Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Saturday, August 31, 2013

III Arms: Balls 5

Robert Leffler
10:43am Aug 31  

James and all III Arms Patriots. Today, I picked it up from my FFL. My chubby turned into a Diamond Cutter... when I spied the SN of Balls 5. WOW, Gentlemen, I am Truly Honored to be the Owner of Balls 5. The Minuteman 15 is truly a Beauty, from the Citadel Stone etching to the Dedication to my 5th Great Grand Father who was a III %'er during our 1st revolt against an over tyrannical government. I really appreciate your dedication and hard, and sometimes arduous work, to create the craftsmanship along with your Patriotic Pride, in a Truly American Made, By American Patriots, For American Patriots weapons system to stem they tide of Tyranny against... We The People. Thank You All.

Link: www.facebook.com/iiiarmscompany

Well done, Mister Miller.


Of Radiator Caps...

Can anyone give me a good reason why someone would replace the OEM (16psi) radiator cap on a Jeep 4.0 inline 6 with a 4psi cap that likes to spit radiator goo on a hot highway?


Life, Fortune and Sacred Honor

I wrote a Patriot friend this morning that "...they may kill me, but we've already won."

I think most of you know I have pledged my life, my fortune and my Sacred Honor to the pursuit of Liberty, and to you, my allies in this endeavor.  I also think I have proven myself to enough of you that I have nothing left to prove regarding the nature of my character.  That's never been high on my "to-do" list anyway, but given my head-banging with the Feds, it does matter to me that a few of you know my true heart.

I am not expecting to die anytime soon - but who does?  Yes, I get threats, usually cryptic and from cowards who play Rambo on the internet.  Some, not so cryptic.  And I am easy to find.  Yet we all know the Enemies of Liberty have dropped the optics.  If you are reading this post, you've already given "Them" enough to warrant including you in any decapitation strike.  Accept it.  Own it.  Let it inform every decision you take, and let it fuel the burn in your hearts for what these people have done and intend to do to our Country and the ideals that built it.

I've lived a damned good life, and I have very few regrets.  My wife understands and loves me and knows that I will probably not die an old man with cancer eating my guts, but sooner than I should while standing upon Principle.

I'm good with that.  And if a few of you respect me once my corpse has dropped, so much the better.

This ain't no fuckin' game.

Look around you, folks.  They are coming.  How you die is up to you.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Kerodin Go Vehicle

Currently holed-up in an undisclosed location, getting the paperwork squared away before we resume our trek toward the PatCom.  A Go Vehicle, or Bug Out Vehicle, if you prefer, must have certain attributes that my little Chevy simply lacked.  Four wheel drive is the fundamental sine qua non.  Holly and I are starting with a solid base vehicle, the bullet-proof Cherokee with 4.0 inline six.  It has a brush bar and safari rack on the roof, and when we are done it will have Warn odds & ends for a proper go-anywhere outfit.  We are sacrificing some fuel economy, of course, but our gains are worth it.

This will get up to the PatCom much more easily...


Do you still care what "Liberals" think?

Many of my columns get picked up by "Before it's news".

A reader named Drew commented and took me to task for using the phrase "Bust a cap" and "Breaking necks", because he worries the Liberals will have more ammunition against us with such language.  I added my 2 cents at the site, and I was genuinely trying to convey my point without being an ass - though that's hard for me.  ;)

Let me ask you - do any of you hold your tongues any more because of what "The Left" may be able to make of your comments?

Here's the link: Before it's News

Please let me know if you think I speak too harshly.  No - you won't change my mind, but I do like to know what you think.  For the record, my position is "Fugg'em - they are lucky I'm still talking at all.  When I stop talking..."


Gun Trusts

Anyone have direct experience with Gun Trusts?

Are they good for non-NFA firearms?

Administration's latest anti2A move, here.


Does your woman carry? Has she given herself permission to kill?

You have been building your rifle, pistol and CQB skills.  You have been working on situational awareness and preps and E&E methodology.

Where are your women in their skillets?  Your wife is not with you 24/7.  Your daughters may be at college, or working their own jobs and running with friends at night.  It doesn't matter if you live in the boonies where everyone knows everyone, or you live in a suburb or city.  The world is ugly, and getting worse as evil people deliberately stoke the fires of racial violence.

In North Pittsburgh a group of four black women threw a bottle at a passing car.  The woman driving got out to confront them, and earned a beatdown.  She was lucky to live.

If you love your women, arm them.  Teach them to fight to their weapon.  Teach them situational awareness and teach them when to confront, and when to flee.

Most importantly, help them work through the mental gymnastics of giving herself permission to bust a cap or snap a neck if she is attacked.

If you hesitate to do so, take a moment and consider how you will feel and how your life will change if the mother of your children is beaten to death, or your daughter in college is raped and killed.  Girls are not taught to defend themselves in American culture.  Fix that in your home.

Here's the Pittsburgh piece.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mosby: Fighting to your Weapon

His column has nothing to do with my program - he and I have never met, and he has no idea what I teach or how well (or poorly) I teach it.

But his column is balls-on accurate.

My students will find most of it quite familiar.

Read it, here.


Who's up for a DC Metro CQB in late September?

I added a poll at right for a DC Metro CQB class, tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 21.  If you would like to attend, please hit the poll.  If there is enough interest I'll set up a PayPal link.


Consider: Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor...

If the people in our government consider us to be 'terrorists' (standing shoulder to shoulder with such 'terrorists' as Franklin, Jefferson, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, et al), and knowing how the people in our government deal with 'terrorists', what obligation remains for you and me to abide their diktats, to seek discourse based on reason?

Knowing these people hunt and kill 'terrorists' all over the world, and now put you and me on the same moral level as murderous, child-raping, innocent-bombing genetic waste, what moral restraint remains upon us to not hunt every single one of them in their daily lives and visit upon them the same remedy they have planned for you and me - before they get to us.

They have dropped the optics.

They have shown us who they are.

They have told us our place in their world and what they mean to do with us.

Someone tell me why it is not right and proper to take the offensive and put a backfist into the teeth of a man who has told me he intends to kill me?


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunting Predators

Fuck PETA.

I say Fuck PETA not because of their stated mission - I have NO PROBLEM with men and women who are true believers.  What I have a problem with is hypocrisy.  Full Stop.  Research how they are simply a kill facility at their main headquarters, despite their continuous fundraising and public policy to the contrary.  A no-kill shelter?  Bull-Pucky.

Moving onward.

Predators have eyes that focus forward.  Prey have eyes typically on the sides of their head.  Mother Nature made the rules, not me.  This is all the balance of life, and it is not my place to futz with the will of Mother Nature.

