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Sunday, August 31, 2014

General Reuben Goldberg - You are relieved of Command...

As a species we tend to tinker and try to improve methods and tools of work.  We are constantly seeking a better mousetrap.  In most cases this is a good trait, except when we over-complicate a simple matter.

As Mosby has pointed out 4GW is truly nothing new - it's just a fancy new title to describe how Mankind has been fighting since Mankind began.  When genuine, innovative tinkering presents useful results, such as more crop yield for less work, it is a good thing and to be embraced.  When we simply re-package X and call it "new & improved", we are better-off if we stop kidding ourselves.

So be careful not to let Reuben Goldbergs into your sphere.  They will needlessly complicate simple matters.

Like the picture above.

When you decide to go to war and win, all you do is find your enemy, then cut his fucking head off.  Then, go and burn his home to the ground.  Repeat as necessary.  Hearts & Minds?  They tend to fall in line when heads are - literally - rolling in the streets.

How do you think the Leftists in America plan to mop-up the few of us remaining Liberty-minded folks just before claiming victory?


Hackers stole security check info on at least 25,000 DHS employees...

The title says it all.

You computer guys & gals - you are the frontline troops.  You can make it all end.

Not a shot ever need be fired.

Here's the rest.


III Society

The III Percent Society for America is your organization.

It is good to see so many people taking advantage of the "Region" tabs at the top of the III Society blog page to connect, and in some cases get together.  Network, folks.  Get to know faces and names and people now, so that you are not meeting for the first time in an emergency.

Here's the link.  Everyone's support is helpful, useful, and as events ramp-up (like they are doing now) will provide a network we can use on the local, local, local levels as well as regional and beyond.

I would suggest everyone in the Society consider a Quiet Professional demeanor.  Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don't bluster.  When it is time to put a knife into someone's neck, you'll know it - and you do not need direction or instruction - or permission - from anyone.


OMG - ISIS is gonna hit Texas!!! (Who didn't see this coming?)

DTG has the story, links and perspective.

Beware the Boogeymen, they hunt every nook & cranny of American life in one way or another - whether it is ISIS, Drug Cartels, those evil Russians hacking you bank accounts, Domestic Extremist Terrorists, blah, blah, blah...See Something & Say Something, the Government is your friend and they will help you, keep you safe, and have Unicorns that shit Skittles.

Or, not.

Here's the link.

III Percent Society, here.

Sparks: More on Squad Radios

Sparks31 has more on Squad Radios here.

You should have already read this piece - he should be on your daily read list.



J.C. has a piece about the dangers of being narrow-minded.  It's worth your time to read, as usual.

A young man who is usually in attendance at the Fight to your Weapon course in NC said "Don't overlook the obvious" during class last time around.   He's a smart young mas with parents who are teaching him properly.

Don't worry about hitting that bad guy with a shot from your rifle, which - fudge, you left in the truck.  Don't worry about how you are going to get him into a rear naked choke.  Don't worry about any of that stuff when he's in your personal space, attention diverted, and you have a brick in your hand.

Learn as much as you can learn, from as many sources as possible, keep what works for you and discard the rest.  Whether it is SUT, 800 yard shooting, Combatives or gardening, each adds something to other aspects of your life.

In the end you'll either do X or Y, but it is always your decision.

When thinking in terms of Tribe, trainers, trusted sources, always consider: Opera non verba.

Here's his link.

III Percent Society, here.
TOC, here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No plan survives first contact with the enemy...

The three-man Team above was Jedburgh Team 'Ian'.  It was put together by Fairbairn, Sykes, Applegate, Donovan, and many more guys who had a good understanding of how to achieve a military objective.

Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face...

K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple, stupid.

There are reasons we were all born into a world where such axioms already existed. Believe it or not, the world did not begin on the day of our birth.  Other people have tried X and Y, and as a species, some of us learned.

Team Ian and the other Jedburgh Teams jumped behind enemy lines in France and elsewhere in support of Normandy.  Most Teams dropped in with an M1 Carbine, 1911, A radio for reaching HQ, One-Time pads, and a silk sheet that had 500 brevity codes for the Team.  A few teams dropped in with medical supplies.  Some brought K & C rations, and binoculars, and maps to help with their primary mission of fooking the German Rear.

Some of the first Teams dropped behind enemy lines with a firearm, a spade for burying their parachute, and false papers.

