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Tuesday, December 31, 2013




Words do not work...

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All your children are belong to us...


“We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we've always had kind of a private notion of children. Your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. We haven't had a very collective notion of these are our children,” she says in a spot for the network’s “Lean Forward” campaign. “So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” [emphasis added]

Denninger offers his reply, here.


One of the better pieces written in a while

New word for our vocabulary: Totalitolerant.

I commend it to you all, then comment at WRSA.


Monday, December 30, 2013

LEO Deaths Down: A Trend that will not hold...

Just a hunch.

I'm thinking most people would prefer to be test-bunnies for a new plague than a cop at some point in our near future.

Just a hunch...

Here's the story.


Just in case you need a refresher...

...this is what is coming for you and me.

The speaker is Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the group that sent the current Administration to Washington, and that has tentacles into every state and local governing body in America today.

These people are coming.  You are in their way.

Samuel Adams was talking directly to you, Patriot: "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

Mr. Adams' resume, in part:
Principal Organizer of the Boston Tea Party
Founder of the Sons of Liberty
Signer of Declaration of Independence
Governor of Massachusetts

And what will History write of you and me?


Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Plan: Let's keep it simple...

Is the Rule of Law dead in America?  92% of you say yes.

Is it time to respond in-kind?  94% of you said yes.

If Patriots went hunting tonight, would they have the Moral High Ground?  92% of you said yes.

Those are big numbers.  Granted, the people who tend to read this blog tend to be a bit more hardcore than most.  We tend to run-off folks who are willing to bend knee.  We tend to be Constitutionalists who like the way things were in 1791 when the Bill of Rights was ratified, and before the Federalists began gnawing at the edges of our Liberties.  We also have a modest percentage of regular readers who are Secessionists and true Anarchists (zero government, NOT "chaos"), and I think most of the folks in those two latter groups would find life in America more than acceptable if we managed to get back to a 1791 state of Liberty.

We are a very small group, numerically and by percentage.  Our little slice of the Liberty Movement certainly doesn't rise to the level of 3%.  I honestly doubt the entire "Liberty Movement" could muster 3% who would take arms and go to the Green and at the end of the day not try to impose their own brand of "freedom & liberty" on the losing team.  I know that my particular audience understands just how many "Patriots" think Social Security is a good thing.  Either you are for true Liberty or you are not.  You can't be a little bit pregnant.  Liberty is the same.

The map of I created shows the States I believe are truly Communist, right now.  (Please remember I am being loose with the word "Communist", using it as a label for Marxist/Leftist/blahblah/people who believe it is morally acceptable to take anything from one man and give that gain to another man via .gov coercion or brute force)  I don't mean that the respective States simply have Governments that are controlled by Communists, I mean I think the populace of each of these states is, in the majority, Communist.  They believe it is morally acceptable to take from one man and give to another via the mechanism of Government.

If I were to color Red every State that had it's Government controlled by such people, most all of the map would be communist red.  I don't think anyone can find a single state that has a DC Delegation that has a 1791 perspective, and I don't think anyone can find even one state legislature/executive/judiciary that has, or seeks, a 1791 perspective.  And now the big challenge: I do not think you can point to one single state that would have 1/2 or more of the citizen population in favor of a 1791 perspective of Liberty. (And I am including the notion that the slaves are as free as today, and women have the same Rights as today.)  ((Oh, and for the record, voting "Rights" is a state issue, and I do NOT believe everyone in the country has the "Right" to vote.))

You can test the theory.  Ask someone 2 questions, and you'll have your answer: 1) Should your neighbor be able to own a fully kitted attack helicopter and 2) Is mandatory social security good or bad.

You won't find many 1791 folks if you start asking those two questions.

Do our low numbers mean we should all just shrug it off, make life easier for ourselves and play their reindeer games, because we have no chance of ever recovering 1791 Liberty, something which so few want?  History tells us no.  History tells us that the world is moved by small groups of determined men who grind away for their goals.  Communism has been on the grind for well over 100 years, and they are very close to turning the entire globe Commie Red.

What we are missing, then, is a cohesive plan.  The readers of this blog may have a different idea of how to win than does the readership at WRSA or Sipsey or anywhere else.  Hell, there are large percentages within even this small community pulling in opposing directions.  I have a plan, and you have heard it before.  If every Liberty-minded American were to take the initiative when the time is right and follow the plan, we'd be back to genuine Rightful Liberty within a week.  Those who would be Masters would be begging for mercy or a one-way ticket out of the country.

The Plan: When the time comes, go find something Evil and kill it.  Stop when you are dead or Evil is gone.

It is simple and it is effective.  You know what is Evil versus what is not.  You know Evil versus stupidity.  You do not need any command & control hierarchy.  Simply go do your job as an American and find something that is infringing your Liberty or that of your Countrymen and make it stop.  When practical, empanel a jury of your peers and a Judge.  Do your best to steer people away from mob violence.

Remember, the original III Patriots did not fight for the Constitution.  They fought for the ideal of Liberty.  They had an easily identifiable set of targets - guys wearing red coats and people who gave aid and comfort to those guys in the red coats.  Afterall, it was the red coats that were the force projection of tyranny.  Stop the red coats, and you stop the tyranny.  Take out a tigers claws and fangs, and he's a kitty.

Nothing has changed...except the color of the coats.


Oh - why the Webley WG at the top?  Just because I have a deep affinity for that revolver and what it represents of Mankind.

Cold Steel - aptly named

Patriots who have taken my "Oh Sh*t!" class have heard me say there are times that you simply find a way to shoot that S.O.B. or, preferably, hit him with a Chevy.

That guy in the picture makes my case.  If you've done something that puts you on his sh*t list and he's got that 'hawk in his hands and you are a law-abiding Californian (which means you are unarmed), here's what you do - assuming you can't just get on a plane and leave the state.

1) Start your Chevy.
2) Drive it straight into his house.
3) Come out shooting with everything you've got. (again, that pesky California unarmed thing hinders this approach a bit).

Then, you might have a chance.

But, probably not.  Because while Wirecutter's taking your head off, Charliegoddammit will be pulling your man-parts off, and Miss Lisa will be using calm, aimed rifle fire at whatever you present to her sights as you scream.

The point?  It's just best not to f*ck with some people.

Here's the link.


Digital = Compromised

**Update**  Denninger has posted on the same topic, here.

If you know those who mean to be Masters consider you to be a Hostile, and especially if you agree that you are a Hostile to those men, there are certain assumptions you need to take.  First assumption is obvious: You are a target of those men.  You must assume that they have devoted at least some quantifiable energy and resources to ascertain where you sit on their threat matrix.  Some bureaucrat will push you into a category, perhaps violent threat, perhaps no threat because they assume you are all talk, perhaps a threat only if X happens, perhaps they throw you into the "We can compromise him" category because they have X details about you.  You must also assume that they have access to your phone and computer.  If you have a "SmartMeter" installed at home or your office from your electric company, they have the capacity to deduce even more about you and your home.  If your home alarm system is connected to a monitoring station or internet, well...

