Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pain: Weakness Leaving Your Body

Israel (The Steel I-Beam) has found a Krav studio near his temporary work AO, and has dived in. 

He's taken the time to share a bit of his experience, which is nothing less than a golden nugget, a beautiful, valuable gift, that he is willing to share.  I have mentioned that at least one other member of his Tribe has done the same, so when these folks all get together, they will be in a position to have our two III Patriots take point on CQB studies within the group.  Nope - a day at my CQB class and a few months in a Krav studio will not make you a world-class, fire-eating, cage monster ready for a Vegas event - but you'd better believe it will make you ready for 99% of humanity who might be so foolish as to try and lay their hands upon you. 

Most of humanity has zero experience with real fights. 

Pay particular attention to the portion Israel discusses going hard for 30 seconds on the mitts.

This is where most fighters die.  They run out of gas.  They have no wind.  The ability to keep your arms up in a defensive position, literally, becomes impossible once you pass a certain point of muscle-exhaustion.  If you can't defend yourself longer than the other guy stays on his feet swinging - you will die.  And if you think that empty gas tank is at least 5 or 10 minutes away in a real-world fight, and you haven't tested that theory - well...

Work on your wind, folks.  Israel is a man who is far more conditioned and fit than most we will find in our trenches, and he tells you what 30 seconds of non-stop swinging is like.  Believe him.  If you don't choose to believe him or me - go to a gym, find a heavy bag, and simply go hard, full speed, on that bag with punches, elbows, knees and shin kicks.  Ask someone to time you, and give them a stun-gun to zap you when you cheat and take a breather.  If you want someone who won't let you cheat, give the stun gun to your young son or your spouse.  ;)

I promise most of you will not be able to go truly hard for 30 seconds, and you will feel it tomorrow.

...and that is just 30 seconds...

...against a target that will not punch back...

...against a single target, not 3 grown men who mean to have your wallet and wife...

How can you Resist if you don't have Endurance

You've got to learn to grind it out, emotionally and physically, when the enemy comes and the world looks bleak.  You have to make yourself as unassailable as possible - so if they attack, you have the ability to outlast them as they break their bones against the rock that is your will and determination.

There is only one way to do that folks - you have to go do it

And in the end, remember - as your pistol is truly a tool designed to help you fight to your rifle, your CQB skills are there to help you fight to that pistol, or knife, or brick, or that piece of rebar over yonder...

Here's Israel's piece.  Good work.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Sale & Christmas Raffle

As promised!  III Arms Black Friday sale & Christmas Raffle for the final Minuteman 15 Founders Model!

In addition to the raffle, III Arms is running a Black Friday sale for several built, ready-to-go Fighting Rifles and other official III Arms merchandise for your rig.

III Arms post, here.

Buy tickets, here! (If you re-direct to JPFO - clear your web cache & try again - you need to arrive at the America527 home page)

Raffle void where not legal - and don't bother to enter if you are in states that do not like III Arms products.  You know your local/state laws, abide them - if you happen to buy and win and you are in a no-go state - sorry.

Good luck!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Knock-Out Game: A Warrior's Perspective

The Knock-Out Game is Counting Coup.

It is that simple.

Within a particular bandwidth of Black America, it has become a rite of passage that portends sad, grim and entirely manipulated and orchestrated violence that will rip America asunder along lines of race, in the beginning.  For the young Blacks currently engaging in this cowardly perversion of Counting Coup, the Knock-Out Game is nothing more than a puppy to a young serial killer, a stepping stone to more violence, harder violence.  And they are receiving political cover from on-high, as the Useful Idiots they are...

Nearly two years ago I challenged Patriots who have never lived professionally in a world of violence to go forth and Count Coup as a means to ramping toward the hard violence that will be required in defense of self, family and Tribe.  I know several Patriots who accepted that challenge, one publicly.

Did you?

If not, you are probably behind the curve and at an emotional disadvantage, among other disadvantages - to a young Black boy or girl who has already unleashed hard violence.  And they did it to helpless, out-numbered, weaker targets, often of the opposite sex.  They will not feel nausea when they gut, rape, and beat your family to death for entertainment.  They have broken that emotional barrier.  Have you?

As I have said before, too many times: The Enemies of Liberty have a plan.

You are watching them implement that plan, in real-time.

You are part of that plan - and you will not like it.  You have already been assigned a number, a disposition, and you already reside on the list in at least one bureaucrats calendar.  You are scheduled as part of a routine day at work for a Stack, or some other means of disposal.

You are probably far behind the curve.

Fix that.


Black Rifle Raffle & Sales: III Arms

Jim Miller is offering the only remaining original "Minuteman 15" .223/5.56 NATO rifle from III Arms Company to benefit the Citadel and the 527.  The link will go live at noon tomorrow, here and at several supportive websites. 

Tickets are $20/each, no limit on quantity.  The drawing will be made on Christmas Day. 

Thank you, Jim!

III Arms is also having a Black Friday sale on completed rifles and an assortment of III Arms merchandise, such as bolt carrier groups, et cetera.  Drop in at III Arms and see the details.

Here is information on the raffle & Black Friday Sales.

Here is Jim & the III Arms FB page.

Here is the III Arms home page, if you want your III Arms rifle customized - check out the options Jim has available for your primary battle rifle.

Happy Thanksgiving, Patriots.


III CQB Training Exercise

For my students: Gather your Tribe and select the interior of a home.

Now find the narrow spots, especially the hallway linking bedrooms, and fight to your weapon.

You will notice many of our techniques work - and there simply isn't time or room to execute others. 

Train as you intend to fight, folks.

Don't learn what works, and what doesn't, in the real world when blood is at stake.  Learn now.

Good news: The online video-stream of the Fight to your Weapon course will go live soon.  As many of you know allies taped the class held at Brock's Fall PatCon, and we've seen the first few clips - they are great for our purposes!  As soon as we get the first 10 or so techniques in the queue, we'll open the site.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.  This is the day to remember why the first Americans dared the sea and other challenges of the world to come here - what they wanted, what they were willing to risk to have it. 

Our goals and dangers today are little different.

Stay safe.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When they drop the optics...

When the Enemies of Liberty drop pretense and take actions without bothering to make excuses to the public, because they do not fear reprisal, you will know they are ready to go hard.

I've repeated that premise several times, the first was on election night, 2012. 

We've seen many examples since then, and right now on the front page of Drudge are headlines that paint the picture very clearly.

Do not think it is coincidence that the "deal" with Iran, and the subsequent, nearly immediate "release" of about $8 billion to the Iranian Government, happens at the same time as Jerusalem is back-handed and the Catholics are insulted to their core with the announcement that the US Government will be closing the Embassy to the Vatican.

