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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If you can't get your hands free, you lose...

Begin at 37 seconds.  LEO has the guy's wrist.  Had he taken the III CQB class, he'd still be free.

Every single one of my students would have gotten his or her hand free, instantly.

But getting your hand free won't be worth much if you are as out of shape as the dummy in the video.

CQB & Fight to your Weapon videos, here.


To all Free Forces at Bundy Ranch: Stand Down

**UPDATE** Sandman sends: Every organized Constitutional Militia unit that I know of who were there have decamped. What you have left is a collections of fruits, nuts, flakes, provocateurs, media whores, drama queens and a few real patriots who should have more sense. OMA, Oathkeepers, Sipseys IIIpers, and loose cannons are running rampant.


The mission at the Bundy Ranch was to prevent the murder of the Bundy family, to recover the stolen Bundy cattle, and to force .Gov to seek peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Mission Accomplished.

Now - do what is tactically, strategically and politically prudent and go home.

What happened that day in the wash can never be taken from the Patriots who were there.  What happened in the days leading up to that final confrontation can never be taken away.  The pride every Patriot on the ground feels was earned.

Yes, the Enemies of Liberty may return.  If they do, so can Patriots.

But in the aftermath the political situation at Bundy Ranch has become detrimental to the clean win.  Infighting, glory-seeking and probably even manipulation by infiltrators in militia guise is smearing and tainting the work that was done.  It is time to declare Operation Bundy Defense as Mission Accomplished, stand down and defuse the politics before Blue Team talks and acts themselves right into a political failure.

FreeFor made their point.  Now go home before the victory is lost by stupid fucking people.


Economic Warfare: Holder’s Latest Scandal - DOJ Now Pressuring Banks to Refuse Service to Gun Stores

What do you call it when the Department of Justice undertakes efforts to force Banksters to deny service to lawful business owners based on political differences?  I know if the roles were revered the Lefties would call it Economic Terrorism.

I have said the Leftists in America mean to see you bend knee, imprisoned or dead.  They mean to force you to their will.  If you refuse, they will seek to interdict your ability to feed your family.  If you persist, you get the Lois Lerner treatment and DoJ considers sending armed men to put you in prison.  If you resist a DoJ dispatched Team, you will die.

The Enemies of Liberty have entered their EndGame.  They are ramping up on all fronts, as predicted here more than a year ago.  The pressure and challenges will continue to ramp up through the November elections.  Then, whether they win or lose in the House & Senate, they will begin to go hard.  Not necessarily on November 5 - but between November 5, 2014 and November 8, 2016 you'd better believe you, personally, will face the King's Men for your resistance to their will.

It's that simple.  You will be ready, or your will not.  They may come at you in a manner you anticipate, or they may come at you in a manner you have failed to consider.  But come they will.

America must be fundamentally transformed.  You are an obstacle to that goal.  The Left knows they will never have a better point man for that goal and never again have the momentum and key players in place.  They mean to meet you head-on prior to the next Presidential election.

You have been warned - repeatedly.

Here's the link.


Now Codified by all three Branches: Detention of You, for whatever they choose...

America has a history of passing bad laws - tyrannical laws - that only get turned over long after the fact.  Alien & Sedition, WWII Internment, now NDAA.  Before anyone in .Gov even begins to cry publicly about NDAA, there will have been many, many people swept away under the law.  Most will never be heard from again.

You and I knew the moment NDAA popped up in legislation that it targeted you and me.  Now that SCOTUS has signed off on it, you'd better believe FedGov will use it.  They may have already used it in America, against someone who doesn't have the ability to be noticed when they are gone.  But soon they'll take someone we will notice as being missing.  Those who notice and dare speak open the door to their own detention - but many will merely meet Mr. Fed who slaps them with a Patriot Act STFU order.

If you do not realize, even now, that there is open warfare between Enemies of Liberty and Patriots, you are surely and truly F'd.  Like Germany, every bit of tyranny that is about to be unleashed on Patriots now has the cover of law - it is "legal".  And we know what happens to people in America who "break the law" and we know how the average citizen looks at anyone accused of "breaking the law."

Those who would be Masters are in their Endgame.  I hope you realize it before they take you.

David has the story, here.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bunkerville Questions for .mil guys...

Something I have not yet seen is an analysis of BLM posture/actions from a military perspective.

We've heard talk of BLM snipers on ridgelines, but I have not seen those pictures.  Nor do we have any reports of BLM snipers retreating when Patriots entered the desert.  We don't have any pictures of BLM un-assing their positions in the face of Patriot advances.  The pictures I have seen include primarily the roadside Taser incident and of course the showdown in the wash.  Let's focus on the wash.  What I saw was BLM bunched and taking cover with their vehicles - hardly a prudent tactical position given all the open space, nor was it a position that offered an aggressive posture.  As BLM and Cowboys faced one another we know Patriots had overwatch on the bridges and up the embankments.

As far as I know the Patriots on overwatch were never challenged by any LEO - not on the bridges where they either stopped traffic or had traffic driving by.  No blue & red lights.  No Officer Friendly even shutting down traffic - from what I saw.  There were no attempts to flank the Patriots anywhere, at any time, from the reports I have read.

All taken together I am looking at a tactical disposition from BLM that was deliberately non-confrontational (careful not to let any of their guys wander into Patriot areas of control) and deliberately non-challenging - or strategic/tactical stupidity or ignorance - or fear.

Any of our military guys want to offer their professional opinion about the tactics we saw over the days leading up to the showdown in the wash?  Did you see anything that remotely reflected military maneuvers by BLM to control the ground or even to deny Patriots the ground?


Liberty Leadership

The tragic comedy on stage at Bunkerville between the OathKeepers, Militia and other parties is far more serious than some may understand.  We are no longer in a pre-war environment where clashes between various parties in the Liberty Movement may be noisy and help define people, but generally have no downside.  We are now at a point in time that lives are at stake.  Every decision taken by "Leaders" now has the very real potential to end in injury or dead Patriots.

