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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brock's AAR

Brock's PatCon, in my opinion, was a great success.  I will reveal much of the event from my perspective through essays in the coming days.  There were very patriotic and serious thinkers in attendance, debates, the TCCC program on Friday was a smash, I was able to make first contact with several Patriots I have known through this blog, and able to see several others again. 

I am already looking forward to the fall event, which I suggest every Patriot who is able should make every effort to attend. Brock was an impeccable host, and I suggest he has continued the long, honorable tradition of raising proper and smart young Southern ladies in his daughter, Dixie. 

The raffle portion of the event was both fun and rewarding.  I personally was able to announce the winners of the great donation submitted by the West Coast Patriots.  One Patriot was present, and the other was one of the tickets sold online via the PayPal link.  You'll have your prize in Monday's mail.

I tend to keep a low profile at such events, to watch and to listen and learn.  My 2 cents is best offered in writing after I have had time to digest viewpoints.  I will dare to say that I am much like Thomas Jefferson in this one respect: I think myself a better writer than orator.

I think a consensus generally existed among most attendees that a fight is imminent.

I agree.

To remind all of CA's advice: Let's win.

How do we win?  What do we do in the aftermath?  These are the big questions, no?  Hell, we may all be dead, and it becomes someone else's problem.

For now, my sincerest thanks to Brock who made everyone feel welcome and who undertook a tremendous amount of work to ensure that people could gather and discuss these issues before us.

The spirit of the III is alive and surging through many Patriotic hearts.

Yours in Liberty,



  1. You are too kind, Sir and I look forward to your return in October. The 1790's guestroom?:)

    1. Thank you, sir. It'd be my honor to have your guestroom. We'll talk about it as the date gets closer.

      Thank you for everything.



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