Allowing Muslims to continue chasing nukes, giving them money, while attacking and alienating Jews and Catholics.



One thing you have to admit about this administration: They told us before they were elected that they intended to transform the nation.  It may be the only honest thing they have said since - but they warned us.

I continue to believe the 2014 elections are important to those who mean to be our Masters.

They want the "mandate" that would come with a US Senate that remains D and able to rubber-stamp with a simple majority.  They want a US House of Representatives in which Nancy Pelosi is restored to Speaker.

That is an optic they want, badly.

If they get it, they will go hard soon after.

If they don't get it, they will still go hard soon after - because they will then have only 2 years left before a "peaceful transition of power" is on the calendar, an event that probably is not on the current menu.

But I am betting they want it badly enough to wait, to hold the whip without cracking it across the public back, to see if they can get the elections. 

That means - you have just over 11 months...at best.  Then it will begin to get seriously ugly.

Use this information as you will.


Hearts & Minds: The Guerrilla Perspective

guerrilla, guerilla [gəˈrɪlə]
1. (Military)
a.  a member of an irregular usually politically motivated armed force that combats stronger regular forces, such as the army or police

I write about topics that are considered too hot or risky for many writers.  I try to write in plain terms, with little in the way of "code words".  An attorney for a publishing house would never approve the content of this blog, for fear of a .Gov lawsuit for, at worst, perhaps, a case of sedition.  Of course, anyone who reads my words with any intellectual honesty knows I do not advocate sedition - I advocate .Gov that operates within the restrictions and permissions of the DoI, USC and BoR.  Remaining intellectually honest, readers will have to admit I have never called for gratuitous  or immoral violence in pursuit of political goals.  I do advocate for self defense against unconstitutional behaviors.  Of course, intellectual honesty hasn't been a genuine part of our judicial system for hundreds of years, has never been a universal trait of our Countrymen, and it won't start on my behalf.

I am still on the porch.  I remain on the porch by choice.  I think I can do more good from here, for now, by following my current path.  I've said this time and again.  I know that right now, leaving the porch and following a path of violence would be counter-productive, and lonely as hell, within the existing paradigm in America.  It would also follow the Dorner model pretty quickly, and I'd end up a crispy critter without achieving anything that advances Liberty.  I agree with the majority of this audience who answered the poll at right, that the forces of Liberty have already earned the moral right to begin defending themselves on a wide scale.  But from a practical standpoint, FreeFor hunting parties simply aren't a viable option at the moment.

Hearts & Minds is a topic that always stirs emotion among Patriots.  Everyone draws their lines at different places, for differing reasons, from morality to practicality.  I'm not really looking to start yet another discussion on the topic, angels on the head of a pin and all that, but I do think it is important that I articulate my thinking on the topic for the 93% + of my readers who are on the same page as me.

Back to intellectual honesty, anyone who has read my Doctrine on Self Defense and remains intellectually honest won't need this articulation on Hearts & Minds.  But for the folks who have taken the decision to reject intellectual honesty, you know, those folks who point to my Self Defense Doctrine and cry "K wants a genocide of all D and Establishment R voters!!!" and "K says kill the babies!!!" need a bit of pushback for the record.  So, for the record: I do not advocate genocide against voters.  I could support spaying and neutering most of them, but not genocide or even violence on an individual basis based on political philosophy.

I do believe that wide-scale political violence in America is inevitable and imminent, because Bad People want wide-scale physical political violence in America.  But that doesn't mean it is prudent for the guerrilla who seeks DoI/BoR Liberty to have a "Kill 'em all & let God sort 'em out" strategy.  If a guerrilla starts hunting the 95% + civilians who are ideological enemies, then all civilians begin to feel they could be next, and the guerrilla gets pushback that can't be overcome.  Not only will the civilians you oppose begin to fear and then mobilize against you, but even the small number of civilians who support you will begin to fear tit-for-tat strikes against them, so it is in the interest of all civvies to work together to shut you down.

If a guerrilla hunts the enforcers of unconstitutional laws, like a domestic standing army, that group will respond just as the civilian group would respond - they will first feel righteously indignant, they will circle the wagons and try to go hard in reprisal mode, and if guerrilla forces apply enough pressure, they will eventually do as they have done time and again historically - they will take off their uniforms and go home when it gets too expensive to show up for work.  They will leave their political Masters without tooth or fang.  Might the civilian populace turn on the Liberty guerrilla for hunting enforcers of the State?  Of course they will - those same people who stand in opposition to your ideology now will be against it when you attack.  But those people are never going to approve of your Liberty, no matter how you go about Restoration.  The key is to do nothing that brings the civilians off the bench.

Personally, I am with the vast majority of this audience who voted on the polls at right.  I don't give a whit about what the average FSA parasite or Leftist/Marxist/Communist politician or voter thinks about me - they will never agree with me anyway, so fugg'em.  But it simply isn't practical to do anything that would make a group of people that is otherwise out of the fight to get motivated and into the fight against you. Take measures that keep them out of the fight - which means you don't turn off their electricity in summertime and make them hot and cranky.  In fact, you may want to ensure no one turns off the electricity.  When your ideological enemies outnumber you by 93% or more, you do not make them afraid to send their children out of the house.

In any guerrilla action, as the definition at the top of the page explains, the primary fight is with the force-projection assets of the enemy and support elements.  I suggest it also extends to the symbols of the enemy for morale and psychological wins.  If a guerrilla force takes the ability to wage war away from enemies, the guerrilla wins.  If the guerrilla makes the enemy choose to stop fighting, the guerrilla wins.  Once the guerrilla force takes the fight out of the enemy, then they can work on the parasite and predator issues of society.

So, the next time you read that Kerodin wants to kill 'em all, you will know you are reading a person who has taken the decision to deliberately distort my position.

Use that information as you will.


All I want for Christmas is my...Minuteman 15 from III Arms!

III Arms Black Friday & Christmas Raffle for a Minuteman 15?

First details up at the blog, here.

I'll keep an eye on their press releases and let you know when everything is set.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Paraphrased: If you will not break a rule, how can you expect to break bone?

The quote is at about 1:51 in the clip.

There will never be a permission slip to recover your Liberty.  Not from me - it is not mine to give.  Not from the Enemies of Liberty - they have an agenda.  Everything you do to secure Liberty will become increasingly criminalized.  Men and women with badges and guns will enforce those laws and stand as the armed sentries between you and Liberty.  They will crack the whips upon the backs of your children.  They have permission, already

You, do not.  You, will not.

To be a freeman at Liberty you will be forced to step outside the King's Law - you will be forced to become the definition of the title: Outlaw.

Use this information as you will.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moral High Ground: Who holds it, right now...