More than a few people at Bunkerville have revealed to the world they are not up to the task of being true Leaders of Men in dangerous circumstances.  If you are one of those men who was looking to those people for leadership, you'd better understand quickly that while some may be good organizers, and some may be good PR guys, leading men into a fight or navigating dangerous waters where men may begin to pull triggers is not in the mental, emotional or intellectual make-up of those now bickering.

This is one case in which our modern paradigm is different from that faced by our Founders.  George Washington was installed as Leader by a body of men who had legitimacy.  That authority gave George Washington power that no man is going to get today in the Liberty Movement.  Today every Minuteman will serve and follow only the man or men he chooses to follow.  No one is going to be anointed General of FreeFor, and certainly not with the mandate to execute men under his command for failure to follow orders.

Leaders in this fight for Liberty will have to earn every single man following him.

This is where our III "Leaderless Resistance" paradigm will excel.  But it will take some time.  Of course the "Leaderless Resistance" paradigm is not "Leaderless."  Instead, we have many, many leaders spread out across the republic.  Most of these Leaders are followed by men who have chosen to follow.  Small Tribes, or Cells, or Teams, usually comprised of men and women who know one another from their daily lives.  In many cases, these small groups of people have known one another for many years.  They have their trust dynamics and leadership dynamics all worked out among themselves.

As we just witnessed at Bunkerville, the problems will occur when these Teams/Cells/Tribes meet at a hotspot.  As is Human nature there will always be those who mean to lead.  But without the mandate George Washington had - there will be the banging of heads.  It has been my experience that men and women will willingly follow someone who demonstrates traits conducive to the goal - and they will resist an unknown who steps in and declares himself in charge. 

If you are a III Patriot and you find yourself heading into an AO where different Teams will arrive and will need to work together, I would caution you to avoid falling in line behind anyone who simply declares himself to be in charge.  Watch the various Team Leaders.  Discuss each with your own Team.  Follow the one most deserving, or most likely to get your Team through the danger with the best chances of success.  In a situation where there will likely be unit-on-unit fighting, you'd better believe I'm going to STFU and listen if there is a JC or Max on-site.  If there is a Sparks on the ground, I'm going to do as he says if he needs a Comms task handled.  I know my strengths, and I know when I'd better follow someone who has more knowledge, experience and sense than do I.

By the same token - I am not following ANYONE who makes my nose wrinkle.

What if everyone on-scene is a dink and you don't trust any of them with your life or the lives of your Team?  Then take point by taking the initiative and putting your Team to work on tasks that need to be accomplished.  CA has recommended the "Quiet Professionals" approach, and it is spot-on.  You do you.  And you will soon find that reasonable, level-headed men and women from other Teams will see what you are doing and how you are doing it.  Before long, they will ask you how they can help.

Respect is earned.

That is how Leaders lead.

From the front.

Follow what is going on in the aftermath at Bundy.  Study it - and never behave that way.  What is happening before our eyes is a classic demonstration of what not to do.


Gary Hunt: The Bundy Affair – Oath Keepers vs. Militia – Part II

**Updated links below**

The above picture should tell you everything you need to know about OathKeepers and Bundy.

What is happening on the ground out there is one of the most embarrassing turns for the Liberty Movement I have witnessed.  There are particular people at the center of yet another Patriot SNAFU that results in unwinding the good work done by real Patriots.  Whether one chalks it up to simple dick-measuring and bow-to-me-I'm-the-one-true-God syndrome or professional provocateurism - or a combination of both - the end result for the Patriot community is the same: It's fuct.

I won't mention the familiar presence of particular players at the scene of many Patriot embarrassments.  OK, I mentioned it.  I won't mention the consistent Cluster Foxtrots that ensue when certain people in the "Patriot Community" parachute in.  Whoops, did it again.  I won't dare mention the knee-capping of Patriot efforts that surface time and time again when certain players arrive on-scene.  Dammit - did it again.  My bad.

But don't worry if you love the drama.  The old-guard of Patriot-buggers will not be the end.  There is already a new class of young Patriot-buggers at work.  You know, the kind of Fucks that lie to your face then try to undermine you with your allies by posting blatant lies, by undertaking campaigns to malign people on several social media venues, the sort of cocksuckers who create bogus screen names to attack you because they are too cowardly to use their known names - you know, garbage like that.  You know the kind of guy I'm talking about - when they talk all you can see is a big, plump, juicy va-jay-jay on their face.  No worries, they'll always be part of the Patriot Community so the drama fiends get their fix and a good smear and knee-capping is never more than a post away when needed by the Enemies of Liberty.  Some of that will be sorted out very, very soon.  Anyway...

Gary Hunt has done serious and hard work with embedded sources on the ground at Bunkerville to connect dots and try to get to the truth of what is happening out there in the name of Patriots.  We still do not know where this will all end, who will reveal themselves as dinks, and who means well but may not be up to speed yet.  But because of the work being done by Gary and others, we are getting what we need most: Intel.

Here's the link.

Here's CA's post on the topic, including contact information for sending relief supplies.

Other side of the coin: The OathKeeper Perspective, here.


J.C. Dodge: I’m Up, He Sees Me, I’m Down!

J.C. Dodge covers movement and Buddy Team considerations.

Train, folks.  You never know when you'll hear these words over the loudspeaker: "Fall out!  This is NOT A DRILL!"

Here's the link.


Monday, April 28, 2014

III Citadel PatCon & Brock's NC PatCon

NC PatCon: We are now fewer than two weeks from gathering once again at Brock's place in North Carolina.  Holly and I are eager to be back among fellow Patriots in such a wonderful environment. 

