Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Use what works for you, ignore the rest...

For the record I play by all of the unconstitutional restrictions .gov has imposed upon me regarding 2A.  I pick my battles.

Every once in a while I wear my holsters to CQB class as I would in the real world.  As you can see, once more I shatter all conventional wisdom.  My Uncle taught me how to wear and what to wear, after many, many, many combinations that fit my personality, my personal idiosyncrasies, body size (I'm a small guy who insists on full-sized 1911s and Browning Hi Powers), not to mention his insistence that I shoot two handed, engaging multiple targets at once.  His methodology only worked with me, none of my cousins could master the autonomous functioning of left and right hands operating independently.

The holsters above are made from Kirkpatrick Leather, and they are the best leather rigs I have ever owned.  They are the "Texas Crossdraw" Models, one is right hand, one is left hand.  They were made for 1911s, but as you can see, they do darned well for Hi Powers.  Of course, if I ever decide to leave the porch, I'll order a set of Hi Power rigs.  Right now I am working on them to make my wife a crossdraw for the Ruger SP-101 (Stainless, 5-shot .357 magnum with Hogue grips)

Sometimes I wear the empty holsters in public as my own little insignificant protest regarding my 2A predicament.  Sometimes, I carry the Blue Gun Trainers for a bigger F. U.  I know - that'll show 'em!

Anyway - why do I choose crossdraws when the "Conventional Wisdom" has essentially poo-poo'd the carry style.  Sit in your car and try to deploy from a crossdraw - you can put a double-tap on target before the bad guy has time to cue the "Oh Shit!" moment.  And if you are being jacked from the passenger side, same same.

Yes, I always carry two.  My sense of symmetry decorum would be forever offended if I carried only one, and I'd have no choice but to commit suicide if I carried anything but a matched set.  (This is how compulsive I am - 2 Hi Powers exactly the same in every other respect, one with a 10 round mag and one with 13 - I could never carry.  Nucking futs, right?!)

Another reason for the Kirkpatrick Crossdraws: I can scoot them around to kidney carry and they lay against my body very comfortably.  At the same time, I don't have to re-train my brain to turn my hands upside down when drawing from the rear - my hands stay in their natural position, grab the butts, and draw.

As you can see, one of the things I do not believe in is retention systems.  My students know this - If I ever were to decide and carry against the wishes of my Federal Masters, I would not let a Bad Guy get into CQB range.  In addition, I am very well-versed in protecting my rigs from enemy hands in CQB.  And if he gets "Lucky" enough to pull one of my pistols, he's got more to worry about from the one he doesn't have...

Get yourself a comfortable crossdraw and use it in the car for a while.  Drill with it.  Consider how quickly your wife can get that weapon deployed and on-target if needed.  If you then decide to have her switch to strong-side hip carry as soon as she gets out of the car, go for it.

Experiment.  Challenge "Conventional Wisdom".  As Mosby says "Skull stomp a few Sacred Cows".

The key is to win.  Nothing else matters.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get off the line of attack

My students hear that phrase so often during CQB class they probably get sick of hearing it.  My goal in repeating it is to hopefully imprint it on the brain.  I only have a few hours with each student, and "Getting off the line of attack" is the fundamental premise of surviving a deathfight at buckle-to-buckle range.

The premise does not simply apply to fights at close range.  It is a strategy and tactic that works from the national level to the personal.  If the enemy intends to attack X, be somewhere else.  Sounds simple.  Is simple.  My students also hear: Do not try to box Mike Tyson or wrestle Royce Gracie.  You never attack an enemy's strength, especially if you are no match for his strength.  If the enemy defends X, hit him at Y.

After our Los Angeles class, one of our Patriots took the premise and considered it, along with his own common sense and many other factors - and moved from SoCal to Texas.  Why?  In the event of an economic implosion, he and his family are in a better physical position.  While they may still be on "a" line of attack - they are "not" within the Los Angeles kill zone.

The entire Citadel Project is predicated on getting off the line of attack.  A group of Patriots decided they wanted to be as far away from the likely combat zones as possible when the economy busts, EBT cards dry up, and the Police State hits the streets of every major metro across the land.  Our families will be tucked safely away from the worst carnage, and the likelihood of rampaging hordes finding us are slim to none.  And if they do find us, our position is already defensible.  One or two Riflemen can protect thousands of people in our AO - and that is NOT hyperbole.

Knowing our families are safe, those who are of a mind to do so can cowboy-up and go looking for dragons to slay.  Many people have tried to find fault with our Citadel concept, and I have not heard even one convincing argument yet.  Even if we do not have walls and bunkers, we have terrain, we have Tribe, we have the means to produce food and energy.  Real families are already coming, right now.  Not to change the nature of our Redoubt, but to become part of it, to carry our own weight, and to let Bad People spend their energy and resources on each other while we take pause, conserve our assets and energy, before we choose to enter the fight on our terms.

Whether you plan to duck in the hills of Appalachia or the Rockies or the High Desert of the South West, or the marshes of Florida while letting the first waves of idiots kill each other, good for you.  There is no reason you can't slip out once in a while and help Patriots by giving OpFor a mouthful of FUBAR now and again.  But save your real energy for when OpFor is weak and tired and his morale is low.

Holly and I are looping back for the winter.  We promised more than a year ago we would lead from the front.  We are NOT armchair quarterbacks or generals.  We have skin in the game - in fact, we have all our chips in the pot.  Our path lies that way, and anyone who chooses to walk with us, or follow us, is welcome.  I know many of you are doing exactly that - preparing to get off the line of attack where you currently live, and coming to the charming little place we have decided is home.

Bring jobs.  Bring your families.  Bring your commitment to Rightful Liberty.  In protecting ourselves, we can help protect others.  Every single person Holly and I have met in our new home has greeted us warmly, authentically, and with kindness.  Several of us watched as a complete stranger walked up to Jim Miller and shook his hand, because he appreciated the patriotic message on Jim's shirt.

For those of you who prefer ranches or farming, there is plenty of land available that is fertile and profitable.  For those who want to be surrounded by Americans who still understand what community means, this place never forgot.  For those of you who simply want to get your loved ones off the line of attack, you could do much worse than Benewah County, Idaho.

I think most of us watch the news headlines every day and understand that there is no way we can ever vote our way out of this national disease - at least not by voting alone.  I think we all watch the headlines and understand the pace is quickening.  There are people who want a fight.  They have no place in their world for you or me, and they mean to be rid of us.  I think more and more Patriots are fully comprehending that economic implosion is imminent.

Get off the line of attack.

Then, if you choose, you can effectively counter-attack.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

III CQB Classes

I explained at the beginning of the summer that Holly and I were going to begin traveling to teach our CQB classes as a means of "keeping our heads in the game" of the III, so we would not have to be distracted with a "day job", and that it would become our primary source of income since we would have to abandon our DC Metro business in order to travel.

Through the summer we have met hundreds of Patriots, trained, broken bread, and helped knit the fabric of the III a bit tighter, with more cohesion and better morale.  We have made allies, and we have made friends.

So, I want to say Thank You to all of the local hosts who took point and put classes together, dragged their teams and buddies for a day of twisting, bruising and contorting that isn't part of the typical weekend.

Fair Warning:  After Brock's PatCon the first weekend of October, Holly and I are going to return to our DC area home and pack up what we need to spend the winter in Idaho.  We've decided it is important for all of our III Projects that she and I lead from the front and walk the walk.  I know several other Patriots will be right on our heels.  They may not make it over the fall or winter, but that is only because it takes time to sell a current home, pack and move one's entire life.

If you are considering a CQB class, you need to touch base with me ASAP and let me know what weekend you have in mind.  Here's why: After Brock's place on the weekend of Oct. 4th, HK and I will be heading back to Maryland to fill a trailer and close the house up for the winter.

Right now a Patriot is trying to put together a class in Alabama on the weekend of the 19th.  So, that leaves the weekend of the 12th, 25th and MAYBE the Nov. 2 weekend.  I say maybe, because I want to be in Idaho on the weekend of the 1st.  But if your team is serious and that is the only weekend that works for you, so long as you are in the middle/southern/western part of the country, I'll help you make it happen.

