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Sunday, June 30, 2013

III Stone Craftsman Needed

Do we have any Stone Engravers in our III who will accept a contract to cut the cornerstone of the Citadel?
I want polished granite on 2 sides (corners, not opposite sides) one side for III Arms, the other for Citadel.  As with the pictures I included, the rest of the piece can be rough, for will be a cornerstone, surrounded by poured concrete all sides except the exposed engravings.  There will be text, logos, and at least two reliefs - John Parker on one side, and King Leonidas on the other.
Yes, it is time to set the cornerstone.
It needs to be trucked to Idaho, unless it will not blow out the rear springs of my lil' HHR.
What have we got?


III CQB Classes


Most of you know the basics by now - what to wear, no live weapons, etc.

I am going to suggest that if you own blue or red trainers, especially sidearms, but rifles too, come with holsters as you will wear the sidearms.  I was given a bunch of excuses by Ring Manufacturing about why my order never showed in time for the Illinois class.  We made out ok, and if you DO NOT own any trainers, no worries.  But if you do, bring them with your holsters as you expect to carry in the real world, whether open carry or concealed.

Also: Class organizers and students - I'd like you to think about how you'd like ME to approach your class.  If I am teaching a militia-only class and you want to train ion full kit, that's fine by me, but I will adjust the techniques you are taught.  If the class is all ladies who worry about being raped, different techniques.  I'm flexible, and ultimately I'll decide which techniques to teach, but your input is important.

Finally, and this is merely a reminder:  When you need my CQB training you have already entered a world of shit.  You messed up and left your Fighting Rifle out of reach, or your situational awareness failed you and you suddenly have Bad Guys who can put their hands on you before you can deploy your sidearm.  Or, SHTF is suddenly a reality and your position is being over run and you simply don't have time to reload.

My course is sub-titled Fight to your weapon.  That's what I teach.  I teach you to stay alive in the face of overwhelming force long enough to reach and deploy your weapon, or break the other guy(s) up so you end it with a technique that bends his arm or leg opposite to UL testing specs, turn his lights off temporarily - or forever.  But I will teach you that it is YOUR choice as to whether you live or die.

Sadly, there are times when the other guy will win.  He always has a vote.

Work with me and I will help put the odds - which already suck for you - back in your favor.

Mothers: If you have daughters headed to college, consider my RapeSafety class.  Ignore the pricing you see on the website - that pricing is for people already in my business world who have more dollars than sense.  I'll need a full weekend with a few girls, moms, dads and brothers are welcome.  They WILL be safe away from home.

Militia Commanders:  Make sure your Team has what it takes, from patrolling, to defeating an ambush, to taking a hostage alive, to handling 2-3 Enemies who mean to have your man surrender all of his secrets.  If you are a Militia Commander and you want to test the program before you formally accept a class on behalf of your Team, just let me know when you can make it to the DC Metro area, and I will train with you personally, so you can decide for yourself, from experience.

And remember, I do not need to know the name of any member of your Team if anonymity is important to you.  Assign me a point of contact from your Team, and I'll operate using call signs, even if they are disposable.


IIIGear SitRep

As most of you know I am setting out on a tour of our great republic tomorrow morning to teach several III CQB classes, from Southern California to Colorado to Ohio.  As of this moment we are trying to hit our minimum students for Alabama and Southern Florida for August - I am reallllly looking forward to Southern Florida, I hear there is some great sight-seeing down in the Keys.

Anyway, we have processed and put in the mail (tomorrow morning) all outstanding IIIGear orders EXCEPT:  A few items that Condor was shipping, one Cold Steel blade, and the few hoodies and ALC shirts remaining.  Condor helped us out, and that order will be waiting for us when we hit my old stomping grounds in Los Angeles, and we'll ship that gear from there.  (Maj. Wolf and the raffle knife winner, your knives should have either arrived to your home by now, or will tomorrow or Tuesday).

I am taking all of our T-Shirts and patches, because they don't take up much physical space.  I am leaving the knives in the shop.  So, if you place a knife order or a Condor order, just be advised I won't even begin processing it until I get back to DC, which will be July 23 at the soonest.  If you order hats, patches, shirts, we'll process and ship while on the road.  I'll also have a set of III CQB grey tanks waiting for me in LA.

One of our Steering Committee members for the Citadel is an IT Whiz and he helped me get the milk truck turned into a mobile hotspot, so we'll have the ability to get a lot of work done while traveling - one of our biggest concerns with being away for so long.

III Congress:  Because I will be able to work while Holly is driving, I'll get the last 1/2 dozen patches out and our mission statement drafted so we can formalize it.  I make no promises at all, but given that the Citadel has the attention of national media, I will test the waters once we settle on a mission statement and see if we can get some press coverage.

More later.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chocolat by Daniel

Men who like women learn at an early age that women like chocolate.

Chocolate has a physiological impact on most women, a positive impact that will usually make her fond of the man who gave her the chocolate.  Very fond.  I will be the first to admit that I eat like a 7-year-old-boy, and what is worse is that my palette measures well below "blunt instrument".  Steak good, uhg.  I don't do subtle when I eat.

But the female of our species is more sophisticated than most of us guys.  They see more colors (true), they have a wider field of peripheral vision (true), and when it comes to chocolate most women treat it as a moment in life to be savored, and interrupting a chocolate moment may end in physical pain or divorce if you aren't careful.  They seem to almost taste colors when they eat chocolate.

Daniel hosted our III CQB class last week in Rockford, and he is a professional chocolatier - he is one of those rare men who can create colors for women to enjoy in a piece of chocolate.  No, he doesn't make yellow chocolate - "creating colors" is rhetorical to describe that he is an artisan in chocolate, a genuine Master of the craft.  A Hershey bar is not chocolate.  Ladies, if you think the apex of chocolate is Godiva, I need you to trust me when I say that you have never tasted the real deal.  And I say that with my 7-year-old appreciation for food. (No offense, Godiva)

If you were to enter Daniel's shop and ask for a Godiva-class bit of chocolate to take home to your wife, Daniel may physically throw you out of his establishment. And he can do it - I taught him how. He has, indeed, refused to sell his chocolate creations to some people who are obviously seeking a product far below his standards, and pointed them to the local drug store instead

Daniel's chocolate creations are masterworks of culinary art.