The polls in the right column offer interesting insights to the people who choose to come here and read.  One of the greatest assets of traveling and sharing CQB skills with Patriots over the summer was the ability to meet in person, take the measure of one another, build trust, cohesion and morale.  As a result of our face-to-face discussions, I knew how the polls at right would be answered.  I know where most of you stand, how ready you are to join John Parker on the Green, and in some cases, who is ready to be John Parker.

Something else I know about some of the folks who come here, folks who generally seek the same outcome as do I (Liberty) - some of you wish I would shut down the blog, or at least change my tone or rhetoric.  I also know some have discussed making that happen, with or without my cooperation.  I also know I have some allies who would show up at the X spot on the map if I asked for help, and they'd be loaded for bear.

Here is something I'd like to ask:  Do you think Patriots have the moral right to resort to proactive violence, right now, given the behaviors of the Enemies of Liberty, if they decided to do so?

I'm not calling for action.  This is a discussion, only.  I'm not asking any "...what if..." questions.  I am not even going to identify targets, other than to say thou shall not murder (quite different than thou shall not kill) and no malum in se is permissible, even in this rhetorical.  I am not asking what your trigger or tripwire would be.

Simply stated: Have the Enemies of Liberty already crossed the line so far that Patriots would be on the proper side of morality if they started hunting today...

93% of you who answered the poll said that the Rule of Law is dead...

96% of you said it is time to respond in kind...

Most of you recognize the stupidity and emptiness of the "No Fort Sumter" rule, given that the Enemies of Liberty violate that standard every single day of the week.

If a Patriot, or a Team of Patriots, went to the Green tonight, would you agree that they hold the Moral High Ground?

The poll is at right.  Yes, I think I know how most of you will answer - because many of us have met, and talked, and sworn Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor.

Please take a second and answer the poll, and let your fellow Patriots know where you stand.


Reminder: Reindeer Games

I write this general post at least once a year, and it is time to write it again.

I am compromised.  I know my comms are monitored by .gov as well as .gov contractors.  You must understand that simply visiting this blog, Kerodin.com, and just about any other blog in the Liberty Movement has you on a list and you are being mapped.  They are mapping your nodes.  They are drawing a physical profile of everyone with which you communicate, in any medium, for any reason, as they consider your threat potential and the ability to compromise you either now or in the future.  That means your comms are likely already compromised as well, unless you are going old-school and whispering into someone's ear - and these days, I'd be wary of that being secure.  TOR is not secure.  Hushmail and similar services are not secure.  Encryption is not secure.  I operate on the premise that everything I say and do is monitored and recorded, simply because I am who I am.

And I operate on that premise because I know it is reality.

This is why I have never asked any of you about sensitive matters, and why I tell you not to include me in any reindeer games you may have running.  What I do not know, I can not compromise.  But the moment you put something sensitive into a digital format, you must assume it is compromised.  If you are writing a piece of fiction and you detail an operation in email, you must abort because you must assume your Hero's cover is blown and known to the other side.

There is a reason I am still on the porch - several reasons, actually.  Fundamentally the reason is because I choose to be on the porch for now and do all of my work in full transparency.  Right now my work is centered around helping as many Patriots as possible get off the line of attack, move to the Redoubt and bring a business with them, get the Citadel concept moving at an even faster pace, train Patriots in my specialty, and encourage them to train with others who specialize in other aspects of the fighting arts.  For my allies who have chosen to remain in their respective AO's for the coming festivities, my goal is to help improve your position as much as I am able given my paradigm.  I work to build morale and cohesion as much as possible.  The polls at right help everyone take the pulse of their fellow Patriots.

When I decide to leave the porch, if I decide to do so, I'll extend the same courtesy to you and not loop you into my reindeer games.  I will never ask anyone to go there with me.

Be smart, folks.  Don't make it easy for Enemies of Liberty to take you out before the Liberty Games get fully underway.  Look at the polls on the right column again - understand that you are not alone. 

Stay safe.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Police State: Own it...

The Daily Smug has a piece today about school officials threatening parents with "Child Welfare" interventions if they fail to do X or Y for their children. 

This story is simply one more instance of the aggressive pace the Enemies of Liberty are using to condition the American populace.  I don't need to put together a long train of abuses to illustrate the point - other bloggers have done so, and to be honest, if you can't see it by now, I can't help you.

America has become a Police State in the classic definition of the Cold War vernacular.

Those who mean to be Masters are in control, and they use the power of the State to force compliance to their commands.  If you fail to comply, from paying property taxes on your home to feeding your children the bag lunch they demand you pack, to any of thousands of other commands, you will be met with the force-projection assets of the State and you will comply, or die.

Police State.

Own it.

Owning it does not mean you have to accept it, or tolerate it, or bend knee.  You decide how you will live, and if you are lucky perhaps you will have some control over how and when you die, and why.

My fellow III Patriots, I am going to ask of you: Adjust your stance and acknowledge that you and yours are now living in a Police State.  Accept that it has happened - not that it will happen if we keep going down this path, or that it might happen if...

We are here.  This is what was known to the East Germans and the Soviets.  Ours is as brutal, as detached from Rule of Law, even if the level of fear has not yet reached the saturation point of the general population.  But saturation is inevitable, it is a goal currently being pursued, and the only hope that remains for your children is that you accept that the Police State is our reality.

My writing in the future will only be useful to those who accept that we are now fully embraced by the American Police State.  I have no room for "if" or "when".

It is now.

Own it.  Prepare to defend yourself. 

Here's the Daily Smug piece.

I have rebuilt Kerodin.com and added it to the blogroll.  Some information will be better suited to that venue as we go forward and the III 300 need to communicate.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Max Velocity: Patriot Dawn Special Deal

WRSA has the details, here.


Capital Controls...

The Fed is proposing more rules and tools for controlling the capital supply.  They are worried about bank runs, and want more "legal" means of holding onto your money when you ask for it.  This is simply one more bit of information that should help inform your decisions regarding preps and defensive positions.

Here's the story.


PJB: ObamaCare to kill the Liberal Brand?

Pat Buchanan examines the ObamaCare collapse through the political lens, and concludes the political fallout could be significant enough to kill Liberalism, or at least make it a dirty word again for another 40 years as the '60s did once before.

As usual, PJBs analysis is spot-on.

My fear: PJB did not discuss the possibility that the current "Liberals" have no intention of moving on during the 2016 election cycle, that they are not operating in what we would call a "normal political paradigm", but instead they mean to take America to a place she has never been before - a true tyranny guided by Stalin, Mao and Valerie Jarrett where there is no peaceful transfer of power.

I agree with PJB: Under "normal" conditions this ObamaCare implosion could cripple the D political machine for generations.