We will be teaching Fight to your Weapon on Friday the 9th, and are pleased so many class alumni will be there.  Two of our III 300 Patriots have offered to share some of their Krav techniques with us as well, so be ready to train!  After CQB Holly and I will be joining Grenadier for his Georgia Force-on-Force introductory class.  He'll be introducing Patriots to using AirSoft guns as training aids - we are really looking forward to this class.  H & I are looking forward to meeting G1.  Saturday Brock has a full day planned, including speeches and discussions.  Of course nightly campfires will certainly again be highlights. 

The Patriots who come to Brock's are great people.  If you can make it, you owe it to yourself to come and meet others who share your love of Liberty.  While networking and building friendships and alliances is a big part of the event, come ready to work.  There are topics to be discussed that need input from Patriots.  If you've never been to a PatCon, I promise it will profoundly affect you.  And Brock's events are the Gold Standard for PatCons.  Meeting Brock is alone worth a day's drive.  Here's the NC PatCon page for more information.

Holly and I will be headed for Idaho shortly after Brock's.  We have a couple stops along the way, and we are looking forward to meeting those of you who have reached out.

III Citadel PatCon: The weekend of August 8-10 will find us on the mountain once again for our second III Citadel PatCon in Idaho.  All III Patriots, Citadel residents and supporters, and Liberty-loving Americans are welcome.  Everyone is welcome to join us at Studio III for CQB classes, especially if you roll into town early.  The Planning Committee is beginning their work, so we'll announce  details as the schedule takes shape.  If you have a topic you'd like us to discuss as a group, or an activity you'd like to work into the weekend, leave us a comment or drop me a line at Kerodin@Kerodin.com.

If you are planning to attend the Citadel PatCon: Please drop by the PatCon blog and leave us a comment.  Who you are (screen names are fine) and how many people you'll have with you, what days you're planning to attend, etc.  This way we can ensure we have enough infrastructure in place.

We've set up a blog dedicated to the Citadel PatCon where we'll update everyone as the Planning Committee does their work.  Remember, this is your event.  So help us plan the agenda.

Here's the site: CitadelPatCon.blogspot.com

We look forward to seeing friends and allies once again, and meeting new faces!


Rhodes: Parasite Revealed

**UPDATE - New Video Link**  Here - thanks to Anon in Comments who offered it!

**UPDATE**  As you can see the video has been taken down.  In the video the participants had agreed to a sit-down with Stewie - so maybe they pulled it as a concession.  Dunno.  Either way, this cluster fuck threatens to smear the work that was done by those Patriots who stood toe-to-toe with BLM weeks ago.  And perhaps that is part of the mission.  There is a full-court press in play to undermine what happened at the Bundy Ranch.  You'd be foolish to ignore the likelihood that provocateurs made it under the wire.  You'd be equally foolish to ignore the likelihood that you'd recognize the names...


Anyone standing with OathKeepers is NOT standing with Liberty.

Anyone taking silver from the OathKeepers is a self-serving whore and an Enemy of Liberty.

Yeah, I said it.

Rhodes has become a very wealthy man through OathKeepers, on the promise his organization would stand tall for Patriots when events got sporty.  Eyewitnesses affirm he was personally several rows deep when facing BLM.  And now he is being accused of being a Provocateur by serious men who have been face-to-face with him for weeks.  When it got real, Stewart Rhodes revealed his real nature.  He is a parasite feeding off real Patriots and the deliberate destruction of Liberty.

If you continue to stand with OathKeepers, clear out of my camp.

And do not write me about 11th Commandment nonsense - the moment a man reveals he is not seeking Liberty, or that he is a back-stabbing, self-serving fuck, he gets ex-communicated and kicked to the curb ricky-f'n-tick.  Keeping enemies inside the wire is just fucking stupid.

Thanks to RichD for the link.


Long hard times to come...

Not a bad frame for what this way comes...


Real-world politics...barrel of a gun

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The mayor of Ukraine's second-largest city was shot in the back and pro-Russia insurgents seized more government buildings Monday as the U.S. hit Russia with more sanctions for allegedly fomenting the unrest in eastern Ukraine.

Impeachment is a recent invention, brought to our Founding Documents by Benjamin Franklin.  Until Mr. Franklin offered the concept, there were only two options for dealing with politicians/tyrants who violated their mandate - tolerate it, or kill them.  My thanks to CA for sharing that history with me a few years ago.

I have a very strong moral compass.  (Stop laughing, dammit!)  I despise lying - even though I am totally comfortable parsing a sentence until it screams and dies.  But I consider myself firstly a realist.  I'd like the people of the world to interact with one another from a place of honesty and respect - but I am not willing to wait for another million years for the species to surpass itself.  Afterall, my goals have little to do with the realities of species survival - evolution won't go that way - certainly not in a short million years.  But more importantly, I do not think any man is obligated to endure any other man who intends to infringe his personal, Rightful Liberty, until such time as the oppressor Awakens and throws himself at the feet of the mistreated, begging forgiveness for his errant ways.  F that.

Impeachment is a nicety - a politeness offered by a civilized people.  It's like Mom giving her brat the courtesy of counting to three before she commences the beating for bad behavior.

Politicians and the Master Class have short-circuited Mr. Franklin's kindness of Impeachment.  To my mind, they have willingly thrown away the one barrier that a moral people have to abide when being mistreated.  It is the politicians/tyrants themselves who have returned us to a state of having only two choices: Endure the tyranny, or kill the Fucktards.

So be it.

So, am I outraged that pro-Russians shot a Mayor in the back who stood between them and their self-determination?


Here's the story.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Strategy & Tactics: Hostages

Hostages in Ukraine, held by Pro-Russian Militia
Consider the impact of a suddenly missing Regime stooge in each of our 50 most-populated metro areas, all at once.  Consider the ability of the Regime to respond to 50 such brush fires at once.

I believe in overwhelming and devastating action, with the intent to quickly take from your enemy the ability to fight, or the will to fight.

