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Monday, November 4, 2013

Major Wolf: Liberal Plan for the destruction of America

Duty with Honor
Slow is smooth & Smooth is Fast
We have many Warriors and Patriots in our community.  We have many ideas about how SHTF will unfold, and when. We have ideas about how to handle SHTF, depending on the actual events on the ground.  What may be DefCon One in Detroit or Los Angeles may Be DefCon Five in Orlando. 
We must all be fluid.  We must all by dynamic.  We must all be ready for what we expect, and for events that we never considered.
Cut through it all, take what makes sense to you, disregard the rest.  But I counsel all of you to read our community blogs and relevant MS to keep our finger on the pulse. 
But more importantly I counsel that you get away from your keyboard and go meet people who claim to be Patriots.  As we have discussed, Mao considered himself a Patriot, so never take another man's word for it - do your own due diligence.  Once you have the beginning of a Team, start building Team skills.  Build protocols.  Train together so you know what to expect if the world suddenly goes to s*it, so if your Team is separated by a city block, you have an idea who will be doing what.
Duty with Honor is on my blogroll.  It should be on your daily read list.
Folks, gear is important.  Training is important.
But if I had 3 or 4 guys who knew each other, had never fired a handgun, never stalked a bear, never worn a ghillie, and I was in trouble, I'd like 3 or 4 guys who have Glocks and friendship to be my primary rescue team.  Every trip of the train.
Here's the link.  Go read what he offers our community.  It matters.