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Monday, June 30, 2014

Request for III Bloggers: III Society

The above is the Official logo of the III Percent Society for America.

This one:
300 pixels wide
...is 300 pixels wide, ideal for sidebars set at 360 pixel width.

Please feel free to fly them at your sites. 

I'd ask all bloggers to post about the Society every Wednesday to remind your audience that the group needs to grow in numbers to make a real difference. Send your audience to http://iiipercentsociety.blogspot.com/

Yours in Liberty,


TOC Vendors

Someone mentioned overhead bins, such as they have in airplanes.  Anyone have a source designed specifically for buses?

I get "American Van" catalog from when I was outfitting my service vans.  Very little in that catalog will translate ideally to the TOC - so if anyone can point me to a few websites that have interior modules, pre-formed interior pieces for a bus, please send them my way.  I know some stuff, especially control panels, will have to be custom.

We've got Jim Miller who will help us mark control panel fronts, etc.

I could also use a crash course from some of you about shock protection of Comms equipment, placement of antennas (someone mentioned that some antennas should be on the bus, some inside the bus, and some well-removed from the bus. 

Thanks to all.

Remember, the TOC will be the "face" of the III Percent Society in our opening months.  It will earn media attention, and we KNOW .gov Intel will use that open source reporting to gauge our capabilities and establish countermeasures.  So, should we have some doors that come down and cover certain pieces of electronics when media comes through. so they don't know we have X or Y widgets?

So, most important - can you point me to a few vendors who sell cabinets and such we could use.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kill 'em dead...

There is a technique I teach in my CQB: Fight to Your Weapon class that I call the "reverse guillotine."

I never let my students practice the technique; it is too easy to break the other person's neck. I merely show the technique using H as my partner.

The movie Non-Stop is on with Liam Neeson.  The wife and I are winding down for the evening.  At minute 29 you see "that" technique in action, very well demonstrated, very realistic.  Liam Neeson's character must use it to defend himself.  You will notice he is in absolute control.  He allows the bad guy to actually pick up his gun and start moving the muzzle -- that's how "in control" Neeson's character is in such a position.

Watch it.

If you practice it, do so GENTLY.  As I always say to my students: "Some mistakes you get to make only once."

It is easy to get your enemy there.  It is easy to break his neck.  He dies silently.  Don't ask me how I know.

I'll be offline tomorrow.

Join the III Percent Society.  We added nearly 25 new members since Thursday, including a few Life Members.

We promise: upon our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, we will not let you down.



One of the first and most visible "First Impressions" for the media and the public regarding the III Percent Society will be, of course, the TOC.  When it is ready to roll there will be press releases, it will be captured on film at hotspots, our TOC Staff will be seen doing their TOC Staff thing.

So, it is important the TOC makes one heck of a first impression visually, and it is imperative that the capabilities of the TOC be equally as impressive.  It must scream "CAPABLE and SERIOUS" to everyone who lays eyes upon it.

And it MUST live up to that role.  It must be able to hand out tactical comms, it must be able to transmit audio, video and interviews to our web teams and select allies, even under hostile conditions.  The TOC must only be deployed with a finite mission and a definite exit strategy, and the ability to claim "Mission Accomplished" on our way out of the AO.

The TOC Staff must look and behave professionally.  They must radiate natural poise, calm, experience, and potential.  The TOC will fly the III Flag, it will have the III Percent Society logo prominently on display.

Please visit the TOC page, if you can make a gear donation, there is a PO Box address listed. 

If you can make a cash donation, there is a button.

If you join the III Percent Society, even better.

The TOC will be deploying III Patriots across the republic to satisfy our Primary and Secondary missions.  It will help explain who we are, what we are, our beliefs, our courage.

We are III.


This is why we formed the III Percent Society

Virginia Hall being awarded
the Distinguished Service Cross
in 1945 by Bill Donovan.
If you have never heard of Ms. Hall, take enough time to read her wiki page, if nothing else.

She had a limp because she lost a leg - so she was rejected from formal WWII military service.

She became more than a spy, she became as much commando.  She crossed the Alps on that wooden leg to escape France when Hitler rolled in - then she smuggled herself back in-country, because there was more work to do.