In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns. - Sun Tzu

One Enemy of Liberty returning to ambient temperature in the street for all to see, in 50 different cities, all at once.  Another 50 Enemies of Liberty disappeared.  Spread him thin.  Instill fear at once.  Provide no massed force for him to retaliate against.  Remind him of his mortality.  Make him worried for his home & hearth.  Such a strategy would tax any Regime.

Here's an article on the hostages taken by Pro-Russian militia.

There's going to be a fight.  The fight is begun.  Let's win.


When Surrender is no longer prudent...

WiscoDave sends another poignant and timely reminder that the Enemies of Liberty are on a war footing, and you'd better understand that fact.  The article includes a series of pictures, including the one above.  The guy being arrested is obviously not resisting - at least not until the big guy moves to his face and begins putting his hands toward his neck.  The two cops at his rear are calm.  The cop at his front simply wraps his meathooks around his neck and begins to choke him out.  He, too, is calm.  The other cops do absolutely NOTHING to stop the choker.  In short order, as will happen when blood is not permitted to your brain, the guy being arrested buckles.

This is obviously simple malice, malevolence and thuggery.  But I'm not going to engage that topic.

When the man chose to surrender to arrest, his hands were bound.  He surrendered all physical ability to defend himself.  In an America where people respect the system, no problem.  The details can be hashed out in court.  But we are not in that America any longer.  All this guy did was make it more comfortable for LEO to murder him, if LEO chose to murder him. 

If you find yourself facing arrest, you'd better understand that you are gambling with your life if you choose to surrender and trust the good nature and morality of the men arresting you.  Sure, they will probably deliver you to jail, then court.  They may thump you a bit, especially when they read your online comments.  But they probably won't murder you.


Until they decide to murder you.

Understand that your pursuit of Rightful Liberty is a direct threat to everyone wearing a badge, except your local Sheriff.  If you realize your goals of restoring Rightful Liberty, the cops in the picture above lose their pensions and income.  You threaten his ability to feed his family.  That fact, when added to all the other psychotic traits and facts we know about the average LEO, should make you very, very hesitant to surrender and go peacefully, even for something "minor".

I am not telling you to never permit yourself to be arrested.  That's your call, and you have to gut-check the circumstances.

What I am telling you: If you surrender for arrest, be aware you may be murdered with your hands bound.  Here's the article.

Now add this to the mix: Holder’s DOJ was apparently considering using criminal prosecution against these conservative activists to silence them, doing so for activities which are perfectly legal.

Holder was working with Lois Lerner at IRS and considered arresting Tea Party folks who dared challenge the Regime on political grounds. 

If you do not understand that this Regime is employing the Mischa Wolf model, I can't help you.  Here's this article, also from WiscoDave.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

A member of your Team has been captured - now what?

Your Team is out on a caper, delivering hearty doses of Fuck You and free back-fists to Commies down near the Piggly-Wiggly, where Red Team has HQ near the bread lines.  Red Team suddenly gets reinforced and your guys have to beat feet back to the bat cave.  With a head count you realize Bubba didn't make it.  One of your guys confirms Bubba didn't catch a face full of M4 bad luck, but he did get his arse knocked the F out and hog-tied in a Red Team van.

Bubba's a good ol' boy.  His wife is a peach and makes great cobbler.  His curtain-climbers are cute as hell.  Everyone likes Bubba.  Your Intel guys don't know where the Red Team executive conference room is located - the one with the torches and ballpeen hammers.  So a rescue isn't happening.

Bubba knows who you are, where you are, where your hidey-holes are at, who your informants are, and other sundry details.  WTF do you do?  Bubba won't talk.  Bubba's a good guy.  You've known him since grade school.  Your wife is his cousin.

Patriots, in this scenario it will be time for Hard Things and to recognize a few Hard Truths.  Bubba loves you as his brothers.  He is built like a bull and hates Commies.  Your Team compartmentalized, but Bubba is one of the guys who knows about more compartments than most.

Bubba is going to tell everything he knows.  You'd better count on it.  The Regime will very rarely need the blow torches and brick chisels.  Regime players have tremendous experience in using leverage against Americans to earn capitulation.  Most guys take plea deals when they catch a case, and Feds don't need telephone books or rubber hoses to make it happen.

"Bubba," they will say, "tell us what we want to know and we won't burn your house down while your wife and children are sleeping.  Gabe's in the next room and he hasn't burned anyone alive in days - he's itchy.  He's got a new cocksucker partner named Raconteur, and they really love raping dogs and eating babies before they burn everyone alive."

Be honest - how much are you willing to gamble that the Regime
will not go this far on you or your loved ones? 
Just so you know - if you ever find me like this,
please give me a quart of morphine and let me go...
Play as many Rambo fantasies as you wish in your head.  Most men are going to give up their brothers to save their wives and children.  Just own it and plan accordingly.  I suspect many guys who have been in the desert at Bunkerville will face such challenges in coming months.  You do know how many felonies each and every person in the desert can face, yes?  I promise you the Regime can earn indictments for every single person who was on the ground worth decades of Federal prison time.

Here is my two cents on being captured or dealing with the capture of an ally who can burn you.

Pre-1) Do not get captured.  Do whatever it takes.

1) You simply must assume you have been compromised and the Regime will come for you.  They will not hesitate to come for you when you are with your family, to Cluster Foxtrot any serious plans you may have about fighting back.

2) You and your Team should have protocols in place to go ghost.  At the moment it becomes necessary, you and every member of your family simply drops everything and walks away.  You have plans on where to muster, and when.  Every plan should be its own compartment - Bubba should not know how/where your family intends to drop out of sight.

3) Perhaps your Team intends to re-group at some point.  If so, assume this has probably been compromised.  Approach any pre-planned muster with that knowledge. 

4) If Bubba knows the rest of the Team will collect his wife and kids and help them survive, he'll hold out just a little bit longer.  But everyone on the Team must KNOW the Team will carry-through and have everyone's back.

