Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two wrongs do not a right make...

Richmond threatens Eminent Domain to address foreclosure crisis.

The precedent was set years ago.

Here comes the fruit of the poisoned tree.

Link is here.


When they drop the optics...

So, the people running the state of New Hampshire - the "Live Free or Die" state - consider Free Staters to be domestic terrorists.  They put the Occupy folks in the same basket.

LEO in Concord, NH made these assertions.

LEO in Concord already treat these people as Domestic Terrorists, from whom they must protect the sheeple from inside of armored DHS units.

Where do you think they put you on the threat matrix?

Here's the story from NCRenegade.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

III Arms Minuteman Serial Number 1 - Test Fire Vid!

Catch the video Miller posted, here.

I'll have a longer post on this topic in the near future.  For now, just know that Miller is the man doing the work, and all of you helped him make it happen.

From concept to first production units in well under one year.

Most of you understand just how remarkable that is...

...and what it means for the III.

III to III, Patriots!

"Not one more inch" crowd? "LEO is good" crowd? Bueller?

You already know California confiscates guns from newly-listed "Prohibited Persons".

Now Illinois is doing it.

Every single person involved in these crimes against Liberty, from the LEO knocking on the door to the politicians who voted for the legislation to the voters who pulled the lever for those politicians are guilty of Treason, for they are deliberately and knowingly seeking to overthrow the Constitution - they are waging war, they are NOT engaged in "legitimate political differences of opinion".

Think they are not "Waging war?"

They WILL shoot you if you resist.  That is the definition of waging war.

And in the case of the LEO and politicians involved, their crimes are even more vile and deserving of the ultimate penalty - for they are breaking their sworn oath, an oath they voluntarily took to protect and defend the Rights of Citizens they are supposed to serve.

They are all repugnant traitors and undeserving of the title "Americans".

Here's the link, I found it at Brock's place.


Racist "Patriots"? No such animal can exist...

Judging any individual based on the color of his skin is stupid.

We have some stupid people in this community, to be sure.  But the majority, the overwhelming majority, are not stupid.  They are not racist.  They know that to judge an individual based upon the actions of a group is illogical, unfair, and stupid.  They know that the individual should be judged based on the actions of the individual.  Period.

A few months ago - it's probably been longer than that - several of the bloggers in this community connected a few dots that had us scratching our heads for a while.  Because a few people began to drop their masks, we were able to see that there was a very determined move to subtly connect the III and the broader Liberty Movement with racism.   We called it out and made our positions clear.

I'll reiterate my position: If you judge an individual based on the color of his skin rather than the actions he takes, you are an idiot, and you reveal that you are not a Thinker.  There is no room in the serious Liberty Movement for people who can not or will not Think.  If you can't clear the mental hurdle that skin color is irrelevant to an individual, you'll never be able to grasp the nuances of our more complex topics, such as SCOTUS being the final arbiter of what is "Constitutional".

You can not be a racist and an advocate for true Liberty.  The two are mutually exclusive.

Why am I bringing this up, seemingly out of the blue?  Because the problem never went away, it persists even now by a determined subset of people who claim to be Patriots, yet judge the value of an individual by skin color or some other trait beyond the control of the individual.  Bill is closer and deeper in this issue than am I at the moment, because he has made direct contact with some of these idiots.  See his link, here.

Two points in closing: I'm not in the mood for a discussion of this topic here.  I don't want to discuss the validity of applying stereotypes and personal experiences to large groups in situation X or Y versus scenario Z.  Of course there are times and places where you have to go that direction.  But, in a foxhole, just as the Anarchist will one day have to try to kill the Constitutionalist, and the Constitutionalist will one day be forced to defend himself against the Anarchist, if I learn that I am in a foxhole with a racist I'd just as soon stab you in the neck now and get it over with - fuck such an alliance.  You won't even finish bleeding-out before I have forgotten your worthless Soul.

Point Two: Before you start with the "Kerodin, you're being a hypocrite, because you judge all LEO as bad..."  You are wrong.  I do not automatically put all LEO in the Bad People category - but I have not yet met one who is unwilling to enforce an unconstitutional law in order to keep his paycheck coming.  I would genuinely like to meet that LEO.  But until I do...

End of discussion on this racism topic.  If you are a racist, don't come back here.  You are no Patriot. 

We are enemies.

Here's Bill's link.


Monday, July 29, 2013

IIIGear & III CQB Patches

Just a quick FYI - several IIIGear packages have gone out since end of last week, final batch going out in tomorrow's afternoon mail, including III CQB patches.  Since we don't have mailing addresses for many CQB grads, we will be shipping to the coordinator in the area.  We know some of you don't live near some of people who attended your class - we'll work on getting those delivered either through you or directly - that's an HK project and she's on it.

A black Crossdraw vest and drop pouch is en route, you know who you are.  ;)

One order sent end of June was short a cap and patches, it is in the mail already.  You know who you are.  ;)

Lots of III Arms shirts heading out the door.

A LOT of you folks are what the post office calls "Zone 6" addresses - that means you live off the beaten path.  You can add usually 3 days to your normal first-class times for packages coming from me.  Just so you know.

Sorry I'm not taking time to send individual emails right now, HK and I are heading out of town shortly and have way too many chores still on the list.

We are looking forward to our Alabama course Saturday (the 3rd) and anyone who wants in (it is in the Birmingham area) can send me an email and I'll hook you up with the local coordinator. 

For the heck of it, I'll add the III CQB tanks to this post - I only have a dozen of each size to see if they'd sell at all.  There is a pic below and a PayPal button.  They are in stock, ready to ship now.

Stay safe, folks - we'll have comms on the road, but as usual we'll be behind the curve as time allows, these are all working trips.


Sometimes you have to stop asking "Why"...

...and click up to Cooper Orange as a way of life.

"Why" is the US Gov't buying significant quantities of ammo made for the AK?

To give it to Bad People around the world whose primary weapon is the AK?  Probably.

Some of you will have even more sinister theories, and who knows which is true?

Who cares.

There are Bad People doing Bad Things in our names, around the world, against people who are not Americans, and there are Bad People doing Bad Things, in our names, to your fellow Countrymen.

There comes a point when their excuses no longer matter to Good Men.

There is enough evidence before your eyes to warrant Orange, is there not?


If you can't see it, I can't help you.

Brock gives you even more evidence, here.

The graphic is Zoomie, of course.

How long you choose to let Evil Men infringe upon your Rights is up to you.

How long you choose to let Evil Men hurt and kill other people in your name is up to you.

“The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” ― Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle

Are you a Good Man?  Will you choose to do nothing?


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Random Thought...

I engaged in Free Enterprise today.

I did not violate the Rightful Liberty of a single other person.

I did at least one thing to attempt to secure Liberty.

Consider how many Americans today can't make those 3 simple statements.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Food is money. Food is power. Food is Life.

