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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Red Terror is likely in our future...

Red Terror.  Lenin's Hanging Order, here.

Prepare to defend yourselves.


Silver & Gold: Analysis

Is it time to trade some of that worthless green paper for silver?

Silicon Graybeard offers an excellent analysis of the current market, here.

While I still contend that lead is the best metal to horde - having as much silver and gold as you can afford now will put you in good stead in the near future.  The moment the dollar implodes, trade and commerce in America will pivot to barter and metals.  Silver and gold have the potential to bring wealth into your life the moment the current sham of an economy reaches the inevitable collapse.


Brock Rocks

144,000 NICS checks Friday, a new record.  The final numbers will probably be available in a few days.  I'd love to know how many of those purchases were first-time buyers.  But the picture above is encouraging, isn't it!?  When our women begin engaging the Enemies of Liberty, we will win.  When mothers come to the conclusion that the Enemies of Liberty are a threat to their children, they will green light their men.  That is not a sign that Patriot men are weak - the fact is that Patriot men care about their families, care about what their wives think, and trust their judgment.  When wives and mothers believe the best interests of their families are served by men Standing Up and heading to the Green instead of going to the office, the end is near for the Enemies of Liberty.  Brock has the details, here.

Remember the Minute Women?

Today's Patriot women are modern Molly Pitchers.  Today's Patriot women are arming themselves so they can defend home & hearth when their men head to the Green.  Encourage your women to network and start relevant conversations with their friends.  A chicken in every pot and a pistol in every apron, and tyranny will die in America.



Two from Larry

Another blog that should be on your daily route.

Two posts: Ferguson and Denver.

Look around, folks.  This is what an escalating Civil War looks like from the inside.


Jefferson on Immigration

Accept this simple reality: There are forces among us that mean to destroy and erase from the memory of Man every facet of our Founding Ideals.  Everything that made America and Americans exceptional in the world is a threat to those who mean to be Masters.

Immigration is a weapon of dilution.  It is an existential threat and it is effective.

The only way Liberty survives in America is if you and I keep it alive.

There is only one way to keep Liberty alive: Extirpate the Enemies of Liberty and the population living among us who accept that they are entitled to the fruits of another man's labors.

That's it.  Full stop.

Who will do it?

Look in the mirror.  That is the person who must stand and do the work.


Ferguson Study Group: IX

I read the story at WeaponsMan this morning, and CA linked it here.

It is an excellent observation by the WeaponsMan Team, and CA nails the proper position on Race:

It ain’t the melanin that is dispositive.

It’s the amount of assholism present in the individual.

Each individual.

Just like any other freedom issue. - Concerned American @ WRSA

As Jim Klein correctly reminds us often: It is, and always has been, Individualism versus Collectivism.

And as anyone who bothers to think on the topic for even a few moments should conclude: The bad connotations associated with the concept of Collectivism do NOT extend to groups of people who consent to work together toward particular ends.  As our Tactical Trainers remind us all the time, if you do not have a Team, you are fooked.  And if your Teams do not have the support of at least a modest percentage of the non-combatants in your AO, your Team will be fooked.

Local, Local, Local as Bill Nye coined.  Build a Team and earn the support of at least a portion of the people in your AO, and you can be effective.  It is not all about defending yourself and your AO with violence.  Your role is to make certain your AO has showers, drinking water, food, medical support, and the other day-to-day essentials of life.  And when self defense is required, you will have the support of your community - regardless of their skin color or ethnicity.

Blanket statements such as "Your skin color is your uniform" must be understood to be as destructive to Rightful Liberty as the Marxism coming from the other side.

There is very little room in the Liberty Movement for people who do not think.

I hope everyone has taken the time to watch and consider everything that has been happening in Ferguson, and in the name of Ferguson across the country.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Your Papers, Citizen...

The image above is from Mike's place, here.  It should be a daily stop. (The below post has NOTHING to do with Mike or his site.)  He simply posted a great graphic - his site is full of great stuff - that I am able to use to make a point.

It illustrates my point about Voter ID - but first you must remember the old Soviet Pig Farmer logic.  A Pig Farmer had 2 pigs, and his neighbor had three.  So he calls the KGB and demands that they come and kill one of his neighbors pigs.

Same-same with ID requirements in this country.

The knee-jerk argument most people on the political Right (and the flawed thinking runs deep even in the Liberty Movement) is that since you need photo ID to do all those everyday acts listed on the left side of the graphic, you should therefore be required to show State-issued Photo ID to vote.

Do you see the Pig Farmer logic at play?

Take a moment and look at the long list of actions that require you identify yourself to the State, with State-issued papers, and apply this simple premise: Should I have to show my papers to: Buy alcohol, buy a firearm, drive my car, ride on an airplane...etc.

If the answer is no to those things, then you must conclude that to apply that standard to voting fails.

The word is "precedent". When you bend knee and accept the argument that you must have a state-issued permit to exercise your inalienable Right to locomotion, or self defense, or feeding yourself with a fishing pole, you set the precedent that you are willing to bend knee.  It is that simple.

The answer is not to once more bend knee and produce your state-issued papers when you want to vote.  The answer is to move everything in the left column to the right, and stop bending at the knee - period.

There are ways to exercise the franchise without surrendering to the notion that the State has the Authority to issue papers to you and that you must comply and produce those papers on demand.  I thought one of the things we are fighting against is Iron Curtain controls.  Right?

If you think we should be required to produce State-issued papers to do anything on the lists above, I strongly suggest you sit in a quiet room and think hard on the topic.  Because if you do agree, then you have not yet truly broken free of the Statist shackles upon your mind.

They don't do it for the fucking children, folks.


