Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Saturday, May 31, 2014


This is on the masthead at WRSA, and I have linked it on my sidebar: Get over it – no one (especially God) is going to tell you if and when it is OK to kill tyrants.

It goes without saying that killing tyrants will never be "legal".

When you take a shot at the King, as they say, don't miss.

Sometimes I look at some of the conversations we are having, or people with whom we associate, and I know in my heart some of my fellow Patriots let their guard down, they forget the grave significance of what it is to truly be III.

To be III is to proclaim to the world, and yourself, that you are committed to taking arms when the time comes, and fighting for Liberty.  Not fighting in the courtroom, or with protest signs - of course we can "fight" in those manners.  But to be III is to swear upon your Sacred Honor that you will do physical violence in defense of Liberty, if and when necessary.

Please take this moment and simply reflect on the gravity of that oath you have sworn by calling yourself a III Percent Patriot.  You have sworn to defend Liberty with violence, if you must.

It is sobering to understand that people in my Government consider me to be a domestic terrorist, and what they mean to do to me, at some point.  They are not playing games.  They have people in my life right now, playing roles, pretending alliances, feigning friendship.  I take that seriously.

When I watch some of my fellow Patriots, when I listen to some of their conversations, when I watch who they continue to permit within their sphere, I know some of my fellow Countrymen are merely playing at being a Patriot.  Some are sincere, but their judgment is such they will die when one of their "allies" slips a blade into their neck or puts a bullet in the braincase.  Some I watch with deep respect - for they know who the dangerous provocateurs are, and they play with them like toys.

To be III is to swear upon your Sacred Honor to do violence in defense of Liberty and upon tyranny.

Remind yourself.

Be certain you live it, as well.  In one of those moments when you lapse - you may die.



If I spent a bit more time with Sparks I could probably learn to find whatever frequencies the Feds are using in my place - but until my techie skills get that good, I just found this: DropCam.com.

I'm sure you techie guys know of better systems, cheaper, I'd love to hear about them.  I'm into wifi audio/video that I can capture with phone/tablet/PC.  I'd love a good outdoor rig that I could power off a small solar array.  Alan Mullenax gave me a good site with good gear.

If you guys have options, throw them in the ring.  I especially like the feature that activates and sends me a heads-up when the camera senses motion.  Sweet.

Another issue for you techies:  My future involves much working while not at a convenient PC.  Even the Samsung Mega is too small for me to do any serious blog updates, etc.  Question: Is there an app or solution that would allow me to buy a Tablet and then get phone service through it?

Anyhoo - get wired-up, folks.  Extend your perimeter.  Someone explain to me the reason one could not put a wifi cam with self-sufficient power-source in a place to watch your local - uhm - library?  ;)


III National Org: Mission

I'm going to ask a simple question.  I want your two cents about the direction of the III.

Read the post below about the baby that had a Sheriff's Deputy trigger a flashbang in the face.

How would you recommend the III respond as an Organization?

Keep in mind my personal mandate: Take no action that does not degrade the will or the ability of the Enemy to fight.

Keep this in mind: I do not see even ONE Oathkeeper on the ground or speaking out about the ordeal.

And keep this in mind: If you suggest showing up armed, you will hear the first shots of anger in RevWarIII.

So please be reasoned in your answer. And do not write anything that will get you indicted, please.


III Logistics

Do we have anyone out there who knows the MilSurp game sufficiently to actually help acquire some good, well-maintained gear?  This isn't just for the III or Citadel, I'm asking on behalf of our Militia allies who also need good gear on the cheap.


Baby-Murdering Bastards...

Pray for this child.  God hasn't called him Home yet -
but the local Sheriff's SWAT tried to send the little one to the meeting.

SWAT threw a flash-bang into the room to disable the occupants of a wretched drug den.

It landed on this baby's pillow, who remains in an induced coma.

I see three choices as a People:

1) Georgians and Patriots from around the country go the Cop Shop, surround it ala Bundy, and order everyone inside disarmed and permanently disbanded by the Governor (it's a Sheriff's shop).

2) Avoid the immediate open warfare that would ensue option (1), and begin turning Commies into good Commies when, where, and how individuals and groups of Citizens see fit.

3) Tolerate it.

I'm not going to recommend any of you do anything.  It is not my place to tell you what to do - ever.

Every man must sleep with his own conscience at night.

Here's the story, well done by Will Grigg.

Here's the Sheriff's department website.

Here's the Sheriff's email: jterrell@habershamga.com


Friday, May 30, 2014

Closing the night on a simple truth...

My fellow Patriots, I hope you truly grasp the grave nature of the world that exists, right now, in America.  Some of the people around you have been tasked to bring injury to you.  There are no more "casual" relationships.  You had better have already divided the real world into two groups of people - those you would let at your rear with a pistol - and everyone else.

You may be targeted for persecution, indictment, prosecution, or even death, right now, in America.

This is not some possible future.

It is here.  Right now.


You are the III Officer Corps

The Jedburgh Teams didn't have much in the way of insignia. 
Many wore existing SF wings after parachute training. 
There are several versions of spear tips,
 but nothing ever dominant. 
They just went to work...
I have counseled for a long time that the III Percent Patriots who are Awake right now represent the Officer Corps of Team Liberty.  You and I have been reading, training, prepping.  We have an idea what is coming.  When it begins, you and I will not be surprised, we'll draw a deep breath and resign ourselves to the Hard Things that are now ours to do.