Once Holly and I roll into Idaho in November, we will be putting down roots immediately.  We don't have the luxury of arriving much later than the weekend of Nov. 2nd.  We have plans for the winter and it will take a couple of weeks of hard work to make it all fall into place.

Holly and I have decided that we must lead from the front and get ourselves set-up this winter in our home state.  So, if you want us to train with your team, the window of opportunity is very narrow and it will be closed, probably for good, in about 5 weeks.  If you really want to train but getting a class organized is not in the cards for you - touch base with Brock and find a way to get to his PatCon.  This way you won't need to hit a minimum number of students, you'll get to train, and even more importantly, you will get to meet Brock and many great Patriots.  You can make the drive.

Time grows very short.  It is time that I put my wife in the most defensible position possible - and that is no longer on the east coast.  I think we can all feel the quickening.  Train with me now, while I am still available.


Texas PatCom: D-Day Approaches

Bill, Craig & Company are getting together in Texas for another PatCom.

It's a few days away, but I am not sure you can even get invited at this point.  If you are anywhere within driving distance, you should try to earn an invitation.

I'm done begging people to show up and participate and pick up the rope and help to pull.

Either you do it, or you don't.  Either you get it, or you don't.

And when SHTF, if you chose to go bear hunting instead of hooking up with Patriots in your area (or any of the thousands of other excuses I hear), just keep walking past my door when you are cold, wet, hungry and being chased by PoPo.

Darwin is working hard right now, and if you aren't - guess who he's working on...

Good luck in Texas, Patriots.


Constitution Bashing - Not here...

No more picking nits with the Constitution as ratified.  No more bashing the Constitution as ratified.

Not here.

I have my position on the topic.  If you do not like X or Y or Z about the Constitution, go someplace where they agree with you and bash away.  Not here.  Not anymore.  I tolerated "...differences of opinion..." and "...respectful discourse..." long enough.

This website is not the place to debate the merits of the DoI, Constitution or BoR.  I work for their Restoration, as ratified.  I'm not interested in threads being taken off course any longer with dissertations or strawmen about why I am wrong.  Go somewhere else.

People who blame the Constitution for the troubles of the republic are using the same logic as those anti-gunners who blame the handgun on the table for shooting the little kid, all magically and without Human Responsible Agency.  Blaming the Constitution takes all the responsibility off your shoulders, that why it appeals to so many.  "I didn't vote for it.  Not my fault!"  That's FSA thinking right there, folks.  That's simply not how it works, and I am tired of tolerating that blue only looks blue and why blue is really red, but I am too stupid to see it.

The Constitution as ratified. - or move on.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two real Americans share a view on Evil People...

The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” ― Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle

"III Arms is the only company in the world that specifically builds weapons to kill Tyrants." ~ Jim Miller, President of III Arms Company

The rifle is a tool.  It is a tool to put meat on the table.  It is a tool to defend your life when needed.

If you want to tell the world where you stand at your next RTC, or when you are forced to the Green by Evil Men simply by the rifle you choose to carry, order a Minuteman 15 from Jim Miller at III Arms.

Evil Men are not backing up.  Evil Men intend that you will bend knee.

You have a vote in how that confrontation ends.

You can order yours, here.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

III Congress

It has been about 2 weeks since we posted the link to the "Restoration" plan, I think that is plenty of time for people to have read it and considered it.

Let's plan on moving the conversation forward beginning Wednesday.

Here's the link.


Wanna watch an ammo manufacturer brain-fart?

A few months ago I wrote a few companies that are known for turning out high-quality .308 ammunition.

My query was simple: What round/load do you offer that you would recommend for a .308 rifle with a 16" barrel for the best self-defense characteristics at 300 yards or fewer?

Heh.  Brain farts.  One company rep wrote back "Under what scenario would you ever consider a .308 at 300 yards "self defense?"

I didn't bother to answer him.  ;)


III MMA Design Element: Snake

Rick sent a copy of this snake he found while surfing - and it is almost exactly what I have in mind for the Gadsden snake wrapping the III for the top of the III MMA design.

The only modification I'd need is that the snake coil the III in such a manner as to leave all of the Roman Numerals separate and legible.

Thanks, Rick!

General FYI: I have more than 400 emails backed up and it will take me a while to work through the stack.  We have a reunion Sunday early-evening then we'll make our way back to the DC area by Tuesday.  Folks for the DC Class: Please get your payment in or I'll pull the plug by Wednesday.  Brock's place weekend of the 4th.  Then we begin crossing back toward Idaho for the winter.  Anyone who wants a CQB class, I'm not going to keep pounding the point: Let's get scheduled before I get back to Idaho - I will not be traveling out once we return for the winter.  And the way life is shaping up - I probably will be tied to Idaho next year with Citadel and such, so probably no more traveling CQB.  More details on this as I firm up our plans.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Feel sick inside

I feel bad.  I postponed a CQB class - the first time I have ever done so.  Our host in Michigan (it is about 3 hours north of Detroit, not sure if that qualifies as "Yooper" territory or not) has been trying to get a class together for quite a while.  He ended up with four slots, and as you all know I never accept a class with fewer than 8 paid slots.  My costs are simply too high.  I broke my own rule.  I made an exception not only because the guy is a real Patriot, but he really wants to train and he helped me last weekend by bumping a week so we could stay in Idaho an extra week and get more work done after the PatCom.  In addition, Holly and I were able to schedule the class on our way back toward the east coast from Idaho.  Round trip it added about 12 hours drive time and just 2 days more on the road.  As it is we spend more than $100 per day traveling, between food, motel, fuel, et cetera.  (Obviously, teaching CQB is not a profit-driven endeavor!)  we left Idaho early this week and have been hoofing it east for class.

Our Michigan Patriot apparently fronted the money for himself and a few of his buddies out of his own pocket for 2 days of classtime.  Class tomorrow ended up falling on Opening Day for bear - so our Patriot emailed and said we were down to basically him and me, and maybe one or two other people.  Additionally, yesterday he took a thorn deep in the meat of his palm below the thumb - he said he was having a hard time even opening a water bottle.  He planned to train through the pain - that's what men do.

But - as all of my students know we put pressure on that part of the hand all day long, many techniques depend upon it.  Then we add more pressure with our thumb on the back of the hand, then torque.  Even a tough Patriot runs the risk of serious long-term muscle damage if I were to train him hard on that hand if it starts the day damaged.  I have a strict policy of looking out for my fellow Patriots when they trust me to train with them. Combined with many of his buddies bailing on him (they had no skin in the game), this morning I decided it was best to postpone the class.  As my students know, training with one or two students isn't how the class is set up to operate.  It just won't work (except in GroundFighting)

I feel bad.  The guy was spending time preparing a small cabin on his property for me and Holly and the dogs to stay.  (This would be the first time we EVER accepted such hospitality from our hosts - usually our hosts have dogs and it wouldn't turn out well.)  He was excited and eager.  Holly was truly disappointed - she really wanted to meet our host and see his part of the world.  But given all the various factors, I pulled the plug.

Of course he is disappointed, and I don't blame him.  I told him we could swing up on our way back west after Brock's PatCom (Holly and I have decided to winter in Idaho), or refund his money.  Holly is going to cut him a check tomorrow.  Jim (Our Michigan Patriot - NOT Jim Klein) if you make it to Brock's, I'll make sure to get you into the class, free.

This sucks.

Our Michigan Patriot in one of his emails mentioned he was essentially alone where he lived - no real, true allies he could count on in a SHTF scenario.  Like so many of us, if he looks left and right on "Go Day" he will probably be alone where he lives right now.  That is the sad and ugly truth of the III Movement.  We III are very, very few indeed.  That is why Holly and I have made a new home in a place where we will not be alone.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Condor order placed - Fleece in stock!

Just a quick update for everyone who submitted orders for Condor gear over the weekend - the order has been placed and if everything goes smoothly it will be waiting for us at our Maryland shop when we hit town in about two weeks.  Thanks to everyone who ordered gear.