We know the Wolf, primarily in Idaho, is a predator that kills countless livestock and costs therefore rise, increasing the cost to feed your family.  Anyone who hunts or has seen the wolf packs in Idaho understand they essentially have no natural enemies to keep the balance of nature.  Coyotes fall into the same category.  The encroachment of Mankind has disrupted the natural order of the world.  That Mankind is a plague on the world is a topic for another time.  I was raised into manhood by a real man who helped me understand the realities of life.  I was raised in Southern Maryland, where crops, livestock and watermen made their livings and provided for their families by working the land and Chesapeake bay.  Make no mistake, these men lead hard lives.  The biggest real threat we had at my uncle's place was the critters that would raid the chicken coup.  It was a perfect training ground for a lad to learn how the world worked, armed with a Ruger single six.

There is a legitimate conservation need to keep the predator and other populations down in numbers.  It is not immoral.  It is not cruel.  It is simply necessary.  How many people each year are killed when deer become over-populated and kill motorists in accidents.

Fortunately there remain men and women with common sense who dismiss the political correctness and get the job done.  I was fortunate enough to meet our Host in Michigan who builds predator calls, and his friend who sells these call through his businesses.  I am adding the retail outlets to the sidebar.  III to III.  I can't endorse the calls by experience (only by the knowledge that the people involved are serious professionals) these people deliver to market, for it is simply a skill I never tried to learn.  But I know this community not only hunts these predators, but they seek the best gear to get it done humanely and efficiently.

Wirecutter is an avid, professional coyote hunter.  I think he can expect a good conversation with the owner of the call company, and hopefully and he will be able to offer an informed view in the near future.

As I mentioned, I personally met the man who makes the calls at the wholesale level, and I was gifted with a tour of his shop.  I also met the distributor during our Michigan CQB class.  I can tell you both men are serious professionals, and they have earned a space on my sidebar.  I commend them to you.

DogBreathCoyoteCalls, here.
PredatorOps.com, here.

If you keep your hunting skills sharp by hunting predators, explore the links above.  Their firms are all Patriot endeavors.

I'll add the links at right as soon as I can get to my computer that is loaded with my art program.

Stay safe.  Stay sharp.  If you hunt with a rifle, build your skillset to hunt with a handgun and close the range.


Kenny labeled this image an "Aw Fuck!" moment.

I see a business opportunity.

"Discount swimming lessons for all Liberals!  Just $1 each"

Is that wrong?


Michigan CQB AAR

UPDATE:  Lee, our host in Michigan, sent in two pictures to help illustrate just how effective the III CQB program is for students.  Here is Lee on or about Friday before class (I may be off on the exact date a bit) 

And after:
**END UPDATE**  Thanks, Lee!  ;)

Our host and hostess in Michigan continued our streak of batting 1000 when it comes to kind, solid Americans inviting us into their homes and lives to train.  Lee (our host) invited a group of his friends to join us, some he had not seen for nearly 20 years, so the weekend was as much reunion as building of Tribe.  Everyone in the group was fantastic, and we had the great benefit of having a friend of Lee's who has decades of experience, a considerable bit of which is ju-jutsu.  The man knows how to fight, and if he takes you to the ground, apologize.  ;)

A young family man, Tony, began building his CQB skillset after having driven several hours to join us.  He stayed the night with our Hosts and joined in the GroundFighting for Day Two.  With a wife and three young children to protect and defend, he proved to have his priorities right and the will to stand with the III.

Lee's wife put in as much work during the day in her kitchen as we did in the yard, and we were rewarded with some great home cooking after class.  We chatted until nearly dusk, leaving only when we knew our doped-up pups in the motel probably needed to water the local foliage pretty desperately.  We returned Sunday for GroundFighting 101, with a smaller class as we built upon our Day One skills. 

We leave Michigan pleased with the skills we were able to share, knowing that there is another pocket of Patriots who know what is coming, and what to do about it when the time is right.  For those coming to Idaho, you will get to meet our Michigan Host & Hostess.

It looks like we will be back in Michigan as we head eastward following the Citadel PatCom, and of course everyone from this class is invited to join us.  If you live in Michigan, or within driving range, it looks like we'll be about 3 hours north of Detroit in a few weeks if it is time for you to get some CQB work done.  More on the upcoming Michigan class coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend.  Holly and I are finding small Tribes of Patriots from coast to coast, border to border.  We have a chance, folks.


72 types of Americans who are Terrorists according to .Gov

I know I am on several lists.  Proudly.

I know what the individual people in our Government do to "Terrorists".

I know what to expect.

I know...

Thanks to Mike C. for the link.

Here it is - how many flavors of Terrorist are you?

If they want us, don't let them have it free...


America has about three seconds left...

My students know what a rear naked choke feels like when applied, and how to apply it to someone else.  In the video above, the lass works from her back to the back of her opponent and slips in a choke.  It isn't textbook, and it takes a while for the choke to do its work - but in the real world you almost never get textbook.  Once she had her arm snaked about his neck she simply held on and let him thrash, constantly tightening.  She never relents.  Annnnnd, he's gone.

A good choke will take you into unconsciousness in about three seconds.  A sloppy choke may take a bit longer.  But the end result is the same - you end up reliant upon the mercy of the person who just choked you out.

My students also know that the moment they feel that arm coming around they need to immediately begin defending the neck.  Failure to defend the neck means submission, and perhaps death.

Look around, Patriots.  Bad People are slipping that arm around the American neck, right now. 

If they get it cinched in place, America and the ideals you and I hold dear will die.  The Police State is part of that choke.  The surveillance state is part of that choke.  Criminalizing such acts as feeding hungry people is part of that choke.  Disarming Americans is part of that choke.  Bleeding you dry with taxes and regulations and high costs on every product you need to live, from gasoline to bread, is part of that choke.  Every single politician in office, and those waiting on deck, are part of that choke.  Every American who votes for such people and policies is part of that choke.  Every member of the FSA is part of that choke.  Every idiot stirring the racial strife in America is part of that choke.

Every Patriot who stands aside and does nothing, is part of that choke...

How does one defend against a choke?  You tuck your chin to your chest and then you go to work and kill that fucker who is trying to choke you.

When there are cancer cells in the body - you kill them.

When some fuck is trying to force you to bend knee and enslave your children and grand children, you kill them.

Do you wait for Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees to come to your door or get into your house before you kill them?

Do you wait for some asshat on the street to start snaking that arm around your neck before you defend yourself and kill him?


Use this information as you will.


Let me see your war face...

Are you ready if it starts today?

Zoomie, here.


Monday, August 26, 2013

III CQB Schedule

Next class is at the Citadel PatCom on Saturday the 6th with GroundFighting on Sunday.  If you are attending the PatCom and plan on taking the class, please hit the PayPal button on the right side of the blog so I know who and how many to expect.

For the Patriots in South East Wisconsin and Upper Michigan who are considering classes after the PatCom in mid-September, drop me an email as early as possible so I can get you booked with a date or release the dates for other classes.