The Jeds were in uniform, to inspire resistance groups to rise up when the time was right.

These were brave men who did not over-think the situation, had no illusions about their odds of survival, jumped from airplanes and gliders with little more than personal weapons to raise a resistance.

Ask yourself honestly - are you over-thinking your mission?

Yes, many Jeds died.

And many more lived, succeeded in their orders, and went on to help America stand up serious capabilities, because they had been there, done that.

Take a hard look at your gear, the mission paradigm you have created in your heads, and see if you can't find a way to do the job with your rifle, pistol, knife, and radio.  LGoPs.  One Week of serious work.  America will be 95% fixed.

Here are some Jedburgh FMs.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I've spent considerable time over the last few days perusing the USMC and US Army Combatives courses, and how they may be adaptable by Militia or other Patriots.

I've come to the same conclusion I have held for years: The Corps' MCMAP program and the Army MACP programs are solid, stand-alone systems that will bring your team up and more capable on the force continuum if trained regularly and properly.  2 hours a week is not sufficient for ANY combatives program.

There is one case in which I would recommend the Army MACP program over the MCMAP - that is if you have access to SOCP - the Army's Special Operations Combatives Program.  SOCP requires a firm, solid foundation in MACP before you can even begin, but if you have access to SOCP, then I recommend you adopt MACP for your team.

But my original counsel still holds: Six months of real work in a Krav Maga studio will do more to make you ready for buckle-to-buckle fights than anything else.  As several of you wrote in email: Most of you never faced any real risk of capture in the mid-east theaters because of how, when and where you operated. 

If you have been through my Fight to your Weapon class, you know I don't believe in proportional response - I teach techniques that break people up, fast, while presenting you the opportunity to get a weapon into action and end the fight.  What may surprise more of you, knowing I have considerable groundfighting background, I am not pleased with the emphasis placed on groundfighting for combat troops.  The mere notion of going to the ground with an enemy in a desert setting, where there may be zero obstacles, knowing I will be looking to end this fight with a submission is bone-chilling.  The thought of some VC springing up from a jungle floor 3 feet in front of me, having been trained so heavily to go to the ground, would induce night-terrors.  Can you imagine trying to grapple even one guy who just popped up feet away, while in full kit, unable to use your rifle, or get your sidearms into play?  How much undergrowth on the jungle floor would catch on your gear and ruin your day?

F that.  From what I see both the MCAP and MCMAP programs introduce the concept of fighting in full kit, but only once you make it to SOCP do you train heavily in full gear - and how many soldiers will ever make it to SOCP?

For the life I live and my anticipated role that I will play in RevWarIII, I am 100% content with my Aiki, BJJ and Vo Binh Dinh background.  I would not change one bit of my background.  But I am NOT going to be runnin' & gunnin' as part of a Fire Team. 

If you are going to be part of a Team that will be risking capture - and knowing that capture is an unacceptable option - I would very strongly recommend that six months in Krav, then  several hours each week of old-school Fairbairn, Sykes & Applegate.  (Sadly, this trio is often given the shortcut of FSA or FAS - I go with FAS)  These are WWII combatives, in which Fairbairn & Sykes trained US and British commandos, and Bill Donovan tapped Rex Applegate to teach OSS how to kill people.  His book "Kill or get Killed" is still considered one of the best Combatives books ever printed.  Colonel Applegate trained his OSS Warriors not far from here, at a place now called Camp David.  The Camp David training grounds were known within OSS as "The School for Spies and Assassins".

WWII Combatives relied on speed, surprise, and overwhelming violence.  They were not teaching WWII recruits how to arrest anyone.  They were not teaching chokes so the enemy could wake up in 30 seconds.  They were not playing.  You've seen some of this in my Fight to your Weapon class - some techniques have only 1 purpose - to give you the time needed to pull a pistol or knife and kill the enemy.

The current .mil programs are brilliant - in the right environment.

If you are anticipating that your candid exchange of political views may be done at suddenly buckle-to-buckle range, especially where you and/or your Team may be outnumbered, keep the groundfighting for very special circumstances.  Spend more time on getting your blade and pistol into play and in proper position.  Spend more time learning to keep that rifle ready to rock.  Spend more time working on Team skills.

America is not going to vote Her way out of our current problems.

Americans are not going to grapple their way to Liberty.

Consider how, when and what positions you will most likely play in the coming sadness.

Train now, while you can.

