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Monday, March 31, 2014

Communist States of America: From AngryMike

Read it, here.


Enemies Foreign & Domestic: 2A Fights SitRep

A comment on one of our blogs from a Patriot on the ground the other day warned that tensions in NM were running high.

Yesterday, it appears things went hot, instigated by NM LEO.  Brock has the information, here.

Meanwhile, as expected, New York has telegraphed how they will play their confiscation game - attrition.  Connecticut will likely follow.  I've spent some time hunting for any signs that the general populace in CT supports confiscation, that anyone is out on the streets beating the drums.  I came up empty.  The only people agitating for a fight in CT are politicians and paid Useful Idiots.  For Patriots looking for a 2A fight into which they might wade, look at New Mexico.

I have spent most of my blogging time in the last few weeks to keep Patriots informed about the dangers abroad that will have an impact on our domestic troubles.  Ukraine and Senkaku are not benign regional politics.

...and Korea has now gone hot, here.  Remember, no significant action takes place from the North Koreans that is not sanctioned by PRC.  The wise Patriot looks at the entire board.  Keep an eye open and let's see if more Sino-Russo satellites begin acting out...

If you focus on any domestic activity in a vacuum, and do not understand that CT is directly related to Ukraine, you are not being prudent, and you are leaving yourself open to an unseen sucker-punch.

It is all related.

Prudent analysis will provide you with more than enough high-drama.  You don't need to make shit up.  Bad analysis leads to sky-is-falling stupidity.  Kenny has an example, here.

Many good people will die in our imminent Candid Exchange of Views.  Many, many stupid people, and those following stupid people, will perish as well. 

I would suggest you all begin to rely upon your own counsel.


NC PatCon: Who's going?

Are you planning to attend?

Holly and I will be there.  We'll be teaching Fight to Your Weapon on Friday.  If you have already taken the course, you attend free.  If this will be your first time, the fee is only $208, and 1/2 is donated to Brock for the event.  Send him your fee with your attendance check.

After our class, Grenadier1 will host a primer on working AirSoft into your training.  I strongly recommend that you sign up for this course.  Ammo is expensive and this will allow many people to spend more time in the field, actually training.  Details are at Brock's, linked below.

Personal note: I have been sparse with details about H and my schedule and travel plans: After Brock's PatCon we will soon be heading to Idaho to join the III Patriots who have already moved to the Citadel Redoubt, and those who will be joining us over the summer.  Our studio will be open before our Idaho PatCon.

Back to Brock's.

Major Wolf is attending, here.

Israel is attending, here.  I know he'll be accompanied by our ally and III Patriot Lewis Wetzel and his family.  I know CA is attendingDavid from NCRenegade will be there.

This is only a handful of the quality, serious III Patriots who will be there for you to meet and grow your contact list.

Here's Brock's link.  Meeting this man is worth the trip, every single time.

See you there.


From garden to the table...

Sugar Pie Pumpkin, here's the link.

Take charge of your life - begin by cutting the grocery store out.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

No worries, this means nothing: Russia's Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill

On Thursday, 10,000 Russian troops began a drill simulating the massive use of nuclear missiles.

I'm sure it is simply flexing in the wake of several foreign policy wins in the last few weeks.

Of course - if I'm wrong most of us will never know it...

Here's the link.


American Foolishness: Double-down on Senkaku

America already has a long-standing agreement to spend American lives and treasure to defend Japan if attacked.  Instead of doing the right thing, the smart thing, and refusing to renew that agreement, American politicians are doubling down.

America is pushing for a new panel to operate within the existing paradigm, that will specifically focus on the Senkaku Islands.  Instead of ramping-down, without Japanese requests, our side is escalating the Senkaku issue.  The current American position is simple: If China takes the Senkaku, Americans will fight and die to reclaim them.

Anyone who understands the Asian mind understands that this move from Washington closes a door that might have permitted the Chinese to exit the tension while saving face.  Without the opportunity to save face, China may get all into her feelings and decide to say Fuck You and drop troops on the islands.  While not to the same scale as cutting off re-supply to Japan preceding WWII, it rhymes.

Here's the link.