Our next big order will be to Cold Steel in a few weeks, so if you are considering a new blade, cruise through their website and let me know what you want.  We'll get it engraved and then shipped out.  You have a bit of time, I won't submit to Cold Steel until just about the time we head to NC for Brock's PatCon.

Stay safe.


Fuzzy and Dangerous Thinking of our "Allies"

CATO has taken several positions in the last few years that do not fit with the image they like to present to the world.  A less cynical man might dismiss it as legitimate political differences of opinion, or simply a bad call.  I am not that guy.  Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Thrice is enemy action.

CATO describes themselves as "...a public policy research organization — a think tank – dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace."

Individual Liberty.  Yet they have now taken the position that the States are not sovereign.  They have taken the position that SCOTUS is the final arbiter of Constitutionality.  That position may simply be fuzzy thinking.  It may be more ominous.  But the one thing it assuredly is not is a position that advocates their mandate of being dedicated to individual Liberty.

Be careful who you permit to stand as your allies.  With "friends" taking positions such as this, true Liberty becomes ever-more elusive.  When you are puzzled by the actions of an "ally" and you simply can't figure out why they would take X or Y position, in obvious contradiction to their stated goals, try this: Consider the unthinkable.  Consider that they may not be allies at all.  Perhaps they are simply enemies entrenched and well camouflaged while performing their true mission - to undermine the efforts of true Patriots.

We have some of that right here in our own little community...some things just don't make sense, until you accept the obvious conclusion, no matter how ugly it may be.

KrisAnne Hall deconstructs the CATO position here.

Make sure you tune your personal radar as well.


Skin in the game

Just how long would it take you to grow tired of such sunsets from your porch?

Now add the fact that this particular vantage comes with the security of being near town, yet high atop a mountain, well off any SHTF line of attack.  Snow concerns about getting to and from your safe place and down into town when necessary?

How's this:

A Honda Side x Side outfitted with tracks for those times when the snow gets too high for wheels.  Of course, good snow blowers are available these days to hang on the front of an ATV, complete with their own power source so they don't have to tax the ATV engine.

It is available with a cab to keep the heat inside for a genuinely civilized ride.

And in the summer, consider what your garden might look like:

This is a single shot from Miss Violet's garden this year, using seeds from Bill at Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed.

If you are a Patriot who embraces the Citadel concept, and you are an entrepreneur who can work from anywhere in the country with an internet connection, I encourage you to consider coming to see the Beachhead, meet folks in town, and seriously consider buying property to move out here and help further develop the security of Liberty.

Whether you buy property up on the mountain that is contiguous with the Beachhead, or invest in a lower location somewhere in the county, you will be in a much safer physical location, and living near Patriots who see the world much as do you.  In this county there is mountain property, waterfront on the St. Joes River and Lake Coeur d'Alene, simple homes on small parcels, homes in town and out of town, farmland and ranchland.  There is hunting and fishing, hiking, snow and water sports, and skiing within an easy drive.

Remember that "The Citadel" is first and foremost a concept of "Community".  It isn't about walls and bunkers and rifles.  It is about living among good neighbors who see the world as do you.  It is about returning to a sense of community where people look out for one another, and if things get rough, covering one another's backs.  It is about America and Liberty.

Don't take any rash decisions.  Plan a trip to spend a week or so and explore the county.  You may want to bring a trailer and park up on the Beachhead, or bring your camping gear instead.  You may choose to set up your base station in one of the motels in town.  In St. Maries you can walk anywhere you want to visit, from diners and restaurants to the Courthouse and Post Office, to the Motor Vehicles office, to gun shops and other retailers on Main Avenue and beyond.

"The Citadel" will never simply sprout from the ground, complete with amenities and sewer systems and all the modern conveniences.  It will take hard work.  It will take real Patriots moving out here and setting up their businesses, and hiring local residents.  It will take us all proving to the residents of the county that we are, and will be, good neighbors.  When we get to the point we are ready to search for a proper tract of land suitable for "The Citadel", we will have had to convince the residents of Benewah County that we are not seeking to change anything, especially the charming town of St. Maries.  To accomplish these things, we need you to consider making the move and helping us all do this work.  You need to put some skin in the game.  Buy a home, or a piece of property and build a home, or at least use it as a vacation spot or hunting land.  Bring your business with you.  Contribute.

The moment you choose to come and settle here, you will have already taken one of the most effective defensive measures possible for you and your family.  You will have gotten off the line of attack.  When the economy implodes in the major metro areas across the country, there will not be any rampaging hordes in Benewah County.  The land here is fertile for crops and ranches.  The people are self-sufficient and not afraid of hard work.  They will defend this area if it ever becomes necessary.

Think about it.


Can't Choke This!

I have a core of 65 techniques built into the Fight to your Weapon class.  In the typical class I teach an average of 45 of those techniques, based on the individuals we have attending and the primary concerns (expected threats they will face) in the group.  For instance, a group of Militia in full kit will need a subset of techniques that a group of folks whose primary concern is home invasion will never use.  Additionally, I tailor based on age, physical condition, et cetera. 

I often explain that the techniques follow the old 80% rule: 80% of the techniques will work against 80% of the people you are likely to encounter, 80% of the time.  The "real" percentage is a bit north of 95%, but most people are familiar with "The 80% Rule" from other aspects of life, so I just stick with that number.

At the Citadel PatCom one of our III Patriots, pictured above, is strong like bull.  He is also built like bull.  He earned that t-shirt because even I couldn't get a front choke to work on the guy.  My forearms simply couldn't get deep enough against his neck to pinch the carotids.  We even sent Holly in there (she has incredibly slender forearms and a serious front choke), and his neck is simply so thick with muscle, getting a fast choke is impossible from the front.  Holly was able to make his face turn several shades of purple, but it took far too much time and in a real fight, our Patriot would not simply sit still and wait for the choke to work.  This was a perfect example of the 80% rule, and it was great for the class to see it in action, so they understand that not every move will work in every situation against every opponent.  You have to be versatile.  You have to be patient and you have to be ready to abandon what is not working and go for something else.  In a rumble with this Patriot, working for a front choke will bring you no joy.  Good for him.  For the enemy trying to choke him from the front - not so much.  While the enemy is trying to choke him, our Patriot will be carving his name in the Bad Guy's guts or punching .45 ACP holes through his torso.

Defeating an enemy - any enemy - will never be a scripted event.  The enemy always has a vote in how things unfold.  There is no such thing as a perfect technique, a perfect move, a guaranteed first-shot stop with your Fighting Pistol or Fighting Rifle.  Ripping your Battle Knife across the guts of a Bad Guy is not an absolute end to the fight - he can still kill you before he dies.  There are Enemies of Liberty among us who will have you bend knee, or force you to defend yourself.  Please, I beg you, if you think that handgun holstered on your strong-side hip is a magic wand, get with Mosby or Max or Mason Dixon and let them show you just how easy it really is to take your handgun out of a real fight.

III CQB:  Holly and I have taken decisions over the last few days that will change our future.  I have hinted in a few posts, but now the paperwork is done.  We are headed toward upper Michigan for a class this weekend.  We'll be hosting a DC Metro class the weekend of the 28th.  We'll be at Brock's PatCon teaching on Friday October 4th.  From there, we are heading back to Idaho where we will spend this winter, forwarding our III goals.  Once we land back in Idaho, I will not venture back out for classes over the winter.  So, if you and your team want a CQB class with me and H, please zip me an email and let's get it scheduled to fit into our travel plans.  We'll go anywhere on our return trip to Idaho, whether you are in Florida or Alabama, Chicago, Texas, or even California.  We can meander.  But once we return to Idaho, we'll be in for the winter, and I can't promise I'll return to the road even in spring.  There is much to do here.  I'll explain more of our winter plans here in Idaho in the coming weeks as warranted.

If you are a III Patriot, your head needs to be on a swivel.  Liberty is circling the drain faster than I have ever seen.  The Enemies of Liberty believe they are untouchable.  They have dropped the optics regarding the fact that they mean to be your Master, and that the only place you have in their world is to obediently kiss their rings and continue to work to feed their machine.

