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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year from H

Photo by Miss Violet

Hi folks,

This was written by my wife (as she explains in the next few sentences) and it is offered as warmest wishes for you and yours this New Year.


Written by Holly:

This time of year, many of us naturally become introspective. We take stock of our lives, revisit our experiences, and take note of lessons learned.    

So, I dusted off this old piece that I wrote "literally" a million years ago!  ;-)  

It's okay if you think it's a little corny.  It is. (Also, I make no claims to being a poet.) 


As December breathes its frosty last,
Sit quietly and ask:

This past year -- what were my joys?
What were my sorrows?

What do I most regret?
And, what have I tried to forget?

What new piece of me has my experience cast?
And, am I somehow different this year than I was the last?

Am I a better human being now than the year before?
Or is this last year's goodness, good enough for another year more? 

Did I make any difference in anyone's life? 
Did I allow anyone to make a difference in mine? 

Which relationships have I deepened?
Which others are bruised and beaten?

Did any of my dreams, this year come true?
And, did I remember to feel gratitude?

Did I dream any new dreams, or am I forgetting how?
And, what does the world need most from me now? 



May you find Peace & Love no matter what this way comes.  
And, may Prosperity & Joyful Abundance be heaped upon you.  
Happy New Year!

Blogroll & Sidebar update

Thanks to those who have written and adjusted your blogs.  I've already returned you to the blogroll and/or sidebar.

In a couple of cases I have chosen to return links to my sidebar/blogroll even though they have chosen not to reciprocate.


T.L. Davis

Sorry it's so late being posted, T.L.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are you squared away?

**UPDATE**  I keep bumping this post because so many of you have been away and otherwise-focused during the holidays, and I want most of my readers to see it at least once (for the polls at right).


This is the last time I am going to add the disclaimer to any of my posts that you should do PT and you should acquire as much practical tactical experience from good trainers.  It is such a fundamental, bedrock aspect of preparing yourself for potential disasters that I personally believe it is insulting as fuck-all to my readers to keep nagging them like schoolchildren, or tying a little string to your fingers so you'll remember to do your chores.  Do PT that works for you.  Get as much training from the best trainers possible, that works for you.  Everybody reading this blog is a serious adult, and you know what you need to do without me nagging and insulting your intelligence by constantly re-stating the obvious.

With that little bit of nonsense out of the way, I have a simple few questions to pose.

With the understanding that everyone can improve their skillsets, I've set up a pair of polls at right.

The questions are simple.

If you had to go operational to defend your home & hearth in 10 minutes, do you trust your current level of:

  • Two-Man & Four-Man Combat Team Skills
  • Combatives/CQB Fighting Skills
  • Comms Skills (local and long-range)
  • Trauma Medical Skills
  • The tech/Mech Skills of Breaking Shit
  • Breaking Bad People on the down-low
  • Setting-up an effective Intel Shop
  • Getting out of Dodge after a Caper
When you answer the polls at right, you can answer as many selections as you wish.  But what I am looking for is a deep introspective look inside yourself and an honest answer - are you ready to get that job done right now, or is that particular skill you truly think you need to improve in order to get home alive.

Leave your Ego out of the equation.  To help encourage that, I'll give you my answers in public.

Two-Man & Four-Man Combat Team Skills - This is my absolute weakest skill.  I have always fought alone, never .mil style in a Buddy Team or Fire Team.  I will get the mechanics, probably at Georgia Force on Force.

Combatives/CQB Fighting Skills - Yeah, I'm good to go on this one.

Comms Skills (local and long-range) - I need work here.  I'm getting the bookwork in now, then I need to pay Sparks for as much of his knowledge as I can afford.

Trauma Medical Skills - I am as good as I am going to get.  I'll usually keep you alive until we can get you to a real medic, provided God hasn't other plans for you.

The Tech/Mech Skills of Breaking Shit - I'm good to go here.

Breaking Bad People on the down-low - Yep, good to go.

Setting-up an effective Intel Shop - Some of you know some of my past in this area, some of you have seen me work in this arena, and some of you I may tell later.  I'm no William Donovan, but few men ever could be...

Getting out of Dodge after a Caper - I've not been caught yet.  But that is because I am a fine and upstanding Citizen and would never have need of testing such skills...

One final question, not on the polls.  Feel free to answer in comments: Do you feel you are at least the fighting equal of a modern US Army Infantry Soldier or USMC Rifleman.  I'm not asking about your physical prowess to compete with him on an endurance run or obstacle course.  I'm asking - do you know as much about closing with and killing the enemy on the field of battle as today's USA/USMC Infantryman/Rifleman?


Oh, lookie here...

As expected, the title changed.  I told you it was likely, here.

Why does any of this matter?

Because RevWarIII has begun, and you need to be hyper-vigilant of who you let inside your wire,  inside your head, even to the point of who you waste time reading online.

IFF: Identify Friend or Foe.

Identify EVERYONE with whom you are dealing, even if only passively reading some asshats blog, and if they are Foe to Rightful Liberty, excise them from inside your wire.  Why?  One example: A Copsucker or Statist posts on his blog, and you visit/read.  His stats improve, which means his revenue improves - revenue he uses to further his agenda against you and your values.  You should cut out the middleman and just slit your own throat.  That's just one example.

Lions run with lions.  They do not adopt Hyenas into the Pride.

Be a fucking lion.


Feral F'n Animals gotta feral f'n animal...

Stu has a video up today of an old man being murdered for daring to pick up his cane in the presence of a LEO.

I don't need to add any commentary.

You and I know why LEO is being hunted from coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

They have become feral, dangerous animals.  And for all of you who think it is those pesky Commies doing the hunting, your IFF is seriously f'cocked.  Commies LOVE the Police State.

Anyway, watch for yourself.  The old guy is hit in the opening moments of the video, here.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Five Assassination Attempts on Police and Firefighters since NYC Executions

Maybe False Flags...

Maybe some people are just tired of tolerating the shit...

...maybe you just reap what you sow...

Here's the link.


Bob Owens/Bearing Arms: Copsucker Enterprises, LTD.

I stopped reading Bob Owens a long time ago, after visiting his blogs perhaps 3 times.  It takes about five minutes to put him in the Copsucker category, if you are reading slow and have a brain tumor.  I know, many people think he's awesome.  Good for them.  Stay out of my AO.  And for the fuck of all that is warm and fuzzy, do NOT write me and EVEN TRY to defend Bob fuckin' Owens 2A positions.  I've read too many.  He's a straight-up Statist.