Following our September trek eastward, Holly and I will be at Brock's PatCon the first week of October.  If you plan to take the CQB class at Brock's, please hit the appropriate PayPal button on the right, or get your payment in to Brock ASAP. 

As I announced earlier, the cost for CQB classes will be going up for all classes after Brock's PatCon.  The only exception is for classes booked (and deposits paid) prior to October 4th.  (So, if you want a class in December at today's prices, make sure you book it with me ASAP to lock in current pricing.)

New pricing:

$310 per person for Fight to your Weapon (minimum class size 10 people)
$80 per person for GroundFighting 101 on Day Two (mnimum class size remains 4 people)

I'll teach smaller classes, of course - but the cost will need to be shared among the participants.

Same restrictions remain in place: No LEO - don't even ask.

See you on the mountain!


Jefferson: Enemy of Liberty

I mentioned more than once that when "They drop the optics...", it's on.

Well, consider the optics dropped.  Completely.

The United States Government (remember "Government" is nothing more than a collection of individuals) has taken the official position in several departments, not the least of which is the United States Air Force, that the Founders of the republic who challenged the British were "Extremists".

So, how do you think they classify you and me?

If you are not prepped for enemy contact, right now, you are wrong.

Here's a piece from John Langdon.

Use this information as you will.


PatCon: Horicon, Wisconsin September 21

WiscoDave is hosting a PatCon next month for folks in the Wisconsin area.

September 21st in Horicon.

Holly and I met Dave at our very first CQB class, he travelled down to Illinois.  Dave is a first-class guy and Patriot.  Many of you probably know he started the III to III Patriot Plate project, and is responsible for many, many Patriots having imporved their odds of survival.  Through the Plate project, he also made sure Patriot Militia units were able to get free sets for their teams.

If you are within range, I commend this event to you.  You will meet a solid Patriot who is a guy who gets things done.  He's not a talker - he puts in the work to improve the lives of Patriots.  And, you will have the chance to meet others in your AO with like minds, which is priceless.

Contact Dave here: acwd4556@yahoo.com for more info.

Good luck!


Any OathKeepers in Raliegh?

A church group buys about 100 breakfast sandwiches and coffee each weekend and hands it out in a park in Raleigh to the homeless.  There are no weekend soup kitchens in the area, so decent Citizens took it upon themselves to help as best they could.  They've been doing this for about six years.

This day they met with men armed with firearms who informed them that if they gave hungry people a sandwich or coffee, they would go to jail.  Of course "...going to jail..." is an act of violence - if you do not offer your hands when the man with the firearm tells you he is going to handcuff you, you face a severe beating by multiple men with guns, you risk a taser blast, and you risk a muzzle blast. 

"Going to jail..." is not a peaceful proposition if you choose not to go.

First: Fuck OathKeepers.  Fuck OathKeeper supporters.  You claim to uphold the Constitution?  Where were you this day?  Holding another fundraising rally?  Paying off parasitic "Patriot" bloggers to keep spreading your name to increase your membership?  Why weren't you down there with YOUR men and guns to ensure that your "Brothers in Blue" were not breaking the oath YOU swore to uphold?  Where is your outrage?  Where is your press release condemning the action of LEO in this case?  And even more to the point - how many of those LEO in Raleigh are dues-paying members of your organization, and why have you not kicked them to the curb and labeled them Domestic Enemies for threatening good people with firearms for the heinous act of feeding hungry people?

Fuck OathKeepers.  Fuck OathKeeper taint-suckling treasonous supporters.

Patriots in the Raleigh area: Men with badges and guns in your AO are threatening good people with arrest (and worse if they fail to go quietly) for handing out sausage biscuits to hungry people.  I'm not going to tell you to go there and defend the good people and their Rights - you have to pick your battles.  But you must be aware that your Raleigh LEO are willing to do this to your neighbors, and to you.  Perhaps you will stay out of it, knowing that this sort of abuse will get sorted out - harshly - in the coming North American Liberty Games.  Maybe you will choose to raise a little hell by calling or writing the Raleigh politicians and LEO.  Maybe you will simply find out where the next event will be, and show up with your own guns and men to make sure LEO understands that they may shut down this rampaging crime of feeding homeless people - but it won't be free.  No one will be "...going to jail..." until after the smoke clears.

This story is a perfect example of what happens when stupid people obtain  positions of power.  I am talking about the politicians (who helped make the homeless people in the first place), the LEO who enforce immoral laws, and back to the politicians who not only claim the monopoly of violence, but also the monopoly of charity (only "They" are smart enough to know who should be given a free sandwich, when and where it should happen, and if you dare violate "Their" decree, you will face men with guns who will kill you if you resist.)

I was asked by a very sharp young family man this weekend what we should do about these people who think they know best.  My answer:  They are murdering America through their stupidity (and some are not stupid, merely evil) and it is time for we adults to make them sit down, shut up and stay out of the way as we fix it.  If they refuse, a backfist to the teeth is a good start.  Deportation is an option.  And if they insist on continuing to murder the republic - enemies Foreign & Domestic Rules apply.

Here's the story.


Look around. What do you see?

Bastion of Liberty, Here.

Balko, Here. From BustedKnuckles.

If you are not on war footing, you are wrong.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes, Virginia - They do mean to have a war...

The image above is on a Minuteman 15 AR built by Jim Miller at III Arms.  It is among the finest Fighting Rifles available to Patriots in America.  You can order yours here.

When you look at the news of the day and ask yourself the hard questions in the silence of your own mind, do you conclude that America is at war and that you are seen as an enemy by people who mean to dominate or rule you?

If so, should you not behave accordingly?

If you conclude that at any given time you may be targeted by members of another race for beating or killing, should you not be armed and operating in Cooper Yellow at all times?  Should you not establish prudent security protocols for your family - such as who answers a knock at the door, how they answer that knock, how often your spouse and children check-in, setting perimeter security, harden your home to delay any possible assault, establish E&E protocols, and so on?

If you conclude that at any time you may be targeted by a member of the enforcement arm of your political enemies - people who may pull a firearm and point it at you for the slightest infraction or failure to show proper deference - should you not be armed and ready to counter that threat?

If you believe Bad People are waging war upon you - act like it.

I look forward to meeting and talking with many of you in Idaho in a few weeks, where we will discuss such topics.  I look forward to seeing others at Brock's PatCon next month.

Later tonight, ask yourself if people are waging war upon you.

Then, decide what you are going to do about it. 


Video solution

Found a solution thanks to the kind folks who weighed in below when I asked for a way to get video/audio uploaded and disseminated quickly and efficiently.

Consider: You are out and about and suddenly confronted by an Enemy.  You want and/or need a record of the interaction.  Getting your smartphone in action can take a few moments, and it ties up your hands.