Watch carefully.  If you have any loved ones serving in .mil in Asia, now would be a good time for them to resign and come home.  Dying to decide what flag flies over a few uninhabited islands, many thousand miles from home, is nothing but a waste of Human Life.


Fcuk Me! I have ODD!!

Last year in the wake of Sandy Hook I predicted that Enemies of Liberty would have little success at the national level in pushing more Gun Control.  I also warned that they would make a revolutionary push by expanding the list of people who are mentally disqualified from owning firearms through the Mental Illness pool.  I was rewarded (sadly) with almost immediate proof.  Over last summer the definitions of mental disorders were re-written and expanded to loop-in many, many normal people who simply want to own firearms and dare stand their ground philosophically.

But they went even further and faster, and more brazen, than even I anticipated.  Mike C. sends the latest that has bubbled to the surface, and if you still have any lingering doubts about the near-term future the Enemies of Liberty have planned for you, I can't help you.

ODD is "Oppositional Defiant Disorder" - defined as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.

The American Psychiatric Association has declared this to be, so it must be true.

When you update your lists, be sure to add them, in ink.

Here's the link.

Lest you think this is tinfoil, here's the definition for the layman at Mayo.

Thanks, Mike.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Market Leninism...

"Market Leninism".  I suspect we will here much more of this in the coming days.

When Enemies of Liberty burn out a label for their evil, they simply re-package it under a new title and claim it is different from last weeks dish.  But it is the same.  What is fascinating is how many people accept the new labels.  Communists were once Communists until McCarthy.  Then they became Democrats.  Then Liberals.  Then Progressives.  Today you and I call them all Communists, again - and they are trying to re-brand as "Market Leninists".

Don't fall for the hype.

Stitches aren't enough.  Ditches are the prescription.

Here's the link.


Grid Down Comms: Delivered

My copy of Grid Down Communications arrived this morning!

Have you ordered yours yet?

Here's the link.  Buy extras to share with your Tribe or to simply have as back-ups.


China slams Crimea Comparison - then sends 3 more ships into Senkaku...

China has been sending ships into the Senkaku area with more frequency.  Just hours after Japan's Prime Minister compared China's actions as similar to Crimea, the Chinese poo-poo'd the comparison - then sent in three more ships.


Here's China's Woe is Me response.

Here's the blurb about ships entering the Senkaku zone again.


Friday, March 28, 2014

NC PatCon: Georgia Force on Force

If you are attending Brock's NC PatCon in early May, the guys from Georgia Force on Force will be hosting a primer on Friday afternoon showcasing AirSoft as a training tool.

If you plan to attend, I recommend signing up for this class.  If you weren't planning to attend, here is another damned good reason you should reconsider.

Here's the Georgia Force on Force blog.

Here's the class description at Brock's place.

See you there!


Foreign troops will come to play in the North American Liberty Games...

Concern is rising in the US and Japan that China will make a hard play for the Senkaku Islands.  As we cautioned long ago on this blog, if China does nut-up and move on these bits of rock poking out of the sea, we can all conclude that World War III has begun.

Prime Minister Abe of Japan finally seems to be catching up to the geo-political realities facing his nation.  Yesterday he publicly called attention to the similarities between Crimea and the Senkaku.  What many people fail to realize is that under the current US-Japan Defense Agreement, if China does move against the Senkaku (which are uninhabited), the US is obligated to enter the hot ruckus and defend Japan.  The absolute folly of such an agreement can barely be expressed. 

And worse, retired US Marine General Wallace Gregson, who served as Assistant SecDef for Asian and Pacific affairs, is advocating that the US take a strong public position re-affirming our commitment to defend uninhabited islands for Japan with American lives and treasure.

I have become convinced that the imminent Liberty Games will not run the course without Russia and/or China attempting to put boots on CONUS soil.

Have you prepped for that contingency?

Here is the Abe piece.

Here is the post explaining US and Japanese concerns.

Keep a sharp eye on Asia as Russia dominates the world's headlines.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Liberty Gene

You and I have the ability to directly impact the future of Man.

Will we succeed, or will we become nothing more than a forgotten mutation that could not survive the evolutionary process?

Here's the column.


