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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are you squared away?

**UPDATE**  I keep bumping this post because so many of you have been away and otherwise-focused during the holidays, and I want most of my readers to see it at least once (for the polls at right).


This is the last time I am going to add the disclaimer to any of my posts that you should do PT and you should acquire as much practical tactical experience from good trainers.  It is such a fundamental, bedrock aspect of preparing yourself for potential disasters that I personally believe it is insulting as fuck-all to my readers to keep nagging them like schoolchildren, or tying a little string to your fingers so you'll remember to do your chores.  Do PT that works for you.  Get as much training from the best trainers possible, that works for you.  Everybody reading this blog is a serious adult, and you know what you need to do without me nagging and insulting your intelligence by constantly re-stating the obvious.

With that little bit of nonsense out of the way, I have a simple few questions to pose.

With the understanding that everyone can improve their skillsets, I've set up a pair of polls at right.

The questions are simple.

If you had to go operational to defend your home & hearth in 10 minutes, do you trust your current level of:

  • Two-Man & Four-Man Combat Team Skills
  • Combatives/CQB Fighting Skills
  • Comms Skills (local and long-range)
  • Trauma Medical Skills
  • The tech/Mech Skills of Breaking Shit
  • Breaking Bad People on the down-low
  • Setting-up an effective Intel Shop
  • Getting out of Dodge after a Caper
When you answer the polls at right, you can answer as many selections as you wish.  But what I am looking for is a deep introspective look inside yourself and an honest answer - are you ready to get that job done right now, or is that particular skill you truly think you need to improve in order to get home alive.

Leave your Ego out of the equation.  To help encourage that, I'll give you my answers in public.

Two-Man & Four-Man Combat Team Skills - This is my absolute weakest skill.  I have always fought alone, never .mil style in a Buddy Team or Fire Team.  I will get the mechanics, probably at Georgia Force on Force.

Combatives/CQB Fighting Skills - Yeah, I'm good to go on this one.

Comms Skills (local and long-range) - I need work here.  I'm getting the bookwork in now, then I need to pay Sparks for as much of his knowledge as I can afford.

Trauma Medical Skills - I am as good as I am going to get.  I'll usually keep you alive until we can get you to a real medic, provided God hasn't other plans for you.

The Tech/Mech Skills of Breaking Shit - I'm good to go here.

Breaking Bad People on the down-low - Yep, good to go.

Setting-up an effective Intel Shop - Some of you know some of my past in this area, some of you have seen me work in this arena, and some of you I may tell later.  I'm no William Donovan, but few men ever could be...

Getting out of Dodge after a Caper - I've not been caught yet.  But that is because I am a fine and upstanding Citizen and would never have need of testing such skills...

One final question, not on the polls.  Feel free to answer in comments: Do you feel you are at least the fighting equal of a modern US Army Infantry Soldier or USMC Rifleman.  I'm not asking about your physical prowess to compete with him on an endurance run or obstacle course.  I'm asking - do you know as much about closing with and killing the enemy on the field of battle as today's USA/USMC Infantryman/Rifleman?