I don't know about you, but when I realize that one of the ideas I have in my head, one of those ideas I'm pretty sure I was the first ever to think of ;), was shared by a man like Bill Donovan, that sort of validation let's you know you're on the right track.

I've mentioned the Jedburgh Teams this last week or so.  What is interesting is that two of the three men on each Team were Officers.  The Radio Operator was enlisted.  These Teams of three were sent into Harm's Way, in uniform, tasked with making contact with local fighters, and help them kick some ass.  Here's the "Official" orders of the Jedburgh, paraphrased: The mission of the Jedburgh teams was to supplement existing SO/SOE ‘circuits,’ to help organize and arm the resistance, arrange supply drops, procure intelligence, provide liaison between the Allies and the Resistance, and to take part in sabotage operations. [Highlights mine - K]

Bill Donovan built Teams of Officers and sent them all over France (and beyond) to lead men who wanted to resist, but perhaps lacked the military knowledge to know what to hit, or how to hit it.  He sent the Resistance Leaders.  These guys had relatively short (especially by today's standards) training cycles.

When SHTF in America, you will suddenly find yourself among cells of willing Resistance, who need Leadership.

You.  Are.  It.

That's not me issuing the command - that's one of America's greatest war-fighters ever.  That's Bill Donovan telling you to build yourself small Jedburgh Teams so that when the rest of the III Percent become Awake, you will be there to lead the way.

I added a link on the right sidebar.  It leads to a series of Jedburgh Field Manuals - they are not the dry 1970's FMs.  Please download them and make physical copies.  Then make copies on a dozen or more flash drives.  Then study them.

Where LGoPs meet the Jedburghs meet you - the Enemies of Liberty will fail.


OK - Poll no worky...

Here's the question:

If your AO went hot right now - full-blown hot with Gestapo in the streets rounding up Jews, anyone not willingly walking to the boxcars is simply shot in the street - how many men and/or women of your COMBAT TEAM would be at your muster point in 90 minutes?

How about in 24 hours?

By "Combat Team" I mean guys/gals who are going to work in Buddy Teams, into Fire Teams, et cetera.

90 minutes:

24 hours:


OK - I'll ask more directly

**BUMP**  The overwhelming response is obviously "yes", and I thank everyone for weighing-in.  I simply can't express how much it means that I won't have to put my hand out anymore asking for help to finance III Operations.  Please feel free to continue commenting if you are of a mind.  Here's where we stand: Legally, the organization is locked-up, ready to roll.  We could legally begin accepting memberships now - but for practical reasons it is too soon.  The Organization will be a 501(c)(4) as far as IRS is concerned.  That means the organization doesn't have to pay Federal income tax on most activities.  There's a good and a bad to donations:  The bad: Your donations/Memberships are not deductible.  The good: A 501(c)(4) never has to reveal who you are to anyone, even IRS.

There is more, I'll share when prudent.  Hopefully we'll have most of our blocks lined up by the end of the weekend.


1) Does anyone have any problem if we create an official III Organization?  Caveat: Nothing would change except some swag and steady income for III Projects.  No ranks.  Leaderless resistance.  You are still III whether you join or not.  Everything. Stays. The. Same. - Except the III has steady income for things like the T.O.C. and helping fellow Patriots without having to make a big, noisy mess of it, etc.  Money would be held by a Treasurer.  Bylaws would be written in stone so no shenanigans.  Does anyone have a problem with it?

2) Would you join on an annual basis?  Get some swag and discounts.

3) Would you join as a lifetime member?  Get some more swag & discounts.

4) Mission Statement: The Restoration of Rightful Liberty in North America.

Anyone got a problem with that short and sweet Mission Statement?
5) Oath:I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the principles behind the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.
Does anyone have a problem swearing that Oath?

The ultimate winner is the III.  Membership numbers mean we can tell NRA and Stewie to kiss our patooties.  Yeah, I said it.  Patooties.

Please weigh-in.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

We are on a path. You will choose one way, or the other...

By the way, many people are planning to choose for you...


You choose...


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It is time for a conversation among III Patriots...

This is my Battle Flag.  Tremble, Enemies of Liberty.  For if I fall and take it
to the bloody mud - one of my brothers will pick it up and kill you for me.

I have created a blog for a specific conversation whose time has come.

So let's roll up our sleeves, get into it, and win this flippin' war.

Here's the link.



Signal Corps: Read the post below.  Find a teen or twenty-something.  Staff yourself with a techie.

Medical Corps: Do the same with an ambulance tech.  Or that the classes yourself - learn how to help keep someone alive just long enough to reach a physician.

Spy Corps: Work on your Sneaky-Sneaky.

TIHK - We were awarded a wholesale account. 
Will be available soon.
TIHK: We've been granted a wholesale dealership.  Once the paperwork is all done, we'll make them available.  I have built my entire CQB class around one simple premise: If you can get your hands free from two very large men by the end of the day, you pass.  This little widget will help you do it if you somehow find yourself in cuffs.  I'm still working on my shim supplier for plastic ties.

Paul Lemmen:  Paul has started writing me in the last few days, and I want to thank him personally for an introduction he has made and the assistance he has provided.  We are III.


A Jedburgh Question

This is early in the process, too early to mention too many details.

Fact: The III is going to have Teams modeled on the Jedburgh Teams of WWII.

The question I'd like you to weigh-in on is simple: the name.

"Jedburgh" was chosen because it had zero meaning - it was simply a town in Scotland.