The image above is from a bit of SPAM I rec'd in email - I have no flippin' idea how he got my email on his list, who merged with whom, who bought what list, et cetera, and in five minutes of searching I STILL can't find the unsubscribe widget.  Who knows - Bob may be one of those guys who Googles his name on alert, so maybe he'll do me the favor of taking me off his email list.  Thanks, Bob.

See the headline above - the one that came into my email box? 

Tough talk for a Copsucker.  "It's time to play Cowboys & Communists." 

Yet when I click through to his actual site, the headline on the same story is: "Media Nearly Silent After NC Cop Thwarts NYPD-Style Assassination Attempt."  No, really - here's the image for posterity (because we know how Copsuckers like to change history by re-writing their work.)

See - same opening text in the article, different headlines because some people like to try and manipulate you at every opportunity into clicking-through to their shit.  Now, I really don't give two damns and half a turkey turd about his marketing angles - if he's even in charge of such things.

(Remind me - did we use modern Jurisprudence when the Cowboys played the Indians a few dozen generations ago?  Does that mean Bob endorses the same tactics against anyone he considers to be a "Communist"?)  And don't write me asking if I am confused - because I DO advocate scorched-Earth against Commies.  The problem is Bob is calling YOU a Communist - you Right-wing extremist who doesn't believe in background checks and bending knees to Neil & Bob for Rights given to us by our Creator.

I do take issue with the characterization that if one targets LEO, one must be a Communist.  Some of you sharper tacks who understand 1984-speak already know what I am talking about.  For those who did not benefit of having read 1984 during your impressionable and formative years, le' me 'splain, Lucy.  Bob's ilk are Statists.  Statists gonna State.  That means if you are part of the State, or down with a member of the State, and cuddle their balls just the way they like 'em cuddled, you get to play in the State's game.  One of the ways to lock people out of the Statist Empire that has become the United States of America, the folks in the State identify people they don't like, assign them a label that EVERYONE knows is bad, m'kay, then repeats until the brain dead masses nod when "The State" takes out one of those 'Bad' elements.  Got it?

III Patriots: Bad People are trying to game us from every angle, and I promise you (from direct and personal knowledge) there are many, many Statists inside our wire, calling themselves "Patriots", and making excuses for every Statist interest that matters to them.

Please sharpen your IFF skillset, folks.

This ain't no fuckin' game.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blog Adjustment: Today

I have two extensive blogrolls lower-right column of the blog.

I will be visiting every blog listed tonight.

If there is no recip on your blog to this site, your link is coming down.



You will decide

You will decide how much indignity you will tolerate.

You will determine how much Liberty you will demand.

You will choose your limits in most matters, and your course of action.

Leadership is not a title, it is a pattern of behavior.

Teach others by example.

Death claims us all, one day.

There are many, many things worse than Death.


There is always Door Number Two

I have a wide spectrum of music I enjoy, but there is often a common theme - it must reach that martial part of the Soul, on some level.  (There may be some evidence that I like the occasional sappy stuff that wriggles into the hard candy shell - but we'll never speak of such malfunctions).

This gets to that martial spectrum, on a particular level.

The video tells a story many familiar with the Bible will immediately put together.  It also tells of the truth of Tyrants - winning one battle does not mean the fight is over.  By their very nature, tyrants don't play fair...

Fuck Tyrants, and all who would be Masters.



Here's the piece.

If you are not seething - you are either not paying attention, or you no longer have the Right to call yourself an American.

Rightful Liberty, first.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas II

Grinchy my furry green arse...


Merry Christmas

Valley Forge 1777 - no shoes...
Because too many of us have failed to learn our History, we are doomed to repeat it.

There may be no Valley Forge encampment this season.  And when History does end this repeating cycle, Liberty may not be the victor.

Cherish what you have now.  Most of what you have now will be gone before you die.

Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

OSS: Training the Glorious Amateurs

There will be a test.

It will be Life/Not Life.

Kerodin: "I really don't care if it takes you longer to get to the X than some gym rat.  I don't care if you are a woman who has never tried an obstacle course or learned a hip throw.  I care if you have what it takes to get the fucking job done when you DO get to the X - whatever that job may be."

Major announcement coming soon (After New Years).


Get. Your. "Money". Out. Of. Banks.

On November 16, leaders of the G20 Group of Nations – the 20 largest economies – made an important decision. The world’s megabanks now have official permission to pledge depositor accounts as collateral to make leveraged derivative bets. And if they lose a bet, the counterparty to the contract has first dibs on your money.



Sheriff Buford T. Justice: Shoot that sumbitch in the face...

OK - it wasn't really Sheriff Justice who said what is in the title.  He did at one point promise to go home and "...punch your momma right in the mouth...", because Junior obviously wasn't his kid, but that's another feel-good story for another time.

Someone recently made the rhetorical observation:

Walk right up and shoot your target in the face.

Then leave.

Some of this stuff is just not that complex.

This was well before recent events involving NYPD, and made no reference and had no bearing to that future event - except to prove the point.  And don't give me any yadda-yadda about the shooter getting got - he intended to die that day, not E&E and live.

But I will repeat, and fuck anyone who needlessly insists on making X more complicated than it needs to be...

Walk right up and shoot your target in the face.

Then leave.

Some of this stuff is just not that complex.

End of fucking lesson.  And if you can't do proper Intel and related work to determine when and how to walk up to you target - you know, some East German Stasi-type fucker - and shoot that motherfucker in the face, then walk away clean - you are behaving as a blunt instrument.  There is a time and a place for a one-way mission.  But in reality, they are few and rarely necessary - even if you are working solo.  Training?  Well, just how the fuck do you think you get good enough to walk away clean?

I'm adding a few more polls on the right to drill-down a bit.


Merry f'n Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2014

Literally - not so much...


Definition of LITERALLY
1:  in a literal sense or manner :  actually
2:  in effect :  virtually literally [Emphasis mine - K]
I love the English language.  It is versatile and you are able to nuance the hell out of statements, questions, and insults.  I'm not a master of the language by any measure - and I SUCK at punctuation.  So, I am an English enthusiast.  So from inside my little glass hut, I'm gonna throw a brick. (I'm not throwing the brick until graf 6 - the rest is simply chatting among friends - I'm not scolding ANY of my readers.)