Governed by Consent - OK. By Force - not so much...

Here's the link.

Be ungovernable until it is by your consent.


Thursday, November 27, 2014


If you are fortunate enough to spend the day with family, friends and loved-ones, be certain to remind yourself why you visit III & Liberty blogs and venues.

America is at war with herself.  Americans see other Americans as enemies.  Many of the people in your life actively work or passively accept the actions of tyrants in our midst to prosecute this war against Liberty.  Look at the people with whom you share this Thanksgiving and ruthlessly consider which of them intend to ever stand upon a Green to defend you or Liberty.  Consider how many of them will undermine your efforts to reach a state of Liberty.  That goofball brother-in-law who you usually tolerate - the one who believes in global warming and ObamaCare - is not merely the family stooge.  He has the hearts & minds of your sister and your nieces and nephews.

While you eat and share the day with family and friends, Enemies of Liberty are working even today to continue prosecuting their war against Liberty.  They never stop.

In RevWarII brothers fought brothers.

RevWarIII will see the extinction of Liberty and those who dare claim it as a Birthright.  Or, the forces of Liberty will slit the throats of enough tyrants to keep Liberty alive for another generation - even if only as an abstract possibility.

How many people at your table this evening will you have to kill in this fight for Liberty?

Thanksgiving, it is.  I give thanks that my wife is in my life, and I give thanks for the Patriots I have met and will meet who have the same hard road before them as do I.

But "Happy" - this day is not.


III Society SWAG Shipping

More III Society SWAG packages shipping Monday.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GoPro: Feedback Needed

Looking for feedback from anyone who has first-hand experience using the GoPro system wifi to stream video to Facebook or elsewhere.

Comments welcome on the post or by email if you'd prefer anonymity: K@Kerodin.com


Will Grigg on Michael Brown

Michael Brown was apparently a shoplifter and a bully. If this was the case, he should have been compelled to make restitution to the victims. (Interestingly, although Wilson claimed to have seen stolen cigarillos in Brown’s hands during the “assault,” they were never found.) While there’s no clear evidence that Brown ever assaulted Wilson, it is indisputable from Wilson’s testimony that he was the one who escalated the encounter by threatening lethal force. This is problematic even under positivist legal precedents: Per Bad Elk vs. US, Brown — even as a criminal suspect — didn’t have a duty to die simply because Wilson had the means to kill him, and according Tennessee vs. Garner Wilson didn’t have the legal authority to kill Brown simply because he tried to evade arrest.

Here's the link.


Ferguson: Before & After Pics


You want to end X in an AO?



Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Study Group VIII: Thanks for the tip, Chief...

“I don’t think we were underprepared. But I’ll be honest with you. Unless we bring 10,000 policemen in here I don’t think we could prevent folks that really are intent on just destroying a community. It doesn’t take very long to throw some kerosene in a building and burn it as you’re running past.” - St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar

An ally suggested I examine the comment above:

So, let's do a bit of analysis.  The Chief of St. Louis County PoPo doesn't run a small shop.  He's got some experience and insights.  And his statement last night was very insightful for coming events that may see Patriots on the Green.  Let's assume he simply pulled the 10,000 number from his bum. 

Ferguson has a total population of about 21,000.  The population is just a hair over 2/3 Black and just a hair under 1/3 White.  Out of 8,200 households, just under 29% of the population is younger than 18.  Just a hair over 10% of the population is 65 or older.  Starting to see a picture develop?  So we have, perhaps, 13,000 adults in the community between 18 and 65.  One would expect that only a small percentage of those people were actually on the street - but for sh*ts & giggles, lets just use 13,000.

Using the Chief's number, he needs one LEO on the street for every 1.3 adults over 18 and younger than 65, in order to stop people from burning down their own community.  But the actual number of people on the streets in Ferguson was well under 5,000 from everything I saw and every source I have read.  And the number of people who flipped cars, broke windows, grabbed televisions and set fires was very damned small in actual numbers compared to the total population.

So, the Chief is really saying he needs at least 2 LEO for every 1 person who takes to the streets.

Heh - that ain't happening anywhere in America - ever.

How are you liking the odds in your AO, folks?  Does your LEO shop have even a 1:10 relationship with your AO?  1:50?  The Ferguson shop has 53 LEO - to 21,000 residents.  1:500 anyone?

We call this the Ferguson Study Group for a reason.  Watch.  Take notes - not sides.  Consider what you see in Ferguson through the lens of the Minuteman and apply it to your AO. 

Because the men who mean to be the Masters in Ferguson Missouri are cut of the same cloth as those who mean to be the Masters of you.


Ferguson Study Group VII: 13 Hours from the X

It has been just about 13 hours since the announcement.

Fire was used as a tool. 

While there were gunshots - reports of LEO coming under fire do not exist.

We shall see how things go tonight.

Outside of Ferguson: Erroneous information proves again to be more dangerous than facts.  Reports that LEO lost an AR and were taking fire from that weapon demonstrate again the importance of verifying information before acting on it.  When you let someone else tell you what is happening and you let them interpret what is happening for you - you may as well slip a hoop through your snout and hand them the leash.  Anything you do not see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears MUST be considered unfounded until you have more information.

Why is this so important?  Because when your town becomes Ferguson you will essentially be on your own.  You may have a Team with you, but your Team will likely be in the soup, without the advantages of eyes in the sky and reliable real-time information.  Your perspective will be narrow.  You can NOT permit yourself to point your weapon at people and potentially take their lives based on the information of a removed third-party.