Is there a "cooler" or "Tacti-cooler" name you'd like to operate under if you find yourself working on a modern III Jedburgh Team?

Or, should we just leave it as Jedburgh out of respect for the men who gave the name meaning?

You're call.

Let me know.


III Signal Corps

The III needs a proper Signal Corps.  In the service there are many specialties within the Signal Corps, Patriots need a more slim and trim cadre of specialists who can work the hell out of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, they need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Unseen and the next great thing, they need to know what memory widgets work in what electronic thingies (these are all technical terms, don't try this without a spotter), they need to know how to spoof IPs, generally cause havoc to the "average" internet user.  They need to know how to capture audio and video and stills, work Looxcie and Vidcie and variants - all the things the average 13-year-old already knows.  They need to know all the ins & outs of social media. They need to know how to mask themselves, how to avoid, or slow down, being identified by OpFor.  Last but not least they need the old school radios - from short-range squad radios to HAM skills that let them reach the opposite side of CONUS.  HAM Masters are going to be less in demand, usually, that the folks who can play on the dark side of the net.

If you have such skills, or most of such skills, please work at filling out the resume. 

There will be a test.  Pass - you'll probably live.  Fail - not so much.

And when we begin deploying modern III Jedburgh Teams, every Team will need a Comms Officer. 

Oh my - did I just say that out loud?


Patriots at Bundy

Is there a list of the Patriots who were at Bundy?

If so, I don't want it, but some select group of Patriots needs it, and they need to watch and see when those Patriots start getting SWAT'ted by FBI and FedGov for being at Bundy.

Two separate reports remind us and make it clear everyone at Bundy is marked.

Here's article one.

Here's article two.

And all hyperbole aside, what the F are the rest of us planning to do when it begins?  Remember, Lexington & Concord wasn't merely about guns.  It was about arrest warrants for Sam Adams and John Hancock - two men without which there would likely have never been a Revolution.

So - no shit, is there a plan?  Have Patriots signed that plan?  Has anyone delivered that plan to DoJ in Washington?  We can play offense or defense.

Defense blows dead bear.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always a bit low-key around the Kerodin home.  It was the same when I was a boy, though when I was a boy we were never home on this day.  We were at the VFW in Great Falls, Maryland.  Usually there were groups of men laughing and being men - in a time when a Lady might blush, but she was woman enough to know she was around real men, and she liked it.  I really didn't figure that out until I was older.  Grandma married at least 5 times from that Post.  Say no more, please - that's my Grandma we're talking about.  ;)

On those days there were also small groups scattered about throughout the day, they shifted places and members as the day passed.  Those men were not boisterous and happy.  Emotion from those groups of men was enough to make a boy my age sometimes come close enough to hear, and sometimes find an overwhelming need to leave the building and find a spot in the woods that surrounded the post.

It happened more than once, but once was different from the others.  Men and women with tattoos on their arms were there for lunch and dinner.  A lot of the guys I had come to know showed up on a few of those days in their first-class uniforms - many had chests filled with buttons and ribbons.  That place was hallowed.  Young boys - at least this one - didn't ask what all the buttons, ribbons and pins meant.  And he never asked where that scar came from, or where the rest of his arm was...

It was at that place on Great Falls Road just a few hundred yards from the Potomac River, in the safety of my world - that every one of those men, and many women - had a direct role in preserving that safety, I met Sergeant Thomas Baker.  He had been dead about 23 years when one of the men who knew me at the Post introduced me.

I have no talent for writing what must be conveyed.  I will allow his Official U.S. Army Medal of Honor report speak instead.  Thomas Baker did not save the last round for himself...

Thomas A. Baker (June 25, 1916 – July 7, 1944) was a Sergeant in the United States Army during World War II. He served with Alpha Company, 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry division in the Philippines. He received a Medal of Honor posthumously for his actions in combat on the island of Saipan.
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty at Saipan,  June 19 to July 7 1944. When his entire company was held up by fire from automatic weapons and small-arms fire from strongly fortified enemy positions that commanded the view of the company, Sgt. (then Pvt.) Baker voluntarily took a bazooka and dashed alone to within 100 yards of the enemy. Through heavy rifle and machinegun fire that was directed at him by the enemy, he knocked out the strong point, enabling his company to assault the ridge. Some days later while his company advanced across the open field flanked with obstructions and places of concealment for the enemy, Sgt. Baker again voluntarily took up a position in the rear to protect the company against surprise attack and came upon 2 heavily fortified enemy pockets manned by 2 officers and 10 enlisted men which had been bypassed. Without regard for such superior numbers, he unhesitatingly attacked and killed all of them. Five hundred yards farther, he discovered 6 men of the enemy who had concealed themselves behind our lines and destroyed all of them. On 7 July 1944, the perimeter of which Sgt. Baker was a part was attacked from 3 sides by from 3,000 to 5,000 Japanese. During the early stages of this attack, Sgt. Baker was seriously wounded but he insisted on remaining in the line and fired at the enemy at ranges sometimes as close as 5 yards until his ammunition ran out. Without ammunition and with his own weapon battered to uselessness from hand-to-hand combat, he was carried about 50 yards to the rear by a comrade, who was then himself wounded. At this point Sgt. Baker refused to be moved any farther stating that he preferred to be left to die rather than risk the lives of any more of his friends. A short time later, at his request, he was placed in a sitting position against a small tree . Another comrade, withdrawing, offered assistance. Sgt. Baker refused, insisting that he be left alone and be given a soldier's pistol with its remaining 8 rounds of ammunition. When last seen alive, Sgt. Baker was propped against a tree, pistol in hand, calmly facing the foe. Later Sgt. Baker's body was found in the same position, gun empty, with 8 Japanese lying dead before him. His deeds were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Army.