At least once a year I like to post a little reminder specifically for our female readers, especially our younger females who had no chance at even a remotely acceptable education because of their age.  I remind our female readers that I never bother with the he/she nonsense when using pronouns.  When writing in English the male includes the female.  No, your gender is not female simply because you have a vagina - that's your sex.  In fact, that you do or do not have a vagina is absolutely, LITERALLY immaterial to your gender (For you English Geeks ;) - gimme this one. I know it is a bit sloppy in precision, but to be precise would require way more writing than I am up for at the moment. ;).  Sex and gender are NOT the same.  I don't care how many people call a Zebra a Lion, a Zebra is not a Lion.  I don't care how many tons of stupid you can fit in a 5 gallon bucket - adding more stupid doesn't get you any closer to being correct.

So, ladies, if you've ever felt I have been discriminatory when writing because my pronouns are male, now you know I am simply writing properly, not rudely.  (Caveat: It is entirely possible I am writing properly as well as rudely.  ;)

For those helpful folks who write me when I write about having 'taken' a decision versus 'making' a decision, it is, again, because I am writing the language as is proper.  One can't "make" a decision.  One can't "create" a decision.  What one can do is choose from the available options/solutions, thus "take" a decision.  So that's that.

Why am I bothering with this at all?

Because I just became aware that the brainiacs at Webster's dictionary (now THAT's an oxymoron) have, in their brilliance of safeguarding the use of our language, decided to add a second meaning to the word 'literally'.  Why?  Well, they claim it is because so many people use the word incorrectly in daily usage, they may as well simply change it to mean what all the WRONG people say it means.  And when I say people use it incorrectly, I mean 180 degrees from the ACTUAL meaning of the word.  Need I remind you of the Zebra and the Lion?  The folks at Websters added more stupid to the bucket, and see - no closer to 'correct;.

The word 'Literally' has, so far as I know, always meant 'Actually'.  It's an absolute.  There is no room to nuance the word literally.  It's one of those words you can't play with.  When you use it, it means X - every f'n time, it means X.  When you use it improperly, you should be receiving - at a minimum - sad glances from people who actually understand the language. 

When you say you are going to 'storm the gates at the castle' you may or may not plan to actually assault any castle.

When you say you are going to '...literally storm the gates at the castle' - you'd better have a flippin' war axe in your hand.

Literally means LITERALLY you fucktards at Webster's!  And when I say the folks at Websters are LITERALLY FUCKTARDS, I am not being hyperbolic.  I am not using their new, added 'acceptable meaning'.  I think when you look up the word Fucktard you should see the company photos of the people working at Webster's. 

Oh, and one last thing - an ellipsis is not a pause for dramatic effect.  At least until the new Webster's comes out...


Thursday, December 18, 2014

A bit more about that guy in that country that moves troops by trains and is nothing to worry about...

Putin also suggested that the West was demanding too many concessions from Russia, including further nuclear disarmament. Likening Russia to a bear — a longtime symbol of the country — he chided the West for insisting the Russian bear “just eat honey instead of hunting animals.

"They are trying to chain the bear. And when they manage to chain the bear, they will take out his fangs and claws,” Putin said. “This is how nuclear deterrence is working at the moment.”  Emphasis mine - K

Folks, I'll never go into much detail but here is a little history: When one is a very serious student of the Martial Arts - on the path of the Warrior, not just a guy who goes to the dojo a few times a week - one can meet very interesting people of very interesting professions, and sometimes these people offer you work.  You can add a +1 to that if you were born and raised in Washington DC and have a few family members with interesting careers even for Washington DC.

I was a young adult in the last few years of the Cold War and after.  I swam in some shallow waters that were very interesting, and when I was accepted to study in Los Angeles, the waters got a bit deeper.  When I met Holly, the waters were deep, and I swam once again for a few moments.

All that is to tell you this, from a slightly better than average pedestrian vantage: Vlad Putin is a proud Russian to the marrow of his bones.  He swam in deep Intel waters before the wall fell.  He believes that America has humiliated his countrymen the same way our President believes America has humiliated every non-White man and woman in the history of the republic.

Vlad does not suffer from narcissism.  He is intelligent, patient, and has no trace of cowardice in his blood.  He is smart to the point that he can think around corners.  Vlad understands that his Russian ideology can win in the long game, he doesn't need to rush into war with America and defeat us militarily for his ideology to win.  America is imploding - he need only be patient, then hammer-fist China when the time is right, and the world will learn to speak Russian.  But know this: He's got real balls, real bravery, real courage, real love of his Country, real Pride in Russia, and he truly believes Russia is destined to ascend to be the sole superpower on Earth.

What our President and administration is doing to Russia is, literally, playing with nuclear war.

Our administration barely has the IQ needed to breathe and spit, and are playing with a thermite grenade in a playpen filled with babies - they don't even have the mental capacity to understand what they are doing.

And this train is moving fast.

Here's the story.



SWAG Update

SWAG update at the Society blog, here.  There are 33 packages stuffed in that box, hitting the evening mail tonight.  More packaging over the weekend to go out Monday.

And thanks to everyone who has signed up in the last 2 weeks!  It has been a nice membership rush!

Oh - for you folks who signed up under a company name: If you've already sent me the personal name you want on your Membership Card, you're all set.  If you haven't sent me the [personal name you want on your card - email me: K@Kerodin.com

In absolutely unrelated news - unrelated to EVERYTHING...

China testing new MIRV technology.

You know what's gonna suck the most when we get lit up?

Being dead and not being able to say "neener-neener, told ya so..." to the legions of people suckling the teets of the Normalcy Bias pig.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sony, Nuclear War & please take a sec and answer the polls...

Sony is only really important because it will be used by politicians as the demonstrable need to place our internet under "National Security."

Story 2: The President of the United States is crashing the economy of the Russians.  I do not care what side you are on - that is an act of fucking war.  He's targeting a certifiable hardass with nuclear fucking weapons who has a pathological obsession not to "lose" to the Americans.  Our very own President knows to "Transform Us" we need to be knocked on our ass - hard. 

But what do I know - I'm just a blogger. 