I am considering a training program along the lines "Train the Trainer".  Graduates would be approved to teach my program.  You can teach people free, or you can charge a fee - I'm a Free Markets guy.  If such a program holds any interest for you or your Tribe - especially you Militiamen, drop me an email: K@Kerodin.com 

III Percent Society, here.

TOC Camo Scheme

One of our brilliant III Patriots suggested the above camo paint job for the TOC.

All in good fun, DHS - no need to chat me up about it.  ;)


III Percent Society, here.  Your membership will help make a difference.
III TOC, here.  Gear & support is coming and appreciated.

An Open Letter to JPFO

We have all heard by now that JPFO is considering a merger with SAF.

I would ask the Board at JPFO to pause and consider merging instead with the III Percent Society for America.  There are many reasons the III Percent Society would be a good fit for securing the legacy and continuing the work of JPFO.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the "No Compromise" message.  While it is true the III Percent Society is a new organization, just getting our feet under us, we have a strong base of support, solid Leadership, the energy and vitality that comes with a new organization. 

Because JPFO is such a well-established organization with a wonderful reputation, such a merger would be win-win, as we would benefit from the decades of hard work put into JPFO by Aaron and his team, and we would continue that work with dedication.

I would ask all III Percent supporters to write JPFO and ask them to consider this opportunity.

jpfo@jpfo.org is their email.  They can reach us at iii@iiipercent.com.

JPFO deserves a new lease on life, and we in the III Percent can help that become reality.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Image found at Mike's place, here.

Laying the ground.

Truthy, here.

“Truthy” claims to be non-partisan. However, the project’s lead investigator Filippo Menczer proclaims his support for numerous progressive advocacy groups, including President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action, Moveon.org, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Amnesty International, and True Majority.

Men and women in this country, in your state and county, intend to be your Masters.

They mean to take the fruits of your labor.  They mean to control your children.  They mean to control you.  They mean for you to STFU about it, and they mean to put bullets in you if you have the audacity to complain.

There is only one way to stop those who would be Masters from reaching their goal.


III Percent Society, here.  Your membership will help make a difference.
III TOC, here.  Gear & support is coming and appreciated.

Question for Mid-East Vets

Why do you think there were so few, relatively speaking, POWs taken by OpFor?

Did terrain make a significant difference?  Did you guys do anything different than our Vietnam vets - or does terrain factor there?

Was capturing US forces a high priority for OpFor - to the point of attempted kidnappings and such, or did they not even try?


Marines: What belt did you reach

For you Marines who trained under the current MCMAP, what belt did you max out with?


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Combat Vets: No matter where/when you served

I have a request of my Combat Veteran readers.  I know that bringing up such topics may be emotionally hard for some, l so just don't go there if it causes you any discomfort.

My question:  While you were in Combat did you ever have to go hand-to-hand with an enemy?

Maybe he caught you by surprise, or your position was overrun, our you ran dry on ammo and couldn't get loaded fast enough - whatever the case.  I'm going to include CQB in here - did you have to suddenly - to save your life at buckle-to-buckle range, have to transition from rifle to pistol or blade, or bare hands to stay alive?

If yes, please tell me about it.  I am also talking to my .intel readers.  Given your operating parameters you were probably without a rifle anyway, and were required to clear leather with pistol or blade, or just throat-punch some Commie fucker.

I'd truly like to get a grasp of how many combat vets have to go to hands at some point.

Building sweeps in Iraq and Afghanistan seem likely place for H2H.

One of the reasons I ask is because the current USMC Combatives course will award the Marine Black Belt at 150 hours of training,  That's basically 2.5 hours each week for a year.

I've seen the combatives program the Marines use - and 150 hours of that program should earn you a gray (using the USMC belt-ranking scheme) or green at best.  Marines - please don't get into your feelings on this - I am using a different measuring stick when I make that claim.

Here's the reasoning I think the Marines, and all services for that matter, muster soldiers through the Combatives with so little time devoted: They figure the likelihood of going to buckle-to-buckle in today's (often) mounted service, the odds are sufficiently low that a cursory combatives course is sufficient.  But I am guessing at that point.

Stand-off is the prudent fight today.  A pistol is used to fight to your rifle.  A knife is used to fight to your pistol.  H2H is an "Oh SHIT!" moment.

Obviously many SOF get more time for Combatives, given that they are so often required to get closer to targets.