The Looxcie device not only lets you start recording (audio and video) with the touch of a button, but if you tie it into your smartphone it will stream live to the 'net.  It is a simple touch of a button.  So if your phone falls into Enemy hands, they can't delete the footage.  It goes, realtime, to your allies.


I will be getting one very soon, and some of you will be programmed into the device.  Should my life become unexpectedly sporty, you will receive the file.  Even if I die, you will know the truth, and not the media spin.  That matters to me.

I would recommend to all Patriots reading this blog: If you agree that we are at war with Enemies of Liberty, consider getting such a device.  Secondly, I would ask you to consider carrying your sidearm wherever you go, within the laws of your jurisdiction. (What you do in contravention to your local laws is up to you.)

If we are at war, shouldn't you be prepared for conflict? 

Think about it.

Here's the link to Looxcie.  My thanks to those of you who posted helpful comments and wrote me in email on this topic.  None of us are invincible - but if we take reasonable precautions, at least the truth of our demise can be known.


From Sandman

Most of you are familiar with the story about the cross in a public park in Oregon, it is a war memorial.  You also will remember that several groups have been waging a war to have it removed, for they find it offensive.

Sandman sent me a story: These people have now taken to violence by planting an IED at the cross and detonating it.

I can't recall a Tea Party advocate planting a bomb, anywhere.

American culture and ideals are under attack.  People are being murdered now at wholesale levels.  Bombs are being planted - an indiscriminate weapon employed by cowards.  In my lifetime I can not recall our country has ever been so divided and hateful to one another.  My reading of History informs me that we came close during Vietnam, the Civil Rights era, and of course RevWar II and RevWarI.

RevWarIII is coming, folks.  Whether you want it or not, other people do want it, and you have a decision to take: Stand and be counted, or try to ignore what is happening so you can keep your cable up and running.

I can only think of Captain Parker: If they mean to have war, let it begin here.

Some people are taking that initiative.

When your own heart asks, how will you respond?

Here's the link.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Learn to swim. I'll meet you in Arizona Bay...

John Walton - I gave you a chance to shut the fuck up and keep my name out of your mouth.  You responded with another direct threat.  I read you 5 x 5.  You were warned.  You are responsible for the words out of your mouth and the words you type.  End of transmission.

Patriots: Two songs below that reflect my mood tonight.  I spent the day with my beautiful wife, and we trained with solid, serious, smart Patriots.  We were treated to good, old-fashioned hospitality and friendship.  When I think of Restoration and recovering the Founders Intent - we've fuckin' got this...

Here: Get your blood pumping.  In this first song replace "L.A." with USA (as perverted by our domestic enemies).

And in this old-school Metallica, it speaks for itself.

America is in need of Her Patriots.  I have met men and women who understand.  It is our turn.

Steel your Souls.  Harden your hearts.  If Liberty is to be secured, it will be done only by trespassing through Hell.  Three men started the first ruckus, and about III Percent backed them up.

It.  Is.  Our.  Turn.

So be it.


Please read and consider...

The Founders Intent was to secure personal Liberty in a world where some tasks are simply too big for the individual to handle by himself.  To that end, they drafted the Constitution - a Constitution which does not permit FedGov to lay hands directly upon any American.

It was offered as a voluntary agreement, one from which the individual could simply withdraw consent if abused.

Of course, this ideal, the Founders Intent, has been perverted - AS WE WERE WARNED IT WOULD BE IF WE DID NOT HANDLE OUR RESPONSIBILITIES.

Hans offers a serious piece that deserves serious consideration.

Read it and please leave your comments at David's place.

Here's the link.


Friday, August 23, 2013

RevWar Patriots and Southern RevWarII Confederates were "Extremists"...

Use this information as you will.

Here's the link to Brock's place.


Citadel PatCom Update

If you plan to attend, please email: PatCom@IIICitadel.com

Members of the Citadel Steering Committee are working to put all the details in order. This includes some basic security - please do not think you can simply arrive and get access.  There are simple, old-school protocols being implemented to ensure we do not have Bad People slipping in under the radar. 

So, please send in your email ASAP.




I mentioned in a post below that there is considerable inside baseball taking place.  I will not bother you with details, except to repeat again so that those of you who choose to come here and read what I write, will know the overall topic.  There are white supremacists (not merely separatists) actively working to infiltrate the broader Liberty Movement, and particularly the III Percent.  Their goal is to pervert the noble mandate of the III Patriot cadre into something ugly and unfitting for any person who subscribes to the American Ideal that is our Founders Intent.  (That phrase, by the way, "Founders Intent" is one introduced to me by The Trainer, and it is an excellent label for a noble endeavor.)

Bill has been working this topic longer than have I, and with much more detail.  You already know I recommend you visit Bill's site daily, but I'll remind you anyway: Visit Bill's site daily.  If you appreciate honesty, no matter how ugly it may be, Bill is That Guy.  Just one example of why I am so proud to be part of this community is because we have men and women who choose to put their necks out there and do the work required, Patriots who follow the demands put upon them by their own Principles.  I also like that we have so many outstanding bloggers and blog supporters that we are able to engage CA's "Polygonal Battlespace" on multiple fronts at once. 

This is the fight that landed at Bill's feet, and he began stomping it.  I was tangentially involved, then I chose to become actively involved because some of those ugly people decided to invoke my name.  The fallout is, honestly, something that pleases me very much - because of the work Bill has done and continues to do, false "Patriots" are being revealed for the shallow-thinking, hate-filled, useless genetic waste they have become in life.

I'm going to say this one time: I am at a point in my life that pleases me.  I am married to the love of my life and we have had more than a decade together.  I have mastered several trades and professions.  I have trained many people (men and women) in a trade that allowed them to leave my shop and get hired for $20/hr after a single weekend of sharing skills.  I have mastered a martial skillset.  I am proud that I have useful martial skills that I get to share with fellow Patriots, and I get to travel and engage that passion.  I am helping build cohesion and morale among this corps of Patriots that makes me even more proud.  I helped birth the Citadel concept, and it is now far beyond "Kerodin" - if I die tonight, the Citadel will still happen.  Jim Miller will continue building the finest ARs and 1911 Fighting Arms available to Patriots who may, one day, be forced to take those arms to the Green.  I have no children.

My point: Fallout from this little distraction has turned to threats against me.  The threats I've seen thus far are anemic and probably nothing more than keyboard asshats, though the White Nationalist fucks that I am engaging have an enforcement arm.  I have tangled with them before, during my mis-spent youth.  Nothing is more amusing than the image of skin-head fucks walking around with ax handles, thinking they are superior creatures.  But make no mistake - such animals are dangerous.  A straight-up fight is not in their nature.