Now please take a look at the post below and weigh-in - while the internet still works.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Optics Dropped: Give us the Legislation we want, or we'll cancel your Super Bowl

Even 10 years ago such would be unthinkable on the Hill.

But that was 10 years ago.

You will bend knee, or they will take away your toys, one by one, until they start pulling your fingernails to get you to vote yea when they want you to vote yea.

Welcome to the best Police State money can buy on Earth.  And they are just getting warmed-up.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Citadel Redoubt

The Citadel Redoubt.

Obviously it is a modified version of the American Redoubt advocated elsewhere.

**Sorry folks**  I was on the phone with a particularly nasty fellow yesterday who interrupted me mid-post, and I absent-mindedly hit "Publish" before this was ripe.

I'll follow-on when the mood hits me.


If you can't handle the brutal truth, read no further...

What is it that pushes the nation leftward even when conservatives win at the ballot box? The permanent powers and the deep state.

While there are conservative enclaves within the major media, they are few. Our mammoth bureaucracy — 22 million municipal, county, state and federal employees — has a vital interest in the preservation and growth of government.

Add up the beneficiaries of all social programs, and the number now approaches 100 million. They don’t tend to stay committed to folks who will take away what they have come to depend upon.
Higher education is dominated by tenured leftists and radicals. The Ivy League is “No Conservative Need Apply” country.

Our popular culture, from movies to music to TV, is dominated by the left. Conservatives in Hollywood meet in catacombs.

Of particular note is PJB's final line: The kid may be right...


Saturday, December 13, 2014

III Percent Grid Down Comms

We've seen interruptions in recent days and weeks that are pretty persuasive that the net and cells will be turned off when SHTF - by one player or another.

When that happens the only way to reach me, short of coming to my nest, will be by radio, using CW/Morse, and in many cases utilizing OTPs (One Time Pads).  This is likely the same option you will have, wherever your AO may be.

Aware that radio Comms are not secure, and simply keying the mic will put you on the radar, all you can do is lengthen the time it takes OpFor to break your codes.  Your Comms security needs to remain unbreakable at least until the operational value of the communique is nil.

If you need Comms training, you know who I recommend.  Sparks31.

Order his book, get your tickets, learn Morse, read his blog, and enroll in his classes.

It's all here.


Friday, December 12, 2014


Comms are an essential part of your Team.  Yes, you need a serious and talented man on your Team, but you also need him to train your Team as much as possible.  As events over the last few days have proven, a digital guru is useful only if the net remains available - and even then you'd be a fool to use it, without extreme need and awareness of what vulnerabilities and risks you are taking,

There will be a test.  It will be live and under fire.  And it won't be my smiling face grading it for you.  In addition to the below, you must learn and become efficient and proficient in CW/Morse.  You need several Comms suites - base stations, backpack station, and something for you covert Teams.  This is one topic that you don't know what you don't know.

If your primary Comms suite isn't in the price range of your primary battle rifle, you are wrong.  It's not all about your primary radio - which is obviously important.  But it is also about your radios for different bands and distances.  It is about scanners.  Read Sparks - it's about a LOT of things.

A note to my allies: There will come a time when getting a message to me will require CW, cut-outs, and OTPs, signs and countersigns.  Brevity codes, unique identifiers, and digress codes.  Plan accordingly.

Some words with specialized meanings are used in radio communication throughout the English-speaking world, and in international radio communication, where English is the lingua franca. Note that the following list commingles incompatible terms used in different communication modes, each of which has its own terminology. (e.g. No air-to-ground controller would ever use the term "10-4", a CB radio term.)
  • 10-4 — Message received; I understand; ok; all right
  • Affirmative / Affirm — Yes.
  • Break — Signals a pause during a long transmission to open the channel for other transmissions, especially for allowing any potential emergency traffic to get through. (Not used in British Army)
  • Break-Break — Signals to all listeners on the frequency, the message to follow is priority. Almost always reserved for emergency traffic or in NATO forces, an urgent 9 line or Frag-O. In Aviation it simply signifies the end of a transmission to one call-sign and the commencement of transmission to another. e.g. "G-WXYZ Standby. Break-Break. G-ABCD Cleared to Land Runway 17" etc.
  • Callsign-Actual/Callsign-Niner — Sometimes an individual (generally a superior) may have a person monitor the network for them. Saying "actual" after their callsign asserts you wish to speak to the specific person the callsign is attached to. ex: calling the callsign "Headquarters" would often get junior clerk or similar. Calling (or identifying yourself as) "Headquarters-Actual" would indicated that the commander of the headquarters detachment, and thus the entire unit to which it is attached, is requested to be spoken to, or is actually speaking. (In Canadian use, this is Callsign-Niner, with "9" designating a unit commander. An individual monitoring the net but is not the actual commander may used the call-sign "Niner-Zulu". As well, the codeword "Sunray" is also used to designate a unit commander.)
  • Come in — You may begin speaking now
  • Copy (U.S.) — I heard what you just said; ok; all right.
  • Go ahead or Send your traffic — Send your transmission.
  • Mayday — Maritime/aviation distress call. Repeated three times and at beginning of every following transmission relating to the current distress situation. Has priority over urgency and safety calls.
  • Negative — No
  • Out — I have finished talking to you and do not expect a reply.
  • Over — I have finished talking and I am listening for your reply. Short for "Over to you."
  • Pan-pan — Maritime/aviation urgency call. Repeated three times. Has priority over safety calls.
  • Reading you Five / Loud and clear / Your signal is clear; 5×5.
  • Ready to Copy — Write down (i.e. "Prepare to copy" - I am going to give you detailed instructions, have something ready to write them down with; or 'I am ready to write down' when used in a reply transmission).
  • Roger — "I have received all of the last transmission" in both military and civilian aviation radio communications. This usage comes from the initial R of received: R was called Roger in the radio alphabets or spelling alphabets in use by the military at the time of the invention of the radio, such as the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet and RAF phonetic alphabet. It is also often shortened in writing to "rgr". The word Romeo is used for "R", rather than "Roger" in the modern international NATO phonetic alphabet.
Contrary to popular belief, Roger does not mean or imply both "received" and "I will comply." That distinction goes to the contraction wilco (from, "will comply"), which is used exclusively if the speaker intends to say "received and will comply." Thus, the phrase "Roger Wilco" is both procedurally incorrect and redundant.
  • Roger So Far — Confirm you have received and understood the contents of my transmission so far. This is used during Long Message Procedure (Messages lasting over 20 seconds prefixed by the Pro-Word 'Long Message' and the initiating C/S must give a gap of five seconds after the receiving station has replied with 'Roger'. This five seconds is to allow other Stations onto the net if they have important messages.
  • Say again repeat; Please repeat your last message (Repeat is only used in Australian/Canadian/UK/US military radio terminology to request additional artillery fire)
  • Sécurité — Maritime safety call. Repeated three times. Has priority over routine calls.
  • Standby or Wait out — Pause for the next transmission. This does not usually entail staying off the air until the operator returns as they have used the word 'Out' which indicates the transmission has ended. The net is now free for other traffic to flow but users should be aware that the previous C/S may re-initiate a Call as per their 'Wait out'. As with 'Wait', this can be appended with a number to indicate estimated number of minutes. For example: "We are on the phone with them trying to sort this out, standby five."
  • Wait — I do not have the answer or information to hand, I will attempt to source the answer or information requested shortly but until then I have finished talking and do not expect a reply. Can be suffixed with a number to indicate estimated number of minutes until a reply can be expected. ex: WAIT TWO indicates "you should expect my reply in approximately two minutes".
  • Wilco — Will comply (after receiving new directions, implies Roger).
Train your mind, your body, your conviction & determination, and most of all - begin to internalize the "I got this shit" attitude.