But - if you are a combat vet, have you every had to get ugly hand-to-hand, or with your knife/pistol?  I would truly appreciate the story.  You cloak & dagger guys (real ones) have input as well.

If you ever have needed the Combatives you learned in the service, or at the Farm, do you think it was adequate?

III Percent Society, here.

Combatives: Fairbairn teaching the OSS

My students will be familiar with a few of these techniques.

Techniques that work survive the generations...

III Percent Society, here.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer - and if you are a III Percent Society member, get a discount!

Here's the info.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Holsters as Safes

This is a Blackhawk! Serpa.  I am behind the curve on LEO holster rigs - I'm told you have to push a button, rotate, then pull from a proper angle in order to draw the pistol - from some retention rigs.

I don't care if that is accurate - I do want to know what is the state-of-the-art LEO rig out there right now, and what manipulations do you have to go through to draw?


Thursday, August 21, 2014

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there...

Angel brings it, again.

She absolutely must be in your daily rotation.

III Percent Society, here.

The RoE has changed with LEO

Murder is in the playbook, without being penalized.

Citizens are emboldened - daring LEO to shoot.  LEO obliges.

Watch the video, here.

Don't watch if you are squeamish - you'll see a man die.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UPDATE: High School Student Suspended For Saying 'Bless You' After Classmate Sneezed...

I hope everyone understands that this level of Stupid can't be fixed. It can't be saved, reasoned with, or even tucked away where it can do no harm.

It must be extirpated.

'We're Not Going To Have Godly Speaking'...


Drudge Headline re Ferguson: "Time to kill a cop..."

The moment that precedent is set, it will go viral.

Here's the story.

The tides are shifting,

Red Team may think they are ready, but they aren't.  Not even close.

III Percent Society for America

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

John P. - Thank you, Patriot.

This package arrived at our Washington State PO Box today, sent by III Patriot John P.

"Thank You" often seems inadequate to convey the depth of emotion and gratitude when someone helps in a big, big way, and this is one of those times.

Thank you.  Your contribution to the TOC will help not only accomplish the Mission, but also keep our Staff safe.

Thank you from each and every Patriot who supports the TOC and the Mission.

He sent two (2) units!

TOC website, here.

III Society website, here.


Lawfare Barbarism & Stuff that doesn't matter...

N.C. Sheriff Terry Johnson On Trial For Racial Profiling

Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted by grand jury

I don't need to go any further regarding the escalating use of Lawfare.  When a Sheriff and the sitting Governor of Texas are targeted by their political enemies and risk decades in prison, just what do you think they'd do to you & me?  I can tell you first-hand what they'd be willing to do to me...

Rule of Law is dead.

The republic is dead.

Communists of many different flavors, working since the USC was brand new (Yes, I call Federalists Commies in that they share the belief they have a Right to your stuff) executed a coup d'état in America.  You can forget Hearts & Minds - the Bad People have nearly every child in the country for 6-8 hours every day.  Then they have most Americans being further indoctrinated by MSM and pop culture and television programs that are all reinforcing their memes.

It is what it is.

If you can put together a 4-Man Fire Team that will actually show up at the X on D-Day, you are doing better than most.  If you have the ability to E&E to a safe place and lay low for a year or so while fighting, disease and famine cull the herd, even better.  If - and this is a BIG if - 1% of the population believes in Rightful Liberty, you are still outnumbered by 100:1.

When you are going through Hell, keep going.

There will be an 'after'.

What that might look like is unknown.

And in totally unrelated news, because China and Russia will never be a threat to the US, Chinese troops have crossed into India a few times in recent weeks, near Kashmir.  It means nothing, though.  Afterall, when three nuclear armed Nations - two of which despise one another on religious grounds and recently sent Kill Teams into Mumbai - what could go wrong?


.mil guys: What about these draw-downs?

The US Navy is going to draw-down as many as 8,000 senior NCOs.

This is on top of the Major and Captain draw-downs announced recently for the Army.

We know the Flag Staff has been purged of a significant number of people, most of whom seem to be anti-Administration.

What will be the effects of losing so many Majors, Captains, and Navy NCOs?

Is it what it looks like - the deliberate gutting of the services ability to properly fight?

Here's the Navy story.


Monday, August 18, 2014

TOC Volunteers & Staff

Are you planning to volunteer to work with the TOC when it is deployed to your AO or Region?

The TOC will not usually deploy unless there is a scrum shaping up - are you ready?