The voices in my head

Some of you know I have many voices in my head, all usually competing for my attention.  Some are good voices telling me to do good things.  Some - need to be duct-taped.

I hope this comment doesn't upset our tactical, professional war-fighters in the community.  I do not think RevWarIII will be fought by professional war-fighters, and will certainly not be won by such brave men.  I have the utmost respect for the professional Warriors in our midst, and I commend to you with all my being - get with them and learn what you can, while you can.  But the reason professional soldiers will not win RevWarIII is because, quite simply, we don't have enough.

The American populace today is much more like the populace leading up to WWII.  Of course you have to subtract the societal losers we have today, and that is a large percentage. But the average guy who will fight RevWarIII has much in common with the guys who went to war in WWII.  They were family men, they worked for a living in non-fighting trades and professions.  They had no desire to leave home and hearth to die in some foreign land to kill monsters who had, literally, become existential threats to life on Planet Earth.

Of course many of the guys going into WWII had WWI experience, but they did not have volunteer exposure to war the way Americans have since Vietnam.  Nor did they have any cadre of significance of Special Warfare Troopers who could help the average GI.  Our Special Forces were birthed, for the most part, in WWII.  A very, very overwhelming amount of that credit lands squarely on the shoulders of one William J."Wild Bill" Donovan.  Bill Donovan was a natural spy, a natural commando, a man who knew how to lead men.  He was a trained lawyer from Columbia.  He was a self-starter - when he saw a need, he acted, he did not bother with asking permission - he'd risk having to apologize later.
Jedburgh Team practicing with 1911s

Donovan, of course, created the OSS, the father of American Intelligence and American Special Forces today.  Here is the difference we face today, and it is the same challenge faced by Donovan: America needs (and needed) men and women who had the grit to spy, to assassinate, to kidnap, to sabotage, and to do all of these things with almost ZERO help from military logistics and there was no cavalry.  Patriots today need the same men and women - and if you look around at the men and women in your tribe, they have much more in common with the men and women Donovan had at his disposal than the guys Mosby and other modern SF had (have) at their disposal.

Winning RevWarIII will require guys and gals just like you, primarily the same pool of talent Bill Donovan had with which to work.  You may get seriously lucky and have a grizzled SF Warrior in your Tribe, or a tough old Sergeant who has been under fire.  But those are the exceptions.  You'll work with what you've got, you'll ask too much of those men and women, many will die.  Someone may ask too much of you, and you may die for it.  Donovan did it.  Now it is your turn.

I do not speak much of the III 300.  Nor will I.  I won't speak much publicly about III Jedburgh Teams.  But some of us will...

There are two teams Donovan created under his OSS that are relevant to this post. I'll begin with his "Operational Groups".  The basic OG unit had 2 Officers and 13 enlisted.  They would be dropped behind enemy lines to keep the enemy busy.  This group most directly remains alive in US Special Forces, especially of the Special Forces of the Vietnam Era.

The second set of Donovan's Teams I want to discuss have a very special place in RevWarIII, I daresay a fundamental task, staffed by the men and women of our Tribes, who know they will likely die.  These are the Jedburgh Teams.

These will be our III Jedburgh Teams.

First: the word Jedburgh came from a map of Scotland, it has no more meaning than that.

Jedburgh Team Ian
Second: Jedburgh Teams were 3-man cells.  There was the Commander, the XO, and the radio operator.  They were all cross trained.  Often the teams were mixed nationalities so if operating in France, they had a Frenchman to smooth the way, etc.

Third: Mission - The Jedburgh Teams were to get deep behind enemy lines - and parachuting wasn't always an option, and facilitate the OSS Special Operations Teams and assignments.  The Jedburghs usually arrived first, acted as liaison, and helped pave the way for the OSS SO troops.  Additionally, they were to help organize and arm the resistance, arrange supply drops, procure intelligence, provide liaison between the Allies and the Resistance, and to take part in sabotage operations.  They helped run the Underground.

Why am I speaking of Jedburgh Teams as we enter RevWarIII?  Why do I point out the original Jedburgh Teams were staffed by regular people, with much in common to our existing talent pool today?

Well, my friends, if you can't figure that out, you're not RevWarIII Jedburgh Material...

Read more about the Jedburgh Teams. here.


Please test to see if this poll is working --->

Yup - looks pretty fa'ckoked,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Successful Beginning of another serious III Project

**UPDATE**  We are now only 15 III Patriots shy (at $100/per) of hitting our target.  So we need fifteen of you to help us cross the finish line just $100 each, or one Patriot who as been looking for a worthy cause for $1,500.  We are so close - just one final push...

The III Patriots who will staff this bus, this support vehicle we have named the Tactical Operations Center (T.O.C.) intend to go into Harm's Way.

Their mission is to reveal to the world how evil many of the people who work in the name of our Government are to their fellow Countrymen.  The secondary mission of the III Patriots staffing the T.O.C. is to support Patriots on the ground as much as possible.

The T.O.C. staff will be from across the country, volunteers who raise their hands and say "I'll go - how can I help?"  We'll do the best we can to standardize operating procedures so even a team of people who have never met can get tasks handled.