Prepping: Consumables


Many of you are much better preppers than am I.  That said, I have seen a few comments across a few blogs that lead me to this topic: Consumables.

http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/Concerned American used a phrase that earned a genuine laugh from me when he labeled the coming North American Liberty Games as a "Candid Exchange of Views".  Yeah, that's pretty much an instant classic.  You'll see it used here again.  ;)

In our coming Candid Exchange of Views, you already anticipate burning through ammo, eating food, drinking water, and even needing meds.  You've probably set back extra glasses and/or contacts, water, food, band-aids, et cetera.

Some of you have even set back extra rifles, ammo and fighting gear for family and/or neighbors who wake up suddenly and come to your place with a new affinity for the concepts of family and tribe.

When you kit-up in your top tier gear and enter the fray, you know you may lose gear.  You may not be able to retain every mag.  You might break the blade on your knife.  You may even be forced out of an area under fire, having to leave your ruck.  Hopefully you have extras...right?  More than you think you will ever need...right?

Not only do magazines get left on the field at times, and blades break, and rucks get left behind, and magazines wear out.  Web gear may not be up to the challenge of continued hard use for years.  Zippers wear out and buttons get lost.

That barrel on your AR will wear out after X rounds.  Your pants will be torn and ripped.  Wear them long enough and they get thread-bare, then the crotch or knees open.  Boots wear out, especially if you are running them hard in mud, muck, pavement and such.  NV Goggles do have an end-life and will eventually need a replacement intensifier.  Items such as NV gear often need special batteries, and even batteries have a shelf life.

Put your junk on your bunk and think hard about every single piece of gear upon which your life, and your quality of life, will depend.  Figure out how many layers of back-up you consider a minimum.  Lay-in those extras.

If you have taken the time to perfect your load-out, searched for just the right tactical vest and pack for your gear - and you lose it on Day One or Year Three - you can't depend on a mail order re-supply and you can't depend on finding a replacement in the field.

Consumables.  Get more while you are able.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Power 101

A new classified intelligence assessment concludes it is more likely than previously thought that Russian forces will enter eastern Ukraine, CNN has learned.

Here is the bottom line on Ukraine and Vlad: If he chooses to take Ukraine, he will succeed, because there is not a single capable power on Earth willing to stop him.  And the few who are willing, can't.

That is your lesson on Power for today.  Real Power does not ask permission, nor does it apologize.  You may not like it.  But only a fool fails to respect it.

David has more on this story, here.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Serious III Patriots: Grid-Down Communications, Volume 1

Comms may prove to be the skillset that determines the difference between victory and defeat for Patriots.

Sparks has put together a book on the topic.  I'm ordering my copy.

When a Patriot takes the time and effort to share his knowledge with us, it is a gift.

Get your copy, here.


Dots - Connected...

You know what I’ve noticed over the last few decades? I noticed that most of the terrorists have unfettered access to Russian AK-47 rifles. I noticed that Saddam Hussein’s armies had Soviet tanks and personnel carriers. We uncovered mountains of Soviet NBC equipment in Iraq. I remember that the Euro-terrorist groups in Europe and Japan had Soviet support, with weapons and explosives. I remember that the old Soviet Union funded the terrorist training camps in Libya and Palestine. All of that with the goal of destabilizing the West, courtesy of the KGB (Putin’s former employer).

Get it?

Here's the link.


Monday, March 24, 2014



Has anyone seen a corpse lying around?  Dapper fellow, big mustache, probably wearing a uniform, and probably has an extra hole or three in it.

Franz!?  FRANZ!?

I suspect our Franz is already dead...

WiscoDave dropped this cheery piece of news in my mailbox: At least one Ukrainian politician thinks the way to resolve their "Russian Problem" is genocide - by nuclear weapons, if necessary.

I personally don't give a whit if Ukrainians and Russians slaughter each other to extinction.  The value of this story is to remind every Patriot that there are people out there who will adopt those same tactics to win against you and your ideals.  You are nothing to them except an inedible meat sack standing in their way.

Count on it.

Here's the link.  Thanks, Dave.


**Update**  A friend of David's (who reads Russian) advised that the actual tone of the exchange was less acidic than portrayed in the English translation.