5) If you are captured - take every precaution to delay how quickly they can identify you.  Attempt to escape at every opportunity.  Make your own opportunities.  Accept that you are probably going to die very soon.  Your goal during questioning is not to keep secrets.  You will break.  You may break when they threaten your wife or kids.  You may not break until they threaten your beloved cockatoo.  You may even hold out until they do start cooking little piggies with a torch while still attached to your feet.  But you will break.

Your goal is to delay.  Delay as long as you can.  Give your Team and your family as much lead time as possible.  You will probably have to accept this as a victory - because going back home and resuming the life you had yesterday is not going to happen.  Take whatever win you can get before you die. 

Yeah - this is the world in which we live now.


8A in wartime - Not

What happens when you dare confront one of the Elite Establishment in America?

People accused of almost all crimes get bail in America.  Even murder defendants often get bail.

But if you throw a shoe at one of the Protected Class, if you dare demonstrate the hubris of questioning their power, they will hold you in prison until you are found guilty and sentenced.  They will declare you a mental defective, further ruining the rest of your life - for throwing a shoe.

The charges facing Alison Ernst, the woman who threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton, are Misdemeanor Trespass and Misdemeanor Violence against a Person.


And because she dared to get pissy with one of our Master Class, she has been sent for mental evaluation, deemed a "flight risk" and ordered held without bail until her trial.  She faces two years in prison.  For throwing a shoe.  Had she thrown that shoe at you or me, she'd probably never see the inside of a courtroom.  Afterall, I am not calling LEO if someone throws a shoe at me.  But the Master Class can not tolerate such rebellion and disrespect.  8A will not help you any more than any other legitimate Rule of Law - because the Master Class does not respect such notions.

Understand we are at war.  This war is no longer in the province of "maybe".  In the desert American citizens picked up weapons and were prepared to kill the King's Men.  If you enter into ANY interaction with Regime functionaries and you fail to comprehend that we are at war, you will suffer.  Rules are now merely window dressing.  Popping a tire on a Regime vehicle is not going to be mischief - it will earn you real prison time.  Throwing a shoe at a member of the Master Class is a direct challenge upon their authority, and they will not tolerate such challenges.  You will not earn a fine and be sent on your way - certainly not before tasting the system.

I counsel every Patriot - take nothing lightly.  Under-estimate no person and no thing.

We are at war, and They know it.

Just curious - is anyone in this audience going to break her out?  Going to show up at the jail with arms and demand her release?  (She's not cattle...)  Are you even going to write the Judge or the local newspaper?  It's ok, answer yourself honestly.  Now you understand that no one will be coming to rescue you, either, when you fa'cock OpFor infrastructure.  You'd better plan to rescue yourself - and that means, do not get caught.  And if caught, you surrender only if willing to enter the system, for years...

Here's the article.


From Susan Duclos: It Begins… ‘I Won’t Kill Or Die For This’

Let us hope this soldier's sentiment is widely shared and strong enough that he is willing to simply walk away.

Here's the link.


Friday, April 25, 2014

It's time for Patriots to put on big-boy pants and seriously consider...

...that RevWarIII may be fought in the midst of WWIII.

Ukraine is bracing for the Russians.  It has been obvious for a while that Russia intends to take at least Eastern Ukraine.  My analysis suggests they will move to secure everything from the Dnieper east.  Would the Ukrainians permit Kiev to border Russia just across the river?  Or would they begin fighting in a Resistance capacity - which would of course motivate Russia to simply sweep west to the borders of Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

Wherever Russia decides to stop advancing, the reality is clear: They will advance as far as they wish to advance.  American and NATO stupidity aside, Russia is now committed with Nationalist Face on the line.  As far as Russians are concerned, it is now a matter of national pride and respect to take as much as they want.  And the Russian people will not only support Vlad, they will worship him.  Their national blood is up.

For anyone studying how Russia has executed this event, there is only room for respect, even if you hate Russia and Russians.  The play on nationalist emotions was done brilliantly by Vlad.  His SpecOps teams worked flawlessly in Crimea and they repeated that excellence across the east, coordinating with local sympathizers with textbook effectiveness.  The politics of baiting Kiev and the political optics of sitting down in Geneva were executed without Washington/EU/Kiev being able to score even a symbolic point.  And of course, our President and his team proved witless and simply not up to the intellect of the Kremlin.

Now we must pivot to apply serious mental energy to the consideration that our President may mean to use Ukraine as justification for launching WWIII in the European Theatre.  As our older Patriots who served in the Cold War era and through Reagan know, the commitment of sufficient men and materiel to secure Europe from a riled Bear is beyond anything America has done in generations.  And as a means to distract the population from global wealth theft, and to put orders on the books of every defense contractor in the free world, commiting Americans to Europe would be a very prudent move.

We shall see.

In the meantime, here's the article regarding Ukraine's belief that invasion is imminent.

Here's a report about Russian fighter aircraft in the skies over Ukrainian soil.

Brock has more, here.

S&P has cut Russian debt to just above Junk.

And for anyone following the Geopolitical potential of WWIII as a means of escape for the world's banksters and defense industry, remember that defending the Senkaku on behalf of Japan has now been affirmed from the mouth of the American President himself.  There's your Pacific Theatre.

That means something.



Any of you planning to participate in OAS?

Here's the link.


They mean to have War: LEO Recruiting Video

They mean to have war.  Period.

They are not hiding.  They are recruiting your neighbors to join them.

Do you and your Tribe train to beat these teams of shooting, moving and communicating Enemies of Liberty?


Bundy Press Release

Cliven Bundy offers, here.

It's better to keep third parties out of your message stream, whenever possible or practical.


Marc Faber: Get physical possession of your gold, and get it out of USA...

Marc Faber : “I prefer if investors hold physical gold in a safe deposit box, ideally outside the US, in various locations… Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada… I think it’s important in today’s very uncertain world to diversify, not only the various asset classes… but also the custody of your assets should be in different jurisdictions.”