To any asshat who wishes to avoid conflict with me, leave my name out of your mouth.  Do not drag me into your reindeer games, and I'll probably never give you a second glance.  However, get in my grill and we take it to the next level.  I think I have demonstrated I am not a keyboard commando who believes there is no world outside the digital universe.  You are responsible for the words that come out of your mouth and you are responsible for the words typed by your fingers - especially if you direct those words at me or mine.

Leave me alone and we'll have no problem.

Fuck with me, and you'll have a problem you can't handle until you kill me.  All threats will be treated as legitimate and physical in nature, and I will respond accordingly.  Threats that intimate that I will be ambushed will earn an active response that digs deep into my training.

I do not dial 911.

Some people seem to think the internet is a playground where they can say anything, to anyone, and never answer for their behaviors.  Those people are stupid if they apply that reasoning to me.

This ain't no fucking game, to quote Jedi Zoomie.

Principles matter, Patriots.  If we do not live and defend the principles we advocate, we do not deserve Liberty, or respect.  If I die upon Principle, I hope real Patriots will tip a beer toward my corpse and remember me as a serious Human Being who died well.

I've accomplished plenty in life.  I'm ready to die standing upon principle, if I must.

Anyone who wants to test me on that - bring it.  I will kill you, or die trying.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three times is enemy action...

Anyone paying attention can see the sudden rise in "Knockout Game" attacks by black teens/mobs on white Americans.

I hope you can see this is not a spontaneous or organic series of events.

There is a silent hand, unseen, guiding and directing these attacks for political gain.

There is no doubt that animals exist in our society.  There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that the men with the invisible hands are even more evil than the animals who choose random victims for brutal violence, and often death.  Do not allow yourself to be played.  Do not react emotionally and lash out as the Bad People want you to do - at color.  If you must react, by all means destroy the animals.

But do not leave their handlers in play.

Every day "Talking Points" are issued to political operatives who then set out to spread the party line.

I hope you understand that the same mechanism is used to urge actions that will lead to political outcomes.  If the goal is a "Race War", how better to reach that goal than to start one by having local "Black Leaders" whisper into the ears of neighborhood Bad Guys, slipping the leashes off?  What's next in this deliberate attempt to start a ruckus?  Look for some "White" guys to do a drive-by and take out a street corner filled with black faces.  Look for a stray bullet to hit a little girl.  Look for provocations designed to fan the flames.  And the "White" guys pulling the triggers?  Media will report "Skinheads" or "Tea Party" racists.  Can you say False Flag?

Someone has decided that America is not collapsing fast enough for their personal agenda.

Start a race war.  "Hack" Wall Street (which will have smart investors flee the markets, leading to a market crash.)   Let Russians inspect our nukes on American soil.  Throw in some national-level "Muslim" scare, and the North American Games will begin at full speed.

Do not allow yourself to be played by these people.  Handle your business, to be sure.  But do not neglect the architects of this war.

Here's just one link in this saga - WWII Vet murdered.


Remember when they "...took the criminal penalties..." out of ObamaCare?

Not so much.

HHS already has nearly 100 criminal investigators who will target consumers and businesses.

That means criminal charges if you do not comply.

That means a gun to your head.

Please tell me the definition of that, if it is not Tyranny.

"We're from the Government and we are going to get you Health Insurance - even if we have to kill you."

Use this information as you will...

The III 300 is seeking a few real Patriots...

Here's the HHS article.


CQB Reviews

If you have taken the CQB class, I'd love it if you would take a moment and give a quick review (if you haven't already.)  Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I take critiques and criticisms as opportunities to improve. 

Here's the link.


Driving Habits of the North American Idiot

To the little car being driven by that silly woman in Kentucky yesterday that crowded my wife as she was driving our little milk wagon - please die a horribly lingering death in a fiery single-car crash.

My wife was driving and keeping up with traffic on the interstate (75) when a gal in a little white PoS decided we needed to move over a lane - so she got close enough to our rear end (which has a hitch-mounted shelf on it) that Holly couldn't see the car's front license.  That's close.  That's way too close on a highway at speed.

That is why my delightful, tiny wife rolled down her window and shared one particular finger with you.

That is why I had to do some fast (and stern) talking to prevent my lovely wife from following you off at your exit - she really wanted to try out her hip throw and rear choke on you.  I think she said something about your stank-assed weave and giving it back to the horse from which you stole it, but I may be mistaken about that...

For you professional drivers, bless you all.  The amount of stupid you have to contend with on the road is mind-blowing.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Citadel PatCom Update


That's the email for the event.  If you intend to attend, please send an email and the folks handling the details will tell you what they need from you.  I think there are 2-4 people involved behind-the-scenes handling details.  We need to know who is coming, when, what you are doing about accommadations (tent, trailer, RV, etc)  You will probably be given a password or phrase, and if it doesn't match the name you give, you will not get access to the event.  Noone is trying to be a jerk, but OpSec and PerSec is important.

So, please email and they will stay in touch with you, get everything sorted out, and at a point very near D-Day, they'll give you detailed instructions to the site.

If you plan on taking the CQB class, please let them know.  The best method of payment is the PayPal button at right.  Cash at the event will be accepted.

If you are a member of the III Congress, a Founder, an applicant, a blogger, please identify yourself when you write the PatCom address.

Holly and I are really looking forward to meeting (and meeting again in some cases) all of you.



With Reasonable Men...

Your skin color does not matter in the eyes of the Enemies of Liberty.

You're White?  So what?  They are slaughtering White men and women every single day.

Did you not understand as you were growing up that what you saw "Them" doing to the Black culture was what they had in mind for you, eventually?  Does not your knowledge of American history inform you that whether your skin is red, black, yellow or white, it doesn't matter?  Did you really think you were special because of that white skin, and that Bad People would never act against you?

Silly rabbit, they were simply saving you for last...

Tyrants do not care what color your skin may be.  They do not care to which God you pray.  They care that you bend knee.  Period.

Please stop focusing on the diversion tactics being employed against you.  Identify the real enemy, lock on target, and go to work.

It is my fervent hope that every real Patriot will read the words above and internalize them, make them part of your Soul:  With reasonable men I will reason.  With humane men I will plea.  But to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.

Read this from Bill, please.

And read this at CA's place on the topic, with Bill.

BonnieGadsden, here.


Invitation for Guest Post

I'm inviting a tech-savvy Patriot to write a piece about options for turning on a smartphone, recording video and getting it up to the cloud as efficiently as possible.

Here's the scenario: Good Guy suddenly finds himself in a confrontation (of any sort) and he wants it recorded and disseminated ASAP.  Is there a Bluetooth (or better vehicle) camera/microphone that the Good Guy can wear wirelessly, and activate the phone that also gets the video/audio into the cloud? 

Holding the phone while both hands are otherwise busy poses a problem.  If you manage to record to the phone, but it falls into Bad Guy hands, the video can be deleted.  Also, you may not be able to actually reach the phone to start the app if things get sporty unexpectedly.