I do not have either the palette to appreciate fully his creations, nor the ability to properly write about his chocolate.  My wife, however, does.  So for you ladies who want to taste what may well be the finest chocolate experience on planet Earth, Holly guest-wrote of the experience.  For you guys who want to stack the deck and get a woman who is out of your league to notice you, you need to read the column then drive to Illinois.

This is not an advertisement for Daniel.  You can't buy his creations online.  He won't ship you anything.

Holly and I are writing of Daniel, his wife, and his chocolate because they are special.

Ladies, I am not kidding, I don't care where you live, tell your man to get his bum to Illinois and come home with some of Daniel's chocolate, or don't come home.  If you die without experiencing the magnificence that is a genuine chocolate moment, shame on you.

Here's the link to Holly's column.  If you are serious about going to Daniels shop to experience the physical, emotional, psychological event that is eating a bit of real chocolate, I'll give you Daniel's address.

Guys - the next time you bring your wife a heart-shaped box of dark sweets from the drug store, she'll know you aren't bringing your A-Game  ;)


You are going to strap me down and take my blood? Uhm...no.

**UPDATE**  OK, I went through the video.  I still have a problem with it.  I do have a problem with drunk drivers, but that is another issue.  Today it is drunk drivers, tomorrow it will be...

Nope.  Not for me.


I haven't read the stories or watched the video yet, I'm heading out the door in a moment.

But - WTF??!! - just doesn't seem to cover the headlines.

LEO strapping people down and taking blood?

Oath Keepers, eh?

And you will permit these fucks to put their hands on you?

How about - no.  You want my blood, you are welcome to mop up the crime scene after you zip me up in my body bag.

Folks, war has been openly declared.

We'll see if anything changes later, after I have had a chance to see the video and read more about what is going on in this story.  But knee-jerk reaction?  Just kill me on the street if you want my blood - strapping me on a table ain't happenin'.

Yeah, you cross one of my lines before I get strapped to a table.  You cross that line if I even "THINK" you may intend to strap me to a table.

Here are two links:

Liberty & Lead, here.

Son of Liberty, here.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Seed = food & food = life. It's that simple.

Bill is running another special, and I would ask you to think for a moment.

If there is an implosion, if Bad People go hard and detonate the dollar, barter will be essential, at least for a while.  We have all seen in History that Tyrants can and do kill millions with weapons and violence, and they kill at least as many by controlling food.

If we have to go into barter mode, even for a while, consider the value of seeds so people can feed themselves.  Consider the physical space the seeds consume and the weight in your pack.  Consider that Bill's packages are enough to feed many, many people who must suddenly take care of themselves.

There are many items that will be good for barter: liquor, tobacco, ammo, weapons, women - but none are as easy to carry and hide in bulk than food in seed form.  A handful of seed may get you a box of ammo, meat, or more importantly - an ally who will cover your back, because you just helped him feed his family.

A few dozen Patriot Packages in every church in America is one of the most practical and common sense preps possible.  Most of you not only go to church, but I suspect many of you carry weight in your church.  Use that power for good, convince your church elders to invest in a case or pallet of Patriot Packages from Bill.  Put them in the basement.  How much more "...teach a man to fish..." can you really get?  Are they just words?

Do it now, folks - while we can.  Don't wake up one morning to find that there are suddenly no more seeds out there, just as we had a run on firearms and ammo.

Talk to your church. You'll be helping hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people if your church merely buys a case of Patriot Packages.  How many people can you help save, how many people will come together, with a pallet of seeds safely in the church basement?  It is the cheapest and most efficient and useful preps one can invest in right now.  Not only do seeds offer long-term security if the worst comes our way, but even the daily people who come to the church now, seeking a box of food, can be helped by a handful of seeds.  The benefit is short-term and long-term.

And YOU, Patriot, have the power to make it happen.

Here's the link.


Compare & Contrast

In my mis-spent youth I owned a Ruger SP-101 in .357 Magnum, a 5-shot revolver that I found to be a magnificent combat revolver.  The ability to load lighter .38 Special for training others was great.  I swapped the grips for a set of Hogue wood grips with finger grooves, much like the beauty below. 

Gads that was a wonderful sidearm that a man - or woman - could trust with life itself.

There is a new site that is compiling reviews of firearms, and I commend it to you.  Jump over and take a look, read a few reviews on firearms you know intimately and see if the reviewers are hitting the X-Ring.

The developer of the site earns an A for effort and presentation at first glance.

Here's the link.


Electricity 101 for the Partisan

I considered doing a "How to ClusterFoxtrot a Target's Home Systems" post all-in-one, but it would be too long.  So, we'll do a series.  And, we'll start with electricity.

If you have never dealt with electricity, please understand this reality: It'll kill you if you let it.  It'll curl your hair, if you let it.  It'll cook & burn the meat of your body like a bad Sunday cookout, if you let it. Yes, even the wimpy little 120 volts in your light sockets can mess up your day.  (or, depending on how well you are grounded, it may just give you a wee tingle)

Respect it as you would a loaded firearm. Electricity is like fire - a great tool that can hurt you if not respected.

Electrical guys - please don't pick nits, I'm trying to lay this out for the guy/gal who has never fiddled with electricity.  Do feel free to help break it down into simpler terms if I don't break it down enough.

The electricity that is generated at your local power plant is delivered to your home through a series of transmission wires that, literally, connect from your home all the way back to the plant.  The plant delivers big chunks of power to routing stations, then to sub-stations, then down your street (or buried underground in some communities) and then into your home.  Most homes have "Single-Phase" power, which for our purposes simply means that the power company runs 3 wires to your house.  2 are "Hot" and have electricity on them, the third is a "Ground" which physically ends at a long steel rod that is driven deeply into the ground somewhere near your house.