Holly and I have been here about two weeks this trip.  We have had the pleasure to meet dozens of folks who live here.  In every single instance, we have found the people we have met to be friendly, honest, nice, smart, independent thinkers, hard workers, and even those who know we are part of that "evil Citadel project" welcome us with genuine kindness.  Many of our interactions have been with business owners in St. Maries, and we have never been greeted with anything but a smile, handshake, and a "...glad you folks are here..."

As you may suspect, I am very attentive to political sentiments as we talk to people here, and here is my assessment: Benewah County just may be the most patriotic county in America.  Common Sense is the norm, not the exception.  Most people with whom I have spoken believe there is a need for Government, but not the over-reaching, invasive, unconstitutional government we currently have that is ruining lives.  Government exists to perform tasks that We the People delegate to them to handle on our behalf - not to serve them as a labor force and an ATM via taxes.

Holly and I are home.

Circling back to my original point: If you want H and me to come to share a class with your team or Tribe, the window of opportunity is closing.  Let's get it scheduled.


Wisconsin PatCon

Wisconsin PatCon in 4 days.

Email WiscoDave for information.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Fiat justitia ruat caelum

I stole the graphic from CA, here.  Now add this to the comment from Doug Ross.

Doug Ross: Barack Obama ended the gun control debate when arming Syrian rebels with heavy weapons without background checks: http://bearingarms.com/comment

Now consider DiFi dancing in the blood of the dead in the Navy Yard, Newtown, Aurora, Sandy Hook and calling for more gun control, here.

I mentioned earlier my outrage at the image of United States active .mil hiding under desks like 3rd graders in the Cold War practicing a nuclear attack drill.  Can there really be a more disgusting foreign policy image for America?  I must say, in brutal honesty, that the image does represent what we have become as a nation - cowards.

Wirecutter takes issue with the wave of anti-2A legislation coming out of the Sac (Sacramento) in his state.  He is one more Patriot who is being pushed, and pushed, and pushed deeper into a corner.  Here.

They.  Will.  Never.  Stop.

Some of us will NEVER. Bend. Knee. To. Tyrants.

Irresistible force.  Immovable object.  We all know this cannot obtain.  Something will give way.

Here's the important truth: They are not as irresistible as they think.

Some lessons you have to learn the hard way.  Some mistakes you only get to make once.

Earlier this year Americans watched as politicians began making real moves against 2A.  They responded by buying every Fighting Rifle and Fighting Sidearm and box of Fighting Ammo from every retail shelf in America.  Can you truly get your head around the immensity of that economic force?  You could not find ARs for sale at any price on a retail shelf.  .223 went to nearly @ $2/round for a while, when you could even find it.  Magazines were unobtanium.  Manufacturers still have not recovered.  Jim Miller at III Arms is still waiting for critical parts after months and months on backorder.  He is not alone in the firearms manufacturing world.

The Americans who went on that 2A shopping spree - the only time it has ever happened in our country on that scale - did not buy every Fighting Firearm in America and the ammo to feed them with the intent of surrendering them to men and women from the Government.

Many "average" Americans are shaking their heads at headlines, admitting our world seems "crazy" these days.  Patriots recognize what is happening.  I dare say our modern III Patriots are the best educated historians since our Founding generation.  We see the moves the Tyrants among us are making.  We know their end game.  We understand that the Rule of Law is only a façade today.

We understand, to paraphrase Concerned American: There's going to be a fight.

We know what the Enemies of Liberty have in store for us.  History is graphic and filled with massacre after slaughter after deliberate famine after genocide.  We know what our current politicians intend.  We know they all pray at the altar of Mao and Marx and Mammon.  We know there is no place for us in their world.

We know that we are at war.  Right now.

Some of us do more than issue verbose threats from keyboards that never get acted upon.

Some of us have the balls to do what we must.

May God please avert his eyes from we III when it becomes necessary for us to save the republic from our domestic enemies, for we will be forced into ruthless and merciless acts.  May He forgive us when we decide to defend ourselves instead of being pushed and pushed and pushed and tolerating the abuses and infringements upon our Liberty.

If you consider yourself to be a III Patriot, our Founders are calling our names.

When we respond we will not quit until the cancer of Mao and Marx is eradicated from every corner of our republic.  America is sacred soil.  It is where Liberty must prevail.  America is only fit for real Americans who respect the individual Rightful Liberty of others.

Fiat justitia ruat caelum: Let justice be done though the heavens may fall.

When this is done, many of us will not be fit for Heaven...

If I must go to Hell to save our republic and Liberty...So be it.


Images for III MMA artwork

The Spartan helm above is what I have in mind for the centerpiece of the design.  (Ignore the placement of the III in the graphic above.)  The ancient Greek beneath is "Molon Labe".

Navy Yard Shooting & III Arms

UPDATE II: DiFi didn't even wait 24 hours.  Will the country clean the shelves again?  Will you be able to buy .223 in a week?  A month?  We shall see...  Here's the story.

UPDATE: Just an emotional bit of rage from me as I listen to the news reports, of United States Military Officers and Enlisted, hiding under desks and "Sheltering in place", while a single gunman wanders the halls of a Naval Base.  Whoever is in charge of disarming our military men and women of sidearms and rifles, get your head out of your ass.  I know - that is too much too ask...


Can you say "Mumbai"?

Can you say "Sandy Hook, Aurora, Newtown"?

Can you say "Complete AWB"?

Folks - the Enemies of Liberty are already coming hard, and with this shooting, they will come harder, faster.

If you have been considering a III Arms rifle or pistol, go to the website and order it now - this is not gloom and doom sales rhetoric.  This is simple reality.  You've seen what 2A enemies have been trying to do.  You know what they want.  With the stroke of a pen the White House could shut down all 2A production for a "cooling off" period, or some such nonsense.

Get your III Arms rifles and pistols while it is still "Legal".

Book your CQB class while I am still circling the country.

Order a seed package from Bill while he can still get product out to you.

The only Constant is Change.  Miller may not always be able to legally build.

I will not always be willing to travel to share my knowledge. (In fact, I will probably hole-up in Idaho for the winter, which means no traveling.)

You've been warned.  This DC shooting WILL cause a 2A ruckus.


Dogs climbing trees, PatCom Thank You & Serious Art Request

This is a Ruffed Grouse, one of several breeds found in Idaho.  My dogs flushed a pair the other day while H and I shared a wonderful afternoon with Miss V.  The silly birds run before they fly, and I really don't think they are very smart.  My female Akita was pretty darned determined to climb a tree after one when it hopped up there, pulling my wife along for the ride.  That was fun.  Well, more fun for me than H.  ;)

PatCom:  Holly and I want to thank all of the people who made the Citadel PatCom last weekend such a success.  As she and I ran around town meeting people and getting dry administrative chores done, several members of the Citadel Steering Committee were busy on the mountain getting firewood cut, building a fire ring, bringing water up the mountain, helping arrivals get trailers and tents set, and welcoming everyone who travelled to the location, many from thousands of miles away.

It is because of the work done by so many others that the PatCom not only worked, but was a great success.  I'm not going to name names, as usual.  Some are known to you, some are not.  Yet the weekend was a success not only because of the work they invested, but because of the people they are, and the people who attended.  This is a real Community.  This is Tribe.  At the moment many of us are separated my thousands of miles - but that is already changing for some of us.

Thank you all, from me and Holly.

Art request: I need a favor from one of our artistic Patriots.  I need a custom piece of artwork made for the back of t-shirts.  I have a small list of elements that I want included, and I'll list them below.  Here's the hard part - I suck at art and envisioning what I want.  It's one of those "I'll know it when I see it" things.  Anyone out there with the skills, time and desire to give it a whirl will earn my eternal gratitude - for whatever that may be worth.  The design I finally select will earn the artist a` III Branded Cold Steel blade.  It's not much reward for what I consider to be very hard work, but it's what I've got.  Also, I need permission to use the piece in perpetuity, across all mediums.  FYI: It will be the logo for III MMA - a studio Holly and I have decided to open to continue and enhance our CQB efforts.

I can promise you it will make national news venues at some point, and you may choose to be credited or not (if you prefer the shadows).