So, the goal is to touch a button (camera/mic) that stays on a ballcap or lapel, that automatically starts the recording and uploading functions.

Any of you Techie Patriots have a solution, or more than one?  If you have a blog, I'll link you.  If not, I invite you to write and I'll post it verbatim here.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

For a friend.

Share your wishes, here.


How Hard

Training exercises I invite you to try:

1) Find a heavy punching bag and go hard on it for 120 seconds - I mean hard.  No stopping, punches and knees and elbows.  Can you make it to 120 seconds?  If you do, do you feel like dying?  Build your wind.

2) Get a partner, it can even be your wife/husband.  Arrest her.  Get a large zip tie or even paracord and truss her up.  Tell her to go hard and NOT get arrested.  The object is not to hurt your spouse or partner, obviously, but to give you a taste of what you will be facing if you ever have to make another person submit without breaking them.  Then try the same exercise on a guy who is bigger/younger/stronger/faster than you...

Annnnnnnnnnd - Go!


I'm smiling today...

There is some inside baseball happening that is just flippin' amusing as hell right now, all fallout from driving a group of White Nationalist fucks out of my life.  They should have left me alone when I asked politely. 

One of the most amusing aspects is watching just how many people got butthurt over it - people who try to hide their racist views in religion and patriotism, yet when the light is shined on them they scatter like diseased roaches.  Like a black hole, one can't see exactly what happens inside, but you can get a pretty good idea what's happening by watching the edges.  I stirred the shit (with considerable help from Bill and others who shall remain anonymous) and I can't help but laugh at all the butthurt filth who are acting damaged because they got splattered.

Folks, please understand that there is a deliberate push to "take over" the Liberty Movement by racist garbage.  Associating with them will taint everything for which decent Human Beings stand.  You have to watch the people with whom you associate, many try to hide their true feelings and goals in drapes of patriotism and religion.  But when you see it, stomp it.

The first part of the song above is mockery.  The back half is not.  It speaks on many levels, and it is probably not the cup of tea many of you prefer.  But, I have a wide range of music I like, and I especially like music with a message.  And an ass-kickin' baseline is never a bad thing.

Vocational Terrorist - that's just adorable!

Stay safe, folks.


Monday, August 19, 2013

NC PatCon Update

Are you coming to Brock's fall PatCon in North Carolina?

If you have not yet been to a PatCon or RTC event, open carry rally, I promise you that coming to Brock's place to meet your fellow Patriots will be an event that changes your life, that helps affirm that you are not alone, that gives to you the gift of meeting like-minded Americans who seek the Liberty described in our Declaration of Independence.

There will be training available, from my CQB course to medical and more.  There will be speakers.  There will be good food, good people, and a revitalization of the heart.

Here's Brock's update.  If you can be there, I encourage you to do it

I hope to see you there.


Florida CQB

I have posted the above video twice before, the first time early in 2012, and again this March.  Please watch it.  Mute it, then crank your favorite head-bangin', kitten-stompin' music as you watch.  This is Krav Maga.  I have been advocating to every single person who is serious about Liberty to immerse in a Krav program for at least 6 months.  Immerse - that means you go to every class you can attend for six months and you go hard, surrender to the pain, feel what it is like to hit and get hit.  (Here's my March post.)

Krav is NOT an art I have studied beyond the academic.  It is an art I have faced, and I promise you this - facing a trained and motivated Krav fighter is going to be a handful, and I don't care what skillset you have built over the years.  I got my first taste of handling a Krav attack from a lass who learned it during her mis-spent youth in Israel, and then applied and refined it in the real world.  This is not to boast: I know I could handle her, but it would not be free, and it would take everything I've got to walk away alive.

We were very fortunate Saturday in Florida to have a Patriot among us who has a year of Krav under his belt, and his wife trains with him also.  As you can imagine, I paid considerable attention to him through the day and I remain convinced in my convictions: If you want to learn how to stay alive in a serious buckle-to-buckle ruckus, in the shortest time possible, find a Krav studio and do it.  The biggest problem our Krav student had Saturday was overcoming his muscle memory - he tended to receive an attack as he would in his Krav studio, he fell into his reflexive responses, and I promise you that is NOT a bad thing.  In a year of Krav he has enough muscle memory that in a real fight it will be his to lose - he has the skills to survive.  I was glad to see him really work to incorporate the techniques I shared, and I told him what I will tell all of you - take what works for you and ignore the rest. 

You might think my Ego would lead me to push my fellow Patriots into the arts I have studied.  Nope.  I have culled a selection of techniques from all of the arts I have studied, and created this course to be a fast, brutal set of skills.  I don't make a dime by steering anyone to a Krav school - I am telling you that from a lifetime in the arts, Krav is where you go if you want to learn real skills, real fast. 

I have only one critique regarding Krav - and it is a critique, NOT a criticism - unlike a finesse art, Krav is hardcore from start to finish.  The ONLY weak spot I see in Krav is that some students can become so focused on the attacker in their face, it becomes difficult to engage multiple attackers because of tunnel vision (Tunnel vision is a natural Human response in dangerous situations, EVERYONE needs to work to overcome it.)  Remember, that is a critique, and certainly not one that applies to all Krav students - I know they train to engage multiple attackers, and I know it is effective, but becoming proficient requires the student to train hard. (That same critique applies to many, many arts.  And many, many arts are absolutely useless against multiple attackers.)

So, folks: Find a Krav studio, please.  That pistol is NOT a magic Bad Guy Eraser.  It is merely a tool, one you may not be able to get deployed as quickly as you need.  That's when the bad guys will be on you, and you have to stay alive long enough to get that weapon in play.  Krav can get you there.

To my fellow Patriots in Florida: When you get together to train, follow his lead. (I'm not using his name for obvious reasons.)

Stay safe, Patriots.  This ain't no f'n game.


Three Men - III Patriots who started it all...

Below is a reprint of Alan Mullenax's comment regarding the essential roles played by Sam Adams, John Hancock and James Otis in getting the Revolution properly underway.  Remember that the "Revolution" was in the works for decades before John Parker went to the Green to stand before the marching Brits.  Otis, in fact, was essential in laying the ground as early as 1761 when he argued against the Writs of Assistance, which permitted the King's troops to enter any Colonists home without cause.

The Revolution was won in the minds of men before anyone ever picked up a rifle.  That lesson must be understood today.  No, I am not advocating the "No Fort Sumter's" strategy.  I do not advocate waiting until the stack is coming through your door.  What I do advocate is that you understand and apply the true strength of this fight for Liberty, which is not in that rifle, but in the mind and mettle of the Rifleman.