We know NSA and their allies have far more capability to collect data than to sort it all with Human eyes - but you can bet that gap is closing rapidly as software and hardware improve.  You do not start jumping at shadows just because Bad People don't like you, but you do need to understand where you are, or may be, vulnerable and you must respect those potential vulnerabilities.  Just because you think you may be way down the priority list for enemy action or further targeting - what if you are wrong?  What if you get sloppy because you don't think they have the time or resources to focus on little-'ol-you?

How do you know what their priorities and capabilities are?  2 or 3 years ago you may have thought drones were such an advanced and expensive asset that it would be decades before they'd be available to US LEO.  Whoops.  How do you know if .mil and .gov have handled all the big targets and moderate targets and now have time/resources to focus a bit more on lesser targets?  And if your government is intent on becoming a Police State, the local Militia Captain with Ham capabilities may be a bit higher on the list than you may think.

And now we have this from AP regarding American Intel: Der Spiegel said TAO had a catalog of high-tech gadgets for particularly hard-to-crack cases, including computer monitor cables specially modified to record what is being typed across the screen, USB sticks secretly fitted with radio transmitters to broadcast stolen data over the airwaves, and fake base stations intended to intercept mobile phone signals on the go.

The NSA doesn't just rely on James Bond-style spy gear, the magazine said. Some of the attacks described by Der Spiegel exploit weaknesses in the architecture of the Internet to deliver malicious software to specific computers. Others take advantage of weaknesses in hardware or software distributed by some of the world's leading information technology companies, including Cisco Systems, Inc. and China's Huawei Technologies Ltd., the magazine reported.
Der Spiegel cited a 2008 mail order catalog-style list of vulnerabilities that NSA spies could exploit from companies such as Irvine, California-based Western Digital Corp. or Round Rock, Texas-based Dell Inc. The magazine said that suggested the agency was "compromising the technology and products of American companies."
Old-fashioned methods get a mention too. Der Spiegel said that if the NSA tracked a target ordering a new computer or other electronic accessories, TAO could tap its allies in the FBI and the CIA, intercept the hardware in transit, and take it to a secret workshop where it could be discretely fitted with espionage software before being sent on its way.
Intercepting computer equipment in such a way is among the NSA's "most productive operations," and has helped harvest intelligence from around the world, one document cited by Der Spiegel stated.
This is not offered for anyone to go fetal.  We all know .gov has significant advantages on several fronts of the polygonal battlespace.  It is offered simply to help those of you who intend to go into Harm's Way grounded and avoid the pitfalls of over-confidence.  Your electronics are vulnerable to compromise.  Most of the people you consider to be your closest allies are vulnerable to compromise.  (Let a new age Brownshirt put a pistol to the head of your #1 man's wife with a simple offer - go and put 2 rounds in your Militia Captain's head, and your family lives)  Think it can't or won't happen?  You haven't paid much attention to Lawfare in the last 40 years then...
Here's the AP article.
Keep your guard up.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

III to III: Career Opportunity for a III Patriot and a need that must be filled...

**UPDATE**  Bumping to the top of the page.


Request to our Comms guys - Patriots need your help:  Most of you know I have been playing catch-up on Comms for WRoL/SHTF.  My original paradigm never included having a Tribe, much less a Tribe that has members literally all across this nation, from coast to coast and border to border.  Whoops.  My bad.  Looks like my paradigm, if/when SHTF is going to include a LOT of travel on my part, and long-range, secure Comms will be imperative.

As I enter this learning curve I have come to the conclusion, as I have stated elsewhere, .mil and .gov absolutely own this piece of the battlespace - not only radio, but also digital.  OK - I accept that.  But I am a guy who always looks for where there is weakness to exploit.  I am also a hardcore Capitalist pig.

Some of you reading this blog have radio skills - mad skills.  I personally see part of my role in this community of Patriots as helping my fellow Countrymen improve their economic position in life, which improves most other aspects.

So, here's where I am with Comms:  .Gov and .Mil own the battlespace.  By extension, they own the manufacturers of the equipment made for the civilian market to make certain no cool widgets and gizmos are installed into commercially available Comms gear, through the FCC and threats of prison, blah, blah...

You know I am an old-school guy, and I apply that philosophy everywhere it is prudent.  I have my heart set on a KX3 from Elecraft as my first rig, with the bells and whistles, to travel with me so I can make contact when needed.  As we know, .Gov and .Mil can DF you REALLY FAST and send a missile your way if they so choose.  So if you crack the mike, you need to stay on the air as little as possible AND you need to beat feet and get out of that area ASAP.

So, the solution is Cold War Goodie #1: Burst transmissions.  The ability to key in your entire message in your transmitter, then hit a button, and the entire message gets "burst" transmitted at a high rate of speed.  In the Cold War they were working at 300 wpm.  The receiver would catch the burst, and decode it so the message could be deciphered.  With burst tech, the radio only had to be active for a quick second to send the message, making DF harder, thus the spy safer.

Cold War Goodie #2: Frequency Hopping.  As the message was "burst" transmitted, a magical black box made by some guys with glasses and pocket protectors broke up that 300 wpm message (which was probably coded) and bounced that message over a wide range of frequencies, making interception even harder by enemy forces.  (They call this "spread spectrum" today, and regulate the hell out of it)

Cold War Goodie #3: Encryption.  Not only did the agent in the field write his message in code, another magical black box further encrypted the signals - that were being burst and hopping all over bandwidth, making interception and code-breaking that much tougher.

I talked to one of the guys at Elecraft, and he wasn't really keen to build a small run (say 100 radios) with such features included.  To be honest, I have ZERO idea what legalities might be involved.  He seemed a bit nervous about frequency hopping and the FCC...

BUT:  If I was a III Patriot with such skills, and I wanted to contribute to the cause and make a few bucks so I could buy more bullets and beans, I have to believe that one of you radio guys could homebrew either one black box to do all three functions, or separate black boxes, each tasked specifically.  If you did it either way, you'd make your black boxes compatible with commercial, off-the-shelf gear so that no matter what rig X militia or Y Lone Wolf is using, they can talk to one another far more safely than they can under today's paradigm.  You'd also make sure that computers and ANY vulnerable digital components were not needed to avoid all NSA dirty tricks

Build your widget into a nice little black box (keep it as small and simple as possible for the guy who has to carry this stuff with him or hide it often), slap a "III Radio Company" label on the side, and I can promise you every blog in this community would promote the hell out of your black boxes.  Keep your price-point as low as possible, while still making it worth your while! 

Legalities?  I can't help you there.  While I know we already live in a world WRoL, there is no sense in getting yourself thrown into a cage if you can avoid it.  But I'd be willing to bet if you designed it and for whatever reason your attorney told you not to sell the widgets, you could surely draw up a set of plans written at the 3rd grade short bus level so a guy like me could walk into Radio Shack and break the law - I mean, try my hand at building a widget.  And I mean third grade short bus simple - some of us have never used a soldering iron.  But most of us learn quickly...

