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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Militiaman Training

The Patriots who participated in the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) course at Brock's PatCon spoke very highly of the training and the trainer involved (SFMedic.)  It is commonly accepted that comms are a weakness in the current Liberty Movement.  Even General Washington used ciphers and special inks and spies.  Tactical training is, for the genuine Militiaman, essential.  A larger strategy must be accepted by a majority.  Most of the men and women who make up the militia today are merchants and mechanics and accountants, not professional soldiers.  Militiamen need to know the skills of Small Unit Combat, room and building clearing, intelligence gathering, and more, and they need to learn from professionals.  Modern Militiamen need to learn how to hit and be hit at close range, they need to know how to stop the bad man from getting the cuffs on, they need to know how to choke a man out - and, if they choose, to break that man's neck instead.


You can't read about it and become proficient.  You must do it, over and over, preferably with the aid of someone who is a professional (a "Professional" is a person who has done X for a living) to get them started, to condense the material, to teach shortcuts, to reveal the most common and dangerous mistakes, and to illuminate the path to proficiency.

Training is not cheap.  Trainers are not magicians.  A professional Rifleman is not necessarily good at teaching other people how to shoot.  Teaching is a skillset unto itself.  Remember the Green Beret is not only a master warrior, but trained to train others.  Most Militiamen have limited budgets and time, and most militia units are equally limited in disposable income and time.  Choosing proper trainers is important. 

Militiamen will rarely become as good as the professional trainers they employ.  Your trainers will help get you and/or your unit pointed in the right direction, and then it is on you to develop your skills as much as you are able.

There are some outstanding trainers in our III community.  There are many serious Patriots who mean to live up to the responsibilities of the III when the time comes and America needs her Patriots on the Green.  It is imperative that we get trainers and Patriots together in these final days before our world changes forever.

This is my next personal challenge.  III Arms is up and running.  The Citadel is on course.  The III Congress must expand and help in our efforts to connect trainers and Patriots.

Whether you consider yourself a militiaman, a militia leader, or simply a III Patriot, would you find it beneficial for us to help get you, your team, and trainers together?



  1. Yes... I'm an active militia member, have been since Jan, when there were only 30 or so, now were near about 350 with some 90 or so whom participate @ monthly F.T.X's. What do you get if you practice every day, for six weeks? Better I hope.Without mentioning names, our militia group has grown to 7600 on a national level. Answer, we want to learn.

  2. “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Or as I like to say, Train hard, fight easy and more sweat in training means less of
    your blood in combat.

  3. I am interested and am seeking others who are... we must learn to do all we can to stand... we must learn it soon and quickly...

    Prepping Preacher


  4. Sam,

    We have discussed this a bit, and you know my position. Just as an example to get one man trained (me for instance) by a professional (Max V or Mosby) it costs an average of about $1000 each. ( 300$ travel,gas,camping etc, 300$ for ammo if live fire, and about 400$ for a two day course. Those are minimum costs to learn minimum skills.

    Sad fact is that 90% of the Militia folks I know and work with are middle to lower middle class working stiffs who simply can't afford it, regardless of willingness or desire.

    That is one of the main reasons that units utilize the ranger handbook, veteran members, and unit cross training to maintain a modicum of proficiency with small arms and survival skills.

    In my five years as CO of OVM we have had ONE hand to hand class (open hand and blade) and over 30 Musters dedicated to rifle skills, SUT, breaching and room clearing etc.

    The Militia is in a sad state due to its many shortcomings, ignorance, infighting, sloppiness, lack of leadership, and a deterioration communication. But there are still gems in the mix. Some units (notably those led by SF ODA vets) are still going strong and are well regulated.

    But, tho I know many Militia folks who claim to be III, they dont read the blogs, dont do open protest, dont get involved in anything outside thier own AO or county.

    I have seen a dozen efforts at National Unity or organization go down in flames from lack of participation or infighting. I am at a loss as to how to proceed, when I can even get more than five states to send reps to the III Congress. I will think on this some more and contact you thru regular channel.

  5. ABSOLUTELY, here in Utah the organization and "stick with it" needs to take place yesterday. Training and organization needs to take a more overt turn as to deem agent prvocotures and covert penetrators inert at the offset. The negative stigmas of this organization need to be minimized and thwarted with an opposing P.R. campaign of normalcy, thusly inducing action on the part of passive militia. Having to hide training in any large numbers does this whole thing a disservice.

  6. The video by the former KGB agent should be seen by all.
    It was made years ago but depicts what is happening today told by a defector who knows intimately who is behind all this.


  7. I think that without a "Call to Duty" from regional militias, the average enthusiast will remain a wannabe with EVERY reason/excuse to remain in their cozy, air-conditioned rut. They are indoctrinated to respond to certain stimuli and their day-to-day keeps them entranced.

    I suggest actual militias (not just the butterballs who get together and drink beer for their weekend training) spend some of their war chest on PR and offering a legitimate/public muster/sign-up, withOUT discriminating against one group or another for the sake of political correctness or to not offend the government overlords.

    I mean, when the plan is to overthrow tyrants and the corruption they feed upon, WHO CARES what they think is right!?! We should poke them in their all seeing eye and shoot everyone that comes to rub it.



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