I'll have a post on this soon, but until then, consider: We have Patriots today who make moves like Otis and Hancock and Adams, and they get stomped for it.  We have Patriots who seek to reveal the evils we face through contact - yet such people and acts are demonized within our own ranks.  "No Fort Sumters!!" is the cry.  Well folks, tell me there would have been a Lexington and Concord without a Tea Party, without a Boston Massacre, without a Gaspee.  It is time for the timid and meek to STFU and let real men work.  It is time to move to contact in prudent measure.  It is time to rip the mask off the Enemies of Liberty and reveal the face of the evil that hunts every one of us, right now.  It is time to STFU and let our modern Adams', Hancocks', Otis', Jeffersons' do their work without all the braying of spineless sideliners.

One of our Patriots once suggested a simple, silent massing of armed Patriots.  They wouldn't have to say a word.  They wouldn't have to fire a shot.  Like Tiananmen Square, consider 100 Patriots standing tall on the steps of any Courthouse in America, with video going viral.  Consider 500 or 1,000.  For all of you who shat all over the concept of the armed DC march, do a gut check, please.  You may have legitimate nits to pick about tactical aspects of the plan or the people involved, but you can't deny it is EXACTLY the same premise used by men like John Parker at Lexington - they showed up with arms and stood there quietly, ready for whatever the Bad People chose to do next. 

They did NOT cower at home waiting for the British version of a Stack, whining and finding excuses for inaction. (And don't give me any crap about "The DC March was an active event, Lexington was guys defending their home turf." - The reality is, as I stated above, those guys went where the Brits we to be found - they did NOT wait at home.  DC is YOURS.  Your local State House is YOURS.  You have as much right to be there as anywhere - and to channel Willie Sutton - that's where the evil is at...)

I'll get back to those points soon.  For now, read Alan's commentary below and ask yourself if you know an Adams, Hancock or Otis.  Look in the mirror first, please.  He may be closer than you think.  And, we need those guys, right now...


To be sure, without Samuel Adams there would have been no American Revolution.

Make no mistake, simply put, he was a street organizer. While he rubbed elbows with some of the more high brow people, his power resided in the taverns and docks.

I believe John Hancock was absolutely petrified of him at the beginning of their relationship. Tory merchant-bankers felt the wrath of Adams and Hancock worried that he could be subject to having his home and business destroyed as well as being tarred, feathered, hung from the Liberty Tree and beaten. Consequently, Hancock became the money man for the Sons of Liberty for the most part. He really grew into the role of a Founding Father. Were it not for Adams, I'm reasonably sure Hancock would have worked for reconciliation with the king.

It's important to understand that Adam's did get people killed. The Boston Massacre was more than likely his work and he was in Lexington the night before the Green with Hancock and no doubt conferring with Captain John Parker. The Boston Tea Party, while no one was killed, was most certainly his work as well.

Along with Hancock and to a lesser degree James Otis, Adams formed the nucleus and impetus of the American Revolution. That nucleus and impetus resided solely in Boston but incited action in all of the colonies with the exception of Georgia for the most part.

The take away? Three guys. Three guys pushed the issue and created a rebellion. We talk of three percent. The reality is it was probably just three guys.

How? Why?

Take Hancock out of the equation. He was intimidated by Adams and grew into his role. However, the other two of the triad, Adams and Otis? One word, visceral. They absolutely hated the Crown. Those two guys felt personally wronged by it and spent every waking moment plotting and planning to insure independence.

Wrong? I don't think so.


Discussion is invited.  Stay on topic, please.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Political Reality 101

The world did not begin on the day of your birth.

Simply being born does not entitle you to anything more than your inalienable Natural Rights.

That's it.  Inalienable Natural Rights.  Mister Jefferson articulated the concept as "Rightful Liberty".

In America, a group of pretty sharp guys proposed a system of governance designed - for the first time in Human history - to protect the Natural Rights of the individual, particularly against the heavy hand of Government.  This happened a few hundred years ago.  Other men of that time put their heads together and agreed with the proposal, and by a very large margin of support, this became the law of the land.  It was ratified because people thought it was a good idea - no one had a gun to their head.  The people in the states could have simply voted "No" if they didn't want it.

The system of governance, called republicanism, is supposed to be implemented through our Constitution.  Our Constitution, as ratified and intended, does not provide any mechanism for "The Federal Government" to put their hands upon any Citizen, except in a very select set of circumstances for enumerated crimes.  It is only through perversion of the Constitution that abuses of Natural Rights occur.

Over the years Bad People have corrupted the system, as we were warned they would do, for in every age of Man there will be those who mean to be Masters.  You were never promised a rose garden, and you were never guaranteed a life in which Bad People would not try to do Bad Things to you.  If you were promised a rose garden or a life free of the schemes of evil men, you need to find that person and bitchslap him.  He lied to you.

I say this as kindly and gently as I am able: You are not special.  You do not have any right to change the system in place at the time you popped out of mommy, simply because you were born.  Get over yourself.  If you have beef with the system you were born into, first slap your parents for choosing this place to be your home.

If you want to change the system of governance into which you were born, feel free to work on it.  If you think there is a better way, show us.  If you think you can write a document that is "self-enforcing", please, write it and put it forward for consideration.  Here's the funny thing about ideas - good ones get support from many people.  Bad ideas die on the vine.  So, if you can do better than what we have, put it out there and see who salutes.

If you were born into a system that you think is inherently and deliberately evil, please never forget that you always have at least three options open to you: (1) You can try to change it.  (2) You can leave (I hear Belize is sweeeeeeet!)  Or, (3) you can eat a bullet.  (If you truly believe our Constitution is inherently evil, put forth and ratified by evil men as some grand scheme to enslave you, please choose option three - and use enough gun.)

You do not have the Right to demand anything more than your Natural Rights.  You do not have the Right to unilaterally interfere with the way other people voluntarily choose to live - even if those people choose to abide the words on a piece of parchment written a few hundred years ago by a group of white guys you do not respect.

To be blunt, that's your problem.  To be even more blunt, you're simply not that special, no matter what mommy told you.  The universe does NOT rotate around you.  You are entitled to your Natural Rights - nothing more.

Once in a while Concerned American puts up a quote that I think is balls-on accurate, and I'll paraphrase: Evil prevails because good men do not kill the bad men who are doing evil.

It is that simple.  Full Stop.  Take out the garbage and the room will no longer stink.  Think for just a few moments about how many Bad People would need to be smacked in the teeth before Team Tyrant backed the truck up.

I do not care what system is in place - if good people permit bad people to operate without penalty for their behavior, the system will not work.  It doesn't matter if that system is banking, or the US Constitution, or the Holy Bible.  Bad People must be corrected by Good People.  And to bring Mr. Cooper into the discussion, via some really generous paraphrasing: Bad men may not be receptive to reason and debate.  But they sure as hell can be sorted out by good men with rifles.