This is why we formed the III Percent Society.  So that when we meet Virginia Hall, Bill Donovan, and others in our fight for Liberty, we will have more than a shrug to offer them when they offer to help us.  So I will ask bluntly: Please sign up for the III Percent Society.  The links are on the right sidebar.  Without your help, we'll never be able to truly support heroic people doing heroic work.

Here's Ms. Hall's wiki.

The buttons for helping the III Percent Society are right over there  -------->


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Normalcy Bias

Here is a simple observation I have made as I read various bloggers (not the core group who I have listed in my blog roll),  and commenters everywhere from WRSA, this blog, J.C., Max, to Slate and other scary places where good Patriotic Lads should not be, is that very, very few people understand that RevWarIII (Or Civil War II if you prefer) is underway, it is being fought across CONUS, right now.

Men and women are not merely being murdered by politicians and their Praetorians, they are being murdered as Enemy Combatants.

Even those Patriots, Preppers, Survivalists who cry doom and gloom 24/7 who insist they get it, behave every day in ways that demonstrate they are not living as if we are at war with an Occupying Force. 

I am only going to bother saying this one more time: You had better un-fuck yourself, right now.

I am going to say this, and it may be the first time: You had better cut ties with everyone who is not yet un-fucked.

I know many of you, and many I have met in person, are living their lives with the understanding that we Patriots are all behind enemy lines, we are an Occupied Country, that at any moment in any day Evil People may begin to go hard upon some significant physical region, or maybe even you personally.

You and I see it with our own eyes.  We hear their words with our own ears.

A trusted ally recently told me his biggest fear is Normalcy Bias. "It can't happen here, or to me"

Normalcy Bias can afflict us all, as we are creatures of habit prone to cognitive dissonance.

He also recently said something else that hit me like a ton of bricks.  I asked him if I had my tinfoil hat too tight on a particular topic.  His reply (paraphrased): "In times like these the question is not "Am I just being paranoid.  The question should be "Am I being paranoid enough!"

LGoPs - got one?

Check yourself and make sure you are not slipping.


III & the Border Invasion

I've been asked by a few what the III Percent should be doing about the invasion from south of the border.  I'm responding for Kerodin alone, not the III Society - the Society will have it's own official channels of communication when the time is proper.

My cold assessment: No III Patriot should go to the southwest with any intention of "protecting the border" or such.  The only way to stop those people coming over the border is to kill them, and that is not an appropriate response, especially for women and children who probably have (figuratively, maybe literally) bayonets at their backs forcing them to march north.

What is happening in our southwest is big politics, orchestrated by Washington.  We do not even know what their endgame is at the moment.  There is nothing constructive any single III or all of us could do down there, except give our own .Gov reason to kill us as they "defend the humanitarian crisis" taking place.

I haven't seen any reliable numbers of what the total number of illegals is since this started.  I know most estimates prior were about 12 million in-country.  Right now FedGov is deliberately distributing the new wave from Los Angeles to Texas, and I don't know how far north.  I have said before it is an easy feat to get the herd moving.  When it is right, we can get the herd moving back whence they came.  But that isn't going to happen right now.

Look at old maps of Mexico - he is giving them their historic homeland back, and packing it with "defenders".

The fundamental transformation of America.

He said it.  He meant it.  He's doing it.


Friday, June 27, 2014

One Week: You, Me, LGoPs, the III Society = Rightful Liberty in One Week

I am often fascinated by that subset of people who will go to great lengths to explain why you can't physically accomplish X or Y.

In the post below, a 22-year veteran of the USMC posited that dragging the right 100 or so people into the street and putting bullets in their heads would solve 95% of our national problems nearly overnight.  Not too many smart people would disagree.

Consider my One Week Plan.  If LGoPs (Little Groups of Patriots) followed the Marine's example across the country in unison, which is nothing more than the Standing Order of "When you think it is time to leave the porch, go find something Evil and kill it."  Hell a three-day weekend of work by LGoPs following their Standing Order and the counsel of an experienced US Marine would return Rightful Liberty to America - wait for it - in One Week.

Sure, there'd be some mopping actions here and there.  But the run-of-the-mill major and petty Enemies of Liberty would be dead, dying, and those alive would be cowering with no infrastructure to inflict injury upon  good people any longer.