Here's a post on the topic.


New Society & TOC Post

New TOC & Society post, here.


Resister: New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters

Another piece offered ahead of the curve from Resister in the Rockies, here.

III Percent Society, here.

Ferguson: Analysis

As discussed yesterday, Ferguson is a neighborhood inside the St. Louis highway loop.

21,000 residents (2010 number) and about 9,000 households.

The actual number of people going out at night and raising a ruckus is but a small fraction of the residents.  Yet Ferguson PD could not handle it.  St. Louis County could not stop it,  Teams of State Troopers had no effect.  And now the Missouri Guard is on the scene.

And the protestors/looters are not even seriously using 2A yet.  Note in the CNN piece linked below the use of the word "projectiles".  The report is obviously talking about stuff being thrown, and spinning it to sound like bullets.  Yes, shots were fired - but the CNN piece is deliberately misleading.

The lesson is simple and on full display: .Gov hasn't the manpower to handle a real fight.  You can safely extrapolate Ferguson to the other major and modest metro areas across CONUS.  Sure, .Gov could put a temporary end to the Ferguson scrum with just a few well-placed rounds.  But we all know that is a bad PR move and will only increase sympathy for Ferguson residents and angst toward .Gov.

Heck, the Militia units in Missouri might even begin to show up to protect the citizens.

Eliminate blame and simply apply cold analysis to the action/reaction cycles.

.Gov is losing on many levels in Ferguson.

CNN piece, here.

III Percent Society, here.

Comms Course

September 13 & 14 in Horicon, Wisconsin - about 40 miles from Milwaukee.

Attend if you are able.  Not only will you learn valuable Comms skills, but you'll get to network and meet both Sparks & WiscoDave.

Here's the link.

III Percent Society, here.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Operational training for the [commandos] began there in February 1944, emphasizing guerrilla warfare tactics and skills: demolitions, use of enemy weapons, map reading, night navigation, agent circuit operations, intelligence, sabotage, escape and evasion, counterespionage, ambushes, security, the use of couriers, and hand-to-hand combat.
Almost all [commandos] practiced French, Morse code, medical aid, and long marches.
If we put together a team of instructors with mastery of the skills above, would such a course be something of interest to you?  You would need to commit to 10-14 days of training, travel to the training facility in the Rockies, and be mentally prepared to immerse yourself in the course.  I have no real idea what it would cost, as it would require several highly-trained and experienced veterans, but money isn't the issue.  These are the skills of life and death in our future.
Obviously learning French would be off the table, but CW (Morse Code) would be required, among other secret squirrel bits of tradecraft.  The goal would be to train you up as part Commando and part Spy, ready to go home and begin leading your men.
The original men chosen for this program during WWII were proven combat Officers who already had fighting under their belts.  If I put together a team of Trainers, you would be expected to show up with a grasp of the basics.  This is advanced study.  It is not leading men into battle on a battlefield - it is leading men on missions to fuck the enemy by hitting his Comms, his supply lines, his power stations, his water, taking out his Officers, et cetera.
If I can make such an opportunity happen, would you find a way to attend?
Room, board and meals are covered - from cabins to sleeping out in the snow and rain and mud.  You'd have to cover tuition, travel, and find a way to make the time available.
Yes or no?  If yes, what would you think a fair price would be for 10-14 days of such training by experienced professionals?
The time for theory and philosophical debates is over.
It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.


This is a lie...

“I am deeply concerned that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message,” said Attorney General Eric Holder after police manhandled demonstrators, gassed a media crew, and used rubber bullets on protesters and journalists.

If you believe those words for even a moment, your radar needs to be repaired, because it is fooked.

Here's the link.

III Percent Society, here.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance...

Probably one of the best protest signs I have ever seen.  It's been catching my eye all day, and I was only motivated to write about it when a fellow III Patriot sent me an email.  He wrote me and as I read his words I realized he was in my head.

Is there any III Patriot who looks at that sign and would not IMMEDIATELY start walking the same direction as this man, providing him with Constitutionally-codified, Natural Right Law protections?

If you would not because of his skin color, leave this website and never return.  Fuck you.  If you would not stand with man, do us all a favor and eat a bullet.

When you find a man who expresses Rightful Liberty, even if it is not as eloquent as Mister Jefferson, you stand with him.  When a man shows you who he is believe it.  Such men deserve your protection, your respect, and you owe him the benefit of your AR covering him.

