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Sunday, July 30, 2017

RE-POST: Gut Check, please...

I posted this about 4 years ago.  I'm re-posting now so you can grasp just how weak-kneed the silliest circle-jerkers in the 'Liberty blogosphere' are as they continue to remain in the safety of blog posts.  They will never move to contact.  All talk.  Of course, they still rant and rave about their heroics that will come - one day.  Meh.

btw - I don't offer the nooses online any longer.  But if you need one tied, send me the rope and I'll return it to you, ready for your next caper... 


So, I made a noose and hot-branded it with the III.  It is available on the right side of the blog.  I hope people will help support III projects by buying a few and using them at your next 2A rally, Tea Party event, or other public protest - personally I think it speaks better than any sign you could carry at a protest.  (Proceeds go to furthering III projects) 

What happened next was very interesting.  Some men got it.  Others, however, immediately began pulling Robespierre and the Reign of Terror out of their arses.  Oh yes, that is very, very interesting.

Let's start at the beginning: Tories were bad.  They are the same breed as those Marxist meddling f*cktards of today who I call Enemies of Liberty, for they not only advocate infringements of your Liberty, but take actions (including voting) to physically infringe your Natural Rights, either directly or via proxy.  They are Bad People.

In America, hanging Enemies of Liberty is a time-honored remedy for handling Bad People.

A man named Charles Lynch started hanging people for Tory acts during the Revolution.  He understood that when vermin insist on being in your life, you are morally entitled to be rid of that vermin.  You are under no moral obligation to tolerate a man who seeks your subjugation.  Most of us, myself included, would hold that lynching (or other fatal remedies) are not acceptable as first recourse.  I hold that you must warn Bad People to stop.  You are only obligated to use your words one time.  If they insist, then you should try to run them off.  If they continue to insist, under the corn they go.

Being a Tory during and after the Revolution was a bad life choice.  Many were stripped of their property and allowed to leave the country.  Many went to Canada and the Caribbean.  Some were tarred and feathered.  Some were beaten to death.  Some were hung.  Some were shot.  Interfering with the Natural Rights of a man is serious business, as my uncle would say.  Some of us take that sh*t at face value, and do not appreciate it.  If you behave in such a manner, please don't be shocked when you get back-fisted or killed for your meddling.

Anyway - some people have started wetting their panties because I tied a noose and branded it with the III.  "Too far!" they seem to posit.  Many jumped immediately to Robespierre and drawing similarities to the French Revolution and Reign of Terror.  Now in some cases I understand - some of these people jumped there because they have been told that Kerodin likes to advocate murdering puppies, unicorns, babies, baby unicorns, innocent women and others.  Of course that is silly.  But some other people seem to be sincere in their opinion that a noose sends the wrong message.

Yet, most of these same people type - incessantly - on our blogs about how they will blast holes in any Stack that comes to their house and how politicians deserve to be hung from lamp posts in DC.

Hypocrisy much?

First order of business: Regardless of how tough your fellow Patriots posture online about being there "...when SHTF...", anyone who starts hitting the brakes when they see a PICTURE of a noose should probably make your B list of likely allies.  The odds they will actually nut-up and show-up on D-Day are minimal.  Second order of business: Faced with the outcry of "Foul!" from inside the Patriot Community over the PICTURE of a noose is a clue that you should probably adjust your math downward when considering how many people are serious about picking up a rifle and doing the work of Liberty Restoration, and those who will find a reason they can't be there on that day.  (I'd like to be there, guys - but it's laundry day and my kid is studying for SAT's, and I need to help!)

At the risk of really upsetting some folks: Robespierre wasn't wrong in this: Killing political enemies, if those enemies are genuinely Enemies of Liberty, is not a moral crime.  Sorry to any weak-kneed "Patriots" reading this, but our very birth as a nation was predicated on that premise.  The King's Men who actively worked to impose the King's infringements upon Colonial Liberty had to go, one way or another.  Our Founders asked them to stop.  Then they told them to stop.  Then they pushed and skirmished.  Then - they killed them.

Reality is a bitch if you don't have the stomach to cut through your romantic revisionist delusions.

Do you even know what human blood smells like when you get it on your hands from another person?  Freedom isn't free.  It is usually messy.  It smells.  You may vomit.  You may tremble uncontrollably.  It isn't sanitary, and it surely isn't the way Hollywood would have you believe.

You make men who intend to enslave you stop their behavior, leave, or you kill them.

By any means necessary.

You commit no malum in se crimes against genuine innocents, to protect your Soul.

But you either make your enemies stop, leave, or dead...

...or you bend knee to them.

There is no middle ground.  Hand-wringers please self-identify and find a bench to sit this one out.  Real men have work to do.