For you Comms guys, especially those of you with the skills and knowledge to build such devices, I am going to ask you please and directly: Please do this for your fellow Patriots.  If you have the skills and you are willing, but need start-up capital, I know you'd get support from our Patriots.  Just send me your PayPal email addy and I'll start plugging you this afternoon.


ComSec: Consider

There are 2 important caveats before this quick post on ComSec:

1) We have acknowledged that .mil and .gov own the electronic and comms pieces of the polygonal battlespace.  Short of OTP, one must remember Mister Franklin: Three may keep a secret so long as two are dead.

2) I am THE LAST guy to go to for reliable information on comms.

That said: One must consider that ANY device that is designed to serve as a receiver and transmitter and integrates ANY digital components that control functions, you MUST consider the possibility that your device can be compromised by .mil and .gov at will.

Your cell phone is compromised, and we all know it.  It pings your location even when turned "off".  There are rumors that even pulling the battery out of some new phones is insufficient to negate .gov ability to track that phone.

Your long-range radios: AM, FM, SSB, HF, et cetera, a great many of them, and almost all new units, are controlled with digital components. 

What makes you think that while it is in your rig (or in your hand or strapped to the strap of your backpack) in passive mode, that some techie can't ping your device and DF you in a few hot seconds, and drop a munition on your head?

I asked Dan Morgan the question, and he gave me a considered answer that all of you who are going to keep several types of comms gear with you must consider and weigh value versus potential cost.  That link is here.

Having said that, no - I am not put off diving into comms for several reasons.  First, if you have access and skills, you can homebrew a rig that doesn't use any electronics that make you vulnerable.  That should, to my limited knowledge, help make you safe.  Second, perhaps you can buy up some older tech radios without those weaknesses.  Third, I anticipate a WRoL/SHTF paradigm that will seriously degrade .mil and .gov ability and interest in chasing every radio or cell phone they are able to ping and locate.

I've purchased my ARRL study guides to test for Tech and General, for the same reason I'll be going for my Sport Pilot License, then general and rotorcraft certs in Idaho: The skills will be necessary in my lifetime and in the paradigm I anticipate for my life.

Keeping your head is your best defense, regardless of circumstances.  When you are buckle-to-buckle with a guy who is intent to gut you - the more calm you remain as you try to kill him first, the better.  Just because .gov has you on a list, meh.  Just because they can listen to your comms - just be sure to use appropriate protocols, such as well-designed OTP practices and trusted couriers and allies who don't get themselves compromised.  And if they are hunting you and using your gear, I'm sure you can think of a few ways to turn that to your advantage...


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gear for Your Team

As most of you know, I am looking at the 2014 elections to be a significant event on the timeline of whatever OpFor has planned.  I'm not looking for a false flag or anything on election night - I am anticipating a ramping-up of tensions to election day, and then I expect the regime to begin to go hard not too long after election day.

If I am right, and the economy doesn't stroke-out before then, we have just over 11 months until life gets sporty.

I put out the call the other night for a few of our capable III Patriots to dig deep and help finance a DC Class Fundraiser for Jan/Feb, so we can use that money to help improve our general position.  Let's face it, every unit, Team and individual out there still wants or needs something, some piece of gear that will help improve their odds.

1) We had one III Patriot step up and offered to cover the entire cost of the fundraiser.  That is huge, folks.  Since then a couple more III Patriots stepped-up to help take some of the weight off our first donor's shoulders.  Now I am going to ask that a few more of you dig deep and throw in to the fundraiser pile to help spread the cost.  I know times are tight, but I know some of our Patriots have what it takes to help in a big way.  We don't have a III Arms rifle to give away, or even a branded III knife - this is a request for straight cash help so we can run a proper fundraiser.  I'll put a PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

2)  I don't want any details about your Team/Unit/Tribe - but I would like to know what single item would most help your Tribe when SHTF.  I can't make any promises, but that is what we intend to do with the money raised - the goal is to get med kits to a militia team if you need them, perhaps plate carriers, maybe you have guys who have worn-out cammies and need a new set.  Maybe your Tribe needs a Base Station Radio.  Maybe you need a case of soap bars to help win Hearts & Minds when your neighbors need a shower.  Whatever - write me privately and let me know what single item would most help your Team gear locker, and as the fundraiser fills the coffers, we'll do everything in our power to help you get what you need.  The simple fact remains - without cash, there is very, very little any of us can do against the Enemies of Liberty.  Kerodin@Kerodin.com 

For you III Patriots out there who can afford to help, and won't really miss a 4 or 5 digit check, every dollar we can put into the fundraiser will help return several more.  I am working with a DC Pro, we've got great lists, and we've got connections.  Now we need a grand total of $22,500 to fill our coffers and start getting gear to Patriots who need it most.

I never planned in all of my life to try and be a fundraiser or logistician, but here I am.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

III Arms Christmas Raffle: Winner!!!

Jay Y. in Ohio - you won!

You are now the owner of the final III Arms Minuteman-15 Founders Edition!

Jay bought five tickets (as did a few Patriots) and Holly pulled one of your tickets out of the box about 5 minutes ago.

Congratulations, and Merry Christmas!!

All you have to do now is contact III Arms President Jim Miller and give him the information for your preferred FFL, and your rifle will be on the way.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped support III Arms and the 527 with this raffle.  I truly wish we were able to send every single one of you a rifle.  Without your help and support, we couldn't truly accomplish anything for Liberty.  All of you make this possible.  There will be a few dollars left over after the 527 pays III Arms for the rifle, and those dollars will be used to help continue our 2A work!

Congratulations again, Jay!

Miller's contact information: Here.  Jay, you can also find him at his Facebook page: Facebook.com/IIIArmsCompany

Merry Christmas to every Patriot!


Citadel Blog: How to get in

If you are a III Arms Founder, or an Applicant to the Citadel and want access to the blog for latest developments and final round of questions, please send an email to: VJ@IIICitadel.com and he will add you to the list.

The blog is ONLY for Founders and paid applicants for a while.  We'll open it back to the public once we take care of a few backroom issues.

Founders do NOT need to complete the second round of questions regarding the application process.  Applicants, you'll find a button on the top menu bar that will take you to a very short list of final questions.  Please fill that out and submit.  At some point within the next few weeks, someone from the Steering Committee will schedule a brief Skype conversation with you.  Several Applicants have already been approved, having met us along the way and otherwise.  But all applicants need to do the questionnaire as a formality.


So, now LEO has been given talking points about their new .mil gear...

Someone in a Leftist political spin shop has finally been tasked with offering talking points when Citizens dare challenge why .mil is giving LEO all their gear.  Here's what the Salinas Police Chief said about becoming 'militarized' (Hint: He said LEO is not becoming militarized because...)

“An allegation that we are militarizing has to be that we were patrolling the streets in platoons in greater numbers, that we were setting up checkpoints and searching people in and out of neighborhoods,” he told the interviewer.

The Salinas PD isn’t doing any of that, he said.

