapon is an AR, right?

Of course you do.

And if you sign up for one of my CQB classes, you will.  I'll bring the restraints and the Blue Gun trainers.

Here's the link to SF Medic.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The end of the republic? Opportunity, not ThunderDome...

There is considerable doom & gloom across the Liberty Movement regarding the imminent ugliness.

I am the guy who can always find opportunity in chaos. 

Here are a few realities one must keep in mind in order to understand why I remain so optimistic about the future of America and of Liberty: Sciences understand that from the quantum to the cosmic, there is a rhythm to all things, that all is cyclical, that expansion and contraction are natural events, and that all things, even those things made by Man, tend to go from some state of order toward a state of lesser order.  (Example: We put great effort into building something like a teacup - we take raw materials and make the china, form it, paint it, and then, one day, that cup will break - an example of Man trying to make his world orderly, and Nature exercising natural cycles to shift from the ordered to the disordered.  We do this in our politics as well.)

If we look at the days surrounding the ratification of the Constitution and BoR as the high water mark for the concept of maximum personal Liberty and Government, and the nearly immediate unwinding of that orderly state as Federalists moved into the Judiciary, as the Judiciary usurped the balance of the Constitution via claiming Judicial Review, and every act since that has taken us away from that ideal few moments when Liberty and Government were able to coexist, if we look at the 200+ years since ratification as the natural cycle of moving from the orderly to the disorderly, we can see opportunities begin to form. 

If we accept my paradigm, that we are rapidly approaching the shattering of the teacup (Constitution and BoR) that was made (ratified) in 1791, then there will be a period of severe chaos (our blogs call it everything from a Ruckus to the Big Ugly to War) - and once that chaos comes to a close, we will attempt to build another teacup.  This one will be improved upon, in an attempt to avoid the mistakes in our last design.  Liberty will have the opportunity to be more secure next time around if we add term limits, or add voting requirements, or add criminal penalties for even proposing another 16th Amendment-type violation of Rightful Liberty.

We have the chance to grow Liberty.

But we must be bold.  We must be willing to do the same hard work as did those who made the first teacup, and we have to have the resolve to make it better, to grow the geographic footprint of Liberty, to push the Tyrants further from us and no longer tolerate their deliberate attempts to destroy our work.

No, I do not share doom and gloom pessimism.  I see the opportunity to make America better, to free more people from tyranny, and to improve upon the best example History has of building a system of governance based on personal Liberty - our DoI, Constitution and BoR.

The Citadel is not some hidey-hole we intend to cut out of the wilderness, in which we will pull the covers over our heads and hope the wolves eat us last.  Quite the contrary - the Citadel is to be a stronghold for the ideals of Jefferson, Franklin, you and me; a place where we can keep these ideals alive as the teacup is shattered, and a place whence Patriots can return to the far corners of America in the Aftermath and grow Liberty - expand Liberty, as is Nature's way.  We are in a period of contraction, and it will be followed by the opportunity for Liberty to expand.

However: If Liberty has the opportunity to expand, so does Tyranny. 

What happens will be up to you and me, and what we decide to do in the world in the Aftermath.

I intend to make it better than it was, to grow Liberty.

We have a LOT of work to do.  Much of that work needs to be done now, from prepping and training, to forming a special nationwide team of III Patriots, to building our voice in the III Congress, and more.

I have to do something to the day I die - might as well fill part of every day trying to grow Rightful Liberty.

There are worse lives to have lived...


CDC: Making your children 2A 'Prohibited Persons' in Elementary School

Shortly after Sandy Hook I made the predictions, based purely on my own political calculus, that the Enemies of Liberty would use the murders in a politically-effective manner to exponentially expand the pool of 'Prohibited Persons' by using the 'Mental Health' angle, merged with ObamaCare.  I also went out on a limb and said they wouldn't get a new AWB through Congress.

So here we are.

Pay attention to this particular quote from CDC: “This is a deliberate effort by CDC to show mental health is a health issue. [emphasis added by K] As with any health concern, the more attention we give to it, the better. It’s parents becoming aware of the facts and talking to a health-care provider about how their child is learning, behaving and playing with other kids,” said Dr. Ruth Perou, the study’s lead author.

Remember that if your little darlin's are in public school, any teacher and any school nurse has the power to label your child as mentally defective, simply by saying little Johnny stares out the window instead of reading his textbook.

Also, any physician your child visits, under ObamaCare, will be able to make the same label with nothing more than a note in the margins.

Yes, labeling kids as defective is a multi-billion dollar industry for Big Pharma.

And Yes, anti-gunners will label as many kids as possible as defective, as early as possible, so that when they are old enough to buy a firearm, they will be denied because of mental defects.