Tactical Practical: Firearms Inter-operability

Many of you anticipate a long coming ordeal with disrupted supply lines.  To that end many of you have prudently stockpiled ammo and firearms and spare parts.  I know a few of you have taken my advice and decided to outfit your family with the same firearms.  If your wife is most comfortable with a 9mm and can't proficiently get to the .45 ACP, then everyone in the house is assigned the same model 9mm as primary sidearm so you can exchange mags and ammo and even parts.

I have seen several comments across various blogs in which the commenter declares something like: "I have my AR and Glock and plenty of ammo - I'm all set..."

But, are you really "all set", even if you have several thousand rounds for that Glock and AR?  What if you run out of ammo?  What if you have a horrific Zoomie-esque river boating accident and lose your supply?  If the country gets to that ugly place where ordering a box of ammo becomes impossible (again), what happens if you only find .38 special rounds while you are out scrounging?  Or .410 shells?

Consider building your firearms collection to include at least one firearm in each of the most common US calibers.  You do not need to buy a safe queen in every caliber.  If you do not own a 12 gauge and funds are tight, hunt the used market and find an H&R single shot.  If your collection is primarily .45 and 9mm centric, find a used .357 that will allow you to use any .357 and .38 caliber ammo you may find.  .410/.45 Colt.  .44 Mag/.44 Special. 

Think about it.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

III CQB: New Video

New video uploaded at III CQB

Members - Thank you!  We have had thousands of plays in fewer than 3 months.  Keep training!

If you haven't signed up yet, there is a PayPal link on the sidebar at the CQB site.

Train hard, folks.  There will be a test on this material, and I will not be the one grading the finals...

Here's the link.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

The only Voter ID you ever need...

Found this over at David's place, here.


Idaho Governor tells FedGov "No more 2A infringments" - kinda/sorta...

The language could be much tighter, as it leaves considerable latitude for Idaho .gov to cooperate when they wish.  Of course, I am not fond of any position that leaves any 2A infringements on the table - but don't refuse the low-hanging fruit when you are starving to death.

Here's the piece from 10th Amendment Center.


Bolt skills...

**NOTE**  I published this piece 14 months ago, during the hysteria following Sandy Hook.  Interesting how the predictions turned out, eh?  Anyway, I'm dusting it off because American Mercenary just published a piece on the bolt action, complete with a few videos showing various techniques.

I wonder how many people who read this last year actually have taken the time to turn their bolt skills into combat-ready bolt skills...

Here's the Am Merc piece.


There are six gun control stories currently running on the front page of Politico.  Stories focus on everyone from Gabby Giffords to Bloomberg to Stanley McChrystal.  I hope you can see the between-the-lines coordination of this push across MSM.   CNN has 4 stories (I stopped counting).  MSNBC has 6+ (I stopped counting there, too.) 

Buchanan warns of Revolution.

I'm reading a lot of not one more inch rhetoric across many blogs again, with the typical rahrahrah rabblerabblerabble hell yeah!  I'm with you! in the Comments sections.  OK.  Sure.  I'll believe it when I see it.  What I have seen (So have you), time and again, is that such chest-thumping episodes fold every single time.  This time is different?  We'll see. 

Here's what I recommend: Work on your bolt action skill set.  I know most of you just rolled your eyes, made a face, maybe even chuckled.  Bolt action?!  I don't need no stinkin' bolt skills, I got a Slicked & Tricked (TM) AR/AK, baby!  Cold dead hands!  Wolverines!!!

Humor me.

If you do happen to find yourself in a combat situation with nothing but a bolt gun, you can put enough well-aimed rounds on target to make the guys with semi-autos take notice, if you build your skills.  You can work that bolt during recoil and by the time your front sight (or reticle) comes back on-target, you can be ready to pull the trigger again.  I'd rather put 10-15 aimed, skilled rounds down field than dump a 30 round mag in spray & pray.  To paraphrase Colonel Cooper: May all of your enemies have full auto.

The first rifle I was taught to shoot, many moons ago, was a bolt action.