I'm not sure why he is suddenly concerned about physical possession in America.  I do know he is hyperbolic often, but also often proved to be generally correct.  Either way - we do have a history in America of Bad People outlawing Gold from we serfs.

Here's the link.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundy Response

For everyone who cut and run - thank you.

You have revealed who you are...

...we will remember.


Damn you for making me defend this Administration

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Constitution and the intent of the Founders.  It is a complex, nuanced blueprint for governance that protects individual Liberty, though as has been said by better men than am I - it is suited only for a moral people.
I have absolute disgust for people who pervert the Founder's Intent to satisfy an agenda.  And I have no patience for people who refuse to take the time and invest the energy to understand the document, while invoking it on any topic as armor for their position.

I can't be bothered with the back story of the clemency silliness.  If you are up to speed, sorry - it's more Sparklie than anything else.  If you have been spared this story, good for you.  If you find yourself aligned with the Law & Order Republicans on the topic, it's time to examine the premise.

First: Putting people in prison for drugs is bullshit.

Second: Putting one guy in prison for 2 years for an ounce of powder coke, and another guy in prison for 20 years for an ounce of crack, is bullshit.

Third: FedGov, under the Constitution, has no legitimate authority to prosecute "Drug Laws" - that authority is claimed only under perversions of General Welfare, Necessary & Proper, and Interstate Commerce.

But the premise has nothing to do with drugs.

Law & Order Republicans are hammering the Administration's decision, even dropping the hyperbole bomb charging that the action is "threatening the entire Constitutional system".

OK - Constitution 101: Checks & Balances.  Three equal branches, each the final arbiter of all things Constitutional within their sphere.  So, Congress passes a draconian sentencing law.  The Judicial has no problems with it, so they convict cases brought before it by the Executive.  The Executive likes the law for a while, so they prosecute people in accordance with the law. (Of course all this is simply pissing up a rope, because "Final arbiter of all things Constitutional withing their respective spheres" is limited by the black-letter text and intent of the Founders - the delegated powers.)

Then things change within the Executive.  The new guys don't agree with the law, or perhaps they don't like the way the law is being applied.  Whatever.  Under our Constitution (the perverted version), it is the responsibility of the Executive to bring the case to court - so long as the Executive is in agreement.  But when they disagree they can simply refuse to prosecute.  Since it is the Executive that operates the prisons, they can open the doors when they wish when they suddenly change their minds about the "validity" or "fairness" of the laws in question.

Yes, we are trying to parse what is within the province of the Executive regarding hijacked power.  Don't get hung up on that absurdity.  If the Executive doesn't like a law, they can refuse to prosecute.  If the Judiciary doesn't like a law, they can refuse to convict (or even refuse to hear the case.)  If the Congress doesn't like a behavior of either other branch, they can pass another law, or rescind a law.

Just remember the premise - each branch of FedGov has the legitimate, genuine authority to tell the other branches to pound sand. 

We are at war.  The Founder's Intent is my North Star.  I do not have the time or patience to re-visit the academic.

I'm done with the topic.


Pro-Maidan? Just a reminder...

I do not care whose flag flies over any part of Ukraine.

David at NCRenegade has linked a piece with a snippet in it that caught my attention as being a relevant reminder for those Americans who mean to separate from tyrants, extra-constitutional .gov, the Constitution, et cetera.  It also applies to all Patriots who wish simply to separate from the parasites who claim a moral Right to the fruits of our labors.

Here's the snippet:  On the outskirts of Kiev, [Ukrainian] men lay on the ground, rifles at the ready. For the moment, they’re firing at cardboard, but soon the targets could include Russian soldiers or eastern Ukrainian separatists.

They intend to shoot fellow Ukrainians who wish to walk away and stand at peace with Russia.

Walking away does no injury to these Ukrainians who intend to shoot them.  The men who will shoot them simply take the position that they have the moral Right to stop other men from leaving peacefully.

We Americans have already had a war with such men.  They won.  Liberty lost.  Such men have already made it known in Maryland and elsewhere today they will not permit other men to walk away and form their own State.  These men will be no more disposed to permit Liberty to return, even if secession is not their goal.

They mean to be Masters.  They may not call themselves Masters, but their actions are no different if they dare inform you how you must live.

Walking away is not going to happen peacefully, whether you are American or Ukrainian.

Just remember that, and remind yourself that you have already asked politely.  Now all that remains is to walk away.  And should they put their hands upon you, treat them as Tyrants...

Both sides have been sufficiently warned of the others intent.

Here's David's piece.


FM FY: Tase Me, Tase You

You do know you can buy Tasers too, yes?

And they work both ways, while demonstrating proportional response.

Just consider the impact of THAT video...

I'd suggest all frontline Patriots have at least one, maybe one for each hand.  Second rank Patriots can ensure if Enemies of Liberty decide to escalate, they can be scolded properly.

Just sayin'.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Georgia: Good on ya...

Georgians take back a bit of their Natural Rights through State politics.

Remember, the entire notion behind "Government" is that we delegate responsibilities to a small group of people who work on our behalf to protect our interests, and pick up our trash, while we focus on other matters.  When the people in Government take for themselves power to which they are not entitled, they need to be corrected. 

Georgia is correcting them, and at least for now, isn't having to kill them in the process.

Here's the write-up from SHTFPlan.


Meet The Militia Rushing To Cliven Bundy’s Defense

Kerodin: “Violence is only acceptable in self-defense and in defense of innocent people from tyranny,” Kerodin said. “There will be violent clashes in our future between those who mean to be Masters, and those who refuse to be ruled.”

I have only gone "on-the-record" twice in my life.  Once with Glenn Beck, and now with Ms. Thompson.  Don't ask me why I said yes - I can't give you any rational answer except that I had a gut feeling.  I am not disappointed.

The article is solid and professional.

Only read the comments if you want your head to explode.

Here's the link.