But I am not sanguine we are operating within a normal American paradigm.  I fear we are truly dealing with evil people who intend to bring the system down by deliberate action, then to rule in their chosen "New Normal" - a 'new normal' that will have nothing to do with DoI/BoR Liberty.

Here's PJBs column.

I would not recommend you stop prepping.  Not.  For.  A.  Single.  Second.



This country is filled with far too many stupid people.

Starting a Race War as the detonator for the larger Liberty Games will work, if that is what they are trying to do.

ok.  We can go there if stupid people insist.

Here's the link.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Minuteman 15: Review from an owner

The III Arms Minuteman 15 in the picture was purchased by a III Patriot that Holly and I had the good fortune to meet.  We trained CQB with him and his Tribe, and had a great weekend with he and his wonderful wife.  I'm not going to identify this Patriot for obvious reasons, but I can tell you that he is a serious, smart, dedicated III Patriot. 

Click the picture above to get a better look - you'll see the official III Trademark cut into the mag well.  III Arms President Jim Miller built this rifle, as he builds every III Arms firearm, to be a serious fighting weapon for serious III Patriots who know they may have to walk to the Green and honor Captain John Parker. 

When our Patriot received his rifle from III Arms, he had the trigger upgraded from stock, added the quad rail (which he had Miller paint for him) and added his optics.  I'm going to post his review of the rifle below.  I can't tell you how proud I am that this rifle has become his Go-To AR.  I am proud simply to have been a tiny part of helping that rifle come into existence through this blog, with the support of all you wonderful Patriots.  Of course Jim Miller is too humble to say it himself, but the man is a craftsman, he is not a parts assembler, he is a firearms builder.  But you don't have to accept simply my word for it.  The fact that this rifle has become the Go-To AR in this Patriots arsenal says it all.

Remember how many provocateurs in this community who sneered and jeered as III Arms rumbled to life, claiming the company was a joke, and worse, and would never ship a single product?  I remember.  Jim remembers.  Our Founders remember.  Supporters of this site remember.  And today it is a III Arms Minuteman 15 that will be taken to the Green if our Patriot ever needs to take that walk.  Congratulations and Thank You to every single Patriot who supported the III Arms concept.  Congratulations and Thank You to Jim Miller for picking up the rope and pulling far more than his share of the weight of this project, and he is still going strong.  To the critics, nothing needs to be said.

And remember, III Arms is not about profit.  There are no salaries.  Jim has taken point on this aspect of building the Citadel, because as you know the profits generated from III Arms are used for the Citadel.  It was just over a year ago (Summer 2012) when we first mentioned the concept of the Citadel, and evolved the idea that III Arms would be the cornerstone economic engine to bring the Citadel to life.  It was just over a year ago, November 6th to be exact, when Jim accepted his first order.  It was February of this year when the BATFE issued Jim his license to build.

I am proud to stand with each and every one of you, my fellow III Patriots who come to this little website on the internet.  We have all proven that we accomplish goals.  We do the work.  Every III Patriot in this audience who helped, even if only with your moral support, has proven the III has teeth.  You made all of this possible.

Here is the review written by the III Patriot who owns the rifle pictured above: 

James and Sam,

A few additional pictures will be coming your way of my III Arms AR15.

I had the quad rail installed that you painted for me.

I had a better trigger installed as the stock triggers on AR's are not to my liking.

It has a Browe scope and Larue backup iron sights now.

I also put on an ambi charging handle since I am a lefty.

I have tried 6 different mags so far.

A surefire 60 rd, Pmags (yours and a window Pmag), HK steel mags, stock GI mags and a cheap plastic mag.

Fired each mag loaded to capacity until empty and locked open.

All mags functioned in rifle flawlessly and no malfunctions at all.

I regularly used Rem lube to keep bolt assembly and rifle wet.

Extremely pleased with your craftsmanship.

Extremely pleased with fit and function of rifle and its paint job.

Its my #1 AR now.
Huzzah, Patriots!  Well done.  Well done to each and every single one of you who helped to make this happen.  You have proven that you are more than words, you will not bend knee, you will stand tall and help pull the rope.  We will do more work together.  By Patriots, for Patriots.  We will restore Liberty in our lifetime with Patriots like you who dare to stand and be counted.
Lives.  Fortunes.  Sacred Honor.

III Battle Flag

The vertical red stripes are taken from the Sons of Liberty flag. 

The blue field and III explain themselves.

What do you think?

**UNRELATED**  I am fussing with some back-room web stuff, and the Kerodin@Kerodin.com email may go down, because I am IT challenged.

So, if it goes down and you need me, write: III@IIIPercent.com


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

III Arms Lowers & BCGs in stock

Yes, that is an authentic III Arms AR - see the III on the magwell?  See the III on the bolt carrier?

That's what a real III Arms fighting rifle looks like in the world.  Beware counterfeit junk.

III Arms Minuteman 15 somewhere west of the Rockies...
Miller has Bolt Carrier Groups available, here.

80% AR Lowers, here.

And of course full rifles and 1911s, here.

III Arms are NOT safe queens, folks.  They are specifically made to defend Liberty and your life.

III Arms is not your average firearm company - it was brought into creation by Patriots, for Patriots.


New Poll

Hi folks,

Please take a second and pick your spot on the new poll at the top of our right column.

Thank you!

Paging President Miller: Package for you from Jedi Zoomie

More from MasterJediGrandSensei Zoomie, here.

You will notice I made no, uhm, "kitty" inappropriate jokes - but I bet the day doesn't end without someone going there...Angel and/or Kenny won't be able to help themselves.  ;)


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hey, they're just Commies - it's ok! Settle down!

Just a quick check of my moral compass to see if I am off True North...It's a bit old, my Granddaddies helped set it up for me...

I consider Socialists, Liberals, Dems, Establishment Republicans and everyone else who approves of direct taxation and wealth redistribution to be, essentially, Communists, forgive the imprecise use of the word.  They are immoral parasites.

Now, I take the position that I have no moral obligation to tolerate these parasites who steal from me (via proxy - taxation) living next door to me, in my town, in my state or in my country.  I believe I am under no moral obligation to suffer these parasites voting to take my stuff or to determine what my children should learn, when or where or how I may observe religion.  I believe I am under no moral obligation to give such people a piece of my country so they can live as they wish, just because they were born here and chose to be parasites, whether by Nature or Nurture.

I believe it is morally sound to ask these people to please stop infringing my Liberty.

If they refuse, I believe it is moral to make them stop - they can leave or I am morally permitted to end their infringements by any means necessary - including forced deportation.  If they want to go hard, we can go hard and dig a ditch.  Fugg'em.

I believe I am under no moral obligation to leave ANY part of America because I have a majority of neighbors who choose, whether by Nature or Nurture, to assert a right to my stuff.