As water wants to flow downhill via gravity, electricity is ALWAYS seeking to find its way into the ground.  "Ground" isn't a technical term, it is literally the ground, the Earth.  Electricity wants to return to the Earth.  Here is where safety begins - never be "The Thing" standing between electricity and the Earth if you are not insulated - it'll run through you and into the ground, and curl your toes - not in the good way. 

In a community that has wires strung from poles to each house you can simply look upward and follow the wires to the house.  Here is a picture of the wires that come from the pole on my street to the house:

Cut either of them and my power essentially is out, though some appliances will probably still work, depending on which you cut.  To be safe and make sure the house goes dark, cut both wires - ONE AT A TIME!  Follow them from where they hit the house, and they go to a meter, which is almost always bolted to the outside of the house and looks like this:

In this particular meter, you can see a wire at the bottom, and also a tube - inside that tube is another set of wires.  One set runs into the meter (from the street) and the other goes through the wall into the house where it ties into your circuit breaker box, which looks something like this:

Most of you already know where your breaker box is located in your house (or garage).  If the installing electrician did his job properly, each breaker actually controls the electricity according to the neat little sticker.  For instance, the sticker may say "A/C" and if all is well, that breaker is for your HVAC system.  Too often, the labels in the boxes are either wrong or don't exist.

Turning the electricity off to a house in secret-squirrel mode is both simple, and risky.  Nosey neighbors, for one, may see you walking onto Mayor Dumbarse's property with bolt cutters, and "See Something, Say Something".  If you plan to do such a thing in daylight - look the part.  Noone looks twice at a repairman, if you look like a genuine repairman. 

If you mean to kill the power from outside you simply have to cut the 2 hot wires going to the house, or meter, or leaving the meter.  Here's the tricky part - those two hot wires, and the ground wire, are usually all encased in one piece of plastic and it can be tough to know where to cut.  If you simply cut the whole wire, be ready for a GREAT light show and pop.  The goal is to snip just one of the hot wires without letting the steel of your bolt cutter touch EITHER the other hot wire OR the ground wire.  Then repeat on the other hot wire.

SAFETY:  Make sure your bolt cutters have good rubber handles, your boots have good rubber soles, You are wearing good rubber gloves, and that no part of your body is "grounded", which includes leaning your forearm against the metal fencepost that is nearby for leverage.  Remember, electricity wants to go to ground.  The moment your steel blades from the bolt cutter begin cutting one of the hot wires, all of the steel in your bolt cutters is hot with electricity.  If any of that metal hits anything that is grounded - light show and big popping noise.  You may even pee yourself.

Next time you go to Home Depot, go to the electrical section and look at the coils of wire.  Look at the end and you'll see what I mean about several individual wires being encased in a single casing (usually each wire has its own casing, plus the larger casing that ties them all together - but not always).

If it is your intent to kill the power from outside, you can do it at the meter, but you can also do it at the pole.  Just follow the wire back to the pole, and scurry on up there on a ladder.  Remember - never touch a hot wire and ground at the same time, and never touch 2 hot wires at the same time.  Ever wondered why birds can hang out all day long on the power wires?  They aren't grounded.  You can physically hold a hot wire in your hand and have no worries - until you ground yourself or touch the second wire - then you turn into a crispy critter.  Often birds with large wingspans will kill themselves when they try to LEAVE a wire perch.  They are fine as long as they are sitting only on one wire, but when their wings spread, if they ground out or hit the second hot wire - boom.

If you decide to kill power from inside the house, just go to the circuit breaker box.  It will have one primary breaker inside, usually at the top, usually marked "MAIN".  If you flip that off, you usually kill all power to the house.  Or you can simply turn off a few breakers or a single breaker.  For instance, if you know Mayor Dumbarse is surfing porn and you turn off the breaker to his den, you can probably crouch in a corner and wait for him to come check the breakers...

In most jurisdictions the central air conditioner is required to have a fuse box mounted on the exterior wall of the house, near the unit, like so:

In case you don't know, the big boxes that say "York" are the A/C condensers, the gray and black box mounted on the brick wall is a fuse box - one for each unit.  If you would like to try to get your guy inside the house to come outside, all you have to do is open each of those fuse boxes (They are rarely locked, and if so it is a small padlock) and pull the little fuse holder inside - and his A/C goes down.  Depending on where you live and the weather, it may take a while before he notices the A/C isn't working, and he may or may not even know to walk outside - but it is worth a shot.  Side benefit: A hot house is much easier to defeat passive infra-red motion sensors - but that's for another column.

Not worried about stealth, or perhaps you don't care if an entire neighborhood goes dark?  Just remember the basic point - electricity WANTS the Earth - so introduce one to the other.  Make a love connection.  ;)  When a car hits a power pole and knocks wires to the ground, people lose power.  You know how kids will ties shoes together and then toss them up on the wires?  If some dummy did that with a length of chain, effectively becoming the bird with wide wings, the two wires "short out" and something down the line will pop.  A series of 6 or 8 foot chains thrown over the fence at a local sub-station that manage to make the electrical stuff touch the ground - well, that's just plain vandalism, it is wrong and should not be done, because there will be big, loud popping noises, flashing lights, lots of expensive equipment (some of which may take weeks to replace) will be destroyed, and every building downstream of that station will go dark, at least until auto-relays re-route the power.  2-3 substations that go down, well, re-routing becomes very, very difficult...

People in the area who lose their power may have family on life-support, and they will die.

That's enough for now.  Let me know if this sort of thing is useful.


Cheese head III

Yes, yes I will wear my III cheese head tri-corn proudly at my next Wisconsin III gig!

Thanks to WiscoDave!


On the road again...

Saturday July 6: SoCal (Very close to Long Beach)

Friday July 12 & Saturday July 13th: Western Colorado (Olathe area)

Saturday July 20: WV (Class site Gallipolis Ohio)

Saturday Aug 3: Montgomery Alabama (This class has NOT met the minimum number of students, yet - if you plan to attend, zip me an email please.  Alan P. I have you on the list.)