Your average citizen and your average NRA slug will have no problem "...accepting reasonable legislation that keeps weapons of war out of the hands of mentally unstable people..."

You have been warned.

Here's the link to the CDC piece.


Friday, May 17, 2013

III Congress

It has been just under a month since a number of us met at King's Mountain on behalf of the III Congress.  We decided we'd move forward with the Congress, to try and grow our ranks and serve as a networking vehicle to draw together various facets of the III and Liberty Movement.  When we left I told everyone I would put together an email list of Delegates and circulate a draft of our first Resolution so we could work on it as a group and get the language where we want it.  I've been a bit delayed because I have been fleshing out other aspects of III projects, including the III 300 and training functions, trying to figure out how they can all complement one-another.  I've got those new elements to a point that we can begin talking, so our first order of business is to get the III Congress solidified.

The III is not how Kerodin defines it - it is how we all define it.  That is the purpose of the III Congress, to unify our voices, articulate goals and strategy, and become a political force.  So now is the time that I ask anyone who wants to be part of that voice to go to the III Congress site, sign up as a Delegate, and help us chart our course.  The Congress is a dues-based organization, part of the 527.  Every Delegate contributes a small $10 monthly fee to help finance basics.  Remember that one of the biggest challenges facing the Colonials who fought in the war was lack of funds.  Let's not make that same mistake.

I have ordered III Congress patches (velcro backing) and expect them in the next week or so.  I'll ship them out when they arrive. (They look like the image above and measure 1x4)

At the moment we have Delegates from almost half the States, and some States have more than one Delegate - forming proper Delegations just as the Colonies did in our Founding Era.  Our goal is to grow our ranks and have full Delegations from every State, hundreds of III Patriots who each help create our unified voice and set our path forward.

One of the most important lessons from the Battle of King's Mountain is that the Colonials who showed up were individuals (as we III Patriots pride ourselves) who acted in unison to achieve a common goal - to kill the Tories on the mountain.

They achieved their goal, then went home.

It is our turn.

We need as many III Patriots as possible to become Delegates, to help us unify and set course, network and build.  Here's the link.

In the meantime, over this weekend, I'll get that mailing list together, our resolution draft out to Delegates, and any Delegate who wants the ability to post at the III Congress site need only let me know so I can have you added as an admin.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Militiaman Training

The Patriots who participated in the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) course at Brock's PatCon spoke very highly of the training and the trainer involved (SFMedic.)  It is commonly accepted that comms are a weakness in the current Liberty Movement.  Even General Washington used ciphers and special inks and spies.  Tactical training is, for the genuine Militiaman, essential.  A larger strategy must be accepted by a majority.  Most of the men and women who make up the militia today are merchants and mechanics and accountants, not professional soldiers.  Militiamen need to know the skills of Small Unit Combat, room and building clearing, intelligence gathering, and more, and they need to learn from professionals.  Modern Militiamen need to learn how to hit and be hit at close range, they need to know how to stop the bad man from getting the cuffs on, they need to know how to choke a man out - and, if they choose, to break that man's neck instead.


You can't read about it and become proficient.  You must do it, over and over, preferably with the aid of someone who is a professional (a "Professional" is a person who has done X for a living) to get them started, to condense the material, to teach shortcuts, to reveal the most common and dangerous mistakes, and to illuminate the path to proficiency.

Training is not cheap.  Trainers are not magicians.  A professional Rifleman is not necessarily good at teaching other people how to shoot.  Teaching is a skillset unto itself.  Remember the Green Beret is not only a master warrior, but trained to train others.  Most Militiamen have limited budgets and time, and most militia units are equally limited in disposable income and time.  Choosing proper trainers is important. 

Militiamen will rarely become as good as the professional trainers they employ.  Your trainers will help get you and/or your unit pointed in the right direction, and then it is on you to develop your skills as much as you are able.

There are some outstanding trainers in our III community.  There are many serious Patriots who mean to live up to the responsibilities of the III when the time comes and America needs her Patriots on the Green.  It is imperative that we get trainers and Patriots together in these final days before our world changes forever.

This is my next personal challenge.  III Arms is up and running.  The Citadel is on course.  The III Congress must expand and help in our efforts to connect trainers and Patriots.

Whether you consider yourself a militiaman, a militia leader, or simply a III Patriot, would you find it beneficial for us to help get you, your team, and trainers together?


The Heretic at Heritage



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"...render themselves obnoxious..."

Make no mistake: Washington DC is on fire.