So, if your local LEO isn't patrolling in platoon-sized units or more, they are not militarized.

Seems I recall in Boston not long ago I saw platoon-sized patrols, with exactly this sort of light armor rolling with them, which made that patrolling quite a bit more intense and capable, and intimidating for those people being swarmed out of their homes.

Salinas residents, you have been warned.  If you listen to the Chief's words and ignore what you see with your own eyes, shame on you.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sometimes you have to let it evolve...

The III Patriots who trained with me in my Fight to your Weapon class have heard me say that phrase (the title of this post) before.  Sometimes you have to let an attack evolve before you begin your counter.  Move too soon and you telegraph, allowing the enemy to adjust his attack.  Move too late, you get hit.  Wait for the right moment, then move, and you can execute your technique.

The same is true of this Counter-Revolution in which we are engaged right now with the Communists of the world - those Communists who are within a breath of conquering America.  I use the word Communists as a label, it covers all of the Evil we face.  If we move too soon and begin our attack, we make our road harder to travel as a percentage of the public will see Patriots as the morally wrong force.  If we move too late, we'll be at such a deficit that even with public support, we will lose.  At some point there will be a catalyst that acts as a trigger, such as an economic implosion, or some individual from one side or the other is going to attack in such a manner that it escalates to critical mass.  Then it is on, and whoever has the support of the public has what they have.  If we lose that fight, or begin at a deficit, we can always win a plurality back, if we fight smart.  I'm simply not too worried about Hearts & Minds.  I care about killing Evil - once we do that, everything else will work itself out.

Our modern Boston Tea Party happened February 19, 2009 when Rick Santelli unloaded from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  What I found interesting is that I never watch CNBC, but I happened to be tuned in and I heard his rant live.  I was shocked.  I knew something big had just happened.  I had no idea how big.  Since then the Establishment Republicans have marginalized, but not killed, the Tea Party that sprang to life in the aftermath of Santelli's rant.

Many Patriots are eager for shooting to begin - too eager.  They are discouraged because it has now been just over four years since Santelli unleashed and began a paradigm shift.  In that time, the nation has been hijacked even harder to the Left, and the political clout of the Tea Party has waned.

But remember, it was 16 December 1773 when our first Tea Party took place.  18 months passed before Captain John Parker went to the Green at Lexington and the shot was fired.  Another year would pass before Mister Jefferson sat down to write our Declaration of Independence.  It had to evolve.

As it is evolving right now.  The Enemies of Liberty have no intention of suddenly ceasing their march for worldwide domination.  They are not suddenly going to quit or abandon their plans.  At the moment they are at least as over-confident as was King George.  And to be honest, both the King and the heads of our current Hydra have good cause to be confident.  But like the King, those who mean to be Masters today will lose.  They will lose on a scale that even the word "epic" can't begin to convey the true scope of what they will suffer.

I do not have one single shred of evidence to back up my mouth.

But I have faith that Mankind is currently taking an evolutionary leap forward - we are in the process of surpassing ourselves.

Life on this planet that is circling an insignificant star is about to be as ugly as it has ever been, on a global scale.  There will not be one single person who escapes even tangential suffering as a result of the killing of the Evil I am calling Communism. 

That is what is coming, Patriots.

Communism, the greatest Evil this planet has ever known, at least in our known history, is about to reach to consolidate its grip on the entire planet.  In that flawed move, we will kill not only Communists, but every Communist, and even the idea of Communism.

Yes, you can kill an idea.  For whatever reason you and I have been chosen to be here for this fight, by God, or by mere chance, or by some force we can't comprehend.  But you and I are the one's who have been chosen to wipe the notion of Communism from the mind of Man, and in so doing, improve our species on this planet.  We are evolving as an animal.  We will be forced to embrace every molecule of our barbarism, our savagery, our bloodlust in this fight to kill Communism.  In so doing we will unlock secrets about ourselves.  And we will be better for it.

Our Posterity will clean up the aftermath, and they will move forward in a paradigm that only you and I can bring to life.

That is our purpose here.  Now.

III Percent of the Colonials on the continent gave the Americans who were yet to be born the ability to come to this point in time and space.

III Percent of us will do the same, and we will change Mankind.

This animal that you and I are, can be better.  We have been chosen to use all of our innate barbarity to crush those who would be Masters and allow future generations to understand their potential.  You and I have been chosen to curb-stomp hatred to death for our posterity.  You and I are the last of this phase of Mankind.

Our advancement as a species will not be free.  It will cost you and me our Souls.  We will be forced to go inside ourselves to that place where our most ferocious inner demons are born.  You and I will, mercifully, not survive very long once our task is completed.

But when we are gone, we will have killed a great Evil that has murdered hundreds of millions and caused hundreds of millions more to suffer.  You and I have been tasked to kill Communism and the Evil accompanying it.

To kill an Evil beast places no moral burden on our Soul.  But what we will do, what we will be forced to unleash, the ugliness inside ourselves that we must release to win, will be enough that we will welcome death once our task is finished.

There is going to be a fight.

This fight is for everything.

Let's win.


The 3rd has been violated as well...

Quite often when our writers list examples of violations of our Bill of Rights, they claim the 3rd remains in tact, at least for now.  There is nothing malicious about their statement, they simply don't know or remember the Nevada family that was arrested for "Obstruction" when LEO took over their home while engaged in an action with neighbors.

LEO wanted to use the families home to station snipers or other members of the Team.  No warrant.  No exigent circumstance, other than the fact that LEO wanted a clean shot at the neighbors house.  When the homeowners objected, they had firearms pointed at them and were forcibly placed under arrest for daring to object.

You can scratch the 3rd Amendment off the list as well.  That's a clean sweep - all 10 have been murdered.  By an occupying force.  A standing army.  By men and women armed by the State who are willing to kill you for failing to obey their commands, regardless of the oath they took regarding your Constitutional Rights.

Right now teachers and others threaten families with Child Protective Services interventions if parents fail to comply with their demands.  Mark my words, Americans - we are not far from a Judge ordering that an "observer" from some bureaucratic organization, or a LEO himself, be assigned to the home of a family for 24 hours, or maybe a week, to ensure the child is not being abused, or some other such contrivance.  With for-profit prisons that need to fill beds, how long do you think it'll take before ObamaCare "advisors" (who probably worked for Acorn at some point) are assigned to live with "at risk" families.

Mischa could have never dreamed of such power.

You have few options when confronted with Evil.  You can actively participate.  You can try to ignore it, and hope it gets you last.  Or you can fight.

Killing an Evil thing carries no moral burden upon the Soul.

We have institutionalized Evil in America today.  Your Countrymen are conditioned to it.

Resist.  Then kill it.


A Standing Army willing to oppress...

There is no logical, common sense definition for the militarized police organizations across America but the "Standing Army" about which we were warned.

They have proven time and again, they prove every day, they will do the bidding of their paymasters - and they enjoy it.

Sam Adams warned us all, in plain language that simply can't be misunderstood: If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.