I think if my Democrat neighbor stops voting for politicians who promise to steal my stuff, we're good.  I think if my Democrat neighbor continues to insist he has a right to my stuff, via legislation or any other means, I have the moral right of self defense.

I also believe that killing a Commie is not murder, but killing, and carries no moral burden. (Commie is defined as a person actively trying to take my stuff, either directly or indirectly)

New poll at right column.  Let me know if my Grandfathers were right, or if today's "Commies can live next door" culture is a better solution.  Maybe I'm the one with the wrong worldview...


Monday, November 18, 2013

RoL is dead and open warfare is upon us...

Read the story.

Scott Walker is a sitting United States Governor, and about as far as it gets from a Rightful Liberty position - and they are coming after him and his supporters with letters of writ and weapons.

What do you think they have in mind for you and me?

Gentlemen - prepare to defend yourselves...

Here's the piece.


Do not try this at home, kiddies...

The biggest hindrance I face when teaching is the defense of falling. 

If you do not know how to fall properly, most of the techniques in this video will take the attacker out of the fight.  The ground hurts.  When you are thrown into the ground hard, it breaks you up or steals your wind.

Falling is an art unto itself - defensive.  If a good fighter has you and you resist when you should go with his energy - you will break.

Yes, there is a bigger message there.  I'll let you work it out.


Tool - Aenema

Tell me the truth, folks - doesn't it simply seem easier to let the entire f*cking thing burn to the ground and start fresh with whoever survives?

It's a momentary emotion.  I know it must be done properly.  But, dammit, Mother Nature [Mom] sure could help get the process over faster.


If you had not committed great sins...

Many a ship has broken her keel upon the Kerodin rocks.

Do you believe that you have a role to play in this lifetime, even if you are not sure what that role may be?  I think there is something to that concept.  I also think I could be drop-dead wrong and life is nothing more than a momentary aberration in the Universe - nothing more than the collision of atoms that flash, and are then gone...

For now, I'll go with purpose.

Since I was a kid I attracted bullies.  I was smaller than most.  I never broke 130 pounds until well after 30 years of age.  I was a lippy little bastard - I know, hard to believe!  But I can tell you in all sincerity that I can be standing alone in the middle of a dark night, minding my own business, and some F*ck finds me and tries to start sh*t.  Holly didn't begin to really understand it until she watched it happen, time and again.

You may consider this pure hubris and bullsh*t - but that quote above from Khan resonates with me.  No, I do not have a God Complex.  It isn't even about religion.

I have found that sometimes when a man, or men, need an attitude adjustment, somehow they find me.  You've seen it here.  Firestone & Folly came to this site and started their silliness.  Militialaw did the same - he came here.  There is a silly-arsed Mayor in Texas who needs to keep my name out of his mouth.  There have been many, and there will be more.  Why?  Beats me, just been a pattern all my life. 

You may be tempted to say "Uh, K - it's because you're an ass, dude."  You might not be entirely wrong.

But, I'd buy that possibility if these people did not come to me, out of nowhere.  Don't get me wrong, I know I stir the sh*t from time to time, but progress usually is the result.  People are defined for others to see.  Just leave me the hell alone, and there'd never be a problem.  That is my personal philosophy, and most Patriots want the same in life.

I have work to do in Idaho, made much easier by so many of you.  Thank you.  You know how to reach me if you need anything with which I am able to help.

So, to the ass hats in the community and those who will soon be coming at me from beyond this community - commit no great sins, and perhaps the Gods will keep our paths from intersecting

You'll be happier, and I'll look like less of an ass all the time.  Don't start none, won't be none...

But I'm not in the mood to be all cosmic and philosophical.  You would be wise to take this post with a grain of salt, and consider the kernel that may be truth.  If you and I are banging heads - ask yourself honestly if it is all my fault, or if you played a role in the Ruckus. 

But, the answer is beyond the minds of Men.

It simply is what it is...


A little something for Sipsey from Cali

Here's the link.

When men finally start covering one another's backs in this community, then maybe we can flippin' accomplish something. 


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meh...it won't be my world in 40 years, anyway...

Someone I respect more than most is Alan Mullenax.  Sorry Alan, I know that is not going to help win you any new friends.

Alan speaks often of Henry Adams (my bad, thanks Alan), Hancock and Otis as being the three men who were the sine qua non for the Revolution. 

With Otis and Henry (Adams), Alan explains why they were so pivotal: They had real, genuine hatred in their hearts.

When I look around today, I don't see hatred in the hearts of my Countrymen.  I see some annoyance.  I even see anger here and there.  But what I see mostly is - mehWhatevah. 

In an email the other day someone said I was "angry". 

I am not angry.  That gave way to outrage long ago.

What I have now is a seething hatred. 

My emotion is in check.  I'm not ramming planes into IRS buildings.  I'm not storming Athens, Tennessee.  Heck, I'm not even speeding when I drive.  I have trained for decades to channel such emotions into lucidity in confrontational situations.   You might not like my direct words, perhaps they strike a bit close to home?  Sometimes when I comment in dialogue, I use big-boy words.  Does that offend you?  I don't really give a shit.

If I'm barking, you are safe.  When I stop barking...

But you know what - when I look around, I don't see hatred.

If you can't muster some good old-fashioned Fuck You hatred for people stealing 70% and more of your money and telling you what, when, where and how you may behave, and claiming ownership of your children...

That's called bending knee to lick the hand that feeds.

If a few guys don't embrace and channel that seething hatred, really soon, the window of opportunity for Liberty will close.

And if you can't muster much more then meh, well...God may forget ye were my Countryman, but I will never forget your cowardice or treason.


No Fear

I would suggest that you choose your allies wisely.
Getting rattled just because bullets are coming your way is a bad Command trait.


If you notice you once had a link here, and it is gone - that is because I told everyone last week that I was going to clean up the blog.

Anyone who can't respect the work here enough to offer a recip - good luck to you.


Live from Pinson: "All my remaining mouth-breathers - Throw Bricks Again!"

"What?!  My Red Dot plans were foiled??!!  Woe is me!!  Damn that Kerodin!"

And he looks like one of the smarter remaining commenters over there...

Heh, from Kenny here.



I'm taking the crux of this post from a comment I left on a post below.

CA appreciates the finality of arithmetic and math, as does Denninger, and I am right there with both of them - numbers may be manipulated, but they do not liePeople lie - sometimes about numbers.  If you read the numbers objectively, you will arrive at a Universal Truth.

The concept is secession - and no, this is NOT an invitation to debate secession.  I've taken my decision and I won't be changing my mind.  These numbers support my decision - at least as I interpret the numbers.  You've heard "Never try to teach a pig to sing - it wastes your time and annoys the pig"?

Well, I'm the pig, so don't annoy me.