Seed is food in a form that can last a long time, you can carry large quantities with ease, and you can secure your source of food security for years, right now, very inexpensively.

You need allies?  They will need food.

Bill has put together a new package: Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package

It is different than other packages he offers, look at the seed selection - and the price.  Bill has forced the "seed pimps" to limit their raping, pillaging and plundering of frightened people.  That is noble.

Who would you choose to deal with - a price gouging seed pimp, or a Patriot who offers a generous and useful product at a fair price.

Here's the link.  I will ask you again - you will be in Church this weekend, ask the appropriate person why they have not stocked the church's shelves with long-term security for the flock.



The Condor order DID catch up to us yesterday.

So ALL outstanding orders will ship out of our Maryland shop before Holly and I leave next week.  Several packages have already shipped.


Denninger: This stock, along with the market as a whole, is setting up for a 90% crash.

Read it here.

Consider how many ways, how severely, and how immediately a 90% Dow crash would impact your life.

Can you get by for the first 72 hours, which will be relatively calm?

Can  you get out of Dodge or defend you and yours when the hordes begin marching outward from the cities looking to rape, pillage, plunder and eat?  That'll begin not long after the 72 hour mark.

Are you ready, right now, for the weeks, months and probably years of ugliness that will follow such a "correction"?

Free Enterprise is much like Mother Nature - it has the ability to correct an imbalance, and when it does so, it is violent and merciless.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brock's North Carolina Fall PatCon Update

Brock is hosting Patriots again this fall, Thursday October 3rd through Monday the 7th.

This is the Patriot event east of the Mississippi, and you should do all you can to attend, with your Tribe and/or family.  Meeting Patriots, shaking their hands, looking into their eyes, is priceless.

This particular update explains my role this fall, offering 11 hours if CQB training on Friday.  If you train hard and smart, we can get it done faster.  We'll do the complete "Fight to your Weapon" class, and a modified "GroundFighting 101", which will include some sparring for you folks who want to go a bit harder.  Age doesn't matter.  Size and strength and sex don't matter.  Not in the best shape?  The pace is slow enough that you can learn, while building your wind.

The cost is $210.  The GroungFighting course is no charge.  Half of all class fees will be donated to Brock to help continue hosting these essential events for the Liberty Movement.

I believe SFMedic is hosting his TCCC class the day before, another class you and your Tribe should do all you can do to attend.  Indeed, any class that is offered over this several-days event is pure gold for you and your Team. 

This event has roots that go all the way back to the Revolution, when Patriots would gather and break bread, and talk about the King and his minions, and what they intended to do about it.  Brock is following the blueprint left for us by our Founders.

You should do the same and attend, and be part of the solution.

Here's the link to Brock's place.


III Arms AR Raffle?

We are considering a raffle for a III Arms Minuteman AR-15.

There are a few legal hoops through which we'll have to jump, but the winner will have it shipped from Miller to your FFL.

Jim will be able to engrave your favorite quote (of course it has to be short enough to fit) and he can possibly even personalize your serial number a bit.  Again, don't hold me to the serial number personalization, I think it can happen, but I'm not an FFL.

Here's the question:  What do you consider a fair price per raffle ticket?

The reason for doing the raffle is a fundraiser for the Citadel, that's where all money (over cost of the rifle) will go.

So, please let me know what you think a fair raffle ticket should cost.


IIIGear SitRep

Gear is catching up to us here at the shop, I expect that Condor package to show up today or tomorrow.

H and I leave for Alabama next Tuesday or Wednesday, and ALL outstanding orders will be shipped before we head out.  Also, we've figured out a way to take much of our IIIGear inventory on the road with us, so we can process and ship new orders even while we travel.

Of course the only caveat is gear that is back-ordered by the manufacturers.  Condor has owed me a fleece for a very patient Patriot for MONTHS, and I am hoping it's in this shipment.  Cold Steel still has a few items on backorder, too. 


Voting our way out...

...is a mandatory part of the solution.  The rifle alone is not the answer to the problems in America, and voting alone is not the answer.

A Bill was sent to the floor of the US House to de-fund domestic spying.

Here's the list of the 217 US Congressmen who voted No. 

They voted to keep the domestic spying in place.

Most of them are R's.

This is a polygonal battlespace as Concerned American has oft reminded us, and it will require multiple actions to solve our problems.

Use this information as you will.

Here's the link.


Calling every Marxist, "Blue" voter, politician and bureaucrat...

We're only going to use our words once.

The next time we have to ask...

Graphic is more Zoomie goodness, here.


A pic from Miller's III Arms shop

I don't really have to say anything else to the F'tards from within this community who hurled poo.

But I will.


Oh, that wasn't polite.

Die, please.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Give yourself permission...

What is your instinct when you suddenly see this guy in a combat situation?

Most people think that running is a darned good idea right about now.

I agree.  Unless running leaves someone or something (like a Principle) you love at his mercy.

Then, you have to fight.

If you have let this guy into your personal space, you have already f'd up many, many times.  You have already violated everything Mosby, Max, Mason Dixon, and every other rifle/handgun instructor has ever taught you.  Jeff Cooper is spinning in his grave.  But, here you are, facing a guy with a machete who intends to dominate or kill you.  And he is just one or two steps away from striking range.

Do you know how to handle him?  What if you don't have a sidearm, or you ran empty with no time to reload, or firing is too risky, because the entire position has been over run and you may kill one of your own?

My students know how to handle him.  My students will kill this guy.  A few may die in the effort, but the Bad Guy will die, probably by his own machete.  But most of my students will live through this fight, and have a machete to give to someone in the Tribe.

The technique to kill this guy is the easy part.  It is startlingly simple.

The hard part is mustering the courage to do it.  Sane people do not deliberately walk into attack range of a man with a machete who intends to kill him.  But that's what you must do if you intend to fight and prevail.  You have to overcome that gene in your body (I call it the Good Guy gene) that makes you hesitate and tells you it isn't right to kill.  You have to flip that switch.  No one can do it for you. 

I would suggest that each of you sit down and have a serious discussion with yourself, and give yourself permission to kill in self defense.  Have that conversation now, in the safety of your den or living room, not when the guy and his machete are coming hard at you.  Give yourself permission to kill in self defense now so that when a death fight is suddenly upon you (they rarely announce they are coming) you can act without hesitation and kill him.  Your life is yours, and no one has the Right to take it. 

Give yourself permission to kill in self defense.

You have to do it.  I can't do it for you, but I can promise you that if you wait to have that conversation with yourself in the face of a man with a machete, you will hesitate and probably die.  Then he decides what to do with your woman, your children, and everything else you hold dear.

And it won't matter if you must kill him with your own empty hands, or your own machete, or if you are able to pull a trigger and kill him.  The killing part is easy.

Taking the decision to kill is what gets most Good Guys dead.

Give yourself permission now, please.