Final note: As I look across the Commentariat I see WN has a larger footprint in the Liberty sphere than I thought.  Many people are painting with a large brush, making broad generalizations (and recommending targeting and RoE based on those generalizations) - and for a Movement that is supposedly founded on Individualism, this can not obtain.

If you only see forests out there - unfuck yourselves and start treating the individual trees as would a moral person.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Study Group VI: No True Bill

Live Feed

I'm not seeing a guy who was just punched in the face by a linebacker-sized 18-year-old...


Ferguson needs at least one new patrol car...

22:33 EST: If anyone on the ground can get better images of the Comms units in this staging area, send them up.  Here's the link.

22:28 EST: Shots fired reports appear valid.  LEO using gas.  Tweet from reporter in St. Louis: 'What's done is done now do what you gotta do' angry woman yells into bull horn outside police.

Now let's settle-in and let the minute-by-minute guys do their thing, the protesters to do their thing, LEO to do what LEO does.  We'll review lessons-learned tomorrow...

22:15 EST: Watching at least one LEO car getting trashed, and several businesses with broken glass.  At least a couple small fires - let's see if fire is used as a real tool...

21:25 EST: No True Bill...

20:58 EST ...

Bracken: Free

Get them.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Charles Dyer: Still in Prison

Here is an update.  A legal defense fund is seeking donations.

The list of unconscionable malevolent prosecutions and actions incentivized by our for-profit "legal system" grows daily.

There must be a Reckoning.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Ferguson Update


11.22 - 0056 EST: LEO maces Protesters - and Protesters mace 'em back.  Here's the link.

1728 EST: Gateway Pundit is doing a great job.  Here are the RoE from LEO.

Reports are coming in that the Grand Jury is expected to announce Sunday at 10 AM, and schools are being closed Mon/Tues.

Press Conference may be this afternoon.

Video of Ferguson protestors with guns, here.

More as it happens.  I'll edit this post as needed.


It's the Fuckin' Commies, Stupid...

Click the pic to embiggen.  This was forwarded to me by an ally.

Anyone who rolls their eyes or tries to argue this fundamental premise should be immediately moved to the bullet-stopper positions in your formations: Nearly every single problem in America that imposes upon Rightful Liberty is the work of Communists peddling Communist ideology.

Period.  Full Stop.

This is the website of the Commie Fucktard behind the above flyer: RevCom.us

In many cases you must scratch the surface and dig a bit to find the links, but the links exist.

Jim Klein reminds us all often that the fight has always been collectivism versus individualism.  Communism is the manifestation of that collectivism in our world.  When you bitchslap an anti-gunner or an advocate for entitlement programs, you are bitchslapping a Commie. 

If you are having any hesitancy about bitchslapping ANYONE who is working or advocating the infringement of your Rightful Liberty - get over it.  You are NOT bitchslapping a Human Being.  You ARE bitchslapping a pureblood Communist or one of their Useful Idiots.  Either way - they are genuine, existential threats to you and yours.

This is war, folks.  It is not a "...legitimate difference of political opinion..."

This is a war against slavery - and you are the one being fitted for chains.

And they are coming harder, now.

Remember I recently mentioned (at WRSA) that ALL of the groups massing in Ferguson (from outside the AO) are Communist in nature, and that when you get past the Useful Idiots, you'll find "white" Commies financing the whole operation?  Well, look at the pic below.

Many Useful Idiots - and a couple of "white" Commies front & center - seek to complete the work begun more than a century ago to imprison Humanity under the yoke of tyranny.

Patriots: Get past whatever mental reservations you may still have lingering in your braincase.

Any biped who seeks to infringe your Rightful Liberty is NOT a Human Being and may be engaged without ANY stain upon your Soul.


Or let them kill you.  Your choice.  Rightful Liberty and all...


Thursday, November 20, 2014


NSA says the grid is at risk to China and "...one or two other nations..."

Not "...if they work a little harder..." - but they have the ability right now.

But, don't worry.  The Chinese and Russians have no interest in us...

And the average American won't pay any attention until the TV no longer works.

That can't happen here.

Kenny has the details, here.


Caesar President

...we will become the Third World country of Obama’s dream, no more a Western nation.

But then, the community organizer did not much like that old America.

I mentioned the other day that our Caesar was upon us.  PJB agrees.

Column, here.


Rightful Liberty: By any and all means...

Peacefully working within the system is clearly a waste of time and effort. - That is a piece of a comment over at WRSA today.  I won't link it simply because I am not out to bust the commenters balls.

But I disagree with the premise. 

Miss Violet sent me a link this afternoon regarding the Edgar County Watchdogs - two .mil vets who have been cleaning clocks in Illinois from within the system and without violence.  Most recently they executed a Citizen's Arrest on a County Council. (Granted - arresting the Council was only possible because of the threat of violence via the Sheriff and his guns - but I contend that is in-bounds use of "the system" as it was executed).

We will never vote our way out of the problems in America.  I am also convinced violence is inevitable, primarily because the Enemies of Liberty will force good people into circumstances requiring either subjugation or violent self defense - and there are many people among us who will not be subjugated.  The coming violence is likely to reach genocidal levels - whichever side "wins".

But none of that minimizes the work being done by many, many people who choose to fight with law and other means than FMJs for as long as they can.  The Watchdogs have done more to delegitimize "The System" than any trigger-puller, to date, and more than most of us.

Remember the Mission: Rightful Liberty.

Remember the means: By any means necessary and available to you.


Ferguson: Ebola, anyone?

7th WMD on the ground.

And as we considered in IV, now there are reports of a potential Ebola case in St. Louis.

P. O. L. Y. G. O. N. A. L.

Heads on a swivel, folks.


IIIGear & III Society SWAG

This is important for clarification that some folks aren't digesting - and I understand the confusion.