Most heroes earn recognition for one simple reason: They stood up.

Be that guy.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Commandos: RevWarI

That evening, a group of 30 to 130 men, some dressed in the Mohawk warrior disguises, boarded the three vessels and, over the course of three hours, dumped all 342 chests of tea into the water. The precise location of the Griffin's Wharf site of the Tea Party has been subject to prolonged uncertainty; a comprehensive study places it near the foot of Hutchinson Street (today's Pearl Street).

At the break of dawn on June 10, they boarded the ship. The crew put up a feeble resistance, Lieutenant Dudingston was shot and wounded, and the vessel burned to the waterline. The man who fired the shot was Joseph Bucklin:
JOSEPH BUCKLIN, was well known in Providence and kept a prominent restaurant, or place of resort, in South Main Street, where gentlemen resorted for their suppers. Here, too, they assembled, to discuss politics, and where, possibly, the expedition which destroyed the Gaspee, was discussed, as well as at Mr. Sabin's house, which was near it.

 The Sons of Liberty paying the local tax man - in tar & feathers.

Thomas Hutchinson: Burned in effigy and had his home ransacked.  Wiki calls this "Mob Violence", but that "Mob" was inspired by a few Sons of Liberty.

What do these acts, and many like them in the years leading to and into the Hot part of RevWarI have in common?

Small groups of men who dared to go into harms way and stir the passions of their Countrymen, leading to action.  They interrupted the commerce and morale of the enemy.  They made the enemy afraid.

None of these guys would probably ever make it through BUDs or Special Forces Q Course.  They were merchants, farmers, dock hands, restaurateurs, printers. 

It is not their training that made them Commandos.  It was the balls they had and the willingness to take point.  The tasks defined them - not some obstacle course.  In WWII many of these guys would have earned the title "Commando".  As I read the history of what they dared to do - I call them Commandos.

If you are a sincere, genuine, red-blooded America III Patriot - you have everything you need to earn the title "Commando".  You simply have to do the work.  That's what Leaders do.

And remember the original meaning of the word 'commando' = 'militia'.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Comms: Suburban Field Test

Just ran an informal test on the DTRs.

We had 5x5 at .68 miles.  I lost that signal completely when I turned into a single-story shopping center.  When I got about 150 away from the center, we returned to 5x5.  In our way were trees, gentle terrain dips and hills, and several buildings.

We kept 5x5 as I drove up a road parallel to H's position, .65 miles away.  I lost her when I passed another shopping center about 100 feet away, between our two radios.  As soon as I cleared that single-story shopping center and got back onto a main road (with the same sort of terrain & trees/buildings as described above) we returned to 5x5 until I returned to H's spot.

Our first impression: Quality radios.  They will be utilized in the future, especially on the TOC.


III Society Tactical Cap: Tan

III Society Members: We have about 2 dozen tan Embroidered tactical caps, identical to the OD caps we send out with the SWAG packages.

A few have mentioned they'd prefer the tan cap.  If you haven't rec'd your SWAG package yet and would prefer a tan cap, send me an email.  The first 24 requests will get tan instead of OD.

NOTE: The tabs for the back are all OD, and the membership patches are all OD.  So if you can live with the color scheme, I'll have tan shipped to the first 2 dozen people who email me: K@Kerodin.com.

Also posting this at the Society site.


Get what you need while you can...

Motorola DTR-550s. 


III Society & PayPal

**UPDATE**_  Thanks to those of you who signed up - the system seems to be OK for most of us.


Is anyone out there having a hard time enrolling in the Society via the links?

One Patriot has written, and he's tried 3 different cards, with no joy.

I just signed up via my personal paypal with no hitches.  But if this a widespread problem, please give me a heads-up.



My email to you bounced back - it's probably something on my end since it has happened to several people I communicate with regularly.

Here's what I wrote about your blade:

It is an excellent blade, I sold many of them through III Gear.  When I begin selling blades again through IIIGear this will be one of the offerings.

And for $60, you can't go wrong.  It's a tough and gritty fighter.


H.R. 758 calls the President of Russia an "authoritarian" ruler of a corrupt regime that came to power through election fraud and rules by way of repression. 

Is this fair, just or wise? After all, Putin has twice the approval rating in Russia as President Obama does here, not to mention the approval rating our Congress. 

Damning Russian "aggression," the House demands that Russia get out of Crimea, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Transnistria, calls on Obama to end all military cooperation with Russia, impose "visa bans, targeted asset freezes, sectoral sanctions," and send "lethal ... defense articles" to Ukraine. 

This is the sort of ultimatum that led to Pearl Harbor. 

Why would a moral nation arm Ukraine to fight a longer and larger war with Russia that Kiev could not win, but that could end up costing the lives of ten of thousands more Ukrainians?
Those who produced this provocative resolution do not belong in charge of U.S. foreign policy, nor of America's nuclear arsenal.

Here's the article.

As I have said - Man is destined to destroy itself.