My AAR from the OVM CQB Class...

That OVM patch on my training gear bag is flown with pride.

Holly and I met a group of serious and kind Patriots, were escorted to the training site, and security was put in place.  For the most part we trained in the July heat on a mountain somewhere in Ohio on the western side of the Appalachians.  This was a generally younger group, all but two (both III Arms Founders) are members of the Ohio Valley Minutemen, a militia unit that understands what a militia unit should be, a militia unit that would get a nod from Captain Parker.

The two Founders who drove a considerable distance to participate were also welcomed by Sandman and his Team, and it was great having them present.  If you have never been to a PatCon, I simply can't explain how good it feels and all the benefits that come with getting together with fellow Patriots.

The entire group trained hard, and I was very proud to see how many people were surprised at just how easy and effective many of the techniques are to perform.  I particularly get great satisfaction when I have a woman being held by two strong men, one holding each wrist, and she is able to free herself and draw her pistol. As a teacher, being able to pass that knowledge to a fellow Patriot, especially a woman, and to see her become aware that she is NOT powerless in such circumstances, fills me with great satisfaction.

This was the first militia unit we have trained (we've had militia members in other classes, but not a full unit operating in militia mode) and I have to say I am impressed with the way they operated.  I won't go into any detail, but Holly and I knew we were safe.

Militiamen and Militia Commanders, this part is for you:

Sandman and his unit are doing the very hard work of defeating the stereotype of militia in America.  They are not hiding in the hills.  They are not afraid of .Gov - for good reason.  They go out into their community and help people with mundane activities.  If the river were to rise Sandman and his Team would probably beat the paid First Responders to the scene and begin saving lives.

"Militia" is not a dirty word.  It is a word that has significant, proud history in America.

If you are in a Militia unit, thinking about joining a unit, or commanding a unit, please make contact with Sandman and ask him about his model.  If you believe that winning Hearts and Minds is important in the coming Ruckus, then you are in a position to change minds and win hearts in small ways within your community.

It was explained to me that it is tradition that the commanding officer of a county-level militia unit carries the rank of Captain.  Anyone can stick a rank pin on their hat or collar, but earning the respect of the people in your command is another matter entirely.  I watched the people in this unit - they respect their Captain. 

When I asked for a volunteer to take a fall with a pack on, to demonstrate just how vulnerable a pack can make you in a CQB situation, it was Sandman who geared up and took the fall.

That is called leading from the front.

That's what Leaders do.

When SHTF, OVM's AO will be secured for Liberty and denied the Enemies of Liberty.

I am proud to have been invited, and I am better for having met each of those people.


OathBreaker PatCon? Not so much...

That graphic I snatched from Wirecutter, and he credited Angel.

You and I already get it.  LEO is dangerous to the republic.

Now this from Bill:

Oathbreakers are holding a shindig up in Idaho.  No big deal, on my radar they occupy the same territory as the DNC, Congress, and Mao's rotten corpse.

But I have a nit to pick:

Problem: It is being promoted as a "PatCon" by some folks.  To be fair, not the Oath Keepers organization.

A "PatCon" or "PatCom" is a very specific type of event for Patriots.

Patriots do not violate the Constitution.

The Oath Keepers organization, as it exists today, is filled with oath breakers.

Look at the names on that poster, especially the ones that once (or still) carry badges and guns.  Tell me which one "NEVER" broke his Oath to defend the Constitution.  Every LEO, every day he works, violates the Constitution.

These people are not allies in the fight for Liberty.

I have no beef with former military in Oath Keepers.  But LEO in Oath Keepers is just plain hypocrisy.  Until Stewart Rhodes does a gut-check and starts kicking oath breaking LEO out of his organization, the entire organization remains useless.  Until his love of membership dues takes a back seat to The Oath, Oath Keepers is not only useless, they are part of the problem. And the sad part - most of the members can't even see the hypocrisy.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CQB: South Eastern Michigan

CQB class is forming in the southeastern Michigan area, shooting for the weekend of the 24th.  At this moment they are looking to include the Day Two GroundFighting 101 class, which will include about 2 hours of sparring to burn the techniques into muscle memory.

If you are interested in attending, let me know and I'll put you in contact with the Point Man in the area.


Monday, July 22, 2013

SitRep & Idaho PatCon

**UPDATE**  Please give an answer ASAP, preferably by August 1 - H and I will be on the road from July 30 until we hit Idaho - so we need to make as many preps as soon as possible.  Thanks!


As you can see by the image, some of the gear that has been following me around the country is beginning to catch up.  CQB Hosts: H will be sending you III CQB Badges so you can distribute them to your people.  Yes, Alan P. (South Carolina), you too. 

The 300 patches - I am still noodling through the III 300 - the who and what, the mission, and more.  I need to talk to a few of you to ensure we are heading in the proper direction.  The III 300 will be a very special collection of Patriots - men who mean to take point, men (and women) who mean to never bend knee, men who live the III to the core and intend to die with Liberty beneath their feet.  More on this later.

My new profession is known to you, and it demands that I share more of my life than I usually would.  Forgive me if I cross into TMI territory once in a while.

III PatCon:  Friday the 6th, Sat the 7th, Sun the 8th of September - The Idaho gig that started simply as a routine visit home has blown into a real "Thing".  This makes me very, very proud.  Let's do this!  I have already warned you all, there is nothing on the site at this moment except a pad site cleared by a bulldozer.  H and I intend to set up a tent off in a corner and build a rough fence that is secure enough to keep our dogs from committing suicide on some Ranchers steer.

Come one and come all, bring a tent, bring a trailer, there are 20 acres and most of it is on a STEEP incline.  Ms. Violet advises we may have to go without open campfires due to dry conditions - but we'll be together and we'll make it work.  Bring some water, bring some food.  Bring a wife or hubby.  Bring a sleeping bag.  Bring a smile.  If you bring weapons, as I said before, keep them under YOUR PERSONAL CONTROL AT ALL TIMES. 

We'll handle some Congress business, Citadel business, I have heard Miller may be there, so there will be III Arms talk, and somehow, I suspect we are all in for a good time.

We will try to rent a few sani-johns, but I advise everyone to bring more water than you think you'll need.  We'll get a propane grill just in case open fires are no-go.  Bring some hot dogs, hamburger, steaks, whatever.

Folks - this is as un-planned, un-coordinated as it gets - screw the plans and let's just meet, greet, take care of some business, and be f'n Patriots.

One thing I need to know ASAP, RIGHT NOW, and if you don't know right now, AS SOON AS YOU KNOW: How many are coming and how many plan to take my CQB course?  I'll post a poll at right.  If you plan to attend and have to cancel, no worries, just please zip me an email, so I can keep a semi-realistic number as a running total.