III Percent Society SWAG:  These are your Membership Packages.  The contents of the package are 100% bought/packaged/shipped by the III Percent Society for America.  We are working through the pile and already need to re-order several items.

IIIGear:  This represents the shirts, caps, mugs, and other III Branded gear we've been offering for several years via IIIGear.com.

Here's the important part: IIIGear and the III Society are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ENTITIES.

It is easy to be confused, hell - even PayPal got confused about it.

So: III Society - Here is an update on III Percent Society SWAG.  If you are a III Society Member, please go read the update.  Some of you enrolled under company names or the name of a spouse, and it is creating hiccups regarding Member Cards and our ability to identify legitimate Members.  This matters, especially if you ever need to present your card at a III Society event.

IIIGear: Email HERE if you have ANY outstanding IIIGear orders.

Yes, H & I are doing the whole packing/moving our lives thing across country, but we are handling order processing with the Gear & SWAG we have on-hand, a bit each day, as we go.


National Protest Sites re: Sharpton & Ferguson

Heh - not one site in the Citadel Redoubt or Appalachian Redoubt.  Imagine that.

Unless you App Redoubt folks consider Atlanta and/or Charlotte to be close-enough.

If you are so inclined and in a position to attend any of these events, send your reports, video, audio to WRSA, here.

ATLANTA, GA: 75 Spring St, SW, 2211 U.S. Courthouse
BIRMINGHAM, AL: 1729 5th Avenue North #140
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ: 2715 Atlantic Ave
BROOKLYN, NY: 225 Cadman Plaza E. Brooklyn, NY
CHARLESTON, NC: 200 East Bay Street Charleston Police Department, 180 Lockwood Blvd
CHARLOTTE, NC: 401 West Trade Street
CHICAGO, IL: 219 S Dearborn St #74
CINCINNATI, OH: 550 Main Street
PHILADELPHIA, PA: 601 Market Street
CLEVELAND, OH: 801 West Superior Avenue
DETROIT, MI: 231 W Lafayette Blvd
FERGUSON, MO: (Police Department), 222 S. Florissant Road
NATCHEZ, MS: 109 North Pearl Street
NEWARK, NJ: 970 Broad St. (Broad/Walnut Sts.)
OAKLAND, CA: 1225 Fallon Street
ORLANDO, FL: 401 West Central Boulevard
PATERSON, NJ: 401 Grand Street
PHOENIX, AZ: 400 West Washington
SANFORD, FL: 1300 Park Avenue
TALLAHASSEE, FL: 111 South Adams Street

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fuck Commies

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s deputy defence minister, even seemed to suggest Moscow would be willing to help Beijing tackle the peaceful protests in Hong Kong.

“We have taken note of the events that recently took place in Hong Kong and the two ministers acknowledged that not a single country can feel insured against colour revolutions,” Mr Antonov said, according to Russian state media. “We believe that Russia and China should work together to oppose this new challenge to our states’ security.”

Yeah - nothing to see here.  Just paranoia.  Get a grip, silly Americanski...

Folks, if you don't understand that the two largest tyrannies on the planet would nuke/Ebola/EMP or otherwise F us up in a hot second if they thought they could get away with it, thus making the primary impediment to their goal of world control cease to exist - I can't help you.

Polygonal.  Battlespace.

Embrace the Suck.

Here's the link.

Personally, I think those fucktards murdered at least 100,000,000 people last century.  They established a Fifth Column here in America.  That Fifth Column has plans for you, too.

It's time for payback, in the name of the dead...

...each of us owe the dead at least 1,000 Commie fucktard scalps...


EO is Go

EO is Go - MSM will help keep it buried from the masses.

And before the volume and pitch get too high - they'll drop the No Bill in Ferguson as distraction.

The game is afoot.  The Optics are gone.  Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves...


Ferguson Study Group: V

Tick. Tock.

To my friends on the ground in the AO, make a final run for Twinkies and FMJs, then get to cover.

Here's a link to a video showing State Po-Po getting ready.

Again, check the gear being deployed.

Thanks for the heads-up.


That Magical Boomstick: Fail

"I'll just shoot him/them."

How many of you have heard those words uttered by Gunners and Patriots who are dismissive of the importance of close quarters fighting?  The average Tueller Drill gives you, at most, 3 seconds to clear leather and engage an armed attacker with your sidearm.  Realistically you should cut that time down to 1.5 seconds.  Then you should consider that most shooters you know will not be able to clear leather and double tap a charging attacker with kill shots before the attacker scores with a blade or brick or whatever the hell he's brought to the party.

Now factor in just a bit of reality.  The above drill assumes the shooter is aware of the attacker and his potential advance.  It assumes Cooper Orange.  It assumes, usually, that the sidearm is in a holster that is unencumbered.  It assumes a whole mess of factors that are very likely to be absent when you need your sidearm.

Most people get attacked while their pistol is concealed.  Most people get attacked when they are not at Cooper Orange.  Most people get attacked when they are not looking.  Most people get attacked when they are distracted by kids or pumping gas or whatever-the-hell they are doing.  Most people get attacked when they least expect it and in some variation of darkness.  Most people can expect to be attacked from the blind side while being deliberately distracted by a second Bad Guy (or Bad Girl).  Many people, especially when being attacked by real tyrants, thugs and bullies (oh my) can be expected to face a swarm, not an individual.

And in the North American Liberty Games currently underway (with momentum increasing) many people can be expected to surrender that 21-foot cushion as soon as a Bad Guy points a weapon at or closes the gap with wives and children.

