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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SOG TigerShark

Anybody have any experience with the SOG TigerShark?

Cold Steel has discontinued their San Mai III Tanto line, which is the fighting knife of choice in the Kerodin household.  Since Cold Steel has NOTHING that comes close to the Tanto as a Tier 1 blade, I need a replacement.

I like my KABAR, but it too was discontinued.

The Cold Steel Tier 2&3 blades are good for their purpose - but not what my go-to blade must be.

Any insights to the TigerShark?  It has a 9" blade and serrations - both requirements.  It lacks my tanto point, but I'll just have to deal.

Time to get serious and design my own fighting blade, huh?

Here's the webpage for the TigerShark.