Folks - H and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Security:  As much as I hate to say it, I DO think a security patrol, 24/7, is a prudent move.  Local media HATES us, many locals HATE us for no reason other than we exist.  Regional media may be present.  I don't want this to look like an armed invasion, by the same token, controlling our perimeter is simply smart.  Feel free to weigh-in if you think perimeter security and challenging trespassers is too much.

So - SOUND OFF!  Who's coming and how many in your Tribe are coming with you - poll is at the right.


Time to look into your Heart

See that poll at right?  At the moment 59% of you have admitted that you would not do anything to help George Zimmerman if had been convicted.  First, thank you for the honesty.  We all know that had he been convicted, it would have been a political conviction, which means Rule of Law is dead.  Make no mistake, Rule of Law IS dead, Zimmerman just got lucky on several levels (he isn't white, so much obvious legal hanky-panky that the Jury got to see, and so forth).

If 60% of the people who read this blog, people who for the most part consider themselves Minute Men and willing to fight and die for Liberty, are not ready to leave the porch and resort to the bullet-box for such a blatant act of injustice, I ask you to please look inward and ask yourself this question: What is it REALLY going to take before you start defending our Founding Principles for your fellow Countrymen?  Not just for you and your family - your Countrymen, fellow Patriots who you do not know.

So far as I know, there was not one massed crowd, anywhere, protesting the prosecution of George Zimmerman - an obvious Intolerable Act.

How did I answer the poll?  I'd have sent him money for his commissary account so he could buy some trading material while locked up.  But I'm not ready to leave the porch for what is, honestly, just one more abuse in our long train.  Shame on me.

But: I would find out what prison they put him in.  I would have found out his block and cell.  I would pass that intel to local III when things get sporty.  I have a list of people I intend to help, once it gets sporty.  I have other lists, too - not people I intend to help on this plane of existence.  But these are mental lists - sorry Mr. Prosecutor.  Nothing is written down.  ;)

Back to the poll: It is not yet time to leave the porch, at least not in a one-way, John Parker manner.

Yes, I agree with most of you who say we should have started long ago.  But the reality is that right now, at this moment, the ground is not in our favor and too many Patriots refuse to move.  I'm not sure what it will take - NSA barely registers an uptick of indignation in most Patriots.  I don't know what it will take to make masses of Patriots leave their porches in common cause.

I do know this:  Drawing a line at the threshold of your front door as "the" Intolerable Act that gets you moving is a FAIL.

It is time to have a serious conversation with yourself, Patriot.

Waiting much longer is not merely a losing strategy - it will result in the absolute loss of Liberty.


A Patriot needs to sell a 1911A1

Kenny has listed a link to GunBroker for a Patriot who, sadly, needs to let go of a 1911A1.  I say "sadly" because for most of us, firearms become part of us - and letting one go is like letting a piece of ourselves go.

Help a Patriot, and give his 1911A1 a good, dignified home.

You don't need another 1911?


Here's the link.


An Honor bestowed upon me...

This is a close-up of my CQB training pack.  It is filled with Blue Guns, Blue knives, a few live blades, and sundry items.  It goes with me to every CQB class.

Saturday after class, training with Sandman and a pair of Founders who came from considerable distances, Sandman, CO of the Ohio Valley Minutemen, bestowed an honor upon me that I take with abounding pride - honorary membership with his Tribe.  That is the horizontal patch in the pic.  He gave me a second patch sans Velcro that will make it to an appropriate training shirt.

I am humbled to have been accepted by such fine Patriots.  They proudly consider themselves "Hill People", their patriotism and sense of Liberty runs deep, and while I didn't mention it Saturday, my parents and their families come from this general area.  My mother is from the Parkersburg area, and dad hailed from the Bluefield Virginia side of the river. 

To everyone who I met (and met again. like Alan P), my sincere thanks for making my wife and me feel so welcome, and for giving this training such serious commitment.

One final note, at the risk of making Sandman embarrassed, because he is a humble man: Militia Leaders, I encourage you to follow his model.  His people trust and respect him because first and foremost, he cares about them first.  Secondly, he is attempting to shift the paradigm, the negative stereotype that Enemies of Liberty have stigmatized to the word "Militia", and he has done so by standing tall in his community, putting his people to tasks that HELP civilians.  Militia is NOT a dirty or scary word - it is a word filled with history and pride.  Do not allow anyone to take that from our heritage.

End of diatribe. 

That special bottle you folks gifted us - Mrs. Kerodin loves it.  A few sips and it was nighty-night.  ;)

Stay safe.  More later.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Patton: Fixed Fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.

Context is everything.

If the future citizens who intend to live in the Citadel expected a .mil assault from current US or even .Gov LEO, the Citadel design would be folly.  It would be suicide.

But what if we do not expect a modern .mil or .Gov LEO attack - and they never come?

"Walls have been obsolete since gunpowder" is a common criticism heard by Citadel advocates.  But...every US .mil facility in hostile country, right down to the F.O.B. has a built and patrolled perimeter of some sort, no?  Obsolete against air power, explosive, mortars, sure.  Not so much against a rush of hungry men with rifles.

This is simply a post I've had on my mind for a few days, as I ponder how many people fail to ask the right questions.  They make assumptions without key intelligence, and reach outcomes and expectations that are skewed.

The next time someone challenges the military effectiveness of the planned Citadel, remind them that the only defense anticipated is against enemies with, essentially, offensive capabilities from the 1500's - with rifles.

If you want the right answers, you must first ask the right questions.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

OVM AAR: Coming soon

I will post a proper AAR for OVM in the near future.

I have one thing to say - if you consider yourself a Patriot and you don't find a reason to meet this man and the Team he has assembled, you are missing out on one of the most important, beneficial networking opportunities that will ever present itself to you.

And if your AO is ANYWHERE near his AO, get it done.  Drop the hubris, the ego, the attitude - meet him and open serious lines of communication.

If you do not to that simple act - you do not DESERVE command of your unit.


Something to think about...Nodes

I was talking to a friend in email, and felt it was time for a gentle reminder.

You see all of those interconnected nodes above.  Consider each and every dot as a person.  Now consider yourself one of the dots.  Every other dot represents, as far as .Gov is concerned, a person in your life, even tangentially, who can be exploited or otherwise used against you, if you are not careful.

Start with the obvious: Spouse, children.  Then move out to extended family.  Then move out to you children's teachers, your meth-head cousin that you never see, even at the family get togethers.  It includes your doctor, your pharmacist, your shrink, your eye doctor, your co-workers, your customers, the guy you buy your ammo and guns from, your vet, your kids teacher who smoke pot at home, and so on.  E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

Each and every single one of those people have their own nodes, and vulnerabilities.

Now consider .Gov decided they want you - for any reason.  But all-in-all, you are clean - either because you are smart, or you aren't up to anything.

But they want you anyway.  Maybe you did nothing other than write an effective letter to Reid's office.  Maybe you fly a III bumper sicker or a Rand Paul t-shirt.  Maybe they don't like that they teach your kid X in school.