I will repeat: The III Patriots who volunteer to serve a deployment aboard the T.O.C. knowingly intend to go in Harm's Way.

And every single one of you who sent money, who commented in support, who said a silent prayer, and those of you who will grab some of that extra, old gear from your basement when we ask for materiel - you are each and every one of you, responsible for making it happen.  You will be there on every deployment with us.  None of it would have been possible without the work of Brock Townsend and his daughter Dixie who always make us a safe, comfortable and excellent place to get the work of Patriots done.  These same things were done in our past...

I've talked to a few of you already who have volunteered to serve as HAM relays when needed.  We will be building a network.  We will be working with our Organized Militia allies.  We will be working with our III Patriots all over this country.

Sandman had a quote at Brock's that I am certain is causing consternation in particular .Gov circles.

Sandman said:  DHS never war-gamed for this...

We are the III.  We are Everywhere. 


III Battle Flag

As most of you know I created my own III Battle Flag, for several reasons.

The Nyberg is no good to me (Not because MBV threatened to have Gail Nyberg sue me for using it) but because the field of 13 stars is no longer truly representative of our fight today.

So, here's how I came up with the flag you see.

The stripes: This is directly from the Sons of Liberty flag, which was red and white bars running vertically.  The Sons of Liberty do have significant meaning in our fight today.

The blue field means exactly what it means on Betsy Ross' version: Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice.

And the III represents every American in every generation who has picked up a rifle, or would pick up a rifle, for Rightful Liberty.  Not the Pledge of Allegiance.  Not the Constitution.  For Liberty.

So, this is my personal III Battle Flag.  I will fly it where I go, especially if I am heading into Harm's Way.  One day, one of you may wrap one around my corpse and take me home to my wife in it.  I hope I am that lucky.

I'm posting this because I am going to place an order for these flags.  If there is no interest from you folks, no worries - I will spend enough to buy myself a hand-embroidered one - mega-expensive.

The flags will be 3' x 5' just like our Resist flags.

The next rung down the quality ladder is an applique version of the flag.  I'll have to retail these in the $150 range.

Flags made in the same manner as III Rests flag would retail at about $100 each.

All three versions are suitable for outdoor use - but there's no way I'm putting an embroidered flag out in the weather.  But the applique and printed versions are good for outdoors and weather.

XXXXXX - I've put a poll up on the right - if you are interested in a flag, please click the appropriate category.  Because of the minimum quantities and expense of bulk orders, we'll go with whatever the majority chooses.  XXXXXXX

The polls aren't working on Blogger, so you'll just need to leave your two cents in comments.

It'll be a few weeks before I place the order.  I want to be in Idaho to receive them.  Again, because of the minimums and costs, about a week before I place the order I'll put up a payment button.  DO NOT PAY ANYTHING FOR A FLAG NOW.  Just use the poll and let me know which you'd prefer.


Get your hands free

Remember these little widgets?  They clip inconspicuously on a belt loop, or the top of your jeans, somewhere you can reach when you get handcuffed (shame on you - getting handcuffed is bad, M'kay).

I ordered two.

They are feather-light.  You should have no problem hiding several on you.  You'll be fine if Officer Friendly isn't looking for them.

I am also exploring two professionally made shims to open plastic-cuffs when needed.  They too are designed to be hidden where they are out of the way until needed, and likely to be missed in a pat-down.

I'm exploring wholesale accounts for each product with IIIGear, I'll let you know how it goes.

Would I recommend the TIHK?


Here's their site.


For the I-Beam

I finally decided to pull the trigger.

When we go old school (and the Grid doesn't have to go down to go old school once in a while) my personal correspondence will be adorned with an old-fashioned wax seal.

Mine is 1.5 inch oval, copper head,  the handle is high-polish black Zebra marble.

My seal is hard to make out in the pic - it is our III 300 helm, with the scar, the III at the bottom, and between the cheek guards I have a stylized "K".

My first two attempts with wax were absolute Fails, so I'll have to play with it for a while. 

Here's the one the company made for me - it looks damned good.  And different color wax can accentuate detail.

One of the primary reasons I bought it is much more important than the old-school sealing of papers.

There are III Patriots and Militia (Just so you Militia guys know - The fact that you are Organized Militia means, without a shadow of doubt, you are a III Patriot.  But I'll continue to make the distinction for a while) who will be receiving letters of thanks, letters of commendation, and other correspondence from me that deserves a personal touch.  You Patriots will see this wax seal first.  And a few Enemies of Liberty will probably become familiar with it as well...

I am proud to stand among you all.



Thank you

Thank you to everyone who found a way over the last week to help the III community.  Whether you helped Sandman, sent some bucks to help get the T.O.C. project rolling, or bought a stack of III Militia Patches for your uniform & gear - thank you.

If you donated to the T.O.C. you can count on being commemorated, in some way, on the vehicle.  It may be nothing but your first name painted on a fender, but we believe people who care enough to participate should be thanked for that assistance.

So, at least for a while, I'm going to quit hammering you to pick a cause and drop some money in a bucket.  The III simply can't continue to operate in a manner that when funds are needed for X, we stick our hands out and beg.  I'm usually the one with my hand out, and it sucks.  We usually get our projects done - but it still sucks.  We're going to work that out.