The point is simple - there are many, many ways that an unskilled thug can take your firearm(s) out of the equation, at least for a few moments.  And a skilled enemy has even more tricks up his sleeve.  If you think you are safe because of that Glock under your coat or even that AR slung across your chest, you are wrong.

The most important techniques I teach in Fight to your Weapon are those that permit you to get your hands free when a Bad Guy has your wrist or multiple baddies have both of your wrists.  If you think you are going to engage in RevWarIII and never have a Bad Guy put his hands on you, you are wrong.

If you think you are good enough to handle those attacks and don't need to train, you are wrong.

If you think you are going to fight every battle at rifle or pistol range, and never get close enough to an enemy to get wet, you are wrong.

If you are a Team Leader, whether you are part of an organized Militia outfit or an NPT as defined by DTG, and you have ANY member of your Team who is thinking this way, I would suggest you unfuck his mind, or turn him loose.  That sort of delusion will get your Team jacked-up.

At your next training session, arm your guys with AirSoft pistols and give any 10 year old boy a wiffle ball bat, then turn him loose on each Team Member from 21 feet away, and see how many of your guys get tagged.  If that doesn't convince your guys to improve - you need to weed them out of any serious caper.  You can't afford Stupid.  Have you ever seen a man getting surprised and tackled while using an AirSoft pistol?  If he even manages to get it in his hand, he's going to reflexively pull that trigger while being taken to the floor, spraying pellets everywhere.  Imagine if your entire Team is around and that happens while he's pulling the trigger on a 1911.

Team Commanders: If you come to Idaho to train at the Studio in 2015, one facet I will add to your weekend (or 9-day course) is a Train the Trainer Red Team module that you can take home and institute with your men.  Anyone who is not serious enough to train Combatives properly is not serious enough to be part of your core Team.  Put the lazy ones on the bench.

I'll post our 2015 training schedule probably during the holidays.

Sorry - I probably will not travel for training next year. 

In the meantime - figure out who on your Team is more liability than asset, and deal with it.

Every Team needs bullet stoppers...



A principle I teach in CQB is economy of motion.  Simply - do the most damage with the least effort and risk at your disposal.

Another place to apply that principle is with the supplies you put in your Go Bags, load-outs, rucks, caches, hidey-holes, bunkers, et cetera.  Most of you know the value of natural honey.  Now look at your supplies - how many items 'could' you do without if you had a package of honey instead?  How many of your stockpiled items may become impossible to acquire if Just-in-Time sucks a bullet?

I'm not telling you to trash your anti-biotic ointments - but you'd better have back-up options.

From a quick smear on small wounds in the field, to a quick energy burst, to making a meal or drink more palatable, to the obvious benefits of honey over other sweeteners - you need to stock up.

It's the people who define a community.  People who are smart, compassionate, and self-motivated.  If you do not have enough honey on-hand (you don't), then be certain to support a fellow Patriot when you order.

Vixie has your back, here


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ferguson Study Group: IV

We have several outstanding sources connecting dots from informed positions.

Has a NG WMD Response Team been put on station in/near Ferguson?  If so, is there any connection to the reports that Mo's Morons are seeking to jack the protests?  Remember, WMD may not mean a nuke or dirty bomb - consider how recent Ebola activity may (or may not) tie-in.

For your consideration:

7th WMD on exercises - look at their trucks, here.

7th WMD Civil Support Team from Global Security for background, here.

FoxNews on the Mo's Morons, here.

Gateway Pundit reaching the same conclusions, here.

Strong work.


Ferguson Study Group: III

Ferguson NG Staging

Click pic to embiggen - green dot in lower right corner.

My thanks to our sources feeding data to us.


Leaderless Resistance, anyone?

“The march on Saturday showed how difficult it may be to direct the actions of a young, decentralized and assertive protest movement. ” They noted that the march to the police station yesterday involved people breaking off from the crowd to go the station rather than a rally in a park with some chanting “Ain’t no justice in the park!”

RevWarIII is a polygonal battlespace, as CA has mentioned many times.

You know it.  I know it.  Not all Patriots grasp it yet - many call upon some of us to "Lead" or "Do something".  The most important lesson many of us who may or may not be perceived as "Leaders" can impart to all Patriots is this: You are the boss of you.  Do not look for me or anyone else to tell you when, where, how, why to do anything.  Rightful Liberty - get it?

Many, many players who will stand opposed to the Rightful Liberty effort understand the same "Leaderless Resistance" paradigm.  They are calling it "de-centralized". 


Not every group within the polygonal battlespace gets it.  They still remain locked in their top-down authority paradigms.  They include most politicians, LEO, bureaucrats and nearly all of the people in America who will do their best to stay out of the way when bottles and malatovs and bullets start the delivery trajectories. 

Patriots need to get it and damn skippy.  If anyone on the planet is waiting for me to issue a call to meet at X to engage Y and I'll assign tasks - you are not on the proper page of the book.  It is not my place to do so.  It is not the place of Max or Mosby or anyone else.

One day I may say "I'm going to be at X - join me if you wish".  But I will not be wearing rank insignia.  I will not be assigning tasks or issuing target lists like the folks in Ferguson.  As Jeffery noted in an email - how long do you think it would take for a SWAT Team to be on any of our doorsteps if we issued a target list such as the one issued in Ferguson?  I promise you, SWAT and DHS knows every single person and where they live who participated in building that Ferguson target list.  That SWAT Team would try to kill you or me before we implement.  We are not a protected class in this fight.

Each and every III Patriot is John Parker.  You are in full and absolute control of what you do, where you do it, why and how.  We can do such work in teams, and you may choose to select leaders within your team - but if you are waiting for a General to take the field, to tell the Ohio Militia what/when/where and issue orders to Michigan and Idaho and Georgia - you're in the wrong army. 