Saturday August 17: South Florida

If you owe your local organizer a class fee, please get it to him/her - he's probably already fronted the money on your behalf.  If you are dealing with me directly (instead of a local organizer) - no worries.

That's what is on the books for the moment, folks.  All of my July classes are a GO.  Each can take a few more students if you've been on the fence, just email me (Kerodin@Kerodin.com) and I'll put you in touch with the coordinator.

For folks in areas I have not mentioned - if you want a class in your AO the process is simple: Get your Tribe together and pick a date.  Assign one person as my contact.  That person will collect your class fee and get it to me and you guys secure a venue.  I'll help the networking effort by announcing the site date/location online (unless you are scheduling a CLOSED class, for a militia unit, etc.)  It's that simple.  $100 in PayPal secures the date, full payment due 2 weeks before class date.  You secure the venue (usually an FTX area you have used before, but I will train anywhere, in any weather - if you decide to borrow an indoor location with air conditioning, ok by me.  If we train on the beach in Miami, ok by me (though I promise you'll want to cut off your own calf muscles the next day  ;)  I am not limited to weekends, I can hold a class any day of the week that works for your team. 

Holly will usually be with me, so feel free to include your wives in class, or bring kids to watch, whatever works for you.

The training is great - and not to talk myself out of any students, but the NETWORKING is even better.  The ability to shake the hands of Patriots and look into their eyes, people who think like you and live near you, is priceless.  In all cases, Holly and I are available for meeting up at a local restaurant the evening of the class to break bread with you all.  (We'll all go Dutch)  I can't stress enough that when Bill Nye held the first PatCon, the ability for those guys to meet and shake hands was outstanding.  Brock's gigs are worth GOLD, and I don't care where you live, you should plan a trip to North Carolina to attend one of Brock's PatCons to meet your fellow Patriots.  And let us never forget, if TL Davis had not put together the Mercer event, there would not be a III Arms, there would not be a Citadel.  There would not have been the opportunities we've all had to make it on Drudge and Beck and beyond.

Let's meet.  Let's train.  Let's break bread.

Camera policy: I have NO problem with anyone who wants to shoot pics or video during class.  Please check with each class participant before putting their face on the lens - some may be grey.  With approval at each venue, Holly and I may even shoot a bit of video (with permission and consent, of course) so we can begin stringing together a DVD or online library for our Patriots so they can review techniques conveniently for continued training.

More later, getting ready to hit the road again this weekend.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

I haven't forgotten...

I haven't forgotten that several folks asked for some insights regarding how to beat, defeat, avoid and otherwise futz with domestic systems, alarms, et cetera.  It's been rolling around in my head, and I'm looking to the right balance of information that I divulge coupled with pointing you toward resources for reading and field testing, as well as tactics.

I may even be able to give it a whirl tonight. 

When it comes to getting to your target, sometimes stealth is the answer, sometimes it is guile (never under-estimate the value of having your wife get her hair done at the same salon as the Mayor's wife...), sometimes it is bold - and sometimes you just can't get him at his hidey-hole and you need to get him in transit.

More later, don't howl if I don't actually get it done tonight.  I have chores on the table and the family begins heading west soon to meet up with BonnieGadsden's Team.  We are looking forward to the trip.

Stay safe.


Oh, dear wayward Conservatives...

So, Texas has passed a Voter ID law.

Good, say you?  Now we can eliminate voter fraud?

The R's and especially the Conservatives love voter ID.

Hitler loved Voter ID, too.  So did Stalin.  There are a few more on this list, but you know the names.

There are ways to ensure people only vote once.  There are ways to secure the entire voting process.  A big part of it begins with fixed bayonets, marching illegals back south of the border and making sure no more come in.  Another part is securing the process of counting the votes.

But if you are in favor of Voter ID, then I must ask you to think hard on the premise:  Show me your papers!

Sorry folks, that's what Voter ID is all about.

And don't give me the "...you need an ID to buy beer or buy a gun or drive a car..." because in a Constitutional world, you do NOT need a license or proof of ID for any of those things.  Jefferson didn't carry ID issued by Virginia.  And no, you aren't going to win me over with a "We live in a different world today - we need ID..." argument. 

Bending knee to the "We all need to prove who we are..." doctrine is straight out of every Tyrant's Wet Dream Handbook.

Here's a link to "Texas Fred" on the topic.  (Fred's not real fond of III Patriots, he thinks we are a bit wide-eyed and dangerous...)


Oath Keepers, eh?

Found this story over at Brock's place.

Whatever you may think of Shabazz or the Black Panthers, (and I am right there with you - they should have been beaten off the steps of the voting location a few years ago) look at the premise of the story and tell me who you support.

The guy was recently wearing a bulletproof vest, and apparently doing nothing else to raise alarm.  Philadelphia LEO conducted a "Stop & Frisk" to "...talk to him about the vest..." when they searched him, they found a revolver.

In my world, Philly LEO is the bad guy here.  When Shabazz and his allies burn Philly to the ground for garbage like this, sorry folks, I will not be weeping for the "innocents" who get caught in the middle.

The premise is simple: 4A.

Leave people the hell alone until they DO SOMETHING WRONG and do not use the "Public Safety" BS excuse to violate the Constitution.

If the Constitution doesn't apply equally to us all, we have passed Rule of Law.

Today it is Shabazz.

Your turn is coming.

Here's the link to Brock's Place.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whether Bible or Constitution...

We have a contingent in our community who call for some form of governance other than the Constitution after the Ruckus.  In fact, there are several different groups who call for a rejection of the Constitution based on several reasons.  For this post, I am addressing only those people who use this excuse for abandoning the Constitution as the rally point because, in their words, "The Constitution has demonstrated it is a failure to restrain bad people, and this has led to our current troubles..."

You see the list of religious texts in the image above.  Except for Islam (which I refuse to consider to be a religion - it is a political tool, not a religion) each of those books has very similar overall moral tenets.  A good Buddhist will see an Evil act much the same as would the Catholic and the Jew. 