OK - here is my general concept:  The III is essential.  I envision it at the top of the design, bold letters (serif) with a stylized version of the Gadsden snake coiling and wrapping around it, fangs bared and ready to strike.  The snake may even be constricting the III slightly across the middle - something that denotes not only strength and power, but also the fangs convey imminent death if pushed. 

No Gadsden flag - just the snake and somewhere on the image "Don't Tread On Me".  No yellow

I think the "MMA" should be aligned beneath the III - probably at the very bottom of the overall design - but use your artistic sense and you may choose to put it directly under the III & snake.  The III and MMA text should be bold, and with a castle stone pattern - see the stone at IIICitadel.com as an example.

Next, I want a head-on silhouette of a Spartan helm, probably large and in the center of the overall design.  It should be large enough to be the most dominant feature, the first that catches the eye.

Black Helmet.  Maybe gold/black.

"Don't Tread On Me" and "Fear No Man" need to be worked in there - choose the font and location as you see fit.  Also, please build a version with "Patriots Fear No Man" and "Americans Fear No Man" - HK is not certain exactly which phrase she will prefer.

Next item: "Molon Labe" in ancient Greek mixed in there somewhere.  It can be subtle or bold, whatever fits your artistic sense.

Optional elements: A pair of Japanese Katana swords, in their black, laquered scabbards.  If you add the katanas, please make them symmetrical.  If you see a good place to add a pair of 1911 pistols - again in symmetry, awesome.  If not, no biggie.

Here is a list seven Japanese words that should be arranged as a list, if you choose to add them at all: Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi, Shin, Chu, Koh.  Staccato font (looks like Japanese brush text) for the Japanese word.  If these can be worked in with some sense of symmetry (perhaps down the nose of the Spartan Helm?)  - I'd LOVE it - but I'll leave it to you.

Finally - a red, white and blue color scheme.  I will leave this entirely to you - I don't want a waving, easily discerned American flag - but perhaps a subtle, tattered image of stripes that is nothing more than a few streaks, a, "undercurrent" or a few elements shaded in these colors.  Perhaps these color elements can be diagonal, across the III and MMA text.  I also need a version in greyscale. No skulls or symbols of obvious death.

Ok - finally again - a vector image is essential, eps format makes all of the printers happy. (printers require a minimum of 300 DPI)

Size (I lied, not done yet) - plan on a finished size of about 16 inches tall, with a width that is proportionate.

If it matters, you can expect this to be printed on light ash grey shirts as well as white.  It will also be sublimated onto gi kimono tops.  When printed, it needs to remain crisp, all elements identifiable (though you may choose to make some elements, such as the various text requests, subtle and nuanced, taking time to "discover" as someone studies the image, not lost in subtle shades.

Here's the really tough part - I am a basket case (read tyrant) for symmetry.  Everything needs to look "balanced".  I suspect you artists understand what I mean.  Finally - I need it to be "clean" rather than "too" busy.  Much of the art being offered in the current marketplace, especially in the MMA/Patriot world of shirts, is VERY busy.  That's too busy.  But I do want to "approach" that general theme, while remaining simple and utilitarian.  A few symmetrical "Tribal" elements are welcome, if they help add to the overall product.

The "first impression" it should make is "Bad Ass", "Confident", "Honorable" and "Dignified".

How's that for a simple request?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jim Miller explains III Arms to the Conservative Elite in Washington DC

Jim Miller, President of III Arms Company explained the company to the Conservative Elite in Washington DC media, politicians, NRA and more last night.

Imagine a typical Washington DC event with all of the Conservative VIP's in attendance, and explaining the III Arms world view...

Our position at III Arms: We are the ONLY firearms manufacturer in the WORLD that specifically builds their product to kill tyrants.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Jim Miller is the best Ambassador III Arms will ever have - could ever have at the helm.  I suspect you will see that quote from Jim on III Arms marketing materials in the future.  You want a Mission Statement that describes III Arms, and the broader III, that is it.  One more time:

Our position at III Arms: We are the ONLY firearms manufacturer in the WORLD that specifically builds their product to kill tyrants.

Anyone who's got a problem with that position - don't bother me with it.  It is perfection.

It is brilliance.

The entire III Community, and Liberty advocates across the republic, owe Jim Miller for everything he is, everything he does for this Movement, and for having the grit to look those people in the eye and explain what real Americans are talking about at the dinner table.  We never get to choose our siblings.  But if I could choose a brother, it would be Jim.

Jim's report is below.

The Washington Times put on a great evening. Even though it was just about Miss Miller, there was enough Times promo going on to make it very visible. They are definitely NOT the WashPost. They found it interesting that the day the put out a full pull out section of the paper written about Firearms Manufacturers (Titled: Gun Makers, Guarding Our Freedoms) they received the largest amount of web hits in the history of their site. Telling in that city, in this political environ.

I can say that some folks in attendance, their initial impression of me was a bit 'off'. One guy visibly shied away from me. Our position at III Arms, (and something I ran through my head again this AM at breakfast as an advertising logo/slogan): We are the ONLY firearms manufacturer in the WORLD that specifically builds their product to kill tyrants. We are purpose building firearms to kill tyrants, no doubt about it. Tell me that doesn't set you apart in a crowd. Hopefully none of ours will ever need to be used in that manner, but that is what we do.

Anyway, the event was loud and filled with 2A friendly folks. Miss Miller is a lovely young lady with a new found love for the gun. Limited discussion with her as it was a room full of folks to see her.
Others I met, from NRA lawyers and folks from the NRA Board of Directors, DC lawyers, Times executives and marketing folks, radio and blog personalities, to just everyday folks wanting to shake her hand and get an autograph. If you needed to find someone with a good handle on the 2A issues in the US and DC, this place, and last night, was the right place to find it.

Mr. Heller got some good news regarding his Heller 2 case (another case currently in the DC pipeline) from an Illinois ruling in a recent case. A court in IL decided that Heller v DC DOES apply outside the home...something that will assist greatly with Heller 2 and likely shake up TPTB in DC. The lawyers on the Heller 2 case mentioned that they WILL eventually have right to carry laws on the books in DC. That's a huge leap in terms of where things are. Heller also has Heller 3, 4 and the possibility of more, in store for the DC court system. They are not letting up. Not by a long shot.
Met a gentleman from MD who struck me as just another gun guy....until he mentioned his blog: BlackManWithAGun.com, Rev. Kenn Blanchard is another 2A advocate with a well heard voice and a proven track record. His initial opinion of me was mixed as well, based on 'what' I am (see above). Once Mrs. Heller told him 'who' I was, his opinion changed, and the conversation tone as well. Seems my donation to the cause is seen as a good thing. Several folks 'met' me last night for the first time, thanking me for MY donation to the cause.

Met folks from the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League), Buckeye Firearms Association, and several other Grass Roots organization that were there to lend support, and talk rights. If you have any concerns at to their support for the 2A, you need not worry.

If there is a legal remedy within the confines of current law....these folks will find it. For all other means and methods, well, there are a few folks already ON the porch, armed and ready to step towards the street.

In just over 2hrs, I met folks who I could have never met in years of normal meetings. I pressed flesh, got the III message out as clear as I could. I sent multiple people to our websites, our blogs and our message. I handed out III Percent cards, III Arms cards and discussed III Citadel ideas. They know that they have their job, and that we have ours if theirs fails. Neither side wants to see it get to that point.

Folks, we are at a very interesting time as a Nation....precipice of forward, or regression. 99% of the folks there still think we can 'fix' this mess we're in, and are trying like hell to do just that. I just may have been the only 1Percenter in the room, but it felt good to know people are still fighting to prevent our side from being needed.  - Jim Miller, President of III Arms Company


Thursday, September 12, 2013

IIIGear: Condor Tactical Gloves - Nomex

LEO: You will notice that is not a real Browning Hi Power, but a Blue Gun trainer.  Don't SWAT me, Bro!

Patriots: Your hands are fragile, and anyone who has ever punched another person in the head knows you do serious damage to your hand.  You can badly bruise yourself at a minimum, you can split the skin across your knuckles (and if you do that with a punch to the Bad Guy's mouth/teeth, you could earn a deadly case of sepsis), and of course the worst case is you break the bones and take yourself out of the fight.