That simply ain't gonna happen.

Just be aware - a great many Bad People plan to fight the rest of RevWarIII in exactly the same manner.  Small groups of self-guided and self-motivated people who plan a piece of work and then run their own caper.  They will usually build their capers around spoils - be it cash or materiel that allow them to conduct the next operation, as well as enriching themselves.  They are doing it, right now.

Get yourself a good seat for Ferguson, because the Enemies of Liberty are about to demonstrate exactly how they plan to implement this part of the battle for your life and treasure - and everything you hold dear.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Stay the course...

**UPDATE from Sources & Drudge** 

1928 EST: St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson denies that there are federal agents in the area

1900 EST: FBI Calls the Ball, here.  Patriots everywhere - watch your six.

State of Emergency declared, National Guard activated, and No Bill is imminent.  Map of potential targets, here.  List of potential protest targets, here.  Consider the groups involved, and you'll begin to understand some of the targets on the list.

Twitchy: Protesters have begun blocking intersections, here.

To my sources & allies - stay safe.


DHS and every LEO shop in the area is staging and preparing for Ferguson violence. 

DHS answers to the President of the United States of America.  He sent them to St. Louis en masse.

The President of the United States of America drops into the AO and tells the protesters to "Stay the course..."

Every outside protest group in the AO is Liberal/Commie in nature.

You see the reality, yes?

The optics - dropped.  Everything you see around you that seems fck'd is by design.  Only now the Wizard doesn't even care if you see behind the curtain.

Tyrants intend to fuck you and yours.  Hard.  Indeed, said fucking has been underway for a long time.  Now it is time for their End Game.

Citizen Soldiers.  You are the last line of defense. 

So, I'll pile on. Patriots - Stay the Motherfucking Course:
I: Stand your ground...
II: Do not fire unless fired upon...
III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...
IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...

Here's the link at Kenny's place.



The best way to win a fight is to make the other guy decide not to fight.

Even Alexander and his daddy chose to let Sparta be...

We do not train in the martial arts and 'Combatives' and in the skills of the Infantryman and Commando to fight. 

We train so we do not have to fight every bully and tyrant we face in life...


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Study Material

Jedburgh Team Giles.

Read the Giles section.  Read their reports to SFHQ. 

Understand how simple the mechanics involved, and how small teams can impact and FUBAR OpFor - even when working with untrained Partisans.

Here's the link.

When you are done, consider reading a bit about Captain Knox, the American on Giles.

There will be a test, and the grading curve is simple Pass/Fail...

...I'm sorry, the grading scale is more accurately: Life/Not Life...

"I have never known such a bunch of troublemakers in my life." - Bernard Knox

Patriots: Be troublemakers that would make Donovan proud.


Staging near Ferguson...

Our Time?

You understand, or you do not.

If not, you will.


You are not as Grey as you may think...

So - you don't comment on Liberty sites.  You don't buy guns through stores requiring paperwork.  You don't use credit.  You minimize your paper trail.  You don't do this or that or X or Y as you have a finely-crafted strategy for staying off the radar of the Enemies of Liberty.

When you are in the woods, the sounds of the critters that live there fill the air.  And as any woodsman worth his salt knows, silence in the woods means the critters know a predator is in the area.

Apply that same bit of knowledge to your activity.  What don't you do that is likely to raise flags when experienced hunters are sifting the lives of people in your AO?  When talented people-hunters are looking for patterns, what patterns have you neglected to notice about yourself?  When you avoid X, you create Y - even if you protect yourself by behaving in completely random manners, you stand-out to the experienced hunter because most of your peers do not act randomly.

Is your lack of a pattern - a pattern?

Think about it tonight. 


Friday, November 14, 2014

That time you've worried about - is here...

Patriots, pay attention, please.

Have you noticed how much the volume has risen, how many people are chattering and nattering, how static has risen to a jumbled staccato, but so many who are running at the mouths know little Latin, and even less Greek?

The Rubicon has been crossed, folks. 

The only defensive lines remaining to the republic - to the notions of republic and Rightful Liberty - are of Citizen Soldiers.

That's it.  Every defense that good Men tried to erect at the founding of America has been toppled by the Enemies of Liberty and the practitioners of slavery, theft and sloth.

You no longer have years to prepare.  That time is gone.  The war is begun.  The oceans do not defend us, no lines on any map in America provide safety.  There is no haven from political violence.  Your neighbor is more likely to be a snitch than an ally.

Our Caesar is upon us - be he a single man or a collection of tyrants - he is here in our midst and he means to be your Master.

You'd better be operating on the premise that a deathfight may visit you or your family at any time, from any quarter.  You'd better be ready to stand as a Citizen Soldier at any moment, or to scurry to safety when such Americans stand to be counted.  You may be caught in a crossfire at any time.  Ferguson can happen anywhere in America now - because it is not an organic event, it is a construct designed to reach an end state.  Your puppy may be next.  Your daughter.  You.

It is time to stop listening to the noise.  It is time to pack-in whatever supplies you are able.  It is time to seek out whatever essential and useful training you can get in a week or a weekend, then get back home.

It is time to close mouths, open eyes and ears, and take everything as seriously as Stage Four cancer.

The Enemies of Liberty have lifted the bag limit, and they are hunting every remnant of Liberty and Freedom they can find - that means you, and everything you hold dear.


When you think you are operating at Graduate Level in Combatives - pick a fight in a dojo.

Frein Update: The Narrative Begins...

“Our nation is far from what it was and what it should be,” the letter states, according to the court papers. “There is so much wrong and on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had.”