One Week.

Here is one truth about any man who says he can't do something - he's right.

We are III.  We do not bend knee.

Use this information as you will.


Citizen Soldiers: From Athens to your Neighborhood

“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

Here's the link.


Looking for info

Within the last month or two I saw a reference to a column in which it was claimed (paraphrasing): ...if the right 100 people in the country were no longer here, our problems go away...

Does anyone have the source?


Status Request: Habersham Baby

Does anyone have a handle on the status in Habersham County?

Any internal reprimands, investigations, DoJ inquiries, etc?  Has it essentially been dropped by all authorities, and has local public energy waned?



Wounded Knee III

Drudge ran a Canada Free Press piece regarding the eminent domain seizure of Tribal lands in the Badlands of South Dakota.

Does anyone know of any specific events coming up on the matter, Day, Time, Location?

Who do we have in that AO?  Either answer here or write me directly: Kerodin@Kerodin.com.

Here's the link.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FAQ & Sign-up At III Society Blog

New FAQ for the III Percent Society and sign-up buttons at the blog site, here.

We need your help, Patriots.  We need Members to sign up, to stand and be counted.

We need to show the country that it is not only the Oathbreakers and the Gun Compromisers who succeed.  Together we can shut them all down.

But we need numbers.

If you have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account - spread us across Social Media and help us succeed in our very first month.

Here's the link to the FAQ.  Sign-up buttons are on the right sidebar.

Thank you.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

III Arms for Society Members Only

Many of you have been drooling over Jim Miller's III 1911s and III ARs.

If you are a member of the III Percent Society, he's offering you a 10% Discount on your first - and 20% on your second!  Buy a pair Patriots - one for each hand.

The links for joining are below.

The link to Jim's III Arms Page is here.

The IBeam posted here.


Thermopylae & the III Percent Society

Many of you know this is a very special patch, given thus far only to people in the III 300.

Many of you have asked to buy one, and I have said no - because it represents something special.

If you are wondering why you haven't been admitted into the III 300, there are several possible reasons.  The first of which is that I must physically meet you.  I can hear some of you now "Well, dammit K, you've met me, why am I not a III 300, ya Dick?"  Honestly, in many cases, I have simply not had the brainspace or time to do it properly.  The first guys I invited in I simply handed them a patch and said "You're in."  But the III 300 means too much for that to be the way it is done.  For my III 300 allies who already have this patch, keep it.  Retire it when I send you the new one.

So, I spoke with a few of my III 300 guys and we are going to change the III 300 patch, and when I award the new patches it will come complete with a proper document with my live ink signature and wax seal on it.  That probably doesn't mean much to most of you.  But it means something very special to me when I ask a III Patriot to stand with the III 300, and he says yes.

So - what to do with the patches that were being reserved?  I could sell them, pretty easily and put a few more bucks toward the TOC.  But right now our community is coming together in a way that many of us have been trying to make happen for years.  Through the III Percent Society, we are standing up, one by one, bonding with one another, because we share the same goal - Liberty.

I have about 150 or so of the patches above, the III with the Spartan Helm.

I am going to include one in the swag that will be shipped to every III Patriot who has already signed up as a member of the III Society, no matter what level.

And I will give one to every III Patriot who signs up between now and Sunday night - no matter what level you choose.  These patches mean something special to me.  They speak to me of Thermopylae. 

I think we are the Spartans of our day.  Without us, Liberty will die.  In my heart, I know this to be a fact.

So please stand tall and join your fellow III Patriots who have already joined the III Percent Society.  Sign up by Midnight Sunday Night, and I'll include one of these special patches when your swag ships.  The enrollment buttons are below.

Life Membership: ($1,000 or more)

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

This is why the III Percent Society Matters...

This is why I hope you will join the III Percent Society.

We plan to do something about pain LEO like those in Habersham like to inflict on innocent babies.

Here's a snippet of the story.  Below are sign-up buttons for the III Society.

Either you will help us do something about it, or you won't.