I have owned my Condor tactical gloves for about a year now, and I prefer them to every other brand I have tried.  A hard "shell" protects your hand at the knuckles (not your punching surface).  There is reinforced leather at vital points, and at key locations on the back of your fingers there are built-up padding wedges to help further absorb the energy coming your way in a fight.

Fit: The fit of a set of gloves is the most important quality, of course.  And when you are wearing tactical gloves a bad fit can prove fatal.  You need to have full range of motion without the glove turning around your hand or sliding.  They can't bind you up.  They need to feel like a second skin to be effective.  As a fighter who relies on contact with my enemies (rather than strikes), I need to be able to execute wrist locks, arm bars, chokes, and more with my hands, and gloves that don't fit or that are poorly designed impede my ability to fight.

I had always been a Hatch guy.  I wore their tactical gloves for years, but they had no protections at all.  They were simply leather gloves that fit well enough that I could still execute techniques.

I am no longer a Hatch guy for gloves.  Don't get me wrong - Hatch makes a great product.  I have ZERO complaints about my Hatch gear. 

But in a violent environment that could become a CQB fight at any time, I prefer gloves with some protections built in for my hands.  Whoever designed the Condor gloves knew what they were doing.  There is protection where you need it, but not so much as to inhibit, and the fit is perfect.  When I say perfect, I mean even better than my skin-thin Hatch set.

I recommend everyone find a good pair of tactical gloves and then buy a few pair.  This is a consumable item, and in a world where re-supply may be a problem, you'll want back-ups.  You can order Condor Nomex Tactical Gloves from IIIGear, here.

Condor 163 Solo Go Bag (sling pack)
I am going to place a large Condor order within a few days, the timing should put them at my Maryland shop right about the time I roll back into town in a few weeks.  We just sold the last tactical cap we have with us (it is yours J.N. from Dallas and en route).  For my guy who has been waiting for his fleece since SPRING, they promise me they have rec'd their fall shipment and your jacket will come with this order.  I'll ship everything out before we head to Brock's NC PatCom and begin our trek back to Idaho.

Anyone who wants ANY Condor gear, surf the IIIGear site for our standard offerings, or surf the Condor site here.  I can order anything you want, in any color scheme (I prefer OD for all my gear except gloves, which are black).  Just let me know what item you see on their site that you want and I'll email you a price.

As with all IIIGear, you can find the same items online cheaper.  Remember the entire reason we run IIIGear is to put a few bucks into the 527.  So if you are shopping purely based on price, go to Amazon instead.  ;)

I'll be placing the Condor order on Monday, so you have the weekend to get your order in for your IIIGear.  Remember, all packs, vests, et cetera ship with a free III patch.


We're about done asking nicely with our words...

There is an interesting article linked at Drudge that talks about a group of counties in Western Maryland in which a Citizen group is seeking to split from Maryland and form their own state.  What is interesting is that this concept is cropping up across America.  There are several places across the country working to separate, peacefully, from their current state and form a new political entity at the state level that allows them to govern themselves according to their ideals.

Maryland is truly four different states.  The western mountain area is "Red".  The Eastern Shore is Red (farmland and watermen).  "Southern Maryland" is made up of Calvert County (Where I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake with watermen and farmers), Charles and St. Maries counties.  That area is Red.  Then you have the center of the state from Montgomery County out to Baltimore, which is as Blue as it gets in America.  The Blue folks in Maryland are AT LEAST as Blue as New York and California Marxists.

Now, read this one quote from the author of the Maryland article:  I don't know about anyone else around here, but I'd have a hard time giving up Western Maryland. It's too nice for a bunch of grumps.

It is important to note that the author does not live in any of the counties that would be breaking away.  Yet, he'd "...have a hard time giving up Western Maryland..."

He believes it is his to give or not.

He likes to rule from the portion of the state that is Liberal, and use the western area of the state as his playground, and the resources of the area.  I'm not sure why he couldn't still enjoy that part of America if it was a new state - I go into Virginia all the time to enjoy what they have to offer.

You see, his quote says everything you need to know about the Marxists who demand that you bend knee.  They do not intend to simply let you go in peace - in any way, shape or form.  This is why genuine secession is not a viable option.  They will never, ever let an entire segment of the country pull back and cut ties.  They will come to recover the territory again and again and again.  These people (our American Marxists - and yes, that is an oxymoron I used deliberately) mean to be your Masters, period.  Full stop.  They will not even allow you to separate to form a new state under the current grotesque federal leviathan.

So, where does that leave decent people who mean to be Free and at Liberty when "They" will not peacefully permit you to do so?  If an amicable separation is not possible, a backfist becomes necessary - or you bend knee. 

This is why I refuse to accept secession as an option to our current problems. 

They.  Will.  Never.  Let.  You.  Be.

The solution:  America earned Liberty the old fashioned way.  Patriots backfisted the King and his men and they took their Liberty from tyrants.  When they came back in 1812, we did it again.  It is time to do it once more.

We are asking now with our words.  Please let us be.  Please leave us alone.

The next time we ask we'll have to use a different means of communication.

You and your children are entitled to be free and at Liberty in America.  The Marxist/Liberal/Blue/Red animals who mean to be Masters are morally wrong.  As Alan just commented on a thread, this is a country for the Free and a place of Liberty - from sea to sea and border to border.  We have no moral obligation to back up further from our Countrymen who demand that we submit to their whims and edicts - we have asked them politely to take their hands from us.

The time is coming when we will have a single recourse, because "They" refuse to leave us be.

Those who mean to be Masters, and those who seek to live as parasites upon the productive members of society, will be told to sit down, mind their own damned business, get a job, abide the letter and spirit of the Declaration, Constitution and BoR, or leave this land.

They will have the option to leave freely, with all of their belongings and go to a country that more suits their ideological desires.  But they do not have our permission to destroy Liberty and Freedom and to force us to live as they deem appropriate.  They do NOT have our permission to continuously infringe our Rightful Liberty.  They do NOT have our permission to secede and take the Northeast for tyranny, or any other region.

If they refuse to leave voluntarily with all of their money and belongings, they can be put on a plane, a boat, or walked to our northern or southern borders and leave under those conditions.

Or - they can stick around and continue to try and force us to bend knee, and we'll all get ugly.

This country has been here before, more than once.  We'll go there again before we bend knee.

Being an American, by definition, means that you do not need to bend knee to any other man or woman on Earth.  No King.  No Queen.  No "Dear Leader".

And anyone who insists on trying to force you to do so, deserves what all tyrants deserve.

Here's the link to the Maryland article.


Emily Gets Her Gun Event

If you follow the world of 2A, you've heard of Emily Miller. 

She works for the Washington Times, and has been writing a series of articles detailing her efforts to navigate Washington DC gun laws in the wake of Heller, et al.  Tonight there is an event in DC promoting her new book that compiles her experiences, and more.

Jim Miller, President of III Arms Company, will be in attendance as an invited guest.  If you have met Jim, you already know he is the ideal Ambassador for III Arms and the Citadel, and for Patriots, at such an event.

I commend to you all Emily's book.  Supporting our 2A allies is a critical piece of restoring Liberty.  If anyone has a review of her book from an advanced reading, I will happily post it for all.

Here's the link to the event.  You can register and attend if you are in the DC area.  Meeting Jim is worth the effort.  Showing support for a 2A fighter like Emily - matters.

Here's a link to her book at Amazon.


Eat Shit and Die you Marxist Fucks

"...Kerodin, the Citadel’s central idea man and principal propagandist, taught hand-to-hand combat courses known as CQB—close-quarters battle.

Whether or not the Citadel is built, the gathering itself is important: it could become the most significant turning point in the militia and survivalist world since Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma federal building in 1995 and the FBI crackdown on armed paramilitaries that followed."

I do not usually give space to the Marxist garbage that writes about me.  (Ladies, I apologize for the following language.)