We permit the most stupid mouthbreathers among us to control the levers of society. 

We deserve what this way comes...


Monday, December 8, 2014

SWAG Update: III Society

**UPDATED**  With picture supplied by one of our III Society Members.

Here's the post.


ConCon & Choking a Man to Death

CA & Wirecutter have two good discussions going about renewed calls for a ConCon or Article V.  Read the comments, see where your fellow Patriots come down on the issue.

The picture above is on many blogs, and it reveals an ugly truth.  The man in New York who was choked to death by NYPD was murdered.  Not killed.  Murdered.  I have told every CQB class I have taught that if you find yourself in that choke, in a ring, with a ref, you have between 3 and 5 seconds before you go out.  If you are on the street, where there is no ref, and where your attacker has buddies piling on you - the odds of you surviving are near zero.  Whether you live or die is almost entirely at the discretion of your attackers.  If he hasn't broken your neck and he relieves the choke within 5-10 seconds, you'll probably make a full recovery.

This story and the ConCon topic are related.  Those who mean to be our Masters have put Armies (literally) in the field who will murder.  The guy in New York wasn't hurting anyone.  He was selling individual cigarettes to people on the sidewalk.  The NYPDs official response: "It's against the law to do that here."  So however inane "the law" may be, there are legions of men and women in uniform who will murder you for breaking it, and they will get away with it.

Here's a comment I left over at Kenny's: Sorry – the original Constitution came from a Convention to Amend the AoC. They amended it – then they amended the name to the USC. Then the States ratified. They did nothing out-of-bounds or “illegal” under the charter given to them. All legit, all legal, and it did, in fact, reflect the will of the people.

So any school-boy naiveté that “It’s just an Article V – it can’t change anything” is misplaced. And look at the State Legislatures today – wholly owned by special interests, willing to cast their vote then quit politics, their reward a life-long 7-figure salary on K Street or in whatever State Capital they prefer as part of the new Polit-buro.

You think they can’t get 38 State Legislatures to eviscerate the Bill of Rights – including making firearms illegal for everyone but .gov employees? You think they are worried about the fallout – such as an uprising by gun owners? They’ve already done their calculus and decided they can put down any “Criminal” who doesn’t accept “The will of the people” – and they have a 50-50 shot of winning.
What too many people fail to understand is that the people in America are going through exactly what happened in pre-Nazi Germany and pre-Soviet Russia – men and women with very bad intentions mean to “transform” America, and they are doing it, and they have been doing it. All that remains is the final ink on paper, the final vote making guys and gals like us “Official Enemies of the State” and then murdering 20 or 40 million – the same way every other Dictator has taken power in the memory of Man.

It’s hard for most Americans to believe for two reasons. 1) We are on the inside, and a tornado looks different on the inside than from the outside. 2) Normalcy Bias – “It can’t happen here.”

My fellow Patriots, far too many of us need to unfuck ourselves.  CA mentioned the other day that not one combat veteran he knows thinks it is wise to begin counterforce or countervalue work right now. (paraphrased).  I concur 100% regarding counterforce.  Countervalue, however, requires a few qualifiers.  But this isn't the post for that.  Hint: Read the post below about the word "Commando".

I'm not talking about training up to SEAL or SAS or SF standards.  I'm talking about WWII training and mission scope.  You can take it all the way back to Rogers Rangers if you wish. 

A Commando is not defined by how highly trained you are and being in super-Human physical condition.

A Commando is defined by the tasks he chooses to undertake

The smart Patriot understands that a combination of countervalue, common sense, better-that-average marksmanship and ability to sneak up on someone, and finally - employing all tasks while mindful of Covert or Clandestine - can make it so you can do a piece of work, then go home (or to a Safe House to lay low for a few days to ensure your cover remains intact).

That's a Militia Commando.  You will work alone or in small, highly trusted groups, daring to put your life on the line, to achieve a specific goal.

That's a III Commando.

Be that guy.

Your Uniform is your Uniform.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Council for my Fellow Patriots

British Commando Team in Norway - Operation Archery.

It is time for Patriots to address one of the most basic facets of their role in RevWarIII.  Let's focus for now on those Patriots who intend to go into Harm's Way in an active manner to challenge the Reds who are prosecuting their revolution against the Constitution.

We need to identify ourselves so that we can form an accurate self-image.  That will lead us to define what we are to do, and how we are to do it.

First and foremost: III Patriots are Counter-Revolutionaries.  We do not seek to over throw the American Government.  We do not seek to throw out the Constitution.  That would be sedition.  What we seek to do is remove those people who abuse the Constitution from the levers of control in our society.  You may want to do away with the Constitution, but you want to do it properly, in such a manner that you can't be labeled a seditionist.  The Bad People are the Revolutionaries. You and I are noble, we are the Counter-Revolutionaries.  We are the defenders of the Constitution.

As Patriots we must consider the battlespace.  A few simple observations: We are outnumbered, out-resourced, and out-gunned.  Even the largest organized groups among us, the Militias, as a rule, can't put a Battalion-sized force on the Green, acting under a unified Command. Most of the Patriots who have fighters in their Tribes have6 or fewer fighters who can go operational.  As most of you know, the average Special Forces A Team has 12 fighters, and in some circumstances can split into Teams of six.

It should be obvious to everyone that Militias, Tribes and Teams that the methodology most suited to FreeFor realities is to follow the Special Forces model whenever possible.  Each member of the Team has a specialty, and each member is cross-trained.  If you are the Commander of a Militia unit with a dozen or more fighters, consider organizing multiple A Teams.

The vast majority of Tribes and Teams out there have 2-5 fighters.  When you go to school at J.C. or Trainers place, you'll work in 2-man Buddy Teams, and 4-Man Fire Teams.  These are the bedrock skills of infantry fighting.  I would suggest you develop and master these skills, fighting in Buddy Teams and Fire Teams, then adding advanced skills of the Special Forces soldier.

My recommendation: You learn the skills of the Commando.  Whether you fight in two-man or four-man Teams, you will be in no position to conduct force-on-force battles.  By sheer numbers and realities, you must be the Guerilla.  But I despise the word "Guerrilla" - it connotes the enemy that seeks to undermine .gov - and that is not our goal.  Our goal is to restore Constitutional Government. Never let the enemy define you.

