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Sunday, August 25, 2013

From Sandman

Most of you are familiar with the story about the cross in a public park in Oregon, it is a war memorial.  You also will remember that several groups have been waging a war to have it removed, for they find it offensive.

Sandman sent me a story: These people have now taken to violence by planting an IED at the cross and detonating it.

I can't recall a Tea Party advocate planting a bomb, anywhere.

American culture and ideals are under attack.  People are being murdered now at wholesale levels.  Bombs are being planted - an indiscriminate weapon employed by cowards.  In my lifetime I can not recall our country has ever been so divided and hateful to one another.  My reading of History informs me that we came close during Vietnam, the Civil Rights era, and of course RevWar II and RevWarI.

RevWarIII is coming, folks.  Whether you want it or not, other people do want it, and you have a decision to take: Stand and be counted, or try to ignore what is happening so you can keep your cable up and running.

I can only think of Captain Parker: If they mean to have war, let it begin here.

Some people are taking that initiative.

When your own heart asks, how will you respond?

Here's the link.