Malum in se is a Latin term that means, essentially, an act that is wrong or evil in itself.  A malum in se act is one that sane, normal people will agree is evil or wrong, regardless of the religion they may follow.  Pedophilia is malum in se.  Murder is malum in se.  (Please note I distinguish murder from killing - killing is not, by definition, immoral or Evil.)  Rape is malum in se.  Slavery is malum in se.  Kicking a puppy is malum in se (and will earn you the beating of your life if I see it or find you afterward.)

Those religious books work for only one reason - the people who subscribe to each faith respect the words in the books.

If one chooses to ignore the tenets of Judaism or Catholicism, the words are incapable of forcing the individual to change their behavior.  Holy Men are not discarding their books just because some people refuse to abide the tenets included within.

I think you have probably already connected the dots I have laid out.

The Constitution is exactly the same.  The Constitution cannot compel any man to respect the tenets included any more than the bible can make a man follow its tenets.

I hold that if We the People do our duty to compel our politicians and bureaucrats to adhere to the limitations imposed by the Constitution, to respect the Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, all in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution/BoR/DoI will prove to be the most effective documents ever created by man for the just governance of a people who respect Liberty.

Just as the Priest works hard to keep his flock in a state of respect for the tenets of his religion, we Americans are equally responsible for enforcing respect for the Constitution, BoR, DoI.

If people respect their moral tenets, and they respect the Constitution, no worries.

If they disrespect the religious tenets or the principles of the Constitution/BoR/DoI, neither set of words on paper will correct the bad behavior.

Keeping our fellow men in line is our responsibility.  No piece of paper can do it, and I don't care how you write it.  If you add an Amendment to the US Constitution that bad politicians shall be executed, yet we do not execute them, we fail to enforce the terms and principles of the documents, and the documents, the principles are ignored.  We have impeachment, and we do not use it.  We have the voting box, and far too few use it (and far too many stupid people DO use it.)  We have 2A as a final recourse - why must we procrastinate to the point that a 2A remedy becomes the only option left?  Human Nature, perhaps.  No matter.

Whether the Bible or the Bill of Rights, if we respect the words and values, all is well.  And if we ignore the words, then We the People fail the documents.

It is time to be preparing, folks - because the day nears when we will have no choice but to demand people respect our Rights in the minority.  And if we have to do that by making them the minority, well, that's on them...

But if you can't force people to adhere to the Bible, what makes you think you can force people to respect the USC/BoR/DoI?

The Constitution will work when we force compliance.  Until then, until we force compliance, no document is worth the paper it is written upon.

And until someone shows me a document that is superior to the Constitution, that will remain my rally point.  I do not think the mental prowess exists on all of Earth to write a better set of documents than the USC/BoR/DoI. 

What we need to become is guide to our flock.


How will History judge you?

We now officially live in a country wherein homosexuality is the moral equivalent to traditional Christian marriage.

We officially live in a country where the power to force you to spend money on products or services you may find morally repugnant is Constitutionally sound.

We officially live in a country where the best tools of personal defense are denied with Constitutional validity.

Have any of you who once challenged my argument that Judicial Review is unconstitutional changed your minds yet?

Are you ready to listen when I say the current interpretation of Article III Section I & II, based on Marbury v. Madison, is firmly entrenched in Article III Section III?

Are you ready to listen to Mister Jefferson on the topic?

He wrote this to Mrs. Adams: You seem to think it devolved on the judges to decide on the validity of the Sedition law.

But nothing in the Constitution has given them a right to decide for the Executive, more than the Executive to decide for them. Both magistrates are equally independent in the sphere of action assigned to them.

The judges, believing the law constitutional, had a right to pass a sentence of fine and imprisonment; because the power was placed in their hands by the Constitution. But the Executive, believing the law to be unconstitutional, were bound to remit the execution of it; because that power has been confided to them by the Constitution.

That instrument meant that its coordinate branches should be checks on each other.

But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch.

Until you and I are ready to live up to our responsibilities as We the People and do our duty as outlined in the 9th and 10th Amendments, our lot will only worsen.

So long as you and I permit 9 people to tell us right from wrong, what we may or may not do enforced at the point of a muzzle, we do not deserve the Liberty our Founders secured.

Until you and I decide to stop obeying unconstitutional laws - and make no mistake, we follow by choice - we will be treated and forced to live exactly as we deserve.

We the People have the responsibility of keeping our politicians and bureaucrats inside the lines regarding what is, and is not, Constitutional.  Not the Supreme Court.  If we delegate that responsibility, we deserve to be the slaves that we are now.

Do not f'n lie to me or yourself - we are slaves - the most comfortable ever on Earth, but slaves nonetheless.

When we decide to take back control of our republic from our Masters, we'd better go all-in, all of us.  At the same time.  With the same ferocity.  With the same goal - Liberty.

...hang together, or separately...

As I have said before, we've been here before as a nation.  Our Founders won Liberty.  In the 1860's it was stolen, and today it stands on the brink of extinction. 

Now History is asking you and me - what'cha gonna do about it?

Here's a link to a previous post on the topic.


Someone is hunting Los Angeles LEO...

Consider this from BonnieGadsden, here.

Bueller?  Dorner?

I remember Rampart.  I'm not the only one who remembers.

Actions have consequences, some men are patient, and Karma is a bitch...


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

III CQB AAR by the event Organizer

Daniel has offered an AAR from our Illinois CQB class, and CA has kindly published it.

I'll give my own AAR a bit later, for now read what Daniel has to say.

Here's the link.

My thanks to both Daniel and CA.


...annnnd we're gone, so long Ohio

Heading out, will be home in a few hours.  Any Feds upgrading your spy hardware in my home - hurry up and clear out.  ;)

I added a follow-up comment over at Codrea's site this morning, to end-cap the discussion, at least for me.  I do appreciate David's creating a thread and enforcing civility that permits dialogue without deviating from the topic too far.  (That ain't easy - conversations on our blogs often wander off-track and into the weeds)

Here's his thread.