Seeking Patriot Expertise: Tech

There is work being done in the aftermath of Bundy to build an infrastructure that is available to all Patriots who may find themselves in similar circumstances.  The goal is to have protocols that will help facilitate victory.  We have noted many strong-points from Bundy, not the least of which is the willingness of Patriots to stand tall when Enemies of Liberty point automatic weapons at them.

There were several areas that can be improved. 

I think it is nearly universally understood that one of the greatest tools for those seeking Liberty is the ability to get real, raw, unvarnished information from the scene to the public.  At Bundy we saw several protocols in play from Enemies of Liberty that sought to control the message, the data-flow, the truth.  Patriots did a good job of getting the truth out anyway, but it can be better, and the means can be formalized so the methods can be used by any Patriot, from Miami to Seattle.

This call for help is narrow in focus, but will probably expand as we discuss it.  I am asking any Patriots with relevant skills to put together the available technologies that can be used on the ground for getting images and reports out of the AO to allies across the country. 

How can Patriots on the ground get images out, get reports out, set-up live streaming feeds?  Can live-streaming cameras be affixed to inexpensive drones (read - RC helicopters/airplanes if not modern drone platforms)?  We are not discussing tactical comms on-site.  We are talking about getting audio, video, whether live or recorded, out of the AO and to our allies across the republic for dissemination.

What widgets can we pack into a footlocker and then send to a trusted ally who finds himself on the ground, hip-deep in alligators?

We're looking for specific technologies and widgets.  I know Looxcie is a tool that can send live-feeds of audio and video.  What else can Patriots use/do (keeping budgets in mind, but NOT excluding technology simply because of cost - if it is important, we can get the money) to get the information out to allies who can then disseminate?

We know Enemies of Liberty have the ability to shut down cells, jam comms, and all the bad things.  How do we work when they have NOT shut us down, and what are some work-arounds for when they DO shut it down?  For instance, you HAM guys - what is needed to use HAM to get video/audio out of an AO?  And what can Patriots do - what widgets are available, or techniques - to reduce OpFor ability to communicate, without frying Patriot Comms?

I welcome contributions in comments, of course.  But I am hoping a few of you will take the time to draw up a full protocol on whatever tech you choose to focus upon.  If you are going to suggest Looxcie, for instance, an instructional paper that includes the best phones, the widgets required, the apps required, where and how the data can be sent (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc), features of the tech, weaknesses, etc.

You can post on your own blogs if you are a blogger.  You can send to Kerodin@Kerodin.com - whatever.  I'm looking for everything from shooting video, putting it on a datastick and getting that stick out of the AO, to live feeds, to...

Send in what you know, and we can then work it into a synthesized, complete working document.

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE - when you submit, understand that I am the most tech-illiterate SOB you will ever meet.  Write your instructions for me, not a fellow Comms Officer.

Hope you will take the time to help.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stealing the Founder's Intent - any way they can...

What do these states ( & DC ) have in common?

•District of Columbia – 3 electoral votes
•Hawaii – 4 electoral votes
•Illinois – 20 electoral votes
•Maryland – 10 electoral votes
•Massachusetts – 11 electoral votes
•New Jersey – 14 electoral votes
•Washington – 12 electoral votes
•Vermont – 3 electoral votes
•California – 55 electoral votes
•Rhode Island – 4 electoral votes
•New York – 29 electoral votes

Aside from the obvious, they have all signed on to drop the Electoral College for a straight majority vote in national elections.  Once they get enough states to reach 270 Electoral Votes, they plan to drop the college.  That means the end of the rural vote, essentially.  Never again will it matter what any man in Idaho or many other states wants.

It is the overthrow of the republic, once and for all.  And they mean to do it without an Amendment.

Here, read about it for yourselfHere's the official website. True - we don't get any real choices in our national elections anyway, right?  So what does it matter?  It matters because stealing is wrong.  It matters because they think they can do anything they want, and no one will challenge them.

Fuck.  That.


Call to a Patriot who wants to make a difference

It has been suggested in several places that the Liberty Movement should create a central repository of images, names, et cetera of Enemies of Liberty, particularly LEO.

Running a blog on BlogSpot or Wordpress is a simple matter.  If you are a Patriot who has been looking for a way to add your efforts to the cause of Liberty short of stepping off the porch, consider undertaking the task.  Build a simple blog and put up pictures sent from around the country of those who show up on the wrong side of Liberty.  Begin perhaps with those at Bunkerville.  Then add those who kill dogs and innocent people from behind a badge.

Build a database for your Countrymen.

Get faces online with names, badge numbers, car plates, and anything else that can be discovered online.  Every Patriot with a keyboard can help you find information.

Here's an example from NY.



WiscoDave sends a link to ZH - US troops are heading to Europe for a boots-on-the-ground presence in response to Ukraine.

There is only one realistic assessment of what this administration seeks in return for their foreign policy moves.  When viewed back to the opening days of Obama '08 and the World Apology Tour, combined with reasserting our mutual defense agreement with Japan over the Senkaku, to the appeasement and facilitation across the Muslim world, to the repeated and deliberate escalations over Ukraine, it is simple, it is unavoidable: World War III.

So, the question begs, why would a man and those who are allied with him, seek something so horrible as a World War?

The answer is biblical, simply look to the seven sins and settle on Greed: The wealth of the entire world has been plundered and stolen.  Those who have been robbed are waking up to it, and when they get a proper head of steam they will rise up and slaughter those who stole from them.  The only way out of that uncomfortable pinch for the robbers is to plunge the world into an existential distraction: World War.

And make no mistake - there will be new fortunes that rise in war.  As they always do.

Simple American Civil War is not enough to mask and protect the thieves in our own midst.  Our Masters want turmoil in America not simply for the diversion from their theft, but also to slip the garrote into final place and impose the same tyranny as is known in every single other nation on the planet.  There is no place in the world, no country, in which the average citizen recognizes Rightful Liberty, or even a pale reflection.  Those who mean to rule in America - not govern, but rule - mean to fundamentally transform us.

