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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Logistics Officers: Continued

**UPDATE**  I'm still not seeing many local units offer any answers to this essential topic.  Are you planning to "tax" the locals, and just take what you need?  FYI - taxing civilians will earn you a Kerodin blade in your neck.  Just so you know.  Does your team even have the skills to hotwire a car anymore, if so?  This stuff matters, folks - at least as much as every man being armed.  No need to reveal your laundry here - so long as you have an answer in your Team.

Not sure how to put this, not sure how it will work, I'm just throwing it out there so you folks with experience in such matters can start working out the details.

Performing capers, any FreeFor caper, requires widgets. 

If a caper is going to happen with a single Operator in Cleveland, what's it going to take to get logistics to pre-stage the widgets he needs - like escape cars, maybe a motor cycle, maybe a bottle of mascara - stuff he can't get on his own, or would draw suspicion, and stuff that may be used once and then useless for future work.

This takes money.  The III community has no real money players to support capers, especially distant capers (or, do we?)

And Logistics is a skill unto itself.

Feel free to talk among yourselves, I have little knowledge to contribute - I fall onto the operational side of things - the guy who needs the widgets and safe houses and such.

If I was a dangerous radical, that is.  Of course, I'm not.  I'm loveable and fluffy.