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Friday, April 18, 2014

How Patriots Win Liberty

When I first began writing online I laid out a strategy for the Liberty Movement to follow that would very quickly and decisively lead to a restoration of Liberty.   The people I anticipated to actually undertake the effort were III Patriots.  That has not changed - I expect any challenge to be undertaken only by III Patriots and any burdens to be shouldered by III Patriots.

My initial plan was relatively well received by the community, though MBV shat all over it.

Last summer I put forth the same general plan, only slightly modified for the circumstances that obtained at the time, and titled it my "One Week Plan".  Again, the plan was well received generally, and this time by a much larger audience.  This plan earned sharp criticism by one amongst us, but I found the objections to be without foundation.  The criticisms were offered without experience or appreciation for strategy and Human nature.

Last weekend when the BLM was backed down by Patriots protecting Cliven Bundy and his family, many of us knew immediately that the paradigm had irreversibly changed.  For the first time armed Americans forced armed .gov to stand down and even to surrender what they had captured.  Many of us are clear: The final fight for Liberty in America is now out of the closet.  It is now hot.  Both sides are committed.

It is time for every Patriot to finalize his plans, decide what strategy he will follow, what tactics he will employ.  CA has posted two strategies in the last week that are functionally identical to my "One Week Plan", and going forward I will refer to my plan by the name it has had since WWII (slightly modified) - Little Groups of Patriots.  LGoP.

I'm not going into a detailed description of the plan - if you've read here for any length of time, you already know it.  Little Groups of Patriots, operating in their own AOs, operating by their own means and tactics, with their own Command & Control, working toward the Commander's Intent.  The Commander's Intent is that ultimate goal, the shared outcome we all seek.

Commander's Intent: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

If we all hold that as our goal, while working in our own Little Groups of Patriots, and if we all go in relative unison when circumstances favor us, Liberty will prevail in short order.

I endorse the Little Groups of Patriots strategy based on personal experience.  Last year I traveled across this country and was gifted to meet many, many LGoPs who welcomed me and my wife, introduced us to their friends and allies, trained with us and in every case, broke bread with us.  I have faith in the LGoP strategy because I have met many III Patriots who will employ the strategy from South Florida to Los Angeles, the Great Lakes to Texas, the hills and valleys of Appalachia, and many places between.  I have seen with my own eyes the mettle of these Patriots, their grit, their devotion to the restoration of Liberty.  I've met others at PatCons and others yet at events.

The circumstances in America favor the LGoP strategy of bold men and women who mean to be free and at Liberty.

Simply: We've got this...

Do not heed those who may lack the courage to take point, who may seek to undermine your confidence.  Liberty is only for the bold. 

In the end remember the quote from a Patriot recently at WRSA [paraphrased]: They can't hit us with pepperspray or put us in prison if we kill them all...