This time, I will.  And I am speaking directly to you Leonard Zeskind and Devin Burghart: How fucking dare you link me to that cowardly, baby-murdering piece of shit Timothy McVeigh?  How fucking dare you try to instill in the minds of the general public that I am dangerous to innocent civilians?  How fucking dare you drag my wife into harms way by painting such a bull's-eye on my back?  If a Stack ever comes for me and she is hurt, or even forms a tear in her eye, you had better fucking hope they kill me.  I will hold the two of you responsible.  Fuck you both.

There are some minor nits to pick regarding facts in the article, as usual, (not the least of which is that I was NEVER "...under Mike Vanderboegh's wing...")  but my beef is with the absolute lack of ethics and morality exhibited by these two authors and their magazine as they seek to influence public perception of me (and those around me) by subtly implying links to madmen, indiscriminate bombers, racists and more.  People are responsible for the words that come out of their mouths and for the words they type, because words lead to actions, and in my world, actions have consequences.

Here's the link, folks.

This ain't no fucking game.


The Answer to 9/11...

...is 1911.

The 1911 has proven itself for more than one hundred years as the most reliable Fighting Pistol in history.  If you ever have to fight to your rifle, the 1911 will get you there.

You can get your III Arms 1911, made for Patriots, by Patriots, here.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jebadiah Fisher Seed Update

Bill's endeavor into a business that serves Patriots is one of the biggest such successes we have seen to date.  Most of you know I am a strident champion of self-employment, and Bill found a need and served customers with high quality and fair prices, and has been rewarded (as Free Enterprise will do) with a successful business.  He is his own boss.  He sets his own hours (which most entrepreneurs know means "From when I wake until I finally crash in bed!"  And there is a level of satisfaction that can not be articulated with words in the freedom of being self-employed.  I encourage every one of you to find something you love, and turn it into a business.  It may never be more than a supplemental income, but if you believe in quality of life, it's sure hard to beat doing something you love and being paid for it.

I will ask each of you again to please go to your Church Elders and explain to them the value of having a seed vault for the parish.  Even if TEOTWAWKI never happens in our lifetime, do you know how many people come to your church each week seeking help with food?  Ask someone in your church who would know - you'll probably be surprised.  If your church gives such people a handful of FRNs or a bag of groceries, that is great.  But if your church could hand out a small selection of seed and host small classes on how to grow a portion of their own food, well - you've helped teach a man to fish.  You've helped to wean at least one person from the teat of society.

Here's Bill's latest update.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Citadel CQB AAR

We trained over the weekend at the Citadel PatCom, but as former students who were present know, it was not a typical set of classes.  Holly and I had (and still have) many people to meet locally, tasks to accomplish before our next loop of this beautiful country begins.  As a result, we got started late on Saturday for Fight to your Weapon, and there were breaks forced by events.  The breaks were good things - you know, like Patriots riding around the mountain and buying property.  That is called progress.  That is called building Tribe.  That is called morale and cohesion.  That is called the premise of "The Citadel".  Even without walls we are building a community of Americans who believe in Rightful Liberty, who are choosing to pioneer this modern road back to Independence and Liberty, who are choosing their neighbors, and with whom they will stand.

So you can see, I had ZERO problem with the breaks and the chaotic nature of our Saturday class.  We finished up as the last bits of daylight surrendered to the night.  Then we headed to the fire to talk.

Sunday was more of the same.  Our GroundFighting 101 module is only a few hours, and it is far more physically demanding than Fight to your Weapon.  But we arrived atop the mountain later than we had planned, then Jim took several people down the hill to fire his beautiful 1911 and ARs (Oh, the horrors!!  ;)  sadly, and seriously, two people who had signed up for the GroundFighting course had to leave before the class began, because they had to get on the road and our "schedule" was shot to heck (Hey, that's a funny! Shot...)  Both Patriots refused when I told them I'd hit the refund button at PayPal for their Sunday fee - we parted with the understanding they will join us for a class at some point in the future. 

As all of my students know (though I am only making it public now), you only pay for my courses one time.  If you pay for Fight to your Weapon or GroundFighting 101 and attend the class, then in the future when we host another class in your AO, or we find ourselves together again at class time (say at a PatCom in Somewhere USA), you do not pay to run through the course again.  Yes, I pay my bills by teaching these courses - but I chose to train Patriots so they could add to their self defense skillsets.  So when you run through any of my classes for a second, or third, or fourth time, it helps reinforce earlier training and develop that critical muscle memory.

Our Sunday GroundFighting 101 class lasted a few hours, as usual, and was very satisfying for me.  I know those people in that class have learned how to defend themselves if they end up on the ground, and how to either improve their position or end the fight.  It is not a "grappling" course - it is designed to complement Fight to your Weapon skills - from the ground.  In the real world you simply can't afford to spend much time on the ground in a real fight.  (We can't afford a minutes-long fight on our feet in the real world, either!)  We focus on how to deploy your weapons while on your back, or your side, or even face-down.  And if you can't deploy your weapon right away, we teach you how to improve your defensive position and stay alive until you can either draw your weapon, or break your enemy at his head, his arm, his leg - whatever he decides you should break for him.  ;)

As with all skills, building upon what has been learned is critical.  Continuing to practice is critical.  Noone is ready for a cage match after a day or two of training, just as no one is a Rifleman after a weekend course.  You've got to continue to put in the work.

To that end, we are very lucky to have among our Patriot allies a couple who will be with us at Brock's PatCon, and they will be running video and still cameras so we can get the Fight to your Weapon and GroundFighting 101 course techniques online.  I can't begin to express how much Holly and I are indebted to these friends and allies who are offering their professional skills to help this III to III effort.  Since our very first class, and at every single class since, Patriots have asked for some way to review the course material so they can continue to train once Holly and I are gone.  We are just weeks away from reaching this goal.  Our classes offered at Brock's PatCon will, therefore, be a bit different from our usual class structure, as we will be taking extra time to make certain we capture the narrative and "How-to" of each technique in the core program.  You'll also see me and HK doing more techniques at full speed for the cameras.  I think it will be an added dimension of fun for all involved.  And, of course, if you are in the class and don't want your face on video, we'll be certain that doesn't happen.

So, to all at the PatCom this past weekend, thank you for so graciously accepting the atypical class structure. 

I have been looking for a way to quantify just how much progress was made in the Liberty Movement at our Idaho event.  I'm not sure I am up to the task.  In a community that has a LOT of talk and very modest action beneath the radar, the folks attending the Idaho PatCom walked the walk.  Some bought property.  Some are exploring that possibility.  That is a BIG F'N DEAL, to quote Jim Miller who was quoting our Vice President.  Miller received online orders for rifles while at the event, and I know several Patriots in attendance plan to add at least one III Arms Fighting Weapon to their kits.  And those who did not purchase property got to meet dozens of patriotic Americans who share their world view.  As with every PatCom held by every group of Patriots across this land, that personal connection is priceless.  Bill graciously permitted us to keep his "Brute" seed package within the Citadel group, thus establishing the cornerstone of our community seed bank.  Because Bill's seeds are heirloom, generations of Patriots will be able to plant generations of "offspring" plants, thereby feeding Americans for generations.

There was much more accomplished, but there is no way to get it all into a single post.  This post is simply number two in a series that will re-cap the weekend.  Much, much progress was made simply sharing the campfire.  Some of that we will share online - some will remain simply between those who were able to attend.

There are additional PatComs on the calendar, right now.  Mayberry and Bill are hosting another Texas event.  Every true Patriot in Texas should write Mayberry here and see if you can earn an invitation.  Simply living in Texas or the surrounding area is not necessarily going to get you a seat around that upcoming campfire.  ;)  In North Carolina during the first week of October, Brock Townsend of Free North Carolina will be hosting what I consider to be "THE" PatCon east of the Mississippi.  If you can attend, you should attend.  Here's Brock's latest update.

More later, folks.  We need to have a serious conversation, in public, about Mutual Defense Agreements.  We are at a point in this counter-revolution that every Patriot needs to be ready to help defend other Patriots who may suddenly need some help in the form of Flank & Spank (TM) actions.

Stay safe.


III Congress: The time has come...

The moment is right for the III Congress to get to work.