You welcome men and women into your sphere of protection - your Tribe - when they demonstrate worthiness.  What more can you ask of this man?  He's holding a sign against men with a sniper scope on his face.  There is no AR slung across his back.

Accept allies when and where you find them.  Help him protect what is important to him.  Back it up with your AR if it come to that.  Arm him, if it comes to that.  Teach him, if it comes to that.  I promise you he will eventually be willing to provide intel on the troublemakers in the neighborhood.

The number of people in this country who would be willing to accept Rightful Liberty is tiny.

I have already identified two men who are probably tasked with putting a bullet in my head when the time comes.  If you don't think you have one or two such people infiltrated under your wire, you are NOT playing prudently

Do you have gear set aside to give to people like this man when you run across them - the tools to give him the ability to fight for his own Liberty - which makes your fight easier?

People willing to fight for Rightful Liberty are a tiny minority.  This man is the way Hearts & Minds are turned inside his social circles.  That does not take an Army career, or short-term job - to noodle through for most of us.

Time is short.  Every single move we make must advance the goal to inhibit the Will and Means of OpFor to wage war.

The man holding the sign above is one of those actions.

Here's the blog I found it on - and it is added to the blogroll.  I hope you do the same.  Good Job.

III Percent Society, here.

AR Shorty

There are reports about the fascination of shorty uppers on ARs.  The "sniper" atop the St. Louis vehicle has a scope nearly as along as the barrel of his "Sniper" rifle.

I have read reports that the shorty barrels, ranging from 7.5 - 11.5", have performance problems, as well as distinct noise problems, but agencies are buying them up.  Without giving away any SBR issues, do any of you have insights to the shorty barrel syndrome sweeping the "elite" units?

What is your preferred all-around upper length for your AR?  Is it the 14.5 with the flash attachment that satisfies ATF?  Is it the 16, 18, 20?  I know intended use is a factor - assume suburban, urban, and occasionally defending a farmer.  Is the shorty worth the consideration, especially if a suppressor or functionality issues can be ensured?

Mosby can hit kill-shots to 600 yards with his 14.5 (I think he shoots a 14.5 and attachment - not certain) - a feat many could not match without a longer barrel.

Does the shorty have its place?


There is a shifting tide...

Is the media trying to get Ferguson police office Darren Wilson lynched?

CNN broadcast a report Friday that showed the house, including the street number, of the Ferguson police officer who police say shot Mike Brown. The officer has been in hiding due to death threats since the shooting last Saturday. His name, Darren Wilson, was just released Friday morning.

Another news outlet apologized for broadcasting video of Wilson’s home while others have virtually drawn a map to Wilson’s house for those bent on vengeance.

Yahoo News named the community Wilson where Wilson resides and published a photograph of the officer.

The UK Daily Mail also named the community, posted photos of the officer and gave a description of the house.

USA Today also named the community and reported a local police presence.

The Washington Post named the street where Wilson lives.

The tide is shifting, Patriots.

RevWarIII is entering a new phase.

.Gov is being painted as the Bad People, at least here and there, here and now.

Make no mistake - this is not an abandonment of allegiances.  This will not continue.

This is merely a measured, calculated step of escalation.  The narrative will shift as warranted to achieve the End Game.

For all of you brave veterans who have served tours in the Middle East, you must realize the rules are different here.  Whether you served in real combat, or you promote pictures of yourself in uniforms and gear that looks like it is freshly out of the factory-sealed bags, it is time to set aside all bullshit, all hyperbole, and understand the RevWarIII battlespace is unlike anything you encountered in the Middle East.  Your fellow Americans need your experience and expertise, but the battlespace is significantly different and you must set your own RoE - that is more ruthless than your military commanders ever allowed in-your respective combat zones.

You are still a Right-Wing Gun-Loving Domestic Terrorist.  But escalating a country of 300+ millions into a Civil War takes finesse and nuance.  It demands that multiple sides be delineated, and each has a list of grievances.

Here is my counsel:  Have a plan to be where the enemy will not attack.  Have the capability to duck and cover for a year or more.  Do not miss your window of opportunity.  As we have seen time and again, a city at rest can go hot in 12 hours.  Any city.  Boston.  NYC.  LA.  Oakland.  St. Louis.  If any major area lies between you and safety, if you do not move prior to festivities, you will be forced to stay in place, or navigate alternate routes.  You may be denied access to your retreat and caches.  The same applies to smaller demographic areas.  Anywhere in America may be hot at any moment.