They can find the meth-head nephew of the pharmacist or teacher, and explain if you "...remember seeing Mr X doing Y, you'd be helping the community and Nation Security..."

The implied threat, of course, is that they cooperate, or their sins come to light.

You already know in your heart how many people will stand on principle, and how many will fold.

Knowing this...

Knowing that if they want you, for any reason...

...they will have you...

Isn't it more American to stand tall and tell them to Fuck Off, and then warn Mr. X they are coming for him?

Think about it.


Diesel Guys

H and I are considering a bus to serve as double duty: RV-esque vehicle to get us to CQB and III gigs in more comfort and space than the milk truck.

Second duty will serve at the Citadel Beachhead as a short-term "apartment" when required - guests can sleep indoors with a few creature comforts.

A few questions:

It comes from a school system, obviously, and I don't know which one.  I "assume" that school systems adhere to a pretty good maintenance schedule - I may be wrong.  Anyone know?

Next: Drivetrain is a DT466E Diesel with auto tranny and about 120,000 miles on it.  It has a hydraulic wheelchair lift that can be useful.  190 Horses.

I know these buses are not geared for a lot of highway driving, but I think my mechanic can improve that ratio.

How is that engine as far as diesels go?  Is it one of the new "high rpm" diesels?  I think at 120K the diesel is just getting broken in, and should run 400K+, yes?

If we decide to go this route (it is merely a concept being explored), we'd also make it a III Project, outfit it for cool III events, graphics, III Arms promo, etc.

Anyone with any insights to the mechanics?


Friday, July 19, 2013

Texas PatCom

Texas Patriots: Click Here.


Buchanan: Please read with your Big Boy pants on...

Read here.

The problems have to go.  The Liberals.  The Marxists.  The "Dems".  The "Entitled".  The thugs.

They simply have to go. 

"...you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here..."


Building a Citadel Wall - in Detroit area?

Detroit is in decay, looters and riots are just over the horizon, and a surviving suburb of 20,000 Souls is considering a 12-14' wall, gate, and state-issued ID for entry.

Great concept.

Bad execution.

They will be over-run.


They failed to get off the line of attack.

There will be a lot of that going around, soon.

Here's the link.


Never Happen Here...Twice...

Discuss over at Wirecutter's place, here.

Because not only CAN it happen again, it IS happening, right now.

I do have a hope: Everyone who fails to learn from History will not only repeat it, but die in the encore.



**UPDATE** - At first read of the President's remarks, I say he is cooking something big behind the scenes - we may not know "what" for a while, but it will be even bigger than his Mental Health expansion of Prohibited Persons...

Just my gut-read.


Something 2A is brewing from the FedGov level, using Martin case as the predicate.

It may be nothing...

...it may be something.


Intel Course

Need a course in practical, hands-on HumInt?

If it isn't what you did for a living, it will help you identify and build your targeting matrix.

Here's the link


Thursday, July 18, 2013

The littlest III

I will let her proud papa reveal more when he is ready - but welcome Miss Madison, the littlest III.

Does anyone really need any more reason why Liberty matters?

She comes from good stock.  Congratulations to Momma & Papa!

HK & K

TacticalProShop.com - First Class Gear Shop

H and I arrived in Los Angeles ready for our class with BonnieGadsden and his Tribe.  Of course, we still had no Blue Guns (except my personal few).  Setting up an account with the Blue Gun company was my first choice, but they are swamped with orders and couldn't help me out in time.  (I still intend to set up this account, because you folks need training weapons).  From DC I made contact with Matt at Tactical Pro Shop in Burbank, California.  I gave him my list of Blue Gun needs, and he said he had me covered. For anyone who has never been to "Los Angeles" it is a sprawling, massive area that all falls under the umbrella of "Los Angeles", though it is really more than about 100 smaller towns/small cities that rub shoulders with one another.  The actual city limits of "Los Angeles" are "relatively" small, compared to what most maps call "Los Angeles".

H and I were down near Long Beach, between the class site and Holly's sister's home.  Burbank was about an hour - each way - on several different highways.  It was Friday, July 5th when most everyone had shut their doors for the long weekend.  I walked into Matt's shop and said "Point me toward your Blue Guns." and he immediately knew it was me.  "We talked in email, right?  You're from DC?"  I said yes, and he gave me the smile of a man who knows how to run a small business.  And it wasn't just a "business smile" - the guy is genuinely nice, he knows every product in his shop very well, and I watched as he and his assistant helped a knife shopper find "the proper" knife for what the customer wanted, inside his budget range.  There was no hard sell - he was taking care of his customer.

True to his word, he had the Blue Guns I needed and even had them ready to pull from the back storage area (what wasn't on display).  I ended up with 2 different M4 variants, 2 1911's, 2 Browning HPs, a blue knife, and a Sig - and he gave me his 4th of July discount.  For those of you who buy Blue Guns, you know they are not cheap, and I can tell you from personal knowledge having dealt briefly with John Ring (the manufacturer) there is not much profit margin built in for Dealers.

Matt took good care of me.  His shop is relatively new (a bit more than 5 months with the doors open, now), and well-stocked.  He hasn't bothered with an FFL (who would in California these days?!) and as I said, he not only knows every item in his shop, he stocks quality gear.

If you live locally, stop in and say hi.  If you are shopping for something tactical online, try his shop first: TacticalProShop.com.

He's not paying me a dime, this post is simply to let my audience know he's a good guy with a good shop that deserves to be supported by Patriots.  I'm going to add his shop to my right sidebar as soon as I get off the road (this laptop doesn't have any of my good software).



OpsGear.com Customer Service: Cock Punchers

I've explained since Day One that IIIGear is not a business, I don't run it like a business, any small profit margin is used to further the goals of the III - it is primarily a means of building morale and cohesion.  As a result, we fill orders when we have time, and if something gets messed up, we make it right.  Once we set it up in Idaho full-time, we "will" be running it like a business, so we can dump more money into the 527 and take the III to the next level.

The above paragraph is simply to let you know I am not living in a glass house while throwing stones.

I have ordered a few things from OpsGear.com, and never really had a problem.  Then, I wrote them for an assortment of Blue Guns for our first class in Illinois.  I was given a price, I gave them my credit card, and I was assured I'd have my trainers on X date, in time to travel with the gear to the training site.  The "Customer Service" guy at OpsGear.com assured me he'd get them to our Maryland shop in time - no need to ship them directly to Illinois, which was a fall-back plan and would have ensured we had our trainers for class.

Then - silence.  X day comes to a close, and no delivery.  I emailed SEVERAL times.  No response.  Then I emailed EVERY OpsGear.com email address I could find, and FINALLY got an excuse that the "Customer Service" guy messed up the quote, so never shipped.  Most of you know me - I got hot.  But in business, I usually have a level head.  When they finally emailed, they claimed that they called me several times because there was a problem.  My reply - Why didn't you email me?  EVERY communication we had previously had was email - why no email?  I got no answer.

