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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


A principle I teach in CQB is economy of motion.  Simply - do the most damage with the least effort and risk at your disposal.

Another place to apply that principle is with the supplies you put in your Go Bags, load-outs, rucks, caches, hidey-holes, bunkers, et cetera.  Most of you know the value of natural honey.  Now look at your supplies - how many items 'could' you do without if you had a package of honey instead?  How many of your stockpiled items may become impossible to acquire if Just-in-Time sucks a bullet?

I'm not telling you to trash your anti-biotic ointments - but you'd better have back-up options.

From a quick smear on small wounds in the field, to a quick energy burst, to making a meal or drink more palatable, to the obvious benefits of honey over other sweeteners - you need to stock up.

It's the people who define a community.  People who are smart, compassionate, and self-motivated.  If you do not have enough honey on-hand (you don't), then be certain to support a fellow Patriot when you order.

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