In October when a few of us were in DC returning Barrycades to the White House, when LEO stood down, several of them passed us with shame clearly on their faces.  I heard two apologize.  They were wrong, and they knew they were wrong - and they were armed and willing to unleash Hell on Americans that morning.

That Standing Army must go if Liberty is ever to return to these shores.  As you see in the picture above, none of those guys have shame on their faces.  They can't wait to roll to a scene in their new rig and put someone down.  That evening they'll hoist beers to one another for a good day at work, while some family weeps for whoever they murdered.

The Constitution affirms written authority to you and me to dismiss a Standing Army if one should form.  They affirmed the right to vote, and the Bad People have nullified that avenue.  They affirmed to us redress in the courts, but that avenue has been corrupted since Marbury in 1803 and no remedy will be found there for oppressed Americans today.  And our Framers demanded a written and ratified Bill of Rights that included the reminder that Americans forever retain the Natural Right to go to arms in the face of Evil.  Smart Founders demanded that it be put in writing so there would never be any misunderstanding on the topic.  In the minds of our Founders and Framers, to a man, they agreed it was a moral and Natural Right to resist oppression with violence.

You and I are under no obligation to pay for a meal for a man who will not work.  You and I are not morally obligated to accept theft wrapped in the package of "good will".

We are morally entitled to kill people who try to enforce such tyranny upon us.  And we will not be the first Americans to kill neighbors who tried to demand they bend knee.

LEO is a Standing Army.  Period.  Full Stop.  They choose to do Evil every single day.


Full Stop.


III Entrepreneurs

I'd like to take a minute and hope to inspire a few of you to take one of your hobbies or skills and turn it into a business, especially if it benefits the Liberty Movement.  When people over at WRSA speak of withdrawing your consent and reducing your radar signal, they are speaking about disconnecting, as much as possible, from "the system". The best way to do that is to work for yourself - be a producer.

As I wrote a few posts below, I encouraged any radio/electronics Patriot to take the time to either build and sell a turnkey Comms widget, or offer it in kit form, or if legal risks are too high, to simply draw up a schematic and detailed building instructions, is doing a huge service for his fellow Patriots.  Such a thing would likely, literally, save FreeFor lives.  And if he makes a few bucks for sharing his knowledge, well - that is the essence of Freedom and Liberty if you ask me.

Odds are you have some hobby or skill that can help your fellow Patriots if you think about it a bit.

About a month or six weeks ago I put out the call for a modern version of the Liberator pistol from WWII - and two very serious, capable and motivated III Patriots are working together quietly to get it designed and into CNC language.  Such a widget could, again literally, save FreeFor lives.  One of those Patriots also has clever wooden widgets that I will feature when he gets them to the point he's ready to unveil. 

Do you like to work leather?  You know that you can improve many of the sheaths out there for decent blades.  The 'hawks I buy all have the same weak spot - getting the damned thing into action from the stock sheath.  Let your mind run outside the box, folks.

I know there are several very experienced auto mechanics out there.  Keep your eyes open for a deal on a 4x4 that you can bring back to life inexpensively, then add a few essential add-ons for a bug-out rig, and offer it at a good price.  You make a few bucks, and you help a Patriot raise his odds of survival.  Saving lives is no small deal.

Think about what you know, what you enjoy, and consider working on the side a little bit to help your fellow Patriots.  If it makes you a few bucks so you can add a few boxes of ammo to your preps, that is awesome.

Think about it.  I'll help you in any way I can.

To bring Liberty back to America, to borrow once again the words of BonnieGadsden, we all have to pick up and then pull the rope.

IIIGear Update

Folks, just a heads up - if you ordered in December and have NOT yet rec'd your package, it is either on its way or will go out on the 26th.

I also have to ask a favor: Please hold off and don't place any IIIGear orders until we get to Idaho and get settled.  You can place the order, as long as you understand I simply won't be able to get it filled right away.  If I have it in stock, then I can ship it within a day or two of arriving in St. Maries.  But if I don't have it in stock you'll have to add delivery time from my suppliers - I won't have access to IIIGear email while traveling.

Thank you all for helping support III Gear.  As you know, there are no salaries at IIIGear, all revenue above the cost of your item is plowed back into the 527 and used to forward III goals. 

I have added SOG knives as 5.11 Tactical lines to the IIIGear lines.  Once we get set up in Idaho we'll place our initial orders, and I'll give everyone a heads up so you can get your order in.

Stay safe!

The Citadel Blog

Citadel Update: All things Citadel are advancing very well, and in several areas much faster than expected.  There are businesses physically moving into the area, with families, and many more people have their target dates already calendared to be in Benewah.

Right now everything is essentially under the radar.  Of course you know Holly and I are leaving in a few days - the Studio is already being re-modeled even though we are still stuck on the East Coast wrapping up loose ends.  But we'll be able to get the doors open pretty quickly once we arrive.  We are eager to get there and help lay the ground for those of you who intend to follow, and to continue meeting the great people of our new home.

Per our list of goals presented on the Citadel website, our first priority is to get entrepreneurial III Patriots into the area and opening their businesses in the county.  At the same time, we want to prepare the mountaintop parcel for III Arms so Jim has a place to be when it is time for him to make the move from his current location.  So, if you are a III Entrepreneur, and your business will permit you to operate from Benewah, please consider making that move as soon as possible.  If you are retired and can support yourself, consider coming to the area now.  The one thing we do not want right now is for III Patriots who need jobs to move into the area.  Unemployment is high, and we do not want to take any jobs from anyone currently living in the area.  Our goal is to build and bring bounty, not to make it tougher for the family that already calls Benewah home.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee is currently undertaking the very daunting task of fleshing out everything we need to do to build a community from the wilds of Idaho, assigning research tasks, and getting our ducks in a row.

III Citadel Blog:  If you are an applicant, an approved applicant, or a III Arms Founder, we have changed a few of our communications methods.  The forum has been put into a holding pattern and all Citadel information will be delivered via the Citadel Blog.  As we are in a delicate phase of our growth, the decision was taken to close the blog to the general public.  If you are a III Arms Founder, an applicant or an approved applicant for the Citadel, you will need a gmail email address so that you can send a request to join the discussions at the blog.  Sorry if you hate Google and resent the need for a gmail account, but that's simply how it works.  Your identity will be verified against our database and if you have a legitimate right to be in the blog discussions, you'll be given access. 

I know some will protest.  "But what if I am thinking about joining and I want to talk to you guys for a while before I take the plunge?"  The Citadel official website (IIICitadel.com) has been live for more than a year, and while we need to brush up a few minor edits due to timelines, the information is there.  The Refund Policy is there.  If you want to access the blog and "test the waters", you can pay the admission fee, get into the blog, and if you don't like what you see, as long as you ask for your refund within 30 days, no worries, you'll get it. 

The simple truth is that we are not interested in debating the prudence of our venture, or whether or not we'll be droned, or simply harassed.  The Citadel Project is live, it is moving forward with considerable participation, and we have nothing to prove to anyone.