Benghazi is so bad the Administration is willing to burn half the city to the ground as a distraction.  Why is it so bad and worth so much self-destruction to try and keep the lid on? 

Because Benghazi is not only an Obama detonation - it is also a Clinton-machine detonation.  Between the Obama and Clinton machines, they ARE the Leftist machine in America.  They ARE the entire Marxist Movement, and they are both vulnerable now.

Leftist bureaucrats and appointed officials are headed under the bus, by the bushel basket.

Benghazi, the media surveillance, or the IRS scandal, standing alone, would reach the level of likely impeachment chatter for most Presidents.  Add in all the other scandals and extra-constitutional activities since 2008, the fact that he is now losing his media Praetorian, and then look at the cold, hard realities of 2014 Democrat politics and you must conclude that Mister Franklin's remedy can't be far off.

But this President is no ordinary President. 

America has never had a President like this before - ever.

At the end of the day will a shared Marxist ideology be sufficient to keep him safe from Impeachment?  Will the media and other Dem's rough him up a bit, but ultimately put their shields back in place around this President?  What if this man really doesn't have any plans for leaving the Oval Office?  What if he is willing to do a Dorner/Boston across the country in select cities and burn half of the country to the ground to retain power?

We shall see.

At this hour the Dow is up, gold and silver are down, and the raping, pillaging, plundering and deliberate destruction of American economic power continues unabated.

What does all of this mean for Patriots?

Nothing.  Continue doing everything you have been doing.  Continue prepping.

No matter what may happen as a result of these events, the Marxist Machine will continue.  It will never stop until it is strangled to death and every last one of those tyrannical bastards is run out of this country and every Useful Idiot and general FSA member is marched off with them.  This may become a bump in the Marxist Road - or it could be the catalyst they need (and want.)

In coming days we will discuss the importance of continuing to build the III Congress, the III 300, and helping promote III Arms.  We will discuss how the III Congress can help get training to Patriots who want it and need it. (Tactical, combat medical, comms, etc.)  We will discuss some of the behind-the-scenes activity of the Citadel (Our media blackout will be lifting soon!)  IIIGear is shipping a significant batch tomorrow.  I will release some hard details regarding my CQB classes. 

Do not allow yourself to revel in the troubles of your enemies to the point of distraction.

Our enemies will never stop.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Patriot Package Seed Sale

So you have the seed you needed for this summer - what about next summer?

What about barter?  What about feeding your extended family/Tribe that will become your responsibility in the aftermath?  What about your church - do they have a few dozen packages to hand out when it gets rough?

Think ahead, folks.

Think you'll just buy your food from the grocery store after SHTF?  Planning to avoid the bread lines means you must PLAN and ACT now.

You saw the EU story about government controlling seeds.  You've connected the dots and know the same is headed our way.

If you knew the ammo crunch was coming a week before it happened, you'd have dumped every dollar you had into buying every round you could find.  Do not get caught in the same trap when .gov suddenly shuts down access to seeds.  They will not warn you first, and you already know their most effective weapon is not bullets or MRAPs - it is food.

Bill has a special going right now for his Patriot Package.  Buy now before you can't find seed anywhere, for any price.  Talk to your local church and get them to begin prepping - start with the means to produce.



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

...aaaaaand, GO!

Many of you know (because I have explained it here several times) that a grown man can easily cover 30 feet in 3 seconds or fewer.  If he has a knife or crowbar, you have trouble inbound. 

Most of you drill for this eventuality, and know exactly how long it takes you to draw your primary sidearm and double-tap.

The next time you and your buddies get together for training, add this to the mix:  Give the guy at 30 paces a wiffle ball bat, and have another buddy grasp your strong hand at the wrist, with both of his hands.

Then: Go!

What if a third person was holding your off-hand wrist as well?

Or had you in a rear naked choke (a good one).

You do train for these things, yes?  You train hard, right?

There is a dual purpose for proposing this exercise.

One: You need to know how to handle yourself when Bad Guys get inside your personal space.

Two: Holly and I have decided that I will begin to offer a III CQB course very soon, highly specialized and suitable for any Patriot - regardless of sex, physical condition, age.

But first - try the training exercise, and answer the question in your head "Do I (Does my Team) need more training in this area?"

Because if you think Bad Guys can't, or won't, get inside your physical space, with an advantage, you haven't been in many real fights, and you aren't ready for one, either.


NC PatCon: Congratulations!

A group of West Coast Patriots shipped Brock 2 80% AR lowers, and they were raffled during the PatCon.

Congratulations to Michael H. (of Illinois) & John P. (who was present)

Thanks to all for the support.


Armed March on DC

I am not going to give you my opinion, yet.