In combat one cycles the bolt with little more than wrist and fingers, with the bolt handle (smooth and round, please - leave the fancy shapes for the hunting trip or the safe queens) sliding in your palm.  Your elbows barely move.  Here's how you do it if you are a righty: Put a round down range.  As your rifle flows through recoil, use your left hand to rotate the rifle toward the right a few inches, pushing the bolt handle into your right palm.  Work the bolt with a smooth motion, allowing the bolt handle to slide in your palm - you do not grasp and hold the bolt handle.  If you do not roll your rifle offline a bit, you will open the bolt into your nose.  Not fun.  As your rifle comes out of recoil, you'll be closing the bolt and rotating with your left hand back into position.

The stock never leaves your shoulder.  Your eyes never leave the target, except for whatever flinch and blink you go through.  As your right hand rolls the bolt handle back into place and then slips back to the trigger, you are searching down range for the next target, or putting another round into the target you just engaged, if he happens to be tough, or your marksmanship could use a bit of work.  ;)

End of lesson.  (Lefties - read everything I just wrote in the mirror  ;)

I will not bother outlining all the possible ways you might lose that Slicked & Tricked (TM) semi. 

Have a back-up skill set.  If it has been many moons since you last worked a bolt action, or if you've only ever worked a bolt action against a Bambi that will not shoot back - work on it.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Max Velocity Course Review...

A review.

Heed it.  Get some.



Rhetorical, not for discussion...

If you have studied with Max, J.C., DTG, Mosby - how many times since your class have you gone into the field with your own team and worked on those skills?

If you have taken a TCCC course, how much have you cross-trained other members of your Tribe, and how much practical have you applied since your course ended?  How much follow-on training have you taken?

If you took my CQB course, how many times since the class ended have you worked with your spouse or team?  How many times have you practiced getting your hands free from bigger/stronger/faster/younger guys since you did it in my class?  How many times have you even watched the videos?  How many of you found a Krav or other studio to build those skills?

A few months ago we went hard and advocated Comms skills - how much have you done to make that happen?

I'm not going to bust anyone's balls... 

...because I'm not the guy that will be grading your final exam on the study material from any of those courses...

Think about it.


For anyone who may not understand the Human animal...

"We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine. What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international correlation that sends a clear message,” President Obama said.

I am going to offer this as plainly as I am able:  The moment you take violence off the table, you have surrendered to every single man and woman on the planet who remains willing to do violence.

That is a declarative.  There are no qualifiers.

If you are not willing to do violence, and if your enemy concludes you are not willing to do violence, you will lose any material thing he decides to take from you - until you change your mind.

And I will offer you this insight: Those who have more than a passing familiarity with violence often evolve their sixth sense and will know intuitively when facing an adversary who will not fight.

Ghandi may be the goal, but as a species, we simply are not there yet.

Use this as you will.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If SHTF right now...

...are you ready?

Can you get home?

Can you get your kids home?  Even if they are on "Lockdown" at school?

Do you have enough food, water and essentials to ride out a moderate event?

Can you get out of Dodge if needed?  Even if the weather is bad?

"Right now" may strike at any time.

Do what you can to be ready.


What is your Posthumous Plan B...

It has been my experience as we train fellow Patriots in CQB that most cells/teams/tribes are comprised of one or two people who serve as the heart and motivation and glue for the group.  Without this person the group loses focus and begins to drift.  Without this person, usually, essential skills are also lost to the group.  Our groups tend to be very small and shallow as regards the depth of the talent pool.  Losing a key person with key skills can be addressed by serious cross-training.  But losing that person who is the natural Leader of the group or the natural Heart/Soul of the group, opens the door for demoralization.

I chose the Alice in Chains song above because I like it.  I chose the group Alice in Chains as a larger example - Cantrell and Staley could be considered the Heart/Soul of the group.  The skills of each are complementary and in many places over-lapping.  But it is a losing argument to say that Staley (his worldview, his perspective, what he brought to the group, his voice) was a generic widget and easily replaced.  In the case of Alice in Chains the group was fortunate they have Cantrell, a powerful personality, who was able to keep the group together.  Indeed, because of the work Alice in Chains had done in the world, the respect they had cultivated, when they found themselves without the iconic voice of Staley, they were able to stay together and continue on their journey.  When James Hetfield is willing to drop by and take Staley's microphone, even for a moment, you have a viable Plan B.  (Here's Hetfield singing Would live with Alice in Chains).