At 3am on 28 May, Alecia Phonesavanh was asleep in the room she was temporarily occupying together with her husband and four children in the small town of Cornelia, Georgia. Her baby, 18-month-old Bou Bou, was sleeping peacefully in his cot.
Suddenly there was a loud bang and several strangers dressed in black burst into the room. A blinding flash burst out with a deafening roar from the direction of the cot. Amid the confusion, Phonesavanh could see her husband pinned down and handcuffed under one of the men in black, and while her son was being held by another. Everyone was yelling, screaming, crying. “I kept asking the officers to let me have my baby, but they said shut up and sit down,” she said.

As the pandemonium died down, it became clear that the strangers in black were a Swat team of police officers from the local Habersham County force – they had raided the house on the incorrect assumption that occupants were involved in drugs. It also became clear to Phonesavanh that something had happened to Bou Bou and that the officers had taken him away.

“They told me that they had taken my baby to the hospital. They said he was fine he had only lost a tooth, but they wanted him in for observation,” Phonesavanh said.

When she got to the hospital she was horrified by what she saw. Bou Bou was in a medically-induced coma in the intensive care unit of Brady Memorial hospital. “His face was blown open. He had a hole in his chest that left his rib-cage visible.”

The Swat team that burst into the Phonesavanh’s room looking for a drug dealer had deployed a tactic commonly used by the US military in warzones, and increasingly by domestic police forces across the US. They threw an explosive device called a flashbang that is designed to distract and temporarily blind suspects to allow officers to overpower and detain them. The device had landed in Bou Bou’s cot and detonated in the baby’s face.

“My son is clinging to life. He’s hurting and there’s nothing I can do to help him,” Phonesavanh said.

“It breaks you, it breaks your spirit.”

Bou Bou is not alone. A growing number of innocent people, many of them children and a high proportion African American, are becoming caught up in violent law enforcement raids that are part of an ongoing trend in America towards paramilitary policing.


Life Membership: ($1,000 or more)

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

A little of this, a little of that...

I'm all for III to III and a lot of people who have asked for III to III assistance have received something.  But this gun shop in the Katy, Texas area that is trying to use III to III because the bank is calling in a note - F* them sideways.  I have it from as near to God's ear as I'll ever get that this is the same shop that forced law-abiding Texans to leave their guns in their cars before they could enter, and the same gun shop that made a push for making ammunition sales online illegal.   There is more to this story, including lawsuits, so I say no more.  But Tactical Arms of Texas - the worm turns.

Pastor murdered by Georgia Police for helping woman, here.

Lady Balls, here.

More later,


Knife Rig

Have any of you ever used this rig from Galco before?


Monday, June 23, 2014

Deflating a conflation

Holly noticed several instances of conflation as she read various blog comments.

It is important that everyone understands that the III Percent Society is not the Tactical Operations Center (TOC).  The Society is a III organization that is charged with restoring Rightful Liberty to America.

The TOC is simply one tool in the toolbox.

Please don't think joining the Society is simply putting your money into the TOC.  The TOC has a specific mandate - to go where there is trouble worthy of a deployment, get III boots on the ground, and get the truth out to the world without the filters of mainstream media and politicians.

The III Percent Society is much more expansive in scope, in mission, and in actions it will take to satisfy the Society's Mission Statement.  With your help, one day, the III Percent Society can be the organization that makes NRA tremble.  Unlike NRA, Oathkeepers, and so many other special interest groups that wandered from their mission, the III Percent Society has a specific Mission, it has tied itself and its members tightly to that mission so that no shenanigans - such as Board meetings in Tahiti - can ever happen.  The Society has no paid employees at this point, and when the time comes there will never be a Wayne LaPierre earning a cool million dollars a year.  The Society and those who put it together tied any pay to military pay charts.  No man or woman will ever get rich through the III Percent Society.

Because the goal is not to make men rich.  The goal is not to make bargains on legislation like NRA.

The Mission of the Society is to restore Rightful Liberty to America.

To do that it will take real III Patriots, the kind of men and women who are serious about standing on the Green with John Parker.  We will weed out the posers and wannabes pretty quickly.  I am proud to say we have some genuine high-speed and low-drag men among us who have even less tolerance for BS than do I.

We've got a job to do.