You must look at the tactical realities of where you live.  There is no rational expectation of survival for anyone in the DC Metro area.  The only recourse that includes survival is tactical withdrawal.  That reality holds for the vast majority of Americans, and nearly 100% of the Parasite Class.

Stop engaging in circle-jerks of counting angels on the head of a pin.  Consider yourself a hunted American, right now.  If you continue to go to your cubicle or service bay every day as if you will, as is your routine, make it home tonight as usual, you are not facing the reality that is slapping you in the face.

Most of you will die, even if you own a safe full of slick & tricked ARs, a wide variety of 2A. and ammo, and all the FMs ever printed.  Unexpected violence is your immediate concern.  Food, water and disease will follow quickly.

A quick look at Ferguson exposes not only poor training of OpFor, overconfidence, and the reality that such a small geographic piece of Earth stressed not only the Ferguson OpFor assets, but also St. Louis County, and even State Troopers have been forced to fall back because they simply are not equipped and resourced to maintain the tempo required to stay on the field for a week.

Stop wasting time with theory and abstract acronyms that are not natural to you.  They work great for former .mil - they are brain-freezes for average guys.  Follow your gut.  Humans have been fighting and surviving by gut instincts for many, many years.

It is time to stop playing Patriot Games - and be Patriots.

Please consider joining the III Society or donating some gear to the TOC so we can show up and help you when your AO goes ugly.  If you are sending gear to support the TOC (or checks/metals) please send to the PO Box listed at the site - NOT the St. Maries address.

Follow this site for good, fast updates.

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III Comms: Wyoming & Wisconsin Updates

Updates from Sparks, here.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...III

Actions have consequences.

Proportional Response is a Fool's game.

Too many people think all this "Patriot/Liberty" online "stuff" is just another version of some video game.  Many will never understand until they get a knife in the neck or eat a backfist that leaves them in a wheelchair, shitting themselves into diapers until they die of old age.

Guys like Joseph Torrez understand.  Here's a link to his story, and a blogger who should be in your routine rotation.

Joseph is a young man.

An older man would have made sure all five "fell repeatedly" onto those knives before anyone dialed 911.

Some men don't play.

III Percent Society, here.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...II

Choose, here.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...

These are the actions of Enemies of Liberty...

...and we are the consequences...

III Percent Society, here.

Common Sense is in very short supply today...

As a commenter recently suggested: Stop trying to make 2+2 into complex mathematical algorithms regarding Liberty.  You CAN NOT make 007's from Army FM 101 on S2, you CAN NOT make a Green Beret from a guy who has spent his life working in non-SF fields.  Do the best you can with what you've got, and follow the K.I.S.S. training philosophy.

Economy of motion and effort, please!  Maximum effect with minimal energy and resources.

Whatever timeline you THINK is reality - isn't.

K's tips of the day: Never trust anyone who doesn't get Kinison, or any man who never crushed on Tawny.

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If your thinking is any more complex than this...

...you are so far behind the RevWarIII curve, it is time to put your head between your knees and kiss your....well, you know.


RevWarIII & WWIII happening now...

Normalcy Bias: Thinking they won't travel half-a-planet to take your stuff and put you in a ditch so that good Chinese and Russians can open pizza shops in Kansas...

Reality is often wearing cammies.

As Americans blindly natter-on about the latest iWidget, scroll through headlines about Ferguson, Whack-a-doo Militias and 2A Extremists (storylines to be found in many major TV/Cable/Movie plot offerings) and decide if they think Hillary can save the world, Russia and China are doing exactly as predicted - moving in unison to expand their perimeters, get BRIC on its feet, and be prepared to capitalize on the coming shift in world power that will leave America as a Third World, Balkanized, conquered piece of real estate with tremendous wealth to be claimed.

Russia has a convoy of "Humanitarian" supplies and uniformed "Humanitarians" on the edge of Eastern Ukraine, while China declares it will build lighthouses on disputed islands and sends fighting ships brazenly into Japanese waters, telegraphing their intent. 

Instead of asinine analysis that concludes"...Russia will never do X because they still move troops by train..." it would be wise for the American who covets Liberty to keep an eye on the immediate threats - like Ferguson and the border, et cetera.