So, I cooled down, and decided to give them a chance to fix it, to ship me a modified list of trainers to SoCal for class 2.  I sent "Customer Service" (His name is John) my modified list and asked for a price and availability to ship to my MD shop in time for the SoCal class, or directly to SoCal in time for my second class.  I sent my email near Close-of-Business on Friday, and "Customer Service" wrote me back immediately, advised that the warehouse was closed, he'd have to let me know Monday.  Fair enough.  H and I were driving from Illinois to MD then to SoCal and class was more than a week away.

Monday - no email from "Customer Service".  Over the following several days I sent several more emails, asking for updates - and was ignored.  Most of you who know me already know I usually don't turn the cheek even once - but in this case I turned it more than once, and was treated with some of the worst "Customer Service" I've run into in the Liberty Movement.  Finally I got an email from someone other than "John" - I assume he's John's boss, with excuses.

So on Friday in California, one day before class, on July 5th (when most shops close for the long weekend) I am again left with a handful of sh*t from one of the more prominent online tactical gear sellers.

To be fair, maybe they knew who I was and simply didn't have the balls to say "F You, Kerodin, we aren't selling to you, radical, extremist whacko!"  They do seem to cultivate LEO and .Gov accounts.  But I don't know.  All I know is I was left holding my sack - again - with horrible "Customer Service" from OPSGEAR.COM.

I will never order from them again. 

In my next post I will tell you which tactical gear shop helped me out, and why I think you should spend your money there, instead.

OpsGear.com:  I decided to go easy on you in this post - and my readers know I went easy.  I can be an ass.  You write one f'n word about this that is inaccurate, you have your lawyers send me a single threatening f'n email or letter, and I will post EVERY email between me and your people for a permanent monument on a domain that I buy just for you, and it will live forever online.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CQB Students: Former, current and future


Holly and I have talked considerably given the few classes we have taught, particularly of the requests so many students who ask variations of "...well, what do I do when we get to the ground?"

Because you will go to the ground 99% of the time.  Period.

In my Fight to your Weapon course, the title says it all. I teach you to survive unexpected contact when you are out of position for an attack, enough time to deploy your weapon and/or finish the fight with hands, blades, pistol, rifle, or Chevrolet.  The premise of the class is:  Get off the line of attack long enough to deploy your weapon of break/kill your enemy so you can escape.

But in only 8 hours, I can barely fit in the escapes and counters needed to Fight to your Weapon.  What if you and the bad guy tumble/tumble in a heap on the ground.  My advise thus far has been consistent: That requires serious study in grappling: Judo, ju-jutsu, etc. In the absence of proper training hit the S.O.B. with a rock, step on his head, show him his guts and make him taste his own testicles.

However, Holly insists that I should consider offering a 4-hour or 6-hour supplemental class on a second day to Fight to your Weapon class, and allow people an insight and fundamental skillset to the real world of Groundfighting.

I have been giving it serious thought - and I have roughed out a curriculum for such a class.  If I am already with your Team, adding an additional day to focus on Groundfighting is easy to accomplish and inexpensive.

Now the question: Former and prospective students: Do you see a value in a second class that focuses on Groundfighting?  We can re-enforce some Day One skills, and introduce some fundamentals on Day Two at a faster pace.  Full-speed sparring will be necessary for a Groundfighting class, so you guys who like to test one another, this is the proper venue.  As usual, this will be suitable for all-comers - men, women, age is irrelevant, health is irrelevant, et cetera.

If I have already been to your AO, we'll work something out on cost.

If I add this training component, cost for the weekend will go up only nominally.

Let me know.

I'll tell you all the truth - I was heartbroken when I pulled off the Western Slope of Colorado, knowing that you Patriots had no place to continue developing skills that I think are essential.

Note: The guy in the video with the mustache is, in my humble opinion, the finest fighting teacher ever to walk this Earth.  If he ever feels the need to put his hands on you - beg forgiveness and mercy, because nothing else will stop him if he chooses to break you.


August 3

I will be in Alabama teaching CQB.

CA and other Georgians will be in their AO doing Force on Force.

What will YOU be doing to improve your odds?


Our newest little Patriot lass...

A Patriot family is expecting a brand new little girl today or in the very, very near future.

I'm not sure how much they may have said online, so I will simply ask that you all send prayers and good thoughts toward Southern California for one of our own families.

Best of luck, and congratulations!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Texas CQB: Dallas/Austin Area August 24

Folks, we have 3 solid Patriots in the Austin area signed up for August 24th for our CQB course.  They are willing to travel to Dallas if needed, so if any of you would like to go through the III CQB course in Texas, let me know if you can make it on the 24th.

Holly and I will be in Dallas on business, so we can host the class there, or ideally, host the class in nearby Austin.  But we'll play the actual location by ear - what we need is just a few more Dallas/Austin AO Patriots for the class.  Zip me an email if this works for you.

Alabama: We are a definite Go for August 3rd just northwest of Birmingham - so anyone who would like to join in, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the local Point Man.

Florida: Ft. Lauderdale is a definite Go on August 17th.  If you want to join in - let me know.

September at the Citadel Beachhead is becoming a "Thing" and we are looking forward to it.  There will be a CQB class, and all are welcome to bring a tent and camp under the September Idaho skies with us for a few days as we start putting plans in motion.  If you intend to do the CQB class, let me know or just hit the PayPal at right.  **SPECIAL NOTE - PAY FLIPPIN' ATTENTION**:  If you intend to come to the Idaho gig armed, and there is no reason you should not, there is one rule that you MAY NOT VIOLATE - You MUST maintain physical, actual, bodily control of your weapon(s) at all times.  If you are packing a sidearm, holster it to your body or lock it in your vehicle.  (You MAY NOT carry a firearm during CQB class).  If you are carrying a long arm, sling it and KEEP IT THERE, or lock it in your truck.  I can not permit anyone to fall into a "constructive possession" beef as I walk the property.  Leaning your rifle against a tree and walking away is a No-Go.  One more thing - there may well be media attention showing up on site.  They may shoot pics or video while hiding in the trees and you may end up on HuffPo (or the St. Maries Gazette - they don't like us, right Mr. Hammes) for being a dangerous extremist cavorting with the Dread Pirate Kerodin.  Just so you know...

October: North Carolina at Brock's PatCon.  You need to be there.  ;)  I will be teaching, as will others.  Brock's gig is wall-to-wall Patriots, good food, and more.  Liberty remains alive so long as WE refuse to let it die.


We gave Them our Consent...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. ~ Declaration of Independence

Please read the words, do not just skim because you have already read them before.

I underlined and bolded the section most pertinent to this column today.

We have given our consent.