If you are the Heart, Soul, and/or Leader of your group (you know in your heart if you are - drop any humility when you talk to yourself), then please embrace your mortality and understand that if the group is to survive and prevail in your absence, you have work to do now.  You are not bulletproof.  You will die or be taken out of the fight at some point.  And what is coming our way is about much, much more than merely "the fight".  If you are the glue and motivation of your Team, you need to be the one who prepares for your ultimate absence.

I invite some of our .mil guys - those of you who have had the responsibility of holding your men together, keeping morale and cohesion together in the face of losing members of the team in ugly situations - to write a piece on this topic. 

If you are the natural Leader in your group, I would suggest you begin to inspire others to lead in your absence.  Consider being this guy, and inspiring others to do the same:

Nope - that ain't Phil Collins...

Yeah, I've got the headphones on today...

But the topic is serious.  Have a Plan B.  If your loved ones will rely on the group even after you are dead, it behooves you to make sure the group will not fall apart when you take a knife in the neck.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Liberty looks like...

At that moment, at that place, the ground was secured for Liberty.

When the next chapter of Liberty in America is written, these guys will be featured.

Will you?


The Smock

The fight that many contemplate requires the average Patriot to carry considerable gear.  Obviously, what you choose to carry is as important as how you choose to carry it.  If you don't remember where you tucked a widget or you buried a widget deep within the layers of your gear and you suddenly need it, life gets complicated.

I'm not the guy to tell you what to carry, much less how to carry it - I'll leave that to the guys who have been there and done it, in the real world.  This is the grind of being prepared - the little things make a significant difference.  Did you put some widget in a pocket that stabs you in the junk every time you go prone?  Unless you do this grind work - actually putting the widgets in pockets and going prone - you don't know.  You don't want to learn this stuff on-the-job, either.

J.C. Dodge took the time to share more of his experience, here.

Take the time, folks.  Put in the work. 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bear & Dragon on the hunt?

Whatever may be your focus as we move through these days, keep an eye on the Dragon and see if it takes any significant action to affirm Chinese claims on the Senkaku or Ryukyu.  If China takes a hard stand at Senkaku, they will have matched the Crimea move by Russia.  If China moves on Ryukyu, they will be escalating beyond Crimea.  If Russia chooses to move on Ukraine, the next move will be China on Taiwan.

What would this scenario (or any similar scenario) represent?  The Pincer - two allies (Russia and China) signaling one another they are ready to move in a coordinated and hardcore manner against the West.  If one or the other fails to match the latest escalation of the other, it will be a signal that they are not, yet, ready for the final move.

When you factor a missing 777 (and understand how many people and countries would have to be involved and willing to take such a risk if MH370 is, in fact, a stolen airplane), factor Iranian warships off the US coastline, factor the very prominently-reported calls by Al-Qaeda for car bombs in America, factor US Destroyer Truxton playing games in the Black Sea, factor a world economy on the brink of implosion, factor the goals of True Believers within the US, factor the Useful Idiots within the US, factor the general moral state of the majority of people in CONUS, factor a dizzying number of similar events and details, any one of which, or combination of which, could serve as a Black Flag - and you have what future historians will write as having been the opening moves of World War III.

The Archduke of our time may have already been assassinated.

So, keep prepping.  Go to Connecticut if it is your plan to do so.  Keep training. 

And keep your eyes on the many, many men who mean to be your Master.  Many of them have far more than an AR and a Go Bag at their disposal.

They will come.  It is only a matter of when, how, in what numbers, and what patches will be on their uniforms...


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Goodnight, America...

Consider life in America without alternating current available at every spigot in the country.

The report says that in the event of a US grid collapse, it will take at least a year to get the power back up and running.  Wow - talk about connecting dots in a vacuum!  To get the power grid back online in a year, even two years, assumes that life in America otherwise continues without noticing the loss of electricity.  It assumes so much that is not in evidence (or reality) that I have to simply dismiss the entire "Get the lights back on by Americans" concept as fantasy.

