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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tea Party: American Taliban

In light of recent rhetoric from the Left that openly links Tea Party and Conservatives to terrorism, one looks back to the scene from Newsroom with a bit of an "aha!" moment.

We know Hollywood is a testing ground for Leftist messaging, just as the media is a megaphone.  So what are the odds the Newsroom clip was a deliberate message test, that was later focus-grouped, polled and otherwise examined for responses?  I'd say the odds are highly in favor.  Now Patriots and "Tea Party" folks are openly and repeatedly linked to terrorism and extremism in many television programs, beamed into the eyes and ears of millions of low-information voters.

This can be seen as taking the leash off.

While being targeted by the regime is dangerous for Patriots, what is even more dangerous for the republic is the Useful Idiot, the Ideological Ally who watches and listens to this messaging and does not require orders from the local Acorn office or DNC to go out and begin doing the street work of furthering Leftist goals.  Your Leftist neighbor will see something and say something.  Your Leftist boss will fire you or stunt your career.  Leftist bureaucrats will use their offices and power to stonewall you or highlight you for whatever penalties are available to them.

A reader at WRSA noted that 'CW2' (Civil War 2) is underway.

It is an accurate assessment.  Americans are being murdered by .gov forces.  Americans are being jacked for the fruits of their labors and driven into poverty.  Now the mobs are being released.  The balloon has gone up. 

You are under attack, Patriots.