Here's my comment:  Anon 7:31 - You may call BS all you wish, and you may have answered Beck differently than did I.  But you weren't there, you are Monday-morning Quarterbacking a game you aren't even playing.

I'm good with my answer, and I'm good with the fact that I was on the set in front of millions, with several Patriot allies, able to advance our III Brand, Liberty, and the Citadel, as well as to knock-down - to many millions of people - some of the BS spread about me and the Citadel that originated within the "Patriot Community" itself, based on zero facts or evidence.

This goes to David's suggested answer regarding "The Supreme Court has determined this to be settled law..."

SCOTUS edicts do not settle anything, folks.  They are 9 people acting unconstitutionally every day of the week.  There is no way I would even enter such a dialogue with Beck.  Wrong venue, wrong audience, wrong time, and an argument that 99.9% of people don't even understand properly.  Most people don't even <I>want</I> to understand it, because to understand that SCOTUS is acting unconstitutionally is to rip the face off the very essence of reality for too many people. 

SCOTUS has made it Constitutional for Obamacare, a ruling with which most people reading this disagree.  Yet you kinda-sorta like Heller & MacDonald, yet you'll claim the same SCOTUS that upheld 1934 NFA and GCA '68 were wrong and those "laws" are unconstitutional - sorry folks, cherry-picking the rulings you like and will obey is the same as I mentioned in my first comment above - we all pick and choose every day which unconstitutional laws we will abide, until we choose otherwise. 

SCOTUS and "Settled Law" are strawmen arguments that avoid the very premise of why this country is dying.  Those nine judges have no more Right to make your guns "legal" than to make them "illegal".

I would suggest that folks pick the right battle and devote your energy properly.  That battle isn't me, nor is it the Citadel - the Citadel is a done deal even if I stroke out tomorrow.  The infrastructure is in place, the support is in the hearts of too many people, there is too much momentum.

It may not be for "you", and you may not be for "it", but that doesn't change the reality - you're fellow Americans have a Right to build whatever they want, and live among whomever they want, with whatever "rules" they choose to impose upon themselves, whether you like Kerodin or not.

David - thank you for the opportunity and forum.  I'm done on this thread.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Somewhere in Ohio...

Holly and I decided to break our drive home into 2 days, so we grabbed a motel room for the night.

Here are a few links I found in a few minutes of routine surfing.

CDP: Here

Codrea regarding one of my comments on Beck:  Here

My answer to David's point:  David: Thank you for raising this point for discussion, because you are correct, it deserves more explanation than we had time to give on Beck's show.  You are a professional journalist, so you know all about time restraints, especially with so much ground to cover.

Point One: We all (all of us) follow unconstitutional laws to one extent or another, every day, to the degree each of us chooses to obey or disobey.  Whether one pays his taxes, chooses not to carry an automatic weapon into the local convenience store in open defiance of the obvious unconstitutionality of that "law", to the fact that I, personally, choose to comply with the Federal restrictions imposed on my 2A as a "Prohibited Person".  (Because I read your work, I know you agree that even I, as a federal felon having satisfied my sentence, should have all of my civil rights restored, including 2A, or be banished forever if I am a threat to society.)

We all follow the laws we choose to follow - until we choose to no longer obey.

Point Two: I am certain your journalistic integrity will admit, though you did not include it above, that I noted the hypothetical nature of the question before I answered, and I felt no need to educate that particular audience that the odds of Idaho going anti-2A are nil prior to full-blown counter-revolution, nor did I feel that audience needed me to remind them that such tyrannical attempts to impose absolute disarmament has a clear history in America - we call it the Revolution.  I felt no need to offer Citadel "street cred" regarding our commitment to 2A, given the fact that Jim Miller and his employees will be legally building firearms <I>in the community.</I>  There was no need for a "...not one more inch..." or "Molon Labe" hyperbolic display.

Running around screaming "...not one more inch..." and then surrendering a firearm to LEO or applying for an unconstitutional carry permit is a bit hypocritical, and I don't do hypocritical.

The Citadel is not about Kerodin - it is about thousands of Patriots who are working to push back toward Constitutional respect (by our politicians and fellow citizens.)  My answer to the hypothetical does not invalidate the 2A resolve of ANY of the Patriots supporting the Citadel Project - I think it shows we are committed to Restoration using all of the tools in the Constitutional toolbox.

Peter: I have given you no reason to defend me, and I know you weren't defending "Kerodin", but I do respect the intellectual honesty you showed above.


More tomorrow when I get home.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Deepest Gratitude

It has been a long time since I was a full two days or more away from the computer - I apologize to everyone who is waiting for email.  I just glanced at Outlook and I have somewhere north of 400 waiting - and I probably won't get to them until we get home Tuesday.  H and I got home at about 2am Friday, then I worked all day Friday, and were back on the road early Saturday, and today we met some first-class Patriots during III CQB here in Illinois.  Holly and I have people we now consider new friends - not just new allies.  These III CQB classes are going to really help strengthen our community.

I'll give a full AAR in a few days, for now I'll just say that WiscoDave (often seen over at WireCutter's place) is not only funny as hell, but a genuine Patriot and one of those men who would not think twice about giving the shirt off his back - to anyone.  He earned - and I mean EARNED the nickname "Half-Speed" - because he is a hard charger and a man to have at your shoulder in the muck.  Yes - he drew Kerodin blood and helped me prove that anyone - ANYONE - can get into trouble in a fight.  His instincts are strong.

Kevin and Bill are two people I would have in my corner any day of the week, and as Patriots they pegged the meter.  How can I tell after a single day of training together?  Sometimes you just know, you know?  We III may be spread out across distant reaches of this beautiful country, but by damned if it isn't people like these who represent the best America has to offer.

Our hosts Patty and Daniel took care of us from beginning to end.  We were able to share a dinner tonight, and were treated to a magnificent dessert made by Daniel, and a tour of his business.  I am going to let Holly write something about Daniel's business, because the man is an artist and I simply don't have the writing prowess to do him or it justice.  Patty is one of the most lovely, wonderful people you can ever meet - and I won't even mention how she and Holly tested skull density - the old-fashioned way.  ;)

Folks, this trip - this week that included Beck - has been wonderful on many levels, personally and for the III.  I thank everyone who went to Texas, and everyone who met with us here in Illinois.  I look forward to meeting all of you in SoCal, Colorado, WV, Florida and beyond.  There is nothing I have found that compares to meeting one another face-to-face.