Here's when the lights will come back on: Whenever the Russians and Chinese decide to come into CONUS, kick out the rats that will infest from south of the border, execute the few remaining pockets of "Americans" who managed to survive famine, disease, violence, and every other Doomsday plotline one can imagine.

Turn off the electricity across the entire planet at the same time, and we'll have a shot.

Turn off the power only in America - and CONUS becomes the ripest, most succulent piece of low-hanging fruit the world has ever seen.  And we will be devoured so completely as to erase the memory of this place from the history of the Human Record.

Nine stations and a factory...

F me.

Wirecutter has the story, here.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow bankers

**UPDATE**  The Battlespace is always polygonal.  In the current dance between Washington and Moscow, it is the Kremlin scoring the decisive cuts.

Americans resort to blunt instruments and tired charges of "Mental Instability" for Vlad - before you know it DHS will classify him as a Right-wing gun-nut extremist and religious nut - with an archaic reverence for the US Bill of Rights.  NYT: Vlad is paranoid...

Russia to US: Our nerds are better than your nerds, here.


Kerry, Merckel, et al, have threatened if Vlad doesn't back up in Ukraine and Crimea over the weekend, they'd begin economic (and maybe "more severe - no options off the table") thumping of Russia on Monday.  Is Vlad wetting himself?

Not so much.  He's not even picking up the phone for Kerry.

Seems he's been playing chess while his enemies are playing checkers.

Kerry & Co threaten economic counters - so several weeks ago Vlad and his pals began moving Russian money out of the reach of Western sanctions, all under the radar.  Kerry and his bosses have been chumped once again.  It is obvious that Vlad and his Team knew weeks, or months, ago how everything would unfold.  Otherwise, he'd be caught with his money in Western hands, or he'd have moved his money too soon, tipping his hand.

But read the FT piece, and understand that it is just now that Western politicians are realizing how they were played on the "Economic Sanctions" front.

...and these are the people your neighbors and mine put into office.

Here's the link.

Next week is going to be very interesting, and for the wise, cursory glances toward the skyline will be in order.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reality: "Since 1914, all the great European empires — British, French, German, Russian, Italian — have vanished..."

Without a game-changer the coming empires on Earth will be Asian, Central/South American, African and/or Muslim.  None has a history of respecting the Bill of Rights.

Those currently entrusted with that document aren't any better.

So, remind me again, what are we all fussing about?

Here's PJB's link.


John Kerry: Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine

Or else...

...what, exactly?

It will be stupid people who end this species.

Ms. Duclos has insightful updates, here.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

That didn't take long - Ukraine

I posted below about a Ukrainian legislator who spoke unwise words of Ukraine going nuclear to defend herself from Russia. 

Ukraine's "acting" President prudently got on-air afterward and told the world that Ukraine would not intervene in Crimea.

In totally unrelated news, the sabotage of America's electrical grid is far more wide-spread than originally reported.

Imagine that.

Oh, and it is totally unrelated as long as you don't believe in Grey Terror and Spetsnaz and that Lunev was legit and RA-115s & RA-115-01s...


Beware the Copper Dragon

Lee just emailed that copper had dipped below my personal alarm of $3/lb.

Why did it dip?  This story from China is directly related.  You will remember that China had a problem a few months ago, when a shadow bank debt service was reportedly not going to make it on time.  I think it was for $160 million, and the world markets freaked.

Can this be papered over?  Beats me - we are watching the entire system coming apart with twitches here, spasms there, hints over yonder...

All rational data points affirm that implosion is imminent.

If copper remains under $3 for any length of time, watch out for falling anvils.


Monday, March 10, 2014

No Plans?

Every once in a while gripes arise about "factions" in the Liberty Movement, versus a unified, single voice.  Some people also complain that we have no actionable plans, because of the factions.

Here's what I see:  The Grand Unified Plan is to recover Rightful Liberty.  This is a goal that almost everyone holds in the Liberty Movement, and many of us have agreed to it.

How we reach that goal differs from Tribe to Tribe, Militia to Militia, Man to Man - 'faction to faction'.

Many plans are never discussed online.  Some are.