You will remember when the news of the Citadel broke on CNS News and was picked up by Matt Drudge, the attacks were savage, founded on smoke, because our detractors could not argue the project, they went ad hominem.  When we decided to sit with Glenn Beck on television, we put all of that silliness to rest.  The Citadel is not for everyone.  In fact, it is for a very, very small minority of Americans.  And even if it takes us years to build walls and reach our final goal, in the meantime we will have genuinely patriotic Americans coming to live together in the same county, covering one another's backs in all aspects of life.  That is called community.  That is what we have wanted from day one.  We are doing it.  And the media and haters - they don't get free access to our internal discussions just so they can harass us.

You will remember Ghandi's famous quote: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Well folks - they've stopped laughing.  The Nation indicated it is time to fight us.  And then, we will win.

So, jump over to gmail if you don't already have a gmail account, then go to IIICitadel.BlogSpot.com and ask for permission to join the blog, and help us take this project to the next level.  We have big work that needs to continue

Stay safe.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Humility? Yeah, I understand the concept - but...

My Uncle used to tell me that nobody likes a smart-ass.

Anybody like to step up to the podium and remind us all of how III Arms was a scam, a failure, an ATF sting, a...whateverthefucktheysaid?

Anyone?  Bueller?

You know if you supported us - and so do I.

And for those of you who ran off at the mouth about how it would never happen: uckfay ouyay.


I guess my Uncle's little lesson never took.

Jim Miller of III Arms - thank you.  Founders of III Arms - thank you.

Supporters of III Arms - thank you.  Owners of III Arms weapons - thank you.

I don't need to continue.

You see the results.  Real III Patriots get work done.

Ready to order your III Arms AR or 1911?  Here's the link to Jim's page.


Comms: My $.02

I am late to the Comms game.  I learn fast, usually.

Here's what I know: OpFor owns the radio and digital battlespace.  Period.  Full f'n stop.

Sure, you may know how to sidestep a few landmines, you may even know a few loopholes and hidey-holes.  But I'd venture to say anyone actively out of the game for 6-12 months has obsolete comprehension of the subject matter.  And if obsolete is too strong of a word, then I'll just go with way behind the curve.  This is one aspect where .gov has a lot of talent, a lot of resources, and holds the high ground.

People who know have warned us all: If the big boys are looking for you, do not even crack the mic.

That is because OpFor has the widgets and gizmos to identify you, DF you, and put a bomb on that location pretty darned quickly.

We've been warned that every single digital transmission ever sent, can be retrieved, if .gov wants to go find it.

And if you think you can pass messages in any digital format because you have found a way to outwit .mil - ok.  You may even be correct, for about 5 minutes.  But if you keep believing your own PR that there is a way to safely conduct secure Comms by passing thumbdrives to one another or encrypting in this or that format - you will lose.  Maybe not today.  But someone, somewhere in that chain of Comms is going to screw up and compromise everything.  It takes just one idiot who has a secure communication on his tablet (you know, the one he only ever uses for secret-squirrel comms and never even hooks up to the net...) - at some point he'll trip into a wifi signal that starts pinging until some Human in some dark room filled with up-to-speed Comms guys decide to turn him inside out - and not in the fun way.

Old-school is the way to go, or will be the way to go, as the hand of .gov grows heavier on your shoulder.  Learn morse code so you can tap-tap-tap a message to an ally who has one of your One Time Pads, so you can talk.  Done properly, the OTP is unbreakable.  Unless they catch you or your ally - you and he will break.

Anyway, enough preaching about a topic of which I know little. 

I found an app for my Android so I can learn my morse code. If you care, here it is...

Good luck, Patriots.


Suicide - with help...

17 year-old young man is cuffed in the back of a LEO cruiser - and shoots himself in the head.  For trespassing.

LEO says they showed restraint.  Of course they followed protocols and checked him for weapons before putting him into the cruiser - I mean, that's just plain good police work, yes?

Do you understand that Rule of Law is dead.  It is a beautiful concept, but few Human Beings are capable of embracing it and living it.

I'm not going to rail and rant.  I'm not going to suggest what should happen to these LEO who were involved.

I'm simply going to point out that any man, woman or child in America today can commit suicide, while handcuffed, in a police cruiser, and that will be the end of the story.

You do what you want to do, Patriots.  But I would suggest you all consider every single interaction with LEO as a potential DeathFight.  Every.  Fucking.  Time.

Here's the story at Kenny's place.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

1791 Party: Is it time for a new political party?

We know we will not vote our way out of America's current multitude of problems - certainly not voting alone.

Our first Revolution was a combination of voting (we voted to fight) then we fought.

We know the current political parties are simply various appendages of the same beast.

Consider the value of a new battlecry that picks up where the Tea Party left off - no capitulation, no compromise, no subjugation by the Establishment.

In 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified.

In 1791 the Federalists had not yet stolen the Judiciary with Marbury.

In 1791, the full promise of the Liberty earned during the fight was on the table.

We dumped the Tea into the harbor again a few years ago.  As it happened the first time, it took a while before it made a difference.

Today, if we demand nothing less than the rules that were in place in 1791, we ask for nothing more than is our birthright.

Liberty or Death?  We did that part - at least our Founders did.

Now it is 1791, or Death.

Think about it.


Let's start with a little Police State this morning...

From our West Coast Russian satellite (California) For posterity I'll even list the caption in the paper, since it is naughty-or-nice season and in order to put people on the proper list, you need their names.  So:

New toy: (left to right) SWAT officers Detective Rivera, Detective McKinley, Sergeant Murray, Chief McMillin and Detective Fors pose in front of the new vehicle.

So, for all you California III Patriots, your naughty list just got longer.  Figure out which guy probably has the keys, and say hello to him first.

Fuck these people.

With a chainsaw.


I saw that phrase recently used by an ally, I jacked it.  ;)

Here's the link, from Kenny's place.

Then there is this from the East Coast Satellite of Russia (New York) titled "Garden City Cop Threatens To Ticket Man Washing Car In Own Driveway"  LEO rolled up on a guy washing his 1997 Volkswagon (God bless him for caring about his machine like that - most people don't take care of their bodies that well!) and told him he wasn't allowed to wash his car in his own driveway.  Couldn't vacuum it, either.  Neighbors might see it, and that's against the law.  No, I'm not kidding - I admit, I can be a funny guy, but I ain't that funny on my best day.  You just can't make this stuff up.

But you can make it stop.

One tyrant at a time.

Here's the link.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Works. Of. Art.

III Arms Company.
Jim Miller.
Here's his website - where you can order the finest 1911 Fighting Pistol you can take to the Green with you.
Folks - I can PROMISE you prices will be going up on III Arms products.  The quality - as you watch Jim build - is obvious.  You will be able to trust your life to III Arms.   These are not Norinco bucket pistols - they are not even Kimber or Wilson-class.  I'd bet Jim gets a call and one hell of an offer from Mr. Baer.  We'd better all hope Jim doesn't accept.
Mister Browning would be proud.