And the war is begun.

In the immediate aftermath, they mean to have three world powers, centered in China, Russia and America.  They mean all three to be Tyrant Red.

Here's the ZH piece.

If you are not engaging your world every single day from a war-footing, you are dreadfully wrong.

You have already been marked for death.  Your executioner has probably already been assigned, in some division of some agency in some Cabinet Department.  It may even be calendared...


III CQB: New Video Posted

New video at IIICQB, here.

Train folks.  Your life probably depends upon it.  Or, perhaps the life you save will be your wife, or children.  Only violent self defense will keep them alive through this war.


Wirecutter: Anyone else out there getting special attention from men in Black SUVs?

Here's the link.



Monday, April 21, 2014

Man Arrested For Punching Fellow Bar Patron In Face During "Heated Debate" Over Bundy Ranch Standoff

There will be more of this, on more topics that divide the republic, with increasing severity.

Bar fights will soon give way to shootings.  Shootings will soon become clashes.

It's all about scale, and we are just getting started.

People are tired of tolerating the opinions of other people.

It is called war.

Here's the link.


Blog Layout

I've increased the font size in posts - good or bad?

I dropped the poll - message rec'd.  ;)  Nearly a hundred people weighed in since last night, every single one of you appreciated the larger font.  Thanks, all.


III Grid Down Comms

Sparks is willing to travel if Patriots can support his classes.

To everyone who hosted me and H for CQB, consider bringing Sparks to your AO.  Your Tribe can not operate at full potential without the ability to communicate under adverse, challenged circumstances.  Sparks can teach you how to make this happen. 

He's looking for input from you - here's the link.

Support those in our community who have the ability and will to share their vital knowledge.


Worried about license plate readers while on a caper?

Not so much...

Stealing them can be complicated.

Having fakes - not "fakes," let's use the word "custom" - they'll jack you a bit if you get caught, but not likely to go to prison.  And if you need tags that don't identify you - you probably aren't going to accept going to jail, anyway...

...fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Here's the link.

Here's another one.


III CQB: Free Sneak Peek Weekend & PatCon Note

**UPDATE** - Password has been changed.  My thanks to those of you who visited.  I've emailed the new password to Subscribers - if you haven't rec'd it drop me an email Kerodin@Kerodin.com


I am offering a free weekend at the III CQB site for those of you who haven't yet joined.  Take a peek and you'll see techniques from the course to help you train at home with your Tribe.  I just added an important new video.
The password is: IIIMMA (case sensitive)
I'll change the password Monday.
If you have been through the III CQB class, you should subscribe.  I add at least one new technique each month.

Here's the CQB site.

PatCon: Brock's NC PatCon is in a few weeks.  This will be the last CQB class I teach outside of Idaho for a while - at least through the summer.  If circumstances permit H and I will be at Brock's Fall PatCon, but given what is happening in the world right now, who knows if that will be possible.  So if you have attended the CQB class in the past, come to Brock's and take it again (free).  If you haven't taken it yet, it is a great way to interact with your fellow Patriots.  And whether you take CQB or not, I suggest everyone take Grenadier's Force on Force course.  Saturday promises to be an important day, with much to be discussed.  Here's Brock's PatCon page.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

J.C. Dodge: Holsters

J.C. has posted a piece on holster selection for your handgun.

Most guys planning to deploy will not rely on their handgun as their primary weapon, so using prime real estate on your hip may not be the best place to keep your pistol.

Read the article here.

And remember - we are already in the flood.  You may need to deploy at any time.  You may be able to slip into a training class under the wire before you are suddenly faced with a bushel basket of ugly reality.  Check J.C.'s training calendar.


Mercenaries in sheeps clothing available for immediate deployment?

There is a tactical reality Patriots must consider going forward.

It has been mentioned (without support, as far as I have seen) that BLM had paid mercenaries on the ground in Nevada.  This guy sure doesn't look like the sort of fellow I've seen in BLM uniform or who would be attracted to BLM as a career choice.  Perhaps he really is simply one of their SWAT guys.

But this is a consideration we must explore until we have some answers.

If there were mercs on the ground in BLM uniform, and had events turned sporty, Patriots may have been facing an adversary far more capable than expected.  Men who not only know how to shoot, move and communicate, but men who have done it for a living.  And if they were mercs, what assets did they have nearby, ready to rope-in with serious firepower?

I have a piece of information that suggests the mercenary angle may have merit.  In 2012 BLM reportedly had 255 men with badges and guns in the agency.  (Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, here) People on the ground at Bunkerville, and press reports, say there were 200 or so BLM uniforms in place.  I have searched every picture I can find, and I have not found anything but BLM patches - no FBI, Marshals, et cetera.

Do we believe that BLM was able to muster more than 2/3 of their armed personnel in the desert from across the nation for this one operation?

If we have a hard time believing that proposition, then we must consider who the men were in BLM uniforms.  If they were, indeed, paid soldiers, then we must consider an even more uncomfortable reality:  FedGov has contract operators standing by as trigger-pullers and they have protocols in place that facilitate putting these men in official US Government Agency uniforms on a short timeline.

Let that soak in, folks.

If we hold that such a possibility exists, we must follow it to likely conclusions and be aware of it in future meetings of Patriots and ".Gov employees."

How many contract operators are at the disposal of FedGov?  How many different agencies have extra uniforms ready for them to wear?  How many times in the past have professional mercenaries been in our midst, wearing official uniforms, ready to unleash hell on behalf of BLM, Capitol Police, Uniformed Secret Service, et cetera?

There are many more questions here than answers.  And any answers we discover will reveal more questions. 

But one thing appears to be true: Patriots standing face-to-face with "Government employees" in the future must be prepared to suddenly be facing mercenaries with serious skills, serious back-up capabilities, and rules of engagement that would normally bind whatever agency they are impersonating.

Patriots had better be ready to go hard, and underestimate no man.