I'm deliberately taking the word "secession" from the below rationale so you strategic and tactical thinkers can assess my position without the political baggage.

Fact:  99.9% of the bipeds on this silly spinning rock self-identify as Marxists, Leftists/Liberals/Socialists/ and every other flavor of "All your sh*t are belong to us!"

Let's just round the number to 7 billion people for the sake of easy arithmetic.

Also for the sake of this discussion, we'll simply count Americans - 313,000,000 of them.

Almost all of those people are comfortable taking your stuff, and accepting your stuff from the people who take it. (All of them - from the USA to around the world).

America remains the only piece of Earth where the concept of Individual Liberty being superior to the power of the State remains alive - though it is on life support.  It never really caught on anywhere else.  Even here, 99% of the population have a vested interest in keeping the status quo.

So, let's be bold and say we have 1% of American population willing to fight for individual Liberty, and you know I use Jefferson's definition of Rightful Liberty.  At 313 million people, 1% works out to 3.13 million who will pick up a rifle to defend Liberty.  Any realistic acceptance of that number will have to accept that most of those 3.13 millions have poor fitness, too-little gear, advanced age, limited combat experience (and if they have any at all, it was probably a while ago).

Now we have an *ahem*Army of 3.13 million Americans who will fight for DoI/BoR Liberty.

And the rest of the country, all 309,870,000 want your stuff - even the one's who simply want medi-care and such.  If you are playing for Hearts & Minds from the masses for your departure - you're pissing up a rope.  They want your stuff.

Now here's where those brilliant tactics and strategy come into play - your chosen battle plan for self-preservation is to move into a smaller geographic region.

[insert laughter here]

Folks, you know I think secession is Constitutional and morally sound.  I simply think it is the death of Liberty in today's world.  You might buy a generation or two until the Bolshies come for your posterity, but they will come, and they will win.  And given their pedigree (the off-spring of those damned Liberty racist bastards!) the luckiest will end up as slave labor.

Instead of following Chamberlain, I would suggest you consider Alexander, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Ashoka, Augustus - all men who expanded for safety, not contracted.

There are Americans who could succeed at such an endeavor, drive the Enemies of Liberty from our lands, then, as did George Washington, step aside.

(Boy, can't wait for the shallow thinkers to show up.  "Kerodin wants to rape, pillage and plunder across America in the name of the Constitution!"  Before anyone goes that batcrap crazy, apply the premise of expansion versus contraction to be rid of the Enemies of Liberty.  That is the lesson - not drowning FSA in shallow riverbeds.)

In a real CQB fight, you enter and dominate the enemy's space, then remove him from it.  That premise works from the micro to the macro.

Balkanization?  Certainly could happen, especially if FedGov goes bust. But that is another topic with differing parameters beyond the scope of deliberate secession.  Maybe I'll write about it later. 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Josey Wales was a III Patriot

Some men are willing to live with a boot upon their neck, so long as they be permitted to live.  Some men are willing to walk away from Evil and permit it to prey upon innocent Souls, so long as the man gets to walk away - permitted to live, or at least eaten last.

I must admit that I simply can't grasp that notion - my mind simply can't comprehend such intense desire to stay alive that one would surrender every shred of dignity.

But, it exists.  Indeed, it is probably the most common baseline among mankind - suffer any indignity or injustice, just let me remain alive!

I know it exists, my brain can grasp the edges of the notion, but I'd be lying if I said I could understand it on any level.  Indeed, it offends me on a visceral, ancient and primitive level.

Perhaps I am the one who is less evolved?  My kind tend to die younger than most, and violently.  We tend to meet challenges head-on with a f*ck you attitude.  I would rather die than suffer indignity of slavery.  Or, perhaps, Mother Nature has simply cursed me with the Alpha 'gene'.

I have more for which to live now than ever before in life - Holly.  But she and I understand that a life of humiliation or indignity is not life, it is simply waiting for death.  To that end, as I have been discussing here on the blog for a while now, counting angels on pinheads is an absurd behavior.

Neither of us know our "purpose" in life, if life even has such structure.  We know that we are called upon deep from within our Souls to aid our friends.  We know we have an obligation to defend Liberty. 

There is a shift taking place here at III Percent.  Most of you have sensed it.  We are leaving very soon for the Redoubt.  There we will meet and greet many of you who are coming.

And to each and every one of you who seek to impede or interject yourself into my business, no more warnings will ever be issued.  And don't act all surprised when you suddenly realize I'm the bastard behind you at Starbucks.  We will be having a conversation. 

My thanks to Grand Master Jedi Zoomie for the Josey Wales - awesome as usual.  I need to find out his favorite beer, I know I owe the guy at least a pallet by now.  ;)


Put in Draft

Folks, I put this post back into draft until Holly has more legal information from Red Dot and Vanderboegh.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Agenda: It is not a dirty word

In the classic definition of the word agenda, I freely admit that I have one in the political world.

It is very simple.  Rightful Liberty.  End.  Period.  Full stop.

The word "Communism" is a good word because it still carries negative connotations when pinging even the younger ears in our culture.  But you and I know that the one, true definition of Communism is too specific to be applied to the idiots trying to run the world today.  But the word still has value when applied to Enemies of Liberty because of the aforementioned negative stigma.  Even the word "Collectivist" is too specific to fully define what we of Jeffersonian dogma advocate.

So I lump all of the Bad People into 3 broad categories: Reds, Those who would be Masters, & Parasites.  The three often overlap, but not always.  The three will devour each other, but they constantly seek fresh meat.  America is entitled to be free of all three categories, and we do not need to apologize, we do not need to "...make room for those who are different..." or tolerate for a single moment the infringements upon Rightful Liberty that define such people.  We are under no obligation to suffer such idiots.  And we sure as hell do not need permission to be rid of such people.

I know my audience is smarter than the average bear.  But we need to keep our rhetoric in sound-bite-sized-candies for the little minds that are watching, so going forward I'll be using "Better Dead than Red" quite a bit.  You know I mean more than "Communists".  I'll also be evolving the WWII "Kill-a-Commie-for-Mommy" meme where rhetorically relevant.

Let's face it folks, until the parasites are gone, the animal will remain sick.  Simply walking away from the parasites is an answer that simply Fails under its own weight.  First you do the work, then you can go out and play.

So, tomorrow, when you see the montage of parasitic vermin ruining the republic, refocus your eyes.  Don't see FSA free-loader hitting up the free clinic in Kentucky for an Oxy score.  Don't see eleventy baby-daddies swiping EBT cards.  Don't see slicky-boy politicians with $800 shoes who bought those shoes (and matching belt) with the dollars he helped steal from your paycheck.

Don't see individuals.  Make this problem as simple as it really, truly is: See Reds.