I appreciate all the comments regarding the Beck appearance.  I had a chance to scan headlines on my emails, and as usual there seems to be some BS drama over the Beck appearance, and to tell you the truth, I simply can't be bothered.  We are too busy doing the work of Patriots to worry about small people who hate.  We will always have people who will hate, who will berate, mock, belittle, lie - we have to live our lives and let them suffer in their squalor.

More in a few days, once we get home and settled.

Yours in Liberty.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thank you all! Beck and CQB

Here's a snip that is primarily the opening segment.
Folks, I owe many of you email, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words, especially regarding my wife.
Kenny, you nailed it - I married up and way out of my league.  ;)
H and I had a full day yesterday and today we are travelling west - tomorrow we host a III CQB Class in Illinois, so we are hitting the road here in a few minutes. I hope to catch up when we get back Tuesday (Monday will be a travel day home)
I have a simple favor to ask - help spread the Glenn Beck piece far and wide. It is currently linked (2 snippets) on his front page.  Drop a link on your favorite gun blog, Tea Party blogs, even your local news websites (even the Lefty sites). Let's show them that we have not only survived - but prevailed!
Here's the link to promote: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/21/take-an-inside-look-at-the-planned-citadel-community-for-patriots/

Remember, there are two quick snippets available on the front page of TheBlaze.com - and when you register and get inside, you can either watch "Highlights" or the "episode" dated 6/21.  The episode is 3 hours long - we have the first 50 minutes.
Thank you all!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glenn Beck - Thank You

**UPDATE**  If you were not able to watch the episode live at 5pm EST  (Holly and I missed it live!), it will be available on-demand in its entirety soon. ~ K


Now it can be told, and many of you already know since you follow several blogs in our community: Glenn Beck hosted Jim Miller of III Arms, VJ of the Citadel, VJ's lovely wife, Mrs. Kerodin and me in his new television studio this afternoon.  For those of you who have wondered about my lovely wife, you can see her featured live on Beck with the rest of us.

When we went into media silence a few months back we promised his producer (who was respectful in her initial email to us) that when we were ready to break our silence, they'd have first opportunity to interview us.  We reached out recently, said we were ready, and they took good care of us. 

I walked in knowing that if Mr. Beck thought we were a bunch of nuts or scam artists, he would have said so - to the entire world.  I was also confident he would not go there if his gut told him we were for real.  He was respectful, he was a gentlemen, and he was not afraid to ask hard questions.

Jim, VJ, Susan and my wife brought their A-Game on behalf of III Projects.

You can watch the broadcast tomorrow at 5pm (barring some news-cycle interruption) at TheBlaze.com - you can sign up for a 14-day free trial, and his network is available on many cable systems.

Watch it, and decide for yourself.

Those of us involved in the Citadel and related projects have decided it is time to get back out in public, and this was our first step.  Remember that we started chatting about this concept not even a year ago, and right now Miller is producing firearms with the blessing of the US Government.  VJ and others are communicating with reservationists and applicants for the Citadel routinely.  In a few weeks I will be meeting contractors in Idaho to discuss power, well, septic and more at the BeachHead.  Holly is hip-deep in legal paperwork and all of the headaches involved with running these projects legally.

A year ago, or so, we were running a few polls to see if anyone liked these ideas.

Today we exited our self-imposed media blackout, and we are charging forward.  Our full Steering Committee is fully-engaged because our task is monumental, and they have the mettle to help make it happen.

III Arms Founders took a chance, and helped build a firearms company.  Others intend to move to Idaho and live among other Liberty-loving Americans.  Some people who never intended to move to Idaho sent money to help see if this concept had legs.

What a difference a year makes...and we're just getting warmed up.


And tonight or tomorrow, think about Jim and VJ and Susan and my wife, who have put everything they've got out for the world to swing at them - because they are hardcore Americans who believe in Liberty.  They deserve your respect.  They deserve your defense when ignorant people attack them.  And make no mistake, Enemies of Liberty will be attacking them ruthlessly.

Yours in Liberty.


How Liberty is Built

Liberty is built brick by brick.  Person by person.  Year by year.

It must be defended day by day.  Inch by inch.

Or it will be lost.

It is easier to lose than to gain.  It is always easier to destroy and complain and find fault, than to build and produce and contribute.

Decide who you are, and the role you will play.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Wirecutter sent this picture to me, circa 1860-1880-ish.

Five men.  Five serious men who lived the ways of Death daily.

I wonder what the outcome might be if you dropped those five men in the middle of, say, 25 equally armed men today.  I really don't need to wonder.  I already know the outcome. 

People today like to symbolically invoke images of the sheepdog to describe themselves, or even the wolf.

Some men don't play such games.  They are hard, practiced, experienced, men of Death.  They don't need labels or acronyms to enhance their Ego.  They know what they can do, and they weren't the type of men who needed affirmation by third parties.

Such men live today, quietly under the radar.  You can find some of them in some of America's elite fighting units.  You can find some running in gangs, kids who already have the 1,000 yard stare.  Every once in a while you just "get a sense" as you pass a man or woman during your day that you have just passed someone different.  And if you know where to look, and to whom to talk, you can find a few such men who trace their lineage and teachings directly to Takeda and other names - names that mean nothing to Americans.

The point is simple: If you plan for a war, you'd better plan for the real thing.

Other people will.  Other people are, right now.

If you get your experience from Xbox and Call of Duty...

'nuff said.

Thank you, Wirecutter.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

III Raffle

Major Wolf selected entrant #3 for the Cold Steel raffle below - Congratulations David L. of Minnesota!  You've won the Cold Steel 5" folder pictured above!

And Major Wolf, for helping out you will receive a III Branded Cold Steel Tanto (Pictured Right).