Help fix what is broken.  Develop a better system.  Leave.  Or STFU.

That's a pretty darned reasonable set of options - and none of them violate your Rightful Liberty.



Question: To the folks who have recently served, either in uniform or on contract with a PMC - why haven't you mentioned this system being used in the field?  This is the sort of intel our non-.mil folks need to take an informed decision regarding the state of the ground and timeline for expected contact.  This has been in the field since 2006, according to the story.

To everyone: If you do not understand that you are at war, right now, I can't help you.  Men who mean to be Masters have already targeted you for submission or death, because your ideals are an impediment to their goals.  They are coming for you, right now, even though they may not be at your front door.  Everything you see them doing is to set the ground for making you choose not to fight, or to put in place the circumstances that will allow them to take you out "...for the common good...", because you are a dangerous and radical extremist/terrorist with a perverted interpretation of the Constitution and no respect for Law & Order.

You may not want a fight.  You only get to choose 1/2 of that equation.

Please begin to look at the world through a Warrior's eyes.  You are under attack, right now.

Here's the link at CA's place.


Patriot Class

Are you a member of the Patriot Class?

A Patriot is not simply one who advocates Liberty.  A Patriot loves his Country.  A Patriot will not turn a blind eye to what may be wrong in his Country - but will seek to remedy those problems because he loves his Country, and the ideals upon which it was founded.

Here are a few quotes, from a single Founder, that help articulate my thought:

If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.

I firmly believe that the benevolent Creator designed the republican Form of Government for Man.

Among the natural rights of the Colonists are these: First, a right to life; Secondly, to liberty; Thirdly, to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.

Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say "what should be the reward of such sacrifices?" Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!


III Arms: Update

Just a portion of the work happening in Miller's shop, pictured above.

Just a year ago this was all an idea - nothing but an idea.

Miller received his FFL in February 2013 - about 6 months ago.  He received his CNC a month or so after that and built his skillset to include the ability to design code and run that very sophisticated machine, and he did it in record time.  He did all of this while working a day job that often claimed 60+ hours per week of his life, and maintaining his family.

And right now he is preparing to box and ship the first wave of III Arms Minutemen 15 rifles.

And tell me they aren't freakin' good looking rifles!

For Patriots, by Patriots.

You Founders allowed this to happen.  Miller allowed this to happen.  All of you in this community who supported the idea allowed this to happen.  III Arms is a III business.  III Arms represents what Patriots can accomplish if we stand together and put in the work.

And remember - III Arms is not a typical for-profit business.  It was created to build high quality, reliable, and symbolic Fighting Arms for the Patriot class in America.  ("Symbolic" in this regard: Morale, cohesion, and if you ever have to stand on a Green, a simple glance at your rifle with the III cut into the mag well serves to inform the world exactly where you stand.)   Profits from III Arms are destined to the Citadel, not the wallets of a fat cat Board of Directors.

Huzzah to all of you.

You have not seen much in the way of marketing from III Arms.  That is deliberate.  The folks behind the scenes decided it was best to wait until the first wave of orders was in quality-control phase and ready-to-ship phase before burying Miller with orders.  Well, that time is at hand.  You can look forward to video in the very near future as Miller performs a final test-fire of each rifle and gives each one his personal stamp of approval.

The marketing push begins very soon to the entire firearms world.  So, you III Patriots have a small window to place your order and get in line ahead of the masses.  If a III Arms Minuteman 15 is the rifle you want in your hands at RTC rallies, at the range, and perhaps on the Green, now is the time to hit the "Order" button at III Arms.  Building these rifles as Miller is doing is not like a massive cookie-cutter company.  He puts sweat, tears and probably a little blood into every single firearm he builds.  III Arms is building quality firearms to which you can entrust your life.

He has taken the path of the Craftsman.  III Arms will NEVER be a mass-production company.  He will never just "whip out" firearms to fill orders - each one will take time, each one carries his personal name, and I know the man, he will never sacrifice quality for expediency.  Now is the time to step forward and claim a place in line.

Here's Miller's III Arms blog post.

Here's his III Arms FB page.

Official III Arms page with order form, here.


Saturday, August 17, 2013


The racist fucks on whom I posted a bounty have shut their website down.

Fucking cowards.

My thanks to all who have helped - and yes, the bounty is still offered.  I want the names and home addresses and anything else you can get on these pieces of genetic waste.

They have earned my attention, and simply shutting down their fountain of filth will not make me stop.  So, you two sick fucks who are now running offline to hide like little bitches - I'm still coming.


CQB: Florida Report

We trained in Florida today.

I can now decisively say that sharing a bit of my skillset with fellow Patriots is the most rewarding endeavor I have ever undertaken.  Watching men and women as awakening comes to them in the martial skills is satisfying on a level I have never known in any "job" I've ever held.  Knowing that I am helping people grow in confidence and arming them with a set of skills that will help keep them alive if they ever find a sudden "Oh Shit!" moment comes upon them is wonderful.

But that is mot the biggest reward. 

Meeting the fine people that Holly and I meet at every class is not only a gift of simply meeting good people, but it informs us that across the country there are pockets of serious, patriotic, devoted Americans who still know what real Liberty is, and they mean to have it in their lifetime.  This Florida class was no different - the people we met today are simply wonderful, funny, well-informed, and Patriots.

Most of you know CDP through his blog, and if you don't, you should - here's the link.  He and his lovely wife drove many hours to make it to this class, and I am glad they did.  Holly and I are better for having met them in person.  Alan Mullenax took point and assembled the class, and the people he managed to get to Markham Park represent good, solid America - the America we all know can be.  Holly was able to meet Alan finally, and her smile said it all.  If we have a dozen Alan Mullenaxes in each state, Liberty will return in our lifetime.

I am proud to say that we have met several such people (as Alan) at every class thus far.  My goal now is to identify and meet as many such Americans as possible, and move this fight for Liberty forward.

There were several other wonderful people attending today - I won't give names because I don't think they have come out online, so I won't be the one to put their names out there.  Just know there are the sort of Americans we need in this fight.

My thanks to Alan for putting this class together, and for getting us all together after class for more discussion and bonding.  Sharing skills is wonderful.  Bonding and growing morale and cohesion is the true gift to the Liberty Movement.  Holly and I are looking forward to coming back here.

FYI: It was a first for me ever to train with the knowledge that alligators were just about 50' away.  It adds a dynamic to class I had never experienced before.  If one wants to up their situational awareness, I can recommend training near a lake that has serious carnivores nearby.  ;)

Michigan next weekend.  If anyone in the south east Michigan area wants to get in under the wire, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the local coordinator.  They have us for 2 days: Fight to your Weapon on day one, and Groundfighting 101 on day two.  If you are in the area, I strongly recommend coming to meet Patriots in your AO.