You will be forced to fight as the Commando, and Commando is the label you should assume for yourself.  Commandos are noble.  They are the good guys.  They fight unconventionally for what is right and good.  The Commando is someone special.  The Commando can instill confidence of those in the populace and auxiliary.

Be a Commando.  Militias - Divide your people into Commando Teams who can work together alone, I small groups, and on a larger scale when necessary.

Not necessarily a modern SEAL or A-Team with their precision and Hollywood mysticism, and instead consider the WWI & WWII Commandos who were just a bit different think there GI comrades - guys with '...little something extra...' - a can-do attitude that often saved the day when orders were incomplete.

Personally I prefer the three-man Commando Team.  I have made no secret of my affinity for the Jedburgh Commandos of WWII.  But for most of you, I would suggest the 2-man and 4-man Teams advocated by the Trainers of our Community.

In 2015 I intend to open a school for those of you who seek to take your training to another level.  I will teach the Jedburgh Method.  I will teach CQB and Combatives that you simply can't get elsewhere.  I will teach highly specialized Train the Trainer courses.  But before you show up for my Jedburgh Courses, you will need the basics offered by J.C. and others.

The Jedburgh courses will not be simple 1 or 2 day courses.  If you come to Idaho, you will have room and board and meals covered - but you will have a minimum of 9 days on the mountain - a week and 2 weekends.  There will be longer courses, and there will be an exclusive "Train the Trainer" course that will allow graduates to leave the mountain and sign up classes to teach.  You will have a "Scroll to Teach" which will allow you to book classes and teach what you know, with official endorsement.

In some cases, we will be willing to travel to your Team to train.  We can talk about those details when the time is right.

The key is this: III Patriots who intend to fight must be versed in 2-man and 4-man skills.  You must know SUT.  But you must develop the heart of the Commando.  You are special.  You intend to go into Harm's Way, alone if necessary.

You are a Commando.

Consider: Michael Brown

I've been waiting for someone to exercise a particular bit of critical thinking to the Michael Brown event, particularly from his first contact with Wilson until his death.

This little exercise is not me taking sides.  It is simply me doing what I do - look at something and challenge the conventional wisdom, especially the premise.  I'm not saying my perspective is what really happened between Brown and Wilson.  But I will say: Not one person reading this post will be able to deny my hypothesis based on known and verifiable facts.

Given the facts that are in the record, and given the interactions between Brown & Wilson that can only be known to Brown & Wilson, Consider:

LEO Dispatch broadcast that a robbery suspect was wanted for a box of cigarellos, and they gave a description.

LEO Wilson was responding to an unrelated call, when he passed Brown walking in the middle of the street.  Wilson remembered some clothing aspects given by Dispatch, and felt he had a match for the robbery suspect.  Wilson claimed he saw Brown carrying the cigarellos.  Wilson ordered Brown to the sidewalk.  Words were exchanged, and we assume Brown essentially told Wilson to go piss up a rope.

Wilson then put his vehicle in reverse and blocked Brown's path, as well as traffic.

More words were exchanged.  We can assume (but we do not know) that Brown continued to tell Wilson to piss up a rope, and Wilson probably responded with words and tone that were at least as belligerent.  Afterall, that is what they teach in LEO school.  They are taught to take control of the situation by demonstrating they are the bigger dog by responding to verbal shit-talking in at least a matching tone and volume, and to degrade the suspect in some manner to prove the LEO has the bigger dick.

But what, exactly, was said can never be confirmed as fact.  Brown is dead and Wilson may have told the truth, or not.

Whatever those words may have been, it prompted an unarmed man to start throwing punches at a cop, through a window.  Given my personal experiences with LEO, and given the thousands of stories from places like CopWatch, I'm willing to bet Wilson did not compliment Brown.  He said or did something that was sufficiently provocative that Brown started swinging.  "You're too much of a pussy to shoot me" is a bit of dialogue from Brown - which indicates Wilson said or did something indicating he had raised the potential of being shot during their interaction.

Wilson responded by drawing his pistol and firing twice, one of which grazing Brown's thumb.

At this time, Brown turned and beat feet.  Not an imprudent move when unarmed and facing a man who is shooting at you - a man you know will get away with it because he is PoPo.

We know that Wilson got out of his vehicle and chased Brown, threatening to shoot him.  Consider what your state of mind would be if you'd just had a LEO shoot at you twice, and is now chasing you with his weapon drawn, promising to shoot you again.

Now consider this: Brown is a big boy - NFL Linebacker big - but not NFL fit.  He can't run fast, and according to forensics he ran 153 feet (about 50 yards) then stopped and turned to face Wilson who was, presumably closing the distance because he is in better shape.

Now consider the world through Brown's eyes.  He's grown up in Ferguson.  His entire life has probably been antagonistic with LEO.  Right now he is winded and Wilson is gaining on him, while threatening to shoot.  Brown knows Wilson isn't bluffing, because he's already fired twice.  Did Brown stop running because he knew it was only a matter of time before LEO was on him?  Did he weigh all of his options and conclude that he'd never get fair treatment from Wilson - who had already shot at him and was promising more of the same?  Did he decide his only chance of living was to turn and take his chances by rushing Wilson, and if he got lucky, to beat him down until Wilson was no longer a threat?

From Brown's perspective I think it is safe to say he considered himself to be in a no-win situation.  A bad decision (stealing and being thuggish) had escalated out of control and now he had LEO chasing him down to kill him.  Did he then decide to rush Wilson, ending as we all know it ended?

Now add these two facts: First, we all know that the Prosecutors did not advocate for a Bill to take Wilson to trial.  We know how rare that action is, and if you ever expect a prosecutor to do the same for you, it could, in theory, happen.  But you'll probably get Skittles from the butt of a Unicorn first.

Second fact: The cigarellos that Wilson claims to have seen in Brown's possession, part of the predicate for the stop, were never recovered at the scene.

Consider that scenario.  It is at least as plausible as the scenario accepted by the Grand Jury.

No doubt, Brown was behaving thuggishly.  No doubt, the typical animosity between LEO and the Black community existed.

I'm not positing this theory for copsuckers, or trying to convince the "Your skin color is your uniform" asshats who claim they are Patriots, yet have no understanding of what Rightful Liberty means.  I did not write this for that special subset of "Patriots" who denounce everything LEO does, except when LEO does it to a person of color.  I did not write it for those idiots who may one day find a black man with an AR coming down the road, and shoot at 100 yards, yet let the same man approach his position if he is white with an AR.