Politics: It Matters

Blocking trade routes is politics.

Stealing food from a group of people is politics.

Letters of Marque and Reprisal are politics.

Shooting at ideological adversaries is politics.

Here in America, we usually just vote using a piece of paper.  That's politics.

I know that more than 90% of the readers of this blog believe that electoral politics must continue, regardless of whatever else is happening.  We Americans prefer civilized politics.

For my allies headed to Idaho, I offer this for your consideration:

Benewah County is represented by two State Representatives (the Idaho version of Congressmen) and one State Senator (As it appears, similar to a US Senator)

One rep is a Republican - she won by about 123 votes.  Cindy Agidius 
Rep. Agidius earned 10,083 votes, her opponent earned 9,960.
Here's a quote she made about taxes: A necessary evil. They pay for the infrastructure of our lives, from roads to schools. They pay the salaries of those who make our lives safer and better, our firemen, law enforcement, and our teachers.

The other rep is a D - she won by about 1,400 votes. Shirley Gene Ringo 
Rep. Ringo earned 10,739 votes, her opponent earned 9,293.
Here's a quote from her on taxes: Enact a law permitting a local option sales tax. Remove the sales tax on food. Eliminate ineffective and unfair exemptions. ...Improve funding for safe roads and bridges.

The State Senator won by about 400 votes.  Dan J. Schmidt
Senator Schmidt earned 10,340 votes, his opponent earned 9,936.

The US Congressman who Benewah County (and the rest of the First District of Idaho) sent to Washington is a Republican and crushed his opponent.  His name is Raul R. Labrador.

US Congressman Labrador won more than 100,000 more votes than his nearest rival.  That was a beatdown.  Here's a quote from him on taxes: To grow our economy, I support tax reform grounded in two important principles - closing tax loopholes for special interests and lowering marginal rates for American families and small businesses.  Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  Government doesn’t tax too little; it spends too much.  He did better on a 2A position: The Second Amendment guarantees individuals the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.  I will oppose all legislation that infringes on the right of law-abiding citizens to own a gun.  Furthermore, I will oppose any regulation, administrative action or treaty that infringes upon our Second Amendment freedom.  As far as Republican Congressmen go, we could do worse. 

One of the most often complaints heard in Idaho, especially about quality of life and politics is the emigration into the state.  They particularly sneer when you mention Washington State or Californians.  So I went hunting to see if there was any meat on those bones.


I linked the map to the source.  Seems Idahoans have a reason to be grumpy about emigration of peoples coming into the state who don't share their core values.  Washington State is the number one provider of new bodies to Idaho, with California at number 2.  Surprise: Senator Schmidt (D) and Rep Ringo (D) both went to college in Washington State.  Even Texas lost almost 2,400 people to Idaho.

Those Californians, Washingtonians, Oregonians, are movinginto Idaho politics and dragging the State to the Left.

There are more than 1,000 licensed FFL holders in the State of Idaho.  Idaho is a Firearms Freedom Act State.  I happen to know as a fact that more FFLs and more Entrepreneurs and more families are moving to Idaho, specifically to the region discussed above.

What does this have to do with the imminent implosion of the economy?

I have always held that it matters who occupies the seats of power, who is at the controls of the remnants of society after implosion.  Afterall, when SHTF would you prefer Obama/Ried/Pelosi deciding what orders are given to the DCI and Joint Chiefs - or almost ANYONE else?  The same premise applies at the local level.  Local.  Local.  Local.

There is a LOT room to the political Right of every politician in office in the Benewah political structure.  The 2014 election may be the last one with any semblance of reality for a long time.

We will never vote our way out of America's problems.

But in the case of State Senator Schmidt - just 400 votes could have had a better man in office.

In the case of Rep. (D) Ringo, 1,400 votes would have put an R in her seat.

In the case of Rep (R) Agidius, 124 people could have put a different person in her seat.

These are not the people I want meeting in Boise to decide the fate of FEMA and FedGov Operations in Idaho in a year or so.

Polygonal Battlespace.  Leave any flank exposed when you are being swarmed, and someone is going to exploit it.


Friday, December 20, 2013

New important poll

Listed at right. --->

Thanks, Patriots.


Americans are very good at killing one another...

It's a Friday afternoon, many people are on their way home from work, or waiting out the last clicks of the clock before they can leave.  There is a beast on the loose, and so very few are aware, and even fewer think it will come for them.

I have been very fortunate.  Holly and I were able to travel for many months, meeting Patriots and forming what I consider to be an extended Tribe. I have met many online that I have not yet met in person.  My gut tells me they are friends and allies with whom I simply haven't shaken hands, yet.

A bunch of us are headed for Idaho to be part of the Citadel project.  But make no mistake, the Redoubt is much bigger than just Idaho and people are moving into those areas for the same reasons - to be with like-minded souls, to be off the major lines of attack, to be in places easily defended and where crops and livestock can flourish.

Across this land we have small Tribes prepping, planning, networking, doing all they can to be ready when the Beast is loosed.  They refuse to leave their homes, for whatever reason.  Firstly, I think, they might say "This is MY HOME, dammit, MY COUNTRY, dammit - and I am NOT backing up an inch.  Can't find fault with that logic - at least no real American can fault that logic.  They have roots where they are, they have families, many of whom have been in those areas for many generations. The luckiest ones are in the hills and mountains, and in places where the Beast will not go hunting right away.

When I speak of the Citadel I speak of a specific place and a specific group of people.  Tribe.  And when I speak of my Tribe, I speak of far more than merely the people who will be in Idaho.  From Colorado to Texas to Illinois and Florida and Wisconsin and beyond, even to my home of many generations here in the DC Metro area, my Tribe is scattered - which is an advantage, in many ways.

So many of our fellow have no idea the Beast is coming.  They look at that picture above from Antietam and they are so far removed from the reality that is in that picture, they simply can't relate from their place in time and space.  They have never known a world with violence of that scope, so close.  They can't see over their SmartPhone.

I have made a request recently, the biggest request I have made of this community - a specific pile of money that we can use to launch a professional, DC Political Class fundraiser in an effort to fill our coffers.  If we had to fight right now, most of us are sadly aware how soon we would look like the poor Souls in Valley Forge.  We need real money for meds and for training those who can't otherwise get training, for weapons and ammo for those who would otherwise fight with sticks and rocks.

One Patriot answered the call.  He's digging very deep, but he is ready to do this.  Shortly after, another Patriot jumped in with a chunk of money that helps take a little of the weight off our first Patriot.  So, now I am going to ask the rest of you: Hit the PayPal button below and dig as deeply as you can to help your fellow Patriots who are willing to carry so much more than their share of the weight. 

We fight the same Beast, folks.  I don't care if you are in Seattle or the Keys of Florida, Maine or Texas - the Beast coming intends to devour you, make slaves of your women and children, and to turn generations of your posterity nothing but workers who feed their extravagance.

We fight Communism, and we fight with Liberty and Freedom.

It is that simple.

There is going to be killing.  We are Americans.  Killing is one of those things in our DNA that we do well - especially when it comes to killing other Americans.

