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Friday, November 28, 2014

Your Papers, Citizen...

The image above is from Mike's place, here.  It should be a daily stop. (The below post has NOTHING to do with Mike or his site.)  He simply posted a great graphic - his site is full of great stuff - that I am able to use to make a point.

It illustrates my point about Voter ID - but first you must remember the old Soviet Pig Farmer logic.  A Pig Farmer had 2 pigs, and his neighbor had three.  So he calls the KGB and demands that they come and kill one of his neighbors pigs.

Same-same with ID requirements in this country.

The knee-jerk argument most people on the political Right (and the flawed thinking runs deep even in the Liberty Movement) is that since you need photo ID to do all those everyday acts listed on the left side of the graphic, you should therefore be required to show State-issued Photo ID to vote.

Do you see the Pig Farmer logic at play?

Take a moment and look at the long list of actions that require you identify yourself to the State, with State-issued papers, and apply this simple premise: Should I have to show my papers to: Buy alcohol, buy a firearm, drive my car, ride on an airplane...etc.

If the answer is no to those things, then you must conclude that to apply that standard to voting fails.

The word is "precedent". When you bend knee and accept the argument that you must have a state-issued permit to exercise your inalienable Right to locomotion, or self defense, or feeding yourself with a fishing pole, you set the precedent that you are willing to bend knee.  It is that simple.

The answer is not to once more bend knee and produce your state-issued papers when you want to vote.  The answer is to move everything in the left column to the right, and stop bending at the knee - period.

There are ways to exercise the franchise without surrendering to the notion that the State has the Authority to issue papers to you and that you must comply and produce those papers on demand.  I thought one of the things we are fighting against is Iron Curtain controls.  Right?

If you think we should be required to produce State-issued papers to do anything on the lists above, I strongly suggest you sit in a quiet room and think hard on the topic.  Because if you do agree, then you have not yet truly broken free of the Statist shackles upon your mind.

They don't do it for the fucking children, folks.