Swallow that pill - it is bitter and it sucks.  But if you are lying to yourself, now is the time to stop.

We gave our consent, and we continue to give our consent, to some extent, every single day.

I think that Restoration - whether to the Constitution as written and intended, or to a place of Liberty that existed between the Constitution and Declaration - can only happen once you and I and every Patriot accepts full, absolute and unequivocal responsibility for our current state of affairs.  The fault lies at our feet.  And once we accept that Hard Truth, we can listen to Mr. Jefferson and the words he wrote above, and morally do the Hard Things that will be required to accomplish Restoration.

Before you begin to argue about responsibility: Yes, Bad People have been gaming the system for many generations before you and I were born.  Yes, you and I have worked hard and provided for ourselves and never taken Government money that we did not earn (Vets - you EARNED your pay and benefits).  Yes, our fathers, grandfathers, and even theirs, could and should have strangled this tyranny in the cradle.

But they didn't do it.

Now it is you, me and our posterity who face eternal tyranny unless we kill it.

How do I dare charge you - and myself - with responsibility for cleaning up this mess and routing the Tyrants from our midst - by any f'n means necessary?

Holly and I spent this past weekend with Mr. & Mrs. X, as I have said elsewhere.  Also, as I have said elsewhere, over dinner conversation Mr. X reminded me of Edmund Burke: All that is necessary for Evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

 If you are a Good Man or Woman, it is time to stand up and Kill the Evil in our midst.

You have a moral obligation to do something.

Not every one of my readers will agree that a moral obligation exists -  we'll agree to disagree.  I do not think a single one of my readers would stand idly by and watch a woman be raped.  In my Moral Code, I can extrapolate a physical rape in front of my eyes to the same Evil that has captured so many People in our midst - they all have to go, folks.

How they go, by choice or by force or by facing their fellow Countrymen for Crimes against Humanity and Treason, is currently their choice.  Soon, their options will be limited.

Can I make a convincing argument that current politicians, their voters, their supporters and their enforcers are committing Crimes against Humanity and Treason?  Yes.  I have handled the Treason part ad nauseum on this blog and my Kerodin.com columns, and my first book.  Crimes against Humanity is an easy reach from there.

Evil can never be completely eradicated from the Human animal.  But I will refer you to Colonel Cooper on this one:  The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”

Rifles alone are NOT THE ANSWER.  Make no mistake.  Our Founders did not rely upon only the Rifleman, the Militiaman, the Minuteman.  Every Colony set up a political structure and voted-in their Leaders, openly in challenge to the system the King demanded.  Pamphleteers never quite fighting.  It was NOT all about picking up a rifle then, and that can't be the answer today.

A polygonal battle space requires a polygonal solution.

Folks, better, more moral, more righteous, and more able men have walked this planet than me.  They secured Liberty for a brief moment in the Human experience, and many better men than I have devoted their lives to Restoring that Liberty.  Many have died in this pursuit.

It is my time to try - and by God I will give it all I've got.

It is time to stand up and be counted - for you and for me.

It is time to face Evil, and if it refuses to yield, it is time to make it submit, or kill it.

What say you, Patriots?


Monday, July 15, 2013

Because it is time

I never planned to teach fighting skills.  In all my years of training, I never intended to open a dojo or do what I am doing today.  I am here because it is time, there is a need, I have the skills, and I have a stake in the outcome.

To run a modern, financially successful "Dojo" or martial arts studio, you have to specialize in training guys who want to go MMA (and you'd better get a young guy in the cage quickly, with a win), or you have to run a "Belt Factory" that teaches just enough every month to ensure the "Student" pays next months fee, or, even worse, you must resign yourself to essentially running an after-school daycare.  "Daycare Dojos" usually send vans to schools, pick up the little darlin's and *ahem* "Teach" them martial arts until mom or dad pick them up after work.

I'm not built for any of those scenarios, especially the latter.  Dojos have very high turnover rates in most cases.  The "average" student thinks that learning a "Martial Art" will be like going to the gym - FAIL.  The moment they realize that real work is involved, they bail on average within 120 days of their first class.

Until I met Holly, my entire adult life was my training.  I started because I was lippy and small - the two do not mix unless you enjoy taking beatings.  Since shutting my mouth seemed genetically impossible, I had to learn to fight.  I was gifted to live in the DC Metro area where there are (were) several world-class Warriors who teach.  They do not teach "Martial Arts" as much as they teach how to break people.  But after a very short time, the philosophical aspects of several arts captured my mind and heart, and soon I was not training to break people - that became simply a byproduct.  I embraced the traditional codes and morals - and those codes and morals are anti-thetical to running a modern dojo.

In the old days in Japan, many Sensei did not accept monthly fees for training.  If they agreed to teach you at all, the student would usually be required to pay per technique.  Forget different colored belts.  When the Sensei was content you were technically proficient in his art, he would simply hand you a scroll that entitled you to teach.

So, why am I teaching now? 

Look again at the image I selected to header this post.  John Hancock deliberately wrote his name for the symbolism of telling the King that he, Mister Hancock, was done tolerating his authority.

There are good, decent, solid Americans who feel today as did Mister Hancock when he signed that paper.  Scroll several posts down - there is going to be a fight, because today's King(s) and Queen(s) refuse to permit any other outcome.  They are sending forth their swarms to enforce their unconstitutional laws that offend Man and Creator, and the time draws very near when men and women will have two choices: Stand tall and defend the Liberty beneath your feet, or bend knee and lick the hand that feeds you.

I teach today for those who refuse to bend knee.

It is that simple.

There is going to be a fight.  Get over it.  Get ready for it.

One small contribution I can make: I can teach you skills that make your chances of survival slightly improved.  But be warned, if you ever need the skills I teach, you have ALREADY FAILED on several levels.  I have told this to every class I teach.  If you need the CQB skills I teach, you have already failed what was taught to you by your DI in the service, you have failed to learn the lessons of Colonel Cooper.  You have failed to use the skills taught to you by Mosby and Max Velocity and AmMerc and so many other good trainers in the country.  You have failed first in situational awareness.  You have failed to keep that rifle ready to be deployed.  You have failed to get that sidearm into action.  OK - maybe you haven't failed - there are two scenarios where you may need the skills I teach that may not be your fault.  1) The enemy over runs your position and you are suddenly buckle-to-buckle.  2) The enemy has managed to mix into your formation, in a manner that firing at the enemy is dangerous to your fellow troopers.

But usually, if you need to break a man with your hands, it's because you failed to keep that man out of your personal space.

The sad part - Good people are usually the ones who hesitate the longest in a life-or-death, sudden confrontation.  It is not normal for the Good person to walk around looking for danger 24/7.

I teach today because America and Liberty need her modern John Hancocks, Thomas Jeffersons, John Parkers, to stand up and tell the King(s) and Queen(s) to back up.  And if they fail to back up when you tell them with your mouth - then you need to tell them in a language they will understand.