It's a pretty weekend, great for practicing your CQB, or running Buddy Drills with your guys, or teaching the kids the value of the 1911 over all other pistol designs, evah.  ;)

I am going to put the III Militia patch link below for two reasons: Per Sandman, without the word Militia on our clothing when facing FedGov, we are "unauthorized combatants".  No, FedGov isn't going to shoot us any more slowly or prosecute us any less for wearing the tab - but there is always value in doing things right.  The second reason, which is much, much more important, is to continue to show our new Organized Militia that we stand with them.  There is no "Us" and "Them" - it's just Patriots.

III Militia Patches

Friday, May 23, 2014

Just 18 donors to go...

Folks, we only need 18 more donors at $100 each to hit our first goal for the T.O.C. 

That will give us a good start on getting the rig ready for deployments.

You can help us get over the hump, then you'll finally get to hear me shut up about it!

We can do this, Patriots.


It's Payday...

Yep - this is EXACTLY the same post as the one below it.  The only difference - it's payday for many people. 

Sandman still needs help.  He's the first on the list, his PayPal is listed.

The second PayPal is for the T.O.C. - the operation the III will execute to get truth to the public from Bundy-type clashes in the future.

The third PayPal is III Militia patches - supporting the bridges Sandman and Colonel Yingling and many Patriots at Brock's PatCon have invested into heavily. 


Without money one can not fight a war.

Without money you can not pay your mortgage or feed your children.

I'm not asking any of you for any of that money.

I want you to stop drinking soda for a month.  I want you to stop smoking for a month.  I want you to do without a few of those little things you know you can afford to skip for a month - that will probably help your health at the same time.

Then I'd like you to take that money and consider three funding drives that are happening right now in the III Community.  Whether you spread it around or put it all in one place doesn't matter.  You'll be helping in a serious manner.

Item One: Sandman and his family need some emergency cash.  His PayPal is steelpreacher@hotmail.com

Item Two: We only need 22 more donors! We are raising funds for the III Liberty Support Team & T.O.C.  I said it yesterday, I'll say it again: If every person who reads this blog today were to drop a $100 bill into the project, we'd have it funded, our staff in training, and ready for deployment in weeks.  Here's the PayPal: 

Liberty Support Teams & T.O.C.

Item Three: III Militia Patches.  The NC PatCon was historic in that Sandman, Christian Yingling and the III began building bridges between the Organized Militia and the unorganized Militia (that's us).  Buy a set of patches for your uniform and gear, or to hand out to members of your Tribe.

III Militia Patches

Patriots: We all know the story of the original III Percent at Valley Forge.  As the war on, most of the American population - Tories, Loyalists and Patriots alike, slept in warm homes, worked in shops, ate regular meals, got their nails did - while the men who were fighting for their Liberty left bloody footprints in the snow.

Do not let that happen to us.

Three options for support are above.  Pick one, or pick all three, but please help.


From Sandman:

Hey Bob - III to III.  Carry on, Patriot.


From Sandman:

Hey Folks,
I am still alive and kicking. The wife and kids are still at home, and things have been quiet for a couple days. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, The PayPal links and checks in the mail have totaled up to over $4000.

But today I got to see a small miracle in action. I just got back from a 3 hour round trip to meet a Patriot. Lets call him "Bob". Turns out Bob lives a few hours North of our AO, and I met him at the Mercer PA PATCON, years ago. Last year Bob contacted me about helping the OVM. He was a good ways outside our one hour rally-range, so he did not join up. And I did not get a chance to meet up with him again.
Now Bob is a regular guy, self-employed, home-schooled kids, good wife, and very unassuming.

Just a regular guy, EXCEPT he is a III Patriot. He told me of his efforts to spread the message in a subtle and informative way. His own preps are sufficient for him and his family. He says he's too old and busted up to run and gun in the woods, BUT when the time comes he will stand.

Helluva guy.
Anyway, Bob asked me to meet him about and hour and a half north of my home. I was skeptical, and worried. But with my family at stake I decided to put the pride aside and take a leap of faith that Bob was on the up and up.
To make a long story short, after about a 20 minute talk, he put a check for $5000 in my hand. No strings attached and no payback date mentioned. I am floored. I am now in a position to get things squared away financially, get the IRS off my back right away, which will allow me to focus on the family again.
Bob's ONLY REQUEST was that I spread the word and get a message out to all the III% out there.

He said the III is not some small exclusive club, we are everywhere, he said to tell you that we have more support than we know. He said this was his way of paying it forward, III to III. He might not be in a Militia, or training in CQB, but he will continue to help (and he has friends) the best he can.
So my leap of faith turned into a small miracle, one that reminded me of how this works. That we may be a minority in the coming fracas, but we are an amazing minority. I let Bob know that our door will always be open to him and his. And that I will strive to live up to the trust he placed in me.
Please post, that donations are no longer needed, the III% have stepped up, and helped save my family. The rest is on me. God Bless and God Speed.
ps: you may post this mail if you wish. I am sure "Bob" won't mind, thanks again Bob and ALL the others who helped out. I owe you all a debt that can never be repaid. 

David C

aka: Sandman


Without money one can not fight a war.

Without money you can not pay your mortgage or feed your children.

I'm not asking any of you for any of that money.

I want you to stop drinking soda for a month.  I want you to stop smoking for a month.  I want you to do without a few of those little things you know you can afford to skip for a month - that will probably help your health at the same time.

Then I'd like you to take that money and consider three funding drives that are happening right now in the III Community.  Whether you spread it around or put it all in one place doesn't matter.  You'll be helping in a serious manner.