You can help us.  If you choose not to join the Society, no harm, no foul.  But you can still help the specific mission of the TOC, if you choose, just by dropping by the TOC page and offering your advice, or some gear you no longer need that will help protect the men and women who will go into Harm's Way, to making a donation.

We are III.  Our path is dangerous.  Harm's Way is our destination, for beyond Harm's Way lies Rightful Liberty.

That's where we are going.


Condor Order Tonight

Folks, I am placing a Condor order tonight, midnight Eastern,

Drop by their site www.condoroutdoor.com and if you see anything you want, and color, let me know and I'll zip you a price and place the order with my other stuff tonight.

The above bag is a sling pack - one strap unlike a backpack with 2 straps.

I use sling packs as Tactical Go Bags.  If I am headed out the front door in a hurry because I hear a neighbor scream, or some such, this is what I grab,  Different circumstances, different bags.

I've owned and been selling Condor gear for more than 2 years now.  I've abused it, run it hard, and I have not had anything implode on me.  I trust it.

I am going to begin stocking more Condor, including Tan for you guys and gals who anticipate working in places where OD may draw unwanted attention.  I am over my snit with Cold Steel and KA-BAR, so I am going to begin stocking them again soon.  Maybe not until Idaho, but soon.  If you read my piece on my Randall over at Fighting Blades, you know I think it is awesome.  But if you take a KA-BAR or a Cold Steel into the field, it will never let you down as a blade.

So - get me your Condor order - I'll be pressing the "Place Order" button at midnight Eastern.

If you are a III Society Member, make sure you tell me, and you'll get 10% off.


The Trainer & J.C. Dodge, & CA on the III Society

J.C. Dodge has an article about the III Percent Society, here.

DTG Has a link here.

Concerned American has a link here.

Help make us stronger, III Patriots.  Official blog site for the III Society of America is here, with FAQ and Membership buttons.  We need every Patriot working together!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

...Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

III Percent Society FAQ Here

And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

The Liberties our Founders set forth and articulated as bestowed upon us all by Divine Providence are under brutal, relentless attack by those who would be our Masters.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!  You can not convince me that Patrick Henry's words, spoken hundreds of years ago, do not apply this very moment.

RevWarIII has begun.  It began October 13, 2013 in Washington DC.  The second engagement was in Bunkerville, Nevada on September 12, 2014.  No shots have yet been fired.  That will change.

Several of us have pulled together and started the III Percent Society for America.  The Mission Statement is simple: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.  There are no oaths.  There is one unified goal - Rightful Liberty.

Little Groups of Patriots (LGoPs) around the country will fight most of this war.  The Standing Orders have not changed for when you think the time to fight has come to your home: Go find something Evil and kill it.

That's it.  Nothing fancy.  No top-down, centralized Command & Control system.  Just small groups of III Percent Patriots working in their own AOs, cleaning their own front porches to restore Rightfil Liberty.

What is the real-world purpose of the III Percent Society?  Why do we want you to sign up and pay $10 or $20 per month?

Because some of us plan to do what Sam Adams and James Otis and others did.  We plan to embrace the spirit of John Paul Jones and venture into Harm's Way, to report the Truth to fellow Patriots and Citizens from the ground.  You can't act on faulty information, and the Mainstream Media only delivers what they want you to think - not the Truth.  Our mission is the Truth.

So we are building our TOC and assembling our Teams nationwide.  We are going to establish nationwide State Commanders, and County Commanders for the III. We intend to return Rightful Liberty to America.

We have pledged so, on our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

Please join below.


Life Membership: ($1,000 or more)

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

Fighting Blades

I'm a knife snob.  Knives are tools for specific tasks, nothing more.

When your life depends on the task, however, you'd better have a damned good and reliable tool.  I've trained with many, many knives over the years.

Here's a new blog.


J.C. Dodge on the III Percent Society

Some folks may misunderstand why I am linking J.C.'s post about the III Percent Society.

The man has some very kind words about me specifically.  For that I thank him.  Holly and I had the pleasure of meeting him and his girlfriend, Whitney, at Brock's PatCon.  Those of you who know him already know he would not say something if he didn't mean it.

But the reason I am posting it is because he is one of the key III Patriots responsible for helping the Liberty Society get off the ground.