It is time to find our collective voice and begin throwing political elbows.  No, it isn't about voting for the next election cycle.  It is about Jefferson and Franklin and Hancock, Adams and Henry and Otis.

Here is the link


NC PatCon Update

Update for Brock's fall PatCon - if you haven't sent in your reservation yet, please get it to him ASAP!

Brock - ours is coming with an Idaho postmark.  ;)

Here's the link.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Citadel PatCom AAR #1

Jim Miller took the above photograph one evening this weekend from the III Arms / Citadel Beachhead.

Please forgive any incoherent writing in this post, I am dead-on-my-feet exhausted, from one of the best weekends of my entire life.  I'll post more AARs and pictures from the weekend, but I wanted to give you all a thumbnail sketch this evening.

First of all: We were blessed to have a group of Patriots who are, to every man and woman, people any Patriot would treasure as a neighbor.  These are solid, smart, thinking, kind Americans, all with mettle.  I do not have the writing skills to convey just how "tight" this group was from the first arrival to the last departure.  We all "clicked".  Some of us knew one another from previous meetings beyond the digital world, some of us "knew" one another from our online community, and a few folks knew none of us, they read about our event in local media and decided to drop in to say "Hi".  Holly and I had a feeling of family through the entire weekend - and good family, not the in-laws you dread seeing at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  ;)

Jim brought a pair of III Arms Minutemen rifles as well as the prototype 1911 for people to shoot or just hold.  More than one of the women in attendance fell in love with that 1911, and I think everyone in attendance was supremely impressed at the quality of the Minutemen rifles Jim built.  Aside from a few to-be-expected break-in period issues (these rifles are made by a craftsman, they are tight, built to a level of excellence many companies claim, and few ever achieve), the rifles will proudly serve as the backbone of III Arms, and III Patriots across the country will pull that Minuteman from the locker when it is time to rely on a serious Fighting Rifle.

We speak of Tribe and "local, local, local", that ever-present phrase coined by Bill Nye.  Let me tell you a little story about Tribe and this PatCom weekend: When we arrived in town the Beachhead was 20 acres.  This is where Jim will set up shop when it is time for him to move here.  Jim will live here with his family and he will build for III Arms and the Citadel.  This original 20 acre parcel has served us for the last year (not quite a year yet) as a tangible anchor point that represents our emotional and real-world intent to build our Tribe of Patriots who intend to live in a state of Rightful Liberty, not just write about it on blogs and complain about the world around us, Patriots who intend to live among one another in a true "community" of like-minded Americans who believe in our Founding Ideals.

A few months ago a III Patriot I have had the honor of meeting (twice I can proudly say) decided to buy a set of parcels on III Mountain, just one parcel away from Miller's site.  (I call it III Mountain, and one day we'll get it done legally, somehow. One day you will be able to look at a map of beautiful Benewah county Idaho and you will see "III Mountain" on that map.  History books will know the name and speak of the Patriot pioneers who intend to be free and at Liberty once more.)  This Patriot has chosen to move his family here to the safety and beauty of this piece of America.  That brought us to 60 acres of what I call "III Beachhead".

And when this weekend ended, we stand now with a contiguous "III Beachhead" of between 100 and 140 acres atop this mountain when the dust settles and the ink dries.  Patriots at the PatCom saw what we are doing.  They were able to see it with their own eyes.  They were able to meet one another, to break bread, to train together, to hold the fruits of Jim Miller's extraordinary efforts.  They were able to reach to their feet and grab a handful of III Earth.  They have chosen to be part of this Tribe.  Several of them are in various stages of purchasing land contiguous to Jim Miller's Beachhead - YOUR Beachhead - from the lady who owns the land.  Deposits were made.  Contracts were signed and paperwork exchanged.  Your fellow III Patriots purchased land upon which the flag of Liberty will fly, with neighbors they not only trust, but like.

Lives.  Fortunes.  Sacred Honor.

We do not just say the words.  We are living that intimately American ideal of Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor.

Patriots traveled thousands of miles to meet one another atop this mountain to see for themselves if III Arms, the Citadel, Kerodin, Miller, and all our discussions of Rightful Liberty are real, or just bullshit.

They decided.

There is now III Tribe in Benewah County.  This Tribe will grow.

Bill Nye sent the Citadel Steering Committee a package of seeds he called "The Brute".  He sent it free, for us to raffle as a fundraiser to help accomplish the work we are all doing.  We are talking about 25 POUNDS of seeds - I can't even begin to calculate how many families this will feed.  Around the fire one night this weekend as we talked into the late hours, as we realized that our Tribe was purchasing land to sink roots and build, we decided that Bill's generous gift would best serve the Citadel by becoming the cornerstone of our community seed bank.  Miss Violet (whose hug was one of the most treasured gifts I received this weekend) pointed out that with so many acres and people choosing to begin settling here, that seed package would be a priceless community asset - more than enough to grow gardens all over this mountain and to feed our families, and many, many more who will come.  Bill - with your permission, we'd like to keep your gift within the Citadel Tribe instead of raffling it off, so our people can begin to literally sow and reap.  May we?

Just over a year ago we began this discussion about moving somewhere and building a community in which only Patriots would be permitted.  We discussed how, where, what and why.  Founders sent money for a shoe-string budget to begin this project in the hopes they could be part of not only keeping the concept of Liberty alive, but of tangibly expanding that Liberty once again in America.  Many other people threw their moral support into the concept.  Some people "picked up the rope" and started pulling, to quote BonnieGadsden.  Some Patriots began applying their professional and life skills to tasks that needed to happen.  One man reached DEEPLY into his retirement savings to ensure the project had a chance...

You did this.  You made "The Citadel" a reality.  It is a concept, an idea - not walls and bunkers and rifles.  Even if the concept of a planned, walled community evolves to something else, or takes a generation to be fully built, or simply becomes a county filled with serious III Patriots who f'n mean it when they say not one more inch, then the spirit of the Citadel will live far beyond our mortal shells.

Founders and supporters and those of you who have put your backs into real work on this idea that was birthed just a bit over a year ago - the tree you helped to plant and nurture is already bearing fruit.  You do not need to move to Idaho to be part of this III Tribe.  Our Tribe may be heavily concentrated here on this mountain (as a beginning), but if you have supported this project from Ohio or Florida or Georgia or the Carolinas, or from behind enemy lines in California, New York or Gods-forsaken Illinois, or anywhere else - you are part of this Tribe, and we've got your backs.  I've got your back.

There is much work to do.  In a single year we have gone from a complex, multi-faceted concept to the delivery of Craftsman-Class product by Jim Miller.  In a single weekend we have seen 60 acres owned by III Patriots on a single mountaintop expand by leaps and bounds - to LITERALLY cover the entire mountaintop.  Hundreds of us have met face-to-face in the last year or so, and morale and cohesion as a community is higher than I have ever seen.

If you are an entrepreneur who can run your business from anywhere, and a III Patriot who wants to live next door to other III Patriots, in a county with a Constitutional Sheriff and a population of men and women who see life much as do you, consider moving your family here and helping to grow this Tribe.  If you are serious about buying land out here near the Beachhead (or contiguous to the Beachhead, even better!), drop me an email and I will put you in touch with the woman who owns much of this mountain (and beyond).

You are about to see an explosion of III activity, for it is now time to begin truly marketing III Arms and getting orders stacked on Miller's workbench.  It is time for you to help spread the word that Patriots need a Minuteman 15 from III Arms.  It is time for us to speak directly to the people who live in Benewah County, to introduce ourselves without the Leftist, hate-filled, zero-integrity, facts-don't-matter media filter that is the local paper and its owner/editor.  It is time for more of us to meet face-to-face and to continue meeting again and again.  It is time to raise our voices and let the Enemies of Liberty know that we are just about done tolerating their Evil. 

We have proven that we are an effective group of III Patriots who get the work of Liberty done, despite attacks from national-strength Enemies of Liberty and even the despicable, cowardly and honor-less attacks that have been launched time and again from within the "Patriot" community.

You wanted results.  You wanted Tribe.  There it is: III Arms and the Citadel, alive, tangible and made possible by you.

Lives.  Fortunes.  Sacred Honor.

Yours in Liberty,