I write this for genuine Patriots who mean to be the best Human Beings they can be as History is about to write one hellishly brutal chapter about us.  I wrote it so good men and women who may not have applied serious critical thinking to the situation might do so, and remember to do so in the future.

Think for yourself.  Be as objective as you can be.  Never accept, without question, what is told to you by anyone - especially if that person has a perspective that skews the conclusion.  You must think for yourself and you must learn to trust your own brain.  A Counter-Revolution has no place for non-thinkers.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Have We Reached "Peak Jackboot"?

Excellent piece from Will Grigg, here.

For those who rail against the abuses of LEO, an excellent column.  And for those of you who turn CopSucker the moment you realize it is a dead black man, shame on you.  You really don't get the notion of "Liberty" at all.

Here's the piece.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review: SOCP Dagger by Greg Thompson

A few months ago I ordered Greg Thompson's official SOCP Dagger, manufactured by Benchmade. 
I promised to review it for you, so here is that review.  Full disclosure: I have no financial interest in the SOCP Dagger or any affiliation with Mr. Thompson - but I can recommend his SOCP fighting system to you.  There is no better Combatives system for use when you are in full kit.  (You'll need to become proficient in MACP before moving into SOCP Combatives training.)  That said, I may begin to offer the SOCP Dagger via IIIGear at some point.
In my opinion, this is a niche blade.  It should be relegated to a very specific use paradigm.  Within that paradigm, this blade is simply brilliant.
The paradigm: This blade is not a field knife, nor is it suited to be your primary fighting blade.  Where this knife shines is in what I call an "Oh Shit!" moment in a deathfight.  Consider a contact-range fight, whether in a building or the field where the enemy is suddenly upon you, and you were unable to bring your rifle or pistol immediately into the fight.  This is precisely where my Fight to your Weapon course comes into play.  When you suddenly find yourself with one or more enemy combatants on you and you need to find a way to get your pistol or rifle into the game, a blade that you can quickly bring into play is an excellent option.
Many of us carry folding knives for this role, and while I will keep my folders, I am adding two of the SOCP Daggers to my rig.  Why two?  Because you never know which arm the Bad Guys will trap, and if you are only set-up for your strong-hand, you could be in a pickle.  So, I suggest two SOCPs, at or near waist level and within drawing range of both hands. If you've ever trained with me, you know I also recommend an off-hand pistol and serious off-hand training with all of your weapons.  My twin Cold Steel Spikes that I kept on my rig for this paradigm have been retired for the SOCP.
The SOCP Dagger is designed for quick, easy drawing and stabbing.  The blade is small, so when you attack with the SOCP you'll want to strike several stabbing blows to each target offered.  In an Oh Shit! moment, you'll often find yourself able to reach the enemy's thighs.  So you'd draw and plungeplungeplunge.  Slash if you have no other options - you won't score fight-ending blows by slashing (unless you get to his neck) - but you will get your Bad Guy to change his position.  If this attack gives you room to draw your sidearm, go for it.  If not, I promise the Bad Guy will move his thigh (or whatever target you are cutting), thus offering you another target.  Hit it.  As Churchill said regarding making a point: If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.  This most definitely applies to a knife attack when trying to create space.
The ring at the base of the hilt is a remarkable development.  I'd never have a ring on my primary fighter or field knife - but I'll never again be without it on my blades designed for the Fight to your Weapon paradigm.  You can draw the SOCP with no more than the end of your finger, and the hilt spins naturally into a backfist position.  It is so natural that the hilt seems to fall into place.  The backfist position allows you to powerfully stab, as well as use your fist if a punching target presents itself.  One final advantage to this design in the backfist position - you do not need to sheath or drop the knife to bring your pistol into the fight. 
With just a little practice you can draw and shift the knife into a traditional thrust position.  The point is you can get this knife into the fight with remarkable ease.  Compared to a folder, there is no comparison.
The hilt is designed in a one-size-fits-all manner, and Holly found it fit her hand as well as it fit mine.  The serrations prevent slippage.
I can find faults with every weapon or piece of gear I have ever owned.  If not "faults", then at least downsides that are often a result of compromise.  But the SOCP is the exception to that rule.
If you keep the SOCP Dagger within the paradigm outlined above, I simply can't find a fault with the weapon.  It is lightweight.  It is small enough to be out of your way until you need it.  It can be mounted in any position on your rig.  You can add your sidearm to your hand without surrendering the blade.
Buy two.  Work with them strong-hand and off-hand.  They even offer a trainer so you can realistically practice when you and your Team are working your CQB/Combatives program.
Greg Thompson has made a better mousetrap for the CQB world.  His dagger can and will save lives.  As a Trainer, I can't think of a more noble achievement than helping your Team stay alive.
You owe it to yourself to be prepared.  I consider the SOCP to be an essential piece of gear.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Motorola DTR-550

When the Bad People intercept your DTR-550 signal, listen to the audio above.

Spread Spectrum, baby.  As long as you are not on the NSA's radar your Comms are probably safe from local/state and even NG actors.

Motorola DTR-550

AI - the next set of chains upon humanity...

I remain convinced that in the long-term, Humans are destined to destroy themselves.  Quite simply, we remain hard-wired as Hunter-Gatherers, and we have managed to build many widgets that require a more enlightened species.  Humans invariably look to new technologies to determine how they can be used as weapons.  We've had nuclear weapons for about 70 years and we've already fired two in anger, and some of the most unstable Humans on Earth now have and will soon acquire the same weapons.  Our Governments have weaponized everything from drones to the flu.  In the tech realm, companies are already selling nearly-autonomous machines to .gov entities.

As 1984 has been used as an instruction manual by Bad People, so too SkyNet.

When Hawking & Musk tell us we are entering a danger zone, some of us will listen.  But those who mean to be Masters will forever seek the next weapon platform to make subjugation an easier task.

This is one of the reasons I think it is so important that we set America back to the path of Rightful Liberty while we still have a chance - however slim that chance may be.  You and I will probably not live long enough to be directly affected by SkyNet - but your children will.  And if you and I allow the current crop of Masters to march forward unmolested into the next generation of tools and weapons, your children will have no chance of being rid of the chains being forged today.

Here's the article.