You know this blog doesn't talk just for the sake of talking - so you already know there is a plan to push the Reds into the sea...  We do not have to give up one single inch of America to any Communist/Parasite/Red - ever.

Yeah, I have a flippin' agenda.  Count on it.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Wisdom of Concerned American

I've called this online community a circle-jerk on more than one occasion, and I am not saying I haven't had my pud in my hand a few times, too.

CA made a point the other day that got lost in the noise, and I'd like to do a Churchill so it flippin' sticks:

If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.

A lot of writers and commenters, professional and amateurs, invest a lot of time discussing how many Angels fit upon the head of a pin on every topic, sub-topic, categories of sub-sub-topics, ad infinitum, relating to the way America is, should be, and will be.

The point CA made rather simply was: Let's win, first.

May I hear an Amen?

For those of you who claim some sort of paralysis because, without some framework or roadmap in place, we can surely never get from here to there, try this roadmap - it was in effect on the day I was born, and it has NOT been revoked:  This is America.  When I was born, my father, his brothers, their fathers, and on back, all had blood on their hands and said "Boy, this is your country, from sea to sea and coast to coast, and wherever you want to go in this country, you go, because we have spilled blood - some of ours, some not ours - to make sure you can go anywhere you want with the Rights of an American unquestioned by any man."

I may be paraphrasing a bit - it was long ago and it was probably awkward, what with afterbirth and messiness everywhere.  Also, I hadn't learned English yet.  But don't get hung up on details.

That is the standard I intend to follow until someone kills me.  This is my country, paid for with the blood of better men than I, and they did NOT do what they did so that my Constitutional Rights could end at the borders of New York or California - even if some of my fellow Countrymen decide they are willing to barter those "Rights" away for me.  They do NOT have that authority.  No man on this continent has the authority to barter away ANY of my Natural Rights on this soil.  Period.  Such a man who tries is as much an enemy as the man claiming I have lost said Rights.  He'd better shoot me in the back or the face rather than try and convince me I should yield.

But, let's circle back to CA's suggestion that we win the fight before we start fussin' over details.

See the bull at the top of the post?  Right now he's looking at you and your lasso thinking something along the lines of "Funny, I don't feel like I'm dinner just yet..."

The bull always has a vote.

You may want to kill the bull and start slaughtering him up before pulling spices out of the cupboard...

A bit of garbage at the garbage site, in reply to garbage...

Seems 'lil Mikey Vanderboegh has a genuine psychotic obsession with me these days - it seems I keep him up all night, pounding on his keyboard, spittle speckling his screen as he is simply unable to get me out of his head.

I think I've been on his front page about a dozen times in as many days.  Today I am there with Pete from WRSA!  Not bad company from my perspective, but it sure won't help Pete's rep much.

Does Alabama have a Mental Health program that can do an intervention for Mike?

Dude, in all seriousness, get help or eat a bullet.

But Mike!  I did you a solid - I did take the time to give you a little food for that Kerodin obsession, here.  Bon appetit.

Here's the link.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If Rule of Law is dead...

...then under what set of Rules do we exist, and should we exist?

96% of you, in the poll at right, say Rule of Law is dead.

82% of you in the poll beneath agree that you are personally ready to participate in a black-bag-a-commie-for-mommie Op.  (queue Jedi Zoomie for commie-bashing, boot-stomping, knife-in-neck style propaganda... ;)

In the poll below that 94% of you re-affirm RoL is dead, and it is time to respond in kind.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I know these polls are not even close to scientific, and the pool of people answering those polls are of a shared and non-mainstream political worldview. 

But, does it matter, even one little bit, that the people answering the polls, in such overwhelming affirmation that it is time to go to work, represent such a small percentage of the populace?  It didn't matter to Sam Adams and his boys on the docks.  It didn't matter to Patrick Henry or most of the others who gave birth to this republic.  I continue to use III%, but you and I know damned well George Washington could never put 3 percent of modern Americans in the field today, and if he did, they'd frag his arse before nightfall.  I know damned well how truly few we are - and every one of you is worth a thousand of them, or more.  I choose you.  We'll call it III Percent, and we'll work with what we've got.

So now what you need to think about, very seriously, in the dead of night when you are not able to sleep, in that very quiet place in your own mind where you do not even allow your husband or wife of fifty years to enter: If Rule of Law is dead, that means that the rules which governed our upper-paleolithic hunter-gatherer aunties and uncles are in effect. (They always have been, but that's a topic for another cheery day.)  That means you can't trust anyone to treat you fairly, under any circumstances.  It means that when you are stopped by LEO, he may choose to put his M4 in your face, because he can.  He may shoot your toy poodle, because he can.  Banks can simply hold your money, because they can.  If you make it to court, you will lose, because the Rule of Law is dead and the Rule of Man is in play.  They will win because they can

What has changed since Heller and MacDonald, in real terms, regarding 2A?  2A has lost ground in every major Blue state in the republic (the states that elect Presidents), 2A has lost the biggest fight since 1934 in the Obamacare "Prohibited Persons" designation which is already expanding the number of "Prohibited Persons" via "Mental Health" and has your doctor reporting to Herr Wolf.  And people are braying for secession, as if those Blue areas will never choke them off economically, starve them like Ukrainians, and then move in and take those precious guns from cold, dead, famine-clenched hands before re-claiming the valuable land.

If you believe in your heart that Rule of Law is dead, are you going to continue to live under what they decree to be "Law"?

If not, then you'd better have your war-face on.  You'd better have your Go Bag and tools of war with you, every moment.  Because when they confront you, whether at your home, at your office, on the subway, in email from some local bureaucracy, at the pizza place for lunch, or on a traffic stop, their Law gives them the Right to kill you, where you stand or sit.  They do not need a reason.

Personally, I only see one way to return the Rule of Law in America - mother*ck those bastards so badly they BEG to reinstate the genuine Rule of Law to protect themselves from us.

But we decide when, and if, that happens - not them.  Crying "OK!  We surrender!" is a suckers move, and if you stop then, you are just laying the ground for your kid or grandkid to have to face it all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time and you had best un-fuck yourself.

That is all.

Good f'n morning.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

III Patriot & Family doing EXACTLY what the III needs!!!

Some of you know that handsome devil on sight, more by name: Israel at the Steel I Beam.

The lovely ladies are Kandy (his wife) and Zaydra (their daughter) and they are standing in the boutique they own in their home town.

This is what we do as Americans - we build businesses and we provide for ourselves and our families, and we raise great kids who know what it means to be responsible, and loved.

Israel is an example for every III Patriot reading this blog.

I'm going to stop writing now, because I have a special place in my hard candy shell for Israel.

Here's the story from his local media.

Well done Israel & Family!