The Plan I have put forward is the One Week Plan, which simply stated is: When it is time, all Patriots go into their AOs, find something Evil, and make that Evil thing irrelevant to the future.  I liken my One Week Plan to a swarm of hornets that is released all over the country at the same time, headed for that Grand Unified Plan - Rightful Liberty.  My plan does not include me going to CT if things get sporty up there.

TL has put forward a Plan to go to Connecticut when and if his personal tripwire is breached.  If circumstances in CT change, he will probably modify his plans as prudent.

Concerned American hosts WRSA, and many people share their plans often at his blog.

I know of multiple militia units that have plans based on whatever fact-set and circumstances present.

Secession is a Plan, and many subscribe to it.

Voting is a plan, and the vast majority of Americans subscribe to it.

Whether you think X Plan or Y Plan is stupid isn't the point - you are a freeman and you get to choose how you will pursue your own Liberty.

The point is that the Liberty Movement does, indeed, have plans.  I personally believe that our diversity of plans is also a strength.  When Patriots decide to go to work, Bad People will not be able to use a one-size-fits-all response, because the guys in the Pennsylvania hills will be coming with X, and the guys in NC will come with Y, and so on.

One thing the Liberty Movement has proved, time and again, is that we will not, ever, muster in significant numbers at a specific point and apply a Plan that has been agreed upon by all involved - certainly not before some major tripwire is tripped.

Many miles separate most of us.  The pursuit of Liberty unifies us.

Make your own plan or sign on to a plan you've seen and can support.

We do not ever need to lie - we are on the proper side of morality.  We do not ever need to commit malum in se crimes, because we can restore Liberty under the Natural Law of Self Defense and through legitimate redress using Justice.


Ukraine Lawmaker: We may have to go Nuclear

I have a decent understanding of the Soviet mind.  Not Russian - Soviet.

A Ukrainian politician (in office) told the world that Ukraine may need to go nuclear to reverse the Russian action in Crimea.  Unless Ukraine held a few old nukes back behind the shed and has the ability to put them on target very quickly, this Ukrainian lawmaker (Pavlo Rizanenko - in Parliament) may have just sentenced his Countrymen to slavery.

Vladimir Putin is a Soviet thoroughbred.  He was born and raised Soviet.  He was KGB.  He also is a proud Russian from St. Petersburg.  He believes Russia has been treated shabbily, and he believes that Russia has a rightful place as the Alpha world power.

When Vlad hears "Ukrainian lawmaker wants nukes..." what he really hears is "How dare they be so disrespectful - give me just one reason I should not take all of Ukraine and teach them another lesson from their Masters in the Kremlin - this time we will make the Holodomor look like Club Med!"

The US and UK helped convince Ukraine to give up her nukes after the Soviets "fell".

Make no mistake: The US and UK will do nothing to defend Ukraine if Vlad decides to take it.

And every Ukrainian death that results will leave blood on American and British hands.

Here's the link to the story.


Real Leadership on display: TL Davis


TL: Will I go to Connecticut? It is my duty

Read his reasoning in his latest post, here.

He doesn't put his tripwire out there, which should be held between his own ears and nowhere else.

If he goes, where does that put you?


So the question is: Do we stab the Banksters & their allies in the neck this time?

Right this minute there are more than a million employees among the four largest US Banks.

The top 4 US Banks have a cumulative total of less than five trillion dollars in assets - and a cumulative exposure to derivatives of more than 211 trillion dollars.

In the story I link below, Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse blog took the time to show the key numbers in 2007 versus those points today.  The situation today is tremendously worse than it was in 2007.  When the economy blows the engine this time, there is not enough duct tape and chewing gum to fix it. 

You and I know that "The Banksters" are raping the system for everything that they can get before implosion occurs.  You and I know the politicians, central bankers, and a very large percentage of big business executives - and a whole fuckload of lawyers - know they are doing wrong.  Unlike politicians, bureaucrats and their Praetorian, the banksters and financial malefactors will be harder to identify in the aftermath. 

I know where I stand on the issue: Anyone knowingly and willfully participating in the current rape and imminent implosion of the economy is guilty of malum in se crimes, and they are accessories to the coming deaths of those who will die as a direct result of implosion by famine and disease.

What say you?

Here's the link.