But only a fool stops there, knowing in his heart the real goal is world domination by people of many races and nationalities who believe they have a Right to your stuff.

Normalcy Bias: Thinking they won't travel half-a-planet to take your stuff and put you in a ditch so that good Chinese and Russians can open pizza shops in Kansas...

(Yes - I know I opened and closed with the same comment.  Get it?)

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

KTVI reports that Chief Jackson left the area when the protesters invaded the news conference...

**UPDATE from Sandman**  Sandman sent this map that has 300-mile circles in place.

Are you in a safe place from where the Hordes may roam when sprawling outward? 

Thanks, Dave.


Every major metropolitan area in America will become a slaughter zone - and you can't find one example across the nation that is run by people who believe in Rightful Liberty.

Ferguson, Missouri is within the St. Louis beltway, the highway encircling the city, but it is as far north and almost as far west as one can get inside that highway ring.  It has a population (2010) of about 21,000, fewer than 9,000 households, and demographics of about 2/3 Black and 1/3 White - personally I'd bet 80% or more of those households are of the parasite class.

Such a small community within the larger St. Louis Metropolitan Area is able to stretch the resources of local LEO to the breaking point - and the residents have not even shown up with 2A in-hand - yet.

Go to a map and find Ferguson.  Look at all the other communities inside that highway loop - and imagine what happens when they all go hot.  Yes, St. Louis would quickly become what we Americans usually associate with war zones in Third World countries.  And every single major metro area in America is a carbon copy.

Now for a fun exercise.  The average car/truck in America will get you about 300 miles per tank of fuel.  Cut it in half so you can get home.  What the hell, shave 25% off that range just for giggles.  150 miles shaved by 25% is 112.5 miles.  Now, draw a circle of 112.5 miles around the center of every major metro in the country.

Are you in any of those circles?  Does the stuff you use/need to live every day reside in or get exported from within any of those circles?  If so, do you, RIGHT NOW, have the manpower to keep what you've got and get what you need from within those circles, on a continuing basis, when every city in America looks like Ferguson, Missouri right now?  How many products will stop being produced within those circles - including power, pharma, food, etc?  I know for a FACT if you go 112.5 miles in any direction from the center of DC, you are covering a LOT of farmland, a LOT of meat production, and ALL of the seafood harvest from Chesapeake Bay.

Please don't lie to yourself that you can exist in those zones if it goes hot.  The hordes will scorch the Earth until they run dry of low-hanging fruit and begin to die of disease & famine.

FedGov can't secure those areas.  Local/State LEO can't secure that much ground, no matter how many MRAPs they have.  Hell, the Police Chief from Ferguson can't even hold one of his own fire houses from unarmed Black Panthers in a news conference.

In case anyone missed the announcement: RevWarIII has already begun, and you are watching it live...


So, Texans - how are you going to roll?

Members of the gun rights group Open Carry Texas met with Fifth Ward community leaders Wednesday, hoping to explain why they chose an historic African-American community to hold a demonstration. 

Members of the group were met by a chorus of voices telling them to stay out of the neighborhood and warned they will be "matched gun-for-gun." 

"I'm going to tell you something homie, this is Fifth Ward, you ain't coming in here running nothing," community activist Quanell X said while flanked by members of the New Black Panther Party, who were holding assault rifles.

The two groups sat across from one another at a small folding table under a tree near the intersection of Lockwood and Lyons to discuss the details of Saturday's upcoming event.

Local 2 Investigates counted 15 Houston police officers on-hand to monitor the meeting.

"You're coming into the Fifth Ward and to the black community as insurgents," said Krystal Muhammad, with the New Black Panther Party.

"I beg your pardon?" said David Amad, with Open Carry Texas.

"You are insurgents," said Muhammad.


Might I suggest any interested Texans contact the Fifth Ward leaders and bring them aboard the team, united against the common enemy, rather than permit the race-mongers make it a black-white scrum.

The problem is blue - not black or white.

Here's the link.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There is a difference...

Blue on Blue: Friendly fire is an attack by a military force on friendly forces while attempting to attack the enemy, either misidentifying the target as hostile, or due to errors or inaccuracy.

Kneecapping: Kneecapping is a form of malicious wounding.

There is a difference.  It is an existential difference in the real world.

I would suggest to every Patriot: Hone that radar, fast.  And if that radar is out of whack, your IFF radar is fooked.


The Sound of Macs is true music...

More at Mike's place, awesome as usual.