Frein is one of those whacko/extremist/Liberty types.

I say Bullshit.  An unstable man may kill a LEO and then play hide-and-seek in the woods for sport.

A pissed-off Patriot who decides to engage won't stop at one or two...

Larry has the details, here.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Combatives: Do you bother?

I've set up a poll at right - how many of you who anticipate that you will be forced to defend your life and perhaps the lives of others in our current national discussion regarding Liberty, routinely attend formalized combatives training?  I don't care what style, from Aiki to JKD to Krav, or if you and a buddy get together and run through your MACP/SOCP/MCMAP training - whatever.

How often do you train combatives?

The poll that has been on the sidebar for awhile indicates that nearly one-half of you who intend to be "Fighters" are alone, without Tribe that can join you in the fight.  Another large percentage indicate that you can field a fire-team of 4 or more.  I'd especially like you Patriots who label yourselves as "fighters" to weigh-in and give me a clue regarding your combatives.

Feel free to comment, or not.  I'm not asking for me - I won't be in your fire team.  Your team is on you for training up to combat effectiveness...

If you think RevWarIII is going to be all handled at rifle and handgun ranges, you have not studied one significant real fight in history waged by tyrants.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Police murder teen girl at party

How many of us have been in a field, a barn, a beach, throwing a bonfire with friends, doing what teens do...and been shot down by LEO?

I was at many (many) such parties and never had more than one Deputy or Trooper show up, and he usually left when he saw nothing excessively stupid (beyond Darwinian levels, anyway) was happening.

They never pulled a weapon, not even a baton.  Firstly, they were Men and were not terrified by a group of teens and young adults having a good time.  Secondly - where I attended such parties (and lived) any such Deputy or Trooper would have gone missing within days of murdering a teen girl - and he'd have only been found if he were meant to be found.  And his co-workers would not have pressed the issue.

But perhaps that was a part of American History.

Maybe History needs to repeat itself.

That can happen, and likely will.  But there's a lot of garbage that needs to be skimmed from the gene pool.

Here's the link.


Tactical Tea Cup

Everybody laughs at the tea cup grip but forget the original cup and saucer grip was taught by Sykes, Fairbairn, and Applegate and killed more bad people than smallpox...

Here's the link.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ferguson: LEO's Plans

**UPDATE**  Twitchy: Protest signs built as riot shields...

Take the public offerings with a grain of salt.

Be prepared for the supersecret left-handed knockout punch they have planned.

Let's watch both sides.  This show will open at a town near you at some point.

Learn what you can by watching.

Here's the link.


Monday, November 10, 2014

There are no more Communists in the world...

America’s old enemy is still there, plotting the overthrow of capitalism. But this is a paradox because communism supposedly died 23 years ago. What died, of course, was something different. What actually died was the practice of admitting to communist beliefs. That is what died! The fashion today – in Russia and China, the U.S. and Europe, Latin America and Africa – is to deny that one is a communist. Thus, Nelson Mandela was not a communist, but a “democrat.” Hugo Chavez was not a communist but a “populist.” President Xi Jinping is not a communist, but a “pragmatist.” Vladimir Putin is not a communist but a “Christian.” And so the game is played, around the world, so that nobody is a communist... [Emphasis mine - K]

Full essay One, here.

Essay Two, here.

Only when you understand that your idiot neighbor who pulls the D or R lever is responsible for the Communism and Tyranny in your life, because that D/R voter agrees that the fruits of your labors should be shared with others, by the force of arms and by murdering you if you refuse, only then can America begin to recover the reality of Rightful Liberty.


Ferguson Study Group II

Click to embiggen the pic
**UPDATE**  I'll be adding reports in the comments section of this post rather than create several separate posts.  In some cases I will be posting for sources for their anonymity. - K

The map above provided by a III Patriot on the ground.  He is also providing good insights to what is happening in this quiet-before-the-storm phase.  Hint: Look for considerable show of force in the entire St Louis area, with pre-staged assets ready to either defend their own little AO if things spill out of Ferguson, or to converge if the opportunity presents itself.

Another source advises Patriots on the ground to look for those staged assets and send pics, especially any truck or trailer sporting large and/or multiple antennas.  When you find these assets, try to provide location, distance from the epicenter of activity, pics of license plates, check to see if uniformed personnel are working the rigs, or are they wearing civvies - basic information collection.

Stay safe.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

MVT: Rifleman Challenge

Do you have what it takes to earn the MVT Rifleman tab from Max?

Test yourself.  Challenge yourself.  Expand your skillset.

Here's the link.  This is a good thing.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Ferguson Study Group

All indications are that Ferguson is going to go hot.

Forget the why, who is "responsible", who is right or wrong.

Watch what happens on both sides - action/reaction, cause/effect, strategy and tactics on both sides.

Teachable moments are imminent.

If you are in the AO and able to send reports, images or video, outstanding.  But stay safe.  Nothing in Ferguson is worth dying over...


Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Danger of the 2014 Electoral Blowout

The result of the brutal dismissal of D's on Tuesday will lead to a dangerous outcome: the vast majority of Americans will believe that something has happened that will change the reality in America.  They will ramp-down.  Their sense of urgency will fade as they "...let the system work, and let the new R's put the country back on track".

Worse - anyone to the Right of the R's just voted into office will be categorically deemed to be "outside the mainstream" - extremists, if you will.

Some of us know that nothing tangible will change as a result of the elections Tuesday.

But the sense of crisis will fade from many minds.

Be certain to insulate yourself from that dangerously false outlook, and the accompanying reinforcement of Normalcy Bias that is a certainty.

This country has never changed in any real fashion by the will or consent of the masses.  Chasing those Hearts & Minds is a fool's errand.