We'll get both knives out to you guys in the mail early next week.

Thank you all for participating - the money is now in our PSA fund.  We still have a long way to go for our PSA budget - if you can help, hit the Donate button.

What is your impression of the raffles in general, do you think they are a good vehicle for raising money for our endeavors?


Serious Business

Fellow Patriots, tomorrow Jim Miller (the President of III Arms), Vernon (the Chairman of the Citadel Steering Committee), Holly and I will leave our homes and meet for a bit of Patriot business.  We have the blessing of the full Citadel Steering Committee.

It would be inappropriate to disclose the details before the event happens, so I hope you will forgive us our silence.  I promise you the reason for our trip and our meeting face-to-face is significant and it involves III Arms, the Citadel, the III, and Liberty.  We have not been idle these last months, only quiet in our steady forward movement of our goals.

I have no doubt my allies will make you all proud, and it is my hope that I personally am able to validate the trust so many of you have been willing to extend to me.

We will reveal everything as soon as we are able.

Yours in Liberty.


III CQB: Life or Not Life

Most fights do not begin with a punch or a kick.  Most fights will begin with some idiot trying to put his hands on you (usually to set you up for a stronger punch or kick, then handcuffs or stomping on your skull).

We teach a few variations similar to the above technique in III CQB, with one significant difference: You'll notice the guy being grabbed doesn't take a punch at his attacker.

That ain't my style.

Some idiot decides to put his hands on me, or even try to put his hands on me, odds are good that in the midst of executing my technique to break his elbow, I'm going to swell his windpipe shut along the way.

But that's just me.  The choice is always that of the defender.  You can choose not to crush a windpipe just as easily as throwing the finger spike that tickles his cervical spine.  You can choose to break his wrist, elbow and shoulder for daring to put his hands on you - or you can be gentle and simply put him face-down in the mud so he may reflect upon his error and repent.

I'll teach both in all III CQB classes.

Remember: Western Colorado (Olathe area) is coming up in a few weeks.  Email me if you are interested and I'll put you in touch with the organizer.


Monday, June 17, 2013

A day that must have been designed in Hades

H and I just walked in the door, I can't promise we'll make it to email tonight.

The day was busy for us personally, and filled with excellent Patriot news that you'll all know about by the end of the week.

Sorry if I don't make it back online tonight - I'll try, but can't promise.


III Arms Raffle

I have taken everyone's name who entered the raffle and assigned each a number of 1-20.

Major Wolf - would you do the honor of picking a number of 1-20 and posting it as a comment on this thread, please?

I'll announce the winner tonight.

Holly and I will be away from comms most of the day and evening, but I'll be able to read Kerodin@Kerodin.com email, so if you need me in an emergency, zip me a message.

Folks, I usually stay within a narrow emotional range, I am pretty even-keeled - but without giving away details, I can tell you right now I am pinging the happy-dance meter.  I can't wait until we can clue everyone in!

Yours in Liberty,


Well now...

...the poll served my purpose - Our top choice won with 78% of the vote.

Why does this matter?  No reason.

The stars seem to have aligned.  The X-Factors seem to be under control.  And as usual in America, hard work and dedication pay off.

For the Tribe in Rockford, I'll see you this weekend.

More later.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

The X-Factor

The X-Factor - no, not the silly game show.

I first learned of the concept of the X-Factor in a series of novels written in the '70s and '80s - the genre was called "Men's Adventure".  Yes, it played a significant role in my outlook on life.  No, I won't tell you the title, and no, it wasn't Mack Bolan or Remo flippin' Williams.  ;)

But the X-Factor has been ever-present in the way I live my life - it is the unexpected, the variable you can't control and often can't even conceive.  It's Murphy on steroids.

The last week or so the X-Factor has been all up in the Citadel, III Arms, my personal life, and elsewhere - in a good way.

Have you ever ridden the face of an avalanche?  I haven't, but I think I know what it must feel like, it has been that kind of week.

Cross your fingers, folks.

And remember - every Founder and every single one of you who supported the Citadel and III Arms, you are the hero in this drama.

More later, when it gels.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

CQB Mobile Alabama

I have a reason to be in Mobile on the weekend of August 3, and I will consider a CQB Class if there is sufficient interest.  I don't have a pointman in the area yet, so if attending a class in the Mobile Area on or about August 3 appeals to you, let me know.

$210 per student, 8-hour classtime, 8-student minimum needed.


Friday, June 14, 2013

An exercise

Get a member of your Tribe and something with which to restrain their hands - duct tape will work in a pinch.  Your Tribe member can even be your wife - for some guys this will be an eye-opener.

Square off.

One of you is tasked with restraining the other.  No weapons. 

Use a stopwatch, and check the time when you are finally finished.

Annnnnnnnnd GO!

How'd it work out for you?  Did you get the other person restrained without resorting to bone-crushing punches or kicks?

What if, one day, you need to take down some OathBreaker who has information you need?

You'll want to know how to get him under control quickly, without any of your people getting hurt, and without killing the guy.

What if some OathBreaker decides to restrain you - and you aren't in the mood?

Another exercise: Have 2 strong lads grab your wrists, one on each side.  Let's assume your sidearm is just a few inches away, on your belt.  Can you get to it?  Watch this guy - and yes, I can teach you this in less than an hour.  And yes, it is part of the CQB class.

Note - the guy in the video is running at about 1/8 speed for 2 reasons: 1) So you can see what he is doing and 2) so he doesn't break every joint from wrist to shoulder in the guys trying to hold him. In the real world, you won't care about such niceties.- K

CQB Class Schedule:

Rockford Illinois: June 23
SoCal (Orange County): July 6
Western Colorado: July 12 & 13
WV (Gallipolis Ohio): July 20

A South Florida class is being assembled for mid-late August.

Anyone interested in attending any of these classes, let me know and I will forward your information to the organizer.

At the end of the day you'll have the skills to subdue almost anyone you need to subdue, you'll be able to prevent almost anyone from subduing you, and you'll be able to break them into parts and pieces if you choose.