There is more to this fight than bullets and beans.  There are Hearts and Minds.  All of it requires money to make it happen.

Our enemies haqve nearly endless resources compared to us.  The Fundraiser is to get more people who are in our camp, putting their dollars into our treasury so that Militia units can have armor, smaller Tribes can have meds, Larger Tribes can take and hld ground.  So that courriers can get from Tribe to Tribe with vital comms.  So that when we lose aCessna that was doing recon, we can get another one.

This ain't no game, Patriots.  Hit the button below, please.  I know it is Christmas is here.  I know what next Christmas will look like if this Beast is not killed.  Please dig deeply when you hit that button below.

OTP: 101

Anyone having problems with the One Time Pad concept?  I went hunting for a good basic/101 video that wasn't too long.

Here ya go.

Old-school, folks.

Man with a Taser about to shoot you with lotsa volts of
new-fangled electronics?

Get off the line of attack.

Close the gap.

Hit him with a brick.

In the face.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank You

Whenever I ask a question of this audience, I am never disappointed with the politeness, expertise, and willingness to help.  I thank you all.

I asked a while ago about planes and rotorcraft, because in a WRoL/SHTF situation, mobility is going to be important.

Because of some of the information some of you shared so selflessly with me, I discovered a few things that will not only directly impact and help the people who come to the Redoubt, but to all of those people across the country who are building Citadel II and Citadel III and Citadel IV.  Didn't know that was happening?  There is a LOT happening under the radar, folks.  Much of what is happening is compartmentalized for obvious reasons.  But you can trust me when I say, there are small groups of very serious Patriots who may die - but they have no intention of making it easy or free.

Here's a tidbit for you.

The Citadel that so many of us are pitching in to help become reality is not a hidey-hole.  Yes, it is a place where we will be off the major lines of death and destruction in the early days of whatever stupidity is unleashed across America.  Our families will be as safe as we can make them.  But we are red-blooded Americans who want the America we were promised when we were born and when we read the words of Jefferson and Franklin.  And by damn, I'll either see it in my lifetime, or I won't - but I won't stop trying to get there.

The aircraft pictured above is called the Ikon 5.  It is a special class of air machine - it only requires what the FAA calls a "Sports Pilot License" which just about anybody can get with a Driver's License.  No, not kidding.  There are some rules - like you can only fly one passenger at a time, you can only fly to a certain altitude, they don't want you flying in bad weather, blah, blah, blah.  But show the man your driver's license, and you can fly one of these bad boys.  Impress your trainer, and he'll sign off so you can fly it without him.

Once you are literally able to get a plane into the air and back on the ground without a fireball, my guess is that getting the next license up in the food chain should be pretty simple.  And if some exigent circumstance requires that you borrow a Cessna, you'll probably live through the flying part of your caper.

By the way, the Ikon 5 can land and take off on water or land.  For you Spec Ops types out there, you already see the potential.  And there are classes for small helicopters that are just about as easy to get licenses for and to learn to fly.  Entry level for your own bird isn't exactly cheap, but it won't break the bank, either.  And if you buy in kit form and build it yourself, even cheaper.  But if you are the kind of guy with a few extra bolts after changing the engine in your Chevy - maybe you want the company to do the build for you.  Just sayin'...

For the Citadel, what does this mean?  A few know, and now you will know also: The people in the Idaho Citadel do not leave people behind.  If we have a III Patriot in trouble, caught by hostiles - we are coming to get him.  We have the men & the women with the grit.  We are getting the tools.

So, to every single one of you who has ever answered any question I have asked - I thank you.


All Tickets Sold!

Thank you for the support, folks!

Five left for the final Founder's Minuteman-15 in III Arms inventory.

Buy yours here - the winner gets drawn from a hat on Christmas Day!

Here's the link.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sometimes it seems life is not cooperating...

Holly and I had planned to be in Idaho weeks ago.  "Things" just kept coming up, delaying a few days here, a few days there.  There are times you wonder "Why the heck can't we just get out of here and on the road!"  A snowstorm here, a delay in paperwork there, et cetera.

Well, today the Universe let us in on a bit of it's secrets.  We'll get to Idaho when it is time to arrive in Idaho.  The Studio is under renovation already!  It is being transformed into the training facility in which we will train local men and women, teens and some kids.  Patriots from around the country will visit us and learn the CQB skills they need, while visiting our beautiful county and meeting our neighbors.

Additionally,  after discussions with a few allies in the III Community today, and then Holly, we've decided to hit the political world in 2014 with the III Brand. 

That begins now, as we ramp up for our first III DC-Class fundraiser.  This is where we need our III allies who have the resources to dig deep and help us raise $22,500 so we can reach out to at least 25,000 serious 2A advocates and convince them that the III Percent is the place to invest their dollars so we can go to the next level and train our people for the Hard Things to come.  Those of you who have done better than average in business, or who have been frugal for years, we need you to dig deep and help us roll out this professional fundraiser shortly after New Year's. 

Right this moment I have a professional DC Fundraiser working on the perfect list for us to contact.  We are refining the communication and the assorted details such as paper, envelope, font - all of the details that mean the difference between success and failure.  We have hundreds of thousands of gun allies out there, Patriots.  We need to reach out to them professionally, and we need them to write support checks as they do for politicians and other political groups every day.

We need YOU, Patriot.  I need you - this won't get done at $5 or $10 at a time, we need a few big chunks to get this fundraiser underway. I have made this offer: Once we pull the trigger and the donors from around the country heed your call and begin sending their support, you III Patriots who have helped launch this fundraiser will be paid back first.

Help us all.  Violence is coming, Patriots.  Some of the dollars you have in savings can help minimize this coming ugliness.


III Arms 1911: You haven't ordered yours yet?

And you thought his ARs were something special...

Get in line for your 1911 here.

Oh - Jim has the first III Arms commercial currently in the works.

I promise, it will blow your mind and it will set the "Conventional Gun Industry" on it's ear.

12 tickets left

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final of the night

Either you get it or you don't.

The woman defines fierce!

Holly stops whatever she is doing when this commercial comes on-air - she loves it!


III Arms Raffle - Only 26 tickets left

Only 26 remaining tickets.  One of you will win the final III Arms Founder's Minuteman-15 Rifle.

Tickets here.  No limit - buy all 26 and improve your odds!

You've seen the work Jim Miller does, you've read the reviews.  This will become your new Fighting Rifle.


Ammunition: You do NOT have enough.

I am fond of the .308 cartridge.

You have read my below posts about how many armed men with badges/guns/law/authoritah who stand between you and Liberty, at a minimum.

Now, go ask Max, JC or Mosby that in a firefight at the Team level, either 2 men or 4 men, how many bullets they fired for every combatant they took out of the fight.  These are not spray & pray guys - these are some of the best the US Military puts in the field to kill armed men.

How many shots, rounds sent downrange, per kill?

Now ask yourself - do you wait until payday to buy another case, or do you go tomorrow?