Liberty was won in this country by violence.

It will not continue to survive without defending that Liberty with violence.

Not violence alone - not even our Founders depended solely upon the Kentucky Riflemen in the field.  Nor may we.  But make no mistake - there is going to be a fight.

Keep them at political distances when possible.  Keep the Enemies of Liberty at shouting range, when possible.  Rifle and pistol ranges are regrettable, but our Enemies will decide if that becomes necessary.

And when all else fails, get some skills to pull the life out of your enemies with your bare hands.

It is ugly and hard work - physically and psychically.  But you have the Right to defend your life and Liberty.

That is why I train Patriots.  I hope you never need the skills I teach.

But if you do - win.


Breaking Bread

It has been our experience, in the case of every CQB class to date, that breaking bread with the Patriots in class is rewarding for all involved and takes the experience to another level entirely.

So for every CQB class we host, please know that Holly and I are available to join one, some, or all of the participants in the class for dinner at your local favorite spot the evening of class.  We've found there isn't much time for talk of Patriot issues during class, but sharing a meal and getting to know one another a bit better is an excellent end cap to the experience.  (Of course we all pick up our own checks - not looking for a free meal)

If this fits your plans and/or personalities, great.

If not, that's ok too.  ;)


Colorado AAR

What do you think of when you think "Colorado"?

Mountains, right?  Well, did you know there is a part of Colorado, a large chunk, I might add, that I have forever dubbed "Flat Arse" Colorado?!  Yes.  Yes I have.  It'll be on a map one day, somewhere.  My little family retro milk truck does not like crossing the Rockies on I-70 through Denver.  Since we were in a convenient place to give it a whirl, we decided to use Route 50 to the south of Denver to avoid the mountains that once tried to murder my poor little truck.  Turns out, the Route 50 path was much easier on my vehicle than the Denver route, and we dumped out at Pueblo.

That entire chunk of Colorado from Pueblo to the Kansas state line, I forever dub thee "Flat Arse" Colorado.  I know many of you already knew this, and you don't come to this blog for travel reports, so I'll move along now. 

Our III CQB host this past weekend is a Founder and outstanding Patriot.  He and his wife were wonderful hosts, and we left more than mere allies.  I won't use his name, because I don't think he comments online much.  We'll go with Mr. & Mrs. X - they live on the Western Slope of the Rockies, well removed from the silliness of major cities (and even large towns).  Mr. X has brought more than one trainer from our online community to his home, and invited his Tribe and friends to participate in the learning experiences that otherwise simply can't be found locally.  He even went to the trouble and expense to rent a large canopy tent for the 2 days of training to keep the unusually warm Colorado sun off us all as we trained.

The people Mr. X invited to train are all wonderful, and to give you an idea of how devoted to the cause of "Tribe" is Mr. X - I'd say a majority of the people in attendance have little or no knowledge of the III, though all are patriotic and see the storm clouds.  The group was a mix of youngsters up to 50-somethings, everyone committed 100% to learning, some were white collar and some blue, all were exceedingly kind, smart, and by the end of each day, were in a much better physical and mental place to handle a sudden and uninvited contact. 

We have been convinced that a DVD or some sort of online streaming content of the course for students is a "must-do" item, so they can continue to train, refine skills, build muscle memory.  H and I are working out the details.  This has been a consistent request from each class.  (Holly is adamant that she gets to throw Miller in at least 1 portion of the video - that should be great fun for all.  ;)   

At the close of every class I urge all students to find a Krav studio and commit 6 months - but in this part of Colorado, they simply don't even have a "belt-factory" shopping mall studio - there are - literally - no working martial studios within 2 hours drive.  Upside: One gal in our second day of training has 11 years Aikido, and if they treat her nicely, they can learn a LOT from her.

To our hosts (Mrs. X is as gracious and wonderful as anyone can imagine):  Thank you for taking the time, effort and trouble to not only invite us to train (and for offering your home to us) and for all that you are doing to build your Tribe and promote the patriotic message to your local friends, family and co-workers.

General note: Folks, Holly and I have not yet had a class in which we have did not leave with friends and allies added to our ranks.  I feel as if we are helping to "stitch together" small knots of serious Patriots with every location we visit.  That is ONLY possible because of that small number of people like Mr. X, BonnieGadsden, Mullenax, Daniel, and others who are taking the time and investing your energy into building Local, Local, Local, and helping to "weave" all of our "Locals" into what this country once was - joined by common bonds and ideals.

We have work to do.  Liberty will not die if you and I do not permit it.

Sandman & Team - here we come!


They may kill you...

...but there are many things worse than Death.

This post accompanies the post below.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Remember the Premise...

Rightful Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal Rights of others...

When your Rights are infringed, tolerate it to the extent you choose.

When your neighbors Rights are infringed, come to his aid to the extent you choose.

My host this weekend is a Founder, and reminded me of Edmund Burke: All that is needed for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing...

Now is the time for Good Men and Women to stand tall and tolerate no more infringements.

You WILL be abused ONLY to the extent to which you consent and permit.

It is that simple.


Thursday, July 11, 2013


On September 7th we will host a III CQB class and a III Congress event at the Citadel site in Idaho.

We will be setting the cornerstone of the III Arms and III Citadel Showcase.

At the moment our location is a pad site on 20 acres, with a beautiful view.  By the event on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September, I have no idea how much progress will have been made on the site.  But if you are in the American Redoubt or driving distance to St. Maries, bring your tent or trailer and join us for a weekend of Patriotism and a celebration of Liberty.

More later.


Brock's Fall PatCon & CQB Class

For those of you who have been to one of Brock's PatCons, you already know the deal.

For those of you who have read about his PatCons, you can trust what you have read.

If you live east of the Mississippi, you owe it to yourself to mark the calendar and find a way to make it to North Carolina.  Brock's PatCon is becoming "the" Patriot event of the year for serious, hardcore Patriots - and he has been doing two each year!  If you live west of the Mississippi - it is worth the effort.

Several trainers will be offering courses over the several days of the PatCon.  I'm proud to be among them, and will be offering my CQB course (full version - 8 hours, rain or shine) to anyone who wants to sign up.  For many of you who have expressed an interest in attending, but I haven't hosted a class in or near your AO yet, this is a great opportunity.  The fee is the standard $210 per person, and I will donate 50% to Brock so he can add it to the PatCon fund.  I usually limit my classes to 20 participants (which works out to 10 pairs) but I will have HK with me this trip in teaching mode, so we can ignore the upper class limit. 

Drop in at Brock's place and look at the other trainers who will be there.  Look at the names of the people who have already planned to attend.  Even if you don't sign up for any of the classes, the networking is invaluable.  Being able to shake hands and look into the eyes of the Patriots in attendance is priceless, and it will leave you feeling more confident about the future of Liberty.

Here's the link to Brock's place.