One "Patriot" blogger said it is a bad idea, because confiscations and bans have not started yet, we have "legal remedies" remaining.  I would point to the confiscation unit in California, and that every LEO, in every state, confiscates every firearm he finds in the possession of a "Prohibited Person".  I will also point to the fact that bans have been in effect for 80 years - tried buying an SMG from the corner hardware store in this lifetime?  A Maxim?  A suppressor?

That's a ban.  Jumping through hoops is an infringement.

Other people across several "Patriot" websites have a long list of reasons why they will not be there - from the moral character of the organizer to their conclusion it will be a massacre and lead to a 2A ban...

Yet every Patriot calls for ignoring tyranny - indeed, most who write on blogs rant and rave about how they spit in the faces of the tyrants daily.

But when someone says: "Let's show up on D-Day and either put an end to this tyranny, or get this war for Liberty rolling..."

Crickets and excuses.

I have no desire to commit suicide.  John Parker did not intend to commit suicide, either.  He didn't know if he'd be going home again - but he was done being tyrannized.  He wasn't alone.  He didn't wait for the British to kick in his door at home, either.

Just my observations at the moment.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Another AAR from Brock's Gig - this one from Israel

Here is an AAR from Israel, who I was finally able to meet in person.  His buddy Lewis was with him, whom I had met at Mercer.

Seeing  Lewis again and meeting Israel was a big boost to my "...America still has a chance..." perspective.

Read the report, here.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brock's AAR

Brock's PatCon, in my opinion, was a great success.  I will reveal much of the event from my perspective through essays in the coming days.  There were very patriotic and serious thinkers in attendance, debates, the TCCC program on Friday was a smash, I was able to make first contact with several Patriots I have known through this blog, and able to see several others again. 

I am already looking forward to the fall event, which I suggest every Patriot who is able should make every effort to attend. Brock was an impeccable host, and I suggest he has continued the long, honorable tradition of raising proper and smart young Southern ladies in his daughter, Dixie. 

The raffle portion of the event was both fun and rewarding.  I personally was able to announce the winners of the great donation submitted by the West Coast Patriots.  One Patriot was present, and the other was one of the tickets sold online via the PayPal link.  You'll have your prize in Monday's mail.

I tend to keep a low profile at such events, to watch and to listen and learn.  My 2 cents is best offered in writing after I have had time to digest viewpoints.  I will dare to say that I am much like Thomas Jefferson in this one respect: I think myself a better writer than orator.

I think a consensus generally existed among most attendees that a fight is imminent.

I agree.

To remind all of CA's advice: Let's win.

How do we win?  What do we do in the aftermath?  These are the big questions, no?  Hell, we may all be dead, and it becomes someone else's problem.

For now, my sincerest thanks to Brock who made everyone feel welcome and who undertook a tremendous amount of work to ensure that people could gather and discuss these issues before us.

The spirit of the III is alive and surging through many Patriotic hearts.

Yours in Liberty,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

NC PatCon: Important

Brock Townsend is hosting his spring PatCon this weekend.

The man deserves the gratitude of every III Patriot and every Liberty-loving American for his tireless efforts to host these events where Patriots are able to get together, meet, talk, bond and advance our Movement.

Thank you, Brock.  What you do matters and makes a significant difference.

We chatted in email this evening and he asked for a bit of help and I am proud to be in a position to contribute in this small way.

A small group of West Coast Patriots submitted two (2) 80% AR Lower receivers for Brock to raffle off during the PatCon to help raise money to cover expenses.  Believe me, the gigs Brock puts together are expensive and first class!

So here is how we can all help: We are going to sell raffle tickets for the 80% lowers that were donated by the West Coast Patriots.  I am going to add a PayPal button here on this post and on the right sidebar, which will remain active right up to the raffle.  Everyone who buys a raffle ticket will have two (2) chances to win.  2 lowers, 2 raffle chances.

This is a great way to help Brock cover some expenses, and a great way to possibly add an 80% AR back-up to your safe.  Since we are using the 527 all money that I collect for the tickets will be delivered to Brock in person when I show up on Saturday.  Remember, an 80% lower is NOT a firearm and does NOT need to go through your FFL - no paperwork ;)

**UPDATE**  Will announce winners when I get home - Brock's event was outstanding!


Snitches get ditches...screw the stitches.

“We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government, hates the mayor and he’s gonna shoot him,” Bradshaw said. “What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’ ”

Herr Wolfe would be proud.

This is Palm Beach Florida, folks.  The "tip line response team" will look something like the image, I suspect.

You will not need to wander far from your front porch to find and engage Enemies of Liberty in the coming excitement.

Here's the link.