Item One: Sandman and his family need some emergency cash.  His PayPal is steelpreacher@hotmail.com

Item Two: We are raising funds for the III Liberty Support Team & T.O.C.  I said it yesterday, I'll say it again: If every person who reads this blog today were to drop a $100 bill into the project, we'd have it funded, our staff in training, and ready for deployment in weeks.  Here's the PayPal: 

Liberty Support Teams & T.O.C.

Item Three: III Militia Patches.  The NC PatCon was historic in that Sandman, Christian Yingling and the III began building bridges between the Organized Militia and the unorganized Militia (that's us).  Buy a set of patches for your uniform and gear, or to hand out to members of your Tribe.

III Militia Patches

Patriots: We all know the story of the original III Percent at Valley Forge.  As the war on, most of the American population - Tories, Loyalists and Patriots alike, slept in warm homes, worked in shops, ate regular meals, got their nails did - while the men who were fighting for their Liberty left bloody footprints in the snow.

Do not let that happen to us.

Three options for support are above.  Pick one, or pick all three, but please help.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Please read to the end...

"To see the men without clothes to cover their nakedness, without blankets to lie upon, without shoes...without a house or hut to cover them until those could be built, and submitting without a murmur, is a proof of patience and obedience which, in my opinion, can scarcely be paralleled."
George Washington at Valley Forge, April 21, 1778

Additionally: Conditions were so severe at times that General Washington wrote, "that unless some great and capital change suddenly takes place... this Army must inevitably... starve, dissolve, or disperse, in order to obtain subsistence in the best manner they can."

Clothing, too, was a problem. Long marches had destroyed the men's shoes. Blankets were scarce. Tattered garments were seldom replaced. At one point, these shortages caused nearly 4,000 men to be listed as "unfit for duty."

Undernourished, poorly clothed and living in crowded, damp quarters, many soldiers became very sick. Typhus, typhoid, dysentery, and pneumonia killed as many as 2,000 men...

We need to have a serious discussion.

III Patriots are predominantly Alpha males and walk their own paths in life.

One of the facts with which we III Patriots must accept and remedy is the fact that we are in an existential war for our Liberty, at most three percent of our Countrymen will ever take arms to help us win Liberty for the country.  Indeed, just as they did with the original III Percent who fought for George Washington, the populace was fat, happy and warm and sent no food, no boots, no warm clothing, no powder or ball, to the men upon whom they were relying to win the war.  Do not lie to yourself - it will be the same. They will expect you to defend them, fight for them, win for them, but don't expect much from the "auxiliary".

The III Percent is a collection of independent Patriots.  We have no rank.  We have Leaders - people we will follow - but they are few.  Truthfully, we trust ourselves more than we trust many other people.  The Militia and the III are building bridges, but don't expect miracles before the Bundy Rebuttal.

Now the discussion we must have.  We have all joined organizations at one time or another, groups that promised to fight for X or Y.  I think it is safe to say most of us grew sick of those groups pretty quickly, and found they were not very effective, or didn't pull their weight when they were needed most.  NRA sabotaged Heller.  Oathkeepers sabotaged Bundy.  The list is extensive and disappointing.

But the fact is undeniable: The III Percent needs a steady revenue stream to be able to support III Patriots in the field when it counts.  In the past I have had great success when asking for support for missions such as III Arms, III Radio, III Citadel, IIIGear, and on and on.  You III Patriots have been there when I've asked, and none of those tasks could have been successful without you.  At Brock's PatCon this past weekend many of us, all names you'd recognize, decided on the Liberty Support Teams and the T.O.C. we've discussed here and elsewhere.  Holly and I were able to contribute a good, solid vehicle for the task, as well as a pair of good Honda Ruckus scooters that will help in operations on the ground.  But getting the rest of the gear needed to outfit the T.O.C. and getting III Patriots trained around the country so they can staff the vehicle, requires a hefty investment.  I've asked several times for anyone reading the blog to drop $100 into the general fund, with some great people jumping in.  There is room for more help, and great need for more help.

At the same time, because of the great work done by Sandman, Colonel Yingling, and many III Patriots, we ordered a bulk of III Militia patches for our field wear and gear.  Soon after, Sandman suddenly needed emergency funds.

Instead of me having to hammer for donations when these things need to be funded, I would like to have a conversation with you all about a III Organization.

First note: No organization has the power to make you a III Patriot or strip you of III status.  I would never dream of futzing with the leaderless, independent nature of the III.

But a national organization that collects perhaps $8/month for standard membership, and maybe $12/moth for lifetime membership - with perks such as automatic enrollment in the III Congress, free access to III CQB videos, discounts on all III Gear, customer details and patches reserved for members only, etc - if we had only 1,000 III Patriots enrolled in such an organization would allow us to finance all our needs without the embarrassing act of putting our hands out.

What would be the purpose?  The same purpose we have right now: To recover Liberty in America.  We could formally re-swear our oath, including an addendum that we will never infringe any Patriot who wants to secede or otherwise separate from "the Constitution".

If we had an organization such as that, with only 1,000 people contributing the basic monthly contribution - we could go a long way to having our T.O.C. outfitted, and help Sandman properly in a single moment.

I do not usually ask people to discuss matters here - I usually ask people to head over to WRSA.