None of those elected intend to repeal 2A infringements back to and including NFA.  None of those will have the stomach to roll back ObamaCare - they'll tweak it, not kill it.  None of those elected will stop our nation from bleeding out through entitlement programs.  None campaigned on killing Patriot Act or NDAA.  None of those elected have any intention of striving for Rightful Liberty.

But how many people have you heard in the last two days make some comment about "Now we'll get back on track!"

Amnesty?  It's going to happen, one way or another, under whatever name focus groups find best, and the D' and R's will seek to win their share of the new voter pie.  There will be no real closing of the borders.

Nothing changed except the window dressing.

Nothing any elected official will do will bring an end to stories like this one, sent in by CavMedic. 

The countdown to impact continues to tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.

Change will only happen when a small group of principled Americans make it so.

Stay the course.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Malloy gets the blessing of his state...

"Elections have consequences," the candidate [Malloy] said...

Had Malloy been voted from office, I would have bet the farm that there would be no 2A raids.

But in a state that knew the stakes, he was re-elected.  Every gunner in the state knew what was on the table.  And a quick analysis of the voter landscape in Connecticut reveals that nearly every single registered Republican went to the polls.  The problem - the R's are outnumbered nearly 2:1 by D's.

I now think armed raids to enforce recent 2A legislation are imminent, especially given his comment above.  The raids may be repelled, or sufficiently bloody that the state backs off.  But putting this man back in office sanctions his position, at least among those who would be Masters and those who want Masters.

Good luck to you, Connecticut.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Can you put a Fire Team in the field?

The two polls at right reveal some interesting insights.

If you haven't answered the polls yet, please take a second and weigh-in.

Though the sample is small, and the audience is all III Patriots, look at the percentage of you who claim you can put a 4-Man Fire Team on the X.  47% is an outstanding percentage.  I doubt very seriously if the percentage was that high just 3 years ago.

If that percentage holds across all of the III Community, and if distribution is sufficient, consider what one active Fire Team in each state would do to the system, when considering Frein or Dorner.  Consider a Fire Team in each significant Metro Area across the country.

As you know, I only advocate violence in the case of self defense.

Two relevant pieces of Intel, from sources I trust:

1) Ferguson is likely to get very, very ugly (We have boots within the AO)

2) At least one company that makes TOCs and related vehicles has been slammed with nationwide orders, to the point they are considering a third shift

None of us like to consider an America where good people need a Fire Team.

But there are Bad People in America.  Some of them want a fight.

They should be very careful for what they wish...

A final thought: If you can put a Fire Team together and in the field, they will need a Leader.  Some people will claim everyone is equal, but reality says that in such a Team there will be a natural Leader, one who the others choose to follow.  Not a dictator - just one of the Team who they trust more than others.  If you can put a Team in the field, odds are that YOU are that Leader.  Do not deflect or try to escape your natural role.  Lead those who seek a Leader.  As I have said - You are the Officer Corps of the III.


Moscow Rules & III Standing Orders

The mid-terms are over.

We are now entering a new phase of American History.

I contend the Enemies of Liberty will begin to go hard much more often, with ever-decreasing concern for the optics.

Every Patriot must now be on War Footing. 

The Moscow Rules are in full effect:
  • Assume nothing
  • Murphy is right
  • Don't look back; you are never completely alone
  • Everyone is potentially under opposition control
  • Go with the flow, blend in
  • Vary your pattern and stay within your cover
  • Any operation can be aborted. If it feels wrong, it is wrong
  • Maintain a natural pace
  • Lull them into a sense of complacency
  • Build in opportunity, but use it sparingly
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
  • Don't harass the opposition
  • There is no limit to a human being's ability to rationalize the truth
  • Pick the time and place for action
  • Keep your options open
  • Technology will always let you down
  • Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action
  • Don't attract attention, even by being too careful
Roger's Rangers Rules:
  • Don't forget nothing.
  • Have your musket clean as a whistle, hatchet scoured, sixty rounds powder and ball, and be ready to march at a minute's warning.
  • When you're on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.
  • Tell the truth about what you see and what you do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don't never lie to a Ranger or officer.
  • Don't never take a chance you don't have to.
  • When we're on the march we march single file, far enough apart so one shot can't go through two men.
  • If we strike swamps, or soft ground, we spread out abreast, so it's hard to track us.
  • When we march, we keep moving till dark, so as to give the enemy the least possible chance at us.
  • When we camp, half the party stays awake while the other half sleeps.
  • If we take prisoners, we keep 'em separate till we have had time to examine them, so they can't cook up a story between 'em.
  • Don't ever march home the same way. Take a different route so you won't be ambushed.
  • No matter whether we travel in big parties or little ones, each party has to keep a scout 20 yards ahead, 20 yards on each flank, and 20 yards in the rear so the main body can't be surprised and wiped out.
  • Every night you'll be told where to meet if surrounded by a superior force.
  • Don't sit down to eat without posting sentries.
  • Don't sleep beyond dawn. Dawn's when the French and Indians attack.
  • Don't cross a river by a regular ford.
  • If somebody's trailing you, make a circle, come back onto your own tracks, and ambush the folks that aim to ambush you.
  • Don't stand up when the enemy's coming against you. Kneel down, lie down, hide behind a tree.
  • Let the enemy come till he's almost close enough to touch, then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.
  • Don't use your musket if you can kill 'em with your hatchet.
We will each reveal who we are in the coming two years.  The Enemies of Liberty will test you - personally.
Remember the Standing Orders of the III Percent:
I: Stand your ground...
II: Do not fire unless fired upon...
III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...
IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...