Thank you

Folks, Holly and I are filled with gratitude to each and every one of you who have found a way to support our efforts going forward in Idaho. 

My wife is who she is, and she will be writing to each and every one of you - so please don't think we've simply chosen not to say thank you.  A simple thank you here online doesn't even come close to how we feel.

And when you come to town to vacation and camp out - come in and train with me.  That always makes my heart happy.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Poll --> Serious Business

I am convinced that Rule of Law is dead in America.

Team Evil is murdering Americans by the thousands per year (I saw 5,000 LEO killings of civilians the other day, in the last year alone).  The optics are dropped.  Raw power rules, not reason or debate or logic.

So, my question is simple:

Is it time for Enemies of Liberty to begin being found taped to Liberty Poles again?  Is it time for Tax Men and their bureaucratic modern siblings to be found in the modern equivalency of tar and feather?  Is it time to start treating Enemies of Liberty to the Governor Hutchinson remedy?

I added a poll at right in case you don't want to put your name on the line.

I also encourage people to answer in the comments section.

When Rule of Law is dead, civility is a death sentence for good people.


Vote our way out, eh...

Sure - you can be a Republican Mayor - here, wear these!

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Days after a Republican was elected mayor of Annapolis, City Council members say they will revisit legislation that would strip the mayor’s office of much of its power.

The optics have been dropped.

It is now a simple coronation as our local and national politburos are being ordained.

Lying to yourself will make no difference.

Rule of Law is dead.  If you continue to live by laws that bind you, I say this as politely as I can manage, you are an idiot.

Story from Maryland.


My Veteran's Day Post

If you have a problem with Veterans, fuck you and leave.

This is not going to be a "Thank you, Vets" post.

We are beyond that.  You and I live in shame.  We are shameful, and we tolerate ourselves in that shame.

According to the head of the NYC food bank, 40% of American veterans need help to eat enough food.

If that fact alone isn't enough to make you want to leave your home and start hitting those people with hammers who are destroying this country and making this happen - fuck you, too.

I'm about done being ashamed and blaming others for all of the bad, shameful things in this nation.  It's time to simply remove those "others" from the controls of society.

Here's the link.


OK - I know I asked about my future - BUT...

PLEASE look at the two posts immediately below this one.

I called for a new, modern Liberator so we can put a boomstick in EVERY hand when the time becomes necessary.

The next day, I woke and found the post immediately below from WiscoDave - BOOM!

If we need to change the world in the favor of Liberty, how better but to put a flesh-driller in the hand of EVERY good-guy in America for under $90 retail???

Put your thinking caps on guys - I KNOW we have the smarts in this audience to design a modern, simple, effective, safe Liberator on every CNC in America.

Read Below.

Comment here!


Liberator Concept

.22 single shot made over a 3 day period.

It is heading the right direction.

Here's the link.

Thanks to WiscoDave!


III Arms: III Liberator Contest


For our engineers and savvy Patriots, and anyone who wants to tinker:

Often III Arms announcements are released here because it is the biggest audience we have unless I ask WRSA for a favor. 

As most of you know US Army PsyOps built millions of .45 ACP Liberator pistols to be dropped to French Resistance fighters to use against the occupying Germans.  The little gun was a master-stroke of simplicity for accomplishing a very specific task.  It is a single-shot.  The action is manually operated, and the spent casing was pushed from the end of the barrel with a (supplied) wooden dowel.  A few extra .45 ACP rounds were stored in the pistol grip.

The concept was simple: The Partisan palmed the Liberator and found a German sentry late in the night and got close using guile or tradecraft, busted a .45 cap in his arse, then took the German's weapons and ammo - then got the heck out of Dodge before other Germans arrived.  He'd then pass the Liberator to the next unarmed Partisan who would repeat the process.

III Arms:  The next item on the company agenda is a modern Liberator.  Forget the shape and engineering details of the original - this is a chance to make the Liberator in your image.  A few specs: It must remain single-shot.  It must have a space for extra rounds.  It must be SIMPLE to operate and build.  It MUST be 100% buildable on a CNC machine.  It must have a retail price-point that allows most anyone to afford one - Team Leaders should be able to buy them by the dozens to hand out when SHTF to all those folks who never prepped.  I would recommend you use current barrel blanks - it comes pre-rifled and you can cut it to whatever length you wish.  Personally, I'd thread the end of the barrel for a small suppressor, but that's just me.  The fewer the parts, the better.  It should be intuitive to operate so ANYONE can find one and put it into the ear of a regime thug and take his gear kit.

It MAY NOT use stampings.  Remember - EVERY component (except barrel blanks) must be able to build on a CNC - this way Patriots anywhere with even a hobby-level CNC can build one in their basement.

The design needs to look like a small pistol - nothing camo'd as a ball-point pen or other item.

NOTE: Do NOT get into trouble with ATF by building prototypes in your basement!  Use drawings, please.

Ammo choices: I'm a .45 ACP guy.  But let's be serious - if the idea is to get within contact range, you don't need that much kick or noise.  At buckle-to-buckle range, I'm as deadly with a .22LR as with the .45 ACP.  But design is up to you.  Building in multiple calibers is pretty simple once the design is worked out.

What's in it for you?

First: You will be contributing to the preservation of Liberty.

Second: The winning designer will be presented unit number 1 - which will become very valuable.

Third: The winning designer will receive 10% of the net sales of all III Arms Liberators sold, until you are dead.  If you designate an heir, that person will get your dividends once you are gone. (I am a hardcore Free Enterprise guy - I believe Americans should get paid for their work.)

What's next: Design your Liberator.  You do NOT have to make blueprint-quality drawings - Miller is a smart guy and he can work from pretty good sketches.  But make sure your drawings are as good as you can make them. Make sure your drawings are complete - he can't read minds.  Include dimensions. If you are able to send him computer versions of your design, I think his life gets much, much easier.

So, for all of you mechanically capable Patriots who feel that maybe you can't contribute as much as you'd like - here's your chance.  Design a modern Liberator and help real Americans kill commies for mommy.

Submit ALL designs to: information@IIIArmsCompany.com  If you are going to submit paper designs, I'll give you an Idaho address for submissions in the near future.

This contest will run through the winter.  It begins now and ends March 21 (Springtime).  Jim Miller may get designs early and decide to build prototypes.  He may not.  Jim is Jim and he'll do what he feels is best for the project.

Legal notice: Submitting your design gives exclusive rights to III Arms Company to produce the prototype/design you submit and the company holds those rights until the contest is officially over.  You may NOT submit to any other company.  The winner is obligated to accept the above terms.  If your design is NOT chosen as the winner, all rights immediately revert back to you, in full.

Game on, folks.  Let's bring the Liberator into RevWarIII.