But this time I would ask you all to please weigh-in on the general concept of our own organization to finance our own ops, train our own people, provide identifiers like patches and stickers that are only available to our members - with only 1 noble purpose: Restoration of Liberty.

Weigh-in please.  Good feelings, nagging feelings, details or general concepts.

It is in my power, with your help, to make sure our allies never have to fight in the snow in bared feet, or boil the soles of their shoes and bindings of books for soup.

Would you pay $8 or $12/month for your organization, that supports your allies and operations, with no interference from the likes of Stewie Rhodes or Wayne LaPierre.

Sorry this was so long.  It is that important.

While you contemplate the importance of this matter - please consider that we need at least 25 more $100 donors to the T.O.C. Here: 


From Wirecutter's place

Too many people are revolutionary snobs.

That little one they had over in France settled a lot of issues for a long time.

Just sayin'


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hammering for tearing Legitimacy from .Gov

How many of you feel the seething rage every time you see the picture above?

How many of you feel bile rising at how calm LEO is as he sprays his victims, knowing that not one of them would ever dare stand up and challenge him.  How many other badges & guns did he have backing his play - maybe a half dozen.  It was a college campus if I remember correctly.

How many of you hate all those people standing on the sidelines, unwilling to step in - the very definition of good men doing nothing.

We.  Are.  At.  War.

Why am I asking every reader who visits this blog today, if there is anyway you can do it, hit the PayPal button below for $100.  If you can do more, awesome!  But if every reader who stops by today manages to drop a $100 bucks into the pile, we'll get the III Liberty Support Teams trained, outfitted, and ready to show up the next time Officer Frumpy above decides he wants to play SuperCop.

Why?  Because III Patriots understand we are at war.  Because III Patriots are DONE allowing these Enemies of Liberty to impose their will and injury to innocent people unchallenged.  Because III Patriots are going to show up, capture these images and video and challenge these tyrants on tape to answer for their crimes.

And this III Patriot may just take that pepper spray from Officer Tubby and let him eat a blast until his buddies decide to hand me a beating.  You and I must tear away every scrap of false legitimacy our Master Class drapes about their evil bones, and let ALL of our Countrymen see their Evil and corruption.

We III Patriots are good people, and doing nothing is not an option.

If you and I don't do it, it won't get done.  Remember it was ONLY the III Percent who dared fight the British - no one else was willing to stand and be counted.

This is the third post on this topic from me today.  I am following Mr. Churchill's counsel: If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.

Well folks, I'm hammering because this is important.  We need to get the truth out.  We need to stop Tyrants from hurting innocents.  The time is now.  We start with the Liberty Support Teams and the T.O.C.

To get this done, we need every reader of this blog today to please hit that button below and help us launch this operation.

Consider the Bundy Timelines

How many days did it take for these First Amendment Area signs to begin receiving play on Liberty blogs?  The III has a plan for that.

How long did it take for these images to get out of Bundy and onto our blogs?  Why were there so few emotionally-charged images?  Why was there only one or two shabbily-shot, badly-mic'd videos of dogs biting people and BLM striking pregnant women, and BLM tasering protesters?  The III has a plan for that.

Do you remember when the rumor circulated that cell towers had been shut down?  The panic swelled across the blogosphere.  And if the cell towers had indeed gone dark, there was ZERO capacity on the ground to continue getting the Truth out of the AO.  Well, the III has a plan for that.

Do you remember the general Cluster Foxtrot of bad information that was constantly coming our of the AO, causing people to chase their tails, and resulting in Militiamen putting scopes and muzzles on fellow Militiamen?  We know for a FACT that happened.  The III has a plan for that.

Do you remember during at least the first week Patriots and Militiamen were rolling into the desert with little more than a camelback or a few canteens and some energy bars?  How quickly did the logistical problem take to bubble to the blogs?  The III has a plan for that.

Do you know how many .Gov employees, automobiles, and other assets were captured on video or stills, analyzed, cataloged for future use, researched to learn names and pertinents?  Why were there so few images of BLM Snipers in their nests?  Didn't happen. The III has a plan for that.

Do you remember the professional, organized protest signs held by the protesters?  Do you remember the professional campaign in the county to hammer the local press, the local Sheriff, the local residents into action?  Didn't happen.  The III has a plan for that,

Some of the above you remember because it took as much as a week before the Truth started hitting the blogs, because there was a complete MSM blackout

The III Percent Solution to getting the Truth
out of RevWarIII hotspots
You remember other aspects of the above because I remember many people clamoring for it over at WRSA.  "We need to get OpFor Intel!"  "We need to get water and food out there!" "The people there need to get us more video and images showing how evil BLM is behaving!  "We  need someone to take pictures and post lists of all the local merchants who are selling goods and services to BLM and other FedGov on the scene!"

I remember all the complaints.  I had a few myself.

At Brock's last weekend, we quit bitchin' and put a solution in motion.  We acquired a vehicle.  We have a LOT of volunteers willing to show up at future such events and make certain these essential battlespace operations happen.  We came back here and shared the plan with all of you and asked for input, and we asked for some donations to make it happen.

Fighting a war is not free or cheap.

We proved we are genuine III Percent Patriots who will NOT just sit on our hands and bitch and whine and let others work for OUR Liberty while we sit safely in our homes.

Look at the names on the right.  They've stepped up.  Please join them.  Please find a way to drop $100 in PayPal below.  If everyone who reads this blog today hits that button for $100 bucks, we will have the T.O.C. fully supplied and Staff in training within a week.  But we need your help.