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Monday, June 3, 2013

The coming Storm is an Extinction Level Event

Walter Williams: Since the 1791 ratification of our Constitution, until well into the 1920s, federal spending as a percentage of gross domestic product never exceeded 5 percent, except during war. Today federal spending is 25 percent of our GDP. State and local government spending is about 15 percent of the GDP. That means government spends more than 40 cents of each dollar we earn. If we add government's regulatory burden, which is simply a disguised form of taxation, the government take is more than 50 percent of what we produce. [emphasis added K]

America was jacked for more than $16 Trillion in wealth during the 2007 crash.  Big Banks managed to eliminate competition (Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch had their throats slit), and get US Taxpayers to pay off debts owed to them ($12.9 Billion owed by AIG to Goldman was paid by taxpayers), and to keep the entire system from collapsing they managed to get the Federal Reserve to begin debasing the Dollar by printing more.  Banksters and .Gov insist that inflation is nearly non-existent right now - but you know that a pound of butter before the crash was $1.99 and now that same butter is $3.99 - a 100% increase.  The buying power of the Dollar has been wrecked.  Pensions have been looted. 

And the beat goes on...

Right now bubbles exist in several economic sectors.  The stock market is the biggest right now, and likely to burst first, causing a cascade failure as other bubbles pop.  Gold has been artificially suppressed so that Bad People can buy in bulk before the Dollar gives up the ghost.  If you have been watching Gold, you know that they play fractional reserve games in that market as well, and people who have standing orders for delivery have begun getting Dear John letters - there is no gold to satisfy the contract.  In some cases the seller is sending fiat.  Consider that for a moment.  You have a gold contract because you think fiat is risky - and when you tell them to send your gold, they send you fiat instead.  Paper.  Paper that today will buy you 1/2 the quantity of butter that it would have bought just a few years ago.

According to WaPo, America has recovered less than 1/2 of the $16 Trillion lost.  That number is probably skewed by bogus calculating methods - the real recovery is probably closer to 10%, and that is because people and companies are sitting on their cash, not spending it.

Banksters and Bad People mean to wring out every dollar of wealth you possess, so they are blowing more bubbles just so they can pop, and in that popping the looting will occur again.  But this time, there will not be enough assets to satisfy the greed, and they know it.

That is why they are buying gold.

Most people reading this blog already know that America is being deliberately looted and made vulnerable by forces who are working together to achieve their personal goals.  Many people simply want wealth.  Others want to impose a tyranny that can only be set in place by destroying the fundamentals of America.  These groups are working together, and the End Game is nearly upon us.

Implosion is imminent. 

Bad People are destroying your Birthright.  Bad People are maneuvering to ensure your children are enslaved from birth to death.  Bad People do not have horns and tails for easy identification.

But you know them when you see them.  You know them by their actions.

Any person who participates in the infringement of your Rightful Liberty is, by definition, a Bad Person.

How you choose to deal with people who mean to have you bend knee is up to you.  But until you understand that the woman working the DMV counter is as guilty of suppressing your Rightful Liberty as is the secretary at Goldman who handles the details for the executives, and as guilty as the mayor in the town that uses the police department as a revenue generator, and the LEO who writes the ticket at the town speed trap - you will never be able to rid yourself of the cancer that is your neighbor.

If you want an America again that lives according to the ideals as set forth in the DoI and BoR, then you must come to grips with the fact that anyone who does not share those values needs to go.  Any person who votes for a politician who passes unconstitutional infringements is as guilty as the politician himself.  Passing a law that infringes your access to 2A is NOT a "Legitimate difference of political opinion..."  Voting for a politician who promises to ignore the Constitution is NOT "Free Speech" - it is action taken to undermine the Liberty intended by our Founders.  It is Treason. 

Oath Keepers who arrest a person for pot are not Patriots.  When that county LEO is praised as an Oath Keeper, yet he adds a gun charge on a kid for carrying, the hypocrisy is staggering.  Anyone who played any role in facilitating the door-to-door searches in Boston in violation of 4A - from the guy kicking in the door to the dispatcher who directs troops to the REMF who gave the order - is guilty of willful violation of their oath.

Republicans who look for a way to "Make Social Security stronger..." are not Patriots - they advocate the forcible theft from you of the fruits of your labor.  They are the Enemies of Liberty.

It really is that simple.

I hope you recognize how many people in your daily life will accept, advocate, and even help infringe your Rightful Liberty.  I hope you can draw a hard line and treat them accordingly.

Because a storm is coming.  Liberty will live or die based on what you choose to do.

Extinction is imminent for either the Bad People - or you.



  1. Bad people, my ass. They're commies.

  2. Statists, Globalists, Islamists.
    Urban Financial Elitists, Eco-Fascists, Social-Contract Thieves.

    De-Evolutionary Parasite class, Crypto-Fascist War Profiteering Conservatives.

    Effete,Emasculated, Academic Social Engineers...
    and the list goes on. It is long, the cleansing will be hard. But, in the end we have no choice. Liberty and Natural Rights or Slavery and Darkness for a thousand years.

    Take your pick gentlemen, but leave the bullshit by the roadside. Either they are filling the ditches or we will.

    If you prefer, use Evil as a synonym for bad.

    Montani Semper Liberi

  3. Well said again K. Well said.

  4. They are evil. We shall act accordingly...

  5. as was said by a Patriot Preacher of the 1st War for Independence, "now, give'em Watts boys !!!!"... wadding was exhausted for their(Patriots) muskets so said preacher rode hard to the nearest church, gathered the hymnals and returned to the front... scattering the books amoung the militia members, he shouted for them to re-engage the ememies of their freedoms, using the pages for wadding...

    whatever it takes.

    Prepping Preacher


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