Read his post, please.  He makes it clear why you should consider joining - and the kind of men you'll have at your shoulder.

Here's the piece.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

III Percent Society for America: Son of Liberty #III


John B,

Son of Liberty Member # III

A solid III Patriot to the bone.

John tends to be quiet on our boards.

Holly and I know John personally.  When you get a chance, meet up.  He is a shining example of what a III Patriot must be.

Congratulations, John - from Chris & Holly and every member of the III Percent Society.

John is the level-headed man who knows where real-world boundaries exist, and he will help implement them all as I plan to immediately recruit him to work with the President's office.

John B. is the third Member of our Son of Liberty force, with a sworn oath to seek the restoration of Rightful Liberty In America.

John will not reveal to you all he has done to promote Liberty in our community.  He will not mention his involvement in III Arms, or III Citadel, the TOC or various other III Projects.

He has earned the above lapel pin.  He has earned the III on his Official Membership Card.

He has *earned* your respect as he has earned ours.

Congratulations, JB!

Chris & Holly Kerodin

III Percent Society for America

Wherever you may think
we found the inspiration
for our shoulder patch,
you are probably wrong.
Mission Statement of the III Percent Society for America: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

**NOTE**  Defensive Training Group is offering 15% class fee discounts for all Colonial and Minuteman Members, and 20% for all Son of Liberty Lifetime Members, Mason-Dixon Tactical (J.C. Dodge), and III CQB is offering significant training discounts to Official III Society Members.  Jim Miller is offering 10% and 2 free PMags for Colonials and Minuteman Members, and for our Lifetime Members: 15% on your first III Arms firearm and 20% on a pair!

I know individuals and very small bands of III Patriots all over this continent. I have met them.  I know more through this blog, and through the other Liberty Movement blogs I visit.

What every III Patriot understands is the need for more of us, in better communication and coordination, if we are to face the Evil which this way comes.

The III Percent Society for America is that communication and coordination.  It is NOT Command or Control.  It is III Patriots joining together to pull the rope in the same direction.

I hope you will sign up this weekend.  A steady revenue stream means we can get more work done.  It means we can help individual Patriots form Buddy Teams, and more.

I will not put the hard push on as I did a few weeks ago for the TOC.  I've already listed several of the key participants for the Society - every one of them a serious Patriot.  I have already explained the III Society will never disappoint the way NRA and Oathkeepers and so many other organizations have in the past. 

I have already explained it is our intent to go into Harm's Way.

When it comes to the III Percent Society, either you get it, or you don't.

Yours in Liberty.


Life Membership:

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

III Percent Society - Memberships!

Our thanks to everyone who has joined the new III Percent Society already, and to all of you who have written and said you'll be enrolling tonight or over the weekend!  Your support proves how many of you are with us when we say it is time for the III to be much, much more than an internet presence.

We have a few internal goals for this opening weekend:

We need 7 more Son of Liberty Members to hit our goal.

We need 84 more Minutman Members to hit our goal.

We need just 68 more Colonial Members!

The links are in the two posts below.

It has been an even mix of people choosing the monthly enrollment and those who are paying up front.  That is a good combination.  It gives us some up-front revenue and it also gives us a steady monthly revenue stream so we can budget.

Do whatever works for you, Patriots.  We are working overtime to get the swag shipments in, and out to you - please give us a bit of patience on that one.

Because of you, and those of you who will sign-up, the III will be in more places - not to give speeches, but to do real work.

Freedom is not free.  It is expensive in sweat and blood.  Thank you for helping us do this important work.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

III Percent Society: Colonials & Minuteman Members - We are live!

I want to remind everyone again, because this is important - whether you join the III Percent Society for America or not, NO MAN has the right to say you are not a III Patriot.  Being a III Patriot is a matter of your heart, your Soul, your desire for Liberty.  It is not in a card, or a membership.  Joining the III Society is nothing more than helping a group of III Patriots who want to do big things with you, who want to be able to respond when LEO flash-bangs a baby or murders an old man in his own driveway.  It's about Tribe - our Tribe.  Whether you join or not - you are III.  Period.

If you'd prefer to sign up at the Official III Percent Society blog site, click here.

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

Thank you III Patriots! Kerodin III