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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another, this one from Academia: Gov't shutdown is Tyranny, by Terrorists

For the next generation, we’ve got to stand against acts of tyranny, where our government is held hostage for negotiations,” Rosemond said. “One thing we’ve [been] learning in our democracy is that we can’t negotiate with terrorists.”

So, what do you do with Terrorists?  Jeh Johnson knows how to deal with Terrorists,  (he learned at the Pentagon) and he will soon be heading up the 240,000 people who work at DHS, as well as the nationwide network of LEO that has been recruited as a standing army in every neighborhood and county across the republic.

The woman  quoted above is a professor at University of Georgia.  She later tried to walk-back the word "terrorists", but it wasn't very convincing, and she did not back off the 'tyranny' label.

Make no mistake: You have heard such language from people in the Executive and the Legislative branches of the American government and beyond, and now from the Leftist stronghold of academia.  (Don't worry, the Judiciary will back them up soon enough.)  This is a concerted, deliberate action.  This is not Sarah Palin and scope reticles on a map - this is men who mean to be Masters laying the ground to kill many, many millions of Americans who identify as Tea Party or Conservative or Republican, if those people refuse to bend knee.  They will kill a large number of "extremist terrorists of the political Right" (and family members and collateral damage) as a warning to anyone who may consider standing in opposition.

The fact that they are willing to label members of Congress as terrorists means that anyone to the Right of those members of Congress is already fair game as a radical, extremist Terrorist who may be SWAT-ed with little concern for accountability.  No LEO needs to worry about being excoriated (much less prosecuted) for defending the country when they are forced to kill some Teabagger or Patriot or Conservative Terrorist.

Patriots, the game is further along than many realize.

Adjust your timeline as necessary.

Here's the piece on Ms. Rosemond.